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Nicola Sturgeon Jim Murphy Patrick Harvie


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On why young people should vote



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APR 2015 ISSUE 8





Nicola Sturgeon Jim Murphy Patrick Harvie

BS JO 4 BS – 5 JO 50 s BS ge JO Pa

On why young people should vote








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Cover Story: The General Election

It’s Time To Vote

With the general election just around the corner, there’s been no shortage of media attention around the proposed party leaders’ TV debates. Whether it’s been the argument over who should be involved or the Prime Minister being labelled as ‘feart’ for not wanting to take part, the debates have somehow managed, even in their possible absence, to spark public interest in dusty old Westminster politics. Meanwhile, young people have been bombarded from all directions with contradictory messages on who they should vote for, who they definitely shouldn’t vote for and even whether they should bother voting at all. As a result, TSA has organised our own leader’s debate, with the top figures from each of the main political parties in Scotland giving their own views on voting, young people and what their party has to offer young voters. Over the course of the next two issues, we’ll be asking each of the leaders the questions you want the answers to. This is the TSA Leader’s Debate.

Labour: Jim Murphy There seems to be a lot of media directed at young people right now telling them not to go out and vote. For you, why is it important for young people to vote? It’s one of the most important ways to change the world. It’s as simple as that. You can influence things by signing petitions and going on demonstrations but you can only change a government by voting. Why do you think so many choose not to vote then? I think that politics sometimes seem boring. I think there’s a sense that you have these elections and no matter the outcome, the government always wins. The bottom line is that if young people don’t vote, sure as hell, other people will. Young people seem to be really crying out for a political party to represent them. In your mind, why is Labour the party to do that? Because we believe in changing the country. Our country is too unfair, our country is too unequal. There’s too much poverty and too much disadvantage. Uniquely, we’ll say that we’ll put some people’s taxes up to pay for fixing the problems. There are a lot of other parties who’ll say the country’s unfair but they think that they’re warm words and political posturing will change it. It won’t, so we’re going to ask the people who’re the richest to pay some more on their taxes. In terms of policy though, what specifically do you think Labour Party has to offer young people? The Labour Party is going to invest more in young people than any other political party in Scotland. If you’re a young person who doesn’t go to college or university, you shouldn’t be left behind. They’ll get a £1,600 future fund. If you’re a working class youngster and you go on to study further education, we’ll boost your bursary by £1,000 a year. What’s more, if you’re studying a higher education course, I will keep tuition fees free. There’s over £1billion that we’ll invest in Scotland’s young and most of this money doesn’t come from Scotland. A lot of it is coming from London and the South East of England. We’ll transfer wealth from the richest to the poorest and from the South to the North. Tuition fees are obviously a topic that students feel

very strongly about. The Labour party south of the border are pledging to reduce tuition fees but won’t go as far as to pledge to scrap them. Why does the Labour Party not agree that they should just be scrapped altogether? In Scotland they’re scrapped and they’re not coming back. What the Labour Party does in England is largely a matter for the Labour Party in England. The Labour Party in Scotland is clear; tuition fees will remain free in Scotland. The Labour Party in the rest of the UK cannot tell the Labour Party in Scotland what to do on these things, just like it’s not for me to tell them what to do on things. A lot of surveys and polls have shown young people moving away from the Labour Party and signing up with the Greens or the SNP or even UKIP. Why do you think that is? We weren’t good enough and we weren’t strong enough in recent years. There’s no point pretending otherwise. But we’re changing. In the past, young people knew what the Labour Party was against but not enough knew what we were for. We’re for a sense of social justice; eradicating poverty; abolishing foodbanks; and increasing the minimum wage. I’m not a nationalist, I’m an internationalist. I care about poverty at home and I care about hunger abroad. Realistically, how much can you turn that opinion around in the weeks leading up to the election? Well, we’ve got a long way to go. We’re behind in the polls and if these polls are repeated in the election, of course the SNP will win some seats and David Cameron will be re-elected as Prime Minister. While the other parties will argue about this, the biggest party forms the government in the UK. 1924 was the last time the biggest party didn’t for the government. Any seats the SNP wins reduces the size of Labour and increases the chances of David Cameron getting back in. As you said, it’s looking like the SNP will go on to win a substantial number of seats but in reality, we’re only

going to have one of two people as Prime Minister after this election. Why would it be such a problem for Labour to work with the SNP? Well it’s not going to happen. If the SNP get the votes that the polls are predicting then Labour doesn’t get to be the biggest party, David Cameron gets to be the biggest party. It’s not about wanting to work together, it’s about whether or not you want to change the government and there’s only one way to do that. Well if there was going to be some kind of agreement similar to what we saw from the Coalition government – although I accept most likely not a formal coalition – why wouldn’t that work in the event of Labour winning the election but with a minority government? The SNP have ruled out a coalition with us and we’ve ruled out a coalition with them so that’s definitely not going to happen. If we’re the biggest party, we’ll try and win votes for our policies and if the SNP wants to vote for them that’s fine. We can’t really be in a position where we ask for their permission before we put up the minimum wage or ban exploitative zero-hours contracts. The only way to get a Labour government is to go out and vote Labour. We’re asking each of the party leaders; what were you like as a student and how did your experiences shape your politics today? I was quite passionate and I was interested in politics. I was working in three different jobs at the time and I met a lot of good friends. The things that made me passionate about politics are the kinds of things I’ve spoken about before; growing up on a housing scheme in Glasgow and then growing up white in South Africa. My belief has always been in trying to make Scotland a fairer and more equal society and that’s what I’m going to put forward to the Scottish people.


5 by Derek Healey @Healey26


NICOLA STURGEON There’s been a lot of media either telling young people not to vote or to engage with politics in a different way. Probably the most famous example of that would be with Russell Brand. What do you make of that kind of approach? Well, I think Russell Brand is wrong. I think everybody should vote because if you don’t vote, you don’t influence things and politics just goes on; governments get elected but you just don’t have any say. I think young people demonstrated in the referendum campaign that when they have an issue that really matters and one that they care about, they come out and they vote and they get really engaged. I think the main reason that people don’t engage is because they don’t think that there’s a genuine choice. If you look at it in a UK-wide context and have a look at Labour, the Tories, the Liberals; you could be forgiven for thinking ‘what’s the difference?’ That’s why I think in this election where there is much more doubt, people have a genuine choice. The polls suggest that there’s no certainty yet on who will win so really every vote makes a difference. Speaking to students, it seems like a lot of young people are really calling out for any of the mainstream parties to really represent them. Why do you think the SNP are the party to do that? I think we are that party but it will take a lot more than just me saying that to convince people. If you go back to the days before the referendum, we were the party that said 16 and 17-year-olds should have the vote. We’ve trusted young people even when others shouted us down. We’re the party who stood up for free university tuition fees and we’ve been consistent in our opposition of charging people to go to university. Labour has said from time to time that they are against tuition fees but at every opportunity they voted for them. So yeah, I think we are a party that stands up for young people and crucially, gives young people a voice. In terms of policy, what would the SNP look to offer young people? Well as I say, we have stood up for free tuition and we are the party that stands very strongly for public services in public hands. We are a party that believes that education should be available for everybody, not just at university but at every single stage. We’re a party that absolutely believes that our young people are as good as young people in any other country and

that’s where our support for Scotland being an independent country stems from. It’s a mix of trust and confidence in our young people with strong policies to help give people the best start in life. I wanted to ask you about funding to further education because I know that’s been a bit of a contentious issue for the SNP. According to Colleges Scotland, numbers at Scottish colleges last year had fallen by more than 100,000 from three years previous. There have also been reports of serious drops in university places. How would you respond to the suggestion that a vote for the SNP in Westminster could potentially be a vote to put further education in Scotland even further on the backburner? I’d totally disagree with that and for each one of these figures, I’d say that there are more school leavers from deprived areas going to university than when we came to office. In terms of deprived communities and working class communities, like the one I grew up in, it’s not gone far enough but that number has increased. We have reformed the college sector and we’ve focused it much more on allowing young people to get qualifications that equip them for the job market. There are more people now coming out with good qualifications than was the case previously and I think that’s important. So I would take absolutely the opposite view. If you want an education system that is open and available and high quality, regardless of where you come from, it’s the SNP that has pursued the policies that will protect that. What were you like during your time as a student? I was quite studious as a student – maybe with hindsight a bit too much actually. I did the rebellious and mad things and thoroughly enjoyed my student life. I was quite involved in politics at university as well. I was at Glasgow and my student years were some of the happiest of my life. I don’t think university is necessarily the be all and end all in terms of choices but I would always say if university is what you want to do, go for it because it’s a great way to spend those formative years of your life. How do you think your own experiences shaped your current politics? The university related experience that most affects me is that I grew up in a working class family and my parents were great in

terms of supporting me and encouraging me. My parents weren’t wealthy so if I’d had to pay tuition fees or even had the prospect of accruing debt, I would never have gone to university. I had that opportunity and it’s the education I got, probably more than any other single thing, that enables me to do the job I’m doing now. Having had that opportunity, and it’s one of the strongest beliefs that I’ve got actually, I’ve no right to take that away from anybody else. That’s why I feel so strongly about free education.

The deadline to register to vote for the General Election is Monday 20 April 2015 (midnight) You can now register online at Or by phoning 0141 287 4444 Electoral Registration Office Glasgow City Council PO Box 15311 Glasgow, G4 7DL Email


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Cover Story: The General Election

by Derek Healey @Healey26

Green Party:

Patrick Harvie A lot of young people are choosing not to vote or to get involved with politics in non-traditional ways. Why do you think young people should go out and cast their vote at the ballot box? I do think people should vote but I think it’s understandable that some people feel pretty alienated from politics. There are people who don’t vote but live their politics very passionately and will campaign on certain issues. I think it’s being involved and being politically active that’s important. For me, voting is just one part of that. It’s an important part but not the only one. The one thing I would always say to someone who’s not voting though, is think about the people who are voting. Are they going to vote for what you want? Voting doesn’t mean that things are going to change overnight but it does mean that you can start to influence things. Why should young people vote for the Green Party? Well I think we are a pretty young party. Something like one in three of our members are under 30 and we’ve got some of the youngest candidates standing in the Westminster election. They will be going around the country in the next few weeks and showing that young people can really be part of politics in a significant way. In terms of policy, what do the party have to offer young voters? There’s a great deal of issues that we’ve been focused on around the cost of living. If you look at issues around land value tax and issues around investment in social housing and some of the policies the Greens have on reducing the economic burden of housing, I think that’s something that clearly is in the interest of a younger generation who are looking to start out in life. There are a whole host of other issues from transport to climate change that I think young people are passionate about and are really at the core of who the Greens are. Over the last two years, you’ve shot up from 4th to 2nd in terms of most popular party among students. Realistically though, the Greens are not going to win an overall majority at this election. Realistically what place do you see the Green Party having at Westminster? Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be astonishing anybody by saying that the Greens are unlikely to overnight suddenly become the biggest party but I think Caroline Lucas has demonstrated that Green MPs can get

elected using the first past the post system. Not only that but also be a distinctive and a popular voice for an agenda and a perspective that’s not been heard in politics. I’m hopeful that there will be a good collection of Greens in there but I don’t know how many, that’s up to the voters. One of the issues people always seem to have with the prospect of voting Green is what will happen to their vote if they’re in a seat contested by two or three much larger parties. What would you say to people who are considering voting Green but are worried their vote might be ‘lost’, allowing their least favourite party to take the seat? I would say that I understand why people get tempted to vote tactically but I would say look at the track record. Year after year, decade after decade, people have been voting tactically and that’s brought us to where we are now. Tactical voting is essentially decided to put up with the least worst option and I think vote that way and you’ll just get disillusioned. I think as you see the spread moving away from those two dominant Westminster parties, it shows that there are people out there who are ready to vote for what they actually believe in. That’s kind of how it’s supposed to work. At the last election, people talked about ‘Cleggmania’ and at this election they’re talking about a possible Green surge. How far do you think that could take the party in this election? Well, you need to count the pieces of paper at the end of the day to see how its affected the vote. The Green surge is clearly happening in terms of membership. The Green Party in England and Wales have more than doubled their membership in the last year and we’ve went from 1,500 to 8,500 in Scotland. The membership surge is palpable and very clearly happening. Whether that transfers into votes, I hope it does but we’ll need to wait and see. We’re asking all of the leaders: what

were you like as a student and how has that affected your politics? I was a very bad student. I swapped courses a lot and never finished any of them but I had an office in the student union, a staggering distance from the bar and at the time that was pretty important to me. I was active in LGBT politics at the time and when I came back to Scotland from Manchester that experience definitely prompted me to get involved in the sexual

health side of things. I was a youth worker in a gay men’s project and I probably wouldn’t have done that if it hadn’t have been for that student experience. Then, if I hadn’t ended up working in that field, I probably wouldn’t have been involved in the Section 28 campaign back in the first session of the Scottish parliament and I probably wouldn’t have ended up standing for parliament so yeah, one thing leads to another somehow.

8-24 May 2015 @keepitsouth


41 Venues 170 EvEnts 120 Artists LivE Music CAbAret poEtry theAtre Arts thE onLy fEstivAL in GLAsGow dEdicAtEd to thE pEopLE of thE southsidE


Feature: Glasgow’s Got Talent



Glasgow is synonymous with a host of pubs, clubs, people and events that entice locals out of every corner and onto the streets to dance, drink and indulge in a city where the creativity of its people is its lifeblood. There is always something happening here, but not just indoors and at these city-defining venues and events. One of Glasgow’s subtlest, yet warming and endearing qualities is the depth and variety of buskers and street artists that the city’s streets act as a stage for on a daily basis. From singer songwriters young and old, to full blown bands, to impromptu jams, to drummers, bongo players, harpists and the pipes, Glasgow has it all, and right on her streets. Here, we speak to four very different kinds of buskers, about why they keep taking to the streets, even in the most dreary of Scottish weather, and why Glasgow is the perfect stage to show the world their music.


by Cameron Willis @CameronWillis92

JOHNNY BOYD Singer/Guitarist Why busking? It’s handy, it’s extra money and it’s a fun thing to do. You meet hundreds of good people and every day’s different. How long have you been busking for? 2 and a half years Ever busked anywhere else? How does Glasgow compare? I’ve never busked anywhere else outside Scotland, but compared to anywhere else I have, Glasgow wins hands down. You get your really good days and you get your really bad days. You can come out and make next to nothing or you can come out and people are incredibly welcoming. One of the best things about what I do is getting the pleasure to speak to many good people in this city. How long have you been busking for? Mostly at the weekends but whenever I get the chance really. Catch me during the day, across the city centre. Follow Johnny Boyd on twitter at @johnnyboyd04

Piper Why busking? Busking has provided me with more satisfaction and memories than any other job I’ve had, if you can call it a job. You just never know who you are going to meet on the day and every time is a new experience. It’s a joy to see people thrilled and impressed with my music and that’s the ultimate motivator to further my ability. How long have you been busking for? 3 years

NOEL GRAHAM Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Why busking? Me and my mate Brian were walking down Sauchiehall Street hungover one afternoon, skint, and we heard somebody playing guitar and I had the epiphany that I could do the same. So we headed back to mine and picked up the guitar, and I had a Bob Dylan hat, which I put down for the money. Nothing happened for a while, and it was then I realised that you’ve got to sing out loud to connect with the people, and so I did, and the coins started tumbling in.  That night he got a bird, and I made £6.74, and all three of us went to Macsorleys, got three pints in with the money. How long have you been busking for?  22 years. Ever busked anywhere else?  If so, how does Glasgow compare? I’ve busked in Paris, Madrid, Valencia, Prague, Amsterdam at Christmas, and Warsaw. Glasgow is the greatest city in the world to busk I reckon, as everybody is right up for it at all times, and they dance, and they know all the words, and the love is given truly, madly, deeply. How often do you busk? Every Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes a Thursday when things get too tight. Catch me between two and four (bring snout). Check Noel out via Spacehawk on Bandcamp and Holy Smoke on Soundcloud

Ever busked anywhere else? If so, how does Glasgow compare? Unfortunately I’ve never busked anywhere else. I’ve spoken to a few other buskers in Glasgow and they have said Stirling and Edinburgh is always a good day, but due to the amount of pipers in the capital I’ve never really ventured out there. I know my spots in the city centre and I’m satisfied busking here, haven’t felt the need to travel to other locations just yet. How often do you busk? I try to get out as much as I can but because it depends on the weather it’s much harder during the winter months. It can die right down for weeks at a time due to the Scottish climate. In summer on the other hand I busk 5-6 times a week when I can. It’s great because I can space it around all my other plans. Catch me on Saturday afternoons. Looking for a piper? Get in touch with Andrew at

ANNA SHIELDS Singer/Songwriter/ Guitarist Why busking? I busk because it is a great way to make yourself and your music known, grow a fanbase and to make money. How long have you been busking for? 5 years. Ever busked anywhere else? How does Glasgow compare? I have always regularly busked in Glasgow, however, I have busked in Edinburgh and Liverpool. Those cities were good for busking, but I think busking in Glasgow is far better, as I think Glasgow really is known for its great music and busking scene. How often do you busk? I usually busk every weekend, and throughout the week when the weather is good. Catch me on Buchanan St between 12-4 most days.


9 by Cameron Willis @CameronWillis92

What’s On: In April

MAY ELECTIONS? GET INVOLVED AT COMMONFEST There was something rousing about the run up to the September referendum. And not just in the era-defining nature of the vote. No matter what side of the fence you were on, people young and old seemed to channel the spirit of a kilt donned, ginger bearded, tartan clad, whisky swilling 13th century woodland warrior based 15 miles outside of Elgin. In the run up, we all cared what happened to Scotland. And that’s what was special. So why stop now!? There’s another big one on the horizon. Come May 7th, we’ll go to the ballot boxes again, and decide what person and what party is best suited to represent us in Westminster and beyond for the next political term. Will the turn out emulate Scotland’s referendum success? There’s no reason why not, but better safe than sorry. In an attempt to inspire the electorate, Common Weal North Glasgow has organised CommonFest, a festival that blends spoken word with music and comedy, and politics with the serious decision facing us come May. The event will take place at Glasgow Uni’s QMU, on the 17th of April. The festival recognises the power of the arts in inspiring real change, and in altering our young people’s perceptions of

the political realm and alerting them to the realities, dangers and possibilities that politics and society face. The festival’s big name is St. Andrews born Scots-indie 4-piece Kid Canaveral, and the band promise to be a driving force for the festival’s ethos of political involvement, through clever pop-indie lyrics and the allure of a rare acoustic set. Synth-rock band Suspire are also on the bill, along with Falkirk wordsmith Alan Bisset and pro-indie campaigner Lady Alba. Combine all this with a special appearance from Elaine C Smith, Glaswegian personality and political campaigner, and the night is set up to be an inspiring attempt at inspiring engagement with politics. Other acts include comedian Vladimir McTavish and social commentator Robin McAlpine. Common Weal’s Red Lines campaign will be the underlying theme of the evening. This campaign seeks to encourage people to vote for and elect politicians and people who will stick to their words, and help change this country and people’s lives for the better. This event doesn’t pick a side, it merely wants to help voters pick one. There is no bias here, they believe political engagement by the electorate is the key for change. And who’s to argue with that? Such is Common Weal’s motivation behind the event, they have even introduced a fair ticketing system. £5 is incredibly reasonable for the talent and ability of the artists on show, let alone the focus on discussing Scotland’s future and in engaging with people to engage with politics. But if money is an issue, they feel being there is more important. £2 tickets are available for the unemployed, or those who will struggle to attend otherwise. So there is no reason for you not to get down to the QMU on the 17th, buy a few shandies and have your say on May’s election. But most importantly, go have some fun. Beer. Politics. Scotland. Braw!

There’s life in your unwanted furniture and electricals

T S A F & FREE N O I T C E COLL You may not want your old sofa, table or fridge, but we do. We’ll collect them from your home and find them a new life. Your donations will fund our pioneering research and help save lives.



*Charges from mobiles may apply. © British Heart Foundation, registered charity in England and Wales (225971) and in Scotland (SC039426).


What’s On: GCU News

by Derek Healey @Healey26

GCU generates close to £1bn for UK economy Glasgow Caledonian University is boosting the UK economy by nearly £1billion per year and providing thousands of jobs, a new independent report has found. The study revealed that the university currently supports around 14,000 jobs and returns £14.75 to the UK economy for every £1 it receives in funding. It also found that 6,000 jobs in Glasgow are currently supported by GCU. The BIGGAR Economic Impact 2013/2014 report found that the university contributes £560.6million to the UK economy, with graduate productivity taking the figure to £990.2million. Around £492million of that is being generated in Glasgow alone, with graduate productivity making up nearly £250million. Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Pamela Gillies CBE said: “GCU is

determined to challenge the traditional perceptions of a university, how it works and the impact it has on society. We are proud to have been cited as an example of how a university can create social benefit whilst at the same time contributing significantly to the economy.” GCU’s role as a driver of health and social care innovation and place in widening access to higher education were highlighted in the analysis and the university believes that figures are set to rise even further in the coming years. The report found that 21 per cent of GCU students currently come from deprived

backgrounds compared to the Scottish average of 13 per cent. GCU student Alison, 21, said: “It’s good to know that we’re studying at a university that’s giving something back. I chose to study here because the university has a reputation as a really modern, forwardthinking uni and I think this study just proves that really.”


