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Top Gun House

Dr. Kenneth C. Hurst Gary and Zell Dwelley Premiere issue: The Flying Pig Genentech Chemistry Surfboards Osider  1


A lazy river. A tranquil spa. A swim-up bar. A brand new hotel. Find more ways to play at the new Harrah’s Resort Southern California. Must be 21 or older to gamble. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Owned by the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians. Managed by HCAL, LLC. ©2014, Caesars License Company, LLC

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Departments 06  Set In Stone Our publisher Jamey Stone would like to welcome you to our first issue 10  Coastal Exposure Featuring our best coastal images of Oceanside on tap Photography by Hans Molenkamp and Zach Cordner 14  Oceanside’s Finest Dr. Kenneth C. Hurst: Man With A Vision

Volume 1 issue 1 May/June 2014

17  The Dwelley Family Owners of the famous Beachbreak Café 19  The Arts The amazing Oceanside Museum Of Art Hidden Gems 20  Kyoto Gift and Food Taste of Japan Local Business 26  Chemistry Surfboards Jason Bennett makes the best 31  Genentech Oceanside Bio-Tech Giant 36  Beyond The O Take a day trip to Harrah’s Resort Southern California Hidden Gems 43  San Luis Rey Bakery and Restaurant Best Danishes in town Restaurant Review Coastal 44  The Flying Pig Pub And Kitchen Inland 46  Ceja’s Mexican Diner 48  HomeGrown Elijah Mack, Oceanside success story 50  Restaurant And Bar Guide The Osider guide to all the best bars and eateries in town 53  Fast Forward To Yesterday The historic Mission at San Luis Rey, then and now

FEatures 24  10 Things You Didn’t Know   About The Top Gun House Find out the history of one of Oceanside’s most famous buildings 28  Oceanside’s Skateboarding History Take a trip through the decades Photography by J. Grant Brittain

The famous braised pork belly dish at The Flying Pig Pub and Kitchen.

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zach cordner

34  Canine Companions For Independence Dogs on a mission to help mankind

Our friendly service, quality fresh food & drinks create an enjoyable dining experience that can only be found at the Hill Street Cafe. Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Full Espresso Bar, Wine & Beer

Hill Street Cafe  

Be Good To Yourself,   Be Good To Mother Earth 524 South Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054   Phone: 760.966.0985 Osider  5

Welcome to the premiere issue of The Osider Magazine.


Jamey and his dog Bowie checking the morning lineup at Buccaneer Beach.

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Jamey Stone Publisher The Osider Magazine

zach cordner

A word from the publisher

To those in the know, Oceanside has always been San Diego, CA’s best kept secret. Whether it’s our beautiful white-sand beaches, the longest pier on the California coast, or the rich history of the Mission San Luis Rey— Oceanside is on the rise and continues to grow into a bustling city with so much to offer its residents and tourists alike. Everyday there are new “mom and pop” businesses springing up to support the ever-growing population and influx of tourism. The goal here at The Osider Magazine is to capture those new residents and visitors attention through great stories, features, and guides that will expose them to the best places to enjoy the food, entertainment, arts, lodging, and pristene beaches—basically, everything that our wonderful city by the sea has to offer. The Osider Magazine is a free bi-monthly magazine that will be available everywhere in Oceanside— from our major hotels, to our smallest storefronts, and everywhere in between. It’s safe to say that our city is on the rise, and as a lifelong Oceanside resident—I couldn’t be happier. It’s our time to shine and The Osider is proud to be the new voice of our community. We look forward to a bright future in the city we call home.

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Publisher Jamey Stone/Publisher & Co-Founder Editorial Zach Cordner/Creative Director & Co-Founder Editorial Director/Aaron Schmidt Design Director/Dwayne Carter Marketing/Advertising Louie Hayward/Marketing Director & Co-Founder Nolan Woodrell/Advertising Director Contributors J. Grant Brittain, Nino “Neens” Camillo, Kristi Hawthorne, Eric Klier, Hans Molenkamp, Promise Yee Special Thanks: Tim Wrisley, J. Grant Brittain, Amber Lussier, Charlie Anderson, Alicia Stone, Ron Goodin, Erik Klier, Nino Camillo, Hans Molenkamp, Judy Camp, José Mendoza, Alondra Figueroa, Lizzy and Sevy Carter, Phillips family, Jo, Skin, Sam and Jack, Betty Moore, Charlie Anderson, the Woodrell family, Debby Hayward, Noriko Hayward, Ty, Jake and Mia Hayward, Parker and Jake Cornell, Nick Markovich, Danny and Lada Hayward, Noah Norrup, James and Aka Fuimaono, Danny Hayward, Naomi and Namie Fuimaono, Salome Hayward, Elijah Mack, Jim and Allison Norrup, Kaz Norrup, Dave and Yoniko Morales, Harold and Kazuko Norrup, Kristi Hawthorne, Danyel Potts, Kagan and Avery Schmidt, Joey Liebke, all businesses and friends who had faith in us and share our vision. The Osider Magazine 603 Seagaze Drive #828 Oceanside, CA 92054




Oceanside’s finest WITH




Cover image by Zach Cordner


The Osider Magazine is a publication of Full Sail Media Inc.© 2014 For all inquiries, please contact Osider  8


South Coast Highway, South O

Wrench and Rodent Sushi Seabasstropub

Beer Brewing Company South O’s first Micro Brewery

San Clemente, South O, Leucadia, Cardiff, Del Mar Osider  9

Coastal  Exposures Sunset at Cassidy Street bridge. Photograph by Hans Molenkamp Osider  10

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Coastal  Exposures The view from Buccaneer Beach looking north. Photograph by Zach Cordner

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Oceanside’s finest

A man with a vision

Dr. Kenneth C. Hurst

words: Aaron Schmidt

Photos: zach cordner

You can’t find a better pillar of the local community than Dr. Kenneth C. Hurst. As principal of Oceanside High School, he single-handedly spearheaded a movement within the local educational system promoting accountability. His no-nonsense approach to education stems from his years of experience as a Drill Instructor and Satellite Communications Instructor in the United States Marine Corps. A true leader in every sense of the word, Dr. Hurst’s contributions to Oceanside’s school district are second to none. He is dedicated to the future of our students by helping them achieve their goals and dreams. Osider  14

Where are you from originally? I’m from South Carolina—a little town called Greenville. My father was a military man for 26 years. I was born in Germany and my family moved around every three years. We left Germany and moved all over the US—Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and then we settled in my father’s hometown of Greenville. I ended up graduating from high school there but the most valuable experience I had was either in Germany, New York, or New Jersey. But we call South Carolina our home because that’s where my dad was from. What are some of your early experiences with education? I actually had aspirations to go to West Point. I didn’t make it to West Point, but I went to a military school in Milledgeville, Georgia. I left there and joined the Marines. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton in the 80s and I got my Associates degree while going to school at Cal State San Marcos. The only thing I wanted to do in the Marines was be a Drill Instructor. I wanted to lead in that capacity. I did that for about ten years and I was also a Satellite Communications Instructor. I then got out of the Marine Corps under a bonus program. I finished my schooling as a math major. I did extremely well in the math program and got my Bachelor’s degree. After that, I immediately knew what I wanted to do so I went straight to school to get my Master’s degree and Administrative credentials. Later on down the road, I went to USC to finish up my doctorate degree. Why did you pursue getting a doctorate in education? The reason why I decided to go to USC was because my mentor was a professor there. At the time, I was an assistant principal at a school in San Diego and I knew that I needed to be more involved in education because I saw the inequities firsthand when I was working for San Diego Unified. For me, it’s always been about “What’s working? What’s not working?” and “How can I position myself in way to better help students?” It was really all about building my capacity as a leader so I could affect change on a much bigger level. I knew that when I got my first teaching job that I wanted to lead and change education. I remember sitting down with my principal and telling him all this and he must’ve thought I was crazy—a brand new teacher telling him my full ten to fifteen year plan. That decision brought me to where I am now. Can you explain what your doctorate is all about? My PHD is in Educational Leadership K12 and my dissertation was on Principal Leadership. It’s one of the skills that principals need to lead schools in the 21st century. You hear a lot about what skills students need, but you don’t hear a lot of conversation about what skills teachers or principals need. When I was doing a lot of my research, I was able to do a study and go around to several schools and collect data. When you look at the data, it’s about things like being “Systems Thinkers.”A systems thinker looks at the big picture. They look at all the global trends and apply it to a local situation. That’s what my dissertation and PHD is about.

