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DULClX&R lLA'liRS NEWSI I!QI I88Ula .ufD ARtIO'! RElRDitB StUl Annable!! DfH DPN Dft Dl'ft DPM DJ'N DN Dft DPH

Back Uluel trca Voll.llDll 1, Ko. 5 (Jul.,.AU6 1975) \l,p t.o, 11114 includ1n8, th.1. cW"rent 18lua. 751>


Reprlnt 11 ItFrall1n8 the Dulc1..-r· Vol. 1, Ko. ~. Rlprlnt. 12 "About. tho" Vlrlatn. "Extra" tret. Vol. 1, 1. Reprint. ~ Itl>ltlcI.. r l"llyinS TIChnlquel . Blat1n6· Vol. 1, 1o. 2. Reprint. __ ·'n. Verlltll1 Mlxo11dIan Modi· Vol. 1, Ko. 2. Reprint. 15 ·Bulld1na YOW" Own Dulc1..-rt nt 80~.· Vol. 1, .0. 2. Reprlnt. 16 ItDulcI .. r. In the IItIltbeonhn OolUcUon· Vol. 1, 1o. 4. Rlpr1nt. ·n-yinS the Dulcl.. r· Vol. 1 No.4. Reprlnt. 18 • ..., Btyle ot Dulc1alr 7l&1inSA (Holl), 'fannin) Vol 1, 10 4. Rlpr1nt. 19 -Old Rootl , NIV Root.· CR . Nlcholeon) Vol. 1 • •0. 4. (D.P.1I. ~pr1ntl are 25ft: laoh plu. 25tf: POlt..., par ordl'r)


Look1D.a tor a builder in ),our &1"Iat17 Drop UI a linl and wid ~ Sla4 to .. nd you the n .... ot Nly dulcI_r buildlrl .". knov ot 1D ),our &1"11. ~ to our huge cOrr9.pondance 10&4, and "'ul.t1n& lars- po.taee bUl, "" are IIVI)" Uat,lt'Ul. to tho .. Yho can Inclo" a .t. .P or .n",noPf tor repll'" Alva,. ~ad to bllp v1\lI JOur qUllnonl It we are abtl. or Iiia '0\1 eo_ lOurce t ... 1tit..,. &re not. @ Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Dear Readersl Han1 t.hanks are due aSain to the many contributors or the artiol'. and In!oI'llat1on contained in th18 leaua. The reader ahouJ.d note that the .. roUt. have all freely and gen'loueI,. given their tu.., cOD81deJ'1ltlou, eftort. and patience to help .an thb 188\118 our blueat 1'81.. The reault of thla .ftort help. ua to tin1ah ott our tirat full year 8 ettort at D.PJI. on 8. continually improving and .xpan41n~ not••

Although the D.PeN . 18 not..

tormally' eat up 'non-profit organizatlon:

th1naa eeam to thankfull), vork out. that "'., none-tlle-I'U' and the D.P.N.

18 qu1te comtortable, both philo8ophically and editorially . by hav1ng thinS_

vork out this way. And "thie ."a,." meana that we can relll.ain Opln about. the cont.ent or the D.P.N . and not. be forced into any poUtlcal ...type po.itlone. The D.P.N. lupporta It.eelt entirely on the 8ubsor1ption ot its rea&lr8hip and that. 18 eo_thing tor t.he reader to t. proud at' .. eelt-aupporting publ1cation. The oral tradltion at "pan1ng on the word" haa been respon.ible tor Iluch at our growth and that' 8 so.. th1ng elee 10U re&d8rs oan t:e proud oft 10u'n prond again t.hat t.he oral tolk tradit10n reaJ..11 work. in the real sense ot the tena. Dave Taylor (ln5 Canton Dr . ~, BoVling Green, n 42101). a D.P.If oontr1but1ng hammered dulolmer Edltor, continuee to do a great Job 1n help1ng to bring h.d . into to our pagea. Ve'll t:e ... !ng SO_ ot hi. relult. in upcoming 1aaU8 a, along vith h18 "gular oolumn "HAMMERED BorES·. !'hia inlt.rument lure 1a gettina popular, and allot the h.4. bu.11der'. I've talked vlth are keeping pretty bul, at it. Our next. l ..ue v111 be a big one to aark our let Annl .... raary. Juat to help .1*014&1.. hov wch we've grovn, conl1der t.hat our tlrst. 18.ue (~o­ sraphed aheet) co.t 125 to print and mall (150 oopl•• ); Vbl1. the next 181U1 will COlt 1n the nelghborhood ot 1600.00 and have a oiroulation ot 2,000 copl.a (photo ottaet printed) - unbel1evabl. HUH~~ The D.P.N. ottera it'a thank a to thoa. patient "adere Who have put up wlth our many m18ta1r:es a.nd .uttered our growing pain. alons with u.~ Molt a1ncere thanks are alao d\118 t.o thoee lOan, aan, readera vho haVfi turn.d us on t.o triends, Who have in t.urn become our trisnds. Its been a ... ry vanll and hearten1ng experi.ncs tor this edltor a.nd mere words can't con"1 enough. 10Vfi and thanJts to JOu all !! It 10U are a new reader, W would value 10ur support. In our ettorts to swap a now at 1ntonDatlon about. the dulcimer - vhlcb 18 What we are all aoout. All rou tollta vho aent 1n photoa tor th1s haUl, or artioUa vhlch arrlwd too late. oan look to",ard to thea appear.ltJa in our n.xt Big Am1l"rearr IaaUl. leep ' •• coaing . We III set tb•• all print.d eooner or later. IWIMIJIIY.

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Rogar Nlcholson at i:ngland 18 the aubJect 01' thia IIIOnth'. D.P.I. coyer. Roger hal been prett.y lIuch tot.a1l1 lnvol ... d w1th the du).clMr aince h1a 1967 introduotion t.o the inetru.nt at the let. l.el1e Folt r.atly.l. Roger la 1nto ..anr tac.t.e ot lllUalCi pertoralng, and c~at lve aa v.ll aa acholarly puraulta involv~ t.he 18 no queetlon that alnce taklng up the dulol/D11r Roger one at the lI'Oat .xpert pl.,.re in t.he 'World t.oday - a tor many, many playera. i:vldence ot Rog.r'a tlne mualc and tradltlonal pl.ce a, aa veIl ae orlS1nal heard on h1& t.wo currently available reoord alc_~.~.~~~r: and ·Gent.l. Sounda of the l>u1c1ID11r" Roger 1& thlrd (and laet he saya) aloo. Whlch should be tutU". TM D.l.N. 1& .1gbty gratetul to Ros.r Nicholaon tor all hia uny tine contrlbutions to our page a; and tor hta beinS ala)at Slngl.hande41r reaponalble tor help1ng to add lDIJ'ly nev reader. troa the European continent t.o tbe .... r groW1ng D.P.K. eubscrlpt.lon Uat.


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B1 Robert Rodrlqun. -

¥ben t.he rin.l re ... la". and co .... ot.. upon t.ha 1910\ Fox Hollo" Fa.\.1yal • h . . . . .11 been wll§h41d. pondared, and .a.urad tor ,...ult. and arraot., no doubt. "111 be •• .any t.hought. • •nd opinlon' a. t.o t.ha chlar po1oU ot raet.lyal int.areet. e. t.ho .. alqlre .. 1og tho . . . . . t.hought... 'I'hU U not. t.ben a , or 'oz Hollow 1915 - ot.her. more c'pabla t.han .y •• lr "111 do .uoh poR-lIOrt.•••• but pre"nt. ha,. ju.t • t.w aft..rthought. upon "h.t I bell• .,.d to h .... t..n I .t. for 101, the 1II0lt .ovlng point. ot tha fl.t.1 . .1, I ' . , of cour", reflrrlng t.o the Sund.y nlght. concert, and 'paclnoally t.o t.h.t perlod ot t.hl concert held in t.he avening "hln • • paol.l trlbut. "'•• MId 10 honor and in _aory ot thl late Chit. Parnr, dIan or IIOd'm h .... r dulol_r pl,,.rl who h.d pa .. ad away •• veral aonth. aarllar in thU ya.r of 1975. 'I'he trlbute W'I alpacl.11y lmOl'lng and lIII:an1.D.&flll bec_u .. it. "aa not juat a trlbuta of eortl or in tha u.ual "Mar ot .uoh .... nt. - It. "a • •uch IIOra - 10 r'et, It waa •• It • &rOup ot yary 4el'ot.'d and "on4lrrul rrl'nd. had t.en gathered around a 11y!.naroo. and vera dl,ou'.1n& the pa .. ing or • loved on.; 10 t.h. ea. of Ch.t Parker, It. .a. not only hl. "lK)r1 whloh " •• being eora11 .1 ..ld. but hl. t.lo ... d ha __ r dulo~r cUll0 and tha eound. whlch It. generat..d for all tho .. :re .... "hen ClWt Parker w• • •ynon,raou. wlt.h t.h. vary ment.lon ot the word. b.'. . r dulcl . . r, and vl01 vera •• Partioipant. in thU t.ribut. ".re Bl11 Spanc., Ed Tricket.t, Howl' )CUchell. Jay Round. and Buok Mat.t.he"a; In t.h. c ... or Ja1 Round and Buck Matt.h.". the trlbut. ptrhap. _ant. eo.thlng ann lION becauae of their d •• p and lons-lh.d frland.hlp wlt.h Ch.t. Parker hi ... lf. It. wu thl Und or t.ribute that brought a ta.r or t.wo t.o. the .,.. a choklng to the, and • 80M. ot lo,...bla tU6 at tha old .udcal haarUtrlng.; in fec" It "a. Juat dovnrlg,ht huaanly lIOy1n6. genuinalr w.nI, and altogether in keep1n.a "Uh WhIt Foz Hollo" w.a all about, 'th• •uUeal portlona ot t.hl trlbu.t.. vera eolian and,..t all .. wlt.h lDIIaninS and arfection both to the .80r1 ot ChIt. P.r.... r and to hU belo .. d dulol_r. J'erh&p. It "a. tlt.tinS t.hat. .uoh a t.rlbuta be hald hera. inaofar a. It. " •• Foz Hollow whlch !irat. •• w the h&lIIDIr dulcl. ar in the person ot Ru. .all Flubart1 troll Weat Vlrg1n1& back in 1966, and .... hloh for ten ,}"Iar. haa a. . n the ha.llllllar dulollD11r bloo_ in .11 It'. mu.loal and tolklorl0 glory to date. Chltt. hrnr ca.. very lIuch .11ve that nlght in the person8 ot tho .. Ybo knaw him && "ell •• tho .. who Ime .. 'nd lond hi. IIUUC and inatrwDlnt., Solo pl'c." dU8t.a, group "laotion., round •• danea tuns., cla •• lcal plac'. and ooapo .. d, r1ddl' tune., all c .... t.o wondarful. .udcal rrultatlon 1n t.hat one brler hour whln Chit Parkar wa. honorad and ra .. rad b1 h1& rrland., and othlr. &lin. All in al.l. t.bI "lIOrUl and trlbut. to the latA, and .oat. l • • nt.ld and long t.o be ra . . .bered, Chat Parker, wa • • lICat 8O'f1n6 ~.nt during a ta.t.hal. whlch produo.d .any D)Y1ns lIO .. nt •• ObIt Parker 1. gon. troll u. now, but hl. lIIu81c, hla "ork, and lDO.t 1.port&tI.tly. hU 10" tor the h . . . r 4ulclJD1r "'ill long 11 .... on artar h1c - and happllr and wondarou.ll ao tor tuture ganeratlon. to anjoy and re . . .ber,

................... A Rnlaw by Rot.rt. RodrlqU8z or aU t.he ha __ r dulol.r record1n6' pra .. ntll in ciroulation, t.hI lIIO.t tntrloata and lntrlguing in tana of .trle and ot 1n.t~nt ara tho .. t.wo tin. racord1n6a .ada by Bll1 Spence and hU "ennlg'. All-St.r string Band froID t.he Albany are. of E . Centrel York. Thla 1. not to aar that tha other hammer dulcl .. r albums (Chet. P.rkar , Jay Ro\a'l4 , Gardnar Whorlay , and. Ruasall Fluhart.r f Ju..t. to mention ao_) are not. good, 1n ract they .. ra very good but tha two album. produo.d and record.d by Bl11 Spene. and hls group are the moat \Z1.1qUl and tntAra.t1ns ot .11 the halUllr dulcllllllr album. to DI beoauae ot the varlad u". Si.. n to thi., 'ttboM root. inc1tlad are aa anclent •• tl_ and hUt.orr It"lt. 'there.ra . . jor dltterenc'. between the t"o .1b1.m •• '!'bI r1r.t albia. BUI SpeDce on h ..... r, Joan PWlt.on on Plano, To. )CeCree.h on riddl'. and John ~tarson on banJo, plus an •• aort. .nt. or a:rt.r& .u..lclana. including LJ'l'Ul and Jay Ungar on guitAr and .econd r144J.•• Jack H", on gultar , .nd Walt. Mlohael. on .. cond hammer dulollD1r,


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NlXt' PAU ~


The tunes on thls flrst album inolude everything from M1ss1"lppl Sawrer and Old Joe Clark•• old Amerlcan flddle hoedown tWl". to Engllsh and Ir1eh dance tunea auch aa Flowera of Edinburg. Ch1ld Grove. Prince Vlll1 .... and tWle, a ..... rl.d a. Gaape Reel, Colored Ar1etocr&cy. Raggedy Anne. Onr the Watertall, and Golden Sllpper.. 'the album haa only one 'Yooal plece. T1me, are Gett1ng Hard, teaturing Blll Spence .a vocal. the second albulll does have so_ major d1ft_rences trom the flrat. BanJ01et John Peteraon la not on tala 2nd record; nelther 1. plano player Joan r.lton, who baa been reolaced by Tob1 Fink, who 1n her own rlght 61'" Fennlg's lta own d1et1t.otlve sound of the preNnt day. The basle t~e ot MeCreellh, Flnk. and Spence are helped out on lIeveral cutll by paddle-steel and bass of Jack Hums, eapaclally on two cute of vocal, Ramembar Me. and I thlnk of You, both aWlg by Blll Spence wlth a nlce ohoral backup. Perhaps the nlcest t.h1ng about t.h1a album are two t1ne "dley cuts teaturing £nglUh concert1na player Alll1.alr Anderson on Margaret', Waltz and Wedd1ng Day; alao RoNtree, Green Fleld. ot A_rl0 • • and Staten leland Homplp8. Other tune. on th1e album inolude, Jayblrd, Cherokee Shuttle, Georgla Rallroad, Star on the Cotmt,. Down. GallopedeRutty-tutty. and • number of othe r reele, Jiga, hornpipea . and danoe ttme •• The laportant point to remember 1. that both albuma are prilll8rll1 to be listened to and enjoyed ae good tradltlonal folk and a. exampl•• ot what the ham:D8r d\lleldr oan be used tor When put in the handa ot • . . stAr mualclan, Which Bl11 Spence la and haa been. He and hl. group have a1nglehand.edl1 brought about thO reblrth ot country dancing over lINch ot the 1n the laat three to tlve years, and h1e mu.le and lts erreota are atlll baing telt trom New York to the farlheat reaohes ot relllOte New England. Incidently. both albw;., Fennig ' . All_Stars and Saturday Night 1n the Province. (what. a Utle tor an album - it ahould be 61.. 0 a Nobel PrUe Juat tor the title alone are bot.h on Front Hall Raoord •• and CM be purcnaaed tro. Front. Hall Recorda R.D . 1, Wormer Road, Voorhee.vl11e, H .Y. 12186. (.5 . 50 uoh poatpald). Tha hammer dulcimer 1n recent year. haa COd into ita own .a a true tolk 1natrument, and Bill Spenca w1th Fennig ' a All-Star Str1ng Band have done .uoh in th1a regard; bot.h albuma are good, very good indeed. and are a oredlt to not only thelr mualc, but to the VIr,. aoul ot what. thla sroup 1 a all about..


- fN' JIo -

Combining skill ....ith fi!1( n2dilionJI murrilu.. the Du!cIlTK·rS«d continut'S to COflStOolCt motInuin dulcilN'N ",he war they uwd 10. " Uun! onl) hJnd lUo ls and limitin, I hie connruction to :a ··OM JI:l tiolt" philosoph)', the DulcimuSmt m:ainu;n, 1M intr,city of uu, ~md. ,1nJ conuruction found in innrulmnu m:aJ~ b) 1hcKc- fl"1 arnlrn co ,hie mounu;ns JOm(' :00 r ur, 3fW. It i, only .... ith eM dOK'ST scrutiny Ih:u chanJft art m:adr in tM orlgilul dnign. co enh:anc:r 1M pb)'abilitr :and :a"UMt ic, of 1M inur .... menu. :and then. onh ,,·h.:-n n«nnr}'.