Researchers collaborate to prevent faults in offshore cables Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is a partner in a new research project to design a system which detects and prevents high voltage insulation faults in subsea power cables for offshore wind farms. Funded by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) Offshore Wind Component Technologies Development and Demonstration Scheme, GCU lecturer and researcher Dr Alistair Reid will work with High Voltage Partial Discharge Ltd (HVPD), Alstom Grid, and the University of Strathclyde on the nine-month project. The Scheme supports projects which will work towards lowering the costs of generating offshore wind energy.

GCU and Glasgow City of Science break hand hygiene world record Glasgow City of Science, with a helping hand from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and schoolchildren from across the city, is a world record breaker. The organisation has set a new Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous hand hygiene lesson at multiple venues. 3,089 children from 36 Glasgow primary schools were successful in the record attempt, smashing the existing one held by the Health Protection Agency in England of 2,147 children from 21 schools from across the UK.

For every £1 from funding bodies, GCU returns £14.75 to the UK economy



What’s On: GU News

by Emylie Howie @EmylieHowie

Glasgow’s Vet School th 55 Annual Rodeo An animal driven, fun filled, activity based day focusing on raising money for a variety of animal charities is being organised by the veterinary students of Glasgow University. The 55th Annual Rodeo is being hosted by Glasgow University Veterinary Medical Association on Saturday the 18th of April at the Garscube Estate, Glasgow. The event is the University’s largest charity event and is organised by vet students to raise money for animal welfare-related organisations. This year, the students have decided to donate to a number of well deserving, animal loving charities such as: Dogs Trust, Cats Protection, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, The Trusty Paws Clinic and Riding for the Disabled Association Glasgow Group. While providing a day of fun and entertainment for all the family, the students of Glasgow University will be aiming to raise as much money as possible for the charitable causes. In previous years, the Rodeo has raised over £16,000 for the chosen charities and this year the planning committee claim they are working hard to ensure another successful Rodeo. The whole family are invited on the day as well as your canine companions. There are many events and activities planned to keep the day as relevant as possible. The vet students have organised agility dogs, falconry displays, duck herdings alongside carriage and pony rides. For the younger ones in the family, there will be the opportunity to take part in a variety of games, nature trails and even have their face painted. As your dog is welcome on the day, it can also take part in its own activities. There will be a dog show that anyone attending can enter. It is all for fun but why not have your four legged companion involved in the opportunity to raise funds for some great charities. Alongside the vast amount of activities, there will be a number of charities promoting their good work and raising money for much needed funds. So the whole day is an opportunity to help these great charities. Businesses are also welcome to set up shops in the marquee which will be near the tea tent and food trucks. The event provides an opportunity for commercial businesses, local companies and charities to connect and interact with each other. They can communicate with a wide audience compromising of students and families from the local area and beyond.

The event will run from 11am – 5pm. Admission is £7 for adults, £3 for concessions, £15 for families (2 adults and 2 children) Under 3 is free.


£4.2m for research to tackle hospital infections A grant of £4.2 million has been awarded to researchers investigating the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections, Health Secretary Shona Robison announced recently. The Scottish Government funding has been provided to a consortium of researchers led by the University of Glasgow, working with other Scottish Universities, to establish a new Scottish Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention Institute (SHAIPI). This is the largest single investment into research into healthcare-associated infections in Scotland ever.

Training Africa’s next generation of scientists The University of Glasgow has secured £334,000 to help train the next generation of African scientists. The University is part of the ‘Programme for Enhancing the Health and Productivity of Livestock’ (PEHPL) collaboration being led by the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science & Technology (NM-AIST) in Arusha, Tanzania. The PEHPL is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and will help train 16 PhD students for four years, eight of whom will be registered at NM-AIST and two each at Glasgow, Washington State, Penn State universities and the Scottish Rural College. The program is aiming for a 50% target for female recruits. The charities the 2015 Rodeo is raising money for


The Interview: The Wombats

It has been four years since Liverpudlian indie rockers, The Wombats, released their platinum selling album This Modern Glitch. And now they are back with brand new album Glitterbug. TSA caught up with the band to discuss their time out, their new album and their favourite Glasgow venues, this is what they had to say:

Thank you for taking the time out to chat to us today. You are currently gearing up for the release of your new album Glitterbug. What can you tell us about this new album, and does it differ from your previous work? Glitterbug touches upon break ups, the intense beginnings of a new relationship, sex, partying, big cities and the hope and desperation that flows within all of these. Stylistically we’ve perfected the electronic and synthy elements we discovered on our 2nd album, but lyrically it is probably closer to our first album. We’ve taken a bigger part in the production side of things, very much a co-production kind of thing with the very talented Mark Crew (Bastille), so this is our first album to sound pretty much exactly how we wanted it to sound.

This is your first album in four years, was there any particular reason for the long gap? What have you guys been up to since then? We ended up touring our 2nd album for a year and half after it was released and as we don’t really write on the

by Katie Jones @KatieJonesadpr

road,the writing process didn’t start properly till we came back from the touring. We like taking our time and make sure the songs and the music/production is as good as it can be, and since most of our songs are autobiographical taken from Murph’s personal experiences, we need the time to adjust to normality in order to find topics to write about.

a blast. Also looking forward to play Leeds/Reading again and to play a festival in Portugal for the first time.

What has the reaction been like towards your new material?

“Moving to New York”, “Techno Fan”, “Greek Tragedy”.

We’re only 4 shows into our European tour, but so far the response has been really good to the new material. People seem to have heard the new songs we’ve already released from Glitterbug and that’s great to see.

You are coming to Glasgow Barrowlands on 17th April, what have been your favourite Glasgow venue’s to play at in the past? And do you have any fond memories of the times you have played here? Barrowlands is probably my favourite venue in Glasgow! The atmosphere is great and the crowd always seem to be up for having a good time. One thing I do remember from one of the shows, was getting bombarded with pints in the first song of the gig. It was a sticky but fun show!

You are going big on the festival circuit this year. Is there any one in particular you are looking forward to the most? T in the Park! We’ve only done it once and last time we had

Finally, for those who aren’t familiar with your music, which three of your songs would you suggest they listen to that sums up The Wombats?

Indie rockers The Wombats head out on their UK headline tour, kicking off in Bristol on 8 April, ending in Newcastle on 19 April. The rockers will be stopping off at Glasgow Barrowlands on 17 April. Upcoming album Glitterbug released on 13 April

Quick Fire Round With The Wombats

1 2 3 4 5 6

Pubs or clubs?

Pubs Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with: Katie Hopkins or Jeremy Clarkson?

Jeremy Clarkson Puppies or kittens?

Kittens What’s worse: being too hot or being too cold?

Too cold Favourite pop/rock star?

Dave Grohl Who was your teenage celebrity crush?

Pamela Anderson



What’s On: In May

by Aidan Scott @bigaidan

The Big Glasgow Comic And Craft Fair The Big Glasgow Comic and Craft Fair returns next month, the event being held at the city centre’s Walkabout bar. There is a thriving comic book community in Glasgow with shops like Forbidden Planet, A1 Comics and Geek Retreat going strong, and it is because of this that events such as the Big Glasgow Comic and Craft Fair have proven to be so popular with lovers of comic books. Started by the Big Glasgow Comic Page, the Comic and Craft Fair has become a

bi-monthly event in the city with Walkabout and The Arches sharing the hosting of the fair on a rotational basis. Unfortunately for families wishing to attend the fair, the event at Walkabout is for those over the age of 18 only. However, for those of you with kids who just can’t wait to dress up as their favourite superhero, the following event at The Arches is for everyone. The event will be held at Walkabout on May 2nd.

City Halls & Old Fruitmarket GlasGOW

A festivAl of new And experimentAl music

Peter ablinGer JOanna bailie adam bOHman Justin k brOadriCk Peter brötzmann karen COnstanCe JOHn CrOFt attila CsiHar CHarles Curtis rHOdri davies CHristOPHer FOx GiO GOOdiePal rObin HayWard HOCkyFrilla HeatHer leiGH Cassandra miller Paul neWland daniel Padden ben PattersOn ennO POPPe Éliane radiGue mariam rezaei Julia sCOtt JOel stern Hild sOFie taFJOrd CHristOPHer traPani daFne viCente-sandOval bbC sCOttisH symPHOny OrCHestra ilan vOlkOv

student Festival Pass: £18 student day Passes: £12

O1––O3 May 2O15 @tectonicsglas


What’s On: In April

by Courtney Hendry @courtneysarahx

Colours & Weekend Offender Presents: MAY BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND 2015 On Bank Holiday weekends, every club fights for your custom, promising the biggest and best night in town. However, they’ll all struggle to compete with Colours Bank Holiday weekend line-up on 2 May as they’ve secured the brilliant Bingo Players for another headline show at The Arches, with an unreal support line up. Bingo Players was founded by Dutch DJs, Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Bäumer, back in 2006. The duo recorded many remixes and singles over the years and as well as DJing and producing, they formed their own record label, Hysteria Records, which releases many of their own singles along with tracks from up-and-coming house artists including Sandro Silva, Bassjackers, MAKJ and Gregori Klosman. In 2013, an updated version of Bingo Players 2011 track “Rattle”, titled “Get Up” (Rattle), with LA-based act, Far East Movement, became an instant hit. The track went on

to chart in the Top Ten around the world and even reached the number one spot in the UK charts (remember that crazy music video with ducks chasing a menacing gang? Yup, that was them). The track gained a whole host of new fans, aside from their loyal followers in the EDM genre, and it’s no surprise that the single went double platinum in Australia. Bingo Players were then rocked with the sad death of Bäumer in December 2013 after a battle with cancer. However, Hoogstraten vowed to continue with the group and since then, Bingo Players have had success with singles such as “Knock You Out”, which reached number one on the US dance chart and continue to tour – this is a set not to be missed at The Arches. The special guest of the night comes in the form of Dutch DJ, producer and label owner William Rebergen – otherwise known as Headhunterz. He’s regularly described

Press shot: Headdhunterz as one of the biggest names in hardstyle music and has been a key figure in the scene – he was also the first hardstyle artist to feature in the DJ Mag Top 100 and has featured in the list every year since 2010. His live performances are legendary (he’s performed everywhere from Electric Daisy Carnival, to Qlimax, Tomorrowland and Decibel, to name a few) and his special guest appearance is reason enough to buy tickets for the event. Also appearing on the night as support acts are Carnage and Timmy Trumpet. Buy your tickets now via The Arches box office (early bird tickets £19.50, £24.50 thereafter).


Ad Lib, at Merchant City – Ingram Street is one of the best bar & diner places in Glasgow, located at the heart of the city. The ideal place to have your gourmet burger and cocktails in Merchant City. With its bustling but chilled out atmosphere Ad Lib serves an eclectic, globally influenced menu with that all important trendy New York diner vibe. Justly famous for its good old US comfort food of gourmet burgers, steaks and fine American dining dishes. It also features a good selection of beers on tap and boasts an excellent wine, bourbon and cocktails list. Ad Lib serves the best burgers in the city and a good collection of menus including

American influenced starters and mains, deli sandwiches and delicious desserts. Also, enjoy Ad Lib’s gourmet burgers from the comfort of your own home with Ad Lib’s takeaway service. If you live, work close by or pass by Merchant City take advantage of great lunchtime offers on weekdays. Ad Lib’s new daily menu the Blue Plate Specials is an American influenced concept of special dishes, available every day. Opening Times: Sun – Wed 12 noon – 11pm, Thu – Sat 12 noon – 12 Midnight Find us: Ad-Lib-Glasgow @ Ad_lib_Glasgow AdLibMerchantCity

Download our app and get 10% off food on first visit: Ad Lib Press shot: Timmy Trumpet



What’s On: In May

by Rachael Procter @rrretro___

BBC Tectonics returns to Glasgow for third year Alcohol? Never tried it, but go on then! Yoga? Sure – won’t knock it till I’ve tried it. Being a student is all about experimenting (oi, you – behave!). Uni’s important because it’s the first chance you’ve had to really try new things and, well, find your feet and all that. Every society is fair game. In fact, everything is worth a try. You’ve made it this far; the world is your oyster! Same sex football? Why not?! …A weekend of classical music at Tectonics Glasgow 2015? Eh…you what, mate? There was a time in the not too distant past when classical music was shunned among all students not studying it beyond the school classroom.

Gruesome thoughts of Standard Grade past papers might enter your mind when Classic FM is even mentioned – never mind someone suggesting you attend a festival centred around the same kind of music. (Scotland has an orchestra?) But, it is far too widely assumed that songs not boasting computerized instruments or moody front men with tattoo sleeves and dip-dyed hair, will somewhat be unsuccessful among the greater student population. This is simply because there is a stigma attached to classical music: everything is merely overly-complex orchestral pieces lasting for hours, featuring one too many violin solos. However, while there are not producers throwing £1million contracts at many conductors, the classical music scene is ever-thriving, and unlike your typical pop culture it does not have an expiration date. In fact, the majority of orchestras’ fundamental repertories still feature pieces as early as Mozart and even before that. As with the Tectonics Festival, people have realised the fundamental component of classical music is that it is, well – classic! The exciting part is watching Sax master Peter Brötzmann

Harpist Rhodri Davies

artists experiment and bless each piece with a 21st century lick of paint, hearing those old tunes played more excitedly each time and celebrating with new boundary-testing pieces inspired by, still, these same influential works. It’s actually not unlike how you’ll be experimenting with all sorts of different methods of intoxication at uni (only, you won’t lose friends the morning after a night of classical music). Tectonics Festival will be returning to Glasgow from 1st – 3rd May. Now in its third year, it is clear there is still a desire to discover new things. With entry costs starting at £12 for a day pass and £18 for a whole weekend pass (concession only – yep, students, that is you guys!) there is even more reason to get along to City Halls this summer. A full-weekend pass grants you access to all the performances across the entire weekend. It is a great opportunity to discover the likes of Peter Brötzmann, Rhodri Davies and other international artists who will be travelling to Glasgow exclusively for this festival. Given the fortunate timing of the event, most university exam seasons will have barely begun – so, why not bring your books along to a performance and channel your productivity to the beat of Elaine Radigue’s fantastic new works – exclusively conceived for this festival? As if top-notch musical talent and cheap all-weekend entry were not enough to inspire you, it is worth attending Tectonics 2015 solely to see The Old Fruit Market lit up in all its glory. Not only is it one of Scotland’s best venues acoustically, it is also delightfully cosy, featuring stalls lined with mini rainbow lanterns and iconic original Fruit Market signage. Go on. Experiment. (N.B. I must assure you that this is a weekend of elegant classical discovery. It is not T in the Park. There will not be tents. Cool? Cool.)








0141 212 8815





*10% off your ToTal food & drInks bIll aT THe VInTage aT drygaTe WITH a ValId maTrIculaTIon card. T&c’s apply

Sudent_Ad.indd 1

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2719 Summer Menu Advert.indd 1

27/03/2015 16:47


What’s On: April/May

by Courtney Hendry @courtneysarahx

Southside Fringe Festival 2015 8 – 24 May “We aim to pull the Southside community together, hooking up local acts with local venues and showcasing the events to as many folks as possible. Community spirit is at the heart of what we do,” says Crawford Smith when describing the event he and Corinna Currie founded in 2013. The Southside Fringe Festival has certainly pulled the community together and has become a much anticipated event, now in it’s third year it continues to grow and develop – from 90 events in the first year, 110 in the second to the planned 170 at this year’s festival. Both Crawford and Corinna had worked with the original Southside festival, which is no longer running, and realised, “a couple of days in Queen’s Park was fun but we wanted the party to go on longer.” Crawford adds: “The original festival was day time, for the family, we realised that we needed something for the adults. Late nights, rock n roll, cabaret.” The orginal council-funded festival came with certain limitations and pitfalls, according to Crawford. To ensure they didn’t have to deal with the same complications that arise from funded events, Crawford and Corinna aimed to arrange the festival relying on only “people power and good will”. “We are sponsored, in a small way, by each venue that chips in for the collective promo costs, it’s that and the efforts of the ace volunteers that make this work. Myself and Corinna are volunteers as well. There’s no hierarchy, we’re all doing this for the Southside. It’s about the karma not the cash”, insists Crawford. Both Corinna and Crawford are performers themselves – Crawford is a musician and Corinna a burlesque star – and they love promoting the Southside area as a hub of creativity: “We shine a light on the cracking venues and artists in the Southside of Glasgow and hope to invite new crowds from across Scotland and beyond to sample what we all enjoy – a thriving arts and culture scene, one that’s been over looked for too long.” This year will see the biggest range of events to date at the festival; from up and coming theatre shows at Govanhill Baths new venue, ‘The Steamie’, satirical political shows from the Greater Shawlands Republic, a Southside Mastermind game show at Jayz, a whacky dog show for dogs, the unplugged circuit, kids story telling events and extreme eating challenges at Brooklyn Café, to name a few. There will also be plenty of live music from some of Glasgow’s best bands, including; Papa Shandy and the Drams, The Shiverin’ Sheiks, The Daddy Naggins, Howlin Radio, Daniel Meade And The Flying Mules and The Easy Orchestra. Also, as the festival is a place for new acts to

showcase their talents, up and coming performers such as Bella and the Bear, Old Bohemia, Luther Hall, Black And White boy, Miss Jo, Scatty Fox, Barefoot Bren, Graeme Quinn and many more will be playing at venues across the Southside. With such a huge amount of performances taking place, I wonder which Crawford is most looking forward to. As it turns out, he’s happy just to be able to actually go and see the various performers: “We’ve got a string team of organisers and volunteers and it means myself and Corinna can have more time to go out and enjoy the gigs.” Crawford has been envisioning the festival for more than ten years and describes the planning process as ‘hard work but a dream come true’. However, the hard work from both Crawford, Corinna and all the volunteers seems to be paying off, as the reception to the festival has always been encouraging: “Feedback has been great, right

from day one. Venues welcome the custom and local acts welcome the chance to perform in new places close to home.” That positive feedback means that the organisers get more ambitious each year and continue to expand the festival: “Plans for the next few years include covering more and more of the Southside, there’s plenty more to take on, increasing venue and event numbers each year and helping more people take ownership of it. We set this up so it could belong to everyone, not just another council gala day, but a real festival run by the folks of the Southside, for the Southside. It sounds a bit cheesy but it’s true.” The Southside Festival runs from the 8th-24th May 2015 – visit their Facebook page ( southsidefringe) to keep up to date with all the latest news and developments.

Bigfoot’s Tea Party with The Black Madonna Bigfoot’s Tea Party are bringing one of their infectious nights back to Glasgow on Friday 24th April when they take over Subclub and bring the very special guest that is The Black Madonna. Having started in Aberdeen promoting and playing at techno club nights, Bigfoot’s Tea Party are now putting on nights across Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling, while starting to make headway toward Berlin. Guests who have joined them over the years have included talented DJs including Makam, Ambivalent and Mr. Ties. This party will see The Black Madonna come to Glasgow to take us through her extensive knowledge of music from disco to techno.

Starting in New York as a resident DJ at North America’s oldest independent venue, Smart Bar, The Black Madonna has travelled the world playing her all vinyl sets at the likes of Panorama Bar. All this happening in one night, in the legendary venue that is Subclub will be sure to create an unforgettable atmosphere with everyone dancing and sweat dripping from the ceilings. Keep up to date with Bigfoot’s Tea Party through Soundcloud as they post their new podcasts in the lead up to the show at Euan Brock bigfootsteaparty .