How long have you been a principal? I was a principal in San Diego for four years—we actually built the high school from the ground up. I’ve been here at Oceanside Unified School District for about four years—a year at Jefferson and three years here at OHS. What do you love the most about being a principal? For me, it’s about affecting change. I am a systems thinker. It’s about looking at what’s working and what’s not working and really fine tuning what’s not working or throwing it out so that students can meet their goals, graduate, and realize their dreams. So the best thing for

“I’m a big ‘accountability’ person. So for me, it’s not just about putting something in place and talking about it—it’s the follow through.” me is putting structures in place or training teachers in a manner that supports students achieving their goals and dreams. It really is exhilarating for me when a student gets accepted at a college of their choice or they get the career of their choice. What have you done for OHS since you’ve been principal? We’ve done a number of things like changing the culture. Something as basic as having a nice looking campus is important. We’ve looked at cultural changes— how we treat one another, how we keep our campus tidy, how we talk to teachers. There were a lot of revisions of policies—a refinement of what we’re going to do and how we’re going to enforce it. I’m a big “accountability” person. So for me, it’s not just about putting something in place and talking about it—it’s the follow through. There have to be structures in place to hold people accountable. It’s also providing support so teachers can get better. It’s a different place than it was during my first year here at OHS. It was a lot of hard work for everyone. I think the biggest thing is that some view work as a “job.” They just come here to work. But I view it as something that is affecting and influencing kids lives and we have to take it seriously every day. We have to continue to challenge one another, refine, perfect, and revisit every minute of every day so students can achieve their goals. Osider  15



1 7 0 6 PA C I F I C C O A S T H W Y O C E A N S I D E , C A 9 2 0 5 4 PH. 760.453.2500 Osider  16

W W W.T H E P R I V AT E E R C O A L F I R E P I Z Z A . C O M

Oceanside’s finest

the dwelley family BeachBreak cafe words: Eric klier

Photo: zach cordner

Mitchell Dwelley Harrison Dwelley Zell and Gary Dwelley

Over 25 years ago, two young restaurateurs opened their doors to what would later become an Oceanside eating staple—the Beachbreak Café. Gary and Zell Dwelley have created a “home-style” atmosphere that keeps locals and tourists lining up at their front door seven days a week. Police officers and firemen sit side by side with surfers and skaters to enjoy the generous portions and friendly staff at the Beachbreak. Their homemade coffee cake has a legendary status among regulars and is an amazing way to start your meal. Beyond the usual eggs and bacon, Gary and Zell have added some twists to their breakfast offerings with amazing items like the Chili and Cheese Omelette and the Scramblatta—a chicken enchilada scramble with sour cream and green onions. Now with a second location at the Oceanside Harbor, Gary and Zell are looking forward to handing the family business over to their sons, Mitchell and Harrison in the very near future. When asked what keeps the crowds of regulars coming in, Gary responds with a smile, “We have good employees and great customers and I married well, so

the combination has made us very fortunate!” Whatever it is, it’s definitely working! The walls are covered in surfboards and surf posters, many signed by local patrons that donated them for the display. It’s not uncommon to see professional surfers, skaters, and snowboarders feasting daily on the variety of choices from their menu, like the Banana French Toast to the Turkey Torta—another local favorite of thin sliced turkey grilled and covered with melted Jalapeno Jack cheese served on a delicious fresh torta roll, yum! With such a diverse menu, it’s no wonder that generations of customers have patiently waited to meet friends and family, dine on fresh food, and have Gary and Zell take care of them as if they were a regular from day one. They definitely have hit the pulse of what makes this beach town tick. You would be missing Beach Break Cafe out on a great Oceanside experience 1802 S. Coast Hwy if you don’t stop by the Beachbreak Oceanside, CA 92054 Café on Coast Highway and try it out (760) 439-6355 for yourself. Osider  17

World Famous

Classic Traditions Art Company Award winning artists specializing in portraits and custom tattoos

Walk-ins Welcome Ask about our Military Discounts 4638 Mission Blvd. San Diego,CA 92109 (858) 581-9090

@CTACTATTOO Osider  18

the arts

Oceanside Museum of Art words: Aaron Schmidt

Photos: zach cordner

OMA’s Executive Director   Daniel Foster.

“So many people who have roots here feel this is one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of Oceanside.”

Formally opening in 1997, the Oceanside Museum of Art is a very special place. It’s the result of determined residents of Oceanside who felt the need to have a cultural venue in this fine city. After a few years of perseverance, they got their wish. “The place embodies the greatest aspirations of Oceanside’s future,” says Daniel Foster, OMA Executive Director, “So many people who have roots here feel this is one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of Oceanside.” Located within walking distance of the ocean at 704 Pier View Way, the OMA is housed in a three level modernist building and features more than 15 modern and contemporary art exhibitions a year. Many highly known and regional artists are featured throughout the year with a wide array of artforms on display. With free admission on the first Sunday of every month, the OMA features concerts, films, culinary events, fundraising parties, evening events, docent tours, and chartered travel to other local, national, and international cultural art venues and destinations. Take a moment of your day and stop in to enjoy some fabulous fine art and many other amazing forms of artistic expressionism.

Oceanside Museum of Art 704 Pier View Way Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 435-3720 Osider  19

hidden gems

Kyoto  Gift and Food words: aaron schmidt Photo: zach cordner

Third generation owners Shannon Walker and   her brother Chris Ray.

Quietly nestled away from the main road on the corner of Greenbrier Drive and Oceanside Boulevard, lies a rare hidden gem called Kyoto Gift and Food. Named after the famous city in Japan, Kyoto features authentic Japanese foods and gifts that are hard to come by. Originally opened in Oceanside in 1966 by Taeko Matsubara, Kyoto Gift and Food has been family owned and operated since its inception. Now run by Taeko’s granddaughter Shannon Walker, Kyoto carries on the family tradition by selling Japanese Osider  20

groceries and edibles like tea, spices, sake, beer, cakes, cookies, and of course, all the basic ingredients you’d need to make any Japanese cuisine, including homemade sushi. “My grandmother missed home and wanted to have her Japanese food. She didn’t want to have to drive down to San Diego or up to Orange County, so then she worked two jobs and saved up money to open up her little store,” says Shannon when asked why her grandmother started the business back then. Speaking of sushi—they also have an amazing fresh sushi menu that

includes Futomaki, California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, Shiba Zuke Rolls, Cucumber Rolls, Takuan Rolls, Shrimp Tempura, and Chicken Katsu. Kyoto also features unique Japanese gifts that range anywhere from bowls, rice cookers, chopsticks, and soy sauce dishes, to toys, trinkets, and the ever-popular Japanese candy. Make sure to drop in for some Kyoto Gift and Food incredibly delicious 559 Greenbrier Drive Japanese food or Oceanside, CA 92054 unique gifts, you’ll (760) 757-5456 be glad you did!

Jennie’s Cafe 1001 South Coast Highway (760) 433-2060

Specializing in screen printing embroidery and promotional products. (760) 471-9221 Osider  21


things you didn’t   know about the top gun house By Kristi Hawthorne Photos courtesy of Oceanside Historical Society

Oceanside has several notable landmarks­­­­­­­­­—the Pier, the Small Craft Harbor and the historic San Luis Rey Mission. However, one of the most notable landmarks is what is referred to as the “Top Gun” house. The house stands at the corner of Pacific and Seagaze Streets and for over 125 years has been witness to Oceanside’s development and growth as a city.

