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Tom, Judy and Emily Carlstrom

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Cover Photo: Tom and Judy Carlstrom live in San Diego, California. The picture was taken by Dale Blindheim (Seattle, WA) at a hammer dulcimer workshop during the 1984 Summer Solstice Festival in Beverly Hills, CA. Tom and Judy used to play in the group Brandywine when they lived in Seattle.

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putting a reader survey in this issue, requesting your thoughts. Instead, I'd like to invite your letters to the editor. What col umns would you like in DPN? I personally love Sam Rizzetta's Answer Column. Can we do more? What articles would you like to see? Are there special tunes for which you'd like arrange ments? I might add that I try to have a mix over several issues. Since this magazine talks about the fretted and hammer dulci mers, I try to be aware of equal coverage to both instruments in the long run. Other considerations are men and women dulcimists, area of the country, and musical styles. All of this is subject to available articles, of course. Write to us. Dulcimer Players News has a special subscription rate for dulcimer enthusiasts who are experiencing financial difficulties. The general reduced rate is $7 per year, but if this is too much for someone to handle, a lower rate (downto no rate) is possible and encouraged. If a person is having monetary problems, we feel that receiving a nice magazine (subscriptions are usually the first to go) like Dulcimer Players News can be a bright spot, if indeed a bright spot is needed. We've had some folks who've opted for the reduced rate send us supporting information to document their request. This isn't necessary. Dulcimer players are won derful people, and we believe you without question! Just send what you can afford and we'll take it from there. Because of the high cost of long distance postage, we can, unfortunately, extend the reduced rate only to residents of the United States.

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Dear DPN: We are updating the mailing list for the annual Pacific Rim Dulcimer Gathering (the Kindred Gathering) which is held in August on the West Coast. If you would like to be on the mailing list, please send a card to Susan Howell, Box 1424, Mendo cino, CA 95460. Susan Howell

Dear DPN: The Folk Revue (Folk Sampler's new name) has expanded to 60 minutes and has room for many more artists to air. I would be delighted to receive records at WBAA, Elliot Hall of Music, West Lafayette, IN 47907. Mara Wasburn

Music Exchange The Music Exchange column is for people trying to find arrangements of favorite songs and tunes and sources of old music remembered from childhood. It can also include requests for out-of-print albums, musical accessories and anything else applicable to this magazine. I am looking for plans to build a bowed psaltery. Shirley Vuch 4735 Wickerwood Dr. St. Louis, MO 63129

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In the Music Exchange column I read that Elma Foote would like to know if anyone remembers an old song about The Little Moke. This reminded me of a song my father sang and played on the harmonica many years ago. The song was The Little Mohee. I have the words and music to The Little

Mohee. The tune is from an old ballad known in England as The Indian Lass. This same tune was later used for the song On Top of old Smokey. (It is similar to Aura Lee and Love Me Tender.) If she is interested, I would be happy to send her a copy of the words and music. It can be found in American Folk Tales And Songs (Dover Press), compiled by Richard Chase. M. Lenore Brown 130 W. Pythian Ave. Decatur, IL 62526 Waltzing With Bears (Near/Seuss) can be found recorded on a cassette tape enti tled Firefly Light by the Burr Oak Ensemble, 3870SW 19th St., Gainesville, FL 32608. Rick Fogel Regarding the song The Little Moke that Elma Foote inquired about, I believe that this is probably The Little Mohee. [Ed. Note: Mr. Pulliam enclosed a copy of The Little Mohee for Elma Foote.] I have been looking for a copy of The Military Two Step for years with no luck. Can you help? James Pulliam 1940 Coleen Ave. Las Cruces, NM 88001 I'm looking for a copy of the song Eriskay Lullaby. I understand it is in an out-ofprint book named Songs of the Hebrides. Maddie MacNeil DPN The Goodfellow Catalog Press, pub lishers of an annual Christmas catalog, are now accepting submissions for its 1986 edition. The Christmas Catalog will contain dis play and classified ads from individual artisans, craftspeople and crafts com panies. All sales will take place between the artisan and consumer, eliminating third parties. The deadline for participating in the 1986 Goodfellow Christmas Catalog is May 31, 1986. For an application and more information, send a legal-sized SASE to Goodfellow Catalog Press, P.O. Box 4520, Berkeley CA 94704. Or call 415/845-2062.

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Ted Carr English Dulcimer Artist by Mitzie Collins Rochester, Michigan I was so astounded by the Hurry of notes that arose from Ted Carter's dulcimer and so warmed by Ted and his wife Nan's hospitality on my first visit of August, 1983, that I brought my mother, daughter, son and husband back to meet them in December of 1984. I was following the pilgrimages made to the Carters by such performers as the English singer and dulci mer player Chris Coe, mountain dulcimer and psaltery player Betty Smith of Geor gia, and British author David Kettlewell. With humor, and a certain amount of bemusement, Ted and Nan acknowledge that Carter's reputation as a remarkable musician has reached around the world. Ted Carter, who uses Carr as his pro fessional last name, is an English ham mered dulcimer player with an intriguing technique; he never hammers the dulci mer, but uses two plastic plectra to pluck it. Carr was born in 1907 and has a ruddy face, twinkling eyes, a smartly clipped mustache, and thinning grey hair. He is surprised at the interest shown in dulci mers in America and, as an avid reader of Western novels, is fascinated with all things American. He and Nan, who can produce tea, sandwiches, and cookies in unlimited quantities, live in the same row house in which they survived the WW II London bombing. Though the neighbor hood has become multi-ethnic and they have been urged by their two children to move, they stay because their sur roundings in Walthamstow, in the north east of London, are comfortable and familiar. Carr has had a long and successful career as a performer in various vaudeville shows and musical reviews, including 8 years traveling in shows produced by the

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Canadian talent scout Carroll Levis. Carr still plays regularly for hospitals, old-age pensioners and veteran's organizations. The few mementos he has of his many performances are tucked far away, but he remembers playing the London Palladium and the Alexander Palace as being among the high-points. While he was often paid for his performances, Carr never became a full-time professional musician and was employed for 56 years with a timber firm, the later 25 years as a technical supervisor. Carr, the oldest of six children, grew up in a family where informal music-making was a tradition. His father, a police offi cer, was also a dulcimer player. Carr plays his father's dulcimer, which was handed down from his father, and which he es timates to be about 150 years old. He has placed metal strips around the outside of the dark black dulcimer to mark its outline when he is on stage. He also has it mounted on a stand so that it tips toward the audi ence, again so that the instrument can be seen more clearly. He has a pickup mounted underneath the dulcimer and

owns an extensive sound system which he uses for performances. Carr actually wanted to be a banjo play er and started out his musical career play ing plectrum banjo. He shortened his name to Carr in the 1920's when he was playing with another banjoist and they were billed as Cunningham and Carter. When they played in clubs, their name was written up in chalk on a blackboard, and often where there wasn't enough room, his name was shortened to Car. He decided he liked it and has used it professionally since then. An injury to his hand meant Carr couldn't play the banjo as well as he desired. He turned his original ambition to pluck an instrument into a unique technique of play ing the dulcimer with plectrum. Ted Carr's tuning scheme for his dulci mer is as follows. There are four strings for each treble course, and three for each bass course.





C -




A -


G -












-Db -6 -G# -F# -Eb -D -C (middle C) -Bb ■A -G


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He plays in the major keys of B-flat. F and E-flat, and in their related minors. He has one octave that is fully chromatic, plus a lower and higher octave with several accidentals. His instrument, almost square in shape, is about 36" long at the bottom, 22" long at the top. and 5" deep. The instru ment has a very rich sound with a long sustain for each note. The plectrum Canuses are exampled below and are about 2" long. He grips them between his thumb and first finger.

Carr considers his forte to be popular choruses and show tunes. One of his most requested songs is The Third Man Theme, which he plays with many arpeggios, embellishments and flourishes, moving rapidly over the dulcimer in a blur of hands and plectra. His repertoire encompasses a half-century of popular music, and he is always looking for new tunes to work out on the dulcimer. Through his grandchil dren he stays current on all the English rock groups and he usually watches the English equivalent of "Solid Gold". Carr reads msuic and often writes out his own arrangements. Every year he creates a medley of tunes for the annual Christmas Poppy Fund Appeal, put on by the British Legion. His son, Ken Carer, who died in May of 1985, often was his father's accompanist on the electric organ in these shows. Carr's 1984 medley included Three Bells by Jimmy Brown, The'Bells are Ringing for Me and My Gal, Smile Awhile, Jingle Bells, an English change ringing pattern, and The Bells of St. Mary's. Carr does not consider himself a tradi tional musician, though his background is certainly rooted in many aspects of British musical traditions. In fact he credits his dulcimer playing for his success in court ing Nan, who also came from a family of hammered dulcimer players. He has had very little contact with the folk revival in England, and was flattered by an invitation to perform at the Norfolk, England Folk Festival in June of 1984. He had some misgivings about what his reception at this festival would be like, and in August of

that year he wrote to me: "It was the first time I had ever appeared at a gathering like this and I must say that I was agreeably surprised. I was somewhat apprehensive of my type of entertainment being accepted but I must say I needn"t have worried. It was just like the old days. I was treated as a very special guest and reim bursed quite favourably, which nowadays is quite something." A performance and transcription of one of the very few traditional tunes that Candoes play can be found in the tape and book All The Tunes That Ever There Were by David Kettlewell, re-issued by Front Hall Enterprises (P.O. Box 307, Voorheesville. NY 12186). Carr has some serious qualms about his one available recording, and he wrote in July of 1985: "This transcription would have sounded better on tape if I had known it was being taped at the time. I have to bind the strings with piano felt if I want a better sound. Even so, the reproduced sound is not 100% good." Even with its drawbacks, a clear idea of Carr's virtuosity can be gained from the tape. It is this technical skill, combined with his extensive repertoire, this personal warmth and humor and his infectious enjoyment of his music which have made Ted Carr an outstanding dulcimer player for over fifty years. Mitzie Collins, a long-lime contributor to Dulcimer Players News, is especially known for her work on the hammer dulcimer, her historical research, and her children's programs. Her latest album, Orna ments, features Christmas music for hammer dulci mer and harp.

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A complete instructional book for the mountain dulcimer by this noted teacher & performer. Lorraine draws on her 20 years of playing & 10 years of teaching to distill her expertise, which is unmatched in the dulcimer world, into this primer, text & mini-thesis. The 38 new arrangements with tabulature will provide even the experienced player with new material. Woodcuts by Mary Azarian illuminate the book. 130 pages — $14.50 p.p. The Magic Dulcimer Cassette is a chance to hear Lorraine sing & play 17 of her favorites from the book. It is also a chance to play along, learn the tunes by ear or just listen. 40 minutes — $10.50 p.p. *Book& cassette $21.50 p.p.

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Lorraine Lee Playing and Teaching the Fretted Dulcimer by Mary Erhard Cambridge, Massachusetts line). If I play with another dulcimer play er, the same piece of music will sound very different. Can you talk about your fingering style?

