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Welcome to the

Aston Preston Hall Editor’s Note This Freshers’ Guide will serve as a key reference for individuals of the Aston Preston Hall, first years and seniors alike. As a unique publication on the University Campus, I hope this edition provides enriching content with a modern and appealing design. In relentless pursuit of excellence, let it help to build your knowledge base of the hall. Special thanks to advertisers, whose funding made this guide possible. Thanks also to members of the Hall Committee and Administration whose assistance greatly aided in the production.

Dwayne Milford Publications Committee Chairperson

Aston Preston Hall Committee

2014 - 2015


Preston The Spirit of

Hall crest

Hall Symbol

Motto relentless pursuit of excellence Mission statement So long as there is the desideratum of discipline, respect, dedication, efficiency and erudition in our society, PRESTONITES shall always lead by example in restoring these qualities within and without the University Community

*PRESTONITES shall in the tradition of A.Z. Preston, make this Hall, the diamante of the Mona Campus in all sphere; *Boorishness, discrimination, discord, division, dogma, dungeon, doom and dormancy shall be discounted by all PRESTONITES *The spirit of PRESTONITES ‘en masse’ shall embody positive coexistence of the sexes, ages and cultures; *PRESTONITES shall valiantly preserve and maintain our territory and fortress

5 The Flag of

Aston Preston Hall

The Hall flag represents the spirit and life of the hall and also the Prestonites. Its design has five main symbolic elements.

1 The thirteen shark fins represent the number of clusters;


The circle represents the unity of all clusters;

The four squares represent the structure and community of the clusters;



The sun-like appearance of the Shark Fins on the circle signify the rising of a new beginning; The Hall Crest lies at the center of the flag and embodies the spirit of Preston;


CONTENTS MESSAGES Student Services and Development Manager 8 Meet the Administration 9 Meet the Resident Advisors 9 Principal 10 Hall Chairman 12 Deputy Hall Chairman 13 Guild President, UWI Mona 14 Hall Committee Executive 16 THE CLUSTERS (CLUSTER PROFILES) Sherwood Manor 18 Einheit 19 Vikings 20 Regensen 21 Shamrock 22 Los Matadores 23 Italia 24 Olympia 25 Porto Santo 26 Amsterdam 27 La Maison 28 Burgplatz 29 Belgique 30


REPORTS EAC Report ECC Report Mr. & Miss Preston GCC Report P.E.A.C.E. Report

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A.Z. Preston: The Man and his Vision Aston Preston Hall Shark Dictionary Study Tips Aston Preston Hall Pledge The Ten Commandments of Aston Preston Hall Aston Preston Hall Song Preston Hall Security Emergency Numbers Getting Around Hot Spots Hall Calendar Hall Maps

Freshers’ Guide 2014 - 2015 Publications Committee Chairperson Dwayne Milford Editor & Designer Dwayne “NASA” Milford Proof-read by Tarik Weekes Alpha Obika Published by The Aston Preston Hall Committee

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Dr. Lindy Jones


t is with a great sense of pride that I welcome you to Aston Preston Hall, your new home away from home. Congratulations on being accepted into your degree programme at the University of the West Indies, Mona. As a unit within the Office of Student Services and Development, Aston Preston Hall provides a wide range of opportunities for your growth and development through a multiplicity of targeted student-centered programmes: arts and culture, sports, volunteerism and outreach, leadership, environmental awareness, academic support and many others. You are encouraged to take advantage of these offerings to enhance and culture the competences that will make you a competitive and distinctive student and graduate of the University. We are aware that, as new students, you experience unique challenges in acclimatizing to a new environment and you consequently have a need to access pertinent support services and to function in a wholesome and stimulating learning space. We have therefore designed for you the First Year Experience (FYE) Programme, an exciting learning experience which is guaranteed to aid in your smooth transition into the University and through your first year of studies. This programme commences with the New Students’ Orientation. The FYE Programme, in conjunction with the other co-curricular offerings, is designed to complement your academic pursuits, creating for you the holistic UWI, Mona experience. In Hall, we have an expert team of Resident Advisors, Administrative and Facilities Staff, and Student Leaders who are available to provide you with any assistance necessary for you to make the best of your University experience. Have a wonderful and successful academic year!




Ms. Yvonne Andrews Administrative Secretary

Mr. Marlon Virtue Operations Supervisor

Mr. Mark Mitchell Courier Attendant


Mr. Tarik Weekes Senior Resident Advisor La Maison & Amsterdam Ms. Petagay Plummer Einheit & Shamrock

Mr. Alpha Obika Italia, Regensen & Los Matadores

Ms. Cecelia Samuels Burgplatz & Belgique

Mr. Darrian Bryan Sherwood Manor & Vikings

Ms. Caribe Breese Porto Santo & Olympia


Message from the Principal

Of The University of The West Indies, Mona

Professor Archibald McDonald


s Principal of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the region’s most prestigious higher education institution. Since its establishment, the UWI has been hailed as the quintessential producer of some of the Caribbean’s most pioneering and influential leaders who have had wide ranging and significant influence on growth and development. They have helped to shape our culture, science, social-welfare system, philosophies, economy, and politics. I am therefore proud to welcome you into our community of leaders and pioneers, as you represent the hope for the continued development of our country and region. As a student of the UWI you will be asked to challenge everything. You will be expected to unreservedly challenge yourself to aim higher, achieve greater and work harder. You will be challenged to always seek out that elusive ‘A+’ as a testament that you have stretched your intellectual capabilities. You will also be asked to challenge normative thought and devise new and innovative ways of solving problems. You will be challenged to become the best scholar that you can possibly be so that your work, your thoughts and your research will foster a better future for our society. As your Principal, I am confident that many of you will rise and successfully meet this challenge and I look forward to witnessing your many achievements along this path of success.