Concfl"rd in lanu:ary, is the Drnis Du1cimerSe«i Tnvrlin,'r Work. shop .... hich brings music. informacion. and :luthlentK: dni,ns :and conSlructK>n 10 loe:a · lions throughout the U.S. :and C:an:ada. in the form of ....orkshops in pl:a)'in,:and construc· tton• .lJ wrll :1$ I«turn nn,in, from tM storr Itllin, ho....r:at prr'!lChools, to inull«· tU,11 rr.crtuing tM prob,1ble drycloprmnt of the dulcirmr :and the mulic fo rm l which surround it. Drnil o....lcllmrS«d h:u !locc l,lJ cooductt'd ",·orkJhops. through the lumin, Co.. Carmd, Cao,:and rt'Crndr at tht Unl\ . of C.:al. SJlnu Cruz, on the connrucllon of the ~Iounum DulCimer. ThcK "otkJho~ Jrc l umq1.N:oppvnunit\" til " 1t1'k'1~ Ind ul.c P,1rt III \('itudl'" h~t1 · 1J):'' -tOOJ\ . ~ . rlh· for deu,ls (or ,our ~r"\lr .Ir ~huol


•• • • • • • • •


Dents -Dulcl.erSeed- Murphy p.O. Box 747} Carw.el, Callf . 9}921

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~EJ3)Gf RecORD <)aLe<))



.llIaru., all Timy aU TnditilUl bllicu hlUlIiI AU_III a..

.u., " _ I



7 IRQ; (or OCIr 44


N_ ' - ... I~O/".n.I





t-. ~y. Or -",,(ora frw .....pIt 0( ow .,,..,




flYIni Fnh 005 PAT SURTON - Wr'w 8ftn Wa,unaForThlJ-w·lobnti..dont. ya,!rIc S$OD KI",Bl\1t&1"a.SJl LARRY SPARKS - Finr_lIId5 · 'Cannonball Blua:dC. suo FoIlways Fl8Jn lEAN RITCHIE: Tho! Appalachian INklnvr - IMlI'IK'tIonaI and m-.le SoI.99 SImmoN DLPlll mE SIMMONS FAMILY : StOM C_lry Ould .... . Solo arod d\Ift duldmtt Sol 99 Folk lfaacy FSil'THt MOUNTAIN DULCIMER·HOW TO MAKE rT It PLAY rT· ... 50 ~ book SH9 ArJo lOAlO4 RQCER NIOfOLSON :T1Mtc.ntl.s-nd ollM Oulcinwt'· Beau,lful iMlrulMntal.. Irnp&S6.05 Skylll'lC'DDIOl DULOMtR.()U) TIME It TRAomONALMUSIC · Ralph Lee Smuh w vocab SoI.99 FoU.w.yaFGl511 PAUL ClAYTON : Ovldnwr Sonpand SoIOJ ' 21 V"al CUtl Sol 99 Front Hall FHRol BILL SPENCE: n..r H.m .......... OUId.....r . with hnninpAlI Star SHln& &nd $04 .99 LtadttJ004 RQGtRNI CHOLSON: N_uch fOf Ovkl...... • ~aullfu! · ___ voc.!.- Impon $5.75


n..r !)ukl_. BoP by Jun RlIchir· Tun!", and p1ayinS' Wllh i..,NC1io1'1al book

Sol" Sl"

r_ ••• T..--ty Sotop lot 11M Mounlilln Oukl_ by Lynn McSpaddtn

PI"" 01 cou..... T1Mt. o.&d_ Pby.r:. Bib~ (Sol 9.5) ,md Du.ldnwr Pb)'ft' ~ fSO.7S1 4-f NORTH LAKE . PASA.DENA. • CAUFORN/A · 2Ut 1'9S. 109J

PoJt. "*'/cma f.


70t /inl.JbIUlf. ~

Ne" III#dtl.I&..M.

'OIIImIotCf 50{


C." So.v,

~ ::C;;y HfRE, I~c. IS



1.-t:;" ~ '0 f-

1m .mUlI

II /t!rilll... rllk,i'l} I .... 11171 H 117 III 1111


f~s..~M~"'~~~:;.~~,1f.~H.~'~ ~: :;'.I.I ./)wI'; GIJ....,


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by Ros-r Curford You can make tlne t unere froID. beada of all colora anc! shapell - IIOIDI

ahinr and 110.1118 lIuted I IIOIDt many race ted and 1I0:ue 8!l1Ooth snd round . Pearll tor t.ho" with axpen alve ta'tl"II, carBilles, wood , and synthe tics tor the real. ot UI .

Are you hav1ng trouble tuning your !rlc1.1on pIIES_d dulclme r 71 Beade are your anewer (beada .... 1t h hollla 1n them). Joleat dulcime r s are already \\neoneolcualy d.s 1gne d tor tMIIl too . If your at.ringe atretch at least 2 or eo lnche II from the bridge t.o where "they flnally meat the wood of the tailpie c e thare 1_ l1li food chance that bead flne tuner. can be L'latalle4 without. any alteratlons to t he bas t c lnetrulll8nt.. One ~ullt IIlmply unnrtng t.hen reatrlng t. ~. lnetrurtJllnt with the beada po. il1oned on the string. 1n that area betw•• n t.he bridge and ta1lplece . When the beada a re at. the brldg41 end at t.hat. span their ertect on t.he p1tc~ or t he at.rine 1a nil. A. t.her 81 i d back t.oward t.he convergence at st.ring and t.aUpiece they ra18e t.he p itch of that Btring aa t.he beada rad iu. eradually d1aplace. t.he previously st.raight. Btrlng line . 'thua the fr lct.ion pee_ are used only to r ough t.une, t.hen the beads are used to qulcltly b ring t.he inBtruCDIInt. up t. o exact in an eaaUy Wlderatood and atrect.ed linea r taabion . The baads a180 add t.o t. he appear&nce or t.he lnstrument., especiAlly 1f of the s&_ mat.erial as inlays on othe r parts of t.he instrument. , not. t.o ment.lon gh ing you something elee to dlddle wlt h . I've found that. faceted beads wo r k bette r where t. he wood of t.he tail p ie ce is hard and slDOoth , whlch l a of un t.he case , 88 t.hey glV. much bet.ter holding power. But. , it you are lnto round things in general. Uke pearle or evan ce rtain spaciea of t.roplca1 nut. -ll ka .. ads, then you mlght. want. to atrect. an abralnding . roughlng . or at t.hat portion of t.M tailpiece in question to prevent the beads from aUp?1ng during a particularly spirited number. Th 1a ide. ma.y or . y not. be o riginal w1th _. one never mowe about. such t.hings . In any ca .. feel free t.o u" it it your altuatlon i8 app11cab1e . the diagram below may he lp t o elucldate t.he proc . . . lnvolve d ••• Happy t.rai1a t.o all, Roger

)forE I

Roger, a dulci . . r builder fro. baok 'before the revival da7" bas tine t\Uling baad kita annable in prioe, re.nglng fro. 50¢ up to about depending on _tariale . See Roger'. ad eluwhare in this i . .u. for lnfor.atloo 00 bie h1gh qual1tr dulcill8r kite (an so11d woo4_, etc). Roger., be contact.ed a t the follOWing a44ra8l : c/o Ma800" Rout. 2. Box 132, Ha..pden. Ma1n8 04401.


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hlld ownl Not.n " ebbf_l.t~" _..ton . bu • • 'uU-.!nd 34" , cone...., Inurumen! with InKhl .... b,lnl,.. ......"I'ul .... I~ herdwood - ..tJ.olu.l" no plywood , No tpKlII 1k1U. Of' POW" 1001, n.ded _ ,Iue IncllHMdl CI,ltfuU" cs..Itn~ by rnMIuf.e" tloW .... of Anwt'lcI" mot1


~'ul .

pOPUler dulelm« 10 btl •

' _ _ d int


to thl

ultft- of 'n,trt,tmlnl mlklnt. S.nd,1S pr.-pe,id Ie SMOGGY MOUNTAIN h . 3N4e, Lot ... ~, C.lltOf'nl. 80039 (~I,.~ Oulcit--. _.11 .....1




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Dear £d.1tor , Thoa. who playad harmonlea aa youth_ and haya ta~n up the du!ol.. r IaOra raeanUl lalaht 11n to oOllbtna tha two w1th the a1d ot a hantOnlc_ holdar . It comea qult_ naturall,. I ha .. Honar dual harp. 10 D - A. C - G. and 8 nat - F. So_ modale co .. 10 an PIa . MJ dulcl~r 1_ r1saad w1th dual .. lodl.a but w1th 11 a tloa bronza wound . 020, tunad an oeta.,. dOl.n . My intare_t 1. tradlt10nal danca .\d1c w1th maJor Itay. ot D, A, and G. 81 t.uning onl1 t.he ,. nring, and with t.he axtra 6; fret.. t...,o ka1a are availabla ; ona naMing on o~n and ona at third tret , not to '-nt.lon M1 xolyd1an moda . Altarnatal, I ha.,. fun w1th nageolata in Ita,a of 8 nat, C, D. E_ tlat. , " • G, pla,tBs alons wit.h recorda or radl0, To sat w1th tha d1fticult nu..bara I flnd an an41a .. cassatta tape (ut.Jat.t.a Radlo) to t. ... rl Youra trW., .


B,ron O. Lowerr " Carliala Road a.dtord , Ma ... 017)0 1 waa thrillad t.o have aaan Rick and _Lor~1na t.a', plcture on t.he D.P .N, co~r (Vol. I, No •• ). LOrraina was ., t.aacher tor buildlng and playing . Sh. 'a a great m1aalonary !


John D. Tignor ROUTE 1

FRANKFORT. KY. 40601 PHllNE 502-123-2692

,55.00 +


... "'-/


Musical Traditiols Co. 1:I15141-.... ,T..-.;--L .... C.llf.• 90039 __ _ In Wa",,,,t an.


I,"," sno

.... I . . . . . . . . 101, 'M ... , . _ ... _ _ ,,._ ••• 1_

•• 1.1_,' _. h •• " ... 1, ·, __ ko • • •

1._ .... ' ••,10.

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- 8, . . .1 HellunH

Ro~r Jilcholaon quot.•• 11••• being •••• Know •• tM but.ard loall d~ t.o thlt ~ . . ne •• or 1t., lnt..rvall, 'WhIch atlr\lna on the 2nd t~t would 50



.t.'P. whole ltAp, It ltApl,



li. t.

I, I,



atAp. wbole at.P. whole nip . . .



fa tune tro. t.he at.andard lonlan or lat. . . ., AA-A_D, 11.p11 rei .. the tirat paIr or It.r1ng1 up • at.p to AI, or lowlr the ,14411 and ba •• t atap

fro. A .. 0 t.o 0# and CI roe.peet.lYI,. So you'd han A#AI-A-D or AJ.-GI-CI. Fro. thl atandard MixolydIan t.un1ns ot DD-A-D. t.una to . . m1441e Itrlna dovn 1 Whole It..p and r&1" tM Urn (or tor.t. pa1r) up i ltAp (DIDI-O-D). "hioh ""'n toran_po .. d h J~t • re"'r_ or the DD-A-D fOU narted wit.h, or AIAIIJA. 1 vo\ll4 oal to toM 6t.h tret. altogether and u .. Iour enra 1\h tret. beoau" Mire It. roeaUI Uts In. So th18 P". :rou a Kale In ot tret. at. 2, J, ., 5, 7, 8, 9, 10. Playe4 on Juat. t.he . .1041 .trLng 11. .aund. ... llt.tle 11a bellI dane. musl0 and. Ea.t. lnd.l&ft, but. It doe. sound. eaat.arn. Chordlng chAnsea It.a coaplax10n altosethar and. a oombinatlon ot chording and juat melody at.ring playln~ ean lead t.o so_ "17 powertul dulel_r plat1ng. The ohorda are wrltten out tor the AIAI-A-D tuntng;to ut.111u t.he. tor t.ha DIDI-G-D t.W'l1n6 a1llpl, re ..... r .. the .1d.41a and. baaa atrlng (a) ot the tablat.ure.

« iwn'





• J ~J



~'. J







. .n




• ~




n ••


J J. J

LAnatl on pg. 27 1.n tha Appalaohlan ohaoking aroW'ld .. llbrary that haa .. ;';·ii'~;n'. collaot xal ln :Phua4alphla.) and thou,ght tba to110wlO6 lntOraBtl0D .1ght be or 1ntaraat to roul Slut Ridge BUll 111'&1 tlrat pU.bllahec1 1.n 1946 and a sUll in print and. avaUabla tor ' 5. 82 tro. J . B. L1 ppincott Coap&nI , aceordln« to 10M 121- Boots in PrWt. It wa. aUo publ18M4 . . a papar'bacll: 'bJ Dall In 1967 and .. 11. tor 7~. It 1. reco . . .nded tor )rd grad.. through 7th and ia tr'\ll:r a tine book. 1018 lAn.kl dld. re .. a.rch tor the boot In A.he Countl, Morth Carolina and it include • •averal tradltlonal .ong. 1Doludlng tour tro. Sharp's Engllsh Folk 5oM. trol tba Sout.hern Appalaohl an •• AIIO, bl1n8 t.hat. I'. allght.l1 .1r"Qx-cre.:r.ed. I'. lnclud1ng a tew

pioturee lro. '1.,."


boot IOU .1ght In Joy looklng at.

"'' 'c.tIT It ~ ,'" sr.c.Jc i/.s- .~ T")..S" ft'SW' ~f'1'713 Thank',

IIfW 1NlI:



The D.?.lI. 1a looking into a bulk pW'Ch." ot the .. boot. and. "111 probablr haft the. in 1.1_ tor the booklat in naxt l ..UIt, thanta to tha Wo tro. Ann•• Loot. auper lntareaUJ\6 :

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THE D.P.N. BOOK LIST & INSTRUCTION AIDS The !ollowtng books and


wl11 all be round h1ghly worthwhile

and are obtainable tram ua here at. the D.P.N. PL£A5E ADD 25~ J'OSTAGi: AND rACKINO COSTS fOR 1 BOOK OR 50,: fOR 2 OR MoORE BOOItS - THANI.9:!:

ORDER FROMI Pulc1aer Playera, Ne.a Book L18t RFD 2 . Box 1}2 Bangor, Ma1ne 04401

Dr. Richard W1lkle, Great book tor helptng the player to 88.all1 sat into lIlore advanced atylea malody. playing combination8. Clear explanations: .~


by Len 4: Su MIlcJ:achron. Thi_

with good 1nl'ormatlon.


tip. an ••• y to tollow approach to playing theory aa .a11 a. an excellent a.etlon on tuning •• liL2Q each. "FOUR AND TWENTY" by Lynn McSpadden II: Dorothy French.

Containa lIIuch play-

lng into, plus 24 great aonge and ballad. tor mountain dulolmer in both tablature and regular lIIude_! notation. ~ each.


"DULCDG:R PLAYERS BIBLE" by l"h1111p Maaon. Contalna chording, tunlng, strumming, p1Cking, end muoh other info. A aupplement book ia included ~hich con~a1ns ~he mos~ comple~e dulc1mer reference and souroea lnro in prin~. '~ea oh (a D.F.N . publ i cation ) "IN SEARCH OF Tlit WILD DULCIMER" by Robert. Eorce "Albert. d 'Ouche.

A n1 cely

done end well illu8tra~ed book covering Much intere8~ln6 lnro on aome of tha more conte.parar, play1ng ettlea (trad1t10nal too) that these gUTa ha .. run into around the world •• ~ each. "TUNING AMD wrING THE AnALACHlAN DULCIMER II by A.W. Jeffreya. Super 11ttle book bT a super dulcimer peraon. Excellent introduct10n to chorda, tuning_, coun~er-lielody &: harmony plaJing , notlng, and atrua.lng ~ by Paul Prla. A grea~ handbook 8tyle - lote of ~unee • t1p. ~. liTO BUILD A DULCIMERII by Paul l'yl.. A beat selling whlch is allall but orammed v1th intereeting bul1ding info by Paul Pyle of Tennaesee ~.

"TKi DULCIMER BOOX" (,2 . 9S) and "DULCIMER PEOPLE" (14.9S) by Jaan .Ritchie. Thase tva clas81c8 by Jean Ritch le belong in every .erlous dulcimer players eollectlon, Lots ot reterence 80urcee, song8 , plaTlng info, h1atory, etc.

.• • by


plcking, worth the

Albert Gam.e. Nice book ~o get etarted on. aaay Instructions on ChordinS, strumming. song collectlon (tablature. music) alone U each.