Rick and Lorraine Lee

Photo: Ed Nute

How did you get interested in playing music?

You don't seem to play the same song the same way twice.

It's something I've always done. In high school, my friend John Nuese decided that he'd learn to play guitar, my friend Jeremy Brecher would learn banjo, and I would learn mandolinâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and we'll all play together. We did. In the spring of 1962 we organized a folk festivalâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a small but real ly exciting festival in Cornwall, Con necticut. Among the people who came to that festival were Mary Azarian (who did all the woodcuts for The Magic Dulcimer and the cover for Elizabethan Songbook), Sandy Sheehan (of Sandy's Music in Cam bridge, Massachusetts), and Rick Lee who came down from Amherst College. We all learned together. Music was part of my growing up. It continues to be my vehicle of communica tion. It's how I have a good time; it's how I comfort myself if I'm not having a good time. My current visibility has developed in part because I've played music all these years for the love of it.

I never do. I have a wonderful bag, a denim bag with a hand-quilted pattern on the front. It was a present from my friend Nancy Halpern. She modified the tradi tional pattern. Devil's Claw, by changing the fabric slightly in each repeat of the Devil's Claw. She calls it Devil's Dream. I tried to teach her Devil's Dream once, as she plays dulcimer very well. Every time we sat down, I'd play it differently. What she was doing in this quilt was reflecting my statement that I never played it the same way twice. I don't want to. I feel like there certainly is a melody that identifies a piece of music and I don't want to lose the melody. But the phrasing, even the choice of chords or partial chords should vary with your perception of the music at that particular time. My percep tion shifts depending on whether I'm play ing solo or with Rick (in which case the keyboard will cover a lot of the responsi bility for the chords, particularly the bass

I began by imitating the sound, it turns out, of a noting stick that Jean Ritchie uses. I didn't know that, because I hadn't seen her play. I didn't have a Jean Ritchie dulcimer book either. I heard this lovely slidey sound and I imitated it by just taking my index finger and sliding it up and down. That felt very natural to me because then I could reach with my ring finger across to the next string and play harmonies. Ul timately, my middle finger fell over to the third string. Over the years I've developed a mighty good stretch. There are many dulcimer players who play similarly and sound similar by using their thumb on the first string. It's a choice. It may have something to do with anatomyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;I have good long fingers. I think people come to terms with it in their own way. I teach my students the way I play. That makes perfect sense. I know my system works, then people can modify it. I don't hold anybody to it. as if not using the thumb were the only way. If I were going to play what I informally call a "stretch triangle" chord (i.e. 6th fret on the first string, 3rd fret on the second string, and 5th fret on the third string), I would have my index finger on the string nearest me, my little finger on the second string, and my middle finger on the third string. If I needed to include the fourth string on that chord, I would ask my little finger to reach across and bar down at the 3rd fret. Asking the little finger to do that and having it do that are two different things. I first realized the importance of using my little finger from John Molineux. His style and mine are quite different. John has a classical mandolin and classical guitar

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background. I play by ear making it up as I go along. He has a more formal approach where the hand is seen as a tool and every finger should be dexterous. Under his tutelage, I began to try to play things using my little finger. At first it hurt and I was so clumsy. I'd played for a long time, and here were all these things I could not do. Sometimes my little finger would just sit there and I'd have to reach over with my right hand and pick it up. It's a story with a happy ending. My playing is much more versatile now that my little finger is a strong and active participant in this proc ess of making music. Certainly, playing with Solomon's Seal has greatly tested my right and my left hand to keep up a dance band rhythm and to play reels. It's a chal lenge. How did you come up with your chord system? The system and the teaching of the sys tem came after the fact. I really play by ear. If you play by ear and you pay atten tion to what you play, you begin to see patterns. I give some funny names to the patterns. People who have been in my classes know all about "L Chords" and "Sandwich Chords". When I wrote The Magic Dulcimer, I realized I had to com municate with a larger audience. I re named them "Chord Pattern I" and "Chord Pattern II". As a teacher, I feel that I should be willing to teach anything my students are ready to learn from me.

Do you have any advice on playing dul cimer with other instruments? I suggest that you not be shy about ask ing what key people are playing in. If there's the possibility that you are going to play with them, they will almost always have the courtesy to tell you what key the music is in. Then, especially in a party situation, you may not have time to tune your whole instrument to play along. Just play on one string. Get a feel for the piece; for the flow. Don't feel that the dulcimer has to be heard by everybody at first. I spent years playing at the edge of parties. I used to joke that my favorite place was on the floor behind the couch because I could hear myself. Everyone was contributing and no one person was being singled out. It didn't matter if anyone could hear me or not; I was only concerned with hearing myself. If you are on the floor behind the couch, you have a natural soundboard. You can hear yourself and everyone else. Ease yourself into the music. The best music comes from being with people you care about and who care about you. They may be friends you've known for years or people who are total strangers. When that level of caring is there, the music will reflect it. Did you ever go to a party where the music was competitive? That's when your arms get tired, your fingers hurt, and your strings break. In that kind of situation I just don't play. It took me a long time to understand why. I used to feel that my dulcimer understood before I did.

Music is an expression of the person within. I'm becoming increasingly cen tered with my instrument. What I choose to play is what I feel right about in that particular situation. You don't have to be a brilliant musician for all these things to happen. Jean Ritchie says she is not a flashy player. I believe that everything she plays is impeccable because it's an expres sion of an inner sense of the music. There are people who aren't comfort able playing with others. There are solitary musicians who play exquisitely and have a lot to contribute to our understanding of music. That's not my style and that's not the way I teach. I do sometimes perform solo because I love the challenge. It's a joy to play with my husband Rick as we read each other's minds musically. It's a dif ferent voice when I play by myself and another voice entirely when we play with the band [Soloman's Seal]. I'm so lucky to have these dimensions available to me. What about key changes, say from G to C? I learned to play C music out of the G tuning (DDGD). With a little musical ex perience, you learn that in the G tuning the C, F and G chords (I, IV, V chords in the key of C) are all available. I don't stop to re-tune to C. I learned that by playing on one string. I was still in G and everybody else had changed to C—and I was still playing along. I realized that this fit here and that fit there. From my experience I

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t f . W, W, W: f t : Wr Wr *

was able to understand what was going on. When the players move to B-flat, then the dulcimer players can either take a walk or let our experience take over. If you are in a tuning where your first string is a D and people have decided to play in the key of F, you'll need to have a B-flat note. It won't be available on the string tuned to D, but you can bend the string at the 4th fret (which is A). Playing along with records is priceless experience. If you want to play along with records and you want to know what key the music's in, listen for the last note. Almost always the last note of a song or tune is Do. Tune to that tone and then go back to the beginning of the tune on the album. That will help you get your bearing. Tell me about your book-in-themaking, The Magic Dulcimer, Volume II. The Magic Dulcimer, Volume 1 really establishes the principles of my approach to playing the instrument. Having gotten that out of the way, I feel free to put a variety of musical styles in Volume II. The tab doesn't need to be explained in such great detail. I'm going to include an appendix on using the capo and really try to explain how the capo works. It changes the tone and the pattern of the frets. I'll be using the music of New England, starting from Native American chants and going to contemporary songwriters like Bob

Franke. I hope to have it written by Au tumn of 1986. Could you give us some background on the song Black Sara? The lives of Gypsies have remained very much the same throughout the centur ies, from the time historians reported that Gypsies left the North of India in the year 1000 and began to move gradually west into Europe. They remain within, but in dependent of, local governments and local cultures. Because of this, they are at odds with the communities, the settled folk. I've always been interested in Gypsies. While reading the National Geographic book on the Gypsies, I learned about Black Sara, the patron saint of European Gyp sies. The song just began to write itself. It was quite an extraordinary experience. The story sounds to me like the life of a real person. Lorraine Lee has several albums (among them Lee way For Dulcimer, An Exultation of Dulcimers, and Contrasts) and books (The Magic Dulcimer and Eli zabethan Songbook) to her credit. She performs and records with her husband Rick and Soloman's Seal and teaches extensively in the Boston area. Her albums and books are available from her at 234 Eliot St.. South Natick, MA 01760. Man,' Erhard has been an enthusiastic subscriber to DPN since 1977, but this is her first article for the magazine. After putting her head in the clouds as a computer programmer she enjoys getting her feet on the ground by playing the dulcimer.


Books. Records. KJlS Parts & Accessories **£'



WRITE FOR FREE CATALOG *& P. O . Box 553 j§ West CarrolItoq,. OH 4544 9 % 513-298-4618 £

CARDBOARD DULCIMERS We make sturdy, inexpensive in struments, ideal for beginning players, schools and camping trips. Our kits are designed for novice builders. All parts are pre-cut. Assembly takes two hours, requires no sharp or unusual tools.

t *b .*?<

We use solid wood fretboards, geared tuners, soundboxes of die-cut, 200 lb. strength corrugated cardboard. No ply wood. Extra strings, rainbag and play ing manual included. Perfect present for youngsters or musical friends. Prices: $24-$44, group discounts available. Hearing is believing, so we offer DPN readers a 30-day free trial. We'll even pay the return shipping if you aren't satisfied. Write for a free catalog: DPN Free Trial Offer, Backyard Music, P.O. Box 9047, New Haven, CT 06532 or call 203/469-5756 from 7 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Soloman's Seal

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David Cross

Black Sarah © 1979 Lorraine Lee

Any D-Mixolydian Tuning Capo at 1st fret


4L if.


mm ^ m


1 1 % £—*


6+ 6' S H


-& gJ\Ar aei.— zMdM. j u U)hd "° COuif\ h o o s|o.r»i e to i s e J*±^ $ e n- - . c~ C e*— s. S








r r if r






^ ■

SpcaK from my he«.rt, m«j CO<jr<4s rmeuj d;s - please y*«*«

* r i r r rr 6+







J IJ 1

i £ &

- ^

Black. 5cl- rch, pre- "tect meT

a © 8



rr; iff ■

# ^



6+ S **













* - ! *

^ ^

•+» li'yc &s *"heg Cheese wM-oui"

fY)6a.ot all Ki'S pe»- pl«_ ■ # T ^

=£ 3P






t£* I







& p



j £

nnn ^fy1


t? /?•


you. arc no lona-er my 6* 5 H

fe5= ^ = a m -





fjou hauc topped. rr>« and rny $<tr*i- lu 7 7 8 6* 5 y. SiSi




St'iA .1.1.1 5


xa -2i


dnnk-in^ of. froA's Ou>n pure. Strca.rvo.5 and

£ 8 8 ?=?




nj our hdr „ Stf5

"Black Sarah" is recorded on An Ex ultation of Dulcimers (Greenhays Records).

10 Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

I try to forget the nightmares I read in your palms. I take only your money. Black Sarah forgive me. Lead me I pray, as you led the two Marys. With love and with strength led them safe to the land. Help me understand that although I am a poor woman. The eyes of my children dance with my love. Their laughter delights me.