The Mona Campus is committed to maintaining an environment built for excellence. As such, we have developed a state-of-the-art teaching and learning infrastructure that is concerned with supporting the academic, social, financial and health needs of our students. We have a robust student financing programme that is capable of funding many of our needy students with tuition and accommodation costs. The Mona Campus also boasts a reliable student health care system that is designed to not only treat physical ailments but provide counselling for the many who are unable to cope with the stresses of academic life. Additionally, we have a vibrant Guild of Student that continues to advocate for improvements to the Mona Campus’ teaching and learning framework, while improving student welfare. These structures are in place to ensure that our students receive the best tertiary education possible. I am therefore pleased to welcome you to the UWI. I hope that this experience will be life-changing and ultimately guide you along a path of professional and academic success. Additionally, I hope that we will be able to work together to make the Mona Campus the epitome of higher education in the Caribbean. I hope that you have a successful and rewarding academic year.


MESSAGE FROM THE hall chairman

Marlon “One-Drop” Gregory


new beginning marked with excellence is a perfect base for achieving your ultimate goals. First, let me congratulate you on your matriculation into The University of the West Indies, the premier tertiary institution within the region. On the Aston Preston Hall we charge ourselves with the duty of developing beyond the limitations that were once set for us. Our programmes are centered on holistic development and as such they will help to build on your academics, your spiritual life, your emotional life, your professional life, and your talents. While you are proudly wearing the purple and white you will discover your new talents, new areas of interest but most importantly you will recognise a new family and a new home. Appreciation and respect for diversity is just one of many core values that we epitomise as true Prestonites and so you can feel comfortable that you, no matter how different you may think you are, have your place within this family as long as you honour another important value. Respect. Who are we? The ‘cultural mecca’ of the University is a title earned by Prestonites through the performance and display of the unique talents that the hall produces. ‘One Band, One Sound’ suggests that although there are diverse instruments within a band, a band that practices together and works together, at the end of the day produces perfect harmony. We are that band that works together, eat together, have fun together and ultimately form a close knitted family with a positive and unified output. In everything you will do as Prestonites remember the only acceptable standard is excellence as captured by our motto “ relentless pursuit of excellence”. Finally, I would like to welcome you, the future of Preston Hall. You who will one day take the baton and continue this marathon started by The Honourable Dr. Aston Zachariah Preston many years ago. We bleed purple, we strive only for excellence, we respect diversity, and we remain loyal to our family. Welcome to the family and may your journey be one filled with success, memorable experiences, and growth.


MESSAGE FROM THE deputy hall chairman

Jerahmeel “Superman” James


t is with utmost enthusiasm and appreciation that I congratulate you on being accepted as a student at The University of the West Indies Mona and even more so, making what will ultimately be the best decision of your life, the decision to become a part of the most effervescent hall on the campus. On behalf of the Aston Preston Hall Committee 2014-2015 I would like to welcome you to your new family and your new home. Aston Preston Hall, affectionately known as “Sandals Mona” for its beautiful and resort-like setting, prides itself on being a beacon of excellence and development, and gracefully welcoming each new student whose possibilities for success, growth and diversification, whilst on this hall, remain endless. The “hall with the most vibes”, Preston Hall has been renowned for creating and building great athletes, student leaders and characters in the performing arts. The latter, done through the endeavours of the Preston Entertainment and Cultural Ensemble (P.E.A.C.E.), who year after year looks to hone in and develop the skills of those interested in the cultural, performing and creative arts, as we look to maintain our status as the “Cultural Mecca of the UWI Mona”. As a hall, we have also developed many student leaders over the years, most recently in the form of two members on the Guild Councils Executive body, and also the current President of The University of the West Indies Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (UWISTAT) Vice Chancellor’s Ambassador Corps. Already you’ve seen that there are numerous avenues through which you can express your interests as you begin your quest to develop into the ideal UWI Graduate. As you engage in co-curricular activities, remember that first and foremost you are here to read for your degree and academics should come first. Here on the Aston Preston Hall, we live by “ONE BAND ONE SOUND”, which we embrace at every opportunity. Cognizant of our hall’s colours, we bleed purple. We wear the shark crest with undying pride and we make true the halls motto “ relentless pursuit of excellence”. Again, I welcome you. I implore you remain focused, get involved, realise your true potential, but above all, always stand true to the hall.


Message from the President

Of The University of The West Indies, Mona guild of students

Lerone Laing, Guild President


reetings first years,

the many development programs that the University has to

Abraham Lincoln once said,

offer and take an active interest in making your University

“If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree I would spend the

experience worthwhile.

first 4 hours sharpening the axe”, underscoring the value of

The Guild of Students is here to serve you, we are your voice

preparation on the journey to success.

to the University administration in terms of advocating for

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the University

your rights as a student, so take some time to know your

of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Your Place to Shine. You

representatives who were elected to ensure that your best

all have entered a very important chapter in your lives, one

interest is being protected at all times. We are interested in

riddled with sweat and tears but also much joy and laughter.

advancing student welfare that is why each year the Guild

How you exit from the UWI is dependent on how you choose

Council spends in excess of JMD $4 million on our Financial

to approach it, who you choose to associate yourselves with

Assistance Programme (tuition among other grants) and

and how you end up managing and balancing the different

also invest heavily in developmental programs such as the

elements of a really busy University experience.