"un IS LIKE A MOUNtAIN DULClKER" Neal Hallman &: Sally Holden. Exoe1lent book v1th chordlng info, tWlings, atnunmin6 and pioklng s~yle8. Also has a record included 10 tha book of all the 36 tWlea given in tablature. 'I'h1s book has aome great dulcimer tunes 1n ~t! 1l...2.5.. "NONESUCH FOR DULCIMER" (".00) and "MUSICKS DELITE ON THE DULCIMER" (I,. so) by Roger Nicholaon. fheae tvo booka or tablatu.res and playing instructions contaln tunee from Rogers tvo albums done in h1e great flngerplcklng atl1e . Songs and tunes range from traditionsl. original, and Elizabethlen . Two very worthwhile book8! A must for advanced and 1nter~edlate playe~ aspecially! "HOW 'IO TUNE AND PJ,.AY THE HAKMiRiD DULCIMER tI by Phi1l1p Ma80n. Thia 16 page booklet cover8 1nformation on the ~pular Sth loterval tunings and expla1ns some basic playing techn1 Que, (the h.d. ls super easy to play) a8 well ss g1ving lots of J1gs and dance tunes done in an eaS1 to follow tablature syatem for you to beg1n leamlng on. 1l.&.52 each. Inoludee lot. of other informatlon, sourceB, and references on hamme red dulc1mers too:

NOTE: Any dulc1mer bookB not yet on th1s l 1st (ve are addlng alov1T) that you m1ght vant to obta1n ?? If so, drop UB a line and ve 'll be more than happy t o turn you onto a source f or obta ining them it we know of one. Th. D.P. N, vl11 also be happy to send you info on obta ining dulcimer recorda that you might not be able to locate locall y. Alwaya glad to help an, ~ D,P.N. reader w1thPlease anyth1ng they would 11ke to locate. ~ do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Dear Ph11 • ..... Got. .. McKandree Spring J album. that has dulcimer on it. Altcord.a DL 7-53}2. Sort of unu8UAl •••••• Ge.i1e Brenner t"



t ji II !!ILl I)

- - FOLK-l.£GACY RECORDS (c/ o Sandy & Ca rollne Paton, Sharon, Conn. 06069) haa • new "lell8e out.. It' 8 fSJ.-S) "Songl 'trad1tionally Sung 1n North Carol1na" by IETTY SKITH. Accollpany1ng hereelf on gultar, :Dountaln dulcimer and psaltery, Mr8. Smlt.h ofrera a wide-ranging program of songe, ballade and hYllle drawn fro. her own North Carol1na heritage. Dear Phlllip Mason: I am 1n the of mak1ng a 6-atring (or wbat.ever) dulcilllOl"8 . patt.ern ae c1088 aa I can from & picture of Rosco RueMll ' e dulcilDOre that Bonnle playa on the Rus&ell Falliny record. I w111 take pict.urea of the conlotructlon aa I cOII'Qlete It. Are you 1nterested 1n th1s type of _terial? (Editor I "Yup") You reque8ted plans (in a back 1108ue) - I could probably draw up aomet.hing. I would 8U£888t. something Y8ry almple for 1.1141 tlrat plana 80 • beginner ooUld ha.,. an 1netl"UDl8nt. I uaually make IDt.ches of all oonatruotlon betO" I act.ually begin - fact 18 I ha.,. maybe 150-200 aheeta of aket.chea, dealgn., and ldeaa. I could go 80 far .a to send them to you 6: let you look the. over for ldea s and then re_draw anything you .ight. want. or run a copy :for rou •••• What I'. really eay1ng I guess 1a "What do JOu need and hov can w. help out here?" 81ess JOu, Edward E. Myers Chula Viata Jr. (415 5th Av. )H1gh School Chula Vi.ta, Cal1fornia 92010 EDITOR'S Hon: t

Heedle .. to .ay. the D.P.N. 1e looking forward to bear10g IDQre froID Mr. M,yers in t.he fut.ure. Sounda ll1[e an 1nter.ltlOg projeotsand materlals. We are alwaya tnterested 10 having IIIOre art1clea on dUlc111l8r conatruc'tlon (how bout' it. luth1era1) •

.. ,.,......... ,j,-. I5AR P'HILI

WOW~ you 40 anawer taat.. Thanks for t.he copy of D.P.N. - you'll tind .J subscrlpt.lon enoloaed. NoW tor lD.y bi(5 proble.. There are &e ....n of us who are lD.aking. dulcllD8ra and t.he problem 1& thiel aince moa't of .:r at.udents are 11 - 12 yeara old I've had to do lD.Oe't ot the outting . In addition, their akille are a llttle lesa than I bad hoped for aa woodworkera. I am now faced vlth problem of all the.e tretboards and put.t1ng t.he fret.a 10 t.helr proper place. I bave Howie Mltchell'lo book, wb1ch include a the 18 rule but. tind tbat. wlt.h It. 18 st.111 a lot. ot ear placelll8nt. Ie &nrone who c~ accurat.e11 draw, trace, or scr1be t.he tret. pat.t.ern, wlt.h 61 and 1>1 fret.a. tor ue 80 we can t.he. dl.r ect11 on our 28" at.arta. It. would. &01.,. our biggelt. proble. and 1nsure a dulc1.mer. Dale Janney (Da.le 1e involved 1n dulc1mers wlt.b her 6t.h grade 3624 oak Ave • ..aohool dulol"r olub and the D.PJi thinks It.a juat Baltaore, KD 21207 fantast.lo"that 11 year 01d8 are building duloilD8ra~)

P.5. I think your magaZine le Juat abaolutely . Would love t.o eae IIOre on how to build J Our own . I'd l1k8 to £D8.lte dozen ••

JII ............ , .. , ..... ,JII" ...... , . . . . MotE'" Scott.y Motea bae .oved Boulder Junc:Uon - Scott.y haa gone 101.0 partnerahlp wit.h Dave Nerr and from the NEW Boulder Junction Inc. t.hey plan to otter a nr1et.1 of dulc1lller at.ylea, fratl10g banjoa, ha_red dulcll118r8. etc. The new addreaa 18: P.O. Box 4n (1J443 Oleveland. Ave.) Unlont.own, Ohl0 "665. Scot.ty 8811a dUlcllD8r plana (both kinda) and h18 00_ address t.o contact. about. plane and atuff 1e now at 236 Linooln St. •• Kartv1lle, Oh10 "6}2 @

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Lor)'!!ne L!!. ha. been k1nd eno\18h t.o .end ue tM tunlng chart wbleh elle 1.1 . . . 1n he r dulc1me r t ••ching 01. . . . . (_0 .D.P.N. te.cher. 11et). Iou w111 Ilnd the following tuning. to be ".11 .u1ted t o the light g~ atrlnglng .. t-upa for dulc imer that Lorrain. has "orked out ber aM,. ,.••re at pl.,lng and experimenting "ith the dulcimer.

"hi.,. tme


bue etrin, tiret.




key ot ,




by ot "

• •

• •

.,ddl•• trinJ


a D .bo.... :Sddle C z· • C

- ..lodz


a,. Catr1np;

"au. atrin1u. d Gelow .1 a C J.. • C I· • C

by ot C by of D

and !'I1ddl. tun.d

.elm e


JlId • J)

."DoT. a iMI. •

D e"aOTfl lid ddle C



no eJiB or n.te two eMrpII

tour ehU'J18

to lith r.rtt bu • • trinlj-llcalli . • tarta .lddl •• trins




IlIad!. d

.iddli D





.tel·U e C • C

)ri f'NIt



one etwrp thr • • harpe


llXlLlAN HOlE -t.m. .uol1dlan, than lower _led,. strinl one vbole .t.p .. tU the tirat tr.£ on Ui...locO' aoda the . . . . .1 tIM . 1ddl.e etrine open - eeale .t.rte en tiret tnt .....1 . . . . .1 I .adal

• I

• •


.1del).e C


D • bOTe a1ddle C



alcldl.e C • C

-tune ionian, then lower _lod;y .trine one ltIol.e .tep untU the tirat lftt en ...... the .1ddl•• trinl: open- .eale atar'u on the fourth lret b.... strin!). _~ II tr1nS , bli10ii .ldene C it\81ow •• C

, ....... ........ . .....1

o· A·

• •


.1ddh C D .bOTe .tddl.e C

D .'IHn'e .1cldle C I" "C

'I'M•• tunin,u ar. aDJE'Oprhte tar U~t ".u•• _tal .trin... . rro. ...t of .trinp tor the t11'e a t.1'1.nC "'anjo us. the atrin!!! II\IIrked tirst or fltth (theY'r. the a""'e Itu",) tar the .dcPdy a1"d Id~dlll !'t.r1f\(1I - It.tlit. Ie .ppnn:. . 1)09. Ir;rou hue & double MlocO' .trin, 7011 w111 nqd 1"t another .009.

Oae an 'tmIound third

.rr~ the

aaM "e.anjo ..t tor

)"O\lI' .... a.

atrtnc (third -. trine) &JI!lI"OX • • 012.

'or a dlllclMr vi th tt:tur •• p&r&te atrine. (no dou"'l. fa.i) 'IdI • &pprox •• 022 , and "m. i t an oct... "low th . . .lo¢T .trine.

tourth f'rooa the 'Mnjo .. t,

LORRAINE A. LEE Appo14cJiIGll Mullc

234 Eliot Street South Nltick, 104 ... 01760 Tel 617 - 653-1290


* thie "

chart ie a.t liP tor ttlJ'ee .trin« dulcfafTI, .. wound fourth atrtn( vculd tuned an oct&Y. "lev the aelodT etrinc tor ...Ch at tb... tWltn" to prort..

...... druIe

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I t I •


.nlUbl. 41NotlJ fro. t.M

"n4 oheok or M.O. tOI


,.n'/,v /font


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""~'IF H ... eooo"...... 31n2

1'0.'" ....

Bpec1a11s1n8 in the trad1t10nal inat.rwmenta, crafta, & lore of the Iouthem Apf1&Oh1ana. For & atrinsed or win inatruaent. k1t, book, record albua, folk tOft or &ooe saar, - 1f we don't have 1t, we'll tr, t.o set 1t for fOU. OATAl.OGllE on requ. at • .


., Dealer inqu1r1e s invited •.

UFE IS UKETIlOUNTAlN DUlaMER An edensM book of 35 dulcimer ~inninl or adYinced studenb insb'uclion .nd • demo record. (InteS from old En,lish bila.d.

tunes lor

includint Contents

Of..,., .... TRO $ONeliAYS SERVIC£. INC.. $ttMI chKt


11 W. 5OdISt., NYC lOOn. , . . . . ".,...



suelt IS Tltomu Rrfl\ef nd Cluel Sis~ 10 arty Amerian riddle tunes like Turkey in lite Straw Inc! Cripple Creek, .Iso some conte",· por~ works such as Buck Dancer's Choice Inc! ' D.ndellon River Run. All SOIllS in eny-4oofeacl IabIIlure witll comprehensive insfruction in play, "I, (Itofdint .nd tunin. the dulcimer in warious ke,s. n .95



AppAlaohian • Hammer.d OLD TDIE lWiJ08

r retl••• -rrette4


band.ed_ wooden Folk 1Dwtrua.ntl JIo~rt Dixon .. :224 hit na St. Rooheltar, N.Y. 1~5


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FRON T HALL RECORDS. '\'II~!Rr.\',lI,lP, 1'I,~~I!!"l",,,,-,,,, '1hcOl"'"

_1i*1If Mtfr:.. !TdEO REVIEW.

, ...... T1I[


Story MngS lor chlldftn. W h lZ PI9I boat. F.. ..m. SWINCII£ ON ACATE

. _ ........... ,'" e..",,,,, 0..,,,,,, ..

CounI'ry dine. tUnft In the .... ltNIpShlr. NM« FHI.ot, NlUOWW ITHAl£fIlOMT":HOIN.

_ . _.... r"" ••' ....

Sonts lind storln Iroa ItIt Ir.lsh F"~.


"1ft... Mostly.

SATURDAY NICHT IN fH[ PROVINCES. 'tm:;ft ', All - 51.. ~ 5 "... rKorciln.' Mnc:t I\HM$ ..... lOtI9S '1 1.W'

MIl ..... du 1__• lidt,



......"'_JOO.........., ... "--.... .,cN_',.,....


rite for 0 compl.I.,nting of r'(OI'l:1I RD I Worm.r Rood voortt..,,,w., N.Y. 12186


914-271 -5097


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tltar Mr. Ma.on, ••.•• Dld you latow that Steele,. Span. album. all have dulclme r mudc on thea? I ••w "Plea .. t.o See the KinS" on your dl.cosraphy but I've .lao sot "Now We Are Six" (ChryUl1. CHR 105') and "l"aroe~ or Rogues" (Chr.rUl1. CHR 1046) with Tim Hart playing electric dulc i mer . Now We Are Si~M haa three cuta wit.h elect r ic dulcime r and "Parcel ot Rogut." haa even 1II0re thNt that . 1'111 not real17 aure how many "Parcel ot Rogues" haa becauae it doe.n't. liat the in at.rument. each per80n playa on .aoh out., and 8()1118 ot the o t her in.truments could be any ot several •••• Sinc.rely, Ann. Helen Roee Bal. Cynwyd. PA


titer D.P.lf . Raader., •.••• bvin Roth brieny ment.ioned alect.ronic du],ci.. Vell . It.. my beliat that. ona ot t.he ... a.on. that. t.he dulclmer ha. been lett unnot.lced 80 long 18 dUll t.o the taot t.h.t. when pl.yed wit.h lIilny ot.h.r it a blaut.ltul sound get.a lo.t.. I would 11ke to ausgeat that playe r s look into a tlna el.ot.ronlc pick-up daslgned by t.ha Barous- Barry eompany. It lII&y be attached t.o t.he inatrument permanently or bl put. ty (ao it lDay be remov.d). It glvea .uperb .ound reproduction; even bitter than 11ve m1k1nS bloaua. the pIckup 1a in direct oontaot with the vibratlnS wood. The pIckup . y be u .. eS. in conJunctlon wlth the Barcus-Berry pre - amp which haa .. per.te baa. and treble cont.rola, A really neat &lip to go with thla la one that .Unda •• by 8i" by 6· and rune on ah battaries : Inown aa the "plglo .. " . . p . deaign.d by . belleve 11. or not.. tha Plgno" Company at Lo. An!"laa. I mtoW thla eound. 11ke .d.,. rt1aing hlP , but It.8 Juat t.hat product a are eo tlna and reproduce the aound or tha dulc1mer 80 well, I ra.l It.a worth paning on. Thanka tor .uch a beaut.ltul ••sazine : Dulcimers torever, Steve ltatz 15 Royal st . Worceate r, Maa •• 01602


tltar Phillip . I would really appreclat.a tha names at any Varmont. bu1lde rs you mow at . What. I'. looklng tor 11 so .. ona in New England who ....ould con81der arranglng ao .. kind at apprent.lceshlp . I w.nt t o learn IK)" about . . king .ualcal inst~nts. I· ... bu11t two vlol •• with an awtul lot at help trom .. vlolin cater na . . d o.ul t. in Waah. D ,C. I don't. teel. though, that I have enough lInowladge and .kill to work on .y own. I hi.,. vlrtuelly no axperlence wit.h paWl" tool'. Lucky Dlalllond got. .. Intareatad in dulcll118r. , and I'ID partlcularly lntareat.d In hammered dulclali8rl. I'. alao inte"ated 1Jt tlddles and the be.nJo. It JOu Ienow at anJ lIakera who a" ope n to taaching others I would like to !mow about the. . thanka .. lot, Beverly Dyer Bo~


Benn1Jtgt on Call . BlInn ., VT 05201

l.orre1ne Lee tumad . . . . . "h1le at.tendlng the (by Alfred Perclval .. ont.o a phot.ocopled page troll thh Intereatln~ G,..vea _ G",at Brlt.lan: Emaat Bann paraoraph occura' The lata Dr . Clague ot CaaUetown clalm.ed t hat thare exiated in t.ha lalNtd (I ale of a type ot fiddle .... lth three atringe and .. flat brIdge and tlngerboard,j the two 10ller atrinsa tuned In fourths o r tltt.ha tOl"'ldd a drone , and t.ha melod, was played on the upper at.ring. the attec t produced baing tha 1.ltatlon ot a bagplpe wit.h a and t.lIo dronea. There are a raw tunea whl ch g1" solee colour to thl. thaory . I do not thlnk,howaver, t.hat. such an In.t~n t. In gene"'l u" . Mention la made t.oo or .. primIti ve !lut.e , lIade t!"OlD the branch of t.he .lder-tree. but It.a acala IDU.t have been very detactlve, 80 Its Influence would be ne&lg1ble . There are no tracea ot tha harp . (Dr . John Clague. a ManDan, apent a lot at time in the lat_ 1800. collact I ng and re .. arching Manx tolk aong.) Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact



Many thanks tor your lettera about the Radlo




be1n13 produced noW' and. ahauld be ready for the all' 1n the Spring. Keep your peeled in the D. P.N. tor the dat,e and cUal nWllber 1n JOur area . ltBep sending tho .. tap" - I "'111 be ualng .aat. all or tha.; and 11ke 1 •• 1d in . , l • • t column, you ~111 be 1n the beat of coapAny along vlt.h Judy Colltna, RoI3&1' Nicholaon, Rlehatod tarlna, Jon1 Mitchell and _n1 IIIOre .