You who own land and choose to raise fences I speak from my heart, my words may displease you. Black Sarah, protect me. The good God in heaven. He meant all His people To live as they choose without harming each other. You are no longer my brother. You have stopped me and family From drinking of God's own clear streams And grazing our horses. I was born on the road, raised in Held and in forest. Now I live in a broken down caravan park. Black Sarah console me. We dream of the past, with the seasons we circled. How can we call only one place our home? You would have our lives bleak as your own. You surround us with laws and government forms. Try to teach our children your ways, But their hearts will choose freedom.



DIRECT FROM THE IMPORTER fnnn HERDIM, the pick made in Wesl Germany is now available direct From the importer. The HERDIM picks are triangular in shape and feature a different playing texture on each of the three corners. This variety of textures allows the artist more freedom in projecting his or her own playing style.


Play any note on your instrument and DTI indicates: The note (7 octaves) by LED at 2 speeds and how sharp or flat by LED (-50 to +50 cents). Plays 4 octaves when hooked to amp. 2 volumes. Calibrate A=438-445 Hz. Same size as a cassette (pocket size). One year warranty. Includes two "AAA" batteries. (Special AC adaptor $12, batteries S2.40). INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $70 ppd ($80 list)


The retail price of the HERDIM picks has been 75c, but thanks to the quantities I'm importing, I can offer them to you for JUST UNDER 50c EACH.

Play any note on your instrument and AT-12 indicates: The note and octave (7 octaves) by LED at 2 speeds and how sharp or flat by lighted V-U meter (•50 to +50 cents). Plays 4 octaves. 2 volumes. Calibrate A=430-450 Hz. Includes 4 "AA" batteries, AC adaptor, earphone, case, stand. Year warranty. INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $125 ppd ($180 list) HAMMERED DULCIMER CASES $70 ppd. Heavy, waterproofed nylon laminated to soft foam. Padded »10 YKK zipper. Opens flat for total access. Two webbed carrying handles on longest wall. Adjustable, removable two-inch wide shoulder strap. Zippered pocket for books/accessories CUSTOM SIZES: Send outline tracing of instrument and total depth (including bridges). HAMMERED DULCIMER STAND $55 ppd. Maple, lacquer finish, carpeted.

Just send your check or money order for $6.95 for twelve assorted HERDIM picks (I pay the postage).

Ed Ireton 6865 Scarff Road New Carlisle, Ohio 45344 (5131 845-8232

SONG OF THE SEA Edward & Anne Damm 47 West St., Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 Phone: (207) 288-5653 Send 2 stamps for CATALOG: Hammered & Fretted Dulcimers, Kits, Folk Harps, Bowed Psalteries, Concertinas, Books, Records, Tapes.

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Concert Review

HAMMERED DULCIMERS ( r.ifl,-,! in Appiilu. hum llirdwnndx lit Jim Mill.-r

P.O. Box 228 Hampton, TN 37658 (615)725-3191

On first hearing of this concert, it seemed too good to be true. Imagine a performance featuring John McCutcheon, Paul Van Arsdale, Trapezoid, Metamora, and Walt Michael and Company all on the same bill. Surely this must be Hammered Dulcimer Heaven. This first-class gettogether was the brain child of John McCutcheon and through the capable hands of the House of Musical Traditions, this fantasy appeared the night of Decem ber 6, 1985 at Gaston Hall on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The concert was sold out in advance—a tribute to the performers, organization, and dulcimer fans of the Washington area. And what a wonderful concert it was! Paul Van Arsdale opened the festivities with his relaxed mastery of tunes he learned from his grandpa. His command of the instru


ment and "pace" are a wonder to hear. The traditional tunes of Van Arsdale were followed by the ever expansive Trapezoid. Soaring harmonies, diverse arrangements, and inspired originality mark this group. They have the ability to take a musical idea and weave it into a kaleidoscopic tapestry, and with this they controlled the emotional ebb and flow. John McCutcheon, who guested with each act on a tune or two, followed with the boundless enthusiasm and musical prowess that have made him a favorite with audiences everywhere. There is just one John McCutcheon. After intermission, Metamora took the stage and I found their set to be the most intriguing. This combination of Malcolm Dalglish, Grey Larsen, and Pete Suther land is reaching for the stars with their music. Dalglish combined St. Basil's Hymn with a rapid, rolling, haunting, im-

Protect your dulcimer investment —



Ck u


< X

w z U. ui

walnut, cherry teardrop *14B hourglass tl6B plut shipping


in stock, or made to order wormy chestnut also available

send three first-class stamps or so tfor illus tra ted ca talog


KEN HAMBLIN P.O.Box 894 Salem,Va. 24153 f SHIMS OWWOfMOOfA 3H1 9NJZI10P

THE BROWN BAG — A new improved fretted dulcimer case featuring: • Protection - half inch thick foam with highly abrasion resistant and water resistant Cordova cover, smooth non- snagging lining. • Durability - unaffected by rot or mildew, heavy double stitched vinyl binding, YKK zipper. • Convenience - interior pick and string pocket, padded brown vinyl sackner type handle, zip open to make a comfortable 24 x 40 inches water resistant pad, weighs only 24 ounces. • Fits dulcimers up to 38.5 inches long and 24 inches in circumference. • Value - only $40 plus $2 shipping. Virginia residents please add $1.60 sales tax. Order from Keith Young, 3815 Kendale Road, Annandale, VA 22003. Also ask for free brochure on Appalachian Dulcimers or autoharps handcrafted by Keith Young (see ad this issue).


Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

pressionistic dulcimer solo that was an au ral delight, and, for me, the highlight of the evening. Walt Michael and Company closed the formal concert in grand style. More tradi tionally oriented than Trapezoid or Meta mora, the group succeeded with a mixture of Irish, Old-timey. and excellent 4-part acapella gospel hymns. The concert ended with a jam session featuring all the performers in a menagerie of striking strings and sounds. It may be the only time one will see John McCutch eon, Walt Michael, Paul Reisler. John Kirk, and Malcolm Dalglish pounding out Golden Slippers on the same dulcimer at the same time. The whole shebang lasted over 4 hours and more than one person left in exhausted euphoria. It was truly a con cert to remember. Dave DePasqua Spectrum/David Neiman, P.O. Box 12, Cambridge, MA 02139. Stereo Cassette. "Spectrum", Bostonian David Neiman's debut recording, is well named. It is

indeed a spectrum of styles, rhythms, and ethnic backgrounds, and it shows not only David's versatility but also the adaptabil ity of the hammered dulcimer. The selections range from Macedonian dances to an 18th-century Partita to a 20thcentury fiddle tune. David's crisp and danceable playing reflects his association since 1982 with the well-known folkdance group, Mandala. I was most capti vated by the pulsing complexity of the Bulgarian Gankino How and by the in tricate ornamentation of the Polska. The Partita in A Minor evoked an elegant 18thcentury salon and the Jyrella, performed with violin, accordian, guitar, and bass, seemed to bring alive a Ukrainian dance festival. As a showcase for a talented performer, "Spectrum" is an ideal recording. As a well-performed sampler of musical styles, "Spectrum" is worthy of very close atten tion from serious dulcimer players and should be popular as well with the general public. Mitzic Collins

Handstand Dulcimer Stand/Fred Bird, 419 Park Rd., Rockville, MD 20850. I've built a couple of dulcimer stands, but I was never able to get it quite right. The sit-down stand was the wrong angle and was too short with some chairs. The stand-up stand was a bit too short. Fred Bird from Rockville, Maryland has taken care of all this by building stands that are remarkably adjustable, sturdy, portable and reasonably light-weight. He calls it the Handstand. I call it splendid. Both height and the playing angle can be adjusted over a wide range. The height can be raised from 21" to 35", measuring to the lower edge of the long rail. The angle can be varied from 0° to 30°. The adjustable playing angle was the real selling point for me. All this can be accomplished easily and quickly using 12 wing nuts. The stand is made of well-finished, knot-free pine and weights about 9 pounds. It folds down to a fairly small size, 28" x 5'/2" x 25", for traveling. Everything is well engineered and constructed. Fred has incorporated several things in

"Thanks, Jean & Tam! .. .for choosing and using McSpadden dulcimers through the years to: • perform Ozark Folk Music all over the country. • record seven albums together: Wandering Through the Raekensack Stone County Dulcimer Ozark Mountain Dulcimer Neighbors Family Album Portrait of Life By Babel's Streams give to countless potential musicians the joy of learning to play mountain dulcimer. help make our name synonymous with quality workmanship and friendly service.

—Free brochure—

Catalogue $1.25

McSpodJden Musical Instruments Since 11)62 P. O. Drawer E - DPN Mountain View, AR 72560 Phone (501) 269-4313

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FREE CATALOG Mail Order Folk Music Center • TUNE and INSTRUCTION BOOKS for autoharp. banjo, harp, fiddle, guitar, dulcimers, melodeon. whistle, pipes, recorder, concertinas, bones

• RECORDS OF TRADITIONAL & FOLK MUSIC Domestics and imports Complete catalog and new releases

• SELECTED INSTRUMENTS & KITS Personal, dependable, fast service. Telephone Orders ($20 Min.) (518)765-4193 VISA/MC PO Box 307, Wormer Rd. Voorheesville, NY 12186

Own flnne's lsae£ Hammer Dulcimer Music from Western Pennsylvania

Our performing schedule this year takes us throughout Pennsylvania. Ohio. West Virginia and Maryland. for a complete listing, drop us a line.

"And Then, And Then. Our new cassette recording is scheduled for release in May. Meanwhile, the Queen Anne's Lace extended play 33'A RPM record is still available for $5.00 postpaid.