Team Initiative where any student can choose to learn to play

While it is wise to approach any new experience with caution

a sport that they have never tried before.

it is also important that you are courageous enough to

All in all, it is important that you understand yourself and

embrace new challenges with a resolute sense to overcome

remain true to those morals, values and attitudes that have

and to learn from the new experiences. You are here primarily

been a part of your core belief system and undoubtedly has

for the pursuit of your degree but the distinctive University

propelled you this far in your academic pursuits. At all times

graduate is much more than an academic; they are all


rounded in terms of sports, ethics and philanthropy.

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” – Roger

I encourage you to get involved in the many highlights of


University life. Join a club, join a guild committee, explore


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EXECUTIVE Games Committee Chairperson







Responsible for the recording of resolutions,


Shall promote a healthy lifestyle through sports

documenting the process of meetings and

and shall spearhead and co-ordinate the Hall’s

motions passed by the Hall Committee;

games/ sports programme including participa-

Responsible for the filing and circulating of

tion in the University Sports programme.

documents; corresponding and issuing invitations in collaboration with the Hall PRO; and to provide minutes of General Hall Meetings. •

Responsible for the Book Loan Scheme.

Public Relations Officer





Chris Brown

Gilzene •

Maintaining the Hall Committee’s funds in an


account. Report to the Hall Committee the sta-

well as advertise all Hall events internally and

tus of its finances and publish this information on notice boards as per directed. •

externally; •

Co-supervise the dissemination of information

Is responsible for sponsorship and fund raising

via the paging system on behalf of the Hall

activities and shall provide financial counsel


and oversee the disbursement of funds. •

Shall execute public relations programmes, as

Shall revise the estimates of income and expenditure of the various committees.

Shall oversee the Publications Committee Chairperson.



E MEMBERS External Affairs Chairperson

Environmental Committee Chairperson



Humpty Dumpty

Rosa Parks


Shall co-ordinate the involvement of attached


Shall create and implement programmes

non-resident full members of the University

for the general upkeep of the Hall and shall

into Hall activities;

organize cluster and Hall competitions and

Shall be responsible for alumni relations and

events on beautification, cleanliness and

all outreach activities.

environmental awareness; •

Shall set up and co-ordinate safety and emergency units throughout the Hall in collaboration with the Hall Administration.

DEP. Cultural & Entertainment Affairs Chairperson

Publications Committee Chairperson







Shall be responsible for all Hall Committee







responsibilities and act as co-chair of the

publications and for the maintenance of the


Hall website. •


Responsible for the visual documentation of Hall life, storing and making available for sharing.


Shall co-ordinate and spearhead the creation of the Hall’s social and cultural programmes;

Shall co-ordinate the Hall’s participation in the cultural agenda of the University.




Cluster Rep.: Lennox “Drummer” Pusey

herwood Manor!!! Sen Out!! Located in the south-

3rd in the ECC’s Fashion From Garbage.

western corner of the A.Z. Preston hall is without a

Sherwood Manor is home of the Deputy Hall Chairman and

doubt the number 1 cluster. When you talk about family you

Prestonite of the Year Jerahmeel “Superman” James and

talk about Sherwood Manor, we care for each other and in

Guild Secretary Davianne “Sponge” Tucker.

that sense portray a family spirit unlike any other cluster.

Sherwood Manor is your home and you will never feel alone.

Our sponsoring country is England and in that case we are

You’re going to be around some of the most caring and

the lords and ladies of Sherwood Manor. Each competition

honest students on campus. We cook, eat, study and party

we enter we execute it to the best of our ability. We were

together. I welcome you new lords and ladies of Sherwood

awarded second place in Cluster of Clusters Competition

and with your help this year we will be successful and

for 2013 - 2014. We also placed 2nd place in Dance

claim the 1st place in Cluster of Clusters.

Competition and 1st place in Song Competition along with

Royalty: Reigning with courage and determination.

our sister clusters Vikings and Regensen. We also placed




Cluster Rep.: Andrene “Lanyard” Clarke

inheit also known as the German Academy of the

“Einheit ist der Inbegriff von Exzellenz!” ( Einheit is the

Aston Preston Hall is the ideal place to foster the

epitome of excellence!) Our mantra, has been and will

we focus on creating

continue to be reflected in all that we do, whether in

strong family bonds among cluster members to strengthen

competitions or in the academics of our cluster members.

cluster unity, and to create an environment which is


comfortable and conducive to studying. Einheit is the


cluster which identifies and improves upon the leadership

Willkommen auf Einheit!! ( Welcome to Einheit !)

ultimate UWI student. On Einheit

skills of its members. This is seen through the fact that within the past 6 years 4 members have become Hall Chairpersons, for example, our very own Marlon ‘One-Drop’ Gregory. We not only excel in leadership, but also in the arts as we have won various awards in PEACE competitions.


SWORDS IN ROCK (Hafrsfjord fjord, Norway)


Cluster Rep.: Danielle “Scrabble” Ewart

ome of the brave and victorious, the veracious and

Hair (3rd) and Elocution (3rd) competitions, and we are

strong Vikings and ViQueens, forever living by the

home to the talented Miss Preston 3rd runner-up. Overall,

motto “Conquering rough seas”. Vikings has been home to

we placed 3rd in Cluster of Clusters & 2nd PEACE.

some of Preston’s most outstanding and spirited sharks.

