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RFD 2. BOX 1)2 BANOOR . MAna: <>"01

Ed1t.or . Publ1ablr .. ornc. 8t.&t':f (00" lookins tor a .. cret&.:r7)

- Phll MUon

Cont.rlbut1na Dulct.r E41tor - Day1d Taflor (InS Da.nton Drl" 12. Bowl1ns Ore.n, n 42101) Contrlbutor! t.g thU luue . JA.r17 Ensllah Blll Va .. l DaY1d MoIU. ChUl . . Du4l.f Art.


na And.r"n Jack'. SIII1t.h Bud, Dnla Lo:rra1na Le.

Roser If1obolaon Len MacEachron i'ayin Roth fhl111p MUon EU.en Ralna Donald Round. Bob Ro4.rlquu &U .. n Cl.lIOn. Ca ro1111 Mont.60"r"1 Hellman Dayld 'raYlor Scott. Ant . . (;eottre 1 Saauel Paul Pyla Hal Ta,lor Kate t.u.P 3chUI1ng Cal ~reaUJt Michael Russ Finke (And. &11 our Mftrtl"ra too, ot cour. . )



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ruu. 1/ 2 Pase 1/ 4 Pase 1/ 8 Pase

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5 (aualn. . a C.rd. a1ft) v. "111 be baPPJ to 4ea1gn an ad tor 10U (FREE) 11' JOu wUl Juat MD4 alOll&-t.b. 1nto~t1on wblch JOu would 11n inoluded.. Dlacotmt. ot l~ .re .y.Uabl. on ,.arll in .. rt1on. .


Your aupport 1 . . . .t. .ppreolatad !

lIut lu~ 18 the Chrlltmal Huon 1..~ . eoa.lna out. .&rll eo S-t. lOur ad. 1n •• rlJ 8Ul'1Oft1' OUR ADVERr lSERS •




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mIt! : YRIU ~ VRIP ~ 40 keep .11 lOur wond.rtul""'Cira. and." oo.inS our waJ. OUr •••• and. 1.ntoraatlon 00". , in t.he "in , troll lOU the readere and "a &re into oorre.pon4.inS witb on. Md.ll about tb. d.ulct.r - it ' . what cab. the D. PJf . YOUR lntOr.At1on "'6..~1n8 . Loy.. t.o be&r tro. lOU . V. &,l~ ....~ (unl ••• told oth.rv1 .. . or to r parsonal . .11) that 1t 1. ot to pubU.b _t.r1"1 aant into thl D.:r Jf •

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The OOT.r photo 1. a ~bl101t1 photo t ..ten bJ Marg. Tro.t . ot the Zan.nlll. "'t.t.ea-Record.r . Th. photo va. taten 1n tront ot t.h. olda.t bou.' 1n Zan.nUI. (1810). )(J .tt •• L1nda SlIIa Ta1lor, and 1 h .... been "rJ actlve 1n pla11na and a'"g'"S trad1tlonal aua10 1n 0b10 e1nce batore our .arrha. tvo f.are ago . V. baye appaared at te.t.1yal. and h.v. p~ eant.d, .aD1 ~.10 to 10c*1 .cbool. and club. . 1 b"T. ooapl.ted two ,.ar. ot t"'ohing in . . . obool tor .ent.&l.l1 retarded chUdren 1n Zan•• TUl •• and L1n4& t1nlahed teach!.ns 5 J.are ot comun1eation. and Appalachian Studi•• (. eo~ • •h • • rot. b.r ..t Mu.tlngua ArI. T.chnloal . BegJ..rmlng tbl. tall. w. "111 berth be enroll.d in the gNdu..te pl"Ogrwa ..t V.ltem X1ntuoQ' un1Yar.1tJ at BoWling Graen. 1 1n th. Foltlore and apaehl. Ed. Departmental and L1n4f. in L1brary .01eno. . Bot.h the h&amerad dUlciaer and the pluct.d on. 1n the photo were ...d. b)' Jarrr Ba ..ll. NOT& I .D&y1d and Linda Taylor now reeU• •t Ins CMton Drin 12 . Bowling Graen, IX ,.2101. a:>

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THE FEtDBACI LETTER Dear Reade rill :

HeN! .... are w1th anothe r 1 •• ue and 1e no e1gne yet ot III leveling orr 1n interea\. or aubacrlbera - I'm continually amazed by it. all. The mall hae bINIn heavy 81nce the lan 1 ••ue and liMY thank. are extended to all who have been so kind. w1t.h the ir letta r a , Intol"'Cllat.ion, and \ofarlll commenta about. t.he .ttorta here . .... It.hout your eupport the D.P,N . Juu would not exlat. , eo k . . p lilli' cOll1ng_ Myone know or any dulciller in t.he Jackson , Hlae . area11 Sr . Dona Degnan would 11k. very lIIuch to get. to hear and COllpare note_ wlt.h other dulcimer playe,.a , She can be cont..cUd by "'rlLing to: Carmelit.e Mona.tery ,

2155 Terry Road, Jackson, Mlululppi 39204 .

thank_ to Ell"n Cleaone tor aupplying t.he -A . DulCime r" drawlnf511 in thi_ l . .ue. Paul Pyle t.ella ua that the 1974 Smithville , Tenn . F1ddler. Jamboree and Craft.a Feat.1val waa well at.tAnded (unu8ually ao) by dulc1mer people . Among t.he Crart. ...n who exh1bited dulo1mera were: Kate Luk.~ Tabb, Va . (8he waa 411pla1lnS t.he D.P.N. ln hal' boot.h); DarMY \111111"8, Jefrerson C1ty, temn .; Homer Ladford of Itent.ucky j John ".axwell , Cookville , fenn j and Choen & tlgu. of oak Ridge, Tenn . Good dulolmerpeople all and your D. P . N. edit.or ..... sorry t.o hayti had. t.o 1118. t.hl. ahov . RoSer Nichol.on 1n1'orma us t.hat. h. 1. recordlng • t.hird (and la.t.) dulclm.r albua tor Leader Sound (t.he "Non.such" peopla) t.hls year "'hich vlll be an Br1ti.h t.radit.ional song8 and inat.ntIlent.ala. Frank Scot.t. , ot J&F Record aalea wr1t. •• 1 "Wa are hoplng t.o get. aOIll. exc1t.inS European laautl8 in t.he fut.ure - ona feat.uring mu.lo of t.he Appalachian DlUcll1er and on. fe.t.uring t.ha European Dulcllll8r . " We have run acro .. yet. more good source. for qu&l1tJ dulcaer Ut. • • The .. ca.n be had troll Alpine Dulcimer Co . ("e ad. In thh i .. ue) who use no plyYooda or pla.t.ic., and ut.1l1Z.. highly f1gured "'00418 and spruc. aoundboard8 . Anot.her good source ia Hanle " Lynn Levin of Musical tradit.lona (al80 aee ad in t.hh lssue). Hanle: wrot.e t.he exc.ll.nt. •• ot.ion 1n Rit.chi.'a new book "Dulcimer People" on dulclmer conat.Nct.ion. Carl and Ju11. Got.z.m.r wara invit..d .xhlbit.ora at. t.he Nat.lonal Folk t.hia paat. Auguat. . Th.y sake and a.ll not. onlJ plucked dulci.era , but. alao t.halr naar couaina t.ha acheltholt. , langelalk, and huml. , thel ara also int.o psalt.erlea and hammered dulcime ra. ~eep1ng it. ahOrt t.hls mont.h a. t.hare la lot.a of real good atuft t.o squeeze lnt.o t.hla laaue . Oh, .peaking ot t.he aqu•• ze. I'ye onll had ona lat.t..r about. t.ha a. .lllah ahe ot t.ha D.P.N. print.. It. see.a t.o be t.he beat. .... y t.o g.t. a lot. ot at.uff int.o a. 11tUe • apac. a. posslbl•• And t.ha apace become a .1ght.1 expanah....han running phot.oa and auch 1n a coupla ot t.bousand copl •• _ not. to "nt.ion the tact th.t ao•• buck_ aust be put . . 1de tor po.t.age and t.he b ig volume ot correspondence .... handle (glad.l;r). AnJ comment a on t.hia' Dulo lmerrlly youra , Phil Mason . Editor

P.9. It ;rou're ever up our .... y at.op in and vlait.. The D.P .N. ottic. 1. al ... ay. open (in the bam ov.r our milk soats) and vlaltor. are .... lco. . to look through our .orap books and materlala and llatm to our tapes trom reaaera (.... Juat got 2 IIIOre nlce one.: CaprlTaurua String Band, and a lett.-handed pla,er taV- .ent in by Tin. ~alakl). We 1111:e plCktn' dngln' and .0Dg ..... ppln - Ju.t. tor the tun ot 11. ~ (207) 862 -}2SO (no collect. pl .... )


SEND US /I AN1) w.1I





J).P. N.





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Iwwt - r .... , llWiu F~'IA Lc.,t kud - FhtstA n HoUA Tu.u. .u. tALl.ulv 0" -wdij .1A.UIj.




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""""jut. U"I d&.tc.6 kcl at .tIte. lbut. .tAJ r, r. ou.u ~

'OA. , ""W.









'0.\ ~ bW EILEEN RAtHS







.... proal .. d. b,r- 11 a.'1 tablature tor Th' ~ Ra."nl. You'll Und. 1\ DOt at all 4ittlcult t.o pl.,_ .la 1n41cated, t he t.una 11 In"u-e11 on thl ..1041 l\r1n8 (1D the Aeol1t.n tun.1.n6) except tor 2 not... fo capt.u:re t.he tHI ot "hi I b&l.lad •• I pIa, 11. b1 putting 11. on pa~r with lin•• and 4ot' v . . an Kuoat.lon in U."lt (8.1 Urlt. .frort. ~ crlt.1ohm 11 .llco . . 4). It. W•• 11kl try1n5 to count t.hl wint; beata of • bird 1n tl1ght . 1'bla 1, too 10.,.17' ballad to 41e out, ancllnt. .1 1t. 18 - • love ato..,. 1& a1"&" \lD.l . . rul in t.lae and pIICI . Appa~ntlJ. t.hl Knight va. out. bunt,1.rlg, IlnCI hil hawka and hounda v.,.. with hla . Vh, "'•• ha klllad, IlD4 b1 "boa' W. '11 nl"1" know . 'I'lle Rnan' ••• t hl r...ll of h i l k1nd to tbn , .!apl, • t,aala d . . r. V•• the Knish" t.hl tat.har or U:e bebl wae sbe bla wlt_, U. 'a aU11 a sad .,atery - and atll1 • beaut.itul IIOn5· Hope you enJoJ it. Let .. know JOur reapen .. to 1t, ok' And It JOu want to, 10u're welcOltll to includa it 1n J our nawaletter. Harll Naxt iaaue wa w111 ba .. 110" Il10" ot

Inaen 'a t.b1nk:1n6 about c horda and a eons ,tNctured &rOW1d chorda.

En.en Ra1na '" FaJattev11le St. Rale1l5h. N.C. 21601.

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(a.. Q and C KaJor chord. ehar\.. 1n Jull- AUDlat


I •• ue - Back I •• u.


He,.. a re t~ hI of r ahord. . I ' .... abown the tretboard. w1t.h double upper 0&" letter. - bII ow X1ddle C on t.he plano; upper 0. . . - low not • • ;

lover 0... - aidCe not. •• ; double lower 0... - hll5h noue . The dot-toed lin•• ind10at e anI' tNt.II " a t po.1Uona 6i II 1}j


f CHORDS - Tore1C _ J _ NOnS:





1:1 - "f.oll


" h. - gQ(,rd

~I'II) IlI illlllllil1 ... &lll lll ilil oJ::O llEFi ~ ~11131 Sillllll!:l! @ !lll lll3i1.I II IIEI1 • s Cc I" ~ @111131'IJIlllIlll!lt @~l llIll3i l3 l1 ll!:1 ... @



- 'I - (-C-Ci

°111113 O;IIIIIII;ll @ ~II HjJlilllllll!l1" s' , cc ~ ~ 111111811111 j 11l1~ ~jllll HIU 111111:1 .' ' e i~ < ~ @ 1~ I I II I II i I I II 'Ill ( @jl I II I'II:J I II III:J ,




(7 OrMIDS - t04IIIMT S!~ml' _ '11

t'! OOIDS - RELATIVE "lfrI)R - VI 1(11[5:


r:tms :

tII II 3'611 I II I II Hi ~




. )

.. ~

@~ 131l J11:1'1 cJ



nJ lIil;: ~






C- i;- l ,

~ IT Ii 1.,.1111 I III II !I}






@~11 1I1 31illlllll:l?

