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Growing the Duke Legacy





By Stacey Hilton Duke Anesthesiology takes pride in those who play an integral role in strengthening the department and bring the anesthesia specialty to new heights. Its leaders believe that continued engagement with alumni is key to innovation and future success. As the Duke Family Tree continues to grow, we highlight two alumnus this year who may live in different countries but who are dedicated to creating a lasting legacy with the department.

Professor Monty Mythen University College London “I remember one of my mentors telling me that if I wanted to really develop a successful academic career, there were no real opportunities that could match those available at Duke.” Professor Monty Mythen took those words to heart. After earning his medical degree and completing his anesthesia fellowship in the United Kingdom, he came to Duke in 1995 where he was appointed as assistant professor and acting chief of critical care in the Department of Anesthesiology. “My time at Duke was a fantastic opportunity. I was young and full of energy and ideas, and I was in this sort of candy shop of bright, energetic people. It was amazing,” says Professor Mythen. He jumped the pond again in 1997 to become a consultant of anesthesia and critical care at University College London (UCL) Hospitals where he continued to climb the ladder as the director of the Center for Anesthesia at UCL and the director of the UCL Discovery Lab at the London

Institute of Sports Exercise and Health. Professor Mythen has a wide range of research interests including perioperative medicine, enhanced recovery after surgery and human tolerance of hypoxia. He credits his time at Duke, both clinically and academically, for kick-starting not just his career but much of the rest of his life. “I believe that good universities give you a boost in life and alumni like myself owe them to a certain extent. Alumni events with old friends have produced clinical, academic and other life opportunities that have made me a better person.” Two of those opportunities created through Professor Mythen’s alumni ties are the new Duke Perioperative Medicine Fellowship in collaboration with UCL and the “Morpheus Consortium,” which Dean Nancy Andrews officially launched on behalf of the School of Medicine on June 8. “If you have ambition, both clinical and academic, if you can’t get it done at Duke, you can’t get it done anywhere,” say Professor Mythen. “The Morpheus Consortium is a great example of the continued innovation that we can achieve as Duke alumnus.” While Duke is certainly an institution of higher learning, Professor Mythen says leadership, mentorship and having a “can do” attitude was his greatest takeaway.

“Duke allows you to have ambition without boundaries. Let’s assume we can do it until we prove we can not. Words of wisdom from my time at Duke.”

Professor Monty Mythen and Dr. Joseph Mathew shake hands to kick-off the Morpheus Consortium collaboration.




Words that have never ringed more true as Professor Mythen continues to collaborate with Duke Anesthesiology leaders


• Middlesex Hospital Medical School, UCL • Fellow of the Royal College of Anesthetists • Duke University School of Medicine ° Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology ° Acting Chief of Critical Care, Dept. of Anesthesiology • Director, Center for Anesthesia, UCL • Director, UCL Discovery Lab, London Institute of Sports Exercise and Health • Co-Chairman, Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine Annual Conference • Smiths Medical Professor Anesthesia and Critical Care, UCL

with the shared goal of Duke and UCL to be known as the trailblazers in perioperative medicine. “Duke is my family. I feel as though I owe a lot to Duke. I want to be close to my cousins. I think we’re better off as a result of our continued relationship.”

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