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Thank you for being my family It was two years ago that a woman by the name of Jan came to see me for a reading. She was very glamorous, very articulate as well as being a very warm person.

JAN had never been for a reading before and asked me what to expect. As I was explaining to her the difference between a Psychic and a Mediumship reading, a young man from spirit started to push his way into our conversation. He was obnoxious, yet fun and started to show numerous things about himself ranging from, his modelling pictures, a tattoo down his left arm, a gold watch, and ring, along with several other possessions he once owned. He then stood in front of me (in my minds eye) holding up a Moët Champagne bottle and made me hear laughter along with Kylie Minogue’s version of Dancing Queen playing in the background. I knew we had a character on our hands and proceeded to ask Jan if she had a friend who fitted that description. With a cute giggle, she confirmed the outrageous gentleman was indeed her best friend named Braden. Jan explained that when they were younger, she and Braden used to go parties, dance, sing and laugh together. Across the next hour, Braden was able to relay information about their 12 years of friendship and recalled some of their funniest moments together. Jan laughed and cried as she rejoiced in the memories and the funny antics of Braden’s good humour.



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Braden started to tell me some of the trauma he had suffered from his family as a young man. Being gay, and in the military was at times difficult for Braden and also did not suit his very traditional parents. He went on to advise that both his mother and father disconnected from him when he was 21 years of age. Jan was able to confirm his parents did not accept his sexual orientation and that they cut him out of their life just after his 21st birthday. Braden told me he wanted Jan to know that he remembered her visiting him in his final hours at the hospital and talked about how he did not like her seeing his physical appearance at that time. The once muscular, tanned and handsome man, was now a fraction of his weight, pale all over and drawn through the face. Jan sadly smiled and explained that Braden was a very vain person and always dressed and presented himself well. Although it was shock to see his physical decline, she did not care and just wanted to be there to support him. Braden went on to explain that he remembered Jan being with him leading up to his transition into the spirit world. He showed me that the room was silent and dark

as he recalled the lightest pressure of his best friends hand, holding his as he drew in his final breaths. He wanted Jan to know that he was so grateful to her for being his ‘family’ and asked me to thank her for always making him feel safe, right up until his final moment. Tears ran from Jan’s eyes as she remembered that evening and spoke about how Braden never recovered emotionally from his parents abandonment. Jan advised she had always made a point to make him feel special and treated him as if he was part of her own family. Jan also confirmed that she was with him late that night, holding his hand, supporting and watching on as he went from this world to another. As the reading came to a close Braden made one last point, to tell Jane that he knew that she has his favourite chain. With much joy, Jan reached into her handbag and pulled out a short gold chain that once belonged to Braden. She advised how much he loved jewellery and that this item was his favourite. It is readings like these that make me acknowledge the power of unconditional love and how we don’t have to be blood related to share, express and enjoy it.

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