The next proJect on the 'Senda 1e ftnding out what • chro . .tl0 fret."d dulct.r can or oannot do . A ohro_t..1c dulct-er w111 lnolude an the 'harps " nata on the plano . Frankly it w111 be so_what ot • pain t.o how to play the th1n6. but t.hat ' . 11t. laue... Haa &nlone

out thare

."1' _de

ona betore!

On t.he !DOre t.radlt.1onal alda or 11C' , • friend of mlne pro"''' to me

t t. all the not•• you want are on the re~ul.r duloimer. She eald 1t Just dap'nda on how you tuna It . All rl5ht, I 11 bu1 that ldea, but I atl11 oan ' t Ugura out the tunlnga. Can you 1l11&gin. playing "Go Tell Aunt Rhody- in £ flat ylth a 7th add.d perh.pa1? 1 aa hadnS an 8 ur1nS dulcl_r mad.. Th. dulclaar 1. l:*_d on • • • trL~s - the dltt.ranc. 1. that each .tring 1. doubl.d and one each i . tun.d an octave below the oth.r . It 1* baNd on t.he lde. at • 12-atr1ng guitar . It. gh•• the inatrulll&nt a much de.per &: r1cher .ound. I u" banJo 2nd , }rd , • lath (81ac« DlallOl1d) .trinS., 'llhlch .hould .aile quite • .aund ! Dave F1eld 18 ... klng 1t tor _ . and kno Y 1ng hi. work and te.llnga tor t.he lnat.:r"UCJ&nt 1t. .hould be outat.and1ng. Ma. &o.yone out tbara perl_nt..d with other tora. ot dulclaer. - new .hapea, .1&e., atring.??? Ch y_., on. laat thing betore 1 go about dinn.r t.o t.ho .. who 10 .... t.ha changing of ••••on • •nd t.he colo re ot the Falll 1 wl.h lOU .11 the n.xt f.", months. Xevtn Roth " Unionvill., PA 19375 - (215) 347-1808 .



;;.:.,..;. ,i.. ,h.i



, 1M1I1 .. , ".7"",.,.....,..








IMSJ Q:IIott5tJ - f'LA'fj;tI The /(C'fS

.f G-J

117~ -"'~

;) •

C. .,-..s.....y.

CJ l) oM

/4Ic ~ Wp: Pill ,,"SOIl'S .... E.lCtltUIIEI SNOP 1ft a. , .IU~ 1IICtI,IIA111£ 14401 2..-=...::.-:,r).~~ :.~~ n _ """"- f.r _


f4ILL. Of H"»· IfJIo 4- SDAfl! BU;UIMS


".1). .. ui.,.,,.

Wf ,~

1UrPNs ~",J

1WOwtN. - "~f2 "E/!l15.



lEAR REAmRS I Pl.... not. that t~ art101 •• , oolu.l. and l.tter. Whloh appea.r in the D.P.R. do not n.ce . . . r1ll ran.ot. the per.anal opln10n ot the Editor . The Editor do~" not teel that. tb18 publication ahould tap M.l .peo1tlc atand (Which alwaY5 contln•• thing. to boundar1•• - an wn.c. . .ar:r ph1loaophl when d.al1ng with .ualo)i ~ther 1t 1. t.hat th1. pub110.t10n .houl4 be open t.o all y1.w. ·an4 opinlon about the duloi_r. Ve .urely bt..... rooa to allow all to ahara fre.ll in .aoh other. dulol. r lora and ~rt out tor our .. l ..... what appeal. to the 1Dd1Y14ual intera.t and dlreotion. BJ lOur only can we know Vbat you want. to ... in D.P". and what lOU would l1ke to .... !h1a bring. to • 010" the flrat ot the D.P •••• and v. vanlll t.hank aU the aanl tln. toll&:. who h ..... th.1r dul01.r knoWl.dge • au.lo w1th u.. V. ara contlnl.l1ng to grow at m. ...sing !'at.. and 1001&: forvard. t.o anot~r ,.a.r ot

D.P." . /

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b1 D&vld Taylor The per10d covering t.~ ten ,.are haa ... n an inoredible reJuvenation or 1nt.ere It. in tha tnatrwtent generally known in the United•• t.oday .a t.he halllD8red c1u.lcUier . Unton rat.her recant.17. t.hare vare vary rew who recognlz.ed. 1IIuch 1 ••• playad the •• inat...umenta i b1 1.04&1. thla nwaber haa increaeed alsn1tl c ant.ly_ Whne there were p raoticalll

nona produced tor commercial aa1a , today luthlara from co••t to coaat are aanufact.urlng tnat.rumenta ot ertracrdlnary qual1tl. lDuaical a. wall .a .atbetlo . In an at.te .. pt. to cOllpl . . . nt the aver_inoreasing tntare_t in ~red dulcimer., the dpn btglha with this 1 •• U8 a ne". HIIII-regular column de_ yoted exolusively to the hammered duloime r. It wl11 be writtan by DavId

Taylor, .. graduate student in folklore at. We.tarn "ntuok, Unlvaral1". and

.. hammered d.u].cl_r player . The column w11l hope tully be deslgned around lpeci!1c needs at our readerl . be they queltlonl about bu1lding. hiltort . avallabllity at tnltrumentl, or "hatever. We al80 have plan a to reprint eo_ art1cle. from other Journall. deallng "lth hammered dulo lmer aCholarah lp trom earli'r on. a. "'11 88 to t ooua on aome reaearch currently under ..., on th••e tolk 10ItrUlllentl . It humanly po8l i ble , queatlonl .. 111' be an .... Nd 1n the 1a.UI to 'b4t pubuahed 111llQ8dlately tollo.. ing their reclept. QUlriea and/ or augg_ est lana tor a dlrectlon tor the column ahould 'b4t .ent d1rectl, to Davld Taylor , Ins Cant.on Drlve 1'2. BoWling Green, n 42101 .

The "Halllldred Notea" reprint aerlel beginl thil in". with an artlol' by Charlel Faulkner Bryan . orlg1nally publllhed in the "T.nn..... Foltlora Societ, Bull.tln"' Volwae XVII, No . 2 . June. 1952 . Br,an, a prot.lSlor at at the Ind1an Sprlnga School tor at Halana, Alab&.a. waa a a1gn1tlcant torce in tha etudy or T.nn..... tolklore tor tV'nt, ,.ara, untl1 hl1 untlmely d.ath in 1955 at the a~ at 44. A more compl.t., at th1a earlt dulclmer acholar .. 111 appear in the n.xt iaaue at the DPN. along "lth the concluaion at thla 1.ngth11 artlol'. Tb. tollo"1nS art i cle il reprint.d wlth the permllla10n at the T.nnea.' Fol klore Societ" and our d •• p appreciation go•• t o Ralph V. Hyde, SecretaryUi tor to r the Tenne lse. Folklore Society .





By CharI. a Faullm. r


Several y.ara ago radio audience I throughout the natlon taloinat.d by a quaint mUlical 80und ..hich th.y heard on the Ford Earl, American Danc. Program. tverIon. could i dentity the tlddl' and the Itr1ng baa. in the group playtng , but the peculiar accompanying inatrument whlch aound.d unll~ anyt hlng known I n oont.mpo r a ry llt . . .aa the captlvatlon whloh held man, a non-danc.r. al veIl aa the dance re, to the progra_. A tew old tlmera remembered the lound from long ago , ..hill .veryon. el ....ho tun.d in the progr am made hta own gue as ae to ..hat 11. vae. Untortunatel, the program ran ita cycle and pallHd from the Amerlcan IC'M. (bIT the DlIIOl'1 at that at range plunking Bound remainll, and no acqu.aintan~ at tbe publlc 11.1 to ..hat mad. 11. oome about. The eource at thil atrange Bound '01"1 the bamJDIl"'ld dulCimer, a COIIplicat.d and completel, orl g1nal mu.loal !n.trument.. It. .ay be con&14ered a talk in.trument, becau.e 18 .. a. never avard.d the dlgn1t.l ot havlng compoBltlona "rltten for 1t., nor .... . lt glven a place in t.h. concert hall. ~lt.hough one or t.ho moat complex ot tolk in.t.rument.I, 1t. Bt.lll lan4a ItI.lf to inf ormal lIIul1c and avalt.e the t.ouch of &nlone .. 1th a lilting tune in hl. heart . One look at thl. boz. covered with .an:r Itring., 1a enoU6b to ama" the laTer of folk a rt . . 1a a ph,.10. laborat.ory 1n on. neat packaS" Moet of the Inlt!"'llllent ...hlch can be found t.o4&J ""1'0 . .de 10 huable hOlDla or .hopa vhere tool. vere fe .. but Ingenu1tr great.


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'the student of inst.rumenta IDUlt. admit. t.o 8 much clearer hlatory ot development 1.n the caee of the hellut&red dulciCl8r &s compared to that of the Appalachian MoW'ltaln DulCimer. ft'lt.h the lst.ter instrument, the threada of chronology are aplder webB and as yet not able to support the ...eight. of hlatoricel requirements. We only guee8 thAt the plucked inat.rWIant WBa ueed 1n Ell:.abat.hen t1m8.. On the other hand , t.he hSID:Il8red

dulcl .. r haa a clear hlator1 and much documentatIon in all languages, So far. 1t.s earlle.t. convincing proof comea from a baa-rellaf on a cathedral porch In Spain ot about 1184. It. can be traced to all the continenta and to moat count.rie8 . In China, where It waB tiret. found about 1800, 11. wa, cal18d the yang ch'in (foreign :.lther). Many writera have caned It the fOreJ"U1U\8r of the plano i and indeed 1t. could wel1 have Inaplred 1nventora to !Deohani!.e thla complIcated box. Aa in the case of the Appalachian ~untaln dulcimer, the hammered dulcimer 18 claaaHied by its at.ring arrangement. 'lhe single-bridged dulcimer 1& a Simple lnatrument In which tha at rings are paued oval' II bridge, after haVing been fastened to one end of the box and to tuning plns on the other end. The instrusent-maker places II single brIdge, or a series of bridgas 11ke chessmen in auch a way as to permit playlng on either slde of t.he bridge. The player strIkes the strlnga vit.h hammera, and t.he .ound 1& amp11fied by t.he aOWld box over whIch t.he at.rlnga are The aingle-bridged inatrument is comparatively easy to make, tor all t he ingenious music-lover has to do ls to prepare a st.rong elongated box, faaten st.rlngs to one end by screwa, and after running them over one brldge, connect them to pins elllbedded in t.he other end at the box. The pins ware hammered out. on anvils and deslgned t.o be forced tightly Into prepared holes In the hard wood . (Editor's not.e: aketches ot tW'ling pln and tuning wrench available in orlginal article.) TWllng wrenchee were anvil product. and were necesaary to t.urn t.he p10s becauee of the vlce-llke grlp of the wood and the tenslon ot the atrlngs. In thls single-brldged 1olt.l"UJIIItnt the diatonic scale 111 t.uned and the brIdge Is so arranged all to gi". \'li0 seaHa, one a perfect tilth above the other. Tha calculation for t.his double scale was not too difflcUlt to make, tor the old-tlmer simply measured one-third of the string and placad the brldge t here, not realizlng that millenlums ago the Greeks had fIrst fOWld suoh calculation. ot divlding a atr10g and that tha monochord 6th Century had set up lore tor such tWl1og. Thu. the playar ha.d at hls command two .ets ot notee. (To be cont.1oued in our next 1l1li\18)

....... It. . . It.... U

'.If.' •••

It..... It.It. It..... It.,~ . . It.

DULCIMER TEACHERS LlElrINGS (,«e'll add n ..... na. . . . . the1 are broU6h\ to our attant.lon) I Lorralne La_, 234 Eliot st. , South Natick, Mass. 01760 (653-8290) Bobbie wayne, 2118 Forest Rldge Road, Ti.onium, Mal'}'land 21093 Holly Tannen, 33 lA.... tON Road, London. England Maddle MacNell, P.O. Box 157, Front Ro1al . Virginia 22630 Ell"n Rains, 3}} Fayetteville St. 1410, Ralelgh, N.C. 27601 Ralph Lee Bmith, 17}2 21st St., Waahlngton, D. C. 20009 Chelsea House Folklore Center, Box 1057, Brattleboro, Varmont 05}Ol Tom Hobson. S.F. Callfornla - phone 626-8097 bte Christ, 4028 C.T.R. "J". Rt 2, Cro.a Plaina, WUcona1n 53528 lat.hJ Reddlck, 39 Hlghland Ave. 13, Cambrldge. M.... 02139 na Andersen, 7199 S. Turkay Creek Road Morrison. Colorado 80465 Simon Spaulding, 566 Cbbatnut St., san Franclaco, CA 94133 (932-}846) Barbara Truex, 24 Branchvllla Rd., Rldgefield, COlin. 06877 (438-0266) John App18quUt "Wooden Mu.ic'·. 25 W. Anapamu. santa Barbara, CA 93101 NarE,


Books & records maka excellent self-teaching ald. also!! A check with anl nearbJ Folk Socletl (they are in ever1 clty) or college should turn up a faw dulcimer people in 10ur area who Would be lnterest.ed in swappins tunee and Intormation. Sure worth a try ~ ~

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On th1e .Y .. cond viall. to Britaln, I'. uontlnu1ng to diacover that the dulcimer lIituatlon bere 18 _l.nar to that in the Stat•• , KlLn1 instru-

"nt. Juat hang on va118 or 118 around 1n 11ttle quiltad bage, How come? My gue •• 18 that at leall part ot the problem 11e. in the ..,8y dUlc1JrJera

are Bold.. "Thia instrument 18 so 8.8y that. anyone (unspokenl even .. aiap1eton l1ke you) eM play it." Thu8 progr&mmed, vhen the prospective player rune Into her firat problema , aha ' • • •'barraeed to •• It tor &.B1atano8 o 80 I'd l1n to share here 110" t.'P1081 proble.a .Y etudenta 1n California ha . . h&d, and t.he aolutlona ""8 lye come up "Lt.h. "01.81 I'. here con.clou.l~ tolloW~ the radical p.ychiatry people in Berkeley 10 8ubat1t.ut,1ng 8he lll tor he" aa the actlve pronoun, 80-9*r

. , studenta have been women, and on8 of the 1I08t cODlllOn 'barrler8 '1M run into 111 thelr tendency to .ee t.beaNlvell all pa •• lve creature. unable to act. Thll1 la re1nforced by our apleoh and thought patUrn •• Beooaing avare of i t la a tir.t atep to pa .. ing throU6b It . H.T_ peg8 - tbo.e black vl01ln pega that many duloimer. lt tbey, and the hol.1I th.,'re fltt.d to, are

pertectl, round. It youra atlok or alip, th.y aren 't. Chalk, IIpit, or peg dope (avanable at Tiol1n atorell) are temperar, IIOlutiona. I pereonally hate friotion pega 4: pUllh rA1 IItudent. t.o g.t good banjo or gultar geared pega. It th1a la not. po . . ible, I auss-at f1nd1ng t.he beat voodwornr you kno'" t.o round ott JOur pe:gll and peg hole •• B. STRJ)lGS. "How old are tho" atringe?M HTh., w.ra brand-ne", when I bought it alK month. ago:" Changlng atrlnga 1. dltt1cult at flrat, but lt 111 abaolutel, n.ce.llar, It dQ!II'nt work t1 atteapt to plal on de8d atring •• It lIoundll awful & outa h.ll out of ,our ina-re. You can expect to have to change your .trinS. liver)' IIOnth or 110. Be "'11ling, 8lao, to IIKper1lD11nt. "'1t.h IItringll ot guagea. Don't take anyone el .. 'a op1nion aa gOllpel a8 to what 111 thll bellt 111. ringing 111111.11111. Xour In_trwnent. 1_ paraom~l a: un1que. Findlng your own favorlte tuningll • _trinSing 1I,_tem8 18 an enjOyable 6: continuing proc.... 1 t.une ~ ballll (26 or }2 guage, bron~. vound to 10'" D; lilY mlddle and MUody .t.ringll (10 or 12 guage) t.o blgh D. I never UN four atringll, b, the vay; if I bad .. perate IItringa 1 wouldn't have enough fingerll to to tret them all; the double IOIIlody .tring that aM, people uN I tind too hard on . , ting.r •• Q. ExtRA Ff(i:T. An extr& fJ"'llt, between tbe aixtb .......nth fretll • na_d b, Howl. Mitch.ll the tret. 111 a valuable add1t10n to lIny dulcl .. r. In .,. tuning d •• crlbed abo ... 11. a11o"'a _ to pIa, in a _Jor IIcale (Ionian .ode) or alKol,dlan mode without retuning.