It is with an open heart and mind, that I welcome you to

We strive to develop and strengthen our family and close-

the Vikings and Preston family. It’s going be a great year, so

knit friendships fostered through camaraderie, unity and

make the best of it.

motivation, all the while enjoying the ride. We aim to truly embody and display that which is the Preston spirit. In the past academic year, Cluster Vikings excelled in several hall activities. We participated in almost all activities, earning top spots in the Song (1st), Dance (2nd),




Cluster Rep.: Chivel “Everybody� Greenland

et me formally extend hearty congratulations on your

members who continue to excel greatly at academics.

matriculation into the University of the West Indies

In addition, Regensen is also the home of scholarship

and also to welcome you to cluster Regensen, home of

athletes and this shows that we are very diverse where

the lions. Here on Regensen we believe in unity because

talent is concerned.

where unity is, there are strong bonds that bind a cluster

This year we will preserve the unity and family oriented

and assist its in development. It was this unity that allowed


us to shine last academic year. Cluster Regensen has

strengthening each and every Dane and building lifetime

certainly excelled last year in the competitions namely

bonds between cluster members. We proudly wear our

Song Competition and Art In Low Places just to name a few.

red black and white to represent our sponsoring country

Cluster Regensen is also home to some of the brightest

Denmark and our motto: RISE AND RISE AGAIN UNTIL

minds on the Aston Preston Hall as it is home to one of the

CUBS BECOME LIONS. Welcome to you all.

recipients of the coveted UWI Open Scholarship and other







BLARNEY CASTLE (Blarney, Ireland)


Cluster Rep.: Christina “Try� Menzie

luster Shamrock is known for bringing unique vibes

we placed second in Song Competition and fifth in the

and culture of togetherness. We are represented by

Most Environmentally Friendly cluster competition. We

the sponsoring country of Ireland. The cluster is uniquely

are hosts to activities such as Bingo Competition, Drama

recognized based on the representation of the three-leaved

Competition and our signature event, Green Affair. As we

clover which symbolizes hope, faith and love. On cluster

continue our journey we hope this year will be even better

Shamrock we are a family and this is based on the level of

as we strive to become cluster of clusters. Welcome to the

cooperativeness exuberated when planning for activities.

land of the Irish, Cluster Shamrock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cluster Shamrock boasts success in a number of activities. This includes Fashion from Garbage competition in which we were crowned champions. We came third in Cuisine Competition, together with our sister cluster Einheit,


MATADOR of Spain


Cluster Rep.: Jodi-Ann “Giraffe” Hetridge

ola mis amigos! Welcome to cluster Los

known for our flair we are also the home to recipients of

Matadores where, “We don’t just dweet, we ova,

the revered University Open Scholarship. This is the place

ova, ova dweet!” Sponsored by Spain, festiveness definitely

that will provide a home away from home while we pursue

runs through our veins when it comes to participating in

our academic dreams – a place where we are not merely

various hall activities as we give it our best efforts. We are

students, but friends…we are a family. It is with great

the epitome of “One Band, One Sound”; this is seen in our

enthusiasm that I say welcome to our new Matadors as

everyday interactions of communal living where everyone

you have entered a domain known for vibes, hard work and

is accepted for their uniqueness which is what gives us

making memories. Come with me and I will show how this

our ‘spicy’ flavour. For the academic year 2013-2014, our

year we will be “taking the bull by the horns!”

cluster boasted the first runner- up for the Miss. Preston crown in the Mr. and Miss Preston competition. Not only


Cluster Rep.: Terriann “Clumsy” Myles



e are the voice of Preston Hall, not the echo”

Drama Competition, Elocution presented us with 2nd place

Oozing with pride and enthusiasm, ITALIA!!!

overall, boasting 1st place for the Cluster Lighting and


awarded Cluster of Clusters, we set the trend!!

As Italians, we uphold high standards that set us above

Never forget a True Italian aims for success and possesses

the rest. With heads held high exuding a plethora of skills

superior qualities. Italians were not made normal, we were

and talents, we are ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD. In Relentless

made to be amazing and to stand out. Let’s place our

Pursuit of Excellence as our daily guide, nothing deters us

hands, hearts and minds together and make this a year

from the goals we set. In order to achieve the utmost best,

of unforgettable experiences and accomplishments. With

hard work and unity helps us to thrive.

that to the new Italians…Benevenuti (Welcome to) Cluster

The Academic year 2013/14 consisted some of the


following achievements; we were placed 1st in Shamrock


THE PARTHENON (Athens, Greece)


Cluster Rep.: Abrahim “Grave Digger” Simmonds

luster Olympia like its replica in Greece stands as

Our excellent performance in the hall’s collective

a metaphoric relic of the true Preston spirit that

competitions speaks volume to the power of Olympians

speaks to determination, unity, and diversity, nestled at the

when the task strikes in. Through our closely knitted

heart of positive vibe and passion.

families, we have for decades held lifetime bonds and

Like gods and goddesses we represent a group of powerful

those of you privileged enough to be dubbed an Olympian

and bright young minds sharing a communal space that

will be opened to the experience of a lifetime.

pulls the attention of members of other clusters from very

Olympians! Step Out!

near and far. Our drive to do well is not fueled by the power to win but more so the willingness to epitomize team spirit and what it really means to be expressive.