What’s On: In April

by Emylie Howie @EmylieHowie

Colours 20 & Weekend Offender Presents:

ROGER SANCHEZ Colours 20 are proud to present the return of the S-Man! For ‘another chance’ to see the true legend of house music, he will be back at the Arches after an eight year hiatus on Friday, 17 April 2015. Sanchez is one of the artists synonymous with Colour’s history and the organisers cannot wait to welcome him back. This will be his first Scottish show since EH1 2009 and his first show at The Arches since December 2007. Since that time, the S-Man has kept rocking dance floors worldwide and the energy this man produces behind the decks is unreal. It has to be seen to be believed. You are guaranteed an amazing night in the company of Roger Sanchez when he’s providing the sound track to your unforgettable Friday night. Sanchez is known worldwide and has made his legendary name on his own. The crafting of this American house DJ, started in the late 80s in Corona, Queens, where as a young man he was enticed by the early roots of hip-hop sprouting all over New York. He attended parties by the Bronx River and other jams as

a break-dancer and graffiti artist. The truly talented man was introduced to DJ’ing through friends, and he tried his hand in an organic environment where his creativity behind the decks flourished from a few singles into an ambitious catalogue of over two thousand original productions and remixes. For any DJ and wanna-be producer, “Hustle” can be an oft-overstated attribute and yet, for the right person, it’s an underappreciated compliment from those in the know. Hustle is the absolute definition of both the man and the meteoric career of international DJ Roger Sanchez. From a humble beginning in NYC to multi-year residencies in Ibiza; from digging in dusty crates to headlining festival main-stages around the world, Roger is truly a self-made man and dance music star. An early pioneer of podcasting, Roger was awarded the first ever Best Podcast Award at the International Dance Music Awards in 2007. In addition to his bi-weekly podcasts he also hosts a weekly terrestrial and online radio show, which attracts an astounding 10 million listeners across a worldwide audience. The Release Yourself Radio Show is broadcasted in 30 markets on every continent, including countries as diverse as Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Australia and the UK. In addition to broadcasting, he creates podcasts and mixes from the road, dominating a tour schedule that would exhaust even the most hardened of festival warriors. This man is on a mission to spread the house music word to every corner of the globe. Roger will be joined by Colours & STREETrave residents Jon Mancini and Iain ‘Boney’ Clark on the night. So for a ‘Hella Good’ night buy your tickets for the event, they are on sale now, and there are a number of places to purchase them from, including, The Arches Box Office or online at, Tickets Scotland – www. or at

OW G S A L t out. APE G tes to ge


minu with 60 ? m o o r s o escape iou t r e s t e s k y a t m t it na Locked i o You have wha 047 234 D : 07584

mob • w o g s la e-g w.escap .uk • ww o .c w o sg cape-gla info@es

Independent kitchen Homemade food at affordable prices Unlicensed but Bring Your Own Bottle Live acoustic music + spoken word Wed 6-9pm Open Mic Community Events – Monthly Flea Market All eating requirements catered for

£2 OFF



85 High Street, Merchant City, Glasgow G1 1NB

0141 552 7849


What’s On: In April

by Laura Maxwell

AYE WRITE! FESTIVAL 2015 Glasgow will get an enriching injection of writing fever this Easter when the celebrated Aye Write festival marches in for its 10th year anniversary. Authors, publicists, poets, lyricists, comedians and public figures will swarm to Glasgow’s valued Mitchell Library for 9 days of talks, workshops and entertainment. The fever to lift your pen will get you. Guests include: Karen Dunbar – Fri 17th, 6-7pm, Mitchell Library From opening the 2014 Commonwealth Games to opening Aye Write, Karen Dunbar is only going up. The Chewin’ the Fat star presents us with her Books That Made Me: five titles, without which there would be no Karen Dunbar and possibly no “Auld Slapper” Betty, or “Right, that’s enough!” Miss Gourlay. This is a woman whose career involves being Cinderella’s wicked stepmother and the WWII survivor who shares her sexual exploits, so this should be interesting.

Irvine Welsh – Fri 17th, 7.30-8.30pm, Mitchell Library “One of Scotland’s most popular and controversial authors” presents, A Decent Ride. The celebrated author of Trainspotting, Ecstasy, and Filth, makes his debut appearance at Aye Write with arguably his dirtiest, funniest book yet. A Decent Ride follows taxi driving, drug dealing, top shagging, “Juice” through the horrors of Hurricane Bawbag. The man behind a phantom baby crawling on the ceiling will be presenting his new novel with a Q&A with Kevin Williamson.

through the various creatures of Scottish mythology (banshee, demon, selkie) of his latest production, The Pure, The Dead and The Brilliant, to the foul-mouthed, chain smoking mistress of The Moira Monologues.

Alan Bissett – Sat 18th, 3-4pm, Mitchell Library Scotland’s award-winning playwright is back, but not with a play – with countless. Performing various scenes from his collection of Greatest Theatrical Hits, Bissett transforms from the seductive spider of The Red Hourglass,

Kevin Bridges – Sat 25th, 3-4pm, Mitchell Library Glasgow’s (by far) favourite comedian comes home from his many tours and empties with Chad Hogan to show us his Five Books That Made Me. After the success of his best-selling tours, DVDs and his autobiography, We Need To Talk About… Kevin Bridges, he’ll be giving us all a glimpse into the mind that ever thought of the concept of s**ting in a kettle.

Bill Oddie – Wed 22nd, 6-7pm, Mitchell Library The kind face and whispering sombre voice of bird-watching will be at The Mitchell Library for a Q&A with Seona Reid. The Goodies star will be discussing the various career highs in his life including the various radio and TV programmes we all love.

Omid Djalili – Sat 25th, 6-7pm, Mitchell Library This loud, brash, and full forward comedian shows us a softer side with his touching and intelligent memoir of growing up in British life. Hopeful follows the comedian seen on Live At The Apollo and Nevermind The Buzzcocks, (not to mention The Mummy!) through his unusual life which starts with a childhood in a London guesthouse for Iranians and ends with injuring himself while showing off for Kate Winslet. Features include:




@ 9p m ** ** MondayBIG QUIZ ERIN’S ical with

z Get q uiz tress Erin q uiz-m is e won!

s to b Beer & ££

Burgers m 2 for £12 fro m 6-9p Mondays


HE GLASS for your next eve HOUSE nt for FREE!

Looking for hold your somewhere to next Club or Society meeting? Come & ta lk to us holding your meet about socials @ the la ings or nsdowne


All SKY & BT spor t shown Book a booth for the big match Open ‘til midnig ht

7a Lansdowne Crescent, Kelvinbridge G20 6NQ 0141 334 4653

Ex Libris Book Fair – Sat 18th, 12-6pm, Mitchell Library No book festival would be complete without a book fair. Literature galore in one convenient location for hours! Featuring small presses, indie comic creators, and artist book makers with names such as; Gregor Muir, Tapsalteerie, Stephen Goodall, Mark Brady, Ruth & Alexander, Devin Wallace, Claire Hubbard, Silvia Barlaam, We Productions, JG Illustrates, Lada Wilson, Team Girl Comic/Gill Hatcher, Laydeezdocomics, Never Ever After, David Bishop, Neil Slorance, Derek Robertson and Joanna Robson.

Female Friendships in Fiction – Sat 18th, 3-4pm, Mitchell Library Food writer and journalist, Sue Lawrence meets aptly named Scottish Parliament worker turned author, Kate Tough to discuss women in fiction – specifically friendships. With their debut novels (Fields of Blue Flux and Head For The Edge, Keep Walking, respectively), the girls discuss their predominant themes of friendship in these moving, female-led stories. Are We Still Charlie? – Sun 19th, 1.302.30pm, Mitchell Library Since the recent attacks on Paris, free speech has been put under the microscope. In an attempt to thwart the point of the terrorists attack on a political comic panel, the world rallied with the phrase “Je Suis Charlie”, but were they saying “We do not negotiate with terrorists” or “We will say whatever we want”. Crime writer Denise Mina, journalist Angela Haggerty and writer Greg Moodie ask if free speech is under threat, or should it be? Sex by Numbers – Sun 19th, 3-4pm. In a dirty change of direction, David Spiegelhalter, Professor of Risk at Cambridge University unravels the web of exaggerations, misdirections and downright lies that surround sex in modern society with his latest book. Questions Grandma Shouldn’t Hear are asked, such as what is everyone doing and how has it changed? My Way: A Muslim Woman’s Journey – Mon 20th, 6-7pm, Mitchell Library Reminding us all that ISIS doesn’t mean the entire Muslim community, professor and OBE recipient, Mona Siddiqui presents her book My Way: A Muslim Woman’s Journey which asks how Muslim stereotyping can be challenged and changed and is ever more vital in today’s political climate. The Graphic Novels That Made Me – Tue 21st, 7.30-8.30pm, Mitchell Library Kick-Ass, Wanted and even a few Superman editions writer, Mark Millar presents the Books That Made Me concept with a modern twist. The legend amongst geeks with pants over their trousers will be in Glasgow to speak on the words and panels that have inspired such treasures as the Civil War story between Iron Man and Captain America that’s soon to be a major motion film. If you go can you ask whose side he’s on? Scottish LGBT Writing – Thu 23rd, 6-7pm, Mitchell Library Featuring Out There, a publication of LGBT-themed poems, stories and memoirs, contributions from various authors spanning over a decade make this discussion about the LGBT community in life and literature feverish. Contributors include poet Jackie Kay, novelist Kerry Hudson and editor Zoë Strachan.



The Interview: Meghan Trainor

by Jonny Stone @jonny_stone_

MEGHAN TRAINOR “I have a stuffed penguin named Paddles that I recently got. He’s kinda famous on Instagram. I bring him everywhere. He’s great.” Not the typical chat to expect from one of contemporary pop’s biggest names, but Meghan Trainor is hardly your typical pop star. She’s the Grammy-nominated artist behind “All About That Bass,” the song you were unable to remove from your brain last year, and is fast becoming one of music’s most successful and refreshing names. Meghan’s first album Title – an upbeat, insanely addictive record TSA reviewed in our February issue – was released at the start of the year and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, with a colossal 238,000 units shifted. She comes across as refreshingly honest, in her music and in person. But did she really not expect “All About That Bass” to be as successful as it became? “It’s crazy! I went to my favourite songwriters and they said ‘how do you know you had a hit?’ and I said ‘it’s the ones you never guess, it’s ones you never know.’ We did “All About That Bass” and shelved it and I was like ‘cool song, whatever. No one’s gonna hear this. No pop star can sing this ‘cause they’re all fricking size zeroes and no one can rap and sing.’ So the fact that this was probably the biggest song of life, I had no clue. And what you hear today is what the demo is. No auto tune or nothing, I walked out of the studio and that’s what plays everyday.” And she isn’t afraid to push the envelope, delivering a sharp dose of irony in her music and videos. This irony doesn’t always translate – courting controversy in seemingly promoting sexist gender roles with her latest video “Dear Future Husband” or body-shaming in “All about That Bass” – but this is because no other pop stars are prepared to be as bold. Meghan doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is a breath of fresh air in itself. Pop needs a little humour every now and then. What is most apparent upon listening to Title is that Meghan Trainor writes great pop music, embracing so many different genres – country, reggae, hip hop and doo-wop – so effortlessly. She prides herself on being a songwriter first, a refreshing change of pace in a musical landscape in which an enormous team of musical gurus concoct a formulaic, guaranteed chart-topper for any artist. Her lyrics are sharp (“beats slicker than swine flu”) and easy to relate to; “Walkashame” depicts an all-too familiar circumstance with humour and

sublime word choice that compliments the kitsch music perfectly. As well as honing her craft as a songwriter, Meghan is establishing herself as a bonafide producer too, calling the shots on “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” a duet with soul legend John Legend. “I produced that! I was very proud of myself and I was like ‘I need one song on here that I’ve produced. I’ve been a producer since I was 13, give me somethin’! And yeah, I got a lot of crap for putting “Bang Dem Sticks” and “3am” on there. I don’t care! I’m a songwriter, these are my favourite songs and I’m a fan of this so I’m gonna put this out.” She is enormously, infectiously confident – regarding her collaboration with John Legend, for example: “I sent them the song with just my vocals on it and they played it for him without telling me and he said I would love to be a part of that. I was like ‘oh who? John? Sure, fine, let him have it…” – but she has the talent, business savvy and attitude to pull it off.

passion for music is unparalleled, celebrating music in all its forms and the people behind the tunes. Trainor has a busy year ahead. Between her UK tour this April and keeping her eye on a potential Saturday Night Live performance, Meghan is aware 2015 is going to be something special. “It’s gonna be my year to really get people’s attention, let people start to know Meghan Trainor and who she is and what she’s about. And I’m so excited.” When it comes to knowing the real Meghan Trainor, it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface.

In terms of what songs she wishes she had written, the answer is pretty simple. “Got it! ‘Halo’ by Beyoncé. What. A. Song. I was thinking about it this morning like damn, those lyrics…‘Remember those walls I built, baby they’re tumbling down.’ Also ‘Mistletoe’ by Justin Bieber. Thought that was one of the best Christmas songs I’ve ever heard!” The latter is a curious admission, given Mr Bieber’s somewhat divisive status in the entertainment industry, but Meghan insists she is a huge Belieber; “his people keep coming to me like ‘we need songs for him.’ I told them to give him an acoustic guitar, stop doing this gangsta stuff. Show his vocals. He’s got the fan base of Elvis, he’ll never go away, but make them respect him again.” Meghan can’t help but gush about her favourite artists who, whether she can believe it or not, are now her peers. Whether she’s singing the praises of Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato or fellow songwriters like Sean Douglas – with whom she wrote the hugely successful “Sledgehammer” for X Factor USA group Fifth Harmony – it is apparent that Meghan’s

It’s Not All About That Bass

The events listed below were correct and up to date at time of going to print but please check the venue’s own website prior to booking


Gig Guide: Music & Clubbing FRI 3RD APR


ROBIN TROWER + JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR 7pm – 10pm, The Arches SWIM DEEP 8:30pm, King Tut’s




BUTTERFLY KISS 7pm, Oran Mor PUBLIC HOUSE ORCHESTRA 6pm, The Howlin’ Wolf DJ DARREN ROCOCO 11pm, The Howlin’ Wolf







ROO PANES 8:30pm, King Tut’s IN HINDSIGHT 6pm, 02 ABC HOT TIN ROOF 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf



HOT TIN ROOF 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf



THE CALM FIASCO 8:30pm, King Tut’s ZERVAS AND PEPPER 7pm, Oran Mor


SIMON BRETT 11pm, The Howlin’ Wolf



SUN 12



BEN KHAN 8:30pm, King Tut’s KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD – BEN POOLE 7pm, 02 ABC SASHA MCVEIGH & SONIA LEIGH 7pm, Oran Mor WING & A PRAYER 9pm, The Howlin’ Wolf


MON 13


NADINE SHAH + RETRIEVER 8:30pm, King Tut’s




NAE SPRING CHICKEN 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf


I AM KLOOT 7pm, Oran Mor

BRETT DENNEN 8pm, King Tut’s

ALAN ANDERSON 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf



MATTHEW E WHITE 7:30pm, Oran Mor ROCK HUNTER & HOUND DOG FRASER 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf





DOG’S BODY 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf

LUKE FRIEND 8:30pm, King Tut’s

THE BRIAN RAWSON BAND 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf



THREE CARD TRICK 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf






SKINNY LISTER 7:30pm, Nice ‘N’ Sleazy


MONOGRAM 8:30pm, King Tut’s



MOUNTIES 8:30pm, King Tut’s

THERAPY? 7pm, Oran Mor


ROY ZEPHYR 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf

FIVE 7pm, 02 ABC DUKE SPECIAL 7pm, Oran Mor AIDAN CONNELL 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf


VALOUR + IMPURITAS + MORE TBC 8pm, Nice ‘N’ Sleazy

DJ DARREN ROCOCO 12pm, The Howlin’ Wolf



U.F.O. 6:30pm, 02 ABC DAMAGE – ROUGH COPY 7pm, 02 ABC






FUNKNATION 7.30pm, Drygate Brewary SIMON BRETT 9pm, The Howlin’ Wolf

STEREO KICKS 7pm, 02 ABC THE SHIRES 7pm, Oran Mor THE BLUESWATER 11pm, The Howlin’ Wolf





Clubbing WED 8TH APR



I AM, SubClub






FRI 10















WED 29



JOSH ROUSE 7pm, Oran Mor THREE CARD TRICK 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf



THE DISTRICTS 8:30pm, King Tut’s


FRI 1ST MAY DEVILOCK + KINGPIN + CALM YERSEL 8pm, Nice ‘N’ Sleazy GAZ COOMBES 8:30pm, King Tut’s ALL SHE KNOWS 7pm, 02 ABC MAN OVERBOARD 6:30pm, Oran Mor

TUE 28





I AM, SubClub






I AM, SubClub



I AM, SubClub







FRI 17















THE RULERS OF THE ROOT 9pm, The Howlin’ Wolf

BOOTLEG BEATNIK 10pm, The Howlin’ Wolf


SAT 11





WIRE 8:30pm, King Tut’s







LUKE FRIEND – 8.30pm – King Tut’s – 21st April






MON 4TH MAY SET IT OFF 8:30pm, King Tut’s



THE ONCE + BEC SANDRIDGE 8:30pm, King Tut’s

VILLAGERS 7pm, Oran Mor



ROGER SANCHEZ – The Arches – 17 April


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The events listed below were correct and up to date at time of going to print but please check the venue’s own website prior to booking


Gig Guide: Comedy & Theatre MON 6TH APR





RED RAW 7:30pm, The Stand


DANCE ‘TIL DAWN, King’s Theatre 7-11 April


SCOTTISH OPERA’S JENUFA, Theatre Royal 7-11 April

CAITLIN LIVE 7:30pm, The Pavillion




GREASE, The Pavillion 8-11 April LIPPY, Citizens Theatre 8-11 April

RED RAW 7:30pm, The Stand


PETER PAN GOES WRONG, Theatre Royal 14-18 April

SISTER ACT, King’s Theatre 14-18 April

THE THURSDAY SHOW 7:30pm, The Stand

FRI 10




THE WOMAN IN BLACK – Theatre Royal – 20th-25th April






THE FRIDAY SHOW 7:30pm The Stand

THE SATURDAY SHOW 7:30pm,The Stand

RED RAW 7:30pm, The Stand

52 SHADES OF MAGGIE, The Pavillion 15 April – 2 May




THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA, Theatre Royal 15-18 April







THE THURSDAY SHOW 7:30pm, The Stand


THE SATURDAY SHOW 7:30pm, The Stand




MIDWEEK COMEDY CABARET 7:30pm, The Stand SHREK THE MUSICAL, King’s Theatre 29 April – 17 May



MON 20TH APR THE WOMAN IN BLACK 7:30pm, Theatre Royal 20-25 April ANYTHING GOES, King’s Theatre 20-25 April

TUE 21ST APR RED RAW 7:30pm, The Stand


THUR 23RD APR THE THURSDAY SHOW 7:30pm, The Stand FEVER DREAM: SOUTHSIDE, Citizens Theatre 23 April – 9 May

FRI 24TH APR THE FRIDAY SHOW 7:30pm, The Stand

GREASE – The Pavillion – 8th-11th April


SHREK THE MUSICAL – King’s Theatre – 29 April – 17 May


Let’s Review: Escape Glagsow

by Courtney Hendry @courtneysarahx

CAN YOU BEAT GLASGOW’S FIRST LIVE ESCAPE GAME? The premise of Escape Glasgow is simple; you have one hour to work together as a team and use the clues around you to escape from a locked room. However, actually getting out is another story altogether. When I was imagining what Escape would be like, for some reason I had pictured a dark, creepy, dingy room. The actual room though couldn’t be further from what I imagined, it was more like the living room of an eccentric aunt’s house; filled with strange pictures, dozens of very random books and CDs and a large couch – not that you’ll sit down, you’ll be far too busy pacing and racking your brains. It’s difficult to describe the game without revealing any spoilers as the elation you feel when you piece together a clue is fantastic and you simply won’t get that feeling of success if I tell you how to put the pieces together. However, it is worth mentioning how ridiculously frustrated you’ll feel at points. I asked before we started if the frustration often leads to arguments and wasn’t surprised at all to find it is usually those who go in as couples that argue – apparently when working as a larger team people tend to come together. Before entering, we were told that in order to escape the room we’d have to solve a “series of puzzles and riddles” and that we would need to put our decoding skills to good use. It’s also made clear that teamwork is the real key to escaping – aside from the actual room key which is also pretty handy to find. Teams of up to six can take on the room and as there is a flat rate of £66, the more people you can drag along the cheaper it works out. It also massively helps when there are more people to bounce ideas and theories off because at times the most random inkling is what holds the key to escaping. After we had escaped (annoyingly we were just over an hour), we discovered that in the beginning we’d been racing through the game. We managed to find the starting point fairly quickly and from there succeeded in unlocking the various combinations, feeling thrilled that we hadn’t had to depend on any clues yet as we were told it is ‘very rare that people don’t need any help’ but with around twenty minutes left we found ourselves stumped. There is a TV in the centre of the room with a countdown timer and after the team outside watched us stumble further and further in the wrong direction they guided us in the right direction with a clue popping up on the TV – without making the answer obvious – and from there we were back on track. The best advice I could offer anyone who wants to try and escape the room is don’t over-think anything, that’s when you’ll end up getting frustrated and it seems the more frustrated you become, the further you get stuck on deciding ‘this has to be the right answer’. Everything in the room serves a purpose and you should take absolutely everything into consideration when trying to decipher the clues. Also, just enjoy yourself. It’s a really unique experience and it really is so much fun. No matter if you’re with friends, family or co-workers, it’s a great bonding experience and

lets each individual show off their personal strengths and learn from their team-mates. The success rate for escaping (in under an hour) is only around 45%, so that shows how difficult it is – let your competitive streak out and see if you can escape the room. Escape Glasgow is located at Baltic Chambers on Wellington Street, book your escape experience today via – students can save £17 with the code STU49. Part of team TSA at Escape Glasgow