Queen Anne's Lace Dept. DPN 754 Franklin Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15221

the "nice touch" category. All the contact points with the instrument are padded and the legs have nonskid pads for secure foot ing. Folded for transporting, it's held closed with velcro strips and a brass chain is used to keep the legs from being opened too wide. He even throws in spare washers and wing nuts. I've had mine for over a year and haven't been able to think of any improvements. All things considered, it's a pleasure to use and has served me well, even on some pretty shaky stages. With reasonable care and good luck it should last as long as I do. Ed Dale Festival Review In the midst of the Southwestern de sert's vast expanses arise mountainislands rich in flora, fauna and great galler ies of natural sculpture. One of these, the Chiricahua Mountains, was the last stron ghold of the Apache, where Cochise and the soldiers of Fort Bowie, along with the adventureres of nearby Tombstone, Arizo na, made American history. This remark able jewel of nature is now a national monument well worth visiting. To the west of this region begin the plains of the lush Sonoran Desert, with its unique plant life and forest-like stands of giant saguaro cactus. These two areas, the Chiricahuas and the Sonora, are only two of the many highlights of Arizona's abounding beauty and wonderment. The past two years my husband and I have chosen to spend our vacation explor ing Southeastern Arizona, and crowned it all by attending delightful dulcimer and traditional music festivals in the heart of this country. East of Tucson, on the banks of the San Pedro River, Anna Duff and the valiant folks of Cascabel (little bell, in Spanish) hosted events in 1984 and 1985. The gatherings were big enough to be charged with activity, yet small enough to be an intimate and relaxing weekend away from it all. The campground was a grassy meadow where pup-tents, pick-ups and mini-motor homes sprouted into a funky village where both musical and not-somusical types moved about from dawn to dark, forming new friendships, exchang ing music and ideas, or just soaking up the sun and sounds. Nearby, there was a full schedule of workshops and mini-concerts lasting all day. These were well-

organized, yet flexible enough to allow for impromptu jamming amongst wellseasoned performers and amateurs alike. The high point of the festival was the Saturday night concert under the stars, or ganized in first-class fashion and charged with excitement from start to finish. I can not possible enumerate all the talented per formers who gave their best over the past two years, but here are a few: Randy and Pam Wilkinson, Madeline MacNeil, Rus sell Cook, Holly Tannen, Robin Mohun, The Chinchillas, Westerly Gael, The Str ing Trotters and many more. A young woman from Bisbee, Arizona, a delightful dogger, got together with Jeanie McLeary and friends for an exciting spur-of-themoment workshop and evening perform ance that really got the adrenalin going. Bonnie Carol and Grace Levine prepared a remarkably moving work which combined American Sign Language, free-form dance, and traditional music. We came away from this fine musical experience with lots of new material, new friends, new energy and, by the way, some beautiful pottery by Barbara Clark, festi val assistant and resident potter. Thanks again to Anna duff and her hard working friends for affording us this most wonderful of excuses for vacationing in the great Southwest. Pat Pastko

Dulcimer Players News subscriber Michiko Kobayashi of Saitama Prefect, Japan sent us a petition to be signed which states in part, "Humans must not coexist with nuclear arms. Now is the time to call for the complete prohibition and elimina tion of nuclear weapons. Let us work together urgently to achieve a total ban on the use, testing, research, development, production, deployment and stockpiling of nuclear weapons." If you are interested in seeing and signing the petition, which will ultimately be sent back to Michiko Kobayashi in Japan, contact us. A stamped, self-addressed envelope will help.

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£rr\ 24 Gr»




"£^ Wet toKc^ ^


3 Z ^.4 I





3 3






P*»» 6 m



> r7t h



6no GPlaying Hints: Finger or flat-pick, aiming for a legato (smooth, flowing) sound. For solo players, all of the melody is included in the First Dulcimer part. When playing ensemble, a simple and lovely 3-part harmony can be achieved by playing on a single string during each part.

Z ^nd.

Second Dulcimer l

ar \



■ JD 0 Z,




n a 16

A l 12


I 19

0 z ^ 24











1 3








i 27

£ 2.

2. .3

0 _Q_ 3









£ fl£






* J JL 13 I

/ 12 J


x -3-

Evelyn is an active member of the Bays Mountain Dulcimer Society in Kingsport, Tennessee and plays with the Wildwood Dulcimers. Turn the page to find the Third Dulcimer part for My Shepherd will Supply my Need.

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Third Dulcimer






0 0 0 0


0 0 2.



0 0

0 /

> r






i AI



1x I

10z Z


14 ,




O l5 Z 3

1 2~ 17 *


19 /


z 0



I 24




0 ■






£JL I I 29

/ * Z



z z yg

0_AZ. 31








^ C?


When I walk through the shades of death. Thy presence is my stay. One word of Thy supporting breath Drives all my fears away. Thy hand in sight of all my foes Doth still my table spread. My cup with blessing overflows, Thine oil anoints my head.

The sure provision of my God Attend me all my days. And may Thy house be my abode. And all my works be praise. There would I find a settled rest While others come and go. No more a stranger, nor a guest. But like a child at home.


BOOK III - OVER 100 TUNES Jigs • Keels • Hornpipes • Traditional • Hymns • Waltzes • Ragtime & More For Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Players

$15.95 Postpaid Lilah Gillett 8709 Goddard Overland Park, KS 66214 (913) 888-0787

BOOK I - Dulcimer Chords BOOK II - Play Dulcimer Today! For Keys of D,G Jk,C & F 65 Songs in 78 Arrangements $3.95 Postpaid $ 10.95 Postpaid "Sure to become a classic. I higfdy recommend it." Phillip Mason, Editor THEDULCIMIST

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Announce*: 10 Šap Jfree &rtal

Even though Me know Me sake the best sounding instruments around, Me don't expect you to take our Mord for it...Me don't expect you to take anybody else's Mord for it either. Here's a chance for you to test our quality: Order one of our Professional, Galax, or Studio Model Dulcimers and help Mith part of the shipping costs. Try the instrument in your home and compare it Mith other instruments. If Mithin 18 days you don't believe that this is the instrument for you, call us to make return arrangements. That's all there is to it... Get the instrument that sounds right to you, because you like it...not because someone else does. For more information please Mrite or call.


Jeff&Sharon Fe11 m a n

rr 1 box 47 Pomona IL 62975



^Wklfe/ Jean's Dulcimer Shop P.O. BOX #8, HIGHWAY 32 COSBY, TENNESSEE 37722 Phone: (615) 487-5543

SERVING THE NEEDS OF THE FOLK AND HOMEMADE MUSIC WORLDS OUR NEWEST PRODUCTS! We specialize in fretted and hammered dulcimers and everything for them -- kits and finished instruments by several makers, builders' supplies, accessories, and nearly every song and playing-instruction book and record album in print featuring either kind of dulcimer. Our extensive playing-methods and song book-list includes a full line of titles for other wind and stringed folk instruments, and our selection of recordings of old-time and traditional folk music is one of the largest to be found anywhere. A goodly variety of folk-toys and hand crafts for gift or home use is an important part of our merchandise. It's all listed in our catalog -- just send $1.00 (which we'll fund with your first order) to cover the st of printing and postage.

HAMMERED DULCIMER by Jeananlee Schilling (formerly Beriyth). Exceptional design, beautifully crafted, patented internal bracing. Hard maple pin blocks, cherry rails, laminated birch top and bottom. I n c l u d e s T- h a n d l e t u n i n g w r e n c h , h a m m e r s , e x t r a s t r i n g w i r e , Use-and-Care booklet, and a three year warranty. Model D312 has twelve (12) treble courses of three (3) strings each and eleven (11) bass courses of two (2) strings each. The bridges are moveable and the key-notes are marked by bridge blocks of a different color for easier tuning and playing. Additional accessories listed in catalog. Price: $385.00 pp. BOWED PSALTERY. Beautifully handcrafted and finely finished. Hard maple pin block, choice of top: walnut, spruce, cedar, padauk, or maple. Excellent volume and tone. It has 30 strings and three pearloid position dots with a note range from F below middle-C to second A above middle-C. Diatonic scale on one side, with sharps a n d fl a t s o n t h e o t h e r s i d e . I n c l u d e s h o r s e h a i r b o w ; w o o d e n table-top., display stand; tuning wrench; extra string wire; rosin tuning-and-playing book. Price: $140.00 pp.

We serve the retail and wholesale music trades. Dealer inquiries are invited.

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contests / workshops / exhibitors / jam sessions

12th Annual

DULCIMER DAYS May 17-18,1986 The Lake Park Recreational Area Pavilion, within walking distance of the shops, exhibits, restaurants and overnight accommodations of His toric Roscoe Village, will again be the setting for this weekend of American folk music! Camping and motel accommodations close by. — Eight Competitive Classes —

music iikckcnd

7 Day Celebration! July 28-August 1 Week long instruction in:

• Dulcimer • Hammered Dulcimer • Instrument Building • Dancing • Singing • Story Telling • Crafts • Tin Whistle & much more

Nationally known instructors August 1-3 Weekend Concerts Workshops Dances Crafts On site camping

Located on Ohio State Route 16/83 near the junction of US 36 in east-central Ohio for more information: Roscoe Village Foundation 381 Hill Street Coshocton, OH 43812 614/622-9310

For further information please contact — Nancy Barker • P.O. Box 651 • Bardstown.KY 40004 • (502)348-5237



SEE YALL THERE Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

1986 Events Calendar Organizing the Events Calendar is fun, almost like receiving seed catalogues when there is 8" of snow on the ground. We visualize the events, wishing we could attend them all. If you live close to an event, consider volunteering your help, especially if this is the first or second year for the celebration. We've included other festivals in the calendar. Although they aren't specifically dulcimer events, you will probably find work shops and performances to your liking. If you know of nice festivals in your part of the country (or in your country!) which are generally less-known, please tell us.

May 3-4 Clarksburg, MD The THIRD ANNUAL SPRING MUSI CAL WEEKEND will be held at Little Bennet Regional Park. Workshops for fretted and hammer dulcimers, Autoharp, bands, backup guitar and shape note sing ing. Open stage, gospel sing. Info: Keith Young, 3815 Kendale Rd., Annandale, Va 22003. 703/941-1071. May 3-4 Boston, MA The 5TH ANNUAL BOSTON AREA DULCIMER FESTIVAL will feature workshops and an evening concert honor ing the hammer and fretted dulcimers and the voice. The event is held at the Palfrey Street School in Watertown. Info: 65 Marion Road, Watertown, MA 02172. 617/926-0307. May 4 Birmingham, AL The 13TH SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN DULCIMER FESTIVAL will be a gather ing of dulcimer makers and players featur ing jamming, sales booths and a concert. Info: W. B. Barton, 2549 Altadena Forest Circle, Birmingham, AL 35243. May 9-11 Glen Rose, TX The 5TH LONE STAR STATE DULCI MER FESTIVAL, held at Oakdale Park, will feature contests for mountain and hammer dulcimer players, arts and crafts

fair, workshops and concerts. Info: Dana Hamilton, 904 Houston, Arlington, TX 76012. 817/275-3872. May 17-18 Coshocton, OH The 12TH ANNUAL DULCIMER DAYS FESTIVAL will be held near historic Ros coe Village. The festival features musical competition for mountain and hammer dulcimer players, open stage, and ex hibitors. Info: Roscoe Village Founda tion, 381 Hill St., Coshocton, OH 43812. 614/622-9315. May 23-25 White Springs, FL The 34TH ANNUAL FLORIDA FOLK FESTIVAL will be held at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center. It fea tures craftsmen of native woods and foliage, traditional musicians, tale tellers, dancers, and foods from many cultures. Info: Florida Dept. of State, Bureau of Florida Folklife Programs, P.O. Box 265, White Springs, FL 32096. 904/397-2192. June 6-8 French Creek St. Pk., PA The 3RD ANNUAL FRENCH CREEK DULCIMER RETREAT will be held at French Creek State Park, PA. Daytime workshops, open stage, lots of jamming, hiking, canoeing, pot luck supper, swim ming, and storytelling. Info: Mike Bourquin, 759 S. 4th St., Philadelphia, PA 19147. 215/923-0273.