1 generall, but very laportant facet

ot dulcimar playlng . It ,our body i. twl.ted or conatr1cted, the aUllio ",ill not flo'" treely. Two poaltiona work for II1II1 a flllllll-10t.u., oroll.-lewd pollltlon on the noor or on a ou.hion, and lIitting in a 10'" chalr, kne •• wide apart' t •• t nat on the ground. It..,. chalr 1. too h1gh 6: ay h •• l. co .. otf the ground, t.n.lon run. tbro~ the baak. ot ~ calv'a • _y leg. atart to .bake. Th1a 1. wbf ,ou'll ott-.n ... DIt on atage w1t,h IIIJ' dulci .. r ca .. under =7 t •• t. So.t.1 • • I pIlI, wlth as rle,ht ankle on Il, kn.e & the dulclD1r reatin!. on., rient leg, but thia po.itian doesn ' t .... to hold up ~.ll und.r the IItrea. ot pertor.lng. 1 tlnd that "'hen I'm "'orking beat 1'. aitting atreight, te.t grounded. with .eventh (octa.,.) fret in lin. with lIy .pine. I t.el th.n in balance, and the that happen. i. balanced. I can't tore. thia, ho",ever; 1t hal to 'pring o rganicall, troll a centered .tate ot a1od. "


Beginn.r. ott.n t.nd to pIa, with Juat on. finger. or tentatlvel, with t",o. I .ncourage .y at.udent. to pIa, wlth _the thumb &: tM tlnger next to the little ting.r - ... l11u.tra.t.ion. Thi . . . thod allow. 'OU to hallmer-on • pull-ott, and to ola.ber rapidlf up I: down the tretboard, (Lon Col. ot 1.0. Angel •• calla th.1. the b1t., .pider method ot playing-) and to ke.p ,our ald41. tingera tree tor ohording on the .1ddle • ba •• .trlng"


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RIGHT HAND Tha rIght. hand creat.all the rh"thaa, and de".loplna a fluld ,en_ of rhytha la oft.aD • hurdle for at~ntll. It.'a pri . .rl1, a mattar ot l1ataD1ng to Appalachian zuaic, flddle • banjo mualc. aa well aa dUlc1.. ra. and get101ng thoae lDOuntain rhltbJaa into lOur blood.. )(y frlend Bob Tho ..... t.he plper aa,a that aach culture incorporate a Into Ita aualo the lDQet exclting aounda in 11.11 envlronment . BatOrl! t.he tntroduct.lon Into the U.S . ot the railroad traIn, horMa were the !DOat. axclting thing go1ng. The baale "boa-biddy-bolllp" rhythll that Jean Rlt.chle deaorlbea 1n her Dulclmer Book 18 10he rhythlll of a galloplng hor ... CotICUlSI0N5 The dUlcllD8r 18 in pnl wa,a a .apla inat.rument; the ba.1cII can be leanled in an hour . Flnding one '. Olin peraonal atyla on the inatl'URlllnt ia a proceaa that. t.a][lla t.l", lnten .. concantrat.lon, Md a w1l1ingneaa te allk for aallilltance and te takt8 correotlon. (About the Author - Holll Tannen haa reoently lett San Francillco bel area to coma and lIve 1n London. She haa been playing dUlc1mer tor 12 ,.ara • teachIng i1"Ofe lIS lonally for 3. A chapter on her IItyle ot play1ng entItled Playlng Dulcl_r wIth other Inetrumante" ie 1noludad 1n Jean Ritchle'a na. book Dulcl .. r 18o»1e. Holly can be heard on Barkeley Farllle (FcU:waya) • x.nny Hall rPhllo). Holly alao haa bad publUhed in the DPN (Vol. 1. No. 4 - reprint a ava1lab1a) an art1cle ant.1t.led "My Style of Dulcl"r Play1ng") .



September 19. 20 , & 21 have been duly reco~d .a a great weekend ot _an1ngtUl muaic lIaklng on the cA&pUa of Southeaetern Hanachu_tta Unl ... where tbe 1975 E111teddtod (Welah tor tolk teati.-al) wall held. Duloimera of all k1nda, both lIoootain • h .... red, were in evidence aplenty. and acme really tun people brought a lot of eood mueic with thelll. Featured at th1e gatherlng waa a Mountain Dulcimer Workahop with Margaret MacArthur. Lorralne Lee. and Irene Saletan. The .. tina ladlea. who have about 40 or 80 yeara ot dulc1mer experience between thea. condUCMd the vorkahop in a ~&lly excellent and meaningtul manner, inYltlnS and answering queatlona, 8harlng t1pa, explaining .-arioua at,.lea. and generaJ.l1 d1~oting a worth,. ~1"OUp leaming eXperience - whlch 1a "'hat workahopa ahoul.d be all about.! "TRAREZOID", the Hammer Dulcimer Str1ng Band. comprlead at sa. Rlzzetta. Paul Riealer. Pete V1gour, and Paul Yeaton. pro.-ided yet another workShop t.ature tor ha . . . r dUlc1mer to .an 1t a ..,all r ounded dulo11118r weakend. Th18 well attended e.,.nt ..,aa another good learning exper1enoe, Md auch e.-1dence ot, and lntAreat In. the 1natrument "aa noted throughout the .ekend . Fred Montague. a luth1er troa Te"tabury, Ma .... waa *lao at the teat and d1aplayed both hammered and plucked at bis cre.t1.a booth. The D.P.N. wl11 be runnlng 110_ great photo. in tbe next 18aua ot the dulci!Dltrlng h1ghl1g}'!.ta at t.ha E1ataddtod Uten by Ta1l1 Froth1n6b". P .K.

Hello dUlc1mer peopla: 1 ..,aa ao exclted to have baan lIhown your 4Ulc1.. r na"'a. I recently spent. waek 1n Camden, Malne wlth .Y 1n-lawa. they told . . that there waa a dulc11D11r lIIaker 1n Eaatport who had. booth at the Rocnand eaarood Feat. 1 wen.t down to .. e hlc and axchange some 1ntor.,.t10n .tc. Hi. na.. le Allen Harrls - .uch beautitUl dulclmera! Dur1ng our converaation be S.... me a copy ot the laat ias\.18 wh1ch I proceedad to read troa 00'111'1' to co ... r. 1' ... been pl.y1ng dulo1mer for 3t ,eara and have been teaohing about 2. The f1r.t t1me I heard one vaa on the R1chard • Mia1 Farlna albuaa and dec1dad r1sht then and there that I had to have one. 1 had .... a plaYlna with .ada1 tunea tor yeara on the gultar, and when I d18coyered the dulct.r 1t waa love at t1rat aound. It ..,aa a fruatratlns ,ear-long walt until 1 bad ona, but It ..,•• worth 11.. P1tt J:inaolvlng in .ew Cana&n. Conn. aad8 aina, and I'.,. met only :5 or 4 ot.her oraftamen that do aa good a Job aa he d1d. Moat ot .Y dulcil18r tunaa are lnatrumental and ot .,. own coapoa1tlon. I u" aa lIIany dlfferent techn1quea and tunlnga aa I oan dre . . up - oo.ins up wltb some .trange thlnga 8O. . Soce lnatrument. that I find extre"I, ooapatlble with the dulcl_r are cla!'lnat., 'f'1ola, Illd .ra.a - I"a &oatlf into the Jau. area ot lIIuaio. Anyway, I'a Juat. thr1llad at the wealth ot 1nformation in D.P.H. and a. Blad to aea dulclmer pla,ara and .atere bandtng together ••• Barbara Truax ~ 24 Branch.ll1a Road I..:J Ri~t1eld. Conn . 06877


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Tlw abo.,. phot.o .how. ott pan. ot tM 4uloi_r acm.tJ"Uoticm proce •• at. Bonn1e Carol Du!ci_r. ( Sa11.:1a star Rou'tA. BaulcHr, 0010. 80)02). We will be MmDtns ~N ot Bonnie t • tine photo. 1.:1 tuture i .. UIt., end tMJ spealll: prettJ woh tor the ... h.s. MJhow. tMJ sure reneot tbe taot that shit bu.Uda dulo1_rs 1n a .,.ry cre.ns-.z:l.hlp 11t1! .anner, and .,. thall}: her tor abar1D8 hitr 4uloi-.z:lia wit.h us.


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f.:.QI! VARIOUS FOUR 9'[61110 puL.ClMERS bl Kellaan tlR! 1 Du)cl"r: the t1rn two (pair) a,. the ..... , the third • littl. h'avI.r and • wound tourth - . 01 0 , • 010, . 012 • • 022W • ~£-A-D (0 L1d Ian) • AIAI-A-D (D Loor1'n) • tDD-A-f (D M1ll0. ) CC-A-D (0 Dorl'n) bts:I-l (' Dorian) ~ . D-G-D (0 lon1an) • l IDI-O-D (D Lo c r1an) • BD-G-D (0 Dorian) D1>-G-B (G 10ni&n) ~ C -G-D (0 DorIan) j .u.CJ.D (D 1'hr1g1an) DD-B-B (B AeoHan)

DJ)...G-C (0 101'11") j.

C1>-G-C (C mm.) j


CC-G-C (C M.ho.) And ao Oft in t.M 1tt1 or c.

the and stdngs 1,2 and 3 . 014 •• 014- . 014- . 022 W• the f ourt h. wound string AA-f-O ( 0 Ionian) o Phyr ign) or: BbBb-A-O ( 0 Lorei.n) ,\A-'\-2 0 Ionian) or: F'F_ .'1_ D ;., B.gpipe) M-,t-E ( J.. R.v . ) or: M _A- A AA-B-f ( E. Oorian) (And so on for the t;ey of E, G,P •••• te.) M-B-f'U ( B:'II Ae~l ian lew . )

. !yp. 11 Ou l cir.-e-r :



Plat Dicking "The Swallowtail Jig" on th~ Dulcimer Thls plece Is pl.yed In a Reverse Aeoli.n Key . Tune your flrst to wh~re it f eels 90od . Tune the ~idd l. to the first fret on the first pair and the to the f ourth fr.t of the .iddle strl~ . You .hould end up with AA-6-P~ or a transposition thereof. Use • • • al1 flexible flatpic~ lnd play t he individu.l notes where you ••• theM .nd stcw. all t he chords . Lear ned frea M. r qr~t Mac.Arthur. .00


1 0 4




i,'ritten in honer ot the first "Pacific Ri. Dulci~e r P'estival" 1975 . Written out by I:eal J . Hellman wi th help troa Riclc Sco tt, R.ndy C. Rain, John Prisland and a cast at thou s ands . Aug~t

)1• •1 ~lla&n

30545 0\mJl Ave.


Mi.alon Cit1, B.C ., Canada

'h. n.xt. D.P.N. i •• ~ will carr1 anot~r tuna in t.ablat~ bl '.101 Han_n and hU t'llpot"t. on the PaoUie Rb Dulc1 .. r F.n. Man1 thank. t.o tor hi . . .n1 tina oontribution. t o D.P ••• :! ,~ .uaical notation ror ·Swallowtail JiS· '11111 be round 'l"Wbe ~ within t.hU Uaue in conjunction with bJ._ ... d d\ll.ciaar t.un... Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Dear Mr. Maaon, I' .. Juat ,.c1."ed . , firet COPI or ,our publioation and am tr,lng ~o ruah so .. lnto to you on hsmme,.d dulcimers. I hsve baen mak1ng them tor al.oat , yeara to date and have completed 8 1n.trument •• Tha dulcimer in tha tore ground ot the photo .uure. 42" on long ald., and I taal it 1. a good .l~ tor a "atandard .It.'' model . X}' s . . neat ia 28" and largest 1& 48". 'rhe .... n model vas a IltUe blt too "t1nkley" tor., lik1ng , vhU. the larger ona. naturalll had Il10" basa and a lot more carrylng power. DUtarent t5uagea ot atr1ngs and a varietl ot material. used tor t he ballllll&re ha. a lot to do wlth tonel qualitlae and texturee. On the 42" modal I have u •• d #7 and 18 ateel vire, 16-18 bra .. wire. and 14-12/ 0 ste.l. The heavler guag.s ot ateel wlre produce a tull. bell-like, tone when a~taoxed wlth a telt hammer. When a woodan hammer le uaed on tha aa. atr1ng a hareher, !lOre blting tone ia produced . The braee .tr1ng aleo producae a bOll-like tona vlth felt hammere, but .. em. to laok the powr ot ateal - 11. 1&, however. a 11tUe IQOre ret1ned. Wood on bre.e I thlnk sounda tarrible. The thinner guages of wlre I f1nd to ba the 110.1. plea.1n6. W1th both talt and vood hammers they both produc. a good ·cri.p" tona - ona !lOra .ubdued than the other. NaturallJ, 11. i. i.poe.ible, it not ridlculoua. to trl to deacrlb& a aeund of .nl eort. It yOU own an lnetl"Wllllnt and are ambitlous enough to restr1ng a tev cour .... malbe IOU can draw 10ur own conclutions . As tar as construction gee •• I tlnd ~hat plJVo04 make. a go04. eturd, box in lICet. c .... ( i t harpsichord malters can do it, why not. 4ulol111&:r maker.f). A go04 veneer Job does wondere for the ugl.lne .. which plJVo04 . . xes up tor In strenp;th. For intemal braolng I u.a 'two hor1t.ont..l and two .... rt10al (one .,.rt.loal U Juet 'treble cour .. e). I UN oharr, plnblook. baoauea ot lte relative hardoees and alae becau.e it make. a nioe color contre.t with the walnut ven•• red case a - which ••e. to be one ot .7 lnY.r1ablea. lSoun4baorde are ueuaUI touch1 eubJaot. When it co• • to argulng about the qualitJ ot dUterent In.trumenta. I ha.. found biroh plJVoo4 to be ve't'J good tor 4uloilD&ra. A qua11t7 pieea ot epruee would produca too much resonance on an inetrwaent which haa no d&llpenlng .. chanie •• P'lJVood, wh10h baa no outatanding reeonant propert.laa, fultllle the act of dallpening the h&lIII&rad dulci .. r, lat g1ves good ton. upon inltial attack ot tha b& . . . ra. A. tar •• brldg.e go, I have tound that tha common bridges on moet dulc1 .. ra (a single piace ot wood on treble inatrumente, on lnatru.-nts w1th bae. cour_ s hoI" .re dr1lled through to aUow pa •• age ot .tring.) 'to l:* -are troubla than the,. are vorth. Thay malte atring1n6 the dulc1_r much hard.r ~hat 1t should ba, and pl.,ing v1th eo11d bridge a i • •uch more contuSing. To overeo. the .. hardahipe, I sake one brldS- tor each cour_ ot atr1n6_. Art..r tha du,lcl_r 1 __ t1"Un8 t.ha, can till _11d into place. 'or the t1rst note ot maJor .ca1e I u .. ona color ot wood, tlrst nota ot a .1nor gat. a ditferent oolor; the raet have a dltterant color. It' a not coaplatelJ 11D painting b7 number, but doe. have 1t. adyantas-. in tind1ng an accidental stuck In eo .. tar awaJ place. I would be lntereated in hearing trom otbar dulc1mer _Iter. ltho have an, lntormation to .hAra. I would al.o 11ka to hear trom dulc1 .. r custo_r. who have ao_thing 1.0 glft. Pr1ces are avanable uJ)C!n reqUillat. Thank JOu for lOur tlme. J .... D. "1hlne.£" Martln

w. ,

Gorh•• , Maine


~o,a haying taught. a cour .. tor 6 year. at the Uninre1tl of Malne! on . .klng and pla1ing t.he AppAlaOhlan dulo1_r. Ph1n& . . has now I gone on t.o pUr.UIII an independent maJor in .ua1cal lnatru..nt. conatruotion. Thi. _Jar 1. "1t-4&.1gned and ottared under the auapica. of th! College ot_ Art.a and Belence •• eaa t.he photo ot h1a dulc1 .. re I n the next IU\lt. cwR Bit;.. 1.1l ANN;II£1U~lf.l IS5~ .~'



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- by Montague Kere are ao_ t.houghta I haft on a "cord. I recent11 puroha.d. The record 1. on t.bII Frenoh label "I. chant. du .ond." 10. LDX 74485; t.he t.itle 1a ilL! DulclDl1r 'peel"l lnat.N," by Marr Rhode •• 1. ind1cat.ed 1n the liner not.•• (whloh are 1n French, but .. 1.r6n.-

lat.10n In included) MarT Rhoda. 18 .. natl" at lWnn.,1v&nla who haa bean l1YlnS in france . She hal bean playing du}ol101r tor about 10 , •• ra.