The Room



It’s no great secret that Scotland’s music scene is a thing to be proud of. So here at TSA, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to present you with our monthly pick of who we think are doing epically well in Scotland right now. Keep your eyes out for these up and coming bands. This is TSA’s ‘Pick of the Month’.



funding site PledgeMusic. The EP came out last month, accompanied by new single “Falsehood”, and already it’s creating a bit of a buzz. “The release is along the same kind of lines as our previous tracks,” David explains. “Spiders is actually one of the tracks on the EP but the other three, unless you’ve been to our gigs, you won’t have heard them before. “It’s called ‘Anywhere and Nowhere’ and honestly I’d say that if someone has liked what we’ve put out before then hopefully they should really love what we’ve done with the EP. It’s a real progression on the stuff that we’ve already put out there.” The EP features four tracks and showcases a polished rock sound that has earned Divides a significant following on the Glasgow music scene. They worked with Bruce Rintoul, the producer behind big-hitters like Twin Atlantic, Biffy Clyro and Fatherson and although their sound slots in comfortably among Rintoul’s previous collaborators, Divides definitely have their own style and their own approach to their music. Working with experienced hands like Rintoul does seem to have helped the band however, and the new tracks on their EP sound as good as any they’ve done in the past. According to David, Rintoul was on hand throughout the recording process, offering little tips to help get the most out of the band’s studio time. “I’d worked with Bruce for a previous band and I think I was the only one of us to have done that actually,” he says. “He definitely adds something different when you’re working in the studio with him. “I think with our sound and Bruce’s style, it just works really well. It’s mostly the little things, like if there’s a little bit we can add or a small part we can change to make it that bit better, he’ll say it. Some people don’t like that but we like to have that input from the outside because it makes us better. “We just hope people will be happy with what we’ve done on the EP and it will get people excited to see what we do next.” Divides are currently co-headlining a tour with Aberdeen band (and previous Pick of the Month) Daydream Frenzy. Their debut EP Anywhere and Nowhere is available now. For tour dates and more info, visit DIVIDESOFFICIAL. Essential listening: Not All Those Who Wonder Are Lost, Spiders, Falsehood

Photo credit: Dean Gray

Hailing from Glasgow, Divides are a five-piece rock band featuring vocalist Tasha Cowie, drummer David Maxwell, guitarists David Lennon and Colin Horn, and bassist Andy Cook. Despite being a relatively young band, the group is made up of former members of well-received Scottish acts and made their official debut last April at Glasgow’s Oran Mor after being handpicked to open for Vukovi at one of their biggest headline shows to date. From there, fledgling releases such as “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” and “Spiders” attracted attention from major media outlets, despite being released independently and without any PR in place. To date, the band has been featured on BBC Radio 1, XFM, STV Glasgow and now they are TSA’s official Pick of the Month.

David Lennon, one of the band’s guitarists, said: “We were all in different bands that had all sort of run their course. A few of us had a look online for something new and it all came together quite quickly really. We had an idea of how we wanted to sound and the kind of quality we were looking for. A few months later, Tasha came in and joined us and it all just felt really natural. “We didn’t really have any material to work with at first, just some stuff we had been playing about with beforehand. We all had the same idea for the direction we wanted to go in and it all just came together really nicely when we started to practice together. It was almost as if we’d known each other a lot longer.” Divides took a less-travelled route by self-releasing their debut EP with the backing of their fans through crowd-


What’s On: LGBTI


On post X-Factor success, LGBTI, and guilty pleasures Singer-songwriter made a splash on X-Factor series 9 in 2012 thanks to her personal lyrics, distinctive voice and undeniable stage presence. Her style effortlessly fuses an unlikely blend of folk, hip-hop and pop, and she is arguably one of the most impressive artists to emerge from the show. Openly lesbian, she has also become an LGBTI icon and proudly advocates equality for our community. She’s emerging as one of British music’s most distinctive voices, and TSA was lucky enough to grab a word with her as she releases her new album We Are... on 13 April. ​ hat is the inspiration behind the album’s lead W single Unsinkable? It’s about feeling like you’re underwater; sometimes you feel like you can’t breathe, or that you’re losing what it is that keeps you above water. You have to just remind yourself that you can do it. You are Unsinkable! Your lyrics are enormously personal, which your fans find so engaging and important. Do you ever worry you reveal too much in your songs? I only ever go as far as I can deal with. It sounds super sad, but at a show in Sheffield recently I

played my track “Uninspired” live for the first time. I broke down crying on stage, and it’s all over YouTube! I think it’s important that people know that what you’re saying is from you. It means more. ​ Have you noticed any differences in your music since X-Factor, whether in your performance or song writing? Massively in both respects. I’ve always adored performing but now know how important rehearsal is! So I do that more. I think my song writing is different too, perhaps more mature. What’s been the most drastic change in your life postX-Factor? Probably being spotted in the street, or at a bar, or on holiday, or wherever really. It’s great to know people still know who I am, but sometimes it’s challenging. ​ You left Sheffield and headed down to London; what do you miss most about your hometown? I’ve lived in a whole load of places, Derbyshire, Sheffield, Brighton and more! Most of all I miss my friends. ​ ​Who are your personal musical icons, artists that continue to inspire you? Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Tupac and Biggie. ​ What, to you, makes a great pop song? I think a hooky chorus and meaningful content/awfully nonmeaningful content. Either way. ​ Who’s your musical guilty pleasure? I don’t feel guilty about it, Taylor Swift is my bae. ​ Your’s is a unique and distinctive voice in British music. What do you think is missing in the contemporary pop scene? I think stories are missing. Listen to Kenny Rodgers, Dolly, Sting... they’ll tell you something that will change your life. I love that. ​ You’ve become an LGBTI icon since your rise to fame. Our community has achieved a lot in the last decade, largely thanks to progressive musicians such as yourself, but there is still a lot to be done. What do you feel is the next step in LGBTI equality? I honestly think that the most important movement is to keep us as ‘normal’ as possible. Make us the norm. No one will ever bat an eyelid again if we manage to blend LGBTI into everyday life, one day I want to have a wife and kids, and I want that to be nothing other than love. ​ What was your quintessential meal when you were a student? Beer!

Quick Fire Round

Lucy Spraggan

1 2

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Pubs or clubs?

Pubs Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with: Katie Hopkins or Jeremy Clarkson?

Katie Hopkins, to get a chance to see her at her as her genuine self. Not the overanimated clown we all see. I believe Jeremy is just being himself.

​DC or Marvel?

Marvel ​Puppies or kittens?

Puppies. Always. What’s worse: being too hot or being too cold?

Too hot. Beards: good or bad?

Bad. Ew. Favourite pop star?

T Swift! Who was your teenage celebrity crush? Catherine Zeta Jones

Favourite Scottish person, real or fictional?

My Grandad.



by Jonny Stone @jonny_stone_

LGBTI NEWS ROUNDUP Bringing you LGBTI stories from across the world SAOL – the official Swedish language dictionary – has updated its latest edition to include gender-neutral pronouns, as well as removing racist language. The pronoun “hen” will be used officially alongside “han” (he) and “hon” (she) and can be used to refer to a transgender person, a group of people of mixed genders and a person whose gender doesn’t conform to gender binary. Language plays a detrimental role in trans discrimination, and Sweden’s typically progressive inclusions are inspiring indications of change.

It’s all just a

‘HOT MESS’ Compared to some cities, Glasgow has a half-decent gay scene; but all in all it is arguably lacking. Aside from a few veritable LGBTI institutions, there are few alternative options for queer kids to find the best music that simultaneously suits their taste and provides actively queerfriendly space. With some research there are a few great club nights running – mostly at the Flying Duck, such as the late great Yes! – but one consistent pillar of hope is the iconic Hot Mess at The Poetry Club in Glasgow. Self-described as “Homo disco sans frontieres,” Hot Mess is the perfect alternative to Glasgow’s gay club scene. The monthly club night boasts an eclectic range of music, played non-stop on real life vinyl and everything (history lesson: DJs haven’t always used Mac books). Whether you’re into classic pop, techno and everything in between, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. Aside from resident DJ Simonotron, their latest club night in Glasgow – taking

place at The Poetry Club on 11 April – welcomes the legendary JD Twitch, co-founder and resident DJ of Optimo. On playing at this month’s Hot Mess club night, he says: “Apart from the fact it’s an honour to be asked to play at Hot Mess, I enjoy playing there because it is one of very few club nights in Glasgow that is doing something different and that has built a true sense of community around it. It isn’t about booking big names guests to pull people in but through hard work and simply playing great music that Simon truly believes in, it has become one of the most important and vital club nights in Glasgow and has inspired others to follow suit.” A must for disco lovers/hot messes from all walks of life. Doors open at 10 – perhaps swing by early to ensure entry and avoid bitter disappointment and crying in the rain – and entry is £8. Leave your inhibitions at the door and – to quote Liz Lemon – dance like nobody’s watching.

Glasgow is lucky enough to be hosting the 2016 Annual General Assembly of the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation, hosting 150 European delegates. Aside from coining a title that really rolls off the tongue, the EGLSF promotes equality in sports and organises events like the European Gay & Lesbian Championships. LEAP Sport Scotland – responsible for Pride House at last year’s Commonwealth Games – says “We will look at the strategies necessary to develop sport into a truly inclusive space.”

Following its divisive series finalé, HBO’s Looking has been cancelled after two seasons. The show focuses on a group of gay men living in San Francisco as they navigate through life and love and has suffered increasing low viewing figures. While the show certainly lost steam and certain storylines were hard to enjoy, it is frustrating to lose one of the more realistic and honest depictions of gay life on television. LGBTI representation – especially in regards to people of colour – is poor; we have the sublime Orange is the New Black, but we deserve more. They will release a TV movie to wrap things up.

Fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana have caused enormous outrage and offence regarding their conservative opinions regarding gay adoption and IVF treatment. According to an interview in Panorama Magazine, the pair believe “you are born to a mother and a father – or at least that’s how it should be…I call children of chemicals ‘synthetic children.’ Rented uterus, semen chosen from a catalog.” Their ignorance, however, has thankfully been met with derision, with celebrities like Elton John, Victoria Beckham and our glorious leader Ellen DeGeneres boycotting the brand.

Up and coming singer-songwriter and gay icon Madonna has released Rebel Heart, her thirteenth studio album. The record sees Madge produce her best music in a decade and reveal a personal side to the typically invincible artist we haven’t seen in a long time. It is her first album not to top the UK album chart since 1994, but it is a strong effort and this humble fan’s entire family may have spent a fortune for her gig at the Hydro…Oh, and she nearly broke her neck at the Brits. But you knew that already.





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by Jonny Stone @jonny_stone_

What’s On: LGBT


LGBTI Political Representation

Despite the undeniable progress we have made in the fight for LGBTI equality, much work still needs to be done to protect our political and social status. Representation in the media, for example, is crucial in ensuring our voices are heard, our faces are seen and the status of queer people is presented as equal to that of the heterosexual, cis-gender mainstream. When it comes to LBGTI politicians in the UK, there is a promising number of faces to represent all facets of our broad and diverse community. Co-convenor of the Green Party Patrick Harvie, for example, is the first openly bisexual party leader in the UK, Glasgow City Council’s leader Gordon Matheson is openly gay and Jenny Bailey was the first transgender mayor in the UK. However, the highest profile LGBTI person in politics is arguably Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson. The Conservative Party has always had a controversial relationship with the LGBTI community despite including openly gay members. For example, under Conservative rule the Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 was passed, which stated

that a local authority “shall not promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.” Moreover, 133 Conservative MPs voted against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill in May 2013. Clearly their opposition was fruitless and gay marriage has been fully embraced, but it is opposition nonetheless and indicates LGBTI equality needs more political attention than it often receives. There are many positive aspects to Davidson’s leadership; for one, the image of a powerful lesbian politician – regardless of political allegiance – is inspiring for LGBTI youth and leading the Conservative parties demonstrates political diversity within the LGBTI community. Furthermore, she defiantly chastised homophobic abuse from an SNP supporter on Twitter, sending out a clear message that homophobic bullying is never acceptable, regardless of whether it’s aimed at a public figure. It is not enough, however, to have women and queer figureheads in politics – they need to be in a position in which they can make progressive difference to the fight for equality and improve the lives of oppressed. When half your party

votes against gay marriage, it doesn’t suggest your status as a lesbian leader is necessarily significant. Surely if Davidson had wished to champion LGBTI equality she would have campaigned for independence, given Nicola Sturgeon’s ardent desire for a progressive Scotland and the likelihood that socially conservative parties like Ukip will succeed in the general election. Regardless of their economic politics and ideologies, the association of LGBTI MPs and MSPs with the Conservative Party is confusing given their poor history of supporting gay equality. More LGBTI people should be in power. As appreciated as straight allies within the British political system are, the only way we can absolutely guarantee our voices will be heard is to work within that very system ourselves. But tokenism and hollow progress is not enough – LGBTI politicians must actively pursue bills that protect and champion queer people and women. White Ribbon Scotland estimates at least 1 in 5 women in Scotland experience domestic violence in their lifetime; there are no laws against homophobic hate speech in Scotland; Stonewall has stated that in the first year since the implementation of the Offences (Aggravation by Prejudice) Scotland Act 2009, 448 charges were made with an aggravation of sexual orientation. Logically a country which actively pursues and embraces complete equality will thrive, and our community cannot afford to be silent.

͈Í?˨͈͇ ĚżÍŒÍ‡Â•ŽˆÂ?Š™˜

͉͊ËŽÍ? High summer in Glasgow’s Southside and a heat wave bears down on the residents of Govanhill, driving them off the streets. Tensions are running high and fantasy and reality are becoming blurred. Directed by Dominic Hill, Fever Dream: Southside is a surreal comic thriller and major new production by Glasgow-based writer Douglas Maxwell.

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Let’s Review: Drygate Brewary

DRYGATE BREWERY RISING Craft beer and Scotland are, it would appear, in the midst of a big frothy, malty, delicious love story. Gone are the days where the only Scottish beers in stock at the pub would be a luke-warm overused Tennents pump and, if you’ve drawn the lucky raffle ticket from the vast pot of Glasgow’s auld boy hostelries, the luxurious and infinitely satisfying McEwans Red (or Rid as it’s colloquially known). Obviously not though. Now there’s a host of lagers, beers, IPA’s, real ales, stouts and fruit infused concoctions of deliciousness in a kind of 70s colour toned rainbow of beery, lagery goodness. Leading from the front of this new craft beer rebellion against the mass produced beer magnate elites, Drygate brewery sits but a stone’s throw from Glasgow’s city centre, and the beer hungry hoards that it holds. Just off Duke Street, this quaint, modern, welcoming and woody (it’s like new age brewery-meets the heavily pruned bearded guy’s culture-meets raw-wood American saloon feel) is a symbol of Scotland’s new attitude towards the beer we make. And they’re flying the flag just perfectly. The brewery has a fine selection of beer from the world over at varying degrees of strength, and if you’re into beer (and if your belly is taking shape in your mid-20s anything like mine is it would suggest that you are) then Drygate is perfect for your palate. On top of that, they have three core beers that they feel represent the brewery’s attitude of fearless brewing and exceptional results. Gladeye IPA is a caramelly and aggressive 5.5% Indian Pale Ale that really rubs shoulders with the best around. Trust me, I swally IPA aw the time. The Outaspace Apple Ale mixes the sweet earthy flavours of the apple with the bitter-sweetness of an ale perfectly; nothing like those hoachin’ cider/fruit mashups that taste like a melted slipper’s been pressed into a dipdab packet. But we’re not here to talk about cider, are we? The final of the core three is Bearface lager, roaring taste right in yir face, but lightly caressing your tongue as only a

beer would. Wait? Never mind. Get down and try these – be part of what Scotland and Drygate are trying to do and see how progressive new attitudes towards beer brewing and developing are putting Scotland onto the beer soaked world map, and not just for levels of consumption. And what’s more, Drygate is much more than just a brewery. A kitchen that’s growing in reputation, with soulfood at reasonable prices that is the perfect accompaniment to one of the many beers they have on offer. A vibrant modern bar that attracts people from all over the city. A hall and stage for bands and to host gigs – my first experience of Drygate was courtesy of tickets to The View and Hector Bizerk. It serves many functions, and is trying to set a standard and precedent for what it does, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It doesn’t have the up-their-own-arse pomposity that’s attached to the once underground hipster led beer movement. Let the people enjoy the beers, not just the hipsters. But I suppose, they’re people too. As part of this multi-purpose venue, they’ve got a host of events leading into the Summer. April is a busy month for the brewery. Every second Friday of the month will see the Gilded Balloon and Drygate Comedy Night, led by Glaswegian comedian Ray Bradshaw, and with the first starring Aisling Bea, Chris Forbes and Joe Hart amongst many others. The 4th sees a creative industries showcase come to Drygate,

by Cameron Willis @CameronWillis92

aiming to bring together business and individuals across the creative industries and give them the chance to merge their creative juices into a spicy successful brew. It’s called “Grow. Eat. Mingle” and is also aiming to raise money for the worthy cause of Nordoff Robins Music Therapy Scotland. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month Drygate hosts an urban market between 12 and 5pm. No tickets required, so come down, work up a thirst and see if you’re into anything that’s on offer. Ella Hickson’s urban fairytale Boys runs from the 7th to the 9th of April, and showcasing the critically acclaimed play is an another example of the place’s versatility. Funky disco soulsters FunkNation hit the brewery on the 24th of April, and if getting down like a Kool & the Gang groupie is what you’re all about it, don’t miss it. And if a more relaxing eye opening soft acoustic musical experience is what you’re after, then get down to Edinburgh song-man Blue Rose Code on the 25th as he and his trio of folk inspired musicmen promote the release of new album The Ballads of Peckham Rye. May’s events open on the 6th of the month, with Gunshow Theatre/Wildbird Theatre’s modren collaboration The Beautiful House on show. The 9th will see Drygate take part in The Playlist Unearthed, a cross-city festival in aid of Nordoff Robbins. Jim Valentine, Indigo Velvet and the Atom Tree will be present, and by the sounds of things, so should you. Foreignfox, a Dunfermline born indie four-piece entertains on the 22nd of May, and promise a night of sweeping guitars and rousing choruses. Cork born traditional and contemporary act Buille finish May off on the 28th, taking their modern take on traditional music with them. Then, if after you’ve attended all these, and your socialite tendencies have split up your relationship, then why not try the SpeedDater event on the 16th of June. A few Gladeyes, a few Bearfaces. You never know, could be your lucky night. With so much on, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes the pub stand out from its craft beer hole contemporaries, there’s no reason not to check out what Drygate has to offer. Even if the excitement of a big night is not something you’re after, just pop in for a pint, you won’t regret it. As far as Scottish breweries go, Drygate is quickly becoming a master of its craft.




Disney’s latest live-action is shocking in the sense that it actually sticks to the much-loved original story. While most live-action remakes seem to feature a strong (sometimes sword-wielding) female lead, Cinderella stuck to it’s origins and thankfully so. A beautiful film that can appeal to all.


Dreamworks have a long history of producing films that become instant hits and familyfavourites, sadly Home isn’t likely to become one. The casting of Rihanna, as protagonist Tip, was a great move and gives the film some much needed energy but sadly it felt all too safe, boring, predictable and unmemorable.