June 7-8 Overland Park, KS The Prairie Dulcimer Club will hold its 10TH ANNUAL DULCIMER DAYS FESTIVAL at Indian Creek Park. Ham mered and mountain dulcimer workshops, jamming, folk dancing, hymn singing, open concert and a special concert for chil dren. No camping; motels nearby. Info: Dorothy May, P.O. Box 8172, Prairie Vil lage, KS 66208. June 8-14 Hindman, KY The 9TH ANNUAL APPALACHIAN FAMILY FOLK WEEK features tradi tional Appalachian music, dance, crafts, and instrument playing and building. Info: Mike Mullins, Hindman Settlement School, P.O. Box 844, Hindman, KY 41822. 606/785-5474. June 14 Charlotte, NC The 5TH ANNUAL CHARLOTTE FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL, held at Latta Plantation Park, will hold workshops and concerts with hammer dulcimer, mountain dulcimer and other instruments; also gos pel singing and country dancing. No camping. Info: Marilyn Price, 5301 Alexa Rd., Matthews, NC 28105. 704/8461899. June 14-15 Mystic, CT The 7TH ANNUAL SEA MUSIC FESTI VAL features performers and researchers

21 Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

6th Annual Summer Solstice Dulcimer & ©Traditional Music 3h Festival

of nautical music in a series of concerts, demonstrations, and workshops as well as a half-day Symposium presentation of scholarly papers. Info: Geoff Kaufman, Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic, CT 06355. 203/572-0711, ext. 337. June 13-22 Mendocino, CA July 18-27 Buffalo Gap, WV Two nine-day residential workshops in BALKAN FOLK MUSIC, DANCE, and FOLKLORE will be sponsored by the East European Folklife Center. Beginners are welcome. Info: Mark Levy, East Eu ropean Folklife Center, 3150 Portland St., Eugene, OR 97405. 503/344-4519.

12572. 800/862-8890. (NY State: 800/ 258-5353) June 20-22 Northridge, CA This year the 6TH ANNUAL SUMMER SOLSTICE DULCIMER & TRADI TIONAL MUSIC & DANCE FESTIVAL will be held at a new site—the Student Union Center at California State Univer sity. Free Friday night dance, Saturday night concert and 139 hands-on instru ment, singing, and dance workshops each day. Info: Elaine and Clark Weissman, 4401 Trancas Place, Tarzana, CA 91356. 818/342-7664. June 20-22 Marshall, MI



Janita Baker Ruth Barrett Molly Bennett Becky Blackley Jemmy Bluestein Evo Bluestein Larkin Bryant Howie Bursen Evan Carawan Kevin Carr Liz Carroll Dorothy Chase Barry Cole Russell Cook Albert D'Ossche Malcolm Dalglish Percy Danforth Bev Erickson Dale Foye Alasdair Fraser Lance Frodsham Calvin Gravatt Larry Hall Dana Hamilton Nicholas Hawes Neal Hellman Charlie Heymann Ann Heymann


Joe Hickerson Sam Hinton James Keane Grey Larsen Randy Marchany Bill Mason Mick Moloney Cliff Moses Mark Nelson Robbie O'Connell Lisa Ornstein Faith Petric Kim Robertson Sally Rogers Jay Round Michael Rugg Rick Ruskin Deborah Sandler Cyntia Smith Jody Stecher Ivan Stiles Pete Sutherland Holly Tannen Clark Weissman Randy Wilkinson Karen Williams Joemy Wilson Sylvia Woods A RT S & CRAFTS

CALIFORNIA TRADITIONAL MUSIC SOCIETY 4401 Trancas Place Tarzana, CA 91356 (818)342-7664

mid-June to early Sept. Rhinebeck, NY THE OMEGA INSTITUTE pursues new ideas in the arts, psychology, health and fitness, business, ecology, spirituality, and alternative medicine during more than 200 weekend and week-long workshops. Arts weeks will be held Aug. 11-15 and 18-22. Info: The Omega Institute, RD 2, Box 377, Lake Dr., Rhinebeck, NY

The SOUTHERN MICHIGAN DULCI MER FESTIVAL, sponsored by Uncle Carl's Dulcimer Club, will be held at the Calhoun County Fair Grounds. It will fea ture concerts, open stage, dancing, work shops, displays. Camping available. Info: Barbara Borton, 10199 Spring Arbor Rd., Spring Arbor, MI 49283. 517/524-6752.









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June 20-22 Northern CA Mts. EEL RIVER CAMP-OUT WORKSHOPS feature instruction in singing, guitar, mountain and hammer dulcimers, fiddle, banjo and more. Info: Kicking Mule Rec ords, P.O. Box 158, Alderpoint, CA 95411. 707/926-5312 June 20-22 Cosby, TN 10TH ANNUAL COSBY DULCIMER AND HARP CONVENTION. Daily workshops, afternoon mini-concerts, eve ning conceits. Info: Folk Life Center of the Smokies, P.O. Box 8, Cosby, TN 37722. 615/487-5543. June 20-22 Blue Mt. Lake, NY The NORTHEAST DULCIMER SYM POSIUM will be held at the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts and features con certs, tutorials, and workshops. Info: Barb Truex, 24 South St. #2, Bethel, CT 06801. 203/744-7166. June 21-22 Croton, NY

Snug Harbor cultural Center and will fea ture Irish traditional music, song, and dance from the United States and Ireland. Workshops for instruments, singing styles, ceili dancing, step and set dancing. Concert and ceili mor (grand ceili). Info: Rebecca Miller, Irish Arts Center, 553 West51stSt.,NewYork,NY 10019. 212/ 757-3191 or 757-3318. June 29-July 4 Boone, NC The 9TH ANNUAL DULCIMER PLAY ING WORKSHOP will feature beginning to advanced classes, seminars, private les sons, open stage and a conceit. Enrollment limited. Info: Dr. William G. Spencer, Music Dept. Apalachian State Un., Boone, NC 28608. 704/262-3020. July 11-13 Bar Harbor, ME 6TH ANNUAL DOWNEAST DULCI MER FESTIVAL features workshops, song sharing, instrument makers booths, concert, contra dance. Info: Song of the Sea, 47 West St., Bar Harbor, ME 04609. 207/288-5653.

Clearwater's GREAT HUDSON RIVER REVIVAL will be held at Croton Point Park, on the banks of the Hudson Riverâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; accessible by boat; camping available. Music, dance, mime, theatre and storytell ing, plus crafts and exhibits. Info: Judy Green, 112 Market St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. 914/454-7951.

July 12-13 Hamilton, OH The first year for this event, the OLD TIME MUSIC FESTIVAL will feature craft demonstrations, workshops, Sat. evening conceit, and a Sunday morning gospel sing. Info: Ed Simpkins, P.O. Box 591, Middletown, OH 45042.

June 22-28 Berea, KY

July 12 Montpelier, VT

The KENTUCKY SUMMER DANCE SCHOOL at Berea College will feature workshops in community folk dance, call ing, promotion and leadership. Scholar ships, Children's programs. Info: T. Auxier, 1445-B Louisville Rd., Frankfort, KY 40601. 502/223-1709.

MIDSUMMER, the Festival of Vermont Music and Art will be held at Vermont College. It features musicians, storytel lers, dancers, artists, and craftspeople. Info: Onion River Arts Council, 43 State St., Montpelier, VT 05602. 802/2299408.

June 27-29 Altamont, NY

July 13-August 17 Elkins, WV 14TH AUGUSTA HERITAGE ARTS WORKSHOP is a five week program in music, dance, folklore and crafts of Appalachia. Courses available in fretted and hammer dulcimer. The Augusta Festival is August 15-17. Info: Augusta Workshops, Davis & Elkins College, Elkins, WV 26241. 304/636-1903.

The 6TH OLD SONGS FESTIVAL will feature musical traditions of Scotland, England, Africa, France, and North and South America. Concerts, mini-concerts, music sessions, participatory dancing, children's activity area. Info: Old Songs, Inc., P.O. Box 197, Guilderland, NY 12084. 518/765-2815. June 28 Staten Island, NY The 5TH ANNUAL IRISH TRADITION AL MUSIC FESTIVAL will be held at

July 17-20 Evart, MI The non-electrified MUSICAL FUN FEST sponsored by the Original Dulcimer 23

Players Club features workshops, con certs, and shade tree pickin'. Info: Origi nal Dulcimer Players Club, P.O. Box 735, Adrian, MI 49221. 517/263-3651. July 18-20 Marquette, MI The 8TH ANNUAL HIAWATHA TRA DITIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL features a Friday night dance, workshops and con certs on Saturday and Sunday. Traditional music, ethnic foods, crafts, children's ac tivities, swimming, and camping. Info: Hiawatha Music Festival, P.O. Box 414, Marquette, MI 49855. 906/228-6969.

Jul 19-20 Rio Grande OH The BOB EVANS FARM DULCIMER FESTIVAL will feature workshops, com petition, open concert, and special guests. Info: Bob Evans Farm, P.O. Box 330, Rio Grande, OH 4 5674. 614/245-5305. July 19-26 Plymouth, MA PINEWOODS CAMP features seven resi dential participatory weeks in dance, mu sic, and folklore. July 19-26 is the Folk Music Week. Info: Country Dance and Song Society of America, 505 Eighth Ave., New York, NY 10018. July and August Ashokan, NY The FIDDLE AND DANCE WORK SHOP will sponsor 4 weeks of music and dancing at the Ashokan Field Campus of the State Un. of NY. Bunkhouse or camp site accommodations. Northern week/July 14-20, Southern Week/July 26-Aug. 1, Western and Swing Week/Aug. 3-9, and Open Week/Aug. 11-17. Info: Fiddle and Dance, RD 1, Box 48, West Hurley, NY 12491. 914/338-2996. July 20-27 KeukaPark, NY The WELSH HERITAGE WEEK will offer a course in traditional Welsh culture, harp lessons and a workshop in Welsh folk dance plus other classes. Info: Anne Habermehl, 3925 N. Main, Marion, NY 14505. 315/926-5318. July 25-28 Binghamton, NY The 10TH ANNUAL CRANBERRY

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DULCIMER GATHERING will feature workshops, concerts, and a contra-dance. Info: Mitzie Collins, 197 Melrose St., Rochester, NY 14619. 716/328-5856. July 25-Aug. 3 Mendocino, CA Lark in the Morning MUSIC CELEBRA TION features music and dance work shops on a variety of instruments. Dining hall, cabins, fireplaces, camping. Info: Lark in the Morning, Box 1176, Mendoci no, CA 95460. 707/964-5569. July 26-27 Rockford, IL The ROCKFORD TRADITIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL will feature crafts, ex hibits, open stage and workshops. Info: Rockford Park District, 1401 N. 2nd St., Rockford, IL 61107. 815/987-8800. July 28-Aug. 3 Louisville, KY The 11TH ANNUAL KENTUCKY MU SIC WEEKEND will feature a week of instruction in fretted and hammer dulci mers, Autoharp, building pocket in struments, and dance, in addition to the festival. The festival itself is Aug. 1-3 and will include concerts, workshops, and dances. Info: Nancy Barker, Box 651, Bardstown, KY 40004. 502/348-5237. July 31-August 3 Tacoma, WA The 10TH NATIONAL CONVENTION for the Guild of American Luthiers will be held at Pacific Lutheran Un. in Tacoma. Activities include lectures and exhibi tions. Info: Guild of American Luthiers, 8222 S. Park Ave., Tacoma, WA 98408.