~1 11118:131111111~ <:J,~I IIII Oflilll3lllil£

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1111 Inll, 011 Til" ul Tniitilllllillicu FIll

All rKord, . . .oW at dutov"r Smd SJ or 1 IRu (or 001'" """ tara/oaw JIU,.., Ifto""'"':lt 0( ~ """ DIrt JI4PJIly, Or Wftd for a 1m ..mplt of 0 '" .tar N~ ' - aNl,,,,,- of JpKUII ... ,~ to,.". of DULCIMER PLA YER N£1-\I5


Flyma fWI 005 PAT IlIRTON • Wt"~ 8em W... tina For Thi• • w John H.inford. V_ , Citmtnts. ftC 55 00 Ads · ·· dC . 501.50 Folkwa ys Fla.l51 JI:AN IUTCHIE: TlwApp.JxIaW. ~r · lrutl'\lOloMI and mllik: 504 99 S$m _ 0LP111 THE SIMMONS FAMilY : St_ COlIJItt)' Ouklmer • Solo and dwt duldmotr 504 99 Folk l.q.acy FSI29 TltEMOlFNTAINOOlCJMIlt·HOWTOMAICEIT .. PlAY IT · w. 50 pqe book s.s '" ArJO 10A104 ROCDl NICHOlSON :"'" Gmt.. SouIWl 011'" Dukimer · lkauljfulInt1Nm~~lalt-lmptS6.O:S SkyliM 00102 OULClMtR~LD TIME .. TRAOmONAl MUSIC · Ralph l.ft Smilh w. vocal. 501 99 FoII, ... ay. FGJ511 PAUL CLAYTON :OuldnwrSonpalWl SoICK' 21 sre" am 54 99 FrQnI Hali mRO) BILL SPENCE: 1M Uamnw •..t Dukinw. · with ~nni"" All Slar Sinnl Bafld 501 99 l.eadfr J034 ROCER NICtiOlSON : Nonntlch for Duklmn · IkIUl,/ul • lOme vocal. · Import 55."

kma 81uesr-SlI LARRY SPARKS · FUw _

BOOKS ,.... Duklnw. Book by ltln Ritchie · Tllnl", and pUylna ' with InMnKtlon.a1 book faun". Tw."l y s..... f .... iM Mounlaln by lynn McSpaddm PI... , of tmllW, 1M, o..kl ....., ..... yn Bib'" (504 ~) and DuJdnw' Pllyn Nrwa (50.'"

54 9.5 52 <;IS


""SI' C.II $a.V,

~ Cj£) HfRE, I~<. IS


tit; ~ X)


rm ImUII

II rairillllli IlIkllll! 1111. 01171

HI17 151 1111


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'MusicK5 ])ELiTf 11




$a.oo .




The Dulcimer Players Nevs RFD 2. Box 132

Bangor. Ma1ne 04401

Build your OW,,, Not en "abbr""ettd" wukm, bu t • fl,lll ..lted 34" cone"t In.lrum.n t Wllh lne 'Uft'I'II, a.wllfu' _Meted hMdwood - .tHolutely no ptywood. No.....a.l .kill, Of ~ 1001, need«t_ III," Incl~1 C.,ef"IIV detOpMd by rn.nufeefUr .... of AIfMfIu!' , mou popul., dulcl~ to be • tlmole , wee",'ul, , _ _ding In,roc:luttlon to 1M

(reft of In,'rumenl m.k1ne.

Send s as pt.·.,.1d Ie


Boll 39841, Lo. A~ •. C.Ufo,,,'. D0039 IFlnhhecl Ouk!pMr••1-.0 __ "ebl.,1

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Who ••, . the du].cl . . r Mel lor. S-at.r1n6 banjo aN the onl1 na"!" AMrloan nrlne;e4 tolk I no.lna" the following tor includoD on t.M lht I Ozark or -"'11:&11 . . . .out.h bow. ukalal •• gutlNcket. or "aabt.ub ba ••• and t.he nav.... on. - 1t. h ao ne" 1t. 4oem't. h ..... n ... ot.ber thAn .pop can.-. I ohee .. t.o call it. • tan&lon Banj.,.. Another po . . lbla AMrloan lnatJ"'Ullllnt, t.hough not at.rlnt'l4 , h the

.ualcal .a",

or cour", t.he Autoharp and Dobro are AMrioan, but. not tolk.

Al!OIJT 1'\."'~D

Whue ocratin h ,..&411, eqUable and cbeap, I ha" to\D\4 • lIUcb super10r . . Urlal tbat. con. only II per 4ulclMr .oN . Non larSi luaber

co_pM!" h .... had. BIIUlI.BLE BlhCH PLXWOOD in 1 /8- t h lam... tor ,.a" . It 1& about 112 tor a _. b1 8 ' ah•• t. . All t.hree ply. aN aqual thlcm." ~ hard bIrch . It. 1& ulM4 tor oW""d cabinet. tront. , Qle a1da ha • • !004

l.ookJ.n6 5N'1n.

1 ta.l t.hat. It 1&


1n tona q\lalltl to .PI'\IO&, _ilIa ,

eMrr1. or walnut tor 4ulol. . r 1IO\Ul4bo.rc1a. or ooW''', 1 apply proper apru~ breo1n6 to the baok of lIOun4boaNa of !ll. of the .bo .... w004a . But .... 0 vlthout bra.olnfS, or ba4ly 10cata4 bNolnfS, it. U hard to go vl'OD8 vith th1. aturf. Of OOW'M , 1t "k.a a atrons 4~01._r baok too . It you cut J:~.ll.LY 8J>ActD k.rr. .bout t apart an4 KALFWAY throuah the baokal~ of • atrlp of thl. aturf, It la •• fl.xibl • • • • 8Oto r 4r1... belt an4 . . . . 6004 4ulol . . r aldea . I .....0 uae 1t t.o reln/orc. the al~a of .,. otherwl." NON-PLnIOOD 4ulolH r a for _trengt.h .


In h.r .rtlcl. In the Kay-Jun. '75 D.PJJ., Ho1l7 Tannen "7. IIha chano.4 upon What 1. c.11.4 the 'Baf;plpa r\Ul~' In t.he IUuona , . .117 Songbook an4 on Hovard Kltohell'. reooN . l\. soun4. 9"8_t on SOM SODS• • Sb. furth.r .Xplalna the u" of It In a chapt.r of Jean RUchl.'a n.v book -Du).oia.r hopl.-. l\. 1& part17 reprlnte4 in the Vol. 2" , No .1 Sing OUt : In. of Maroh-AprU 1975 (alo) (l reolue4 111 oOPI In July) , ",-re 1. an •• perlMnUl tun1nS I lU. for w1&t.tul aon~a llke J . . .ola 'arev.U . 1 call It 'alKOlJ41&n bluea' , tun. to the .lKOl,41&n 1I04e, for . . .. pl. 0.4 , 0.4 , A" D" th.n retuna t.h. Hcon4 at.r1ng In W11aoo wlth the tblrd, 0.4 , A, D,! ! Prea. 40wn on t.h. . .1047 at.r1ng_ an4 s-t h_r.on, ! or COW'M 701.1 won It be able to plaJ J . .1ca Farew.n unla'_ JaW' 4ulct..r haa the 6i fret (4o. .n ' t . . . rtb047'a) , but tl'J John' . ih.t'a • D4 101.1 _a,1 That 1. tbe atan4erd not.tlon of p l toh . Acoord~ to the AM r lcan Standarda Aa8Ool.Uon (ASA), nov call.4 ANSI, M 1n the .a.rlcan Standard E~ T•• pare4 Chro ..Uc Scal. haa a freqtMnC7 of "40 h& . (h.rtz, fOrMrl1 cpa or C7cl._ par .. con4). C" .qual. 261 . 6' hz an4 1& call.d. .14d.l. C. 8) 1& the not. balow C", and. D4 1. tbe not• •bo .. It . Tba Stand.rd v •• adopt.d. In 19)6, but 1N.1clana .re ..... 1"7 1n4.pen4-nt lot , 80 80. . . t11l c.ll C" bJ the n .... of c, C, or C' . lAIt' • • 11 gat together 110 .". c.n oo-.unlc.t..a. I bope to wrlt. an .rtlol. for JOu on _tring .he . . l.ctlon for d1ff _ .rent tuning. and ten.1on , w1th tabl._. "-antlM . I . . .0010.108 a coupl. of leafl.t. for 70W' ~r.ual . I nov 41 __ gre. v1th 80.. of th. tb1D&. 10 . , 1.../1.t, but that. Uf. . So. . follt_ b& ... 11&4. JO 4ulo1HrtI aD.4 .0_ h ..... u4& the "M on. JO t l . . . The but ona I ..... r 11&4. 1. tb. n.xt on., the n.xt ba.t v •• the la.t ana . C.l L&80raaUl[ Gol4en Graln


RRl SbalbJ"t'11l., kich . "9>"


GOLDEN GRAINS'$f.P\o!~~":;.t


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BACH & THE DULCIMER grandtathar va •• allIer ",poe ofBach'. z1ther Vhlla ",aUing tor the

and it 1& known that ha uaed to pIa, •

corn to be ground. In t act it. v •• probably a schaU.holt - the Gernan tOl"ll or dulcl_r c1. . c rl bed 1n 1618 bJ )llahaal Pr•• torlue .

J ,5 , Baoh would no

l i ked the a. 1ta qu1at aound 1•

dou~ h.~

... ary dan_r to hi_ '.your!t . 1natruaent. t.he cla.,lchord. t o r whIch ba 00_ poNd. lIIany vor1l. lnclwUng the ' 0\8 Prelud •• and 'uau•• '. or cour•• the "Jorit, of Bach' • .us1a 18 ...ary coapla. and beyond the acopl or t.he clu1clMr , but. 80. . of hi. a12plar plac •• can 1» readllJ adapted and are "1")' .. tor '1n6ara"yla playing . In par1.1cular thare 1& tohll collectlon of ahort. plec•• enUUad ' The Lit.Ue Notabook of Anna Magd&lena &ach' ( .... on .... ral "corda) which ..,.,.. vrlttan tor hi • children , whUa ot.her po"lbll1U•• include the wall knovn choral. ' Jellu, J01 of Man. Ded.rlns'. t.hi. h in t.he Ionlan -.ode and work. well i t thlt !ir.t .ectlon h Ju.'" plaJ'ld on tn. tir.t atring and t.hIt ra"inder chorded . The attached tablatunl 1. an attellpt t.o dUlel_rf, "'he G&TOt.t.e 1.n D froa t.he Cello Sulte :.10 . 6 (BWV 1012) whleh SIIgovla t.ran.e rl bed for guitar. It 1. falrly d1ff1cUlt due to the ~ •••gee of counterpoint involving an act1 .. baaa .tring (not to _ntlon the left hand f1n6era concerned). but lu 'Baeh 18 wor.. than It. blte' (apologlee ! ) and 18 worth leam1.J\g. Moat Baroque barp.1chord .uite. eon.l.t of yarlatlon. on country d&bCe for.. whlcb WeN popul&r at the tl. . .uch a. JiMe, homplpea • • u .. tte. , roW1d •• etc •• ao bere too 1 • • wlde fleld of potentlal dule1.aer IllUde , an4 wrlt"'en bf 6l"8at coapoNr. who vere unluclQ' enou,gb to bave _1 ..e4 It on their tiret tt.. round!


IN 0


(Froa Cello SuUe tlo . 6)







4ft ~


I .S"-t



~ 7

° .--,



-, 0








...... ...., .z-'

!Q ;0




. -.


° .--,








I •

'f-? +-S 4'



, -s








Z 1




:. "



0 0



S ~



I +-s--, 2







.S" 0

} 0 I

......., ...., ...... ....., 0 •0 0 0








@) ......


1-+ 1 )-+

)- i:




It- } ,+-2




3-0-3-+ >









.--, 0















°° °°


:!- 3 +


J .5.

J.rro&ng:e . .nt by Roger Nlcbolaon

t I ,"S






J- 0






....., .......,


°l-l 0




,- 0


~ S•







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ot CaprlTaurua



Hare', t.he quotad fro• ." brother. Ian Jtu.u. Who U in o.~ nov on a ub&t1cal froa LonS Beach UniTeratt.1 atu4,1nS ch1ldren l a t.aolvllquea. I .. nt. hiJI .. xarond copy of 8\1n1lOD hhlan', about. tbe orl51n or t.hII dulcl.. r in D.P .N . (Vol. 1. 110. 1) and "k~ hia U ha '" tn.-.t1ptoe tor _. fbia 1& hie an,wars DlAr Miohael, Wall wa Journey,d to Ludwig'bUrg to rind the lIOurca - the '.'1 anawar aocord.1 ng to the laUar 10U Mnt - HA~ Firat. of all thare', hardJ.1 .. au"\1011 - ao attar 10. . wandar1ng and ••k1ng ato. on. of the 1acl1 •• in the Fredenftrkahr•• ut. (tourlat 1nto orUoa) caUa4 around to the .ado aobool at-o . u,,\ Uw t~U la4 t.o . . . rrla4 coupl' who are auper intareatAd in hlat.ol7 of walcal 1n.t.~nt •••• peel_lll tolk lnat.l"UIMnt.a of t.he 15th and 16t.h Cent.ury. So "'a UJ.kK t.o her on t.he phon. an4 aha lnvltK d oyer t.o look t.helr privatA arch1.,., 11' "a "M,1A4 t.o - could Uua h .... ~ t.he -Orl&lJl&l o.rsan Mu"wa- Mr. :&ehl_ "' .. about.' An7"'aI , w lookl4\l6h her 1t.\lU and. . .'" ~r 4ulc1M" in ~_ ot t.bI 014 pa1nUnsa lnt.o t.hl &1d l5t.h Clnt.W7 (t.rmachllt./achllt.holt) . But. abe .a14 "'Ire ..... ral good. .\l"\aa to YlaU and ga.. u' the naMa an4 a.4dre .... ot placl' .•• Vbl" t.hll baYI ~ coillct.iona It.C . in Jio",'" and aw.~. I a ..'" I 1n a atore in Muncbln I onl ot t.ho al Frenoh d\llo l . . rl tro. CAMAO I It. "'Ill teardrop in tON, about 1 .. " d •• p. ha4 tour . t.r1nS' and . .chanlcal tun.r • • lobod7 in t.hIt lbop .....4 t.o know how It. worn4 N Ian