Nerds assemble! After what feels like an eternity of teaser trailers, plot revelations and fan theories, Avengers: Age of Ultron will finally be released on 23rd April. To recap: the first Avengers outing saw a group of superheroes and worldclass assassins join forces under the watchful eye of Nick Fury to defeat Thor’s brother Loki as he threatens the world’s existence with the Tesseract, a powerful energy source of destructive potential. Since the events of the Battle for New York, SHIELD has been inactive and the Avengers have taken a hiatus from saving the world and stuff. Tony Stark takes it upon himself to create a peacekeeping programme called Ultron, a self-aware AI being. Of course, Ultron doesn’t remain subservient for very long and his benevolence comes to an end when he targets humanity and the Avengers are left to defeat him. The line-up isn’t dramatically different to the previous outing: we see most of our favourites return, including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk and

Hawkeye. This humble nerd, however, is most excited for the arrival of Scarlet Witch – a mutant capable of harnessing magic, hypnosis and telekinesis – portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen. In the comics she and Quicksilver – played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson – are the children of X-Men villain Magneto. The film studios own the rights to different Marvel characters, so there will be no mention or allusion to Magneto in this film, which is frustrating given the complex and compelling history of these characters. But this is Scarlet Witch’s first onscreen adaptation which is pretty exciting as she is an iconic character whose abilities will translate well onscreen. There’s a lot riding on Avengers: Age of Ultron; the first movie grossed $1.518 billion at the box office and became the third most successful film of all time. No pressure. And each character – with the unfortunate and notable exception of Black Widow – has developed his own complex cinematic cannon. Much has happened since Avengers Assemble, and as with the first outing, the challenge is interweaving a host of characters, ensuring everyone gets appropriate screen time. But if anyone knows how to handle a large ensemble cast, it’s Buffycreator and nerd deity Joss Whedon. The heroes’ solo films are fairly inconsistent – Thor 2 and Iron Man 2 coming to mind – but it’s always thrilling seeing the team together, with Whedon amplifying what makes each character distinct and juggling these enormous and charismatic characters. Even visually, seeing each hero’s unique abilities showcased onscreen is always exciting. Avengers: Age of Ultron is one of 2015’s most anticipated movies. True, the bar was set high with their last outing, but there is something to be said for seeing these vibrant and iconic characters battle it out together. They bounce off one another, and it is undoubtedly thrilling to see years of rich, Jonny Stone complex comic books stories @jonny_stone_ unfold on the big screen.

Book Corner

The chemistry between Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell shines through this awful comedy and provides some funny, laugh-out-loud moments. However, it would be far nicer to see the two shine in a movie where every scene isn’t battling with the last to become more and more offensive.




This is exactly what you’d expect – completely pointless. It comprises of many activities and challenges and is completely targeted towards the following of author (and successful vlogger) Alfie Deyes. This book is not worth the paper it’s written on.

What a beautiful, moving book. When Maud’s friend Elizabeth goes missing, she takes it upon herself to try and solve the disappearance, while dealing with a declining memory. That may not sound like the plot behind a gripping thriller but trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

This young adult novel expertly tells the tale of a young teenager’s struggle with accepting and revealing his true identity. It’s a very important book about embracing yourself, growing up, forming friendships and being different. It may be YA but it’s definitely worth a read.



What’s On: In The Movies CHILD 44 (12A) Upcoming 2015 British-American film, Child 44, is based on the first of a trilogy by Tom Rob Smith and set in the Stalin era of the Soviet Union. A politically-charged serial killer thriller set in 1953 Soviet Russia, Child 44 chronicles the crisis of conscience for secret police agent Leo Demidov, who loses status, power and home when he refuses to denounce his own wife, Raisa, as a traitor. Exiled from Moscow to a grim provincial outpost, Leo and Raisa join forces with General Mikhail Nesterov to track down a serial killer who preys on young boys. Their quest for justice threatens a system-wide cover-up enforced by Leo’s psychopathic rival, Vasil, who insists “There is no crime in Paradise.” Tom Hardy, Joel Kinnaman, Noomi Repace, and Gary Oldman star in this mystery thriller, and with such a stellar cast, we’re pretty sure we can expect great things. Child 44 is in UK cinemas 17 April.



Kevin James reprises his role as Paul Blart, the mall cop that graced our screens and protected our malls back in 2009. Six years later, he’s back, and is headed to Las Vegas to attend a Security Guard Expo with his teenage daughter Maya (Raini Rodriguez) before she departs for college. While at the convention, he inadvertently discovers a heist – and it’s up to Blart to apprehend the criminals. We soon come to realise that safety never takes a holiday and when duty calls, Blart answers. With the first film receiving mixed to negative reviews from critics, let’s see if Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 can redeem itself. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is in cinemas nationwide 17 April.

We take a sneak peek at what’s in the movies this April.

Child 44: Starring Tom Hardy, Joel Kinnaman, Noomi Rapace & Gary Oldman



An upcoming film directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and starring María Valverde, Thomas Jane, Anton Yelchin, Vincent D’Onofrio and Sean Patrick Flanery. Broken Horses tell the story of the relationship between two brothers – a concert-level violinist and a hired mercenary – and how wrong choices can destroy lives and everything one loves. Set in the shadows of the US-Mexico border gang wars, Broken Horses is an epic thriller about the bonds of brotherhood, the laws of loyalty and the futility of violence. Broken Horses is in cinemas nationwide 10 April.

The Duff is a story about Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman), an intelligent teenager who strives to conform to societal standards of beauty and romantic compatibility. Bianca is a content high school senior whose world is shattered when she learns the student body refers to her as ‘The DUFF’ (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier, more popular friends. With her universe turned upside down, she ignores words of wisdom from her favourite teacher (Ken Jeong) and enlists the help of a slick but charming jock, to help set her apart from the pack and erase her label forever. A modernised makeover to a classical scenario involving an outcast who tries to fit in with the help of a goog-looking and popular mentor. The Duff is in UK cinemas 6 April.

There are no good guys in John Wick, but there are some great actors working alongside Keanu Reeves in his darkest and most tormented role yet: a stunningly lethal contract killer who goes on a rampage after a Russian thug murders his dog. Back in action-hero mode, Keanu Reeves joins forces with his Matrix stunt double to deliver this slick and satisfying revenge thriller. John Wick is in UK cinemas 10 April.


Let’s Review: New Hellfire Club

by Cameron Willis @CameronWillis92

Feed the Music, Not the Corporations

Tucked neatly into the far left corner of Finnieston’s Hidden lane, you’ll find the beginnings of a fire being lit that’s aiming to engulf Glasgow’s music scene in its warm, welcoming glow. New Hellfire Club is at first glance a promotions and distribution company for aspiring musicians, with the title of the immediately unintimidating establishment a node to the late, great Hunter S. Thompson. And, at first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking so. But open the doors, and you’ll step into a world of musical celebration and homage, from the new bands Hellfire promotes to the artists who helped define the alluring little shop’s message. Records hang, art inspires, people come, people go but ultimately, NHC grows. It wants to stand up and break bands free from the vicegrip of corporate musical megalomania – the same grip that’s squeezing the overflowing barrel of dirty cash and spilling its toxic attitudes onto the heads of those who exploit our local musicians. In the style of 21st century Gonzo dissidents, NHC wants parity and fairness for artists, and with joint in hand and Thompson in mind, it spits out one message – feed the music, not the corporations. All on a non-profit basis. “We are basically the UK’s only fair for all, not for profit, promotions and distribution organisation for unsigned and independent musicians and artists. Our sole aim’s at the beginning, was to help other artists in a world that seems to love what they did, but not help fund it in any way. We are here to help others do what they love doing. We then morphed into a catch all organisation soon after, full to the brim with enthusiastic volunteers that wanted to help others do what they did best, work on their art, and avoid the pay to play and shady deal offers that lie in wait for the unwary.” NHC has no frills. Its doors are open to anyone, and they mean anyone. It’s not just about music, they are open to promoting any other kind of art. NHC sees the importance of art in all its forms to communities and society, but also to the individual. It offers a platform for artists to grow and offers them a rare confidence that they really are behind them every step of the way. “We already have two authors signed up, as well as 4 artists, a comic illustrator, someone who makes awesome knitted headwear and more. If you create anything from scratch, whether it is a painting, a hat,

or a piece of music, then we are here to help you get it out there. Glasgow has so much going on under the hood that it’s just crazy. People need to open their eyes and ears as there is a whole new world out there to get involved in, and it is full of colour, and sound, and words – and all the good stuff that can make you forget the day to day drudgery of life for a while.” The self-confessed “socialist-hippy punks” message keeps spreading, and their voice is getting louder. Over 150 bands and artists are now registered with NHC, from Glasgow to Canada. They distribute merchandise and albums at their Hidden Lane shop, and every penny made from the work of the artists, goes to the artists. It’s easy to see why it’s getting bigger. People just needed an ‘in’ to support the vibrant Glasgow scene more, and NHC offers it by standing up to the dodgy promoters and cash hungry shysters, and offering complete clarity and support to the acts involved, and to the fans and consumers. “We really just want to even the playing field out a bit on behalf of the musicians within the music scene. If one guy goes home from an event with pocketfuls of cash (or waves a wad of cash in an online picture aimed at bands he has conned…true story), and another guy goes home skint and hungry, and he is the guy putting in most of the work, then that is wrong, full stop. We aim to shine a light on bad practices, and help out those who have the same ethics as ourselves, hopefully leading to a better scene for all involved.” The project has been going for 3 years online, and now it has a spiritual home in the shape of the NHC store. It’s been open for six months, and such has been the success of New Hellfire Club, they’re not resting on their laurels just yet. Every Saturday the store turns into a makeshift, intimate, unorthodox, yet unerringly vibrant and atmospheric music venue. The Saturday Music Sessions are insanely popular and people justifiably clamour to put themselves right in the middle of the organisations ethos. It’s BYOB, relaxed and all about the music. Sessions in the shops are symbolic of NHC’s message – a live musical medley of two-fingers-up anti-corporate rebellion where everyone is welcome to sing, dance, drink and have fun. But the limited 35 person venue can’t hold NHC’s musical revolution forever, so what’s next for New Hellfire? “A venue, that’s it. We do a lot of co-promotion and

charity work, and have a lot planned for this year alone, but the main aim is certainly the fair for all venue. We will do things differently. We will make sure everyone gets an equal and fair split of the takings (from the top down, we treat everyone the same) and we will also have it free entry for all. Oh…and no middle men. Who needs them when we have our own music shack after all? All we need is the music, a bar, and YOU.” New Hellfire Club is a bit of a phenomenon. Its message has cemented its foundations in place, and the unprecedented growth the organisation has seen is indicative of how strongly it has stuck to its roots. It is for the people – the artists, the fans, Glaswegians. Its subtle nodes to popular culture and adoration and tribute to those who inspired the movement keep the organisation’s feet on the ground. It won’t change, because those behind it won’t let it. NHC isn’t like most promotion and distribution agencies. In a musical world of money-grabbing manipulators and corrupters of all things creative, NHC is too weird to live, but for all the artists it gives its best too, it’s far too rare to die.





When Kiesza finally bounded onto the stage at The O2 ABC on 21 March in her amazing, custom Wonder Woman outfit, made entirely of baseball hats, it was immediately apparent how much the crowd had grown. During support act, PRIDES – who were surprisingly good – it felt almost empty. However, even as it filled it was still also very apparent that the O2 was far too large a venue for this gig. During the first half of the night I could feel myself wanting to actually shoosh people who had apparently stumbled in by accident with the intention of having a good, loud catch-up with an old pal instead of watching and appreciating this incredible Canadian do her thing. Kiesza started her set off strong with “The Love” and got the crowd going, those who were paying attention anyway. Her voice is truly incredible and she effortlessly hits every note – even when she burst into an impromptu Michael Jackson cover towards the end and claimed she was in the wrong key throughout it sounded, to an untrained ear, fantastic. She continued with fan favourites like “No Enemiesz” and “Sound Of A Woman” and it was impressive to see the talented artist effortlessly keep up with her dancers whilst simultaneously ensuring her vocals were still on point. At times, notably during softer tracks like “Cut Me Loose” and “Losin’ My Mind”, the crowd seemed to get restless. “Cut Me Loose” – a song about wanting someone to end the relationship so you don’t have to – was the only track that I couldn’t get into and found myself agreeing with my friend who thought it was more akin to a Disney sound-track than a Kiesza gig.


However, it soon picked up again and in the second half of the gig we were back to the fast-paced tracks we associate with Kiesza. The highlight of the night was “Take You There” (her recent collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex) and as the lights dimmed, the crowd danced, everyone got a bit sweaty and excited and a young boy raced onto the stage – apparently the son of one of Kiesza’s crew – and it was so heart-warming to watch his little face as he bounded about and interacted with the dancers and Kiesza herself who picked him up affectionately. It’s also interesting to see how an artist will interact with the crowd at a gig and after sharing that she’s intent on discovering more about her Scottish heritage, Kiesza later joined in with the infamous ‘Here we, here we, here we f***king go’, chants and incorporated it into her final song, the crowd pleasing “Hideaway”. Kiesza performed brilliantly on the night and my only criticism is the venue – a smaller space would Courtney Hendry have changed the whole @courtneysarahx atmosphere, for the better.

THE STRANGLERS Born in Guildford, revered in Glasgow. In the 40 years The Stranglers have been whipping crowds into a punky bass driven frenzy and ritually relighting the much needed fire drawn from their rebellious punk inspired anthems, they’ll surely be hard-pressed to find anywhere that people travel in leather clad, pint-swilling droves to see them quite as much as Glasgow. Glasgow loves The Stranglers. The O2 Academy was the host for their latest visit on April 28th, and the Glasgow Southside venue had battened down the hatches in anticipation for the Stranglers lusting hordes looking for an hour and a half time travelling visit back to their Doc Marten wearing skinhead youth, and they were not disappointed. The night opened with the support act – self-attributed “new wave beat group” The Rezillos. The 70s Edinburgh act sent everyone on their way. They offered crunchy punk riffs with less of the “let-the-world-go-to-hell-wedon’t-care” attitude. For the most part, they were another journey back to that youth of your dad’s. The same youth he keeps telling you was unspeakably wild. If you’d been with him to this gig, you’d probably start believing him. The main event followed right after, and with the lips of the Glasgow crowd successfully wetted, Jean-Jacques Burnel’s ripping yet tuneful bass made even the gruffest, balding child of Glasgow’s 1970s pucker up. The band

s w e i v e R


tore through a carefully constructed set, pleasing the crowd with the classics, but not all at once. 40 years on, and they’ve still got the energy. They led with that fast-paced punk riff rock that The Stranglers have become synonymous with, but its Dave Greenfield’s intriguingly eerie and melodic keyboard playing that gives the band their edge. The sound hangs over the rest of the band, and it’s with that keyboard’s haunting allure that The Stranglers have built their success. The Stranglers, as it was very much expected they would, showed every ounce of class and professionalism that their 40 years atop the UK charts and your dad’s heart would suggest. A sold out crowd, the required set list, and a band that plays happy and tight as if no time has went by since they formed as the Guildford Stranglers in 1974. As always. The Stranglers keep playing, and the people keep coming. And no matter how old they get, so does a fine array of ladies underwear on the Cameron Willis stage. @CameronWillis92

Tonight’s headline act, London alt-rockers Wolf Alice, certainly draw a diverse audience. Pinning down their target demographic is no easy task, especially if the crowd at Glasgow’s Oran Mor is anything to go by. A wide range of ages are present, from young teens and vintage-clad students to older couples and seasoned gig-goers. Still, it’s hardly surprising – Wolf Alice has been described as “the lovechild of folk and grunge”. It’s hardly a conventional coupling, but then again, they’re not a particularly conventional band. The support acts are warmly welcomed and get the night off to a promising start, the charismatic Crows being particularly notable for their powerful onstage presence and the enthusiastic performance of their frontman. However, it’s not until Wolf Alice appear on stage that the crowd really comes to life, greeting the band with a roar of approval. Opening with ‘Fluffy’, their debut single, the band set the tone for the night ahead – celebrity, exuberant and free-spirited. The set’s opener, like much of the band’s material, seems to capture the very essence of youthful defiance, and their onstage persona – singer Ellie Rowsell’s in particular – reflects that. Highlights include the propulsive indie-rock of “She”, complete with its excellent structure and a truly haunting breakdown, and “Blush”, a gorgeous slow-burner from the band’s 2013 EP of the same name. Closing the main set, “Giant Peach” also displays the band at their best, Rowsell’s versatile vocal abilities being particularly noteworthy. Wolf Alice are far from newcomers – forming in 2010, they’ve now been together for roughly five years. However, it’s their ability to maintain the passionate exuberance of a band still in its youth, every release showing even more exciting potential for the future, that really makes them stand out. Tonight they combine that fresh-faced enthusiasm with a real air of experience and a stage-presence many bands can only dream of, and the results couldn’t be more satisfying.

by Malcolm Higgins





Comes to 02 ABC on 14 April


Comes to 02 ABC on 5 May

P r ev i e w s BEN KHAN

Comes to King Tut’s on 12 April

American R&B vocal group, Boyz II Men, best known for emotional ballads and a cappella harmonies. Formerly a quartet featuring Michael McCary, they are now a trio composed of baritone Nathan Morris alongside tenors Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman. During the 1990s, Boyz II Men found fame on Motown Records as a quartet. Boyz II Men bring their headlining UK tour to Glasgow’s 02 ABC on 5 May with their highly anticipated new album Collide.

Ben Khan returns with the 1000 EP. Featuring four brand-new tracks, the EP will be released 11 May via Ben’s imprint Blessed Vice. First single and EP title track 1000 was premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1. The barely 22-year-old musician, vocalist, visual artist and producer made a substantial mark in 2014 with the 1992 EP, which introduced his idiosyncratic blend of inventive electronic soul and blues, bruised nocturnal funk and reimagined, angular pop. The new release comes alongside Ben Khan’s first foray into the live circuit, playing much anticipated inaugural headline shows in the UK and Europe through April and May, with a much anticiapted stop at Glasgow’s King Tut’s on 12 April.

If there’s one singer-songwriter destined to make 2015 their own, it’s James Bay. The 24 year-old came centre stage last year with “Hold Back The River”, which led to him winning the Brits Critics’ Choice Award for 2015 – previously won by the likes of Sam Smith, Tom Odell and Emeli Sande. His debut album, The Chaos And The Calm, is out now, and his biggest UK tour to date kicks off in April, with a grand old stop at the 02 ABC on 14 April.

BRETT DENNEN Comes to King Tut’s on 14 April Northern California native Brett Dennen has announced details of his upcoming UK headline tour. Following headline stints at London’s Borderline and St Pancras Church last year, Brett will return to the UK playing a string of headline dates. The shows will kick off Oxford on 11 April before heading to Glasgow’s King Tut’s on 14 April. 2014 was a great year for the singer-songwriter. Not only did he release his fifth album Smoke & Mirrors in December, but he also embarked on a support slot throughout the UK with songstress, Paloma Faith. Smoke and Mirrors is a return to form for Dennen, taking him back to his roots both sonically and aesthetically yet with more confidence and maturity than ever before.


QuickCrossword ACROSS 1. Emotions (8) 6. Raincoat (3) 9. Ascend (5) 10. Bird with a big bill (7) 11. Raise (7) 13. Routine task (5) 14. Easily irritated or annoyed (6) 15. Important person (4-2) 18. Loafer (5) 20. Loss of memory (7) 21. Examine (7) 22. Selected as the best (5) 23. Positive answer (3) 24. Adolescent (8) DOWN 2. Distinguished (7) 3. Scientist’s workplace (3) 4. Male relative (6) 5. Choice (9) 6. Exaggeratedly masculine (5) 7. Pondered upon (12) 8. Strange and unconventional behaviour (12) 12. Repugnant (9) 16. Unfriendly (7) 17. Farm livestock (6) 19. Endures (5) 22. Historical period (3)



Upheaval is often expensive – so this month could find you short of cash – especially between 12th and 15th. On the other hand, you could view uprooting and repositioning as a sound investment.


A lunar eclipse early in the month, followed by the Sun’s annual alignment with Uranus (4th and 6th respectively), suggests many will be changing directions. What’s going on behind the scenes will surely impact your position.

Gemini As of Monday 6th it should be clear that you need a fresh financial approach and that it’s essential you take charge rather than trust others to look after your affairs.


Being the sensitive soul that you are, you might tune in to a little ‘planetary re-potting’ that looks set to gather momentum in the last days of April. Of course you might simply be thinking of making changes to your nest.


You might be ready for a little drama. That said, to maintain equilibrium, you may need to focus on the here and now. Living ‘in the moment’ could be difficult when one person’s asking you to remember the past and another is beckoning you to the future.

Sudoku 4




8 7 9

8 9


3 6



6 3

2 3 5



9 8




4 8


3 14




5 2 6


1 3 9 5


5 8 7





17 18


2 2

5 4


9 3

2 8 7 3


5 1

7 5 21


March Horoscopes Aries



6 2 7 3



2 7 9

7 8

4 1

4 5

Place 1-9 in each row, column and 3X3 box


How does the cosmos affect your life? Horoscopes can show you how to have fun in love and build lasting relationships!

Tension in a partnership could come about through difference of opinion about a property matter. You may feel threatened in some way. It could be that matters are out of your control though.

Virgo For some years now Pluto has been moving through the creative zone of your solar chart, no doubt bringing with it all sorts of shake-ups to your romantic life. That being the case, you might not be surprised by activities this month which point – yet again – for the need to adapt.