August 7-9 Asheville, NC The 59TH ANNUAL MOUNTAIN DANCE AND FOLK FESTIVAL will fe ature traditional mountain string bands, bluegrass, smooth and clog dancing, bal lads, dulcimers, buck dancing, yarn spin ning, dance and band competition. Info: Jackie Ward, Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 1011, Asheville, NC 28802. 800-548-1300 (NC), 800-2571300 (East), 704/258-3916. August 15-17 Cosby, TN The 15TH ANNUAL FOLK FESTIVAL OF THE SMOKIES will feature work shops for all levels, children's activities, folk games, mini-concerts, and evening stage conceits. Info: Folk Life Center of the Smokies, P.O. Box 8, Cosby, TN 37722. 615/487-5543. August 15-17 Milwaukee, WI The IRISH FEST, held at the Summerfest grounds on Lake Michigan, features cultu ral exhibits, contests, parades, children's events, ceili dancing, bagpiping, Irish and American foods, and concerts. Info: Irish Fest, Box 599, Milwaukee, WI 53201. 414/466-6640. August 22-24 Schwenksville, PA The 25TH ANNUAL PHILADELPHIA FOLK FESTIVAL will be held at the Old Poole Farm near Schwenksville. It fea tures concerts, workshops, dancing, crafts, and camping. Info: Philadelphia Folksong Society, 7113 Emlen St., Phila delphia, PA 19119. 215/242-0150 or 2471300.

Aug. 29-Sept. 1 Avoca, IA The 11TH NATIONAL OLD-TIME COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL, held at the Pottawattamie County Fairgrounds, will feature a mid-west dulcimer playing championship along with old-time tradi tional acoustic music and workshops. Info: Bob Everhart, 106 Navajo, Council Bluffs, IA 51501. 712/366-1136. August 30-31 Brandywine, MD The 4TH ANNUAL FALL MUSICAL WEEKEND at Cedarville State Park will feature workshops for fretted and ham mered dulcimers, Autoharp, bands, shape note singing and more. Open stage, gospel sing. Camping. Info: Keith Young, 3815 Kendale Rd., Annandale, VA 22003. 703/941-1071. Aug. 30-Sept. 1 Northern CA Mts. EEL RIVER CAMP-OUT WORKSHOPS feature instruction in singing, guitar, mountain and hammer dulcimers, fiddle, banjo and more. Info: Kicking Mule Rec ords, P.O. Box 158, Alderpoint, CA 95411. 707/926-5312. August 31 Malvern, OH The GREAT TRAIL FESTIVAL will be held during two weekends—Aug. 23-24 and 30-31, Sept. 1. The Appalachian dul cimer contest will be held on Aug. 31st. Also featured are workshops and dulcimer makers. Info: Great Trail Festival Assoc., P.O. Box 552, Malvern, OH 44644. 216/ 794-9100.


August 1-3 Pipestem, WV For an old time mountain music festival, PIPESTEM offers concerts and work shops at the Folklife Center. Info: David Stanley, P.O. Box 10, Pipestem, WV 25979. 304/466-0626. August 2-3 Ferrisburg, VT the 3RD CHAMPLAIN VALLEY FESTI VAL will be held at Kingsland Bay State Park and offers traditional music, dance, and crafts. Info: Champlain Valley Festi val, P.O. Box 401, Burlington, VT 05401. 802/849-6968.


& SUN. JULY 26 & 27, 1986 5

forth. vawU dj^jst^W^ I


g S AT. S S . O O >• SUN. S3.00 5 £ B O T H D AY S S 7 . 0 0 g Children under 13 j= with adult free.

foradd'l info & advance tickets: ROCKFORD PARK DISTRICT 1401 ftorth 2nd Sim Rockford. IL61107 PhoneS IS-M7 -8800


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September 18-21 Winfield, KS

September 26-27 Pineville, KY

September 26-28 Winsted, CT

The 15TH ANNUAL WALNUT VAL LEY FESTIVAL will be held at the fair grounds. The festival features contests in cluding mountain and hammer dulcimer, arts and crafts fair, workshops, and con certs. Info: Bob Redford, P.O. Box 245, Winfield, KS 67156. 316/221-3250.

The 10TH ANNUAL GREAT AMER ICAN DULCIMER CONVENTION will be held at Pine Mountain State Resort Park. Mini-concerts will be held as well as workshops on both the fretted and hammer dulcimers. Info: Rick Fuller, Pine Mt. State Resort Park, Pineville, KY 40977. 606/337-3066.

The AUTUMN HILLS DULCIMER FES TIVAL will be held at Camp Scquassen near Winsted and features workshops, dances, and concerts. Info: Autumn Hills Dulcimer Festival, Box 807, Winsted, CT 06098. 203/379-9857.

M o r e l i s t i n a s i n J u l y.

Off She Goes! Jig



















Submitted and transcribed by Sarah Johnson, Cincinnati, Ohio. The hammer dulcimer tablature was devised by Sam Rizzetta. nuilCMERS DUICIMERS DUICIMEHS OUICIMERS OUICIMERS OUICIMERS OUIC *




For a free HMR catalog on the finest electronic tuning equipment in the world, please write or call us. HMR, D e p t D P, W e s t N e w t o n , PA 1 5 0 8 9 . Phone: (412) 872-""

E l l i c o t l R o a d - B r o c t o n , N . Y. 1 4 7 1 6 i Phone (716) 792-9012 Plucked & Hammered Dulcimers ? 2





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Kicking Mule Home Dulcimer Tutor Mark Nelson THE DULCIMER WORKSHOP FIDDLE'TUNES AND TECHNIQUES 12 1/2-Hour Lessons on 6 Cassette Tapes Unlike any existing system for teaching the dulcimer, The Dulcimer Workshop is designed to help in termediate players realize their musical potential. Beginning with the first lesson, you will learn tunes, techniques and the background necessary to help you become a better musician. The nineteen tunes are selected to illustrate important techniques such as cross tunings, harmony, simple and complex ornamentation, and more. Each tune is given on tape and again in tablature; finger positions are given for several of the tunes. The focus on The Dulcimer Workshop is to help you develop a personal style of playing. The information on tuning, harmony, chord building, transposing and arranging may be applied to any style of music, while the sections on strumming and or namentation will help give your playing the grace and drive of a traditional fiddle player! Whether you have only recently started playing the dulcimer and can play through a few songs or you have been playing for years, you will find The Dulcimer Workshop a valuable teaching tool. The taped lessons, the book, the tablature. and many charts and examples for an encyclopedia of dulcimer techniques that you will return to again and again. The Dulcimer Workshop is the next best thing to having a live-in private tutor! C o m p l e t e S e t o f 6 Ta p e s i n B i n d e r w i t h 8 0 P a g e B o o k $ 6 5 . 0 0 (If ordered separately...$80.95)

Peter Tommerup TEACH YOURSELF TO PLAY THE DULCIMER 12 1/2-Hour Lessons on 6 Cassette Tapes Note-for-Note Instructions for Over 30 Popular Folk Tunes Whether you are an absolute beginner who has just seen your first dulcimer, or an experienced player looking for some new ideas and techniques, you will enjoy this series of teaching tapes. They begin with the basics: how to hold the instrument, an excellent section on tuning, and the basic strums, and they go on from there. Step by step, Peter leads you through more than 30 tunes, with note by note instructions. You will learn to play by strumming, fingerpicking, flatpicking, playing one string at a time, and making chords, along with many other techniques and ideas that popular performers use to vary the melodies to make them more interesting, and a very solid repertoire of the folk tunes most widely known. And Peter will teach you these tunes in keys that are most often used for them by fiddle players and string bands so that you will be able to play with other musicians immediately without having to relearn the tunes in new keys every time you want to make music. Every tune is demonstrated note for note, and there are over 140 pages of printed text and tab with the melodies also in conventional notation. You will get chord charts and fingering diagrams as well as helpful hints, and even some blank tab paper to use for notes and writing down new tunes (you are welcome to photocopy the blank paper and have a lifetime supply). Just about everything you need to learn to make and enjoy music with your dulcimer is included. To learn to play the dulcimer, all you need are these tapes, a cassette player, and a dulcimer. Complete



6 Ta p e s i n B i n d e r w i t h 1 4 0 (if ordered separately...$80.95)




rBuyin7on¥Fape~oFyo^ time within three monthsTTf your pur-"| i chase you may complete the series. For $52.50 you will receive the remaining 5 tapes with binder and all i ! printed materials. Your total purchase price will still be $65. OR buy the whole set with our 10 day money ! back guarantee-you may return it for any reason for a iull^efund.

KICKING MULE RECORDS • BOX 158 • ALPERPOINT, CA 95411 • (707)926-5312

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Organizations Directory The following list of dulcimer organizations was updated in January/February, 1986. All of the listings are current, to be best of our knowledge. Please inform us of any incorrect or incomplete information and of any organization which was inadvertently omitted. Several of the clubs have monthly newletters which print local musical news, arrangements, and performance/workshop schedules. You might be interested in contacting a club in an area you visit now and then to see if they have a newsletter and if you can subscribe.

Alabama Mountain Dulcimer Association P.O. Box 1072 Huntsville, AL 35807 205/536-7735 Tuscaloosa Dulcimer Club Bill Alexander 4920 East 10th Avenue Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 205/345-7803

Colorado Dulcimer Society Connie North 348 South Logan Denver, CO 80209 303/744-0444

Flint Hills Dulcimer Players Linda Inlow Teener 1900 Judson Manhattan, KS 66502 913/537-0508


Dulcimer Club Music Emporium 301 N. Main El Dorado, KS 67042 316/321-0961

Brandywine Dulcimer Fellowship Bill Lindsey 1110 Wagoner Drive Wilmington, DE 19805 302/798-0132 or 995-1987

Arizona Arizona Dulcimer Society J. Thom-Gronachan 1917 West Holly Phoenix, AZ 85009 602/253-9172

Illinois Dulcimer Society of Northern Illinois 835 Linden Avenue Wilmette, IL 60091 312/256-0121 or 251-1115 Indiana

California California Trad. Music Soc. 4401 Trancas Place Tarzana, CA 91356 818/342-7664 Peninsula Mtn. Dulcimer Club P.O. BOX 104 Menlo Park, CA 94026 415/321-7471 Peninsula Hammer Dulcimer Society Jan Kirkley, Ed. P.O. Box 60766 Palo Alto, CA 94306 415/494-3117 Colorado Durango Dulcimer Society Ann Chambers 18101 North U.S. Highway 666 Cortez, CO 81321 303/882-4443

Cen. In. Folk Music & Mt. Dul. Soc. Gerry Gray 2340 St. Peter Street Indianapolis, IN 46203 317/786-6419 Tri-State Folk Music Society John Brennan 619 Greenlawn Avenue Fort Wayne, IN 46808 219/483-4768 Kansas Prairie Dulcimer Club Harvey L. Prinz 9540 Walmer Overland Park, KS 66212 913/381-3767 Gr. Plains Dulcimer Al. (Wichita) Susan Shaffer RR 1, Box 279 Mulvane, KS 67110