Ruf.6 - 27

Ka, 1975

I &11k! Mnt. " brot.b.r a Drolt~ page frol Jlan Rit.chl' '. n'''' book -DulclMr r.opl'- lIbl" IbI M1'ltlollld _ IIIIl'I bu1l41n8 and pl-7inS .cha1tbolt .... in Valdbockalh.1a. It. tumid out. t.hl IIAIl Und onll 15 alli' tro. \thl" t.hll w." .ta71nS 10 t.blt1 caliid and he lnTlt.ld .,. brot.h.r and hl. (!tho'. nathl langua611 la to co.. lind vlIlt. . "'hat hi "'rot ••



-V. tound the heu" aroWld " . . and hi 1nYlt~ U. 1n i hi had . Ju.t. tbe 4&7 batO" , "oll.ld h1. 00P7 of thl Jlan Rit.ohl' book and Ihowld u. t.h. plctUl"l \thlch hi . .14 WU qultl 014 becauM &11 the II:1d. in It. "'Ire srovn, aarrhd and gone. HI' baa inltNalllt.. hanglns on thl v'U'. Dnl ",all 1. d.....ot..d to the Schlltholt. in T&rloua Thin bI pla,ad a blt. WhUI .,. .napped at.", photoa. He allO had a paalt.17 and hackb,..t.U . Va •• ka4 it hi kna", of anI ot.har' 11ka h1.Mlft No •• dld ha ha" a oat.aloS' - Xa •••• I' • •andins It. to 'OU (an4 a) 'Row to nal Schaltholt Book'·


That.. &11 for nov --- I'll lat lOU kno'" or 1111 80" lnteralt1n6 t'1Ad._ lnp whln hi "tu.rn' troa Euro-pe and I'll tollo'" up on 10" la&4. 1 haft CODclminS the Lana-ll1k. ~our Frilnd in Dulcl .. rland, Michael Ruu


"I lA"

P.O. 00"5'

F.lton. Callt . 95018

P T.a. ______________'.I.o__c.a .r.'. __a__Dul __c.lo __a.rt.


lla Andar ..n 11 a . . rftlou' 4ulc1Mr 1&4, "'hoe WI at. t.he D.,.». are hapPJ to haft dlaco .. re4, t.hroU&h our frllnd O&UI Brannlr , 11YlnS ou1. in Marrl.on, Colorado. 11a had 10 requa.t. tor hlr from trlln4a and othar', "'ho ba.,. baln tortunatl anoush to havi .hared blr .an.ltl ... and unlque dulotaar au.l0, that. .hl rlnalll Wlnt out. an4 cut an albua on hlr own. Th1a .upsr albua 11 a.aUabl. tor 16. 00 po.tpald tro. 11. a1.1 7799 Sout.h TurklJ Crelk Road, Morr1l0n, Colorado 80'65, and. I 6uara.nt. .. that. IOU w111 11kl It. a lot . It. Juat. 11a unacco.panled tor hlr own .arveloua volci (ita .peolal) and 4u101 .. r. Ila la a M1f-t.ausht. plaJlr "'ho baa partie tid htr own chord1n8 'l,t•• and o" an .... z.1nS and 'InalU.,. .t,ll ot perto,..1n6 "'hlch refllct.. the taot that 'hi 1, ind,.4 .ore than Ju.t a knO"'l.~'bl' and. tallnt.d 4u].cl .. r plaJer . The f.l11n6 co.a acro .. and thl 10'" onl 11ltan. to thl. albua tht .v.aUr and ,waatlr It. glt.a. lla ha. onlJ had a ••all nuablr ot thl .. albua. p" ... d 10 Ha bound t.o beco.. a value4 ooll.ct.or. UI. in t.iM an4 I'. glad I' .. sot • COP7. So. . cut. that 1.lpeolau, InJ07 . " : Sapla Gitta, Thl FIr.t. Tl. . I t .. r Sa.w Your . 'acI, Vh1.UI Dal.l6htlr "'hlat.ll, 6carllt Rl b bon. TbI VlavinS 11 an Your Own, Old Joe 16'\ Clark, and Vopn • LiberaUon. tKAlfI..3 tor .ha.r1nB lOur .u.l0 ",Uh ua Ila: \Y


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wr1t.1n6 1n to a.k about. sourc •• of


atrvotlon book•• ato. wa thou6ht 11. • 6004 1d •• to contact eo•• or th •••

sauro •• and ob\all\ • be.toh of t.halr 'book. to otter to the DJ'H readar • • nte1r ••1 •• "111 alao help ua to ra1 •• the ,.. .... nu•• whioh find wa need 1n in-

w. ••ount_ •• the DFN contlnu•• 1ta rant ••tlo growth and corre.pondance


You w111 find thell all to be hIghl,. worth"hlt. publicatlona, and

ne •••

ho.,- t.o be adding •••n more to t.he l1st in the nart l .. ue. Jour books .arl,. t.o tnaure proapt dallvar.y .



~,lY~G WI! IlUl.QlJCER" bl Dr . Richard V. WllUa 1& olt 1& the •• 1"1 II., ••••n for halplng ••• U,. 6at into t.he .ore ad.,ancltd atl1 •• of ohord .~an.t.loD. are •• tre. .1, claar and •••, to rollow.



bl Nul Kdl-.n " SallyJ6Hold.n great. book containing aong. 13.95 in both for..

It &lao baa • aampler

reoord to 60 It or all tha .ong. and tuna. In the book. Alae contain. OhordinS inro. twt1n8 ••• trua.ins 4: ploking .tyle •• ete:. Lot.. or great aonga, inClUding .anJ Richard Farina h1t.s . Wall wort.h 1t. ! Galllse or .any and varIed axpianations and dI~ra. •• " Ju.t t.he a lot.. ReallJ good boot. Len 4: Su MacEachron . tL22. ":h~:t;:~ Hare, Inc. a th"0'7 ~ dulcll1er play1n6. Man.1 axcellent 26 paS_a.

1. 8004



'l'hh ·THE APP.y.ACHIAJrI DVLClKER" by A .... J_rrrey. pae;_ booklet. by ona or t.he lIIoat In ~ar1c. t.hroueh II ooupla ot 6anaratlon. 1. an axoallant. all-around pla1inS .. t.bod booklet w1t.h . . ..ampla sons. and IIOlle chord playing inro . A .Ullt. boot ror anJ plaJera llbre.l"J.


by Lynn McSpadden" Doroth,J French. - 12 . 95 pha 254 tor tuninS. chOrd1n6. traditional 4: progressl,.. PiaY1n6

~~:t:'~[f':.;;,~are, tunIng t.o play Yith othar inat"Nlllent.a, and ot.her ~.

co.bina to uke this • • ight,,1 Una dulc1aa r book. Cont.aina bal.lad. tor dulclaar in t.ablature and au.lcal notauon.






BOOIB MAY BE ORDERED FROth THE DULCIMER f1.ArERS NE'oi8 RFD 2 , BOX 1)2 Be.naor. Maina <>"01

·B1bliography. Dlacogr&pbJ , 50"6., and Sourc . . Book· - Co.pHed by t.ha DlIt ... 7St!·Phil Maaon's Haulared D!.llc!aar CaUloo • IWCarenoa Boot· - 2St!·How t.o Mate 4: Pla, •• Banjo - Phil11p MallOn (co.plata plana)

.' .50

DULCIMER MRIlfGS - BESt WI" HAW BUll - , lIt.r1n& ..t. 11 . 50 - • atrin6


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11 . 15

- - - - - BLAC K JAC K DAVY

I would 81.18888t. uB1ng any Rever. . Mholydian t.uning to r thla aong _ In other 'IIord. A_A_E o r G-G-D ot A_Ii:_A or 0-1>-0 . One can ye. the atandard. M1xo lydian but. be aure and revera. t.he middle and. baa. at-ring or t.he t.ablature . A tour at.rlng "1t. h .. double mel04y 81.1"1nS ••••• t.o eult t. he 80ng beat. . The chorda are lIIada w1t. h t.he lIiddle flnger on t he ealody and t.he Inde. flnger on t.he baa. a1.rln6 . The "and he charmed the or .. lady" U b . . t. done ''"It.h t. he In4u: tinger onl, .

®: ha.I:ale r

on !

Pulc1.mar arrangement. by: Neal Hdllll&n

II a.


old are you ., pret.\.y lit.Ue IIIln?

HOw olel are you 111 hOney ? She anawereel h1m w1th a 1111y 11ttle grin I' ll be ainun naxt. aunday. (2x)

3. Coaa V&l with •• my p retty little IIln,

Come way wlth lie 111 honey . I'll taka you oro •• the deep blue •••

Wbere you ' ll never n ••d to r money,(2x)

II. She kicked otr her high heel boot. a • All .ade ot apan 1ah leather , And ahe put. on her low heel ahoe. And t.hey rode otf t.oget.her , (2x)

S. My lord calll8 ho.e late laat n1ght. lnqu.1r1ns; tor hla ladl ; Th. a.rvan" .poke batore he tho\J8,bt. She '. gone wit.h Black Jack Da.,.,. , (2x) ~

Go a&4dle 08 up . , m1lk white .t.eed, 5&4dle her alow and ea.y . I'll ride all night. till broad daYlight , And I'll oTert.ake . , lady. (2x )

7. Well he rode all day and he rode all n.1ght Till he came to t.he edge ot the water, And there he aaw hla own true l ove . At the 8ide ot t he Black Jack n...,.,. , (2x)

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l)aIar Xr. DoP.N • Vhat. we .... to haw here la an Id•• WhoH people have com.. And the people are qul.t.ll at-atrum all acro •• the oount.ry. saw ., t lr.t. COPl ot DoP.N. 1n lIewton, Iowa. whera • couple ot fln. cral't. ••• n are working and expar1aent~ with an 8Olld-wood d\ll.olaera .t. a abop they c.n BeaBrand. Juat. another piec. ot t.he qu..1.t./'bright mo ..lo that we're .11 • part. ot.'. one preble. that D.P.If. lIight. be e.pac1&ll, .uited t.o help ..,ith. For thoH ot u. Wbo were not. bom anJ"'here n ••r good dulcim.r pl.,.ra, traditlonal or otherwi.e. there', a real dltflcultJ' In tinding go04 t.acher. to h.lp u. over the •• rl, roUgh apot. unt.I1 Y& can to d..,.lop our own atylea. And player. to oo.pare not. •• with. So It there are any would-be t ••oh.r. out there, ••nd JOur oard. and tolk •• stNZllbtuabl1ngly 10ur., Kal TaIlor Here'. a list ot t.he t.aoh.~ we know .bout at the D.P.N. V. will add IIOre to the li.t. ae we hear ot them. They aral tOil Hobaon, san Franclaco Cal1.t. Phon. 626-8097 rat. Ohriat. 4028 CoT.H . o\J", Rt. 2, Cren n.ln., Wlacona1o 5'528 Lorra1oe Le., 2}4 El10t St. South !laUck, Kan. 01760 (653-8290) Bobbie W.yne, Po1ot 0' P1o•• Ca.p, Brant Lak., N.~. 12815 (T••p. Addres.) Ml •• Madel1o. KaoHel1, P.O. Boz IS!! Front Royal, Vlrslnla 226}O Ellean Ra1oa, ,,, r.y.tteville 5t plO, Raleigh, H.C. 27601 l&thy Reddiok, 39 Highland Ave. " , Caabridei., Mau. 021'9 Ralph Lee Saith, 17}2 2l&t st., Valhlngton, D.C. 20009 Holll Tann.n, " Lawford Road, Lond.on, En81and . 11a Ander ••n, 7799 5. Turkey Creek Road, Horrlaon, Colorado 80'65 Chelae. Hou •• Folklore, Box 1057, Brattl.bore, Vt.. 0530l (Book. and record. aake ezcellent t..aohlnS alda too!!) A cheok wlth an, nearby tolk 8Oclet.l (th., are 10 e~ry olty) or college ahould tum up a t.w dulcliler people In your area too. Try it.

one evenlng clae. In pla,tor Mull. I4uc.tion. ae wen •• center tor Adult Education I'll one dulol. . r bu11dlng tor beginner. and an oldbe t.each1oS on. ewnlng Bo.t~~ Center tend to ba .maller tiDe, banjo 01.... The that the center .ven e :d et.. - it doe. becau" lot. of paopl. I'll cont.1n~ t.o do group and. private and ite • 600d pl.c •• leuon. . (ph.w:) All clu ... etart. in lat. 5apt./ .arll October.10g for



Lorrain. and har Rlck "'111 be do1nS workehop. at. t.he Eat.d.dtod (WUeh tor folk rutlval) th.t w111 be h.ld at. South•••t.m M.... Universlty the w.ednd of Sept.mber 21.t . Lorraine note. that thia i. alw&l. a tarrlUc w•• kand with fro-e "orkehop. and a reaeonabl. oonoert ac1mlaaion te • • The D.PeN. hopaa to Ileal. and ohat wltb ...n, ot the readere and fri.nd. dur1nS this .vant .1.0. Se. I.'!