Osider  22


Built in 1887 for Doctor Henry Graves, the house has been recognized by SOHO (Save Our Heritage Organization) as the last best Victorian oceanfront cottage in San Diego County. It truly is an endangered species.


Built as a vacation home, Dr. and Mrs. Graves would “summer” in Oceanside and return to Riverside. The local paper described it is “their annual vacation by the seaside.” Many residents of Riverside, Redlands and San Bernardino purchased property as early as 1883 and 1884 in Oceanside and built vacation homes here.

The Top Gun House was most recognized for its pale blue paint and white trim in the movie Top Gun. Here is the house in 1998.


The Graves house is one year older than the official incorporation date of the City of Oceanside. It has outlasted 5 piers and continues to provide views of the sixth pier built in 1987.


The house was sold in 1905 to Charles Burlock who was a deputy constable. One of the longest owners was Angeline Morgan who owned the home for over 40 years. During her ownership, she had an addition built known as the “carriage house” and it was this structure that much of the filming was done in 1986 movie “Top Gun.”


It has endured both political storms and severe weather including the great flood of 1916. From its view on Pacific Street it has watched numerous celebrations, which include the Southern California Beauty Contest, Bean Day in 1917 (yes Bean Day!), War Bond rallies during World War II, Oceanside High School Graduations, concerts, military rallies and more.


Lynn and William Rego purchased the house in 1976 and much like Dr. and Mrs. Graves, spent their summers in Oceanside looking over the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and renting it out the remainder of the year.

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis’ stunt double in front of the house during movie production.


In 1985, The Rego’s were contacted by Paramount Pictures as they were looking for property suitable for filming. Paramount rented the house for two weeks and for Oceansiders, some of the most memorable scenes of the movie “Top Gun” were filmed there. The Victorian cottage was featured as the home of Cruise’s love interest, flight instructor Charlie, played by Kelly McGillis.


The movie became a blockbuster and soon after its release in 1986 fans from all over the world flocked to have their photo taken in front of the “Top Gun” house. The movie made Tom Cruise a household name and the iconic scene of Maverick riding his motorcycle on palm-lined Pacific Street in Oceanside is every local’s favorite.


In 2013, for the 25th anniversary of the movie, the City of Oceanside celebrated with an outdoor screening of “Top Gun” at the beach amphitheater, celebrity volleyball tournament, and even a perfectly timed flyover while the Marine Corps band performed.

Having a Top Gun moment in Oside.

Top Gun house during the preservation process, 2014.


Fast forward to 2014 and the historic cottage is sagging and the paint chipping. Rumors of its demise persist. However, the “Top Gun” house is NOT in the “Danger Zone.” The city of Oceanside acquired the property and negotiated with the developer of a new 4 star hotel project to have the house restored. Because of the house’s popularity, but more importantly because of its historic significance, the house will be preserved and incorporated into the developer’s plans. The Oceanside Historical Society recently helped to have the house painted, the sagging porch lifted and murals placed on its boarded up windows. The future is bright for the historic Graves House, aka the “Top Gun” house, and is sure to hold a place in the hearts of locals and movie fans for years to come.

For more information about Oceanside’s history, please visit

Osider  23

Community events calEndar

MAY 2014 Sunday






Farmer’s Market   9am-1pm

Saturday 3rd Annual Rhythm & Brews Music Festival in Vista

Sunset Market 5-9pm



Farmer’s Market   9am-1pm

Cinco de Mayo

3 Rubio’s Beach Clean-up Party   @ The Pier

Sunset Market 5-9pm





Earth, Wind & Fire concert at @ Harrah’s Event Center




Farmer’s Market   9am-1pm

Osider Mag premiere issue party @ Hello Betty 7pm

Operation Appreciation   @ The Pier

Sunset Market 5-9pm

Dive Day Club opens for the season @ Harrah’s

Oceanside Heritage Day at Heritage Park 12-4pm


Mother’s Day


Beach Soccer   Championships @ Oceanside Harbor beach

Service Industry   Night at Dive @ Harrah’s



Latin Food &   Wine Festival   @ Harrah’s

Memorial Day no school




Father’s Day

Farmer’s Market   9am-1pm



Neon Nights Friday at Dive @ Harrah’s 9pm

Dive After Dark 9pm @ Harrah’s Dive Day Club @ Harrah’s

Sunset Market 5-9pm






Farmer’s Market   9am-1pm

Neon Nights Friday at Dive @ Harrah’s 9pm

Surfing America Prime @ N. Harbor Jetty

Sunset Market 5-9pm

Crown Heights community festival @ Crown Heights Resource Center

Bring Down the House Comedy show in Courtside with Joey Coco Diaz @ Harrah’s






Dive After Dark 9pm   @ Harrah’s



Sunset Market runs every Thursday  evening in downtown Oceanside  between PCH and Cleveland Street.

JUNE 2014 Sunday Surfing America Prime @ North Harbor Jetty



Service Industry   Night at Dive  @ Harrah’s

Wednesday Last day of school Oceanside High  Graduation @ The Pier

Camp Pendelton Mud Run

Thursday Farmer’s Market   9am-1pm

Friday Dive After Dark 9pm   @ Harrah’s

Sunset Market 5-9pm

Saturday Wildcat Foundation car show @ El Camino High 7am-2pm Comedian Ron White @ Harrah’s Camp Pendelton Mud Run




Camp Pendelton   Mud Run

Service Industry   Night at Dive @ Harrah’s

Race Across America 12pm @ The Pier




Farmer’s Market   9am-1pm

Japanese Society Dive Day Club Beer & Sake Festival   @ Harrah’s @ Harrah’s San Luis Rey   Neon Nights Inter-Tribal Pow @ Harrah’s Wow @ Mission   Dive After Dark 9pm   San Luis Rey

Sunset Market 5-9pm


@ Harrah’s



San Luis Rey InterTribal Pow Wow   @ Mission   San Luis Rey

Service Industry   Night at Dive @ Harrah’s







Farmer’s Market   9am-1pm

Neon Nights @ Harrah’s

Dive Day Club @ Harrah’s

Sunset Market 5-9pm




Service Industry   Night at Dive   @ Harrah’s

Dive After Dark 9pm   @ Harrah’s Concert In The Park The Mardels @ Rancho Del Oro Park 5pm




Farmer’s Market   9am-1pm

Neon Nights @ Harrah’s

Dive Day Club  @ Harrah’s Independence Day Parade @ PCH & Wisconsin Ave 10am

Sunset Market 5-9pm


23 Service Industry   Night at Dive   @ Harrah’s





Dive After Dark @ Harrah’s



Dive After Dark @ Harrah’s


Local   Business

Chemistry  Surfboards words: Aaron Schmidt

Photo: zach cordner

Jason Bennett,   true craftsman.

