Special Issue 2016—The Language Issue

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La n g ua g e


This grotesque hollers to passersby from the upper roofline of Duke Clinic. You can't see it from the ground because of the hospital's growth.

SPECIAL ISSUE Exploring what, why, and how we communicate


Universal Language

By Robert J. Bliwise

4 Tell me a story CONTRIBUTORS: Jed W. Atkins, Raymond Barfield, John Biewen,

Laurent Dubois, Meaghan Li, Janice Little

18 Parts of speech

CONTRIBUTORS: Charles L. Campbell, Ashley Croker-Benn, Cameron Howard, J. Peter Moore, Jay O’Berski

30 Word play

CONTRIBUTORS: Daniel José Camacho, Steven Petrow, Hannah Rozear, Shane Ryan, Evan Young

42 Lost in translation

CONTRIBUTORS: William Chafe, Beau Dure, Emily Feng, Andrew Hilton, Ian Holljes, Gareth O. Price

54 Tongue untied

CONTRIBUTORS: Cynthia Bai, Brendon Colbert, Heather Havrilesky, Katie Heckman, Isabella Kwai, Beverly McIver, Cade Metz, Bryan Rahija

74 ForeverDuke

In Memoriam



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