Dear Phll. 'l'he record. bl Jud, Mahan that. Bob Rodrlqun rev-l.ved 10 t.he last Inue i • • till ayailable. It can ba ordered directly tro. the compAnl trom! E .. re.t ~oord •• 10920 W11.hlre Bl't'd. Suite 410, lA, Callt,; 90024; or troll: tho~. H. St.m, P.O. Boz 1228. White Plalna, N.Y. 10602 . FOlk.onge ot Old Erle {Tradltlon 2075} va. orlglnall, put out a. "Rockln t.he C~e· by Horlzon Record. 11.605 - you Und it ue.d und..r t.h.t naae. The Guitarist Vho aoco.panie. Judy i. Jake Andere. Too bad th.y did 'nt includ.e that credlt on the ne. labal. H.ppy Mu.ic Mak.1 og. Jean Finke lIOTE I la 1n chars- ot the ereat publlcation ot the Pan1naula Folk Muaic Club . (,2 contact I Jean F1nke, 1649 Molitor Road. BallDOnt., @



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f\.w. je~I1I\€YS



~%2> ~-~

lMIT E...... Hwy" . 1'. O. Boll. 61S


(lOt) 19s-J)4t A,fIOId, CA 9S221

'THOM>lS >I. BEDN>lRK qurr~R M"KER 60...1 .,"""1- ..... a.-


Appalachian • HamzHred

Full S-z.. #ou .. ';;1", .. Ouk"""..


PIA'" (SOKa~")


other handmade wooden Folk tn,trumenta Robert Dixon - 2204 Eaat Elm St. Ea,t Rochea~er. N.Y. 14445

~.".-o "p.

U' Hem". R...

C" I ~IIe'. M


.... _



or pla.tic..



Hade fro. tine hardwood"


no plJyoo4,


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The (ollowing three photo~raphll. eupplled by oW" fr1ends Lee 4: ,Jean Sch1lling, vere taken by Larry Hovard. at the Folk Lit_ center or the

5=011:1•• 1n renness...

BeloW, Evan Caravan made hie •• cond public .pp'.r«nC8

at the Center'. "Str1ng Awakening" .arlier th18 year (he U 12 , ••r8 old and • remarkable h.d. player - l.amed trolll hle rather Guy Caravan). In photo 12 John XcCutcheon Jams on t.he h.d. with Lee Ke1l1 (guttar)

and Geollry leFevre (f1ddle) at tbe tolk gamee/tolk dance work.hop at FLOS. Photo " ehow. Lee Sch1llIng 'tuning uP'. 'Ih1a h.d.. or the Sch1lllnge 18 nearl1 8. h\U'ldred. ,ear8 old. Bob Beare dated 1t tor them by the "potato tintah". SInce acquiring 11. ther have run aero •••• veral lIIore prattr iden-

tlcla to 1t, all or whIch vere found in eaatern Ohio ••me lIIan made thalli all. Le. and Jean (who operate Jean'e Dulcimer Shop ae ot t.he Smok1ea - P.O. Box 8. Coaby. Tenn.) alao in t.heir shop. Ther have a nev cat.alog out. nov ot the essories t.hat. t.hey carry too. Write for it!

eo they figure the

veIl as the Folk Lit. carry h.d. recorda dulcimera and aco-


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KEVIN ROTH AT HIS BEST ON OISC A nev i.", by Robtlrt Rodr1quez

'K ith t.h e lnerealinS intlrea\. 1n bot h and dulc la:ar Clul l e , h lan't, Ml wo n der that. cOIZlO)any la. rolkWay., al"." intlre.te d 1n t he nnar to llc lIIu.le \.r&41tlonl, WoUld rella • • • r at.her ellc1t.ins recor6 by an a c;uaUy axclting aueleal ta18nt.; ~hlch 18 axactly wha". FolkWay. hal. dona. To be prec1aa . I h talklne; about. the brand. naw _lOwn recantly recorded by

lavin Roth ot



albu% ant,1l1ad



Sins' 1:,4 Playa Mel:.r, whlch caM.ainlr ltv •• u>' to He tlt.l. to .&y the le •• t. Thi8 album (Folkways Racorda FA-2,67) t.atures the dulcl~.r 1n

•• v8ra1 us•• - both 1.1 an inatrument. tor 8010 ,lac •• , dL~C. t~~ •• and U<l41e Placaa. Il.nd .. an accO:llpanh.8;'t. tor vocals . In bot.h ar881 Kevin c8rtalnly lato..... What to do with t!'ia;.nt.. ilut. t.h.n , having ae.n him cloa. up in bo1.h. "-or:Cshop Md concart. •• t.ting., it. 1. no aurprise that. t. h. al bu. 1a ...·ort;" 1 t, and :ora 1.0 ~oot . l!"l.. t.Wi.a on th1s record are for t.h. ~oa1. ~art. ta~en fro: t.he tradltlons of ~t!"l. Amerlca and !nglandi ballads fro3. botn s l da. of t.he AtlL' are "'.11 rap,.. ••:tt.d I'•• re: .ong. includlng auch fhiller tu."e • • a Soldl.r'. Joy , Jun. ;";~l., ~lu. t"'o beeutifUl ren.111.10:,. of Gre.n.l •• v......·u1 Ke"ln's own of t.h. ;'leld . 5<11i:• .,urell nat.ive 1.U."\.1I are lnc:'udad, .ucn as the "atar ia ·.1de, Ritchlea L • N don't 5t.o;> nere J..'l.Y:IWlre, plua a aone; whi ch I act.ual1y t housht was a l.rad1t.10nal ;>lac. , Cut. wh1cr: K. vin t.old m. "'.a • conta=;>orllry t\1."\a h. had wrlt t..n t.ha mua i c for rac.n tl y, a song callad Eold ?1rata , whic h whan fl r .t h.ard actually aOW"lds li"e a throwtac~ t.o a l ivaly 3rlt.lah leles dL"C. t.un • . ~t.h "'.ev 1.,,' 11 "'ork L"\I! h i _ vocal rend1t.lone .. re L" exc.ll.nt. bl.nd of a !" d- d:-lving u •• of volca L"\d lnllt.rwtllnt. Mt! yet. 8 8!.II1;>la and 10vinE preall ntat 10n of _011.1 eood t.raditlor,al mua1c at. lte but.. Thla h a dulclmllr rllcord , and t. nll dulcl:11. r i a f •• t.ured up front , 11"ely, but. yat wlt.h a W8rlllt.:' wn-lch lIIa".s t!lia a l bum "'ort h runnine out to Slit. I n a hurl7 . One I1 lt.lln ll to t hh reco rd and get.a the !eellne; tnat hWlan :tu lllc 18 at. ll1 wlth us yat.; It. . hard t.o t.all wha re !..vln '. mus i c lind. and h1_ peraonallt.1 be!inl - t.h.t'. wh.t. .ort. of '" person and :ul l cian he 1. . Kevin Itak •• hla d\1lcilt.r co:ca allva , coth in parllon (h. C&rl even pIa, Iri.h pipe t.une. on the dulclQ. r 1ncldent.l" IUId t.h.t aln't .ally), &rid on record • .\.."\d, ",.at.her h l a dulc l :te r i a play.d ba!~ i pe at ,le , chording for ballada , ha~erins-on for fiddle tur.•• • or ai.~le malod, t.un •• , It. ' e a refreahinS piece of :ua lcal .rt.l.try t.e sae Kavln at "'or:<: . Dee l de., he owns and co:lect.e dulcllr.ers h 111.eU· . lie preaenUr h.s at l .... t 1."'111"., and le fo r more • .... h.t. !tOre can one s.y ... an t in bot.h .. pereon and a parfol'1lle r. ·";el l , there rO\l ha .. It. f Ol lt., all about. KevIn Rotoh'e flne .."d. wond.arful album , eo the reat. ls up t o you out there In "recordland" . ThiS ls Kavln ' s f1rat album; let'. hope It 'a not. h i. by an, means .


Dear PhU -

•.. an.

- - - - -




or thes. phot.oa .howl on. or our Hammered dulc 1.ller ltlt.s

Th. ot.h.r is or 9u and .e pla,1na and pluck.d dulcimer tosether . Ueually 9u pl.y. lIeloq ~le I do backup cho rd.. Ve &lao do · celli' (g.e11c . . r.lon~ atyle pla,ing (both on .elodr) and occaulonaUr wUl ha.. 9u playlnS backup Bemi-c hord. 'lihUe I play .elody . loa rar .a w. mow , we are the

onll people playins t.h. . . two lnatl'\l.lllent.. t.ogether . It there are others, 'll'e'd love t.o hea~ about. t hem or encourage ot.hers to t.r, thl_ coab1natlon. We oft.1In can .t.t.ract. and hold. cro'll'd .t a feBtlvaJ. on she.r novelty •• we ara not at. all acco_pll.h.d muslclana . Th. ha&lllered dulc1.ll.r 9u 18 plaring on 18 t h e orlSlnal pI'Ot.ot.yPe fro. whlch our auperlor new et.ruct.ure eTolTed . The lndl"ldual brldge. a"old tha necesslt.y of co.pro_ls. on satt.lns both .1de. or each cour •• "right". A a1ngl. brIde- .aana ."l7thing has t.o be perfect or elae IIOlIIe notea are "ofr" a 11ttl. aa the Whol. brIdge lIuat be mOTed t o t.une t.h. two s lde. ot a course and at. .0. . polnt. .. cOilpro.l.e 1. neee.lar)' - at lea.t ueuall,. Cord1all, .

IAn Maokchron HERE, Inc . -'10 Cedar An .. X1nn"'po11a • . M.1nn. 5~

..... ".,~\"'~~ U"~b It I\Io.~M€m""'t>P-C.\M~ Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact



HERO . iNC - H,ll. FililSHD


playing 111 ell"graml


B1 Phil Hallon

treble bridge: atr1ng eour ••• (upon whlch the majority ot h . d . ot JOur h . d . wl11 look eomething l1ke the !ollowtna


© ® :» 1-6--'.


F -II £-/0


Jl -,




• -7 A -,


F'" :» -



-s -5


Fill ••


E -.



~_ -0 ~ C - ,




~~ ,~


!APlH the .trins cour ... are number-.d. 1 to 12 beg1nn1ns at the 10na aide or

the lnatrument,


front ot whlch the playar ullual1, poaltlonll hli/her"It.

A. .Wling you u •• t.htI Utth 1nterval t.uning Iche. (110111. popular), JOur atrins _til (oour ... ) w1ll be tuned .11 indlcatad in t.he dlagram abo" _ '1'0 indicate .. tune in t.a blature ... l1t:Ue number 1& almply wltten note to indicate whlch atring caur.. corre_ponda t o ••oh partlcular note of tobli Wille. For IIn.pla, l-R .. ana to st.rike lilt. GOurao to t.he right ot th. bridge: I and l-L would . . an .. _trlke to t.he latt. ot t. he bridge on lilt etr1ns. at.o. Wit.h th1. IIl.ple .noush .,111.•• well in mind, hare 1a a t.ablat.ure tor t.M popular J1g -Ir1ah waaharwoMn-. Two IlIOn t.ablat.urtla appaar 1n t.h1a 1 ..ue tor t.ha h.d.. on page}2. -IRISH WASHERWOMANTablat.ure - 1'. M"on

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For a long t1ll8 tohe DulcllMr la, dec.yIns 11ke a t al •• p 1n8 glant l . .14 r . . Uy t.reuurUa in tohe lon&solltt attlca of .anT Appalacb.1&n lIOuntatn ho. . . beto'" ita int.roduct1on to ereCt ...n 11k. Paul l"yle & te" yeara -ao. Ttwlr pain.t.aking efforte .." the Nault. of • ate&4, " .. hal or an art that in •

rev abort. y.ara .1fSht. ha" been 10at into aUmltr. Paul. and ha wU. Louella had •• en eucc••• in a&ny fleld. - wrlttng, pbotography. woodoraft • before enter1n6 into the production ot the hand .ade Du.!cl. . r at an aswhen ot.her. ~~ planning a re_trul lite ot retlreaent.. M&n7 hour_ ot reaeareh and etton. .." the rel\1lt ot the Urlt Dule1al:r wlth tM P'J1. label. Soon Paul wa. helping otber_ in the production ot the1r own In.t~nt •• He va. encour&s-d 'to publ1ah • book ot plane t.hat would be ao ."ple tbat an . . .taW" oould tolloY tt... Paul baa alao pubUahed • .oat 4el16httul a.tld worthy playing inet.NcUon book (}4 eons. too). NOTE I

the D.P.H. • • t.ock ot



D. .r Phil ••• Thia la . , tlrat year bu11d1ng haamered duloimer. , 110 I han no profound conatruction t.ipa t.o otter t.he D.?N. readerll. I'd like to Uke lDentlon ot ao. . good lIuppl1er. ot dulo1Hr wood, wUh Whoa I'ye dalt. personally, (1) Gurlan Ouitara Lt.d., CIIIlaJ. street, H.1n.c1aJ.e, N.H.0}451. OUrll11l'. pricea are .ary re ..onable, the IIlIrYlclI and qualit.y are good. My ~r.onal puroha." han been IIpruoe tops (qual1ty fair to excellent , .osUy good or •• I'7 good) and blrd.eye lII&ple backa lUld II1d. . (qualit.y !air t.o nrr good). I ' va & .. en 110m. nlce mahogany trolD t.hem. (2) Ketropol1tllll Mu.l0, 160 t111111&D St.., Weatwood , N. J . 07675. t II prloe. are rea.onable , and the .erv1ce 111 good. The wood quality t ''lie .een hall been "1"1 good. M.'r paraonaJ. purohalle. ha. . bee! guitar top., II&hoSaDY and cberry dulolaer wood and .pruce dulolaer t.ope (s:I,uallt.y re.n61n6 lro. good to excellent vary good). 1 now re-8&W lIe.t ot 111 own wood, ao 1 don't do II whole lot ot purohaainS ot pre-out wood. now. My op1n1ona of the abo" suppl lera &l"8 baMd not only on ~ own experlence., but. tha IIxperlenoe or otber bu.1ldera I know & Matba tbe abon w111 be ot 110_ gu.1d&nce to proaPlloUve d1Uc1Mr bulld.ra~

----- Beot.ty

Beott I • .Antea, Oulld

at. I, Box 130

HllDoYer. lnd. 4724'

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Phill Oreet.1n$1 tro. Appalachian Ohlo: Ever H."\ca I heard abou1. "he tl .? N. I'~ vant.a4 1.0 ...ICI IOu. brier nm40vn on t.he at..t.l1& or dulcl . . ra and pl.y1na out. bare ••• the IIOwtaln dulcl •• r 1& co_paret.1 . .l, pl"nalent. 1n

t.hil part or -aut.h•••tarn Ohlo . Thla 1. t.racable t.o t.he recant. booa in int.lreat., and not. t.o t.radit.1onal pl_,inS and/ or .. han41n8 down or t.hl lnet.l"\\IIlntl,

Thlre are •• vlral lut.hlera In thl sane reI area .