Cluster Rep.: Sancia “Pitchy Patchy� Stephenson

SAILING SHIP of Portugal


la, bem vindos! I want to first and foremost say

on hall and we are proud to be crowned the 2013/2014

congratulations on being accepted to the University

P.E.A.C.E Cuisine Competition champions. We would like

of the West Indies and also to the Aston Preston Hall of

to continue our work on this same path of victory and

residence. We are happy to have you as a part of our family.

hopefully do much better, with your help, for this upcoming

Porto Santo is one of the best clusters on Aston Preston


Hall as we have always been sailing towards greatness.

Our upcoming cluster events include our hot dog sales; one

We want to take this opportunity to say WELCOME to the

in each semester and also our inter-cluster beautification

crew. At Porto Santo we believe in being a family and we

project. We are sure these will be a success with your help

look forward to the bond we will all share at the end of

and participation as we believe in the saying; team work

this journey. We are sure you will have a marvelous time

makes the dream work.

with us as we go about making you a distinctive university

Let us make this a year to remember! Lets work together!

graduate of the University of the West Indies.

Let us have fun! Welcome a board team!

We have been an active participant in all competitions


WINDMILLS OF KINGERDIJK (Kinderdijk, Netherlands)


Cluster Rep.: Sheniel “Twix” Francis

elkom in Amsterdam uw this weg van his!’

work, family orientation and domination in hall activities.

meaning ‘welcome to Amsterdam your home

Cluster Amsterdam the hosts of the annual Fear Factor

away from home’. Amsterdam the Dutch connection, is

and home of past Miss Preston and P.E.A.C.E presidents

known as the ‘City of Diamonds’ for all things that sparkle.

welcomes you. Welcome to Amsterdam!!!

The cluster welcomes unique individuals who aren’t afraid to enjoy what Preston Hall has to offer and step up to the plate as leaders and pioneers to sparkle like true diamonds. Cluster Amsterdam, the ice cream cluster, proudly sponsored by the Netherlands with you our new Amsterdites would like to continue our commitment to excellence, team


Cluster Rep.: Lanvell “Cudjoe” Blake

THE EIFFEL TOWER (Paris, France)


ituated on the West Side of the Hall, Cluster La Mai-

producing intellects and beauties. This is proven by the

son stands tall as one of the most involved and spir-

fact that in the past four years we’ve produced a Chinese

ited clusters. Like the Eiffel Tower of our sponsoring

government scholarship awardee, Mr. & Miss Preston, two

country, France, La Maisonites are always reaching for

Miss Preston 1st runners up and Mr. Preston 1st and 2nd

higher heights. This was reflected by the cluster placing

runner up. La Maison also produces outstanding student

1st in Mixology; 1st in the Environment Committee Song

leaders as we currently house Hall Secretary & Miss Pres-

Competition, and 2nd in the Most Environmentally Aware

ton 2013/14, Sherika Moulton, PEACE Art & Craft Coordina-

Prestonite Challenge, we also placed 4th in PEACE Song

tor, Laurel-Ann “2NE1” Ellis and the Guild CEAC, Peter-John

competition, 4th in Clean Cluster Competition and Energy

“Invertebrate” McGill.

Conservation Challenge. 4th in the Most Environmentally

Aware Cluster. Our success also extends to the zone level

come you to our French family. Remember always, togeth-

as our French occupants formed the team that won the

er we can make it happen. To whom much is given, much

PEACE Zone Banner Competition.

is expected. What will your mark be?

It is a known fact that La Maison is the premier cluster in

Your contribution will be invaluable and I wel-


SYMBOLIC LION of Luxembourg


Cluster Rep.: Anna-Kay “Magic” Green

epresented as the highest cluster on the Aston

individuals on the cluster, producing and ideal package

Preston Hall, Cluster Burgplatz welcomes you in our

therefore an ideal cluster because it is indeed the cluster

mission as we continue soaring to higher heights. Cluster

members who make the cluster what it is. Working as

Burgplatz believes in development and growth of each

a team is one thing that makes us shine above the rest,

cluster member as we work collectively and assiduously

therefore at the end of 2013-2014 we acquired the title as

to maintain our name. We see ourselves as the cultural

“Vybsiest” Cluster.

mecca on the Aston Preston Hall being overall winners of


the P.E.A.C.E Cluster of Cluster Competitions 2013-2014


and also producing one of the most anticipated cluster

Dedicated, hardworking, family-oriented, vivacious, always

event- BORROWED BOHEMIA. This is like no other cluster

maintaining the True Preston Spirit. (CALL OUT THE

event and provides an avenue for amateur talents to gain


further exposure and individual development. Cluster Burgplatz is very blessed to have a diverse set of


Cluster Rep.: Danielle “Blanket” Folkes



’union fait le force”, Strength through unity!.

talented individuals we have molded and produced various

Like the lion of the Brabant found on Belgium’s

talented individuals: Miss Preston 2010-2011 and 2011-

coat of arms, Belgiquans are dedicated leaders. We are a

2012, Miss U.W.I 2011-2012 and partnering with our

team of loyal, caring, skilled and determined individuals

sister cluster, dance champions 2013-2014. We are proud

who work relentlessly to achieve our objective and vision

Belgiquans and this is a mere testimony of our vibes and

of making our cluster the best on Preston.


