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With around 30 per cent of the population qualifying as obese because they have a BMI of over 30, that’s a lot of people searching for solutions. “Obesity brings with it an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and there are a staggering 182 types of cancers with obesity as a risk factor,” says co-founder of the North Queensland Obesity Surgery Centre (NQOSC) Dr Sam Baker. “It’s important people don’t look to surgery as a miracle cure on its own – we work with dietitians, psychologists, exercise physiologists, sleep physicians, endocrinologists and cardiologists to give patients the best chance of success. “When you have this surgery with us we follow you up every three months for the first two to three years and then every six months out to five years and annually for life.” One of the reasons Dr Baker knows the surgery works is he’s had it himself. He lost 45 kilograms as a result and stresses that the psychological part of the journey is critical to success.

Holistic approach to sustained weight loss Weight loss surgery – it’s not a miracle cure but it’s a powerful tool in the battle against obesity when coupled with lifestyle changes.

“It was six or seven months after the surgery before I could push food away,” Dr Baker says. “Learning how to stop grazing out of boredom is key.” Dr Baker works closely with NQOSC’s bariatric nurse Marina Bogiatzis and receptionist Amanda Kellaway to ensure patients feel comfortable at the NQOSC centre and have all of their questions answered. “I talk with patients about what they can expect prior to the surgery, immediately after the operation and after they go home,” Marina says. “The most common type of weight loss surgery performed now is a gastric sleeve, where the size of the stomach is reduced.” Receptionist Amanda says confidentiality is assured and patient privacy is paramount.

Above (L-R): Receptionist Amanda Kellaway, Dr Baker, Bariatric Nurse Marina Bogiatzis

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