Oceanside has always been known as a quintessential “surf” city. With consistent waves most of the year; the city has been home to some of the best surfers in San Diego. With those best surfers comes the need of having the best surfboards. Chemistry Surfboards is the result of just that. A native son of Oceanside, Jason Bennett was a professional surfer in the late 90s and created Chemistry out of necessity: “It was around 2005 when we (Jason and his good friend Willie Smith) officially started Chemistry as a surfboard brand. I rode for Michael Baron and Byrne Surfboards at the time. Michael was a mentor and a huge influence on me to start shaping. So after he taught me the ropes, I began shaping my own boards because I was running the label and we needed someone to shape them. It was a very small operation at first, we were doing only like 20 boards a month, “said Jason. Since it’s creation, Jason, Willie, and the Chemistry crew have given back to the local community: “At the same time we started Chemistry, we were doing a lot of stuff for the community—we were making local surf movies and having them premiere at the Star Theater,“ Jason replied. “We were also having art shows at the old Flying Bridge restaurant. They were called ‘Chemistry Projects’ and we would have DJ’s at the art events. We were always surrounding ourselves with people who were Osider  26

artistic and progressive minded,” elaborated Jason. Their events were always well received and helped catapult Chemistry into the public eye. One of the most noted local community events in Oceanside is the Harry Bennett Surf For The Sea annual surf contest. The event (named after Jason’s dad who passed away in 1997) is in its 18th year and is usually held in early September at Oceanside Harbor’s North Jetty. The event was created to commemorate the lives of local Oceanside surfers who had recently passed and it’s also an annual memorial benefit to raise awareness to help protect our coastal environment with all proceeds going to the San Diego Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Surfing’s image, by default, has always been very “beach-y.” With that said, what separates Chemistry from the other surfboard brands is that they brought graffiti, DJing, and street/art culture into the surf world—something that had never been done before. Their unique blend of quality craftsmanship coupled with an unorthodox approach to building their surfboard label led to their rising popularity—Jason and Willie have grown the brand into a profitable company with major distribution in the US and Chemistry Surfboards also abroad—making Chemistry 3205 Production Ave. Suite B one of the world’s best Oceanside, CA 92058 surf brands in the business.

Save The Date

10th Anniversary Year

July 11-12, 2014

Osider  27

Osider  28

Osider  29 Photo by Kevin & Rebecca Joelson

Grammy Award-winning Switchfoot celebrates 10 years of giving back The 10th Anniversary Switchfoot Bro-Am surf contest and concert returns to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas on Saturday, July 12. An annual event near and dear to Switchfoot’s heart, the free beach day was created to give back to the San Diego community while also benefiting local children’s charities. Since its inception in 2005, the Bro-Am has raised more than $900,000 in support of local youth, and the members of Switchfoot recently created the Switchfoot Bro-Am Foundation to continue their mission of supporting at-risk, homeless, and street kids year-round. Bro-Am weekend kicks off on Friday, July 11, with the Bro-Am Auction Night Soiree at which guests will savor signature dishes & sips from San Diego’s leading restaurants. The evening will also include stellar silent and live auctions, opportunity drawings, and an exclusive live music performance. On Saturday July 12, the 10th Anniversary Switchfoot Bro-Am presented by Hurley will feature a corporate surf team contest, live concert headlined by Switchfoot (complete lineup announced soon), and nerf surf jousting exposition. This year’s event will also welcome back the 3rd annual Rob Machado Bro Junior, open to youngsters ages 16 and under who compete on one of Machado’s boards. Thanks to Bro-Am’s relationship with Hurley H2O, the

beach experience is a “single-use plastic water bottle-free event.” Attendees are encouraged to bring a re-usable water bottle to fill up at the H2O station for free, and Hurley H2O provides stainless steel bottles with funds raised supporting nonprofit eco-partners. The Rob Machado Foundation, dedicated to teaching youth about their impact on the environment, will once again have a team of surfers and environmentalists managing waste at Bro-Am. The Green Team of volunteers will educate attendees on proper sorting of trash and recyclables, and will ensure that as much waste as possible is diverted from the landfill. “The Bro-Am has been my favorite day of the year ever since we started it back in ’05,” notes Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman. “To see our hometown come together to help out a deserving group of kids is an incredible experience — surfing, music, and the San Diego scene at its best.” Bro-Am weekend festivities will round out with a special screening of Fading West at La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas Saturday evening. Complete Bro-Am weekend details, including lodging, parking, and sponsorship information, are available on the Switchfoot Bro-Am Web site:

Special thanks to Bro-Am media partner All photography by Kevin & Rebecca Joelson Osider  30

local   Business

Pictured are all residents of Oceanside.

Monique Bobadilla   Associate Director, HR

Hayden Knox   Manager, Facilities Robert Ysais   Training Specialist

Genentech Oceanside’s Bio-tech giant words: promise yee Photos: zach cordner

Don Fitzgerald VP and  General Manager

Behind the gates at One Antibody Way, life saving science is going on. Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, is a globally recognized biotech company that opened its Oceanside site in 2005. The massive 500,000 square feet manufacturing and clinical operations complex is

Malou Jacinto   Manager, Quality Assurance

Lori Robinson   Sr. Administrative   Associate, Technology

housed in six buildings on the 60acre beach area site. The company manufactures the active ingredients for Avastin which treats diseases including colon and kidney cancer; Rituxan, which treats diseases including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Actemra, which treats rheumatoid arthritis. In certain types of cancers, Avastin helps prolong patients’ lives. “In treating colon cancer it inhibits growth and puts cancers in remission,” Don Fitzgerald, vice president and general manager of the Oceanside site, said. The biotech manufacturing company is one of Oceanside’s largest employers. Careers at Genentech range from engineering, to quality assurance, and administration. Most employees stay on with the company long term. About 70 percent of the present employees began working at the Oceanside site the year it opened. New employees continue to be hired as the company grows, with 50 new employees hired within the last 18 months. Fitzgerald said he would stop just short of calling employees super heroes. Employees say they are on a mission to perform their

Tracy Byrnes   Master Technician,   BioProcess

Dallas Acevedo   Manufacturing   Technician, BioProcess

jobs. Malou Jacinto, Genentech quality assurance manager, said she had her sights set on working for the company right out of college. She’s been working at Genentech since 2003, first in South San Francisco, and then in Oceanside. “All through college, and as I learned more about Genentech, it became more apparent to me that the biotech industry is where I wanted to be. Genentech is one of the best ones to work for.” Fellow employees agree that job motivation comes from making a positive impact on patients’ lives, and focused teamwork to get the job done. Robert Ysais, technical training program manager, said there are two reasons he works at Genentech. “Serving patients who desperately need our products. Great colleagues who share the same vision and mission as I do.” Fitzgerald said Genentech excels on a global scale by upholding its commitment to innovation, and seeking better medicines for patients. He credits the success of the company to its employees who are dedicated to do whatever it takes to develop the best treatments for patients. Osider  31

Osider  32

The view of the “Animal Chin” ramp from a helicopter in 1986. The ramp was located near what is now the intersection of Highway 76 and Benet Rd.


Grant Brittain is a longtime North County local and legendary photographer who has spent over 30 years of his life shooting photos of skateboarding. In the early days of his shooting career, Grant found himself working for a new fledging skateboard magazine called TransWorld SKATEboarding that launched in Oceanside in 1983. “I began shooting skate photos in Oceanside when TWS started. I was mostly in Del Mar shooting photos at the Del Mar Skate Ranch at the time but since I worked for the mag, I found myself in Oceanside a lot more often,“ said Grant. Over the years while working at TransWorld, Grant was instrumental in launching the careers of many professional skateboarders with his skate photos. Back in those days, most of the pro skaters lived in Los Angeles (and other places) and would commute down to Oceanside to meet up with Grant at the TWS office that was then located on Tremont Street. “Back then, I was mostly shooting guys like GSD (Garry Scott Davis), Lance Mountain, Neil Blender, Marty Jimenez, Tod Swank, and Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales, among others. As the magazine started to get more well known, more pros would drop by our office. Usually, I’d just take Gonz out into the streets close to our office in Oceanside and take photos of him,” added Grant.

Osider  33

The Bones Brigade, left to right, Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Chin Ramp, 1986.

