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Matt Paul Quality Bodies

QUALiTY Bodies Quality Bodies Genesis Fitness Club Carthew Street, Willows 0427 706 069

If your body is a temple then the most important aspect of that temple, as with any building, is the foundation – and according to Quality Bodies owner and fitness therapist Matt Paul, knowledge is the strongest foundation. “Good health really is about getting the basics right first,” says Matt, “which is why I’m passionate about helping individuals achieve not just physical results, but a better mind frame through education, physical training, coaching and motivational techniques.” Personal training and therapy business Quality Bodies operates out of Genesis Fitness Club, and has done for the past seven years. As a fitness therapist, Matt has completed his Diploma, as well as 100 hours of clinical work with a physiotherapist. “This has allowed me a much higher understanding of the biomechanics of the human body and its requirements,” explains Matt. “It helps me deliver prescribed exercises for individuals’ goals, conditions – such as cardiorespiratory, metabolic, musculoskeletal and chronic conditions – and lifestyle programming. Matt is now preparing to launch a new program mid-2017 that he believes will flip today’s quick-fix programs on their heads. “Over 60 per cent of Townsville adults are overweight or obese,” says Matt. “This is alarmingly high considering there are more than 60 gyms here.

“This program, the Bow Tie Affect, is targeted at people who are unmotivated, deconditioned, overweight or obese, not confident, new to the industry, or who want to learn the fundamentals of working out in a gym environment,” reveals Matt. The Bow Tie Affect is a 10-week educational course. Each week includes one seminar, two sessions with a professional and one ghost session (the details of which Matt is keeping a surprise). The course also includes three nutritional seminars. “This is different to other programs available – there are no competitions, prizes, challenges or even weigh-ins. It’s based around getting people educated, involved and aware. It’s designed to increase the expectation of the longevity of training and lifestyle changes; and hopefully, expunge those outdated ‘get results real fast’ schemes. This is about fun, learning and no judgment. “People need something new – something for them.” Through Quality Bodies, Matt has worked with clients aged 12 to 70. “We’ve mentored and trained clients through weight loss, muscle gain, lifestyle, mental illness, cancer, post surgery and cosmetic surgeries, the list goes on,” says Matt. “A big shout out to our past and present clients – Quality Bodies wouldn’t be here if you guys weren’t!” [Fist pump.] To find out more about the Bow Tie Affect, contact Matt or follow Quality Bodies on Facebook.

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