TM ou.t. ar. al.ut. all Lradlt.lonal t.Wl.' ..... 11 IInO\ll1l to .oe", an4 tor t.he IDOlt part at"-. play.4 In .. trad1t1onal . .nner. Oo."10n&11, 10U. . . , detact. aODlth1nS 1n the rh1t.n. that. amaeka ot Europe durlng the .lAdle aga., but that. . , be Juat. IIJ' jectlon. What. "alII .. 1.. thl. "Cord apart troll other record1ng' at tolt au,Io 1. the det.aUed .XpU.nat.1on ot how tbll au.Io 1a plaJ.d and how the lnatruDlllnt 1. ttmed, As . . . . ot taot I pIcked it. out tro. t.he "lnatl'Ulllllant. !nat.ruot.lon- Motlon ot a NOON IIbop. Aa an tnat.ruot.lon NOON, \m11ie t.h' Rlt.ohl. dl'O. t.heN 1. no t.alk108 on t.he record It. .. lt ao t.bat. lOU oan JUIt. .nJol t.he mUll0 tor It.. own la". For .xa.pla, Juat. 11at.'n t.o -Over t.he Vatertall-. verl t.radlt.lonal in bot.h pla,1ng • approacb and co.para t.hl1 t.o -Herod • the Coe"- in whIch the dlllel.. r II bowad. Anot.har Ipproach t.o dulcll111r playing la ha.rd on "Where the .. 10..... 1'. are Bloolling Forever". HU" Ihe UMa • chopat1ok taIling on the atrInge t.o get the 111810dy lin.. M:f favorlt. cutl are "'tIlll t.h' Clrcl' be Unbrolr:.n ll 10 whIch ahe play. wIthout. t.he l,rle • • u .. a a, but. not o1'1..n blard. t.unlng. Thl. tuning 111 oall.d the N .B,C. tuning att.r t.he, uHd ,.ar. &60 b)' t.hat. radIo On thia eut Mary u ... a doubla t.huablng tachnlque on the dulell111r • playa wlt.h a bAnJo; t.he beaut1M I11t.1ng qual1ty that is .ohl..... d 11 t.l"\lly aolllltth106 .1 .. . The cut 1 .apeolall1 11n la "onaauah-, 10 whlch we hear our Appalaohlan dlllell111r along wlt.h It.'. oldar FrenCh cOUl1o the .pinatt.•• It. 1. wond.rtul t.o hear wea.in6 t.hroua,h the _lody ot th. . . t.wo re lat.d inat.ruaant.. Another 1otAre.ttna cut. ia her playing ot -Slapl' Gltt'''. agaIn .s an onl1. HaN abe u'" t.hra, taohnlque, - t.wo kind a ot 'tl"\l.lUllnl5 and a tlnrrplolr:1ng Ityl" AI ,aId batore, thl, reoord la trull an inatruotlonal reoord that trlll1 taat.urea tha dulolD8r and 111u.t.rat.a ......1111.'. yarlou, po •• lbl11tl••1 The linar nota. are realI, good a, well aa into, ..... and I, alao a tablatura includad tor S ot the album out.. The only crltiol'a I ....ould han 1& t.hat. no credIt. 1& gIven tor the oth'r perfo~r'. But, tor that.. thia la on. t.rW, tln' albua • worth, ot a plac' in ..... ry reoord lIbrary ot tolk au.l0.

larE I

Fred t'l1a u' that. "I und.ratand tblt t.he, 1• .. l1inl5 tba record h' r .. It . I boU6ht 111 COPl at Brlgsa • BrIgs. in CambrIdge. Hare II har . . ao ,our ",.darl in other part. ot the country oln tind out bow t.o gat. on• •hould t.h., ao d.&1re." Mary Rhoad., Cent.r Valla" PA 180)4. _ Fred Monta~ I, a dulcImer (both kindl) buIlder trlend ot t.h' DPN and VII wIll bit runn.2J115 -a .. I?hotoa ot hia tine dulcll118ra In the n.xt 1111\111 {not. .xpenll~. either}. It lOur in Fred'. area do atop in f.nd... .iJ" 511., - M.'~ . be happy to .. 11 ,ou. a dulcl_r too! He'a looat.d at. 16 Patrlot Road, t.vt.bur7. Ma ••• 01876 • . .

.. . ,

r. M. *1"1 Rhod.I,

• • • •

• • • •

• •

. . . .. ,

~~!:~~~~;~~~:~~:::~:21!:6::'~i' tor

Ela, .al' • wort at no aa7'. the ton. 1., rloh, Ind volu.noua acro.a tha 'nt.lre r&nga ot the inatrwDlnt. Plea •• wrIt. to tor turth'r into and 11t.rature on the •• in.t~nt.. HI. apao .h•• t li. tl quit. a varl't., ot hll5b quallt.1 wood. (no-plywooda alth'r) tOO • . . . . There 11 ,a neY publIcatIon (monthl,) out callad ·OLD-TlMi MUSIC GAZlTTE· (tS.OO/ ya'r). Thl. publIcatIon 1. f •• t ~alninl5 n.tlonal att.antlon tor 1t. conreS- ot old t.1. . aDd Ita t.aturea on .ull1cal 1n'''~nt' ot tha tollc " ... dlt1on. lndh1dual copl.a are 5~ , and Vol. I, Wo. , Gont.ain.d a taatura on the Appalachian dulcl_r. yhlla Vol. 1. 10. 1 contained an articl' on the hammered dulcimer. Vrlt. c/o JulIa Littlaton-TaYlor. £41'-or, Box S. Lincolnyl11', Malna 0Ia849.


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B7 Res-r Ucholaon -

'Boldter'a Jo,' 18 on. or the beat known count..,. danoe t\me. and probably t.he lIOat. pla,..d b1 tolk llUelo1ana rangins fro. pipe band. to bl~gr ... groupe. or Enl5l111h origln t.he addanoe or u . popular1t1 1. t.ha\ 1\ 1. aleo wld•• preAd in Ireland, Beot.lan4, !forw." canada, and


Tbom$' Hard,.

19t.h Cent.ury writer, v.... fiddler in bil 10uth


11ke h1a rat.her and t.helr t.un. book. are kept. in t.he 11brarr or t.he English folk Dance and Song Soctety in Lon40n. Moat. or Hardy'. atorl•• are .. t in the Dor .. t. country'lda "here he 11ve4 and contain 1IIIln1 ret,renee. to tr&dlt.lonal walo. in partioular the no"1 'Far fro. t.M Madelanint Crowd I which ha. t.hie to .. , about. 'Soldier 1a JOT-' And eo t.he dan.A, to the _rUe or 'The Soldier'. Jo,' there cannot be I and n .... r were. two opinlon.. It ba. bean ob_r"t'ed in the wale_} clrol•• or Wutberbur)' and it.. Ylo1!l.1ty that thie .1104y. a t tobl .nd of thre.-quart.r. of an hour of thun~rou. foot.1ns. atlll po . . . . . . IIOre aUau.lathe properti•• for t.he heel and t~ than the -Jorlt.,. of other dane. a at flrat. openina . '1'he Soldlar'. J01' ha., too, an addlt.lonal chan in being ao adalr&b11 to the taabout1o. no . . an 10strument 10 the hand. of a perforMr who \mderetand. thel proper convul.lonlll . epa •••• St . VitUlli dance. and t.artul frenzl.111 n.o. . . .r1 when .xhlbltina It. ton •• in thelr hlgh.lllt. parf.ct.lon. So the llU1Ort.&l t.una .ndad '11th a tina J) ro~l1nf5 forth fro. the ba •• -"lo1 wlth the aonorouan••• of a cannonade ••••• 'l'hla reel 1& a natural dulc~r t.\m. and can be pl&Jed 10 aith.r thaIonlan or M.1xo11dl&n ~de.. The tollow1015 tablatw. 1. a 4oubl.thuab1ng &r~.nt 1n the Ionlan .:)de, the rle,ht. hand thuab alternatinS t.t.vean the tirst and .. cond atr1n6. whll. t.h. indax tinger pla,. third.. The len hand playa part chord., wblch bring ao. _104, nota. ont.o t.he lllecond atr1ol5. plua hammer-on& and pu1l-ofr •• What '101'• • the Soldler'. J01 f Mo.t. aourc.a agrea t.hat. lt refer& t.o 'pllJdaJ ".











I 7- S-



:-l 10





I 7-3' &J...-.-,


:\- J ;~ ...



"7 ..... 10



..., • .. ... s




















I 7-- " ~9 ,, I ,2 0






• I :J-i'




l ' :1' ;;<













,. I 1-S'




• I 3-? ;












• r ~



•, •








... I




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Dear PhU • ••••• Ca.. back troll a .hort. ho11d.ay in Parl. la.t. ",. . k. lIhU.· th.~ I .aw an old. trl.nd.. Robert. &1\81.1'. vho i. 601116 t.o wr1ta ~.tb1n6 on t.he French epinetta d.e Vo.g•• tor 10u. 1. a &reat inUreat. in t.ha d.u).c1_r in t.ha French talk vorld. end. .. 6J"Ow1n6 un ot ..kera 6: pu,.r •• ••••• Our record d..te. hav. bean put. back .. tav walt. to l .. tA .o"'.~r vhioh 1. Juat. aa wll •• It. 6i.,.. us 80re t.i... ror .. thl. i. tha 1 ••1. on. an4 I wllnt It. t.o 't. the ~at t.oo ao the axt.1' weak. wUl ~ u .. tu,l in t.rling t.o get av.rlth11lg Just. rl(5ht.. I und.aratan4 it. 11'111 ~ rel. . . . 4 in Fabruary next year .nd. caned. "'tlmes and. tor Moi.r" . . . All but. wlalla.,

Rogal' JHcholaon ,. Vlct.oria Court lingabrl4se Avenu. London" ., •• £nglan.4 'ut~ .rtlol•• v111 't. a co.pariaon ~t.ween t.ha and altar: a.nd. t.hat. I in .ind a ahort t.ult.lon .. rla. OIl tlJlSlr.tyl. playing t.achnlq~ ••




Dear D,PoN . I .aka ca.aa tor non-.tan4ar4 1nat~nt. 'uch •• 4ulcl.. r •• ato. I a. not. a D&sa prod.uc.r. I work ott thl hOIllll .1. .. 4 tbat I all tJ71.ns to 4 ..... 10p and IIllP troll 8 to 12 o ••a a • IIIOnth. d.epand1n6 on .iu 6: OOllplaxity. RICI I..lL1.AJUI. CU.tOI ~ .... It.r, Rt. 2 . Box 28 . Stuart. 01: 74570. Pl .... wrIt. tor 80re 1nto.ine.t matarl.1. only UHd. in tba .. c .....


. . .


.... ., -

.....mcAU r£AlERS (BIG aa:S TOO:) 1000EI lAi_ 6: Schllllng .. t'. Dulcl .. r Shop (P.O. Box 8 , Coabt. Tann. ,n22) .." vorking in a.meat tovard. beco.1ng c1a.l.ra d.l.trlbutor. (regul.r whol....l.) tor a vi~ TArlat1 ot d.u.lc1D!r book. , recorda. and ral .. tad. .oca aaorlaa. Thi . . . an.a a s.r-.t ""'inSa in 1.1_ an4 anargy tor tba M&ll lot daal.r Vbo wUl be abl. to ordar a vlda .. lact.lon ot _t..rlal. tro. ona aourca inataa4 ot the u.ual It 10U are in vhat. t.ha SchUllng. oan ottar now • • a wall aa wbat. t.ha1 are vorking tow.rd •• t.hen do drop the • • lin•• Thel would &lao 't. 80at intareated. in auwat1on. on what to carry aa well aa aourca. tor n.w or lnt.relting _tari.ll, ato. La. tana ... th.t ••• "we 're going to band o .... r baakWard. to cat.r to ....11 d.a.lar. V'ho want to get • large yarlat1 witbout ty1ng up a lot ot DOne, In a lot ot aopl••• • (Good tor bulld.. rl to hawe a .toak of bookl too tor t •• tl . .1 6: orat'1. boothe, atc). Mica tolka bare too: ThaI con'Linua to do aucb good. vork to help furthar tha du,lal_r and it ' • .uatc .


...... CORflECfI(! fO LAST 1881.&1 I h ..... bad. a taw "arrat..· 0&11ad to .., .ttantion - in tbe '1'ODl'Clk reylaw tf'O. t LJ,. in Vol. I. 10. 6 b1 Bett1 Round, GrandY111., Mlch. (1) 'twaa JAY ROlIID - not lonathAn Yho pl.,.d. HD at Chat tunaral. (2) PaU1 Loo!!l!O la the Pontiao t •• char - not '~' aa I _hoganalll



it. (Ed. nota: Ja, Round h •• allo po1ntad out to .. that tha corra~t abbreylatlon ot Club 1. O.D.r.C •• Ino., not f.O.D.P.C.IJ(.) -Carolrn Hont.go .. ry



12 -

Vh, 4oam't ao .. ona vrltA an art lola about baa • • tr1n&. _ t.o ~ or Dot to be - a" the, worth "he .xtra troubla to bulld In or do onl1 ylr'Luoai uaa th•• "

--- - - - - - - - -

Dear Frlan4a ••••• W. are opan1na in • naw looatlon aa ot Sept. 1.1.. YOU'll t1nd. u. at the • .E. comer ot tbe St.ata. Co. on b,. : Tha H.D. Catalo~ wa. axcellant. - va haTe all L,r1chord 11.tinsl _ Adelphl t.oo! Va h ...... Ch1n. . . 6: "-rlcan H.D.a and ba .... plllD. tor H.D •• EJ[oallant. tuning wranoha. too in at.r 6 .quare "ca ••• W. haw Scott'a Plana 6: Dannla Dorogl A.arloan H.D, Lat ua mow it va oan ~ or ~.. Mlp. (WrltA tor oatalog). Sincarell, Dpt" Hoplr:lna HOUSE ('IF KUDlCAL TRADl'UQlS, EERlIXLlY DP'RDoa, w. VA 25411 r.\:1 ('or.erll 7040 Carroll A.... _, 1'ako" Parlr:, Marl1and) ~ Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Dear PhD, •••••• So far a a I limO'll t.he onl1 blporur o f t.he Japan... dulc1. . r 1al eoaat. Wholeaale Nuala Co., 21. Brannan St.., San Francl&co, CA 911101. 'I' he l do "11 t.o ot.her d1atr1but.ore 1n t.he U.S. &0 parhapa people could 'IIr1t.e and find out.. I'll t.r,.t.h1a end and let. I OU know. Encloeed flnd a flyer on t.he l hmapa t.he readera of 1). P. N. would ll11e t.o wr1t.e and han: one Mnt. fro. Narwal. I think I pa1d about 865.00 or eo lnCludlng poetase. Regard_, 0...,. HolUe 11 22 Hawthorne S.F., Cal1t. 9«02 INSTRUCTIOftS fOR TUN ING TH( IfORWEGIAN ZITItER , ' l ' l" ... 1,.' • (....... \ ,11(" 1"" _ 1 . _ U • ,1_.

1_ ..... ....... .0, . 1'"7''' i. I. l ... ~ ..... 1 _ ,lot, •• t ( ... l. ... \ . , ... . . . . 1.. 1 _ I. t . ..... _u .. , .. .... \".""'"'. t. ' MC . -I V'" t. _ . , _ .... .,.., .... t l l _ .Vi-, .... I '_It 1.5 .... , ,. C _ ... " H a'_" ... I ... h ' , . ,_. :ao.-,I .. / ~"


I .~

U" "


<__.,_It. ,_ ... ." .

fI __



U ...

1 . . . ""tl. ., IlO-


: 1 _ _ _ , .. t _ ... ... t _ 1 , ....... II, n 'I . .... _ t __ I _

... ,.r

II lilt ~ I'"


... lit.., _ .,_t 1M _" '.,,_n, II 10 _ •• 1 ,.11_, ~~ I

i. t . ..




: " ' '''' ... '. 1. 1 .... , f" .1Ilt . .... I 1M . _ "'1 ....u .. 1__ . ~ V'''1 t ..... 6, , _ . , .. I,",," _lUI U>e ""'''' tJot r""r 1", , .. ,IKI ....I l, •• toot '1I ... t.... I I.. Strl ...... . " • _ t 1\ _ " ... "'''' Ol .. 1M /I . ~vl ...... . . -.. 1_ , I .. I'" . _ . . to .. " " ' " . .. I. ) •• II,rl,. Ur'. . . .. , h t _ .,. ..I· I '", .. ,. •• , l _ nd"'1 ,",. ' " """" 01 , .

""'to )/, ..



"t, • ,'ou... I ........ or ............., ...rwl ..•u_I. ......" ...