Soon after, “street” skating became a national phenomenon and Oceanside became a “hotspot” for skating street. And Grant would be right there at every spot, documenting it all. “When Shellbowl was around, I was mostly there shooting photos, “ said Grant. “It was a popular spot. You could go there, skate, and not get kicked out.” Other popular spots in Oceanside like the Shellbowl included Oceanside High School, El Camino High School, Gemco Banks, Del King Curb, Exploited Ditch, Buccaneer Curb, Aggroland, Oceanside Bandshell, Freeman Coin Wash, and K-Mart Curb, among others. The infamous Animal Chin Ramp made popular in the early Powell Peralta skate video, The Search For Animal Chin, was built and located (it was used for only one week for filming and then torn down) in the Valley by the drive-in theaters. “I think that Tracker [Trucks] and TransWorld being located in Oceanside really put it on the map. I don’t know if it would’ve been a center hub of skateboarding in Southern California if it wasn’t for those two companies being there,“ said Grant, when asked how he thinks Oceanside contributed to modern day skateboarding, With all the new skateparks like Martin Luther King, Jr. Skatepark, Melba Bishop Skatepark, and Alex Road (a.k.a Prince Park) popping up recently here in Oceanside, the future looks bright for kids wanting to enjoy skateboarding in this glorious city. And Grant will be right there, once again, to document it all. Thanks, Grant! Osider  34

Don Brown, near Wisconsin Ave. This was a cover of TransWorld Skateboarding in the late 80s.

Alex “Trainwreck” Gall, backside lipslide at the Oceanside High rail, late 1990s.

GSD, a.k.a. Garry Scott Davis, one of the first documented frontside bonelesses, Shell Bowl, 1985.

To see more of Grant’s work check out To purchase prints: Osider  35

Rob Dyrdek, frontside noseslide, Mission Avenue, late 1990s.

Osider  36

Mark Gonzales, demo at the Oceanside Pier Amphitheater in 1985.

“I think that Tracker [Trucks] and TransWorld being located in Oceanside really put it on the map.”

Osider  37

Canine Companions For Independence words: Promise Yee Photos: zach cordner

Volunteer puppy raisers Sally and Joe Tonne and kids with puppy Kinley.

Anyone who sees Daniel Guillou and Narha together would say they are a perfect match. Narha, a high spirted golden retriever, labrador mix service dog, and Guillou, an outgoing wheelchair bound 44-year-old, have each other’s backs. Guillou was matched with Narha through Canine Companions for Independence Oceanside Regional Training Center. “The goal is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities,” Katie Malatino, Canine Companions southwest public relations coordinator, said. “Service dogs help people with practical tasks and provide immediate emotional benefits.” At the Oceanside center puppy raiser support, advanced training for service dogs, and team training for clients and service dogs take place. At eight weeks old, select breed puppies are raised, trained, and socialized by volunteers under the guidance of Canine Companions. Then at 15 months of age dogs return to the Canine Companions center and receive six months of advanced training by professional trainers. Dogs learn 40 specialized commands that range from picking up and delivering objects, to opening drawers and doors, and barking for help. Osider  38

Canine Companions Graduate Daniel Guillou and service dog Narha.

The commands are anti-intuitive to a dog’s nature, and not all dogs that are bred and trained for the program go on to become service dogs. On average about 45 percent of dogs in the program graduate. The other 55 percent go on to do other service work, like search and rescue, or are adopted as pets. Once advanced training is complete, the next step is for clients to meet potential dog matches and learn how to work with a service dog. Team training takes place at the two-week on site residential training program. Narha is Guillou’s second service dog. He said his former service dog Cinnamon and Narha are very different in temperament and energy level, yet each dog matched him perfectly during the time they served him. Guillou has been wheelchair bound since age 16, but did not inquire about obtaining a service dog until he was 39. “I was getting a lot more pain in my back and it was harder to do things,” Guillou said. “I thought it would be good to have some help to do things and make life easier.” He said he was matched with Cinnamon while he was going through a spell of depression. Cinnamon’s quiet, dutiful nature was the right fit at the time. Guillou said it

Pictured are all residents of Oceanside.

Volunteer Puppy raiser Lyn Comunale and Canine Companions puppy Prim.

Volunteer puppy raisers Sarah and Hanna Burkman and Canine Companions puppy Dayton IV.

Canine Companions graduate Val Valentine and Facility Dog Shirley IV.

Volunteer puppy raisers Dusty Burgman and Canine Companions puppy Mekenna.

took a year working with Cinnamon to fit her into his life and find the best ways she could assist him. “It’s a whole lifestyle change having a dog to be responsible for,” Guillou said. “It took over a year before she was doing work for me.” A moment that forever bonded Guillou with his first service dog was when she barked for help after he had fallen from his wheelchair. Neighbors heard the bark and came over to lend assistance. “She saved me,” Guillou said. Cinnamon later developed liver failure, retired from being a service dog, and was adopted by Guillou’s friend as a pet. Guillou met his second service dog Narha after Cinnamon retired. “In training you could see he loves that dog,” Malatino said. “They’re so affectionate with each other.” Narha is social, energetic and a reflection of where Guillou is at now. “She’s a dog that Canine Companions   loves life,” Guillou said. for Independence Canine Companions has five centers 124 Rancho Del Oro Drive in the U.S. where dogs are bred, raised, and Oceanside, CA 92057 trained to assist people with disabilities (760) 901-4300 free of charge. Professional training dog Breezy.

Osider  39

beyond the O

HARRAH’S SHUTTLE BUS OCEANSIDE AM/PM Pick up: 9:10am & 1:10pm Mission Plaza   by the Post Office (Los Arbolitos Blvd.)   Resort Departure to Oceanside: 3:15pm & 7pm Must be 21 years old and you’ll need a Total Rewards card. Bus operates every Thursday-Sunday.

Suggested Day Trip Itinerary

A Taste of Vegas Sprinkled   With some Palm Springs Flavor

HArrah’s resort   Southern California words: Aaron Schmidt

Quietly tucked away in the lush green hills of Pauma Valley, the new Harrah’s Resort Southern California is quite a true gem. Located in Valley Center, just 40 minutes inland from Oceanside, Harrah’s originally opened in 2002 and has grown leaps and bounds ever since. Their grand opening for the new second hotel tower was this past April (bringing their total room count to 1,065) and everything has been fully operational since. With an amazing array of amenities you’ll find at Harrah’s, why not enjoy their expansive day pool that features a 400 foot long lazy river, two waterfalls, a grotto, and has the only “swim up” bar in all of Southern California. Lavish yourself at Harrah’s many fine eateries all while experiencing the excitement of the resort’s amazing gaming floor. Take a fun day trek beyond Oceanside and head on over to Harrah’s. The hotel provides a local bus pick up service so check out the great itinerary suggestion to the right: Osider  40

9:10am – Oceanside bus pick up at Mission Plaza by the Post Office (Los Arbolitos Blvd.) 11:00am – Arrive at Harrah’s. First things first: Treat yourself to an amazing massage at the Spa. 12pm – Sit poolside, play on the 400-foot lazy river, or take a dip in the main pool with SoCal’s only swim-up bar. The Dive Day Club features DJs and runs every Saturday in June. 1:30pm – Poolside lunch at ‘rita’s Cantina (specialties include Margaritas and tacos). 2:30pm – Hit the gaming floor (complete with blackjack, slots, craps, and poker) for the afternoon. 5:30pm – Dinner at The Café, The Buffet, Fortunes, Oyster Bar, or Fiore Steak & Seafood (recipient of the Wine Spectator Award seven years running). 7:00pm – Load bus to depart back to Oceanside.