I '. not.

perlonall, wit.h th•• all, but can tell IOU thll ' On, f. lch ••l

Kurpbr 18 at ::tallow' Spr1n6l. Bob Brever II In \iap&konata , lack Enellr in At.han&, and 110" ot.hera in At.hana, Karlatta, and Coluabua. Probabll t.h. are't ••t nuaber or tnst.rument.a 1. found in thl N .~. area or thl,,.1nS Akron, Cant.on, and .

Vll.hout. .. 4oub't., t. ha I_rISe." au.,pl.1a!" or at.n . duloJ,&11"1 18 JII"'f7 e..II fro. N••• rk. He lie t.hat. ha h •• tl11.d 10U 1n on hh operat.lon t.o -aM .rt.nt, (id., - Yup, Vol. 1. Ho. 5) H. haa be.n bu.11din8 for .... ral , ••1'., and alt.boUSb •• ry clo •• trlendahlp preoluda. too much,. bl. are n1ll t.b. beat. I'va •• m, ~lat.1v. t.o h . . . . red dlllc1 . . r •• not. too IllUch can be .ald . Palll G1ttord. 1n "~uap." (Vol . ,. No . 5 . Sept. , '1_) not •• that a tact.ory va. locat..d Llbert1 Centar , naar Tol.40. Ohl0. in t h e 1 _1.. 1800·e. I bav. a falr Id.a t.hat a 80041, nueber ot hu:ered dulcl.era in th ••• part. at. on. 1.1... 1' •• locat.d 15 in thl. count.1 (Mulkingua) alon•• 8Olt. taot.ory-produe.d. and. accord1ng to Glfford'_ apeoa . tro~ Llt.rtJ Cent.r. their oon41UOIl nm. fro. al.o_t. W'I"'In.s,abh t.o tul11 .trung aDd "r)' pla1abl.. So far, how.v.r . I' •• run aero •• on11 recoll.ctlon. ot on. h&amered duJ.c1Mr plaJ.r around here . H. w. . apparent11 acU . . up tl11 hl. death 1n 1927. and 1'. 1n t.he proc •• e of tracing hle relatl ••• (It an, .urvl•• ). No .1gn of hl. dulclmer '0 tar. A. tar toda1·' pla1.r. 60. I t.bink I am t.h. onl1 one aotlv.l, involv.d In pl.ylng t.h. ham; d\1101 . . r in t.h. whoh , J.rr)' 1. t.b • .o.t. proHnc buUd.r , I t ••l eure that. {ou're aware of Ann. Grl.... t.o be t.b. po •••• sor of t.h. world. larE•• t oollectlon of old .aunt.ain dulol. . r • • Sb. Ih.a 1n ooll.g. town ot GranvUl •• about. 45 811 •• froa u. . Sh. ba. coapl.t.d soa••• ry fln. coll.ct.lon. ot t.redltlonal Ohl0 .lng.r • • and haa bean acth• • ine. long betore t.h. folk booa . Sh. b •• a recordlng on Foltw.,., pl •••• d wlt.h Jour . . gaztne .....11 I' •• bent ,our ear enoush. I'll 80 tar. and wl.h ,ou the ve't"l be.t in t.he future , Davld L. Ta,lor InS Cant.on Drlva 12 Bovling Green, D' 42101




Dav. h going to be 40ing aOIl. t.hinge tor t.he D.P.N, on tb. humered dulcldr in t.b. tut.ure . and w. are qult.e happ, t.o ha•• bla aboard aa a cont.rlbut.1ng dUlclmer .dlt.or.) nUr Mr . "'AiiOn --On page ot t.h. l ••t 1 ••u. ot the "N.w." ••nt.lon v •• lIad. ot 8011. du1cl•• r cut.. on a .at.lonal Geographlo Albua. Th. albua 1. tltled. "Mual0 ot the Ozark.", Th. dulcimer cut 1. 'Harrl8On Towo'bJ III lot. Hancock _ Ita tbeo onl, on., I think, • the Rack.n ... ok Folklore Soolet., of Mt. Vl.w, Arltan ... ba. produced a t.wo reoord ..t. ot t.helr Albua 1 baa • out. by Morrbon pla,1n6 "Turk., in the St.raw" on dulol. .r. Albua 2 haa the tollow1n6 dulc1a&r CUt..1 1. ElUot Hancock partoralng "Cot.t.on E,ed Jo." . 2 . L)'nn and Ma't"l C..therine Mo8padden 401ng "Lad, Kerr- . ,. Th. 81118On. F.. ll, doing "Amaz1ng Orac.- . The Arkan ••• Trav.ll.r Th...tre n •• r Hard, . Arkan ... ha. an .lbus tlt.le41 Th. Arkan ... Tra.~.ller Folk,... whloh ha ••• v.ral dulcl••r cut •• ll.., Dr11't....ood has • new albua, •••11abl. on11 b, . . U ord.r tro. Batt.le JC! Co •• Azotan .... Whlch h ... on. dulcl. . r cut. by PrUt.wood . Th. S~. , . .l1y ba. . an .lbua Ston. Count., Dulcl. . r wblcb 1 • • tin. t..&ohina ald tor be61nnlne dulc1aer pl.,.r • • 'inall, . Tut. Ta,lor . beet mow tor t.he In.t"-'&ant.. h. buUd. at. hb T~ ••••• Dul01Mr Vork. in lII.ahvll1., T.nn •• vll1 soon be u)P;1ng a du,lcl •• r .lbua. Beat. Vl.b•• , Art. Coat..



P.S . V. are glv1D6 .. f'ut. T..,lor Dulct.r . v. , . t. our II .. Uonal GuU.r Flat(Held Sept.. 19-21 at. . . . :PICk1n6 Cb"ploo&blp. t.h1a '.1rsro\IDd •• For Wo wrlt.. ""lnut V&ll., A.8Oe •• Box 245 . WW1eld, Ian... .

PHIL MASON'S HAMMER DULCIMER SHOP RFD a., BOX 13:1. BANGOR , MAINE 04401 15 .1nut.. c .....t.t. tapa • photo. ot our tn.tnaMnh ,..tWl4abl••

".00 -

n.a~_~:~!_ t!!_~ oat~losu. (PQIri.-&e &pp,..c1.t.ed I

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Dear Phil mara .

Must. respond 1.0 several letoters appearing in D.P .N. re : plywood dulciDuring the •• ven years the company has been funot.lonIng . and in

the fLva or alI years betore that when 1 wa. expertment.1ng with materiale

I calD.. too t.he conolus1on that. pll'food sound board •• l1ke IIOst really hard hardwood. , producu a sharp brit-Ue and usually relatively llhon. duration ot' e,ound in a dulcimer unl . . . 1t. 18 a ..ery large 1nst.rument . It' IOU set. a

lara. enoush. expanse, a plna or ot-her


'Wood ply t.op oan g1ve • reaeon-

ably 011110'11 sound . No'll the barllh sound 18 not. all bad . There are eong. t.hat. call tor t.hla sort. or thinS . Al eo . the), have one int..Nat-ing - t.hey an very st.urdy . They lIUl tolerat.e t.reatment "good" inetru-

lI:ente won't ,

a I should say at t.his point t.hat w. use aol1d apNea or cedar 'top. (aou.-."d boards) on all or our lnn.rumentl and klta unl . . . . specially ordered otherw1se ; I want.ed you "to know where our preJudlce 11ee.

I hi inclined t.c think, however , t.hat /DOet. people w111 tlnd the sound ct 80lld aottwoo4 aound boards IfIOre plaaaing aero . . t.he board . Th. ton. t.hat. le produc.d can be controlled by the shape and plac.ant ot t.h. 8Oundholea and the ehape of t.he lnstl"'Ulll.nts aoundbox , t.he welgbt at t.h. atrine; boarda is alao important. . The brlght. (if you 11ke It) hareh (it fOU don ' t) sound can be ach1eved - and '111th r;x>re purit.y ot the sound (what.ever t.hat. means) - by using t.he hour glaes L~ape or plent.y ot varlously spaced sound hel8&, l!1Id/or t.yin& dovn the ende ot t.he st ring board tlghtly . You don 't. lit.terelly ti. t.hem dovn at course , you slue them . Vice-v.raa , you get. .. big guitar sound wlth teardrop or mellon shaped eound·cous . m1.n1mu.ll eound holes and tree brldee end ot the dul.cimer . L"!. our aU.."!.dard 1nat.nL:Ient.. and klt.8 t.hat. we uke t.he t.e a r drop leana t.oward sound and t.he hour glau ehapes t.oward mandolin and banjo . In a few experll1ental modelS we have incorpore.t.ed ways ror alt.emuely t.hlnS dovn and releaeing t.he st. r1nS board to t.ry t.o get. t.h. beat. or all poaaible world.. I'ot wildly .ucceaerul. so rar . OUr ldt t.ll people what. t.o do t.o make t.he inet.rument.s rro!D our kite that. lean elther way in sound . I a leo must reapond to Dr . 1/.0. re: St. r1nE_ and plywood dUlcla:er. . I agree t.hat. new st.ring. are n ice and it :you a;rli rich o r 0. prot ••• 10na.). you a1gbt. (pe~a p.) c'hanse t.hem ort.en . I !:lust report. a trom ICeflll7 KalI l or the Sweet. Mill String 3and (a ::1otable IIl&ndolin player i t you have nt been lucky enoUSh t.o have bee.rd him) , who haa thl. to say about changin6 st.ring_: "I can either cha."!.i),e cy at.rinsa oftllm cr eat hs.meurger. I'd r&th.r .at. ha~bur&e r". So, say. Kenny , he chang•• h i. s t.rin&8 whenev.r t hey break . That. ' s what I do alao end I c~~~ot really aay t.hat. I can tell a t.reoendoua dlfterence ln 10u."!.d . Further ::lore, I don 't think that. the pros 1 plck with on occaaalon woUld overlook belng "out ot t.une" becau.e I have .uch a great. person.llt.t elther . In sh.ort , 1 beUeve t. hat If your 1nst.nutent "....on 't atay in tune there is lIkely to be somet h 1ng wronS wit.h i t bea l d . . old str1nE. . It your 18 cold (or even cool) \then JOu start play1ng , t.!"Ie '/lbration of Play1nE '11'111 varm t.he strines enough t.o t.hrow t.he~ out. of tU::l.; t~.l get. longer as t.he1 get. '118~ . Nov about. t.he need of r-lyvood d"..llc1Jce r a t.o Eet 1:\.x,.ns lve one8 . You don 't have t.o haVe e. ;ll1\'00d aou."!.dbo&rd. t.o set. an 1nelll:penslve kit or dulcl~er . ALL ot our dulclzer& ~~d ~ lt. ~av. 801 1d s.,ruce or c edar aound Ooarda . Our leaat. expe:\lllv. kIts Ql.d;.ent.s cOCl,et.e in prIce with QO.t pljWCOd!e:"lt. er.d \tita . ~A"'l of our all Gol l d ·.... ood che rry or 'f1al!lut dulci.::era/ with sol l d .tops !!.."!.d %its c C::II":::et.e \tah fa."!.c] plY""ooc. :ode11. SO JOu don ' t. have t.c ~ave a pl :rwood aou..~d bo.rd to Eat. en inexpen.lve k It. or lnatrw:le:'lt. . ;::ordle.lly , Ler. ....acLachron Here , b.c . 410 Ceda r Ave. nn ., ~:1n."!. . 55454 Sandy Davl. (complIe r of t.he Ha~ered .he . t. entlt.l.d -It'. a Dulcimer-J RII II, West.on Ro.d , Llncoln , Man . 01 77} ) ha. given ua the follow_ ing .xclUng infon..t.lon : "A record 1. being put. t ogeth.r t.hia _ua»r by a ha::ur.ered dulcimer consort,1wa call ed -TRAJlEZOID-, t.o be rel ••••d in the Fall. The group 1ncludes Sa. Rlue t.t.a, Paul Rel a1 er, Pete Vl~ur. and Paul Yeaton. All tour are ot hlmlll8rt1c1 4ulclmer., and play lnstrument. or their O'IITI deSIgn and con.t.ruction . Thelr In..tru:n.nta include ba •• dulCimer, barlt.on. &lid ble, and a 4Ulcet.ta, or plccolo dUlCimer, plus other assorted .trlng band inatrument.. The record proll1&e. t.o be elll:cit1ng and vorth walUng tor . @j)

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A. Revhw bz Robert. Rodrlquer.