Kentucky Louisville Dulcimer Society P.O. Box 4134 Louisville, KY 40204 Maryland Hammers & Noters Dulcimer Soc. Fred Bird 419 Park Road Rockville, MD 20850 301/279-7928 Michigan Paint Creek Folk Society Judi Morningstar, Editor 3715 Lincolnshire Pontiac, MI 48054 313/681-1688

Thornapple Dulcimer Soc Stanley Pierce 4905 N. Broadway Hastings, MI 49058 616/945-4066 Hartwick Highlanders Dulcimer Club Bob and Sandy Holder Route 2, 5907 East 14 Mile Rd. Evart, MI 49631 616/734-5125

27 Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Ladies Dulcimer & Terrorist Society Natasha Robinson 1366 Maple Drive Rochester, MI 48063

Supplies For Dulcimer Makers From Folkcraft Folkcraft is your source for instrument making supplies. All wood is carefully dried and seasoned. Tops, backs, sides, and fingerboards are sanded to exact tolerances and matched. You'll also find quality accessories and strings, and quick delivery. Items within the same category may be combined for quantity discounts. Example 4 walnut backs and 2 cherry backs, use the 6-11 price for each. Orders for 50 or more pieces in the same category receive a 10% additional discount from the 12 and up price. DULCIMER BACKS


Dimensions 7" x 32* x 1/8* lor 1pc 8" x 32" x 1/8" for 2 pc (two 4* pes)

Dimensions 2" x 2" x 3" 850 Cherry 1.10 1.00 851 Walnut 125 1 15 852 Kond Mahogany 11 0 100 853 Clr Maple 100 90 854 Bdseye Maple 125 1 15 855 Curly Maple 1.45 130 856 El Rosewood 6.75 610 857 Koa 1.25 1.15 858 Padauk 130 1.15




501 Cherry Ipc 502 Cherry 2pc 503 Walnut Ipc 504 Walnut 2pc 505 Kond. Mahogany 1pc 506 Hond Mahogany 2pc 507 Bdseye Maple Ipc 508 Bdseye Maple 2pc 509 Curly Maple 1 pc 510 Curly Maple 2pc 511 E Indian Rosewd 2pc 512 Koa2pc 513 Padauk 1pc 514 Padauk 2pc

6 55 6 55

6 20 6.20

770 740

12&up 5.60

560 655

730 7.05 6.30 6.30 8.00 8.00 8.85

6.65 6.65


6.35 5.65 5.65



720 720 795 795

14 90



740 745

705 710 710

635 640 640

8.45 9.30



550 551 552 553 554 555 556

4 5 5 5

5.80 5.80 80 80 80 5.75 75

Dimensions 2" x 32" x 1/10" (2 pes) Cherry 1.90 1.75 155 Walnut 2.40 2.15 1.95 Hond Mahogany 1.95 1.75 160 Bdseye Maple 2 90 2 60 2 35 Curly Maple 3.45 3.10 2 80 E Indian Rosewd 790 710 6 40 Koa 2 40 215 195 Padauk 2 40 2.15 195

FINGERBOARDS Dimensions 3/4" x 32" x Y/t" 650 651 652 653 654 655 656 657 658

Cherry 3.30 3.00 2.70 Walnut 4.25 3.80 3.45 Hond Mahogany 3 40 3.05 2 75 Clr Maple 3.20 2.85 2.60 Bdseye Maple 4.80 4 30 390 Curly Maple 5.90 5 30 4.80 El Rosewood 1610 14.50 13.05 Koa 4.30 3 85 3 45 Padauk 4.35 3.90 3 50


DULCIMER PEG HEADS Dimensions W x 3" x 8* Cherry Walnut Hond. Mahogany Bdseye Maple Curly Maple E I Rosewood Koa Padauk

2.90 3.55 295 3.60 4 40 13.50 3.60 3.65

3025 1-48

$1 OOea 3026 49-144 3027 145 & up SSOea


Graver "Perma-Tension" pegs with peartoid button (Set ol 4)

2.60 3.20 265 325 400 12.15 325 3.25

12&up $11.35

3060 Rosewood

3050 Ebony $2.50 ea

$2.25 ea

STEWARTMACDONALD FIVE-STAR DULCIMER PEGS Peartoid button (Set of 4) 3 0 6 5 1 - 5 S e t s $ 3 2 . 5 0 5 - 11 $ 3 1 . 5 0 1 2 * u p $ 2 9 . 0 0 STRINGS BULK PACKEO-fCOMBINE SIZES FOR BEST DISCOUNT) PLAIN SIZES .009-.013 WOUND SIZES .020-.026 Plain Sin* Wound Sizes

95ea 75ea 55ea 40ea

25ea 20ea 15ea I2ea

1-48 strings 49-144 strings 145-288 strings 289 & up strings

SPECIFY BALL OR LOOP ENDS FRET WIRE 18% Nickel-silver Pre-straightened 2' Lengths 4090 perfoot 5000 1/4 Lb (about 190

5010 Ub

$.75 $6.25 $21.00

Koumiss* 39V*" X 4" deep. Lower curve 7Vi"w. upper curve 6"w. scroll width 4" 5015 1 -$2400 2$1850ea 3-5-$1500ea 6&up12.50ea Hard Shell Caws

5020 5030 5040

4 11 / 4 " 39" x

39"x8"x4" x8" x 3 5/8" 9" x 3 5/8"

235 290 240 290 3.60 10.95 2.90 2.95

Silver Strings Dulcimer Society Lynn Bower, Pres. 618 Emmons Blvd. Wyandotte, MI 48192 313/284-9881 Uncle Carl's Dulcimer Club Barbara Borton, Pres. 10199 Spring Arbor Rd. #8 Spring Arbor, MI 49283 Saginaw Guild of Lap Dulcimer Barb Steele 6141 Canton Drive Saginaw, MI 48603 517/792-9492 Minnesota Sweet Strings Dulcimer Club Jerry Brown c/o St. Croix Kits 423 South Main Street Stillwater, MN 55082 612/439-9120 Mississippi

DULCIMER CASES CHIPBOARD Flock Lined Teardrop 37W" x 7V>" x 4" 5016 1-24.00 2-1850ea 3-515.00ea 64upl250ea

H2?jea J59.95 ea $59.95 ea

Write for our complete supply list. Dulcimer, Hammered Dulcimer and Bowed Psaltery!


750 751 752 753 754 755 756 757

MACHINE HEADS â&#x20AC;˘ individuals with screws, for horizontal mounting, white plastic button.


No. 1 Spruce 1pc 6.80 6.45 No 1 Spruce 2pc 6.60 6.45 No 2 Spruce 2pc 5.60 5.35 W R Cedar 1pc 6 80 6.45 WR Cedar 2pc 6 80 645 Butternut 1pc 6 70 6 40 Butternut 2pc 6.70 6 40

DULCIMER SIDE SETS 601 602 603 604 605 606 607 608


3 0 3 0 1 - 5 S e t s $ 1 7 9 0 6 - 11 $ 1 4 . 0 0 3040 Rosewood button add $2 00/set

Dimensions 7" x 32" x 1/8" lor Ipc 8" x 32" x 1/8" lor 2pc (two 4" pes) Sitka Spruce and W.R Cedar are vertical grain

.90 100 90 80 1.05 120 5.50 105 105

Original Dulcimer Players Club Leora Goodall 6760 Elmview, N.E. Rockford, MI 49341 517/263-3651

Shipping Most orders shipped via UPS. Please include your street address with order. Orders up to 1100: Minimum shipping charge for woods and accessories -15.00. Orders of $ 101 and up: Add 5 % of the total order. We will bill for additional shipping when orders contain large quantities of heavy items.

Ala-Sippa Dulcimer Association Hollis Long Box 76 Golden, MS 38847 205/356-2274 Missouri Not So Dulcimer Society Pam Price 9464 Harold Drive St. Louis, MO 63134 314/429-7385 New Jersey New Jersey Ham. Dulcimer Co-op Lucille Reilly P.O. Box 712 Moorestown, NJ 08057 609/234-5892

Box 807, Winsted, CT, 06098 (203) 379-9857 VISA AND MASTERCARD ACCEPTED ON PHONE ORDERS

28 Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Greater Pinelands Dulcimer Society Diane Jones Crispin Road Mt. Holly, NJ 08060 609/267-5246 North Carolina


Flatlands Dulcimer Club Ross Leadbetter 703 Caswell Road Chapel Hill, NC 27514 919/929-5172

North Harris County Dulcimer Soc. Arlene S. Leach 1010 Rhine Lane Houston, TX 77090 713/444-7281



Cincinnati Dulcimer Society Jean Ruwe 4173 Jora Lane Cincinnati, OH 45209 Mansfield Dulcimer Players Eva L. Clements 382 Jade Ave. Mansfield, OH 44907 419/525-2604


Lone Star State Dulcimer Club Linda Thompson 1517 Laurel wood Denton, TX 76201 817/387-4001

Mountain Dulcimers Hammered Dulcimers Kits Accessories â&#x20AC;˘ Books &v Records

Dulcimer Dis-Organization of Greater Wash. Keith Young 3815 Kendale Road Annandale, VA 22003 703/941-1071

Send $1 for catalog to: Green River Dulcimers 31 Carolina Lane Asheville, NC 28801 (704) 254-9330


Great Black Swamp Dulcimer Club Anna Selfridge, Editor 2975 Fort Amanda Road Lima, OH 45805 419/991-1656 Greater Dayton Dulcimer Society Judy & Ed Ireton 6865 South Scarff Road New Carlisle, OH 45344 513/845-8232

Northwest Dulcimer Society 10224 Fischer Place, NE Seattle, WA 98125 206/523-2296









LUTHERIE The Quarterly Journal of the Guild of American Luthiers

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things noticeably. All in all, I think Delrin is wonderful for dulcimer players and I do use it on most dulcimers.

Sam Rizzetta Inwood, WV This question and answer column deals with building, playing, and caring for dulcimers (both kinds). Questions are invited. Please address them to this column in care of DULCIMER PLAYERS NEWS. Note that limitations of space and time may make it impossible to respond to every inquiry. I will not be able to make responses other than as time allows in this column. Questions of general interest to the readership will get priority. My hammered dulcimer has a metal wire on top of the bridges on which the strings rest. I've seen other dulcimers that have little black and white rods instead of the metal wire, making it easier to see the different note locations. What is this rod and where can I get some to convert my dulcimer? The rod material is a plastic material similar to nylon, but much harder and low er in friction. It is manufactured under the trade name Delrin. The white color is sold as "natural" and the black color is called, most logically, black. It is available in many shapes and forms including the rod form we use on dulcimers. Bridge caps will usually require the !/s" diameter rod, which is the smallest size. It is sold in long lengths, 8 or 10 feet, and is easily cut with a fine saw or wire nippers. Large plastics supply companies in the big cities should have it available. However, if you only want to convert a dulcimer or two, or are a small volume dulcimer builder, a handier source would be one of the supply com panies for dulcimer building materials.