You might have some disquiet this month when you sense a period of ‘over-stretching’. In the quest to fund a large purchase, reviewing your leisure budget may be necessary.



The planetary ‘weather’ might yet be favourable (we are between eclipses when a veil can be lifted). News from family (a sibling?) or very close friend could make you realise that they’ve come to the end of a road.

Your attraction levels may be higher than usual. Reminiscences and perhaps even news from an old sparring partner could emotionally derail you.



The ‘planetary weather’ between eclipses (as now) is interesting. And yes, your thoughts may be turning back and wondering why you didn’t quite get it together with someone who’s now long-distance. You may be telepathically picking up on the fact that they need you.

You may feel as though you’ve come to the end of a road. Uprooting on some level would seem inevitable. The good news (though it may not feel that way at the time) is that you have support in the form of friends and siblings.

Crossword and Sudoku results from March’s issue A T 8 E A 10 S E


T 17 O S 21 S E 23 D


A L J E R E T E 12 D 2











F O R T T H W 19 I T C H L



O B U L I 11 Q U L E T


E S 22 S A 2 M Y 20















6 9 1 8 2 5 3 4 7

4 5 8 7 6 3 1 9 2

7 3 2 9 1 4 6 5 8

8 4 5 3 7 1 9 2 6



9 1 6 5 4 2 7 8 3

3 2 7 6 9 8 4 1 5

1 8 4 2 3 7 5 6 9

2 6 3 4 5 9 8 7 1

5 7 9 1 8 6 2 3 4

6 4 5 3 2 1 9 7 8

1 2 7 9 5 8 6 4 3

9 3 8 7 4 6 2 1 5

8 6 3 4 7 9 5 2 1

7 5 1 8 6 2 4 3 9

2 9 4 1 3 5 8 6 7

5 7 6 2 9 3 1 8 4

3 8 9 6 1 4 7 5 2

4 1 2 5 8 7 3 9 6


What’s On: April & May

GLASGOW KILT WALK Photo credit: Shaun Ward

Grab your walking boots, waterproofs and of course, your kilt. Glasgow’s Kiltwalk is taking place on 12 April for everyone and anyone to get involved and walk for Scotland’s children. The walk, which is of marathon standard at 26 miles, will start at Hampden Park Stadium and finish at Balloch Castle Country Park. If you don’t fancy the 26 mile ‘dauner’ around the country, then there is the Half Walk alternative which will start at the Play Drome in Clydebank. And the six mile “Wee Walk” starts and finishes at Balloch Castle Country Park. Kiltwalks are unique Scottish sponsored

walking events which see walkers tackling different distances in the name of Scotland’s children. Last year, the Kiltwalk organisers received 165 grant nominations, which in simple terms means, 165 charities, organisations and individuals picked by teams to receive a Kiltwalk grant. The Kiltwalk’s Chairman Michael Ure said: “The Kiltwalk’s vision is to make a difference to children’s lives by being the most successful children’s charity event in Scotland. “In the last three years we have held extraordinary events across Scotland where our walkers have shown an absolutely incredible commitment to raising funds, having fun and The Kiltwalk ethos.” Teams of five or more walkers can nominate a cause of their own to receive a grant from The Kiltwalk of up to 50% of whatever they raise. Teams of twenty or more can receive 75% of their total funds raised. These causes can include charities, appeals, schools or kids clubs so long as

Photo credit: Shaun Ward

children are the beneficiaries. For this year’s events, there are 17 charity partners across the six events. Last year there were five headline charity partners across five events, but the organisers decided to change the model as a way of spreading wealth and improving the lives of even more of Scotland’s most vulnerable children. Michael said: “This year we are looking forward to doing it all again with six amazing events across the summer, starting with Glasgow. “Funds raised by walkers are distributed after costs between our charity partners and to causes nominated by teams of five or more. It is extraordinary to see the difference these funds make, from large charities

delivering vital services to tiny charities who rely on funds raised through The Kiltwalk to function. “So I personally can’t wait for our flagship Glasgow event on April 12th where we are expecting thousands of people to turn out in their kilts for a challenging but fun days walking while raising vital funds for Scotland’s children.” Last year, in addition to the Kiltwalks, there were also three KiltTreks and a pilot New York Kiltwalk. This year there are planned KiltTreks to Razil, Kilimanjaro and China. To register for the Emylie Howie event, visit www. @EmylieHowie

Zip across the The Big Swing Clyde Aidan Scott @bigaidan

If all you daredevils and adrenaline junkies were planning on waiting for the summer to get your fill, then you will be presented with a chance for an early fix in the form of the Zip Across the Clyde event in Glasgow this month. The charity Sense Scotland have 30 places up for grabs for anyone who wants the chance to fly over the Clyde on one of the highest zip wires in the country. After being lifted 140 feet into the air, participants will have to conquer any potential feelings of vertigo and jump off the platform, as the only way back to the ground is by going over the river. Similar events are held in London and Newcastle and always prove to be a great success. If you are interested in taking part and showing that you have what it takes, Sense Scotland require that you pay a £10 deposit. After that it is down to you to raise sponsorship money for

your zip slide and while there is no pressure on you, the charity are hoping that each participant will be able to raise £150. You are encouraged to dress up for the event with the likes of Superman and Elvis making their 100 feet-high trips across the Clyde in recent years. It promises to be a great experience for everyone involved and you should encourage your friends and family to come along to support you. All that remains to be said is to have a great time and try not to do a Boris Johnson and get stuck halfway across! Zip Across the Clyde will be taking place on Sunday, April 19th.

Sunday 3rd May sees the return of The Big Swing, an event organised by Stroke Association Scotland. This year’s fundraiser takes place at the iconic Finnieston Crane in Glasgow and challenges only the brave to take the leap and swing across the Clyde from a 145ft crane. Piece of cake. It could be a once in a lifetime opportunity…unless you get a taste for the thrill and sign up again next year. Plus, to honour Action on Stroke Month, all participants are encouraged to dress in as much purple as possible to celebrate the Make May Purple campaign. The event is in aid of Stroke Association Scotland, who run unmissable fundraising events throughout the year such as their Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 31st May. The Stroke Association is invaluable in supporting stroke patients, their families and carers with

information and services. There are approximately 152,000 strokes in the UK each year; as shocking and saddening as this statistic is, Stroke Association Scotland is dedicated to delivering practical, emotional and financial support to those who need it most, as well as funding research and campaigning to educate people further on stroke prevention and action. Think you have what it takes? Places for this adrenaline-fuelled challenge fill up pretty quickly, so you better get your application in as fast as you can swing down a crane. Standard entry is £20 and the willing daredevils are asked to raise a minimum of £145 in sponsorship. Be sure to contact the fundraising team on 0131 555 7251 or email them at Jonny Stone bigswing@stroke. @jonny_stone_



Let’s Review: The Blue Chair

Stepping into the Blue Chair café is like visiting a much-loved aunty’s house – the kind of aunt that can cook anything expertly, is a baking queen and has a lovely, cosy home filled with mismatched furniture that makes it seem homely and welcoming. I suspect the unpretentious, relaxed atmosphere is what keeps customers coming back again and again to the boutique café. Proprietor Lorelle tells me that much of her repeat custom is from students and it’s not hard to see why. Firstly, it’s very well priced – our meal of two mains, two desserts and two drinks came in at just over £20 and it was much better than I’ve ever had at large chain restaurants that sell similar dishes. Also, the café has a ‘BYOB’ policy (bring your own booze) for just £1.50 per head, which is absolutely perfect for Glasgow’s (often-skint) students. The menu changes regularly to keep things interesting and new specials are always being thought up by talented chef Lorelle but apparently the various burgers and macaroni and cheese dishes are the most popular amongst students. With that

in mind, I opted for a chicken and bacon caeser salad burger, with chips and garlic mayo and understood exactly why the burgers are so popular. Aside from the fact they’re cheap, they were also very filling and (like most of the food) it can also be ordered as takeaway. My boyfriend went for one of the ever-changing specials ( a delicious satay chicken with toasted pita, salad and cucumber raita) and was also amazed at the value for money. Whilst patiently waiting for our mouthwatering desserts, we kept ourselves entertained by examining all the interesting, kooky touches in the café. The retro board games, various instruments, beautiful artwork available for purchase, poetry box and the all important blue chair are just a few of the items which represent the creative side of this intimate space. Lorelle loves supporting any creative talent in Glasgow and along with offering the space to anyone with a desire to start a book/chess/knitting club – she also hosts regular nights throughout the month to give talented performers a chance to

by Courtney Hendry @courtneysarahx

showcase their work. On Wednesdays, the Blue Chair welcomes spoken word and acoustic musicians to their open mic night and the last Thursday of the month sees female songwriters take to the chair. Now onto the best part of our visit, the desserts. I’d never heard of hummingbird cake before my visit to the Blue Chair but it’s now become my new obsession. It contains banana, pineapple and pecan and it is to-die-for, plus surely all that fruit means it’s kind of healthy right? That’s what I’m convincing myself anyway.

After the huge burger, I was convinced I’d have to offload most of the dessert to my boyfriend but I managed (nearly) every bit of it and thankfully it’s made regularly by Lorelle so you can try for yourself. I was so in love with my own dessert that I only tried a tiny portion of my partner’s mango vanilla cheesecake but it was as good as it looked and there wasn’t a crumb left on either of our kooky, mismatched china plates. The Blue Chair, 85 High Street, is now opening seven days a week from April.










Lifestyle: Student Life & Advice

by Courtney Hendry @courtneysarahx

April 15 Marks The Second Annual ‘Micro-Volunteering Day’ Want To Get Involved? Here’s How There’s a reason ‘carry out volunteer work’ appears in nearly every ‘top ten new years resolutions’ list – volunteering feels good and makes a difference. Problem is, when it actually comes around to carrying out the act and getting active with your volunteering plans, life always seems to get in the way. In the 2010/2011 Citizenship Survey, the most common reason people gave for not participating in volunteering-


related activities was ‘work commitments’ (60%) followed by ‘doing other things with spare time’ at 34%. However, there’s an easy solution for those wishing they could get involved in charitable endeavors – micro volunteering. April 15 marks the second annual ‘microvolunteering day’ where people all over the world are encouraged to engage in easy, quick, low-commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause. There are hundreds of ways to take part in the charitable day, most of which you can do from the comfort of your couch in just a few minutes but it isn’t just the various charities and organisations that benefit from your

An easy way to raise money for a charity of your choice is by setting your homepage to – doing so means everytime you search for something via their search engine they’ll donate 50% of the fees paid by their advertising sponsors to your chosen cause from a range of UK schools, charities, sports clubs and other good causes. The amount you raise depends on how often you search but just 10 searches per day with easysearch instead of any other search engine means you should generate over £20 a year for your cause, simply by searching online – which you would be doing anyway.

actions. Studies have shown that volunteering your time can improve your own mental health as it can lead to lower levels of depression, increased life satisfaction and enhanced well-being. A report by research consultancy nfpSynergy in 2014 found that the number of young volunteers in the UK is rising – just under 34% of 16-24 year olds stated they had given their time, more than double the level in 2005. However, for those students who struggle to fit in volunteer work around their studies and work – micro volunteering is a great option and there are so many ways to get involved.

The ‘Donate a Photo’ app, created by Johnson & Johnson, allows users to donate a photograph to raise funds and awareness for different causes. You can download for free and then donate one photo per day – for each approved photo, one dollar is donated to the particular cause you’ve chosen to submit. Many causes are featured on the projects’ webpage, along with a running total of how many more photos are needed to reach a goal that raises the necessary funds to pay for a particular cause to be actioned.

Visit and spend a few minutes answering questions, every right answer means 10 grains of rice will be donated through the World Food Programme to help end hunger. The non-profit website is owned by and supports the United Nations World Food Programme and it has two goals; provide education to everyone for free and help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

Download ‘Play to Cure: Genes in Space’ on your smartphone and you can play a part in the fight against cancer. In the free game, users try and collect ‘Element Alpha’ – a fictional substance which represents genetic cancer data. According to Cancer Research UK, by playing you’ll be analysing significant amounts of genetic data which would have taken scientists hours to do. This data can then be used to develop new life saving treatments.



The Interview: Lonely The Brave

by Laura Maxwell

Five Minutes With

LONELY THE BRAVE It says something of a band that passes the minutes before a gig to get tattoos next door – and by next door I mean literally. We were nowhere near a tattoo parlour, so I wondered if we were talking about prison tattoos: needles fashioned out of ballpoint pens and whatever scrap of metal they could find, applied while sitting on a toilet. Guitar player, Mark told me, “Bush [bass] is getting his first ever tattoo whilst watching The Hulk on TV. He’s just had a little motif of the band. And Mo’s having a little heart done by his ear, but Mo’s had three tattoos done in the last two days so I’d say he’s a bit of an addict.” This reckless joy suits Lonely The Brave and their “enjoy life while you have it” attitude. Reportedly dubbed by a fan as “an emo Nickelback”, Lonely the Brave are much more than that. For a start, their music may hit hard and make you sway but the lyrics make you smile. There are no need for tears here, the distinction between “emo” and “powerful” is clear. “I started playing guitar when I was 12 and I felt like I needed to do something else, didn’t know what. I had no idea. My best mate Tobes and I, just literally about two days before I started playing guitar, we just thought “F**k that’s a great idea, let’s start a band!” And then my life changed completely. From then on that was it. Nothing else was important. My old band used to play around with some other guy’s old band in and around Cambridge. Music is really incestuous; everyone knows everyone.” From putting one band to rest and talking to another in the same gig, Mark was recruited and Lonely The Brave was complete. “I thought ‘F**k, I don’t have a band, what am I going to do with my life?’ and about three minutes

later Dave [lead] came up to me and asked, ‘Do you want to be part of this band?’” The band’s debut album, The Day’s War has gained great credibility since its release in September last year. “Dave does all the lyrics. And it’s all just based on real life events. Things that have happened to him, things that have happened to the band and just the kind of crap everyone goes through on a daily basis. He’s pretty special. I guess that’s why a lot of people identify with the lyrics because they are things that everyone deals with.” The album’s defining single “The Blue, The Green”, is known for its hard hitting, possibly controversial subject matter akin to My Sister’s Keeper. “When the suggestion for that video idea came through I was dead against it because I thought if it wasn’t handled sensitively it could come across very badly. But I have to be honest and say I think I’ve been proved wrong. He treads the line perfectly. For us that song is about a brotherly bond and that’s what we wanted from that video. It’s not about the illness, it’s not about anything else, it’s about that love you can only have through a brother or sister and wanting to get through things and be happy.” It was a gentle, moody night, where the tightly packed crowd in King Tut’s swayed with the beat. An iPhone flashlights in the air kind of gig. A band that would have made a perfect first date with the powerful “enjoy life” message coming from the music. Things picked up with “Trick of The Light”, with its catchy chorus getting shouted back at the band as people jumped feverishly. Lonely The Brave will continue their Europe tour first through Britain, stopping at the M4 Music Festival in Lausanne and various other major cities such as Berlin, Venice and Frankfurt.

Quick Fire Round

Lonely The Brave

1 2 3 4 5

What tattoos have you got?

You don’t want to know. Stupid things you have done when you’re 15 that you regret when you’re a fully-fledged adult. Ideal date?

My wife. Or Johnny (manager) Johnny: I’m a great kisser. I’ve been dating him for several weeks now. It’s going well, isn’t it? Of course my wife. She’s amazing. She’s my rock. Worst fan?

Worst fan? F**king hell, we’re lucky enough to have one! One guy called us an “emo Nickelback”. That was quite funny. Mo went to the loo, and this guy was standing chatting to him, not realising he was from that band. Generally people are good to us. That could change tonight. Probably get bottled. Biggest fear?

Apart from anything happening to my wife and kids, nothing. I don’t care. We’re just lucky enough to be out here doing stuff. Everything’s an experience so everything’s an excuse to make more music. There are too many things on TV trying to make you scared of going outside or spending money or having fun, so no. F**k it. Favourite song?

A song by a guy called Henryk Gorecki from the Symphony of Sorrow. It’s classical music but it’s incredible. It’s about a really dark subject matter but I’ll leave that to you to find out what it’s about. I can’t listen to that song without crying purely because it makes me feel everything; happy, sad, everything in between. It’s the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard.


Let’s Review: In The Theatre

by Rachael Procter @rrretro___

CRAZY FOR YOU Entering the Kings Theatre it’s hard to believe that an amateur operatic society have managed to snag such a spectacular venue to showcase their hard work. I mean, no pressure to The Glasgow Lyric Club, but the smash hit musical Wicked sold out here last year and Alexandria Burke’s term starring in The Bodyguard ended just four days before the Crazy For You opening night. Therefore, I think congratulations are in order for the talented cast who were not ‘crazy’ for thinking they could pull off such a venue. They lit up the stage like a rocket! The plot of the show is a classic tale of boy meets girl set between New York – where in the 1930s a vibrant show scene is emerging – and the aptly-named Deadrock, Nevada, where nothing has ever happened – until now! Bobby Child a banker (played by John McGlone), sets out for Deadrock to repossess their local theatre, but he is unquestionably charmed by the theatre owner’s daughter, Polly Baker (Catherine Mackenzie), who has other ideas after uncovering his intentions for her family’s Gaiety Theatre. Desperate for her affections, Bobby disguises himself – remarkably well – as the famous producer Bela Zangler to convince the local cowboys and girls to take part in a show and help him raise money save the Deadrock Gaiety – hooray! However, all turns sour when the real Bela Zangler (played by Jonathan Procter) turns up in Deadrock to pursue his girlfriend Tess. Filled with various sequenced outfits, gun-shots and laughs a-plenty – not to mention toe-tapping numbers such as “I Got Rhythm” and “Embraceable You” – this country western show was a crowd pleaser and seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by all who watched. The leading lady, Catherine Mackenzie, stunningly portrays the role of Polly Baker with her sweet mezzo tones. Previously having been played by the likes of Judy Garland, Mackenzie balances the role’s infamous tough-lady humour with mind numbing vocals, leaving the audience awestruck every time she leaves the stage. As for our leading male, John McGlone, it is difficult to not be aware of his presence on stage with impressive dance routines popping up in numbers throughout. Demonstrating everything from tap to paired ballroom dancing, McGlone lets the role of Bobby enchant the audience with his two feet alone – the witty humour which follows is merely a bonus! One of the highlights of the show has to be the intoxicated bar scene between Bobby, still acting as the producer, and the


‘Barnum?’ I thought, as I scanned the programme looking for answers. ‘Who’s Barnum?’ Before I could locate anything helpful, both of the doors at each side of the Grand Circle swung open and two handsome, young men appeared waving excitedly at the sea of intrigued theatre-goers. Shaking the audience’s hands as he squeezed through some seats, the man closest to me began walking down the aisle of the King’s Theatre on his

Upcoming Shows Grease comes to The Pavillion 8 – 11 April

real Bela Zangler. Despite this being a silent scene – deserted by any kind of audio, and in contrast to the sing-and-dance sequence prior to it – the actors complete a series of mirror sequences without so much as a chuckle. The idea of the scene is that both men are so lost amid their personal affairs that they do not realise the person causing their problems is actually before them. Accurately, they go through a typical hangover routine completely mirroring their opposite. This included: scoffing a sandwich, pulling down of the cheeks to assess bloodshot eyes, crossing over of the legs, running back to check on said “reflection”, and of course, the pouring of more alcohol (the best way to avoid a hangover is to keep drinking, so they say…). This good old comedy scene was just what the audience ordered, and thus, earned Jonathan an extra special and well-deserved cheer during the final bows alongside the two sparkling leads, John and Catherine. Given that the Lyric Club is a large amateur society consisting of individuals who pursue their acting passions alongside other careers, you’d be forgiven for expecting ‘Crazy’ to be merely a reasonably well-done production and prepared for some mistakes (forgotten lines, missed cues…). However, I can assure you that while there were minor – and I mean minor – costume hazards and the odd gunshot going off too quickly, the entire production was as good as it would be in the West End of London, and the cast really did fill The Kings at this well attended event. As detailed in their programme, The Lyric Club will be returning in March 2016 with another spectacular performance at The Kings theatre. If you don’t see yourself in a leotard shaking your jelly on stage in one of Scotland’s top venues, then the Glasgow Lyric would be more than happy to do that for you. For more information on amateur dramatics take a look at the Glasgow Lyric’s website or to find your nearest amateur society, check the NODA website– become a star today!

hands, dressed top-to-toe in colourful circus attire. Then, six more performers appeared between the seats of the ground floor and performed tricks for us. I literally felt like I was six again. Barely giving the audience time to digest what had just happened, the lights of the theatre dimmed to reveal a ceiling of fairy lights hooked to the stage like the inside of a huge tent. And there amongst a colourful cast in an aluminium circus ring was Mr. Brian Conley (Five Alive/Time After Time) centre stage, in all his glory. The show follows the story of Phineas. T. Barnum, a creative genius determined to make his colourful visions of performing spread across Earth in a travelling circus. His wife, Chairy Barnum, played by Linzi Hateley (Les Mis/Joseph), supports his dreams with tough love, helping him to make all of his decisions by tossing a coin. Barnum speaks to the audience throughout the show, cracking jokes, but it is Conley’s improvisational skills that win us over when things go wrong; the nature of the tricks executed on stage turn it into a breeding ground for errors and danger. Think acrobatics, tightropes, tests of balance a-plenty, and fire… It’s fun. It’s hilarious. It’s stomach churning-ly exciting and jam-packed with tunes to get your toes a-tapping. Naïve or sceptical, young or old, I cannot recommend this show enough.

