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The Demystification of Pain Driving the Discovery of Innovative Therapies By Stacey Hilton

In the throes of what’s being called “the opioid crisis in America,” Duke Anesthesiology has taken major strides in pain innovation this year, all in effort to unravel the mysteries of chronic pain and improve patient care. 18



The Center for Translational Pain Medicine

In January of 2016, an internationally-recognized team of pain clinicians and scientists, led by Dr. William Maixner, formed the Center for Translational Pain Medicine (CTPM) which represents a novel entity meant to transform the way Duke diagnoses and treats painful conditions. The creation of this type of a center has been a goal of Dr. Maixner’s for nearly thirty years – a goal that only Duke could bring to fruition, he says. “Each day, I walk into the world looking for a new discovery, a new hint as how to unravel this complexity of pain, and new ways of treating it.

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