It is with pleasure that I represent this cluster of creative,

We stand tall with our heads held high, knowing we are a

innovative and warm and loyal family of which we have

united family, one to be emulated and a force to be reckoned

grown, developing a love and passion for our home away

with. We look forward to the upcoming year as we pursue

from home. We are known to be the vibrant, fun loving

excellence. We welcome you to the Belgique family and

individuals fueled by our love and zeal for our cluster.

may you embrace the strength we have achieved through

On our cluster we are a family who strive to continue to


demonstrate strength through unity. As the home of


EAC Report

by Sashoy “Humpty Dumpty” Simpson, External Affairs Chairperson


he External Affairs Committee is

upcoming year we aim to involve our Off

much more than the committee

Campus Prestonites in our initiatives as


we hope to extend our hearts and hands

maintaining the relationships between

to other outreach projects. The External

Off Campus Prestonites and members

Affairs Committee will host quite a few



events ranging from Off Campus Days

residents. This committee also boasts

to Alumni Lymes and mentorship related

and efficiently executes one of the

activities which will create a means

University’s best and most influential

through which memories are created

mentorship programmes which have

but more importantly a very vivid

been an integral part of the hall’s history

demonstration of the relentless pursuit

since 1999. The programmes make a

of excellence.

great impact on the communities which

they serve and are maintained through

that I welcome you to your new home.

the contribution of dedicated residents.

I wish for you a smooth transition into

Participating in these programmes gives

University and hall life as we aim to

you a chance to learn, grow and develop

bridge and bond to create a true Preston

as you embark on your journey on








So, it is with great pleasure

becoming the ideal UWI graduate. This

what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal"


Ad placement Mask-a-Raid

A.Z. Preston Social link & Website




ECC Report By Dana “Rosa Parks” Davis Environmental Committee Chairperson


elcome to the University of the West Indies! And it’s with even greater alacrity that I welcome you to the Aston Preston Hall. You truly couldn’t have made a better selection. As

you embark upon this journey I implore you to seize all opportunities in the University catering for your self development, formation of life long friendships as well as memories. The Aston Preston Hall is the only hall on campus that boasts an environmental programme which is spearheaded by Yours Truly. The environmental committee promotes environmental awareness and energy conservation practices among residents as well as cleanliness and safety and emergency preparedness through a plethora of activities throughout the entire academic year. These include Clean Cluster and Energy Conservation Competition, Most Environmentally Aware Prestonite Challenge, Essay Competition, Fires Drills and our ECC Song Competition. Through exemplary leadership and teamwork, the committee successfully executes our other events such as our annual, exhilarating hike to the Blue Mountain Peak, Art and Craft from Garbage and the prestigious Fashion from Garbage Gala Night which displays the creativity of our Prestonites. I wish you nothing but the very best as you begin your relentless pursuit of excellence and I hope that you have a fantastic year. PRESTON’S BEAUTY IS OUR DUTY.




Keidi “Tattoo” Brathwaite, Games Committee Chairperson


hen one hears the name of Aston Preston

excellence” is not to be taken lightly by any Prestonite

Hall, excellence immediately comes to mind.

as our passion and desire for superiority is displayed

Prestonites don’t only play sports because it’s fun. It’s

in the sporting arena of the University’s intramural

a part of us, the love/hate relationship. It’s what we

sporting activities. Our ever so powerful teams

play for. We play for the way it feels knowing those two

continue the arduous trod to become the hall of halls

extra sprints we ran in practice were worth it. We play

with exceptional performances from the hall’s female

for the way we become a family with our team, we play

football team, netball team, male basketball, hockey

for the countless songs we sing in our heads while

team, cricket team, table tennis , swimming; you name

training all those hours. We play for the competition;

it, we deya!

we play for the friends, the practices, the memories

“Sharks! By nature we keep moving!” is theme adapted

and the pain. It’s what makes us Prestonites.

in the portfolio of the 2014/2015 Games Committee. We will apply this to every aspect of sport here on the

“And I will cry with a whole lot of anger! I

Aston Preston Hall. We will commit to efficiency and

make my living as a Preston soldier!”

excellence as we pursue this year’s sporting calendar. However in order to grow as a family, we need your

Popularly identified as the cultural capital of the

commitment; hungry and thirsty to pursue excellence!

university, The Aston Preston Hall is also home to

One band, one sound; together the Preston Family can

a wide array of athleticism. The promotion of both

overcome any obstacle placed before us.

mental and physical fitness is portrayed in activities such as cricket, football, netball, hockey and tennis to name a few; aerobics and yoga have also been inducted here at the A.Z. Preston Hall. “In pursuit of

“Preston is one! Never say die!”




he Preston Entertainment and Cultural Ensemble welcomes you to the “cultural mecca” of the University of the West Indies. We are the epicenter of all things creative, artsy and innovative. We are all about unearthing, developing and showcasing the talents that you have. The organization has produced major cultural activities on the Aston Preston Hall, participated in numerous external competitions such as Tallawah, Rex Nettleford Choir Competition, Culturama and Mary Seacole Speech Competition, and through these avenues has earned its bragging rights. Never danced before? Never sang in a choir before? Not the most artistic? Not a great public speaker? Well, this is the place to try something new! We have seven (7) arms: dance, chorale, art and craft, photography, sign language, drama and elocution. This is your opportunity to discover talents you never knew existed; the opportunity to leave this university better than you came; the opportunity to become the distinctive UWI graduate. Accept who you are! Embrace who you can be! Just express yourself! PEACE!