When Danny, a popular tough guy, and Sandy, a virgin do-goody, go back to school after a summer fling, Sandy finds that Danny is a different boy than the one she knew over the summer and must decide if they really “Go Together”. A lively and funny musical – as well as being the dancingest one in town.

The Woman In Black at Theatre Royal 20 – 25 April Unanimously acclaimed by the critics, The Woman in Black combines the power and intensity of live theatre with a cinematic quality inspired by the world of film noir. The formula delivers an evening of unremitting drama, transporting the audience into a terrifying and ghostly world.

52 Shades Of Maggie comes to The Pavillion 15 April – 2 May

The sequel to Fifty One Shades of Maggie, Maggie Muff and her halfwit pal Big Sally-Ann are planning a birthday party in the pub. But, in the world of Maggie, things never go according to plan. Join Maggie and her pals on a new adventure that will have tears of laughter running down your legs!



The Interview: Luke Friend

by Courtney Hendry @courtneysarahx

A Chat With

X-FACTOR’S LUKE FRIEND The X-Factor winners curse is something you would assume strikes fear into each contestant on the popular talent show but according to 18-year-old Luke Friend, the crazy-haired singer-songwriter who came third in the 2013 series, there’s ‘no such thing’. TSA caught up with the talented young artist ahead of the release of his debut single “Hole In My Heart” to chat about life since the show, ‘friendies’ and floral shirts.

win doesn’t mean you have made it, you still need to grow and mature as an artist and gain the experiences you need to be comfortable on stage.

Obviously you’re best known for starring in The X-Factor in 2013, how’s life been since then? How has your life changed?

Image is so important, it defines who you are as a person and I’ll always stick to my style. I’m not going to change for anyone and I know that my ‘Friendies’ will stick by me with this. The Floral shirts are staying!

Life has been pretty hectic but I’ve had so many amazing experiences. Such as touring with the Vamps, writing songs with amazing people, like Roy Stride from Scouting For Girls, who were The first band I ever seen. At the same time it’s been pretty strange, moving to a new city all on my own and learning to live by myself.

Do you think the show has been a help or a hindrance in your career? I think the show certainly boosted me and helped me showcase myself to an amazing audience – nearly 12 million every week. It was amazing to such a young kid with a head full of songs.

What do you think of the supposed ‘winners curse’? Is there part of you that feels thankful you didn’t win? There is no such thing as the ‘winners curse’ – it’s what you do with the exposure you have that is key to your success. Just because you

During your time on the show, you were known for your very distinct style and from your new video for “Hole In My Heart”, it’s apparent you’ve stuck to your look, was this a conscious decision? How important do you feel image is for an artist?

Can you tell us a bit about the new single?

What are you most looking forward to about touring with The Vamps? Well this is the second time I have been on tour with the Vamps, they are good friends and an incredible bunch of lads. So to be out on the road with them again is an honour. I’m also looking forward to seeing a sea of lights out there from the fans. On the last tour they were singing and swaying along to “Hole in my Heart” and it was an amazing sight.

Would you recommend a talent show like The X-Factor to another aspiring young musician? Or can you use your own experiences to advise on a different route to try?

It’s about unrequited love, a connection has been lost between each other in a relationship. It was my experience of falling in love for the first time and trying to deal with the situation.

I definitely recommend talent shows because they not only let you see what the music business is like but you also grow so much in confidence from it.

Did someone in particular inspire it?

Luke Friend’s first ever headline tour this spring. The ‘Hole In My Heart Tour’ will follow the release of his highly anticipated single of the same name on March 29. The tour kicks off on 18 April at Totnes and coming to an end at London’s Borderline on 23 April. Luke will be stopping of in Glasgow’s KingTut’s on 21 April.

Yes, certainly all my songs that I write are inspired by somebody or something.

How involved are you in the songwriting process? 100% involved. Every song on the album is written or co-written with some amazing people, for example Mike Duce from Lower than Atlantis.

When can your fans expect your debut album? We have no set date as yet, but October is looking very promising for the first album. I can’t wait for people to hear the record – I’m so proud of it.

You built up a strong female fan base on the show, who seem very vocal about their feelings for you on social media, how do you cope with that kind of attention? Does that make it hard maintaining a relationship? I think it’s hard sometimes when the fans don’t get along as it causes arguments but I play peace keeper and try to resolve the situations – they’re a good bunch really.

Quick Fire Round

Luke Friend

1 2 3 4 5 6

X-Factor or The Voice?

X-Factor Arena shows or sweaty, intimate gigs?

Sweaty intimate gigs Hairbands or Floral Shirts?

Floral shirts Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?

Harry Potter City break or lazy beach holiday?

Lazy Beach holiday Twitter or Facebook?



Let’s Review: Album of the Month


TURBOWOLF – TWO HANDS Some of you may recognise this Bristolian 4 piece from when they supported the likes of Royal Blood and Death From Above 1979 on recent UK tours. Now releasing their second LP, Two Hands, Turbowolf are ready to take to the road for their own headline tour in support of this. First track “Invisible Hands” starts on a surprising note with a mellow acoustic riff slowly building and quickly turning into a fierce statement of intent, showing the balance of metal infused with an electronic synth and classic rock vocals, proving why people have really struggled to categorize the genre of this band. Stand out track “Solid Gold” shows this variety at its best bringing in a Justice-esque synth, which really brings the Electronica influence to the forefront and could bring together the Raver’s and Mosher’s on a dancefloor. The album continues like a battle between genres with guitar riffs that take you back to the early days of Black Sabbath and synth-pop melodies to bring them into this generation of electronic music. The second half of the album brings in tracks

such as “Good Hand” and “Rich Gift”, which involve the listener a lot more through impressive vocals and are vibrant enough that when played live, they are sure to get the crowd going for it. “MK Ultra” brings another twist by taking a complete tangent and bringing a psychedelic rock sound that isn’t too dissimilar to recent genre heavyweights Tame Impala, allowing them to show a softer side to themselves and how they cannot be limited to one sound. Although Turbowolf are showing eclecticism and are not scared to experiment, at times these choppy genre changes can cause the album to lose its flow and get lost within itself. It seems they are still trying to pinpoint their sound, but at the same time they are very close to achieving something special and definitely a band to look out for in the coming decade. Unfortunately they will not be bringing their headline show to Glasgow when they start touring the album throughout April, but this definitely won’t be their last tour and festival appearances are starting to be Euan Brock lined up for the summer.


Almost three years on from the release of their 2012 debut, Dead & Born & Grown, the Staveley-Taylor sisters, better known as The Staves, re-emerge into the light with their stunning follow-up album, If I Was. If I Was exhibits a remarkable growth in the voices and the writing style of the three sisters, whilst retaining the gentle, silvery glow that came with the band’s debut. Having attracted the attention of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon in the wake of Dead & Born & Grown, the Wisconsin troubadour was then enlisted as the producer for If I Was, and his presence on the album is undeniably clear, from the ethereal synthesiser lines lifting and swelling in the background to the powerful yet elegant foundations of percussion lining the tracks. It seems unfair to pick out particular songs on If I Was as highlights. Every song on the album coheres wonderfully with the others, each song is as essential to this sublime collection as the one that came before it. As the sorrowful, fragile “No Me No You No More” bleeds seamlessly into the wistful “Let Me Down”, the majesty of the three voices combined is truly showcased. The three harmonies wind in and out of of one another, haunting and piercing and wounded together. The more lively songs on the album, such as the war chant of “Blood I Bled” or the rock-driven “Teeth White” display the raw power which sits dormant behind the delicate sound of The Staves. If I Was is everything a folk album should be. It’s an incredibly personal expression of pent-up frustration, mournful regret and limitless joy all at once. The familial unison of the three sisters is a sheer delight, and the instrumentation follows their harmonies beautifully. Already, it’s Eilidh Harrison a very convincing contender for album of the year.




THE GREAT PRETENDERS It’s always been that the true struggle of a great pop band is to make terribly troubling things such as anxiety, sadness and existential crisis sound light and airy enough for people to sing along to. An interesting and well-crafted pop album is one that is lined with honesty as well as catchy hooks, that casts the human condition in the breezy light of inevitability. On the 23rd of March, psychedelic pop band Mini Mansions released their second album, The Great Pretenders, as a follow-up to their self-titled debut

after a hefty five year gap. This album is one that emerges firmly on the victorious side of the struggle. The album’s first track is a prime example of Mini Mansions’ talent. “Freakout!” is bouncy, lighthearted masterpiece, with singer Michael Shuman lamenting ‘I’ve been down, I’ve been down…’ over the cheery chorus instrumentation in a high falsetto. “Death Is A Girl” follows in a similar suit, chanting ‘I’m not afraid of the light / I never wanted to die / I want to live in a world where there’s only one day’ alongside stunning chord progressions and a sparkling

synth line. The Great Pretenders also features the noteworthy presence of pop legend Brian Wilson and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. Turner’s smooth croon features on “Vertigo’s” creepy groove, while Wilson lends his melodious tones to “Any Emotions”, a compelling and fluid track which pairs strange lyrics with a dreamy beat and somehow manages to pull it off without slipping into pretentiousness along the way. The Great Pretenders is a powerful demonstration of Mini Mansions’ limitless creativity. The tracks are incredibly intriguing to the extent of being almost entirely unpredictable, while still holding onto the accessibility of pop music. This is a band who have absolutely no fear in furthering the limits of the genre, and their efforts pay off in this outstanding album. Eilidh Harrison

Look Out For The Wombats – Glitterbug

The Wombats third studio album, Glitterbug, will be released on 6 April and will include “Your Body Is A Weapon”, which was previously released as a free download for fans in October 2013. The new offering from the English indie-rock band is said to be heavily influenced by frontman and songwriter, Matthew Murphy’s, experiences in Los Angeles. He explained that his songwriting for the album focused upon the idea of writing about a tempestuous relationship with a fictional woman from LA. Other songs on the album include “Give Me A Try”, “Greek Tragedy” and “This Is Not A Party”.

All Time Low – Future Hearts


Yorkshire post-grunge band Drenge return with their sophomore album Undertow following an extensive tour promoting their self-titled debut. Consisting of brother Eoin and Rory Loveless – with newcomer Rob Graham on bass – Drenge have established a raucous, grunge sound with dark lyrics to boot. It is evident that the band has taken influence from a diverse range of bands including Queens of the Stone Age, The Doors and The Ramones. Eoin’s voice is reminiscent of Alex Turner and even Kasabian’s Tom Meighan. The problem, perhaps, is that they sound too much like other bands to create a sonic

identity that sets them apart from other grunge bands; it’s a genre hard to replicate authentically, rendering some bands to sound like Nirvana wannabes. The album is not without its merits; the standout track is “We Can Do What We Want”, a thrilling and fast-paced ode to the likes of The Ramones and wouldn’t be out of place on a Vaccines record. Eoin spits out the lyrics rapidly and the track will undoubtedly sound amazing when they tour later in the year. It is the record’s best track, but it does sound little like anything else on the album with the exception of “Favourite Son”, again, reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, but Drenge suits this punk vibe, complementing Eoin’s vocals better than pseudo-grunge. It’s short and sweet, as all good punk should be. “Side by Side” is also great – it may be slightly long, but it has a great chorus and is one of the more interesting songs on the album. The band manages to create a cohesive melancholy throughout Undertow, which is

Jonny Stone @jonny_stone_

impressive seeing as they explore different genres of rock throughout the record; distorted guitars, moaning vocals and dark lyrics contributes to an overall sense of malice. The problem is that too many of the songs sound too similar, rendering the record malevolent but repetitive. By the end of the record, it’s hard to differentiate the tracks with the exception of “Have You Forgotten My Name?”, which is well-paced and has a cool chord progression in the chorus. Songs like “Standing in the Cold” and “Undertow” feel overlong and with their Nirvana-esque jangly guitars and lyrics sound too similar to the rest of the album. The guitars on “Never Awake”, meanwhile sound like the soundtrack to an energy drink advert. Perhaps Undertow will translate better live – playing at the Classic Grand on 14th April – especially with tracks like “Running Wild”. The album is a solid effort – it just feels slightly repetitive as it progresses, relying too heavily on the use of distortion and focussing on creating an eerie atmosphere throughout. Evoking other bands like Nirvana too fervently prevents Drenge from establishing their own sonic identity. But it is a promising sophomore album that indicates Drenge have the capacity to offer something really special.

All Time Low are releasing their sixth studio album on 6 April, their first since leaving major label Interscope, and the amount of exciting contributors involved has fans buzzing for the release. Joel Madden (Good Charlotte), appears on and co-wrote “Bail Me Out” and Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) is on “Tidal Waves”. The American pop-punk band also had the help of legendary producer John Feldman on their newest album, the man who’s been behind some of the best pop-punk tracks of all time. The latest offering from the four-piece features the infectious “Something’s Gotta Give” – a crowd favourite at their recent coheadliner UK tour. Let’s hope the rest of the album is as impressive.

Sam Cohen – Cool It Sam Cohen’s talent as a musician has been proven over the last ten years – both as a founding member of Apollo Sunshine and with Yellowbirds. However, on 28 April, Cohen will be releasing his first solo album, Cool It, and his skill shines through – not only because of his impressive vocal range but because of the fact he recorded almost all of the instrumentals on the album himself. The lead single, “Let The Mountain Come To You”, indicates that he’s sticking to his typical psychedelic style and hopefully the new material will introduce Cohen to a new wave of fans.

Talk to us – if things are getting to you. We’re always here – round the clock, every single day of the year. A safe place – as volunteers we’re ordinary people who keep what you say between us. Be yourself – whoever you are, however you feel, whatever life’s done to you. We’re a charity – it’s the public’s kind donations that keep our helpline open. * 0 9 0 9 08457 90

g r .o s n a it r a m a s @ jo rg .o s n a it r a m a .s w w w

Samaritans is a registered charity. *Please see our website for latest call charges.



Lifestyle: Student Life & Advice 20 THINGS YOU’LL ONLY UNDERSTAND IF YOU STUDY…

English with Creative Writing and Journalism! “Aw, that’s the course where you just write book reviews, isn’t it?” OH, HO, HO – indeed not, ex-friend. You see, contrary to popular belief, English, journalism and creative writing are actually real subjects.


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

There is a chance – and if not a fairly good chance then a definite likeliness – that although our degree states that we study ‘English’… WE DO NOT NECESSARILY WANT TO BE ENGLISH TEACHERS FACT: tea is genuine good ideas in a mug Alphabetical bookshelves are what distinguish life-long friends from flatmates Who needs drugs when you have “new-book smell” to get high off of? “Find evidence from the text to support your answer” applies to all areas of your life – most successfully during arguments with lovers over the sudden reduction of Emojis from the day previously ‘Short hand’ has nothing to do with your glove size “So, wait… they asked you out, and they didn’t quote the last two lines of Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 103’? Lol. That’s cute.” You wr-… You wro-… In PEN. You wrote on your book in pen? *faints* “Does your book need charged? Now, now, Mr Kindle, you’re not listening. And there’s no need to shout… Do you need to charge a paperback before you read it? No? Well, then sit down.” Each year, one will endeavour to escape the four obligatory poetry “group tattoos” they up signed for under the influence of new-term optimism

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

In addition, by graduation, one will have evolved to hate that handpicked Keats quote so much that they would not have it engraved into their toilet, never mind scrolled across their ribs That Paperchase stationery will 100% improve your notetaking skills, guaranteed It doesn’t matter how well you executed the plot of Draco and Harry’s inevitable first-kiss in the Forbidden Forrest, if your tutor isn’t a fan of “Drarry” fan fiction, your mark will suffer Fancy bookmarks in no way enhance your ability to locate your page, but we sure as hell like to think they do Creative Writing assignments will always be considered seriously: “Well, excuse me for skipping, but there’s a pretty good chance you’re looking at the next Nobel Prize for literature, classmates.” You may have read a grand total of three since first year, but boy – don’t those 144 class texts look fabulous on your bookshelves? Spending your loan on books and stationery and relying on the Aldi’s Own range to fuel your reading power for 30 days. Why did people ever stop using typewriters?! Look around you. Do you see all of those lovely new friends you’ve made since starting class? Well, that’s your competition for the window spot in Waterstones at the end of all this. Happy socialising! We’d like to issue our personal thanks to the creator of Spark Notes for delivering such fine summaries of books we have not read.

by Rachael Procter @rrretro___

STRESS; The Breakdown

I remember “bad days” like they happened this morning, and all at once. Even now in this moment, they are eroding my happy memories like poison. I attempt to assure myself that at this point in my life, I’m good – it’s all alright now. A clichéd phrase or two spring to mind… but maybe some people really didn’t “get you” growing up. And how could they? Those teen years were the best years of our lives, remember? Na? Neither do I. You wouldn’t understand what stress does to a person unless you’ve experienced a lot of it for yourself. It’s an out-of-body experience, fuelled by your need to do something, be someone or appear a certain way for the sake of looking like you’re in control, when in actual fact, all you want to do is allow the bed sheets to engulf your body every morning the alarm goes off. No longer do I worry about life beyond the blank walls of my academic tuition, fearful of failure and lost amongst things teachers were telling me I must do to succeed, like many others are too. Little did I know at 17 that the things I ought to fear the most were the ones I truly believed were protecting my future – like, misdirected advice from adults outside of my unique academic and social position, the exact people I was expected to emulate when I was an adult. The ironic thing about stress, for me, is that a fair majority of these overwhelming emotions arose from the need to appear well-collected. But stress was finding its way of showing me through different ways on my body that the only control I had over it was how much concealer I applied to the eczema under my eyes. I could keep covering the surface but at the end of the day, stress is mechanical deficiency. Like machines, we need oiled and nurtured to continue to work in full-motion. And we just don’t have the ability to care for ourselves like that when we’re stressed. Stress seeps into our lives like it would a plant’s if we were to start watering it with acid. According to the NHS webpage on student health, the first signs of stress include something as little as a disrupted sleep pattern. This could be waking up frequently in the middle of a sleep, a reduction of or even an increase in sleeping hours. (I know, right? Too much sleep is bad? What?) Further symptoms include break outs on the skin like eczema, psoriasis, acne and dark circles under the eyes. However, given that you face yourself in day in-day out, it might take someone else to point physical changes out to you and it’s important that you don’t disregard their concern. You might find this difficult if you are suffering from a more serious symptom which is depression inflicted by stress. You might feel like isolating yourself from everyone around you, the type of feeling

which sees you sitting in the car outside the house long after you’ve arrived home before you step inside where your family are. This isn’t normal, and it’s not your fault. For too long we ignore the pit in our stomachs telling us that something isn’t right because we’re scared of change. If work is stressing you out, it could be deadlines at the root of all problems and if you’re as worked-up as you are about meeting them, you won’t want to risk digressing from your duties; you fear the consequences at your job which might follow. And that’s ok. That’s normal. What isn’t normal is holding in all of your negativity and projecting it on to yourself. You might not see it in the mirror but your friends do. They see it in the way you’ve lost interest in their conversations, the glazed expression on your face as you think of your unhealthy relationships, or work, or money issues while they’re speaking to you. They see it in your lack of energy for things that once excited you. Your mojo has been sapped out by thoughts you don’t want to have, paving the way to complete selfdestruction. In 10 years will that assignment matter to your life? If the answer is no, then you’re already half way there. You can see that you might be struggling with stress over things that don’t matter much in the long-run. If the answer is yes, then do that shit. Get in the house as soon as you’re home and bleed over it until you’ve fixed the problem to the point where you won’t allow yourself to have it anymore. Then submit it, or tell that person how you’ve really been feeling, or write that letter of resignation – because you deserve to be at one with yourself. You deserve to be happy and live a stress free life full of colour and opportunity and friends who you want to succeed, and want you to be successful in return. My last piece of advice is this: this time next year, you might not be with that person anymore, or in that job, or enrolled in that course, or in that flat. Heck, you might not have a thing to your name outside of the family who raised you and the friends who stayed by you. But do you know what you can be, if you let yourself? Young. And happy and limitless. Is that thing really worth your stress now? Are you dealing with any of the issues raised in this article, struggling with your studies, relationships or social life? Get in touch with our advice columnist on and we will discuss it anonymously in the next issue.