It the, l1ked It once, the,'li 10.& It tWice; that go •• not onl1 tor

folk f •• t1val&, but. &lItO tor nevelettere, Chin••• cook1n~. and g004 dulc1mer recorda a. well. Roger 1l1cholllOIl hu ghen both tOUl 11\1&10 and •• peclally dulcl •• r tan. ,. real treat. with hi ••• cond and l.t.... alw. fro. England, and th1. h reall, • good one ind•• d . Ent.1t.led Gentle Sound ot the Du].clmer, Argo Racorda ZDJ.-2~, thi. albua b . . . . veral lIaJor 41!hrenc •• fro. the

f1rst NlcholllOO albua, Non ••uoh tor Du!cl.. ,. . ~h.n 1 reylewed hi. tlrat. albuM, I .-ntlonad that, even wit.h 1ta ~r.ot • • the record w•• at1l1 worth


V.l~t 1n value becau,. , outs1de or on. other ob.ourl record ot dulcimer aons& from the lrlllh trad1tion , noY out. of print , :acholaon'. allNa w•• the only one outsi de the Unit.ed •• Which f.atured • pro_inence In the u •• or the dulclmer. ~pp1lY , th l • • econd record haa .11 the !r8&t Qu.lltie. at the ~lr.t , and ao tev det.ct. th.t th.y .re alao.t lrrel.vant . Th. tlr.t •• Jor dl tterenc. 1. th.t are no vocal. on thls .lbuai ~he~.r or not vocal. hurt or belp • dulcl . . r record. 1 • • •ubJ.ct tor. vhol. oth.r .rtlcl. , but •• tar .a thi. record i. concem.d, the abaenc. ot ...ocala ~.a not hurt the Qu.lit, on. bIt . are dulcI. . r record. Vh.N vocal. • • N .baolutA11 ... entlal becau •• ot the n.ture at the involved, but in this c ••• voo.l. vould be .lmo.t .upe~luou • • Nicholson'. dulcim.r plalins .peak. tor it •• lt not onll In the qualltJ ot the tun •• and eons• •ncoapa •• 1n6 thi. album , but. in t.he v.ry vide .el.ctlon and .pectl"Wll thla .lba tak•• Ln. The tir.t. .id. contain. a .... rl.ty ot tun•• and pl.c ••• all the w.J tro. t.radltlonal. tavorlt.•••• Spani.h ?andanso and • Sout.hern KedleJ (Soldi.r'. JOJ. Tr..... ll.r • Buck Danc.r'. Cholc.', t.o t.un •• trom t.h. Britl.h 1.1 •• tr.41t.ionl Flov.r. or the Fore.t, Bon.p.rt.'. Rat.Nat, F.t.h.r K.lpburn'. Wals~oo.t, KIng or the Farl •• , .tc ., to on • •vant sard. pi.C. vhich Nlcholson 0.11. Mood ~l.c. 12 . Th... tune. a.ra d •• lgn.d to 1llust.rate th. incredlbl. rans. and us. of t.h. du1caerl tro. lta tr.dltion.l u . . . . acco.pml ..nt tor tlddl. t.un•• , t.o .adem compo •• d pi.ce. and cont..mpore.l'J tun.. . Th. . . coud a.1d. ot the al.bua cont.atn. lIO.tlJ Ell&abethan, Renl ••anc., and )Mdleval. danc. t.un •• , oourtll t.un•• , and pl.c•• d•• il5D.d tor tnatnla&nt. • • uch •• lut.. and guit..r . Th••• tun•• includ.•• , BallI.rds, and ccurt dane •• troll the 14th, 15th, and 16t.h centurl .. tro. ~and , Franc., and Tbla album t.aturea a nwa'ber or pl.c •• don. on double duloI. . r. wlth ot.h.r auch waician ••• Garry Rotr , J.cob Walton, and Trevor Cro.l.r on .uch. ot.h.r tn.trusent • •a ~Jo, .,uth bow, percu .. i on lnatnlfll.nta , 2nd dulc1.a.r . and gult.r . Tb.. t.ct that. unla. hI. tl.r.t &lbua , Nicholson' • •uperb dUlci .. r plaling 1& not o .... rb&lano.d bJ ot.h.r inatrua.nt. 1a perhaps on. ot the ttn.r point. or thls record . Th. u •• ot double dulolm.r. on .0 .. ot t.h. . .dl.val pI.c •• 1a part.loularlJ intare.ting , whlle the U •• ot banjo end mouth bow on \.h. Appalachian ioe41.J 1• • a authentic a waJ to .how the .ctual U • • • ot the dulc1m&r in it.. n.t\U'al. aceoapani.d by ot.h.r tn.tNZNnta t.raditional. to ita u.. . 'the suttar 1a t ••t.ured tor tn.t.anc. on Brlght Shin•• tha Moon •• Ru . . ian pl.o., wb.1ch Nloholson ba • •lI:llU'ullJ int..r. prat.d tor du].cl. . r • • • • prlt.l, dance tun. . Two dltt.r1n6 , but. ao ..lth.t ai.llar, rendItion. of Bucll: DMc.r'. Choic. 11 anoth.r nlc. additlon WI t.hi. record . FtnallJ, 1. Ni chol.on'. abIIlt.J to u .......n unfamiliar aodal tun.lnaa .uch a. PbrJ81an .....olian . and Locrlan lIIod.a tor aclll. ot hI. IIOre int.ra.ting lI..d1& ... al pi.c •• , plus hia oont •• paN%,), pi.o... All in all , t.h. GenUe Sound ot tb. Duloim.r 1. an albu. which t ••ture. Roger Niobolaon at bi. au_loal and be.t , .howtoe t.h. nue.rou. u ••• ot the Appalacbian dulci•• r in .... riou •••tt.lns. , both t r adltlonal . IIOd.m , v1J'ltaa•• and ottbe.~ . NIchol son ha • • uco ••• rulll crea •• d the Rainbow Bri dge , Bitro.t. , with t.hi. reoord Which 'besina "'h.ra None.uch ott , and. thll album d.~ •• rv....... ry rave It. oan get l it ' . a winne r all the waJ.

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~ ~






Out Mlchl6AD wa1 (thick v1t.h bamHred tradition) 11.,.e tlM Don Round Fa..ll1 Who are a bunch ot _lsh1.l tolke .uch lDto All aepecU ot l.M haa.eerecl d.Ulcaer . Don bullcle bee\,l1.1!Ul inatrv&enta and eon Ja1 i. a _11 Imovn parl'ol"!Der on l.he In.tru.nt wi1.b l.wo great albulla to hia credit &lre&d..1_ (!Ie. ad. in thla ieaua tor into on Ja, ' . albulle). The two pbotoe 'below ahow Ja1 pla,ints one ot Don'a tine inatruHftt. and an ebon1 enca .. d h.d . . . t on a beautltUl .tand lncorporat~ 11&1\1 nicta "'004&, lnClu1i1nS 2Alb~"'oocl b ridgee. Don u11 . . . that ae tar a. be kno .... thle 1a the !l~t and onl1 h .d. ot it.. kind. 1n e.1atence. U IOU a" e.,.r 100Jo:.1nS tor a !lne h . d . do etop 1n and ... l.he Round fa.. U1. The1 li_ to ha.. 'rleitore .



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tHE ORIGINAL DULCIMI:R J'l.ADRS CWB, INO. CI' KlCHlGAlf ('1'ODPODl) a.pr1ot..d troa Vol. 1'. 10 . , ot t Lyre court ••, at: E4itorl CarolJTl Mcmt,60M!1'1 Det.ro1\ Folklore 8ocht7. 2}426 Pluabrooka Dr .

8G\lt.h!h14, )(1oh. -'8075 the 'lODPCIM had .. gal.a ••• Una on Sat. MaT 17 at Ore.nUald VUlaaa In Dearbom, Mioh . coaplatA "lth cost.ume., taph_t. and .. Gar '90 ' • • t~. backdrop. HaT1n8 Juat e1Ten blrt.h, ~ t.o apealr:, to .. na" h&mme:r-.d. dU].clllar. Morlt~. .1'1 t..u, traIp.ed o ....r to ••• what. i t . &11 about. What Ita all about 1& people, 014 tun•• , reapect, .pp"ol&Uon, lov., trlUldablp, M4 }O ~re4 4l.l.lo1•• ra . What . . .&rht, of .1 .... ahape., &D.4 aa•• ! So. . ot 'Lb_ h1shll8bU ot the aftemoon tor .. "u.. s The Joung•• t . . .ber

fIrat, 10 ,.ar-old StAyt. ot fola40. OhIO, who pl.J8d .. h . d. wbloh b1. Qre.apa buUt tor hi. 1"1. ,.ar. Uter zlpplna throU!h :) Dr • tun •• "1"1


",.11 cion. ba va.. SiT..... tN. .ruioua hand At \.hat point •••• N } people 1"'41&tAl, ~ol~4 not to pl., ~ 81.•• 1. 1• Grandpa demonetrated .. real ZltMr anA pl.Jael it br1an, • • • !be P. . . 1nS ot JUcblgan Cbet Partrer va • • ••4 t.o the procee41na.. Jon&t.b&n Round ~eled Chet.'a h.d. at. 10M tl,lD.eral and .e beard .. ahort. tapti ot 11. • • • Gene a 75 lear-old Mother pla,ed a 150 to 175 lear-old belrloo. h.d. 10 • and anapPl lIaN'Ier that •••


<ho ponl. .

the crowd ••

',0&, ~




tin1ah th.t.

.c::=c,,~; .•: .. ;.=club proc ••ding • • • ure .acle t.h.

plaling vaa 0. ..11 hh toP.'-t.UM, h.d. aoundbox. On. dd. baa1c&ll, There vaa • &reat. .arlet., ot h.d . la 1II'l.4 peopl.. larger not. alva,a hay. louder aound , beveyer . Paul G1ttord ' . acrolle4 d.algn tor a14.a va. t.he lIOat. a e~1b1te4; 8111 Coly1o l a t.h. tin. at. tinlah ant 110.1. 4.11e&t.ell .cal.d .1ze inatrument. Maftl old t.t.ara pl&l.d aa .all •• tha Johnny- co"-latall pla.,.re and all VaN acc.ptad and appreciat..d vitb .qual. ant.huli.a. . The . . Jor1tr ot t.~a parforaa •• onIl used the ba • • •tring. tor. not. or tbree and. ml •• ad tancr l1ck V•• on tha partact repe.t • • • • '1'ODPCIM .eat. a6&1.rI. on 8&pt.. 27, 10 Ann Arbor . n •••• 11!1. tha meat inS &0 I 'IIcn ' t be ao crov In the tront ro'll 11.tenlns attantlyal1 . You donlt reall, vant to be in OD. all thO .. saod timea vit.h tr1endll tolll: . Or do IOU' . . CarolJll Mont60"rr . . &apt.. :27, 1975 TODP<llH (HaaHred Stem'a "ualeal Collactlon, Stem'a Bul141ng, Morth C•• pu •• Ann Arbor, M1ch . Into I Gen. Cox, Box 136, BJl"OD Center. ncb. 0\9]15. f&ll x . .t.1nS . Br10a lCur HaQlllered :lulctmar •.

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Dear Mr. Maaon •

... W. a re a IlIOther and BOn t .... of aakera. I bousht . , rlr.t dulcber, made from & Hugh•• k 1t in Wash1ngt.on 8 y.ara ago, and taught ~­ MU to play . During the next. 2 ,.ara I pureh. . . d an Ed ••l Hartin 4-atrin8 dulcimer and a three at rillg ona made bt Cliftord Glann. I plar the thre. atring in • traditlonal r •• blon w1th notar and r.athar and alao uatn6 80.. chorda . 'l'he tour at r ing 18 used in more progre •• ive atl1•• , and I eftD p1&,. BAch and alao sonetoLna. and other cl ••• 1cal and •••1-o1 ••• 1cal plec••• We IIOved to the pen insula area of the atat.. . . re" yeara .so and. Dan and I began malt1ng our own inat.nlIIEIntli. W. han made 100 inatnuaenta 1n the 1 ••1. t wo yearll, and half' or them han bean sad. ainea Dec •• ber ot 1 ••t year. Dan ha. iliad. h1.m •• U' • guitar and 18 in tM pro'c ." or "kIna • freUa .. banJo . w. hope to be 1O&1t1ng b&amllred dUle 1._" tor ••1. vUoh1n

t.he next _1x IIlOnthl .