Sign Language

Cedron “Invisible” Walters P.E.A.C.E. President





Mr & Miss Preston



A.Z. Preston

The man and his vision



ston Zachariah Preston was born in

Kingston on April 16, 1925. He was the

last of six children born to a ship’s mechanic and a housewife.

In the 1930’s he attended elementary

school and further received his secondary education at Kingston Technical High School. On June 1, 1951 at age 26, he joined the staff of the then University College of the West Indies as a Senior Accounting clerk. He worked tirelessly in his new job, and two years later was promoted to Accountant. From then, his progress through the University has been one of steady acceleration. In 1955, Dr. Preston was appointed Bursar and he, through his scholastic achievement that same year, also earned an external Bachelor of Law Degree (LL.B) at the reputable University of London. He continued to work assiduously in his new post so much that he was promoted to the honourable post of Campus Bursar. At this stage, his career was marked by several outstanding achievements. He became a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Institute of Secretaries, London. Dr. Preston had an eye for detail and he carried out his duties with boldness and accountability; a notable achievement indeed especially at a time when the Caribbean Community was suffering from the deliberating austerities of the pre and post independence periods. Dr. Preston ascended to the post of Pro Vice-Chancellor in charge of finance in 1969. Five years later, he reached the peak of

his University career when he was referred to the distinguished position of Vice-Chancellor of the University. He served remarkably well in the capacity up to the time of his death in 1986. Given his impressive background, Vice-Chancellor Preston would not let himself become restricted to the University Community. He was also Chairman of the Public Accountancy Board; Chairman of the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (of PAHO), Trinidad; member of the board of Governors, University of Guyana; member, Grants Committee of the University of the South Pacific; member of UNESCO’s Advisory Committee of the Regional Centre of Higher Education in Latin America; and he served as council Chairman of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Dr. Preston was a key negotiator in the efforts to provide more desperately needed student accommodation on the UWI Mona Campus. He played an instrumental role in seeking funding from the European Union for the construction of a new hall. Sadly though, he died before these plans were materialized. On March 20, 1990, financing was approved by the European Development Fund for the building of a Hall of Residence at UWI Mona and was named the Aston Preston Hall. It was opened to students in September of 1995. Today, the A.Z. Preston Hall stands as a monument commemorating the life, hard work, and vision of this highly esteemed gentlemanThe Honourable Aston Zachariah Preston.


Aston Preston Hall relentless pursuit of excellence By: Tarik Weekes

The Aston Preston Hall was conceived out

Preston Hall opening, the design provides a clear-cut

of a desperate need to provide more student

succession of spaces from public access to the hall,

accommodation on the Mona campus. On March

to cluster, and to private or shared spaces within the

20, 1990, after a long period of negotiation for

cluster themselves “providing a sense of place, of

funding, financing was approved by the European

control, of security and of responsibility.”

Development Fund (EDF) under the Lome Regional Programme as a part of the Student Accommodation


for Caribbean Regional Educational Institutions.

On August 27, at the start of 1995-1996 academic

As an architectural dream, Aston Preston Hall was

year, the first student was admitted on the Aston

seen as the creation of a new concept in student

Preston Hall and on Friday, April 19, 1996 the hall

housing, which would not only be residential in

was officially opened. The hall consists of 13

character, but also provide an institutional setting

clusters, each of which bears the name or symbol

that would be conducive to learning and to the

of the sponsoring countries in the European Union.



When the hall opened, a new chapter commenced

After funding was approved by the EDF, a design

within the history of the Mona Campus of the

competition was launched to select architects

University of the West Indies. Horton Dolphin was

to conceptualize and follow through with this

specially chosen to serve as the Hall’s first Warden.

dream. Entries were assessed by a panel and two

Since its inception, Preston Hall has been noted for

architectural companies were selected: Marvin

its rich cultural diversity, its unremitting strength in

Goodman and Associates of Jamaica and Norman

the areas of academics, sports, and the creative arts,

& Dawbarn of the United Kingdom (UK).

among many others. “Sandals Mona”, as the hall is




affectionately known, is the jewel in Mona’s crown.

THE START On January 15, 1991, the contract was signed and on September 1, 1993, construction work started. According to the brochure of the official Aston

Shark Dictionary


Alias n The name given on one’s birth certificate.

Presser n Person aspiring to be a Prestonite

Chancellorite n A student who resides on Chancellor Hall; in similar regards are the terms Rexan, Secolite, Irvinite

Pressette n Female Presser

and Taylorite

Due to How expression An expression used to start almost all important/interesting points presented by a Prestonite; Lump n Non-participant...Not a Prestonite Lyme n Meeting to discuss topics of dire relevance and importance Mona Bowl n Preston’s personal playground

Prestonite n Individual of superior aptitude and athletic prowess, envy to all other halls Preston Highway n Pathway leading from Preston Hall to Seacole Hall Stall Run v Late night walks on campus to purchase food/ snacks esp. during exam time. Vybz Up n The congregation of Prestonites in one location to chant songs reflecting hall spirit & camaraderie

Name n Moniker found in one’s passport when registered at the A.Z. Preston Hall Pressman n Male Presser

Study Tips





preston hall


security 1. Keep the doors to your living quarters and household locked when not occupied. 2. Reduce the number of valuables kept at your quarters, especially cash.