Publisher ol


Dulcimer SonqSaq

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Check DPN ads. I know one of the sup pliers that carries Delrin for builders is Folkcraft Instruments, Box 807, winstead, CT 06098. Delrin has some advantages and dis advantages. On the minus side, it is not quite as hard as metal and will reduce some tonal brightness. And, under extreme pressures or string tensions, it will give or distort more than metal. On the plus side it makes tuning much easier because of its low friction, provides two "colors" so that string note locations may be marked for ease of visual playing, and helps to reduce the sustain of notes. This last is very useful as sustain is often a problem throughout much of the range of many dulcimers. A note once struck tends to linger quite a while and may make notes blur or smudge together musically, especially in fast pas sages. This makes each note less clear and distinct and gives the dulcimer a "far away" sound or a lack of presence. This, usually, is a more noticeable problem as the strings get lower in pitch. Delrin won't be a total cure for dulcimers with a very objectionably long sustain, but it will help

Miscellaneous Measures Cindi Baehr 46 Pleasant St. Stoneham, MA 02180 Inexpensive Computer mailing list service for performers, and folk organizations. Call (617) 279-0744 evenings, or write for more information.


I have a hammered dulcimer that has one tuning pin that is so loose the string will not stay in tune. Help! Is there any way to fix it or am I stuck? Signed, Stuck. Dear Stuck: You're in luck. First off, I recommend against the Liquid Pin Block Restorer that piano tuners sometimes use. The common wisdom seems to be that these liquids are a temporary measure that may distroy the long term utility of the pin block. If your dulcimer uses the piano size tuning pins, about V4" in diameter, the fix is simple. Oversize pins are available. Take the offending pin to a piano repairperson or technician and buy the next size larger pin. It will fit more tightly into the original hole. Most builders today use the smaller "zither" or harpsichord size pins, about 3/i6" diameter, for which oversize pins are not readily available, to my knowledge. So, we must fix the hole instead of the pin. The hole is drilled out to accomodate a larger plug or dowel of very hard wood; rock maple is a good choice. The plug is glued in place and a new hole of smaller diameter is bored to fit the tuning pin prop erly and, we hope, more tightly. Unless you are an experienced builder or wood worker with a drill press, this job is best entrusted to someone who does this sort of thing everyday; in other words, your friendly neighborhood repairperson. However, I have a great tip on a tech nique that is easy to do yourself and it works! This is from Debbie Von Bokem, a talented woodworker and dulcimer maker from Covington, Kentucky. I presume she is also a fisherman. She removes the pin, inserts a piece of monofilament nylon fish ing line into the hole, and, while holding the line vertically in the hole, replaces the pin. If the pin is too tight, try a lighter gauge line. If it isn't tight enough, try a heavier line or two pieces of line instead of one. I usually start by trying 8 to 12 lb. test line. Debbie says this seems to give a per manent repair, as she's never had a pin loosen again after the "fisherman's fix". I was skeptical, but, by golly, it really works! Thanks, Debbie, for a brilliant idea.

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Queen Anne's Lace by Jan Boyd Pittsburgh, PA

During a recent week's visit to the Au gusta Heritage Arts Festival in Elkins, West Virginia, I encountered a thoughtprovoking afternoon debate about the evolutions of traditional American folk music and ways in which it is being pre served and expanded throughout the 1980's. Of particular interest were dis cussions about the contributions of con temporary folk musicians whose inter pretations and new arrangements of old tunes and tall tales serve to keep these traditions alive and relevant for future gen erations.



The recent renaissance of traditional folk arts has produced untold numbers of fine musicians and bands across the coun try whose music collectively ensures that traditional music will not become an en dangered species. Worth listing among these keepers of musical heritage is Queen Anne's Lace, a delightful and versatile Pittsburgh-based folk ensemble. Presently entering their fourth performing season, band members include: Tom Norulak (accordion, vocals), Carole Norulak (hammer dulcimer, guitar, banjo ukelele. vocals). Cathy Hess (hammer dulcimer), and Dave Golub (acoustic bass guitar. 5-

string banjo). Individually rooted in musi cal backgrounds ranging from ethnic folk to mainstream 1960's. these musicians found each other through Pittsburgh's ex panding folk movement and together pr esent a collection of traditional American. Irish and European folk music as well as what Carole Norulak fondly refers to as "old rock 'n roll turned folk." Though it must have been tempting for this diverse foursome to find one common area of musical interest among them and develop it, they opted (for which I am grateful) to use their vastly different re sources. The result is music of different countries and time periods wrestled out of obscurity, and creative new arrangements of wonderful old and more familiar tunes. They are also fond of taking songs done by some of the band's all-time favorites and applying their own special brand of inter pretation to them. Queen Anne's Lace has also been a significant contributor to in creased interest in the hammer dulcimer around the Pittsburgh area: their concerts often include hammer dulcimer work shops. The band recently assisted in the formation of Pittsburgh's first hammer dulcimer club which now carries approx imately 25 members. Seen frequently throughout Southwest ern Pennsylvania's coffeehouse and festi val circuits. Queen Anne's Lace can also be found at weddings, college campuses, senior citizen's centers, street fairs or any place else where people like to dance, clap their hands and sing along. Jan Boyd is a hammer dulcimer player/teacher who lives in Pittsburgh. She currently performs both as a soloist and with the band. "Crawdad". VDPN

6ueu,o • ouedwij • pjoqaweu, • uoaiejued • Riek Fe&el Qammered Dulcimers j§ 2705 W. Meadow Dr. • Chesapeake. VA 23321 >,


Our Latest Cassette Tape *

By Michael Murphy



Playing instructions; 20 songs; 50 photos of early makers, players and dulcimers; repairing, buying, con struction, history, makers, sources; 104 pages; $6.95. Also distributed by Music Sales Inc. and Bookpeople. Inquire about wholesale prices. FOLKSAY PRESS 67131 Mills Rd., St. Clairsville, OH 43950

Rick Fogel and Jeni Linehan A collection of hammered dulcimer duets featuring traditional and classical music.

S8 postpaid Finished hammered dulcimers, complete kits, hooks anil tapes are also available. For information leaflet and bookings please write.

• NEW TUNES/OLD FRIENDS..$4.95 19 Songs and Dances, including Old Joe Clark, Soldiers' Joy, Wildwood Flower. • A PLEASANT ADDICTION..$5.95 28 Dances and Songs, including Haste to the Wedding, Over the Waterfall, New Century• SPECIAL..BOTH BOOKS...$10.00 ppd. from HOGFIDDLE PRESS 46 Pleasant St., Stoneham, MA 02180

sowtrie • doucemelle • yangchin • dulcema

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New music for the hammered dulcimer

'SPECTRUM^ by DAVE NE1MAN Baroque, Renaissance, Swedish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, English, Irish, and American selections in solo and ensemble settings. / / ' ^ Each real-time 40 min. cassette album is $7.50. Please include $1 postage for one, 50<F for each adtl.

P.O. Box 12 Cambridge, MA 02139

Celtic Ceili for Dulcimer

by Pudraifj mac Swyney A collection of 50 Airs & Dances From Ireland, Mann, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany & The New World; With Mt. Dulcimer Tablature, Chords, and Musical Notation: Send check or money order for S8.75 postage paid. (Companion Cassette-$8.00 post paid) TRISKELION PRESS 2912 E. Great Smokey Ct. Westlake Village, CA 91362

trishclion Fnlfc â&#x2013;Ąusic

Mountain k Hammered Dulcimers Bowed 4 Plucked Psalteries Bodhrans & Celtic Harps Custom made to your specifications Choices on wood, soundholes, pegs, etc. Instrument Brochure: Send a stamp 50 Page Catalog: Send $1-Credit on Order TRISKELION FOLK MUSIC 2912 E. Great Smokey Ct. Westlake Village, CA 91362 (805) 497-6421 A Touch o' the Player Goes Into the Makin'

Classified Ads Classified ads are an inexpensive way to get the word out about instruments, books, albums and tapes, and accessories. The cost is 300 per word-, payable in advance. There is a 20% discount for classified ads running unchanged for 4 or more issues.

New cassette! ANGEL'S DRAUGHT by Carrie Crompton with the Barolk Folk. Traditional, Baroque and Renaissance music for hammer dulcimer, viol, guitar and recorders. YouTl play it over and over. $9.98 postpaid. Also Available: PRINCESS ROYAL cassette featuring fretted and hammer dulcimer solos by Car rie Crompton. $8.98 postpaid. And a new book: HAMMER DULCIMER SOLOS, also by Carrie. Arrangements of tradition al, Baroque and Renaissance pieces. Em phasis is on chords, both rolled and arpeggiated, with detailed hammering guides. Beautiful calligraphy. $10.98 postpaid from Hepatica Music, 119 Clover Road, State College, PA 16801.

COTTON PRINT PADDED DULCIMER BAG: 40" x 11" with shoulder strap, book pocket, and zippered accessory pocket. $12.95 includes shipping. Homemade from Jean's Dulcimer Shop, P.O. Box 8, Cosby, TN 37722. BOOK FOR DULCIMER BUILDERS.. .Potpourri - Appalachian Mountain Dul cimers. This book contains all the in formation needed to build quality dulci mers. It has considerable theoretical in formation on locating frets that the dulci mer builder will find useful to improve the musical sound of the dulcimer. This new book, written by a dulcimer builder and engineer, contains information not covered in other publications. For your copy sent U.S. $6.95 plus $1.25 for post age and handling to James M. Hall, Jr., 3500 Tallyho Drive, Kokomo, Indiana 46902. MAKE YOUR OWN INSTRUMENT from a kit. We have the finest selection available. Send for free brochure. St. Croix Kits, 423 So. Main St., Stillwater, MN 55082. 612/439-9120.

FINELY DESIGNED HAND-CRAFTED FOLK TOYS: Limber Jack, Dog, Pony, Bear, Frog, Clown, and Lamb $10.95 ea. includes shipping. Jean's Dulcimer Shop, P.O. Box 8, Cosby, TN 37722.

PROTECT YOUR DULCIMER! In sulated, waterproof cases. Custom made. Guaranteed to fit. Free brochure from MAIN STREET CASE COMPANY, Box 81, Victor, Idaho 83455 or 208/787-2909.

IRISH BODRANS 18" Dia. One piece wooden shell with goat skin head. $99.00 Post Paid. Also, harps, flutes, pennywhistles, concertinas, etc. Buck Musical Instru ment Products, 4 0 Sand Road, New Britain, PA 18901. 215/345-0616.

Wanted: RIZZETTA STANDARD hammered dul cimer with his current tuning arrangement. Dave Neiman, P.O. Box 12, Cambridge, MA 02139.

6th ANNUAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT AUCTION. At the N.W. Folklife Festival. Preview May 24 & 25. Auction May 26. Consignments accepted thru May 13. Col. Sandy Bradley, 4136 Meridian Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103. 206/547-4456. 32

hammered & fretted dulcimers, harps, banjos, mandolins, kits & instruments, records, books FREE CATALOG 612-923-4709

R.R. 4, Red Wing, MN 55066 "Music can save the world" Qualify and Service Since 1968

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