Dan and I give prouaaa on folklore in the Tidewater ....... 8chool • • Our dulcime r a have been eXhibited at the Abby Aldrich Rocketeller Folk Art MU"\lIII in Villiamaburg, Vi r ginia. I have given workaho'Pe and pertonMd at

the Old no.inion Unlveraity Folk Featival and at the Newport Newa Bicentennlal Folk Featival . Laat. Auguat I played a t the National FollI: FeatiY&l~ Enough of my rambling ; the above give a you a little backround and we really ap'pla~ what. you are doing wit h your publication . Ve will be glad to proUlOt.e the Dulcime r Playera Newa on thia end . Kate Luke Luke Dulcime ra NO'l'E: Persona who lIIight. be int.ereated in 22 C~dol Drive a Luke Dulcaer may writ.e t.helll fo r 'l'abb , Vi r gini a 2}602 t.heir nice brochure . Dear Ph1l, ••• I'"e been aakina and p1a,ing 4ulcilDltra 8lnee 1965. when I waa turned on t.o t.hem by Herb David (tlne luthier) in Ann Arbor. where I .... a law atudent. Herb let lIIe bu1ld 1111 firat. dulc1.mer In hh ahop 8ince I 11ved in a roolliing hou8e , and it waa patterned a.ftAr an A.W. Jeffrey. lIOdel be h&4 in t.he abop . Atter IWvlng t.o Denver . 1 continued to bulld dulo1mere and t.hrough t.he errort.a ot Ed and Penny 'l'rioket.t., began corraapondence wit.h HoWle Kit.ohell. I bave an old mimeographed work-up ot Howie'. that. precseded hh tlne book and record . 'l'he trioketta are trienda ot Harry 't'ut't. (prop . ot the Denver Folklore , and have brought SOIl& fine oonoert.a t.o u. . Howie 'lfaa a maJor in.piration to /De. I expanded to /5Ult.a r. in 1970 , and to date have bu1lt. }6 dulo1.a:era (all aold o r given to triende) and 6 suitar. . I've encloaed .. phot.o ot the t.hree ahapes I lIIake - Rit.chie, Bill Davl'l and Jettreya at.yl . . . not a.n 1nnovat.or and alii atrictly a traditionali.t no plywood., , string, triction pega) I do,howe ve r , lIIake aome conc ••• lona to modern woodworktne; t..clmique.. I uae vida t W11ng pesa from Sckerl '" Roth (ro ••",ood or ebony). I hollow the fingerboard (though I don 't. cut. t.hrough t.he t.op like Morri. Plcko'" - 1 t.hink it aa ta up disturbing overtonee) , and 1 uee a .ore_l /lbtoTool to cut the heart. and aeroll shaped aound bolea . I uae 1 /8" thiok , quarter eawn aidea wit.h no lininga and have never had a eeperation (un tit_bond. glue throughout.), I am also going to atart. out.Ung out t.he pegbox alot. "'ith a router (I think Lynn McSpadden doee that) . the t.0i. a re braoed 90 degree. t.o the length at 4 pointe, All are t.he backa wit.h 1/8 by 1/ "walnut o r apruce. thia not on11 g i"e. at.ruct.ural support. , but. lnt.erg.rat.ea t. he 'tII'bole soundbox int.o an effiolent tone chamber. 1 t.hink Howie 'a stud, has ehown that even a pil.lo'" will reapond "'hen a fingerboa.rd la pla.ced on

I '.

a .

1 haw a friend who haa a du].cilllltr hla mother bought in the 193O'a from Jethro Amburge, on a trIp t.o the aout.h . It you want. I'd l1ke t.o take 60" picture a and do a pi.ece on it for t.he D.P.N. (We ' d love it - Ed.) traditionally, Jack F. SaIth Dear Phil ; •• Queation: I &III repairing a aantur { Per sian couain t.o t.he Haamer Dulcllle d,. What .t.rinS. should I u.e' They are ldd on in t.hre . . - Alt.ernating j at. ••l and ,oraee. 'l'houa,ht you lIight. know Wha.t. to u ... ( Can Myone help") Best. 'lfiahe. , Charl.a Dudley llt.h St Du].ciaer Co. 120 Eaat 11th St. If .Y., N.Y. 1000,

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You;r July luu. proapt..

Tha 1 •• u' or on. a. t.ha,.. h • .re not produc1ng abo" a 1t. 18 .qual hold lou r breath,



t.o wr1t.. t.o all t.llow ....... c at.n IC"

plyYoodl veraUB 1I011d wood. 10/111 be • IIore int.reat.ins cO:llpatly noW exper1s.nt,ins wlt.~ Rl ••t.1C: A.t. pre •• nt th., t.hh 1I&t..r1al for the retan lIIark.t., but their ,.. . . . rch t.o and 1n aOIl' c •••• auperlor to 8011d wood. It IOU can Jun thinK , 10U could be t.h. f1rat. on 10ur block wit.h •

pl.'t.!c c1ulcllll. r.

1'", been wo rking for. cOIlp&nl t.hat. 18 on. of •• v.n dht.rlbut,lnS on.

brand nama or dule! .. r tor flve y,ara on a nat.10nw1d. baai. . conaU, beco!lllnS llIo re awa,.. or dulcl •• ra t.hrough T.V"

Th. publ10 1.

advart.l.1ng .

atre.t. ra1r8 , .te . I paraenal1, r •• l 10ur lIlasazln. 18 "'all tlll.d to act. ••• guld. to •• piring and perspir1ng 4ulc111'1" player. and .aker •• Fonde.~ 'Wlahea for your oon~lnu.d .ucc •••• DavId Hollle P.S. DId ,ou knov ~h. Japanea. aN s.nding 1122 Hav~horn. Dr. dulolm. r . o •• r17 San Mateo. Cal If. 94 .02




DavId TaIlor

On Kay 17 and 18, the Natored canal ~own ot Roaoo., in Co.hoe~on, Oh Io, was ~h. acan. of wha~ may have be.n the tlra~ performing da.o~ed exclualvely ~o dulol~.r. . Th. conte.t wa. ~o encompaa. ~lucked .a well .a hammered but as only one .ntry va. reeleved tor hamoered dulcimer, no hammered dulci •• r oontaat v •• held this year. Twen~y - rlve mountaln dulclHr pla,era came trom all pert. of OhIo t.o COIII;>8t.e in tha t.vo-day oontest. and gat. -~ogether, aponsor.d - and plann.d a. a..'l annual avant- by the Ro.ooe Villase Found a~ion . An .udlenca of more than 1 25 ... lavad ~ha cont •• t. botb day. in the reoantly oonatructed Tripl. loCka C.nt.r. Saturdal'. cont.U. for .J:eellenc. in partor:aing only; ...oeal. acco.panllD.n~ va. pal"2litted but. va. not Judg.d. Tha c.t.gory br..kdown wa ••• tollow.: Kania 8010 - lat., Dan Madden. Colu.bu •• completing hi. Ph. D. In mat h at Ohl0 S~ata; 2nd . Da... id Taylor, No~lob, an inatructor ot .antally ret.rd.d ch1ldren: Da.... lOett, Un i ontovn, }rd . In the Vo . .n' a solo - L1Z.beth Sehel~r. Dayt.on, lat.; DIana Netf , m&~h t..aoher fro. Uniontown . 2nd. In the Ch1ldren'" cat.egory. both prizes were von by membera of the a.~ t Aail1 1 1st t.o 11- 1aar old lat~, and 2nd to lo-yaar old Scott Brev.r , ch1ldren ot Bob and ) Brewar, of .... pakon.t. • • Bob is an indust.rial. arta ~a.cher-lu~hier, and bullt. tha dulc1.mera that the vinning oh1ldren pl.y.d on. Hea... ieat oOlipetltion vaa for the Courting Duloimer honora. A tia tor 1at Naul~ad be~waen Iria Shanka and L1:r;beth and Dav. and Dian. . Second place trophy." ... awarded to Ray and Andrea Nicholaa, fro. C.rrolton and N.varre , res;> Both ot the Nichola.' are m.llber. of the N1chol .. rully. long a880clated with dulcimer. in north .... t Ohio. Bob and Margaret. arewe r Yere the reclpient. of third place in the CoW"'ting DulCimer cat.gory . Sunday aa." the 001l,.tlt10n for the be.t overall performance mount.a1n dUlcieer or du1ci~er and voice . lat prl~a in this cont. ••t. v •• by J.rrold R. Beal.l, a Y.ll-known luthier from n.arby N.w.rk. Ohio . H. ga ...e a thre.-atring charry dulcimer , wlth flow. ring 406''"00d paint.d on the lIOundboard . Thi. prhe va.a von br David 'l'aylor, parformlng "Th. May De.y Carol" , and "Th. Death ot ~e.n .Jan.". 2nd p rh. troph.y Yaa award.d to .1atera Barbara II./ld P_al. Fia.h.r, of Canton , Ohio. Ju4s~ tor this Firat Annual Dulcimer Con.... nt10n_Contaat waa carri.d out by len Hall, Coahocton Hi5h School mua1c director; Dr. Ray Zepp, of the dept. .t )CuSklngua College; Dr. Dill SchultZo, luthler md Inatruct-or of Ihalleh end dulcim.r con.truction at Kuakingum : Da.... P.rtington, duloimer pl.J.r an4 teacher of autla~1c children; M.d Jerry Fre.nkhouaer, l.aded gl.a. artl.t an4 friend of old-tlme music. Since the re.pen .. to thla ,.ar'a conte.t-con"antlon waa 80, the Roacoe Vll1aga Poundatlon h.a definit.ll planned • •eeond S.t-togeth.r tor 1916. Th. data YU! be MaJ 22-23. For dulclmar plaJ.r., it !DOra thm t.hrea antr1es aN raci.ved • • wll1 be otfared in that c.tegory . In ord.r to be put on tbair .alling liat for n.xt. Jear, int.ralted tolk IhoUld write tOI Dulcimer COnTention, }81 H111 Street., Holcoe Vlllage, Coshocton. Ohl0 4}8l2 David L. Taylor NOMtlch, Ohio 29 JW'l., 1975

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- - _ .. _ - - -


' ~ , PLACE "


, .. - '"





~i ~




II . C""NOOL • O"IVI T" ••• VI,.OINIA · 2"01


"pp.Jac~i.n ~uJcimer

John D. Tignor ROUTE 7 FRANKFORT,KY.40601 PHllNE 502· 223· 26 92



Musical TraditiOftS Co. 2375 ..... w ... r Terr...... _



L.A., Calif., 90039 ..... ~.tJUIi . . . .

w••• 11 In Ch .. rywoocl $85

quall,y "rllwe.d dulclm.n and


In Walnut and Spruce $110

Our UTenne.s •• teardrop" Dulcimer Kit - $35 Loek fer our artlcl. "How to Mak. an Appalachian Dulclmor" In Joan Ritch I. ' . now bo.k Dulclm.r ' •• plo. Doalor Inqulri . .


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P.O. Box 8 Cosby. Tennessee


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PhIl lIp Maaon ,

V• • all:. (of apeel.1 int.., t.o IOU) pluck" and h .... rwd d"lct.. r a a. w.ll aa sult.ara , I t.C. On. at.Jl. of haamlr duleI•• r WI . . kl la a ped••


t.n", t.hl wo r k In! . re bull t. int o • ~foo t. h l l5h aol1d ha~­ woo4'l - ~ .t. voluae and t.on. and be'ut. lful lookIng t oo - f or t.hl connoa'.u r. Aa an af t.lrt.ho\l!bt. , in Kn1n Ro t.h ' a arUcla (Vol . 1 , No . 5) h. IIftlt.1ona a .1.a It.rIn! chro . .t leal11 frett.K dulcI.l r _ It. aound • .are 1 1kl an acou .t lc HawaIIan .t. a l ~ita r rat.hlr t.han an Appalachian Dulcl&lr . thank 10U , Larl'7 Ensl l lh 1'. &. tha phot.o (balOW) WII t.aken at. a Sol\6bl rd Ranall1ane. Fal l'. Lond t.h. P.O . Boa 615 lll't. l ..u.. Arnold , CaUf . 9S22) Ph11, Enclo ••d IOU WIll fInd. phot.o. of t.hl -Dolphin Specl'l- I buIlt. rh. InlaJ 1 .. both M.O.P. and Abal.on.. Tbl raca ia red c.dar, back and rIb. of black walnut.. Th. c'rTed. t. .ahoS&n1 and It. h ••• h.rrins'bona at.rIp down. t.hl back and. up t.hl Ind bloell. hlp up t.h. soo4 worll. BIll W. . .l 0\51 llt.h An. S. ( ... pbot.OI abo .. lert) 110a work Blll!! at.. 1'It.•• , J'L

''' )1 Ph111 I ''V. had. a ~ red dul cl .. r f o r so . . t.l. . now _ • Chin ••• on. - which I SOt. on t.h. wal out. hara. (I' . Br11,1 ab &otuall, . not bom ha ra In N.w Zealand, and h u. bean t .aoh ins h. ra r o r a coupl. of ,aar" ) I bou.&h't. t.he 1n8tNa<lnt. art.r beco-.1ne; Int.&reat.. d In Tlbet. an -.la1o - 11.' a on. or t.hllr . . in lnat.nuteDh. Thlra a ra quit.. a r aw haaae rad. d.ulc1ma r pU Jlr a In • • w Zealand t.ho~j on. I know of 11 of lh d..eent and pl-,1 f olk wal c ot Scotland. on h h iJnt. ruaent.. H. 1&1. t. hat. t hlT are qu1 t.. COa.oll In Scotland.. Gaoff reJ s..ull Dept.. of J.nt hropolog Uni .... r . lt.T of OtI.6O J),mld1n I N.w Zealand

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Dear Phlll1p,

5uppo . . it. fa about t.1. . 1 cravled out. or the .....duet. and 4ro~ .. 11n. to the D.P •• • It.', u:01t.1n8 to .. , the !rovth 1n clrculaUon or thla D&W,latt..r, and I han .. fev not. •• Vhlch ••, ~ or tnt.,...t t.o pro.pect.1" or

no.lo& dulcl .. r buildara. All .t..t. ...nt. a,.. ., own of1nlon. baaed on buildlng and. ob•• ry.t.lona or ot.har bulld.ara work.

