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Brief 1 _ Triangulate: A series of creative talks 1/5

A series of talks organised by the Typographic Circle. The 3 talks are each titled according to the discipline that the speaker practices. For example, Paul Davis’s talk is named ‘illustrate’.

By selecting titles that all end in ‘ate’ a consistant link is made and creates a strong brand that can be re-created to suit almost any creative speaker.

Dutch Holland OUGD303 FMP

Triangulate A series of creative talks

Brief 1 _ Triangulate: A series of creative talks 2/5

The ‘Triangulate’ logo is an evolved form of The Typographic Circle’s circular logo. Combined with the term triangulate, the three circles are positioned to visualise triangulation, representing the series of 3 creative talks and the speaker that heads each one.

Across the range of deliverables the logo can adapt to suit the context that it is placed in, for example, when featured on the publication cover one of the circles is dye cut to reveal the coloured stock beneath and when used on promotinal print the circle is white to contrast with the other circles.

Dutch Holland OUGD303 FMP

Brief 1 _ Triangulate: A series of creative talks

To make each of the three talks individual, a colour scheme has been implemented giving each speaker/talk a colour. These colours are consistent through all promotional materials and tickets extending to the publications from each talk.



Dutch Holland

Accent Glacier White 200gsm SRA2

Accent Glacier White 200gsm 140mm x 50mm Perforated 1� from the left




Accent Glacier White 200gsm A6

Brief 1 _ Triangulate: A series of creative talks 4/5

A set of 3 publications are produced and given to the audience on arrival to the talks. The publications continue using the speakers allocated colour combined with a grey sheet cut smaller to create an engaging and tactile cover. the grey page has a dye cut circle which reveals coloured stocke beneath. The layout of the publication is based on the positioning of the ‘Triangulate’ logo where the cover text is alligned to match the top circle and create a well balanced compostion.

The layout within the book adopts this and margins are created that mirror the positioning of the cover text to create a consistant and well composed layout.


Dutch Holland

Double sided matte 200gsm cover grey matt 100gsm dye cut outer-cover 125gsm white paper inner leafs


Heading & Publication Text Apercu Mono


abcdefghjkl mnopqrstuv wxyz

Title/Main Text Apercu Medium

C=40 M=0 Y=80 K=O

C=60 M=35 Y=15 K=O


C=25 M=75 Y=25 K=O

Brief 1 _ Triangulate: A series of creative talks 5/5

One type family was used across the entire project, Apercu mono and Apercu Medium. Mono was used for the title branding and publication body text, it was used for both due to it’s diversity at working at large and small point sizes. Apercu medium was used primarily in promotion and complimented the Mono set headings with it’s bold strokes and tighter kerning.

Three colours were selected to accompany each speaker/talk, the colours chosen were modern, bright and sat well when placed in a series.

Dutch Holland OUGD303 FMP

Brief 1 Boards  
Brief 1 Boards  

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