777 Harrah’s Resort Southern California Way Valley Center, CA 92082 (760)751-3100

4259 Oceanside Blvd (760) 945-2199

The fusion of great Mexican food in a fast casual setting since 2009

San Luis Rey Bakery & restaurant

Amazing Pastries and exceptional mexican food

serving Oceanside for over 40 years San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant 490 N El Camino Real (760) 433-7242 Osider  41

words: Eric Klier Photos: zach cordner

The San Luis Rey Bakery is one of the oldest family run bakery and restaurants in Oceanside. Located near the historic San Luis Rey Mission, San Luis Rey Bakery and Restaurant has been serving authentic Mexican cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—plus some of the most delicious fresh breads and pastries for over 40 years. The historical building where the bakery is located was built in 1894, one hundred years after the Mission. With an enormous menu of gourmet Mexican cuisine offerings and a friendly staff, the comfortable atmosphere makes it feel more like you are eating at your mom’s house than at a restaurant. The rich smell of danishes and concha bread fill the air every morning, a subtle reminder that you are in the right place for a delicious breakfast! Of course, there is no better way to start off your day than with the crowd favorite Huevos Rancheros, both beautiful and delicious. When asked which lunch special is most popular, the friendly waitress responded quickly, “Chile Relleno!” This mouth-watering staple is unbelievably fresh and savory; it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best selling items on the menu. Their menu has many options to please even the most complex palettes with food made from fresh ingredients. In Oceanside, it’s really easy to get distracted by our beach culture and surf environment, but venture just ten minutes inland and you’ll find yourself in the heart of this city and the tastes it was built on. The San Luis Rey Bakery and Restaurant has locals and out of town visitors lining up day after day for the fresh ingredients, friendly staff, and historical beauty that keeps them coming back for more.

hidden gems

San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant

Bakery Owner Jose Mendoza

San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant 490 N. El Camino Real Oceanside CA, 92058 (760) 433-7242 Osider  43

dining: coastal

the flying pig PUB & KITCHEN Words: Neens Photos: Zach Cordner

The fresh ground pork burger with tempura onion and a fried farmers egg   is a must-have and the local favorite.

Back in the day, Roddy, his wife Aaron, and his mother-in-law were joking around one evening over dinner and said, “Sure, we’ll have our own restaurant—when pigs can fly.” Well, pigs aren’t flying, but they sure are tasty at this “pork-centric,” “carnivore-friendly,” “slow food” restaurant. On a sunny Oside Wednesday, I sat down at the bar with Roddy to get the “behind-the-scenes” scoop. I quickly discovered that Roddy is a second-level sommelier, or Somm, for those of you who watch Netflix documentaries. It then became apparent that Roddy and his crew take a “sommelier’s approach” to everything they do. Let me explain: A sommelier’s job is to know what region a grape has come from and what year the grape was harvested, all by a simple swish, swash, and gurgle of liquid in their mouths. With that same approach to detail, the staff at the Flying Pig make sure to take the time to know where their food, beer, and wine are coming from. They also take the time to prepare it with care—captained by Chef Mario and his crew of culinary graduates. They source all of their ingredients with attention to detail, making sure that what you’re eating is of the utmost quality. This is the reason for their frequent menu changes. They are only offering you the best (the best is seasonal) and as local as possible. If that’s not enough for you, Roddy just started a certified organic farm on his property. Not only will he know where his produce is coming from, he’ll also have planted and picked it with his own two hands. Osider  44

Owner, Roddy Browning

Of course, I didn’t just interview him and take his word for it—I had to put it to the test so I could write this piece in honesty. The Ribeye On Grits just happened to be the special that day, and yes—I ordered it. I’m a very picky meat-eater, and this steak made me hallucinate. Pigs Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen were flying all around me, I 626 South Tremont St. swear. Oh, and the grits? Oceanside, CA 92054 Those are made with half (760) 453-2940 and half. Need I say more?

3.5” x 2.5” | Maximum Font Size: 30 pt

Are your savings earning what they should? Vincent T Alessi Financial Advisor .

1265 Carlsbad Village Drive Suite 220 Carlsbad, CA 92008 760-729-8300

Member SIPC

Show your support for Oceanside! Send a check for $2.50 for a 3x8” window sticker in either white or black. Please specify your color request. Send your check to: The Osider Magazine   603 Seagaze Dr. #828 Oceanside CA, 92054

Osider  45

dining: inland

Cejas  Mexican Diner Photos & Words: Neens

Because we are very experienced “Mexy” food eaters here in Southern California, let’s get straight to the point: Salsa and chips. This is how I judge every Mexican restaurant because this is always the first impression. If you don’t like the very first thing served, why would you want to order more? Needless to say, Ceja’s salsa and chips is fresh, flavorful, and free! The seven total siblings in the Ceja family have roots in both Oceanside and Mexico— they all grew up in the restaurant biz, literally. “When I was a kid, my mom would work a lot and she couldn’t leave me home alone, so she would just bring me to work at Anita’s Mexican Restaurant,” mentioned Daniel Ceja, brother/ partner of Ceja’s Mexican Diner. “I would just find an empty table or a quiet corner to sit in Alan and Daniel Ceja. while my mom did her thing. The next thing you know, we’re bussing, then serving, then managing, and now owning. My brother Alan and I own Ceja’s together. Our other brothers and sisters still run Anita’s to this day.” Daniel and Alan’s vision for Ceja’s is to position themselves as a “fast casual” restaurant— somewhere between a “Roberto’s” and a “Casa de Bandini.” You can order at the counter like fast Mexican, but you are served complimentary salsa and chips. Food is brought to your table like casual Mexican. During my interview, I was able to sample their homemade Tortilla Soup, which was so good I craved it the next day. I also sampled unique dishes not normally served at traditional Mexican restaurants like the Buffalo Taco and their Chicken Cashew Salad with Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette. It’s nice to be able to have traditional options, as well as healthier options. The next time your taste buds are headed down south, support this local business owned by authentic people. ¡Bueno! Osider  46

Cejas Mexican Diner 4259 Oceanside Blvd. #105 Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 945-2199


Instagram • @theosidermag TWitter • @theosidermag Facebook • Osider  47


Elijah Mack  Godfather Of River Surfing Words: Louie hayward

Photo: zach cordner

“The future of surfing is near and it’s nowhere near the ocean.” —Elijah Mack, 2002

Elijah Mack moved to Oceanside, California in the early 80s. He started surfing at a young age and attended Oceanside High School. His father and uncles were pioneer surfers in and around San Diego. Raised by a single mother on South Freeman, Eli would frequent the line-up between Buccaneer Beach and the Oceanside Harbor on his DT twin-fin. A fixture in the line up for many years, he would be seen charging at all the main surf spots. Eli then moved from Oceanside to Eugene, Oregon in 2001 and is currently living there with his wife Meryl and three of his youngest kids (Chance, Hurricane, Osider  48

and Onyx. Eli’s oldest son, Alec, 18, lives in Orange County), Oceanside will always be his home. It’s where it all started for him and where he continues to draw his inspiration. It was in Oregon that he’d have his first experience with river waves. Hiking next to rivers, he’d see little waves break continuously and saw potential in riding them. “If kayakers could do it, so could a surfer,“ he thought. Eli soon grabbed a surfboard and then decided to give it a go for himself—and river surfing was born. Eli is the first sponsored “river” surfer endorsed by mega giant surfwear brand, Quiksilver, based out of Huntington Beach, California. He’s now also working with one of the largest river engineering firms, McLaughlin Whitewater. After creating the WRSA (World River Surfing Association) in the early 2000s, the membership has grown strong to over 2,000 members. He was also recently hired on by Mark and Kristine Pickard to host the first-ever river surfing contest that features the largest prize purse in SUP (Stand Up Paddle surfing) and kayak history. The Payette River Games will be held this June 20th-22nd in Cascade, Idaho at Kelly’s Whitewater Park. There he’ll be bringing the world’s best river surfers to the event, along with Derek Rabelo (the blind surfer from the movie Beyond Sight). After all is said and done, he’s been pioneering the sport for so long that he’s known as the “Godfather Of River Surfing.” Elijah Mack has been at the forefront of the river surfing revolution and will continue to follow his passion well into the future.