lAt •• begin by ••,1n8 that. alapllcltl 1& 010 •• to pert.oUon. 10 . .ttar be nrl.d., 11.. ,...1 beaut.l h 1n 1ta 000&\.1"\I.ot.1cm.

how ahgant. .. dulcl•• r ••,

Vh.,..,.ar on. part . ., taka the place or t.wo, or be o_Ue4 altoptobar, 110 .uoh t.he better . The 601ll 1 ... olaan , aouna. funot.1onal 4aa1sn: 01'1.& t.bat

aouneia go04 , looka goo4 . and h put. t.oget.her well. To quot. • . , good .raM'J S..all (aor17 'bout. t.hat, J.R.)I'h" . .lI.a IOU t •• l good. bolt. br&c •• Juat. aren't, n.c .... ry in .. 4ulolllar • JU't7 1a rehrr1.n.g. or cour .. , t.o lnatNMnt. bullt. wit.h th• •tandard 1/8- t.blok (ro\l6bl,) 8Oun4boJ: co.pon.nh, Md 1 ~.. Unl . . . a lIOun4bo&rd. 18 qutt. tbln (1'" t.hM J/}2. thlok). the ttna.rboard .urel, predd. . enoU6b rlg141tl'" I,..n the baok wlt.hout. IIl'IJ tOr'll ot .Utten.r, 1., um rlsl4 .t 1(8 t.hl0 • • (Man, h.rdwood. coUld be u ..d ...n th1.rm.r.) Att.r &11, w.'r-. talklng .bout • pl.c. or wood t.hat 18 tour t.l. . . . . 10111: •• 1t 1. W14., -.a4 .. our-.4 t.o t.h. lIOW\4boJ: all .1"OWI.4 It. It th' wood f ••l. na." brao. It. (or t.hrow It. aw&,), ot.herwl ••• What. tor' 1.1n1l\6• • r-. anot.her thln& t.hat. - . .b. ,01.1 re.l M04 .. U ,our .1de • • r-. thln (J/32· or 1 . . . ), 'bJ aU . . an. 1.1 •• t.h••• Sla•• roushJ., 1/8- tbJo., how.,..r, pro.,14. ad.quat.. 151u~ .urtao. tor anI ot t.o4a, '. ao4.rn Slu••• 8pealr.1n6 ot &11.1'., .vold ·.uper glu•• -. lpod • • •r-. unn.c •••• r;r. Hot glu•••• t. up too ran. (I ' . rer.rring t.o "slu. ~. glu•• , not h14. &}u••• ) torset oontact. o•••nt.. Whan 1n doubt.. 1.1" tl•• r a, but bett.r &luaa are • .,anabl., 1. a soo4 on.; 110 la RJ"lt. I.1quld bide slue l_ ou,. but ntlna,.ble to acId_ •• w.U a. t.o and aol_ture. Ke.p 1:D .1n4 t.h_t. ,our _ , one n.ed rapalr. V11l It. be to be••••• blad' thin wood do_. not n.o .... r111 •• M bett.r sound.. Tb. wood au.t be rlSld .no~ t.o "lbre.t. and/or tran . .i t Y1b,..Uon. I',.. bullt duloia.,.. ot w004 1/16 thiok, and t.h., h.d to be brac.d 11k. 0"'&1, and ''t 101.14. Kor w•• ton. in an, w., .J:o.pUonel. I Un4 that. tor roU&b11 1/8- tlJ10k 151.,.. 1Sr-..t r-..Ult_ on • dUlolMr soundboJ: roU6hl1 30 lona by 7. - 8 wld. bJ 2 - 2.- d •• p. (10 br.o •• ) Th• • lde. ara .ore riPd 1t th., are thinned not auob 1 ... t.ha.D 1/8- t.hlok, too. W.'n a.l~ dl.ou"_ the ad.,anulS' or • 1/ 8- t.hlok baok in a p,...,lou. pare,ueph. bJteaber!!'bin w004 1. llf5,ht. but. delto.t. . It 101.1 ••ut 1.1 •• It. brao • •ooord1D8l1. (frr. not to 1.1" woo4 t.h1ok.r t.han 1/8", th.1nn.r t.ban 1/16·). I'll .. .,. aor-. ot 111 op1nlon_ tor. fut.ure .rtl01.. I bops tM" t.w It.••• wl11 halp out. Ilt.U. . M.t abop 1_ opeu to .,' 1n the .,.... n .... drep in 1t JOur bu1l41ng (or bu1'1n6, ot oour.. ).





5001.\J I. AnU. Boul4.,. JunoUon Bt.r1n&e4. lD..t~t.

&uta I, Boa 1)0 Baaonr, In4ilUla 4724'

THE KEVIN ROTH COLUMN In . , colWlr!. I wrote .bout the groWlng nuaber ot duloJaar pl.J.r. and. t.h.t the -.or-. d.ulcl. . r pl.,.r. w. had the aora ohana'. woul4 be aad. wlth It. au.l0 and oon.truotlon. fla. do •• not .tand .tll1! Kow t.h.n - I Un4 t.bat. 80at dulc.Jaar pl.,.,.. ba.,. heard onIJ ot .uoh J*)pl • • a RJtohi., HoWl' KJtOMU, me! ot.h.r 'uoh pl.J.r. who .tarta4 8O.t ot u. on our w., thro\1&b .lth.r 'book. and/or ,..cord1n&" Much to . , 'u.rprl •• ao.t. tolk. dld 1201. he.,.. anr 14•• that. R.icbarc!. F.rln. pl.Jed t.h. dulcia.r, or • .,en that. the Roll1n6 Ston•• ba.,. u.a4 i t in r-.cordlna.. It ••••• th.t the dwe-la.r baa been lla1hd in 1h r-.ach to peopl . . ••r.. Mo.t ot tb. probl•• 1. not. the record1n&' t.h....ln. bu.t our 1.0111: ot 8Otl't'&Uon In .'.roh1n6 tor tha" out.tand1n6 plac,. ot .1.1.10. For thla re.son, I . . produo1n6 a radl0 .how can.d I Qulo1!Uj the and 1\.'. "oRl • • fhla progrsa w111 be oo.plled ot racordlns' and tape. tro. th. 8O.t. t.N41tlonal pl.,ar rl£ht. on up t.o the -.o_t oont.e.po~l'7. Solla or th• • rtl.t. vl11 bel R1t.ohl •• Jonl Kltoh.ll, HoWl. Klt.oh.ll, Juc!, Collin. , Rlohard '.rina, RoIS.r Mloholson. Bart. Jan.oh. KaI'J Rhod ••• HollJ tannen, hul OlaTton and . ,.. H, plus .MJ oth'r'. n.,.. wl11 Uao be lntaroThw., so•• ot 'Whlob oonc.m the al'ot.rlc 4ul01ll'r, the tl.,..-.t.rinS. an4 oth.r .r-.•• ot 4ulola'r 1nt..ra.t and .zpa.n_lon . I parsona11, In.,lt.. an,on. who 'Wlah._ t.o be part ot t.h. proe"'" to ..nd tapa. and/ or 1nto~Uon th.t. w111 be ot help In s.tUna people to open ',a' an4 •• ra an4 ha.r that 1. anoth.r .1d. ot the .o\D\t.1n oth.r t.han the Appalaohlan. tor t.h. 4ulol_r. 'or .ora 1nto~t.lon pI .... writ.: IEVIJI ROTH, Unlon.,Ul •• PAl 19375 or phon. 215->'7-1808. @

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IIT\T,ROTH S[:\(jS &: PL. \y . Dll..CL\[ER


.... • I I I

"KiVIN ROTH SINGS & PLAYS DULCIMER" Avanable 41rect.l1 fro. Sand check or M.O . t.0 I



Olsen ~ Lutherie FINE SOUNDBOARD WOOD t,;ultn LuUler1e ,


.tate '.

_ t ca.plete svJ,.cOliet ruction centerepruce book__ tcbed Nta 1.n

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DOlt otter...1.r~lrhd dt.ka eu1table for d.ulciaar , I\dtar , -.ndo)J.Q. nGlin , barp , Viola da Gulla , tuu-p.icbori, u4 other ~.s.oa.a


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tn.t.n.ent • •

SF""_ .. t.a Good. • • • • • 15. 00

Select • • • • ' 7. 50


art1e\. .

A.£I/I,V Rom

15. 50

tar u4 etri..D.s 1netrullent


DIll.ct.r .. t.

15.00 Sdeet • • • • 11. 50

Ooocl • • • • •



Olsen Lutherie, 8222 So. Park Ave. Tacoma, Wash. 98408 (206) 4n-8439 1tO


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stl11 a.al1abl.!! Baok 1 •• ~•• Vol. 1. Mo. 5 Jul,-Augu.t 1975 DPH DN DPH Di'II DPH DPH DPIC Di'II DI'II DPM


Reprlnt Reprint Repr1nt. Reprint. Reprint. Reprint. Reprlnt Reprlnt Reprint.


11 "~11~ the Dul01•• r· Vol. I, 1110. 1. 12 ·Abo~t the V.r.at11. '~t~' rre~a· Vol. I, Ko. 1. I, -~o1a.r na,~ reobn1q~eal s'at1.ns· Vol. I, Jlo. 2. 14 -Th. Veraatlle M1xol,dlan Koda" Vol. I, Mo. 2. 15 ·Bulld~ Your Own Dulola.rl Ut 8ou.rc •• " Vol. I, Jlo. 2. 16 .On. tha HaNOra:t' and Melody of 014 Scotch Tun . . - Vol. 1. Jlo. 2. 17 -Pla,~ the Dulol•• r- Vol. I, Mo ••• 18 ·Dulola.r. In the 9altheon1an Coll.ctlon· Vol. I, Ko ••• 19 "~ BtJle of Dulolaer Pla,1nS· (Holll Tannen) Vol. I, 10 ••• 110 -rh. Dulcb.r, 014 Root. 6 M•• Root.- Vol. 1, fto • • (D1'I' ReprlnU ..,.. 25t' . .cb p1u. 2~ per ord.r po.t-as.)

L001l:1n6 for a 4ulolMr builder In lOur aNanf Drop u. a Iln. (lnClu4. a at. . . ptd. and. aelf_~ ..ed. .n•• lope pl.aM) and .e .... 111 NI'Id ,o~ t.h. D . . . . of NlJ' build.r. in JOur area.



The Dulcl•• r Pl.,.r. H...... 1. publl.bad .e.l-aontblJ (6 1 •• ~e. per J •• r) ••• aourca &n4 1ntorwat.lon tio .... lU6asln. on &1.1 •• peot.. of t.h. 4u), both plucked and Maaar.4. of tr&41t.lon&1. a ......11 a. cont.••po~1"7 IEARIX SUBSCRIPTIClf RA1'U 'OR eMAIl.. AID fR&: U.8 _ ' •• 00

rClmIOII auB8CRlPf10l8 ,6.00 ..

auB8CRU"l'lQf BUNI


Pl ••••• &n4 . . . on. ,.ar (6 1 •• ~.) .ubaor1ptlon t.o tha D.P.ft. , •• 00 enoloNd.. Thanlr:.!




6 8'Uf" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ZIP' _ _ _ ___

LAIt MIJtlT! ma ,lu." prlor t.o pr-" tu. we'"" reol...d .ord fro. Ho111

T8.IlMn ( ....ho'.

00. . . t.t.1a4 in k81~). lIIext. law. .111 cont..ln an..... artlole bJ Holl, entlt1.d ·a..l0 Tlp. for a.,e1nnlnS DI.IloiMr Pl.,."· W.' ...1ao recl...d • nlce photo of Holl, Whlch .... 111 appaar on a fut\U'e D.'''. co •• r. Alao ha.. M&rd fro •••&1. Hall...". who wlth 8&.111 Ho\4an wrote 1. Uk. a MoUftta1n Dulol. . r·, Mnt ". a bandl "qulok tWi. chart for t.he nen 1"\118. lIea1 .1ao pro.l ... u. ao.a .ore nloe for .0. neat .OOS. and. tun... W. are in th.h .an. 4ebt for all bl. contrlbut10n. t.o tba .!tort. of .pre&4tns 4\ll01_r lntONAtion. BenDa Carol, a bullder fro. Soutar, Colo., (8&1.ln. Star Route, 8oJ02J baa ..nt u. in a "bol. bunch of photo. 4 •• crlb1n8 In 4.t.a11 her neat .t.p. 1D 4\llct.r bu114~ fro • •t.rt. to f1Dl.b. BlS1nn~ next 1"~. we w111 I' tba .. a. a "rl••• st• .,. Eats ba. ao.a Into coain!; up on a f5OO4 aourca for ·'lsno"- &ap. &D4 BarouJ,-81M7 plclNpa tor .l.ct-rifled dulol_r ..t_"pa. I.n h.~ "111 alao oontaln ao. tuninS and .t.rlna lnto plu. a word or two on 4u.lo1.r book. an4 people froa to,....w Lea. l'bItV!!: SU11.ore n.wa - look. 11k• • are.t 1.~ co.1n8 up t.o roun4 out. our UHt.. blS rear (a1nll41t, wlt..h the




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r The Dulcimer Play e rs New s clo Phf111 p Mason RFO 2 , 80x 132

Ban90r, Maine



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1975-06, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 1 No. 6  

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