II. _ , .., " .. I, ,'t1M ..... ",,' Ur' ...

.. I,


"rl..,. t. ,I .. , - . . ., .., .f Ill.ltr,,'''' It '"" .. _11 _ "'t "" ",I. 'I '10. . .,. ,hel .. tlOt II~ .f _ I,tt _ , , _ lilt I,...... lilt IInl uri.. ; ""10 tJoII ,IK' ......11 .. tloIt rI,." _ _ ,I-n .. Uot otrl ... ,_ ....., ... Uu-r I, ... Ilt .. tloIt ,"",1,1, . f ..... 1•• 1

.ul, _

......... 11


rl .. "" .. .. ,,~ 10 <Ofttrot.hlo ,... ......... 1'" • .....,. ''''h .

tl'l 1."_' .... "'"' INt ,... .11, .. ,. " ... _ ,.... II'tI . 11","

IUDI AIS n.. K. •• 1M; "

'9.0 HlCCtNES . TLf. ' ItOIl,WAY





I ( / -'



Dear DW.c1 .. r Pl&J1n6 frlenda_ .... , I play dulc1.aer tit langele1k. bOng ot.her atrlrts-d lnatru,aaenta, and ban: alwal. felt a 6l"'Ow1ng 10'" and reepect for bot.h inatru.enta. The lana-lelk, a probable ancenor or the dulclaer, _hould be of ~reat intereat to lOur D.P.H. readera. A dulcl_r can be played la.nsalelk-at,1e, and eo_ of . , beat dulct..r plal1n6 haa been done th.1e '11&1 ••• • I'. slad 10u're interested 1n a lan.e;elen, art1cle - Bor1a Sor1aoU and I '11111 pJ"Obabll coaut.hor one. fie kno .. a • lot .are about. the lnet.ruMnt than I do bu.t vr1t1n8 1n ~lab 1a enre_l, t,.ed10ue work for hia. fa t.he beet of . , 1I:noWlecle;e there are onll three people 1n Veet.em be.Upbere who pIa, Valdree lant.elelk - Son1a BeY1! (who I'. t.1'J'1n6 t.o 1n t.ouch w1t.h - anlone know her whereabouta?) Sor1. Bar1eoff. and . , . .1 • I'll be ..nd1ng you eo .. plal1ng technlQ~a for dulc1. . r t.hat _1abt. be at 1ntereat. 51.on Spaulding 566 Cheat.nut St. San Franc1aco. CA 941" P.S. Michael RusB, ot CaprlTaurue tnatru.enta. 1e not onll • tine buUder but. one of the nl'J' tlneet. dulo1. . r player. OD the Weet It he h •• 'nt alre&4J b .. n d1aoua.d in lOur pub11cat10n. he ahould be.


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Dear PhllIt you ha .. roo. I would appr-c1ata your .. ntlonlng tha tact that .y"lt 4: .eve ...l other d\ people ware dlaappoIntad that theN wa. no d\llcl .. r worklhop at thl1 yaar'. 1hll&delphla Folk Fa.tlval. In pa.t theN ha. tN-d1t1onally be.n a dulcl_r workabop and one portlon ot the fe.Uyal litl 11 '"n na .. d "The Dulol. . r Gro .. - . I all wrIting to the Ph.ll. Polk Song Soci.ty. TIl, Eatan St., l'h11a., PI. 19119 and I w111 reque at that n.xt yaar'. Includa a dulclaar work.hop. It you. co\lld lugseat that all Nildar. ot D.P.N. who would IIp to .. a a workahop nart. yaar wrlta alao I think It would be a bIt liON attactlve. DAN RIOH 99 E FRA.HnDl' AVE.

Naw Caatl', DE 19120

ORIGINAL DULCIMBR P ~b PLAYERS CLUB, INC. - NEXT SPRING The meeting on May 1, 1976 will be held at the Old Town Hall in Bridgeport, Mi.. just off 1·75 · South of Saginaw.

Dear Mr. MallOn •••• l1li the,.. any Intormatlon In bact 1.aua. about the RoICoe Rue .. ll ,a.lly7 (Ed. No, who'a got 80 .. 7) Are they any relat10n to an old t1lle dulcl. . r bulldar na.. d Sa. Rua"ll ot Marlon, VIrginIa, I round ona or Mr. Ru ... ll'. 1n.t~nt. in the aUlio 11brary at Berry Collage, datld Iouguat la, 19". It'a now In the Marth. Berry MuMwa - I atrung it up and It'a 10 coaplataly playabla condItIon. Some or the old wlre-atapll trata are eo_what out or tuna; however, tha tona 1. e very nIce sharp tradItional aound. I bellave the wood Is yallow poplar . Do you know ot any plokera who would be intareatad in Iwepping .0_ tW'!.aa1 ThaN' a • N.I d •• rth ot playlr 'a .round he,.. , BO I gua.a .,. contacta wIll have to be PNttl .ucb by . . 11. I'ya 40n. aome tranaoriptiona or .... r.l Rlob~rd ,Farina !tun.a 4: many ::1441& tunaa. TheJ1llll'. Pous Mur~y 101' N. 5th 10.,.., Apt C. Rome. OeQrSU ~0161




lob R.... ' -1m. P.O. 801 46ll CS Springfield, MO 65804

c:....t .. foo>g&.

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Dur !'b.1l

... i

:realI, look tor .. :re.~nce or int..reat 1Il ~,..4 dl.llo~r. feW All t.bI t.h1.ng1 10'"' . , ' in fOur broobure are t.rua, and. •• .are plopl. get to ... t.b... 1n.t.~nh 1.. . 1r popularl1,1 will !nore.... I th1nlt thlt at-pUe1t} ot the 1n.t.~nt and. 1t.a need. to be ... 4, a. Uw large number or a1.r1ngl ancS. the ott-clntlr brl~. are luaae1tl.,. ot .. oQmpl'xltr whicb doee not aotv.&ll:r u:llt. I found t.hat 1 had • I1t.tle trouble tlgurlng out. the t\l:l\inS Wltll I got Howl' '. book - and t.hen 11. bee . . . .uob clear. 80. it 1t. 1. pre_nt.A r1ght tMte lhould be no probU •• ••• I haft • " p i 9t 11\1110 pl.,.d on the Lane-lallr: . . .d. 1n lorv&, b)' an 19 ,&&1' old g1rl who 1& qu.U .. ta1lntA4. It &n10~ 18 lntArelt.14, I w111 bu;r tape .. COP1 thla on. . . . .nd 11. out. tor 16.00 •• ch - ' •• 00 tor the tap', poataget and trouble, and 12.00 tor the NOI"Wgla.n. atUibn:t. The tap' w11l be .. c .... tt•• and w111 Mal .pproxl... tAll 45 a1nut •• to 1 hour, 111 10M




Jack Moe. H.D.

.' ~'."

11, 1oO·bing• '500 Lat.,.t.te Road Indianapoli., 1M 46222


On Chords


b7 &n••n Raln. -

lid lip t.o .xpl.ln • ot . , t.hlnk1ne; .bout. ohord.a. Muoh ot our writt-.n mJ.a1c t.04&1 i. 4e.igned tor .it.her piano alone or ba. ohord.a tor abo.. t.h. waio. Fs.n.. 80 .. aonSboot. b .... chord.. 0011 (rolt.inger. \IIordbook) - quit.. helptul. Bu.t people are tao.d with • •008 1n . . ., thel oan It. a1ng t.o - .. tor inat.ano. _ I can It. .1w.,. hit t.he not.•• in • IaI ot 0 Major aons - and oan 't. .~ low .nough t.o drop . , .oio. an oot...... In .uoh .n inat.anc• • • peraen i. t.cad with ..... re1 alt..m.t.i .... - 4rop t.he "do" note it at.rwaa1l\g - tln. - but. ohord.lnS won't. wort t.hat. va,. ~t.un. lite vit.h lOur chart on ~ JO ot lOur book (Ouloi.. z na,.ra Bibl.) - 15004, but YOu.I~ retuning. fte;t.una t.o another 1104. - ret.uning aSaln. Give up and 40n It .1ne; the aong - n.ver - wll, .11lO.t nawr. BUT. WHY liar eTAI IN tHE SAME IONIAN 'l'UNDfO? Ch& your '1:*810 ohorda • • 1ther drop lOur yoloe or br~ It up. clroour • • tbl. ~~It. vort in all DI. - II ... onl, 40na .. threa an4 t.b.t. •••• to be plant.,. ITS THE RELUICtfSHIlS fHAf COllI! - not wbather or not. t.t. Dulol_r OM pla, .. low' on It.a .. lcd, .t.ring ••• ao what.! !be inatruaent la lOur "Mant - 10U cont.rol u.. So. IOU oan ohange • C ohord t.o • G or , ohord; oba~ t.he 01 to • D7 or 01 vbichever D,. fhe tolloW1ng 1& an ~., Dbord· 1l1uatre.t1oD tor Tb! .11dw004 nower - I'll .aau.. aver'J'on. know. it in t.bI Dav 'liard. or old. It. belpa t.o mow tbe tuna. ot cour • • Figura Out. whioh not.a up tro. tM: "40" t.ona 1a thll .tanins not.. _ in Wildwo04 Flower it'. third. Without., 10U n •• d to piolr: out tb. tun. a bit. on the ..104, .tring. 18, ot C - tir.t not.. i. I - 5th tret .. lid1 .t.rLng .. , or ., • " A - l.t or 8th " Ie, ot 0 _ " • B - 2nd or 9th" " Than ott IOU 60. the beat part. .bout it 1. - it wort.! I'. .bout. •••, cho:rd.1ns - not anJ1.b1ng .l.bore.t. - .Upll t.hat 80 . . aOrl6a &4uad bett.r vith chord1n& than without J~t.a ao .. sound. bett.r at~d t.bel pluCk.d.---lt. .11 d.pend •• ft. E Klnor an4 A Kinor won't. vort .11 t~ wa, t.hrough - I'. atill .rper1 ..nt.in8 vltb tbe. and ha,.. ...... 1'"&1 ~r\8a witb 10t.a ot ainor choreSa that. aoun4 15004. but the1 ve~ vorn4 out .000reS1n& t.o • blt and. al •• a,.u • ..-tbar than b1 proper 1-2-, and t.h. next. U • t.1pe ot t.h.1.nt1nS. ror, I pl., the Hou•• Carpan~.r with A.a, 0, et.o. (Lin it. .t.rum .. 4 w/ohord. t.han in Aeolian). You might vant. t.o .a, a word 1n your paper .bout the IrreS.rdl ••• Ra"'~unt. b.~ in Ralei6h - a to04 ~at."'\D\t - 4allloiou. to04, b, t.he anl-w81. that.a Wh.,.. I Pla1 • tev .... nins • • IIOnth. All ,ud. at wllo beln&. ~lar-4 thu.... raul Gabriel pl&11 • lot of kit In41&clt.,pe ot Dulol.. r ' waio - "'r'J' &004. c.,.wj..,uf"» HfXf ,~ -f

wa, -


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ArranS··nt. tor du].cl_r b, 111 •• n Rain. UY



P1nser. on


lit. lin. treh




C 2 0


lin. C C 0


repeat. let. ,•

2nd lin. ,rd lin. -




6 5 8 7 7 repeat. lOt 11n. C G7


C 0


"h line lEY OF F


lOt lin. - F

. 5· }



5· }


, , • 5 • •




. .d 11n. - repeat. let. lin. }rd lin.



lOt line -


2nd line line -

4th Un. -






6 6 6 '<h lin' - repeat lat. lin. Q



5 }

lEY OF or ind.x , thub.

0 1 0 2

D7 1 1

0 1 0 2 repeat. lOt lin. G 0 C 0 4 4 2 } 2 4 5 repe.t. lOt line 0

• ..









I'll and I'll alogIe . , w.VIng (color) haIr,




IrlUh ro ... eo red, and. t.he lUI•• eo talr.





II)' e,... wll1 out.t11n. the aUra 1n t.he blue, f.~.(1''''' c-".... saId I, knov1n6 not., that., 10" va. unt.rue.


ETC, ETC . PhllUp, •••••• I ba.n making du].ol.. re tor about It ,.are nov. I . . aleo . .k1nS blueSra •• 6: tralling banJoe. It. t.gan out ot a project "hU. I vae in Coll.~ .tu41ins .thnoaualcolo81. W.ll, I bullt. a dulol_r tor. ola •• • haven't .topped .1nce. )(;r .hop 1& pre"ntl, 10cawd on t.he nllnol. r1.,.r nort.h ot ftorla, nl. on Route 29. the dulct.r 1. not "'J"'1 veIl mown arol.Rld Mre. ao I he..,. taken It upon "'''1t to introduce It to a • people •• po.UbI.. I could. u . . . Uttl. hel P .0 it there are an, reac18ra ot D.P.». In . , erea pl.... eo.. • vlUt IDIt I haven't. t.en In r.orla IOns 6: don't mow .anl peopl.). I vould alao 11ke to get lnvol .... d In re"&rohins reglon.l tolltlore 6: tolk





I .ake lOur lSOdel. ot duJ,el . . r. _ t.wo hour61a .... two teardrop vith • choIce ot varlou. hardwooda. Ml standard. .:)de}. are ot H. Mahog&D' or Walnut vlth .ithar Cedar or Spruce aoundboard.. Price .t.rta at plu. .hlpplna. Aaaln, thank. tor ,our invitatIon to vrI~ and t..t ot luck WIth D.P.N. You ha.,. IV lull aup~rt.!: • Thank• •uob


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Th. Player. Hewa Phillip ~aaon, 8ditor.

August to , 1975

Dear Phll: 1M r.apona. t o ),our requ •• t for lnforc.at1 :n on tt.e hu:ur..:! dulcimer 1 hav e coapilea t hia for ~ha D.P.H. You may u.a 1t or any part of it for public.tion aa you aee f1t . • • • • • • • • • HISTORY The ancient origln. of tte dulcimer eeem to be eo~awhera in the Hear Eaet about 4000 year. ago. The Oreek Dealterion wa. probably ona of the •• rll •• t Inetrumenta. The nac. 'dulciM.r' co.e. fro. the Latin "dulce" and t he Creak "lIIeloa", which. together lIeen tune-. Th. dulcim.r 1••• ntioned In the 81bla, in Daniel, and eTidenc. polnta to th.'ham:ered' type and nothtr.$ elae . Through the centuri.a the dulct •• r wa. lntrotuced to ~urope (tn the late 12th c.ntury in, let.r tnto Aala(Ukraine, Uzbek } and .uch later to the Orient. So•• o f th. countrtes where the dulcl •• r waa played ('atlll ta) and the na.e of the In. trueent in tha t country ar.: China-yangch'ln, Xorea in the 18th C.- ytngu!, India- .,ntur , ancient P.rala- ~, now called "ntir, Cr.ece toda, - ,.ptourl, Hungary - ct,baloll . Ruaani. t,.bal, Uzbek(U5SR) - ~, Italy - do lcimel., and Vale. - 4wy •• el.!! The had been in England by 1' 00 a. can be aeen in a carving In "anche.t.r Cathedral. By the 18th C. the dulcimer had e.tabli.h.d it •• lf in court end countryatde.and ev.n factorlea produc.d th •• In the 19th. Th. dulcl •• r va. brought to the colonte. In A.erica where It bec ... popular In .tre6t banda . Except In Ea.t Anglla, the dulci •• r had d.clin4 In England and In A.erlca by thw ti •• of VVI, appar.ntly rap laced by the piano, accord ian or what.v.r. The Inatrwaent •••• ed lo.t. laolat.d pocketa of pl.yere were all that re.alned, untl1l the .oat racent of the 'folk r.vival.' c.. e along in the laat decade. Th. haaaered ta aaking a eteady co •• back a • •or. and aora p.ople di.cov.r ita unique t one and v.raittlit,. It i. nova =e.ber of .any country dance banda, aince thta kind of au.ic i. deltghtful to play on the dulcimer. It is alao ua.d ea ac companiment to t he .1nglng of folk eong•. Th. i • • tl11 a tourl.t attraction in the Alp. under It. Ceraan n.. e of 'backb rett'. A bibliography of l plucked Applachian) 4ulci •• r. can be obt.ined by writing the Library of Congr •••• Mu.ic 01Ti.lon, Va.h., D.C. 20540.

The Probl ••

or Ha.e.