Osider  49

bar and   resturant guide

Irina’s Bar & Grill 3375 Mission Avenue (760) 433-5086

Beach Break at the Harbor 280 South Harbor Drive (760) 453-2073

Stone Company Store 310 North Tremont Street (760) 529-0002

Junkyard Grill & Sports Bar 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd (760) 231-6600

Bessie’s 232 South Coast Highway (760) 967-9371

Surfside Tap Room 507 North Coast Highway Oceanside, CA 92054

Murphy’s Law Irish Pub & Ale House 215 N Coast Highway (760) 439-7442

Breakfast Club Diner 228 North Coast Highway (760) 722-3124

Tap That 3207 Roymar Road Suite E (760) 433-4827

The Broken Yolk Cafe 2434 Vista Way (760) 967-9655


PCH Sports Bar & Grill 1835 S Coast Highway (760) 721-3955 Bakeries Chow’s Donuts 1906 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 757-1355 Hill Street Donut House 1926 S Coast Highway (760) 439-7741 La Perla Tapatia 1910 Mission Avenue (760) 721-8486 Le Rendez-Vous French Bakery 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 414-9109 Leroy’s Sweet Potato Shack 3800 Oceanic Drive (760) 722-2690 Mission Donut House 1502 Mission Avenue (760) 757-2979 Mr. Donuts 1950 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 967-6508 Petite Madeline Bakery 223 N Coast Highway (760) 231-7300 Red Ribbon Bake Shop 47 Douglas Drive (760) 754-8460 Sam’s Donut Shop 3504 College Boulevard Suite A (760) 945-0416 SK’s Donuts 1129 S Coast Highway (760) 722-0455 San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant (pg.41) 490 N El Camino Real (760) 433-7242

Q Sports Bar 2725 Vista Way (760) 757-7070 Red Rooster 1985 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 754-8383 Rookie’s Sports Grill 2216 S El Camino Real (760) 757-1123 Tony’s Sports Bar & Grill 274 S Harbor Drive (760) 433-8466 Tremont Street Bar & Grill 311 N Tremont Street (760) 435-9555 BBQ Enzo’s BBQ 4111 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 643-9602 Felix’s BBQ with Soul 3613 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 439-7072 Guahan Grill 4259 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 806-4826 Primo Foods 606 Morse Street (760) 439-8711 Smokey J’s Pit BBQ 2251 S El Camino Real (760) 435-9700 That Boy Good 207 N Coast Highway (760) 433-4227 Breakfast Diners And Cafés

Bar And Grills

101 Café 631 South Coast Highway (760) 722-5220

Cabo Bar & Grill 212 N Tremont Street (760) 637-2450

Beachbreak Café 1802 South Coast Highway (760) 439-6355

Osider  50

Buccaneer Café 1508 South Pacific Street (760) 966-1804 Don’s Country Kitchen 1938 South Coast Highway (760) 722-7337 Grandma’s Restaurant 539 Vista Bella (760) 757-8777 Harbor House Café 714 North Coast Highway (760) 722-2254 Hill Street Café (pg.5) 524 South Coast Highway (760) 966-0985

Angelo’s Burgers 1050 South Coast Highway (760) 757-4064 Angelo’s Burgers 621 North Coast Highway (760) 757-5161 Hosie’s Pacific Pub 113 South Coast Highway (760) 722-5968 Paul’s Place 3671 Mission Avenue (760) 721-0124 Pit Stop Diner 3825 Mission Avenue (760) 901-4299 Ruby’s Diner 1 Oceanside Pier (760) 433-7829

Jennie’s Café (pg.21) 1001 South Coast Highway (760) 433-2060

Smashburger 3460 Marron Road (760) 729-1686

The Longboarder 400 Mission Avenue (760) 721-6776

Ty’s Burger House 515 Mission Street (760) 757-5890

Mary’s Family Restaurant 307 North Coast Highway (760) 722-3052


Start Fresh Café 1034 South Coast Highway (760) 439-7940 Swami’s Café 608 Mission Avenue (760) 966-1203

Chef Chin 3829 Plaza Drive (760) 806-9606 Chin’s Szechwan Cuisine 4140 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 631-4808

Breweries/Tap Rooms

China Star Super Buffet 1401 Mission Avenue (760) 435-9001

Beer Brewing Company 1815 South Coast Highway (760) 505-0160

Chu’s Quik Wok 815 College Boulevard (760) 726-7771

Breakwater Brewing 101 North Coast Highway (760) 433-6064

Great Wok Of China 4635 Frazee Road (760) 439-8939

Legacy Brewing Co. 363 Airport Road (760) 705-3221

Pick Up Stix 125 Old Grove Road (760) 967-4081

Oceanside Ale Works 1800 Ord Way (760) 721-4253

Quik Wok 2184 Vista Way (760) 439-2228

The Mandarin 1058 Mission Avenue (760) 439-0288

Port of Subs (pg.45) 510 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 439-3354

Coffee/Tea Black Rock Coffee Bar 1918 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 722-7133 Bubble Tea 318 Pier View Way (760) 967-0088 The Cup 206 Wisconsin Avenue (760) 231-9817

Red & White Market 510 Vista Way (760) 433-5516 Jersey Mike’s Subs 4111 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 295-3339 Submarina 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 945-7840

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt 4160 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 940-9866

Tony Pepperoni Pizzeria 805 College Boulevard (760) 726-6400

Ocean Rainbow 3784 Mission Avenue (760) 435-0750

Two Brothers From Italy 4760 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 758-3638 Upper Crust Pizza 4196 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 630-9330

Red Cup Frozen Yogurt 301 Mission Avenue (760) 637-2189 Red Cup Frozen Yogurt 4259 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 842-8738 Italian/Pizza

ZIGZAG Pizza 333 North Myers Street (760) 433-1555

Big Bob’s Best Pizza 3617 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 231-5050


Gastropub Hit the Spot Coffee 624 South Coast Highway (760) 433-3004 Jb Juice & Coffee 4635 Frazee Road (760) 529-0807 Jitterz Coffee Pub 510 North Coast Highway (760) 967-7886

Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen 626 South Tremont Street (760) 453-2940 German Irina’s Bar & Grill 3375 Mission Avenue (760) 433-5086

Brooklyn Boyz Pizza 2183 Vista Way (760) 757-4992 Carmine’s 119 South Coast Highway (760) 966-6888

Hawaiian Kona Hut 1940 South Freeman Street (760) 757-7873 Nautical Bean Coffee Co. 240 Harbor Drive South (760) 722-4851

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 726-0888

Cusimano’s Pizzeria 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 414-1200

Maui Hawaiian BBQ 2455 Vista Way (760) 722-8383

Dominic’s at the Harbor Restaurant & Pizzeria 268 Harbor Drive South (760) 754-1881

Ohana Hawaiian BBQ 459 College Boulevard (760) 630-6800

Fratelli’s 3915 Mission Avenue (760) 696-9007

San Diego Coffee Tea & Spice 1722 South Coast Highway (760) 439-8001

Ice Cream/ Frozen Yogurt

Killer Pizza From Mars 3772 Mission Avenue (760) 722-6060

Succulent Cafe 322 North Cleveland Street (760) 717-9612

Baskin Robbins 4201 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 631-1286

Tapioca Express 2611 Vista Way (760) 722-8279

Baskin Robbins 1112 South Coast Highway (760) 722-0654


Coldstone Creamery 4635 Frazee Road (760) 433-8658

Pier View Coffee Company 300 Pier View Way (760) 966-1150

Gandolfo’s New York Delicatessen 3617 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 435-0006 Z-Market San Miguel Deli 3200 Mission Avenue (760) 967-2184 Firehouse Subs 2619-B1 Vista Way (760) 721-4321 Cream of the Crop 2009 South Coast Highway (760) 433-2757 I Love Bagels Cafe 3910 Vista Way (760) 945-3838

Coldstone Creamery 514 Mission Avenue (760) 722-0880 FroYo Love 3480 Marron Road (760) 434-0701 Frugos Yogurt 3509 Cannon Road (760) 732-1000 J.R.’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice 1943 South Coast Highway (760) 809-8304