3. If you need to go to the ATM after banking hours, avoid going alone and before nightfall. 4. Visitors need your authorization before they can be allowed on Hall. 5. You must alert security or other members of your cluster if there is a suspicious character on the compound 6. Always wear your ID card or keep it in your possession, especially when going off-Hall. 7. Use the security escort service when traversing the campus alone or in small groups at night. 8. Advise members of your household if you have plans to be away for extended periods of time or when going out with a person you do not know too well. 9. Communicate any concerns you may have about security to your Resident Advisors, Student Service and Development Manager, or Director of Security.


Emergency Numbers Campus Police 927 - 2298 Campus Security

784 - 8881

UWI Health Center

970 - 0017

Police Emergency


Fire Emergency


Preston Main Gate ext 228 Preston Top Gate ext 226 University Hospital of the West Indies UWISERT Ambulance Service

927 - 1620-9 394 - 6494

(6pm - 6am) HRMD- Health and Safety Unit

935 - 8556 or ext 2556 935 - 8681 or 935 - 8356




KFC - Located by Chancellor Hall on the Ring Road Wendy’s - Liguanea Plaza and New Kingston “Hip Strip”

From PDF

• • • • •

Quad Night Club - Kingston’s premier nightclub. Found in New Kingston just off the “Hip Strip”, Quad has become a favourite for most UWI students. Club Riddim - Found on the “Hip Strip” in New Kingston, Club Riddim is where you find a very diverse crowd to put it mildly. Always a fun time though. Village Café - Located on Barbican Road, across the road from Burger King. Usually have nights where UWI students get in at half price and ladies always get in free. Medusa’s - This new bar has become a favourite for many people residing in Kingston. Located on Hope Road, behind the Cooyah store. Students’ Union - Of course our very own Students’ Union which is right above our beloved Hall. Many a prestonite may be found here after hours lyming and playing dominos. Also most campus parties are held there including Integration Thursdays.

Burger King - Barbican Road, open 24 hours.


TGIF - 51 Hope Road Juici Patties -

On the Ring Road close to the Assembly Hall, IFLT and Faculty of Science & Technology

• •

Page’s Café - Right beside KFC on the Ring Road. Cuddy’z Sports Bar and Grill - New Kingston Sopping Centre Walker’s Café - Preston’s very own eatery offering a variety of meals.

• •

• •

Mona Baptist Church - Papine Square (opp. UTech) Andrews Memorial Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 29 Hope Road Family Church on the Rock (bus leaves Preston Gate on Sunday mornings - free transportation to church and back) Mona Heights Chapel, Mona


07 Start of Los Matadores Raffle

12 Ring Road 13 Mentorship Workship

14 CEAC Mixingles 18

First Off Campus Day Treasury Expo


Preston Presmier League Lanch


Safety and Emergency Managment Systems Safety and Emergency Seminar

21 Zone 4 Church Service 22 CEAC Event Planning Workshop 24 Einheit Culture Night 25 Einheit Barbeque Sale


Sherwood Manor and Italia Mixsynergy


PEACE Dance-O-Rama


Burglatz Now Trending (Burgplatz Fashion Show - Internal)


Sherwood Manor and Italia Mixsynergy


PEACE Dance-O-Rama


Sherwood Manor and Italia Mixsynergy


PEACE Dance-O-Rama


Sherwood Manor and Italia Mixsynergy


PEACE Dance-O-Rama


Sherwood Manor and Italia Mixsynergy


PEACE Dance-O-Rama

OCTOBER 04 Pose 1 Domino Tournament 05 Interzone Football Competition 10 Los Matadores Food Sale 11 Sherkinson Open Mic

17 MASK-A-RAID 19 Spine Cricket

23 Ambrosia (Food Fest) (Olympia) 25 Cluster Clean Up Day 26 Zone 2 Church Service


07 Start of Los Matadores Raffle

12 Ring Road 13 Mentorship Workship

14 CEAC Mixingles 18

First Off Campus Day Treasury Expo


Preston Presmier League Lanch

21 Zone 4 Church Service 22 CEAC Event Planning Workshop 24 Einheit Culture Night 25 Einheit Barbeque Sale


07 Start of Los Matadores Raffle

12 Ring Road 13 Mentorship Workship

14 CEAC Mixingles 18

First Off Campus Day Treasury Expo


Preston Presmier League Lanch

21 Zone 4 Church Service 22 CEAC Event Planning Workshop 24 Einheit Culture Night 25 Einheit Barbeque Sale


07 Start of Los Matadores Raffle Ring Road

12 13 Mentorship Workship

14 CEAC Mixingles 18

First Off Campus Day Treasury Expo


Preston Presmier League Lanch

21 Zone 4 Church Service 22 CEAC Event Planning Workshop 24 Einheit Culture Night 25 Einheit Barbeque Sale


14 CEAC Mixingles

Raffle Ring Road


First Off Campus Day Treasury Expo


Preston Presmier League Lanch

07 Start of Los Matadores 12 13 Mentorship Workship

21 Zone 4 Church Service 22 CEAC Event Planning Workshop 24 Einheit Culture Night 25 Einheit Barbeque Sale


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A.Z. Preston Hall Freshers Guide 2014 -2015  

The Official 2014 -2015 Freshers Guide for A.Z. Preston HALL, U.W.I. Mona

A.Z. Preston Hall Freshers Guide 2014 -2015  

The Official 2014 -2015 Freshers Guide for A.Z. Preston HALL, U.W.I. Mona