I would Itk. to up the confual on cauaed b, tvo dilf.r.nt In.trueenta hayiTing the .eae oaae - Th. 4u1cl •• r va. traditionally called '', a. I .entloned .arller. Th. tnetru.ent v. call the Appalachian c ... fro. co.pletely different roota and daval oped along different Itne.! I believe it came froa Scandinavia, wh.ra 81.tlar looking lnetrumentG like the Norw egi.n '' wer e coaaon . The Appalachian dulci •• r w~. th.n appar.ntl)'


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brought here by early immigrants. How it aquired the naee 'dulcimer', I don\ tnow. To allievi.te the problem somewhat , the o riginal dulciaer acquired the name- haamer(ed) dulcimer, and has remained as such. Construction Basic conetruction ot dulcimer. t. the .a.e around t he world. The traditional shape Is traptzoldal, although paalteriee (l ike h. dulci .era only plucked with the fingera ) tend to be built into rectangular cabinetry. Differencee appear in the nuaber ot atrtnga per aet, o r 'course', the nu.ber o f courses(notee ) , and the position of the bridgee. In Amarica, the treble (left hand) bridge Ie eet up t or a 5th interval acroee itself , giYing the traditional 'dance keya' - D. G ,A te in 15 coureea . ( s,e photo) The right hand or baas brid,e notea vary accordIng to need. An A•• rican dulciaer uaually r~ne , octavea diatonically in one key , leaa In the othere. In Europe and Aeian inatruments , each couree of str!nge ha. it. own aeparate bridge, chromatic acalea and more no tee. The Hungarian ci.balo. haa about ( chromatic oc tav.s, separate bridges withe intervale acroae thea. and eoa. etringe divided into, parte: Dulcimers vart tre.endouely in c raftmanehip and the wood used . They may be qUite plain, o r handeoaely deco rated. The haamere the.eelvee difter quite a bit between playere and countries. Abou t mxaelf ... I built my firat hammer a tev yea re ago having eeen one at Po~ Hollov Feetiyal. I vae eo fascinated by the t one and the agility of the players that I had to have one for myeelf: Learning to play vaa talrly eaay eince I'd had .uai c training end played guitar and ptano. Th. h••mer i8 ea ey to learn to play. althou8h the tiner pOinte co.e more slovly ae with any instrument. Since then I have builte •• eral hammer dulciae rs for Myaelt, e~perimentinB with difterebt vooda tor different tonee and etfecte. I have buIlt several '.a'TWO"'. 0•• p.c •• , or'.T rOT peopl, who cOD'ac'.8 . Th,y aTe bu"t to the contracto~a apeciricat ona .n~ bUdget. 1 vork out of my reeidence , ot which the contact adrees ie: Stringed Instrumenta by Jim Gregory 5,27 =aynton St. Phila . , Fa. 19144 The mueic I play ie aoatly ccuntry dance mueic. I play in a band for a regular country dance night as vell aa o ther con tracted engageaenta. I al.o play at a local Irieh Center tor c.ilidh danCing, aa veIl a8 jammiag with fiddlera and tbe like eince the dulcimer i8 very eaited to playiDg old fiddle tunes. i hen plucked a. a paalte ry, the dulciaer goe. beautifully together with t he Appalachian dulciaer, 4 yocal number •• The hammer dulcimer i~ suite~ for duets, eepec ially cla.aical compositione . Allover again people are diecovering the Mawe.t tune n of the h..... d~lclmer and the fun o f playing it . I hope that this inet~ent , &0 d.ep~ooted in a~ ~any culturee once again attaina the re apectej positioD it ha. held in the paet.

I hope thie intormation

can b. of

• ~8e

t o you.


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By J'hU Muon

n. \~b1. brl.• • tr1n& OourM. (upon which the "Jcrlt7 of b.4. pla,1na 1a do,.) ot 70u.r h.d. "111 look ao_thtna Il1t. tbt tollo"ina

41au-a 1




A &-




E ]J

t! /



...ll \

f -II



]J - ,


c-' • -1

\ \\ \'

.. -5


E -J

.......,c·- , ~_-a



SWAI.LOW -TAil... ~/i-


-~' :. 51) "1) $)1715 'fa..


'u 7

if4tf!alw';{mr I, ~ ,~

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' . 1 rIr.t •• w .n A~~.lachi.n • ye.r .go . t ,inkh•• • otch C•• p J~ .ev ••• p.bire • • t the foot or Nt. W •• hJn'to~. It w•• beln, u.ed .long vlth • b.~jo, guItar .nd • rlddl. for .qu.r. tune. 11k. -Old Jo. CI.rk.- - .nd the .ou~d re.lly ,ot to... I .Jw.y. lIked•••• but the dulcl •• r' • • u.le cont.ln. a .ort or h.u~tln,. old .ound th.t no othar lnatru.ent can d~pllc.ta. rhen It c.n aound ewen runkV. dependln, on vh.t la played •

• y brother, Ch.rle •• vho w•• backpackIng in the SMOkey «tna. aoon .rter. trIad to buy. In that ar •• but the loc.l craft ••en were backlogged .nd he va. unable to gee one {or .e. We vere lucky to find In •• J. a C.prl-raurua kit, and he .a4a .e on.. It' • • bIg, •• de or aprue. and plywood, in .n bourgla •• • ha~e. Arter ~l.yin, that dulclear, Ch.rle. ,ot -dulci •• r dI ••••• • too .nd w.nt on to .ak • •• war.l MOr. duJcI.ers {roe scratch for .0 •• rrlends who .1.0 bec••e .trlck.n wltb the f.w.r. .nclo•• d 1. a ~boto or .~.e o~ hI. late.t •• 90t a r •• lly good tone .nd re.on.nca .nd .tyled .o.e or the te.ture. lIke Lea ShIJJIng'. w.ry flna In.tru.ant., wltb help lro. Hovla «ltchall'. book, .nd hI. an,lnaaclng tr.lnIng . t Stevena rach. rha dova-.haped .ound hoJea In the . t tb. l.ft wera da.lgned by .n artl.t frland ot .ina who ha. t.ken It wIth her to Italy, whare .he wlJJ ba studyIng for a year. «.ybe we'll ,et ao •• ItaJlan dulcl •• c pJayecs now - that ought to provld • •0 . . 10tere.tlng new .oundal rhe b • • • uch • naver-andlng .rray of .ualc.J affact •• 1 lowe to ~l.y aJJ kInd. of wIth it - fro • • lchard rarln.'. atyle to rrank Prollltt'., or Irl.h balJad• • nd .a. ch.nteV. fro. the Cl.ncy. and ro . . y •• ka.. AJ.o, to dO ju.tlca to the'. ver •• tiJlty. 1 b.lJev. Jn ualng aJl dlffer.nt •• thoda of pJ.ylng - chordin, or notln, (whIch atlJl gJwe. the b •• t aound on ao•• nueber. - ••• n i f It' • ••• 1.r to do). tlng.r plcking~ h •••• rlng-on and pulJlng-oft and r' • • nxlou. to try bowlng. It ••••• to •• that whIle th.r. 1 • • uch to l.arn fro. both tradltlon .nd fro. pJaylng atyl •• currentJy In .ogu •• •• ch Indl.ldu.l h • • • o . . thlnq dlft.r.nt -to a.y· In hI. ~J.yln" .nd by gOIng wIth your own .tyJ • • nd by •• 1ng lnv.nti ••• you can .nhanc. the lnatru •• nt'a ua •• and popuJ.rlty. I'd lowe to ••et .0•• oth.r peo~J. In .y .r•• who ~J.y the daJel . . " .nd • • • lway. t.lklng .bout It and tryJnw to r.t Oth.r ~.o~J. lnee,•• t.d (whIch lan't too h.rdl). If you have the ti •• , couJd you pl •••• J.t •• know It th.r • • , • • ub.crib.r. to D~. In •. J.7

•• r.' • • o.ethlng you •• y know aboue. but ju.t In c.a. you don't I w.. t.lkln, to • f.IJow n ••• d DOU, ruch •• nn. who J. the .dltor ol ·Pickln'· •• g.aln., and h • • • ld on. ot hI. t.ll la.u.a wouJd Includ. an artlel. on the O•• rk DulcJ •• r Work. (Arkan ••• ).

SinO. re11 Joura,

lUu Lola C. Homboatel 251 central A....n ...


07_' .J.

He 19ht



lIUWyct ........ T_lIla

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Sterlin~ Silver Jewelr! I-knd-Crmted by Bo.rb<lra Piiten9sr St .. rling .;lv ...

",i., ;oiur e. Julc;me rb

co"rlete vith:

Tunin:! pin., siru .... hollov, heart-shaped Sound hol ..s

o o


Cha"'m - ~ 10."J,,",p.r'.~- 1:S Ii" +• ..1< - ~'-lool-l!3 ., I E "......i ":I' - Yo 1,., . .1... ,1 ••, - J:I. L·




o o

P;erc..cJ ~uls.

S"re ....


o o



P".. .I" ..+-,t-/ .." I.....,,, j."P _"-'"j +... ICAt!." ... i 1.00, (••t •• ,1..../..1)- ~~ l3e.1t bu"lde-l{"- Jul<-;~u ... ou ..-feJ


Gun I;n ks - $"I ••~.

sf..I' "J

silva- ~" .. ks _""3


\.1.. ;+..


hDl_ ... Grc.J




\, ..........'! 0\ " .. "I.

it-_ J""rcJ. •• b.,....t leH

~ ....... .e.- "'.Ic~ .. c.,.s .... J ......-t .....~1 1t!Q-tl,(.r b ... Us ..... "iI.\,Ic. bl spe.c., .. 1 (I"..Jc".~ ol's4>. 11t-~ ~.lJ . P.,.ic. .. s Dtt'I "'~t'u:, S+. Sc. .. J • .,J."..s 4-.: Ycu ... Na. ... c.: _ __ _ _ __

J.'-'. J..Ic..a ...;,1t, O .. I,i_G"-s ,"D E. st" t1~Ji., BL, tJ'-3

(f>c. ... ;5)'I~ .. ;.

St.,..c.c.t: ________


,c.s-..,,/c ..+s rk4 SC

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- UHC.LI •• &

PhUUp Muon Pl.l,7u, .... ~2.

8oJ: 1)2 MaJ.. . OlMOl




Q()1 RoD_ Drl. . ftl,le1ch, 10",11 OU.llM



29. 19?5


I . . . . ~ t.,. lila,.1Ihall I. C. wbo h.. been a tru~nted lag.,..,.p ~o,. ClQh .. ~_ ,......... b'IIt. Q II1U &1...,.. be 1n U. hill ••


I buUt -.:t .n.,..t, ~ln 01' i~eh1a1l dtal~p . N U.. n hn 7M'" aro. Had . . . upart adrloe tool l . . t Howi. MiteMll ~rRCb hi. Wl~ Mu~hT•• nd M rot . . ro1", on ttwt rillit tNet. I "can vith Howi.". n.o.Unc bride. tNt. . . no loreer eorrrinced that it adel • • l'\,1thins d..l . .bl. to tho in.t.l'WMlnt • ... ~. OM ~.ted ftl~,.

called ~op two .te • • nd.


n.,.iIt tM,. I


I • • Chi. dulet-... to 010" rehti.... nd ..W. U•• to other p4Opl.. !'tro. t.r, I hi.,. ballt thl" tIIo h'4nl:SNd .nd tr1l1 bQlld ....." r..t.,. ,.,. tbat I bi .. Ntl . . . I liD not __ -.l•• on a d,ht _ _ It bIad., althoqh I w1ll ..U t .... t .... t _,.. I bell ..... di.n.don or tM inilt"..nt. 11 du1 ...blo . \\.., tM, i t po ..1bl•• ~rth Carol1M, tlMiN ha.,. boe" a t_ dIIleill.,.. but thlt ,rowth b now. I Uk. to bell..,. that. 1 "':1 ...th1 .. to do Wlth tM. lrowth.

'-.. in Rale1ab,


hi,. ... ", ,...,..,

tIO ·ld lUte to _m1on two ai"lI 1Ibo ha.,. allCl tid • lot to do vit.h thh Irowt.!1. nnt theN • • ""dN,. Hi • • , tM beilt traditioN} dItle1aer pll,7'Jr and d • • ,. I ha. . rd. 14tb Mlp aM hinh tl'OII at!»,.. !lid ..,. t.a~1rt hel'Mlt ."d tho" • bee." t .. othe,... :

".1' ....


AM..,. b. . ,... be . . . an • ...uu.n.; tra"iplant. to Jtlot.ond, V1J'11n1&, She ___ lUI Ilnd ,roaM that. abe ce.n and hardl7 'IV chla-r u...... Hope:r- ll0t.0nd cIule:'la.,. plA,.r. wUl contaet. Au,..,. .t ,s)2 roNiit H1ll. AnNl4I, Mot.olJCl, ftrprd.a. 2)Z2S. lou'U . .h bel'




Th. oth." I1p} I .. nt. to .. ntio" 11 m .. n RIll"•• South.,.,.,. t". ..., Jar..,. I11Mn w, I .obool tMcb.r 1n Karla" CIInurt.,.. 'ont\lcq wheN abo .at bel' In..bud, Dlrld, 1Ibo 11 now • bIdldep heN 1n Jtal.1&b. lU. .n parobaMd hi" n.nt dIll.~p t.-.o .bout two 7Ur. '10. She Mo. be-. t.he _at .ooo.pl11bed o-nrall chl.ct.." p.l.aJo9r I Mo.,.



l11 ..n ftl'l't l .. ..cI to plq lD thl t.,.ditional t • .un, lrUob I tbiN: 11 what .... ".,..,. abINld do. Then ... atortod at.q1111 cbol"d •• picld.,. .nd iIt"..s... . . put. on • b:lc .bow to,. all. ot tIM peopl• •.,.,.,.. t6IM . . .tt• • a ora1\ tat .. Or ot.he,. abow in thh INI, I11Mn b. . diM .oN to . . peopl. tbe .. rallt.,. am ot tho plucked chl.eiaor thaD al\7bOd:7 I know. ... t.rulJo ...'" 1t llin(t

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0,.. otber t~ tbh trip. I _ _ _ nooetM a lliztw. wbiob I bUi..,. w1ll 114 the anllter to II1.1pphC ~ • • ft ctal.oJ..en. notiu allCl otMI' lIWdoal.


I it In ...u ~l' bot.U•• tor "117 appl1_tlon. (not oft..,,) 101a jut. aJlPl.T • drop or bo at tbl polrl. ..... thoe pee .nt.r. tM_ KI9llJ OD Mob c1de. w..w abo1lt .II. boVol' tor ~. ' ' ' ' tdll bI IMrdv.rM til.. ft1'Wt t1a. .. " ....11: t~ IN ......r.ll7. n.." ,.. wUl nnd that lOU __ ~It no troo1lbl.. witb 111.1pp1,. ari,. •• Aluboct711t1D -.nt. to to". .. 'oottlal jut. .. nd t2.00 to I1Ja.a lO»'s IlOLCD'.as. 1101 1oaa.ftM Jal.e1&b. c. 2?603 aad I'U ..nd 701& .. Inltru.-nt...

\Ib,,, nHd..t




11' tM . . . ."" to tb1. Ind1oat .... w1de1 Ned tor .aClb .. Mt,.r1al I .uJ. bqi" .dn~hl. i t in 11". IocddolntallJ'. tllh ..t.e;ral h DDt -H7 11b ahalkl and __ otlM .. tblrca " .... 'II • •



1t. tor thh trip.


1".0".)071.. II".


the D\llcl•• r Pl.a,.ara _.". 11 published •••1-.anthlr (6 l ..u.' pit' ,"1') a ... aouroa IUld 1ntorwatlon flow aagazlna on aU ••peot. of tho dulc1llor, both pluoked and b&aa.~d . of tradlt10nal .1 vall a. oont ••por&rr int.areat . nARLY BUsacRlPTION RAT" rOR CAJfAJ)A .AIIID tHE U.II _ 14.00 1ORKI<If SUBSCRIPTICltS 16.00 ..



Pl •••••end .e • one ,ear (6•• ) eub.orlpt10n to the D.P.N. , •• 00 enolo.ed. Thanka!

l»m __________________________________________ ~

. -------------------------------------------

CITY. ST••• _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . , ._ _ _ ___


It lou"re ... r up our .top 10 and The D.P.N. off1ce 1. alva,. open Un the barn oyer our .11k goata) and yt.Uora are velco.- to look throuah our aorap book. and . .terlal. and listen t.o our tapea tro. raadezoe, (ve Juat got 2 .are nlc. onea: Capr1Tau.rua String Band. and a lar~ded p1a,er aent. in b, Tina W.Ukl). W. 11ke plckln' .1ngin' and aong aw.pp1n - Juat to r the tun of 1t.! Telephone (201) 862 - )250 (no oolleot plea.e)

SEN:/) US /I fRio".!; AllllllESS MJ1) 0,./.'1/ SEll]) EM' A ftEE SAMPLE COPY OF


:p.P. N.

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The Du l c i mer Play ers News clo Philli p Mason RFD 2, Bolt 132 Bangor . Maine 04401 - THllUl C LASS ""5TAGE RnUl> N 'POSTAGE GUA RA NTH])


.61 ~,.' ;-'t'


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1975-07, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 1 No. 7  
1975-07, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 1 No. 7  

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