Venetos 608 North Coast Highway (760) 722-1228

La Casa Pizza 209 North Tremont Street (760) 722-1949 The Privateer Coal Fired Pizza (pg.16) 1706 Pacific Coast Highway (760) 453-2500

Aria Korean BBQ & Sushi 3744 Mission Avenue (760) 967-4090 Café De Thai & Sushi 4196 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 945-5533 Go Go Japan Sushi 4121 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 630-1288 Hana Sushi 2415 Vista Way (760) 439-3283 Harney Sushi 301 Mission Avenue (760) 967-1820 Sushi N Joy 2530 Vista Way (760) 721-1888 Hon Sushi 1733 South Coast Highway (760) 529-0255 Kaisen 1906 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 757-1484 Kyoto Gift & Food 559 Greenbrier Drive (760) 757-5456

Roma’s Pizza & Grill 617 North Redondo Drive (760) 757-2003

Love Boat Sushi 125 Old Grove Road (760) 721-3737

Rosina’s Italian Restaurant 3613 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 721-5000

Sushi 21 2216 South El Camino Real (760) 722-8210

Round Table Pizza 3440 Marron Road (760) 434-5977

Teri Café 2216 South El Camino Real (760) 722-8399

Santino’s Pizza 401 Mission Avenue (760) 967-6300

Teri Café 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 945-8888

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor 4141 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 940-4243

Umi Japanese Grill & Café 401 Mission Avenue (760) 439-3566 Osider  51

Waraii Sushi 4750 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 630-3770

Johnny Manana’s 308 Mission Avenue (760) 721-9999

Joe’s Crab Shack 314 Harbor Drive (760) 722-1345

The Wok Inn 511 Mission Avenue (760) 754-2167

Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub 1815 South Coast Highway (760) 271-0531

King Burrito 3490 Marron Road (760) 720-9747

Jolly Roger 1900 Harbor Drive North (760) 722-183



La Perla Tapatia 625 North Redondo Drive (760) 722-2877

Karina’s Ceviche & Oysters 1702 Mission Avenue (760) 722-7000

La Perla Tapatia 1910 Mission Avenue (760) 721-8486

Lighthouse Oyster Bar & Grill 262 Harbor Drive South (760) 433-1900

Los Tacos (pg.42) 2183 Vista Way (760) 757-8226

Marisco’s Ensenada 1405 South El Camino Real (760) 967-6024

Aria Korean BBQ & Sushi 3744 Mission Avenue (760) 967-4090 Waraii Sushi 4750 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 630-3770 Mexican Anita’s Restaurant 309 South Coast Highway (760) 722-6323 Anita’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina 2250 South El Camino Real (760) 757-7745 Bull Taco (pg.9) 1815 South Coast Highway (760) 453-2103 Café Rosarita 1816 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 722-6224 Carlito’s Chicken 158 Roymar Road (760) 433-3427 Ceja’s Mexican Diner & Grill (pg.41) 4259 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 945-2199 Colima’s Mexican Restaurant 404 Pier View Way (760) 439-4045 Compadres Chicken 4225 B Oceanside Boulevard (760) 806-6867 Davina’s Mexican Restaurant 3320 Mission Avenue (760) 722-8017 De Kotija’s Taco Shop 3504 College Boulevard (760) 758-0399

Marieta’s 485 Vandegrift Boulevard (760) 967-1769 Mariscos Ensenada 1405 South El Camino Real (760) 967-6024 Pedro’s Tacos 656 Benet Road (760) 722-7221

Tin Fish Oceanside 302 North The Strand (760) 966-0007 Oceanside Broiler 1325 North Harbor Drive (760) 722-3474 Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub 1815 South Coast Highway (760) 271-0531 Steakhouses

Pollos Maria 125 Old Grove Road (760) 435-9071 Roberto’s Taco Shop #13 518 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 757-2377 Roberto’s Taco Shop 2983 Via Las Rosas (760) 433-5004 Roberto’s Taco Shop 3617 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 721-1296 San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant (pg.41) 490 N El Camino Real (760) 433-7242 Peruvian Panca Peruvian Cuisine & Rotisserie 1902 South Coast Highway (760) 722-3396

333 Pacific 333 North Pacific Street (760) 433-3333 Hunter Steak House 1221 Vista Way (760) 433-2633 Thai Café De Thai & Sushi 4196 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 945-5533 Charming Siam 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 630-7133 Ocean Thai 2455 Vista Way (760) 722-9779 Ocean Thai 3846 Mission Avenue (760) 967-9901


Papaya Bay Thai 3815 Mission Avenue (760) 529-4766

Diego’s Mexican Food 1030 South Coast Highway (760) 721-1985

333 Pacific 333 North Pacific Street (760) 433-3333

Rim Talay 508 Mission Avenue (760) 435-2007

El Mundo De Mariscos 3110 San Luis Rey Road (760) 754-8922

Harbor Fish & Chips 276 Harbor Drive South (760) 722-4977

Thai Garden 4750 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 940-1009

Fiesta Mexicana 3784 Mission Avenue (760) 757-9872

Hello Betty Fish House 211 Mission Avenue (760) 722-1008

Thai Table 1910 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 721-4850

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I Love Pho 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 630-8889 Mr. Pho 4750 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 940-1306 Pho House 3753 Mission Avenue (760) 754-9999 Pho Oceanside 518 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 754-2828 Yummy Pho 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 631-1800

Photo courtsey of Oceanside Historical Society Circa 1900

Fast >> Forward to Yesterday

Mission San Luis Rey


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n 2001 action sports athlete Jeremy McGhee from Cardiff, California was struck riding his motorcycle, leaving him in critical condition. That incident was a moment of fate, pushing Jeremy to confront mortality and the life he chose to live. He would later recount that the street where he fell felt so warm, almost inviting him to close his eyes and sleep a while. It was as if death was seducing him, but Jeremy's resilience kicked in and he decided to fight for his life. If the motorcycle accident wasn’t traumatic enough, Jeremy faced major complications in his recovery when his spinal cord was attacked by a life threatening staph infection. After emergency surgery and intense treatments at Tri-City Medical Center’s Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center, Jeremy was back at it again, resilient as ever. Since then Jeremy has been taking life by storm. Instead of letting traumatic accidents depict the outcome of his future, Jeremy chooses to “challenge” his audience. He believes that “when you stop making fearbased decisions, you begin to live an inspired life.” In a world where

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people go through each day filled with fear and excuses, Jeremy has found a way to inspire others to open their minds and truly live. On July 27 2014, Jeremy’s next adventure will take him to the ocean for the 18th annual Molokai2Oahu Paddleboard Race, where he will join dozens of other athletes on a 32mile journey across the Hawaiian Islands’ Ka’iwi Channel. To prepare for the grueling physical challenge, Jeremy will collaborate with a team of Tri-City Medical Center doctors and care professionals specializing in everything from personal training to shoulder preservation to hyperbaric oxygen treatments; in the months leading up to the race. Beyond tackling daunting athletic feats and strenuous training regimens, Jeremy has dedicated his life to encouraging and motivating others. He has appeared on TEDx and regularly speaks to students and professional sports teams.

To follow Jeremy on his Journey check out: or #Jeremy2Oahu





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San Diego County’s #1 Volume Dealer View Our Large Selection of New and Pre-Owned Vehicles Online or Visit Us in Car Country Carlsbad. Oceanside Harbo r 0.5 Miles


ar Car Country C 5 Miles

2014 Prius

The Relaxed and Friendly Dealer Serving the Oceanside Community Since 1972 Toyota Carlsbad 5424 Paseo Del Norte | Carlsbad, CA 92008 (760) 438-2000 | Osider  56

O vol1 issue 1  

Oceanside California

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