What’s On: Games & Gadgets

by Aidan Scott @bigaidan


Gadgets Galore Everyone loved playing arcade games when they were younger and nowadays, most people readily have access to arcade-style games on their smartphones. Here is an idea, why not just put them both together?


Mortal Kombat makes its debut on the new generation of consoles with the tenth edition of the franchise. The game’s developers NetherRealm Studios have promised that the game will be a much enjoyed evolution in the gameplay of the series and will feature new fight-winning fatalities that they dreamed up to take advantage of the enhanced graphics. One aspect of NetherRealm’s previous game Injustice: Gods Among Us, was that players were able to interact with the environment and use it to their advantage. Mortal Kombat X will also include this feature, allowing players to use things in the background as weapons against their opponents. The energy metre will be a returning feature in this game after it proved so popular with players last time round, allowing

players to perform special moves when the bar is full. There are a few other features that are making their first appearance in the franchise after a prolonged absence, the sprint gauge for example. Several different game modes will be included; the usual “one versus one”, “king of the hill”, “survivor” modes are all here, as well as a non-linear story mode that can be played differently each time. However, there will also be a new “living towers” where there will be hourly changes in the conditions required to succeed. Finally, online multiplayer will appear in the form of a factional war. Players will have to choose one of five factions and represent them against other players. are selling an iPhone Arcadie – an arcade box that you can slot your phone into, allowing you to play your games with the joysticks and buttons. You can have one for £14.95.


Mortal Kombat X will be released on April 14th.

Other games to look out for...



Now I know that this one may be cheating, considering it originally came out in 2013, but this is the game a lot of PC users have been dying to play on their preferred format. Originally thought to be coming out early last year, Rockstar Games had to delay the PC release of the latest entry in their flagship franchise to this month. As many of you will have already played GTA V, I won’t bother you with the specifics of the game. However, the PC edition will run at 1080p and 60fps providing your PC can handle that, and it will also feature the new Rockstar Editor, which will allow players to create and publish gameplay clips on YouTube. GTA V for PC will be released on April 14th.

After its release on PC, Tropico 5 makes its move to the Playstation this month. For those of you that don’t know already, the Tropico series is similar to other city building games in that you must build a thriving community with a functioning economy in order to succeed, the difference being that you take on the role of a dictator of a Caribbean island, building up your own country rather than a city. In Tropico 5, players are able to start in the colonial era of the mid-19th century, building their island nation through the First World War and Cold War before reaching the present day. Aside from the building and economy management, you will also have to maintain diplomatic relations with two superpowers who change in each era. Tropico 5 is released on April 24th. are selling a Parrot Bebop drone that can shoot 1080hp aerial footage with a 14 megapixel camera. You don’t have to worry about a big controller either as the drone can easily be controlled via your phone or tablet. You can buy this £429.99.


49 have been at the heart of the jobs marketplace in Scotland for over 14 years and are very proud to partner with The Student Advertiser here to bring exclusive and relevant job vacancies to the readership. If you’re keen to apply for any particular vacancy, you must follow the established application route through the website. As there’s usually over 4,000 live job vacancies on the site each week, we’ve collated all the vacancies noted here under a single online address, especially created for the readers of The Student Advertiser. Simply enter the address noted below into your web browser, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a mobile device or a static PC, the website is fully mobile optimised ensuring you get the best experience possible. If you require any assistance, the customer service team at s1jobs will be keen to help on 0141 302 7510.

TO APPLY FOR ANY OF THESE VACANCIES, PLEASE VISIT VACANCIES Glasgow Veterinary Nurse Salary: £18,717 - £20,797 pro rata per annum Agent: PDSA Skills: Medical/Dental/Health Care Location: Glasgow Veterinary Nurse Glasgow £18,717 - £20,797 pro rata per annum 19 hours per week Part Time, Temporary Pets and people at the heart of what we do. About the Role: We are looking to recruit a Qualified Veterinary Nurse (VN) who will provide a high standard of customer service and clinical care whilst promoting pet wellbeing, supporting Veterinary Surgeons to deliver preventive services and to treat sick and injured pets of eligible clients. Working as part of a team that supports in theatre, provides inpatient care and carries out consults, admissions and discharges, our Veterinary Nurses are also involved in dispensing medication, encouraging financial contributions from clients and maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the hospital and equipment. Depending on the needs of the hospital we have Veterinary Nurses working both full and part time hours, with opportunities for career progression at PDSA for the right candidate. We also offer great benefits which include: Starting salary: £18,717 up to £20,797 depending on experience. Allocated CPD funding. Opportunity to perform Schedule 3 surgery with full training and support encouraged. Excellent career opportunities/ development. 38hr working week. 5 weeks holiday per year. Paid bank holidays. Life assurance 4 x annual

salary. Contributory pension scheme. About You: The successful candidate will be a Qualified RCVS Registered Veterinary Nurse, expected to keep your professional knowledge updated by taking part in continuous professional development and will be committed to the vision and mission of PDSA. About PDSA: PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity. We have a rich and proud 97 year history in which we have gone from strength to strength and delivered over 100 million free treatments to the pets of those in need. We have 51 hospitals across the major towns and cities of the UK through which we deliver our professional and caring service to people in need and their beloved pets. The closing date for this vacancy may be brought forward should we receive sufficient candidates.

Customer Service Representatives Salary:

£17,500 - £21,000 Pro Rata - Depending on experience. Agent: Vertex Skills: Financial Services/Investment Location: Glasgow **Full and Part Time Hours are available, it is essential that you specify your preference on your application** Purpose The key purpose of this role is to deliver the highest quality customer service to our client’s customers in line with agreed levels of mortgage processing and administration. It is important to provide what matters to customers by effectively understanding queries and addressing customer needs. The Customer Service Representative’s primary responsibility is to take calls from customers, to own and resolve customer enquiries at the first point of contact and ensure that, where hand offs are necessary, they are clean and friendly. Whilst listening to what the customer is really asking for, it is important to look for opportunities to add value through the continuous improvement of processes, to make it a great experience for the customer Key Accountabilities To own customer queries and resolve customer issues

at the first point of contact as far as possible, providing a high quality of customer focused service. Be flexible in working practices, able to carry out any roles and back office processes as requested. Process customer information within agreed policy and procedure, collating reference information, handling progress and other information enquiries to the required service and quality standards. Prioritise urgent matters and the action all items in a timely and accurate manner. Liaise with third parties, in particular, values and solicitors. Ensure all applications are processed in line with required regulation with a keen focus on the principles of Treating Customers Fairly. This will include the need to attend on-going regulatory and compliance training as required to be fully competent in the role. Deal with existing customer enquiries for example change of circumstances, consents, etc. Undertake welcome, ongoing relationships and retention calls. Meet all agreed performance targets. Share learning and experience with colleagues to ensure the strengths of each team member are recognised and used to offer customers excellent service. To feedback ideas and suggestions for improvements to ways of working and the service we offer customers such that customers’ expectations can be exceeded. Support the team and deliver excellent service to customers by living the Clients values. Maintain personal development records to ensure appropriate skills and knowledge are maintained to meet objectives. Ensure any complaints received are handled in line with our clients’ procedures and within FCA Rule requirements. Key Skills, Knowledge and Experience Excellent communication skills, oral and written. Ability to accurately record data and ensure all activities adhere to corporate ethos and policy. Ability to type at a reasonable speed. Reliability and passion to ensure we meet the commitments we give to our customers. Energy and enthusiasm about the product and the benefits it brings. Experience of delivering excellent customer service. Ability to work as part of a team and focus on achieving both individual and

team performance to ensure Service Level Agreements, targets and regulatory requirements are met. Excellent interpersonal skills with customers and colleagues – a real team player. Flexibility to move quickly and effectively between tasks and systems. Ability to give and receive honest and constructive feedback to drive improvements in personal and business performance. Having worked for a minimum of one year within financial services, with mortgage experience preferable. Experience in customer retention would be advantageous. Educated to GCSE level or equivalent standard. An industry specific qualification i.e. CeMAP 1-3, CII certificate in mortgage advice or equivalent qualification is desirable but not essential. Our Values Continuous Improvement Is there a better way . Aiming for Excellence Do your best . Accountability You are the face of Vertex . Respect Is a Two Way Street . Integration One Team . Shift Patterns 16 hrs per week Monday & Friday 16.00 – 21.00 Saturday 09.00 – 16.00 20 hrs per week Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 16.30 – 21.00 Saturday 09.00 – 16.00 37.5 hrs per week Monday - Friday 08:00 - 21:00 Rotational Saturday 09:00 - 16:00

Subject Teachers And English Language Teachers Salary:

£24,970 - £33,783 gross annual salary pro rata dependent on skills, experience and qualifications Agent: INTO Scotland Skills: Education Location: Glasgow INTO Glasgow Caledonian University is established in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University and teaches a range of English language and academic programmes that prepare international students for progression to both undergraduate and postgraduate study. INTO GCU are now recruiting for part time/ temporary Subject Teachers and English Language

To apply for any of these vacancies, please visit WWW.S1JOBS.COM/RECRUITERPROFILES/TSA


50 Teachers to join their teaching team. The posts are on an ongoing basis starting March 2015. The successful applicants will have the ability to teach students from a variety of countries and cultural backgrounds, and with different language levels. This is an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic teachers looking to teach international students for future studies ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHERS Essential Criteria: A recognised EFL teaching qualification which should be at Diploma level (e.g. Cambridge ESOL DELTA). At least 3 years’ full time (or the equivalent part time) teaching experience. The majority of this teaching experience must relate to adult students (16 years and over). SUBJECT TEACHERS for the following modules: Accounting & Finance. Business & Management. Built Environment (Construction). Practical skills in Cells & Biomolecules. Computing. Economics. Electronic/Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering. Health & Life Science. Web Development. Essential Criteria: Masters degree. At least 3 years’ full time (or the equivalent part time) teaching experience. The majority of this teaching experience must relate to adult students (16 years and over). Application Process Applicants should send a full CV and an application letter specifying which modules they feel qualified to teach to Applications will remain open until the post is filled. Safeguarding As part of our Safeguarding procedures, applicants are asked to note that: references will be followed up;. Åall gaps in CVs must be explained satisfactorily;. Åproof of identity and (where applicable) qualifications will be required;. Åreference requests will ask specifically whether there is any reason that they should not be engaged in situations where they have responsibility for, or substantial access to, persons under 18;. Åappropriate suitability checks will be required prior to confirmation of appointment. This role meets the requirements in respect of exempted questions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. All applicants who are offered employment will be subject to a Disclosure and Barring Serviced check before the appointment is confirmed. This will include details of cautions, reprimands or final warnings as well as convictions. For further details and a full job description see

B2B/B2C Telesales Salary: £14K -£20K Agent: PursuIT Marketing Skills: Call/Contact Centres Location: Glasgow B2B/B2C Telesales Glasgow £24K - £32K OTE First Opinion is multi-channel call centre with an enviable customer base including blue chip organisations in the UK and Europe. First Opinion has been delivering exceptional outsourced telemarketing services, and our success in the marketspace has resulted in 100% growth within the last 6 months. Due to our ongoing expansion, we now require experienced telesales candidates and can offer both full-time and part-time contracts. Full Time Mon-Thur 09:00–17:00 / Fri 09:00-15:30. B2B Telesales £14-£20K, OTE £24£32K (you must have experience in a B2Btelesales environment) To succeed in this role, we would expect you to have: Experience of working in a target driven environment. Excellent communication skills. Willingness to undertake any required training. Ability to work as part of a successful, sales-driven team. What we offer: Industry leading salary . Subsidised car parking and premier gym membership. Fantastic monthly social events. Daily, monthly, quarterly and annual performance team incentives. Part Time Evenings 5pm-9pm with occasional Saturday shifts available Competitive Salary Uncapped bonus Please send CV to the following email address: recruitment@ PLEASE NOTE: for all applications, please specify which role you are applying for, and the relevant department will review.

Part-Time Legal Secretary Salary: £neg Agent: Livingstone Brown Skills: Legal Location: Glasgow Livingstone Brown, leading firm of Glasgow Solicitors, looking for a part-time Legal Secretary for busy Civil Department. Permanent position. The post will involve all aspects of civil court work but in particular Family Law and General Civil, both Legal Aid funded and private fee paying. Also may be some involvement in other matters dealt with by the firm. Previous legal secretarial experience required. Civil Legal Aid experience essential. Duties will include audio typing, SLAB applications and accounts, feeing, administrative tasks and additional duties when required. The position is based in the firms Shettleston office in the east end of Glasgow. Position is for 2.5 days per week, with all day Thursday and Friday essential. Salary based on experience. Ideal opportunity for enthusiastic, self-motivated person looking for career development. Applicants asked to submit a CV along with cover letter detailing salary expectations and any required notice periods.

SALES DEMONSTRATOR Salary: £Basic + Commission. Agent: Company not disclosed Skills: Sales Location: Glasgow Required full time/part time for in store busy shopping centre outlets around Glasgow or Fife. Must be smart, reliable with previous selling experience. Basic + Commission. Contact: Darren on 07803 844267

Buyer Salary: SALARY: COMPETITIVE Agent: Whyte & MacKay Skills: Procurement Location: Glasgow BUYER (PART-TIME: 30 HRS PER WEEK) – 6 MONTH FIXED TERM CONTRACT (MATERNITY COVER) LOCATION: GLASGOW (CITY CENTRE) SALARY: COMPETITIVE Whyte and Mackay is a global spirits company with significant core brands such as Whyte & Mackay, The Dalmore and Jura Single Malt Whiskies, Vladivar Vodka and Glayva liqueur, and is the UK distributor for Russian Standard Vodka and Cockspur Rum. We are also a leading supplier of private label Scotch whisky. Covering for maternity leave, this role will be responsible for selecting and developing suppliers that will provide the highest levels of support to the needs of the business for Non Stock Goods and Services, delivering the lowest cost total to the Company. This will include: working with departments on their specific requirements; sourcing products and services; controlling spend in areas assigned (key area will be Point of Sale and Print Media); achieving and maintaining optimum stock levels and delivery performance; minimising potential obsolescence; and monitoring and reviewing overall supplier performance. With highly developed negotiation, communication and organisational skills, as well as strong commercial acumen, you will ideally have previous purchasing experience within an fmcg environment. CIPS membership would be preferred. Hours of Work (30 hours per week): MondayWednesday: 8.30am – 5.00pm Thursday : 8.30am – 4.00pm (with 45 mins for lunch each day) Please apply by sending a copy of your CV and your details of your current salary by CLICKING THE APPLY BUTTON.

Call Handlers- Full-time And Parttime Salary: £Competitive Agent: SPS Doorguard Skills: Call/Contact Centres Location: Glasgow About Us SPS Doorguard are leaders in the provision of property and people solutions. We have our own response centre based in the heart of Glasgow, servicing thousands of customers around the UK. We have been providing security services, environmental services and call centre operations for over 23 years. We are a strong, vibrant, modern Company, who continues to evolve. Our enthusiastic and passionate people work hard to deliver high quality services across our product ranges. Our customers include Councils, Housing Associations, Property Management and Insurance Companies. Due to further expansion, we are looking to recruit call handlers into our National Contact Centre handling inbound and outbound calls from customers around the UK You and Your Role You will be responsible for taking and processing calls and customers instructions in accordance with contract specifications. Once processed, you will be deploying a range of contractors to repair, investigate, make safe or alert the emergency services. You will take ownership of each call and repair until the caller is completely satisfied. You are therefore in control of the situation, able to resolve any problem and deliver excellent customer service. We have KPI’s and SLA’s to meet and you will be supported by Management to ensure that these are achieved. Hours Full-time and part-time positions available. 12 hour shifts as well as early morning short shifts are available. Working on a rota basis. Evening and weekend positions available (start time 4.45pm). Main Duties Receiving and processing emergency repair calls. Liaison with the different contractors. Delivering excellent customer service. Spreadsheet and database maintenance. Meeting customer KPI’s and SLA’s. Benefits Attractive holiday entitlement package. City Centre location. Excellent working conditions. Full and detailed training. No sales targets. Previous applicants need not apply. For an increased chance of being considered for an interview, please detail in the covering letter option, which shifts you are interested in. Please forward your CV by clicking the ‘Apply’ button. SPS is an equal opportunities employer

Dental Associate Salary: £Full list Agent: Lomond Dental Care Skills: Medical/Dental/Health Care Location: Glasgow Full/part time Dental Associate required for a busy NHS practice in Alexandria. Qualified nurses, LDU, computerised. Option to carry out sedation. Immediate start required.

Collections Agent (must be 18 years of age to apply) Salary:

Excellent negotiable salary that will exceed minimum wage, uncapped bonuses and employee benefits Agent: Arvato Financial Solutions Skills: Call/Contact Centres Location: Glasgow Are you a strong team player bursting with enthusiasm and drive? Looking for something different with excellent career development prospects? If so, would you like to be a part of a multinational organisation with over 64,000 employees worldwide in nearly 110 global territories while enjoying a very competitive salary, an excellent performance related bonus and full company benefits, including a contributory pension and private health care? arvato Financial Solutions can offer you a dynamic call centre role in a challenging

and stimulating environment with excellent career development prospects for talented, committed and motivated individuals. Our initial training and our programme of on-going developmental support is both comprehensive and CIPD approved and will enable you to gain the skills you need to become a successful professional within this fast paced financial sector. Call centre experience is not essential however competent computer skills are desirable. Our vibrant, modern offices are based in Glasgow city centre offering the following shift patterns for: Full time staff – 40 hours Part time staff – 14.45 hours Part Time hours Monday to Thursday 5.20pm – 8pm and Saturday 8.55am until 1pm . This role is perfectly suited to target driven individuals wanting to deliver quality and first class service. If you are interested then apply in the first instance or if you require additional information then please click the apply now button.

Production & Supply Chain Administrator - (Part Time) Salary: Competitive Agent: Primestaff Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow Prime Commercial Staff are looking for an experienced Production & Supply Chain Administrator to join our clients on a part time basis to cover a period of maternity leave for 1 year. Duties will include: - Prepare production estimates - Analyse customer requirements - Ensure all materials are allocated properly to production jobs and close the job once complete Prepare new job bags - Provide back up support for both the Planner and Transport Administrator - Control inventory and stock to ensure efficient usage and ordering - Ensure stock accuracy through running book to book reconciliations for raw materials and finished goods - Answer incoming telephone calls - Deal with visitors to the office - Any other tasks as required Hours of work are Wednesday - Friday from 8.30am - 5pm (22.5 hours per week). The successful candidate MUST have Production/Supply Chain experience, ideally within a manufacturing environment however this is not essential. Candidates must also have exceptional organisation abilities, good communication skills and excellent attention to detail. Please note, due to level of response expected, only suitable candidates will be contacted. All other CVs will be held on file for future positions.

Business Development Executive Salary: £20-25k + Commission Agent: Stafffinders Skills: Sales Location: Glasgow Stafffinders are currently recruiting for Business Development Executive for our client based in Glasgow . This is a permanent part time role and an excellent opportunity for a highly motivated and driven individual with a solid background in business development. You will be joining an independent carpet/flooring wholesale company who has been established for over 40 years, still going from strength to strength and continues to seek out and dominate new areas of the target market. The Role: You will be responsible for Engaging and securing new business customers to lead sales across all lines of service. Focus on maximising profitability and growth, in line with company vision, quality values and objectives, build strong business relationships and target high end users within the construction trade, house builders, letting agencies, interior designers, insurance companies, estate agents & other outlets that would use or recommend to their clients our company for residential/domestic flooring Essential Experience / Skills . Experience securing & servicing new business in the construction industry is essential Excellent verbal communication skills and the ability to build rapport Experience in Business Development / Direct Sales / Field Sales Proven Sales Track Record Excellent negotiation & closing skills . Target driven Career Focused Source new business as well as service existing customer’s needs Full Driving License is essential & preferably own car In return you will be offered a pro rata salary of between 20k-25k, commission & fuel expenses. If you feel you have the experience then please apply & forward you’re CV This vacancy is being advertised on behalf of Stafffinders who are operating as the employment agency.

Personal Tax Senior Salary: up to £32,000 + Benefits Agent: Lusona Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow The Tax team of this Glasgow based mid-tier CA practice has an enviable reputation based on a bedrock of trust that has been fostered, in some cases, over a period of decades. The team currently seek a Personal Tax specialist at ’Tax Senior’ grading who will manage a varied and interesting portfolio of clients including self-employed individuals, company directors, partnerships and HNWI’s. You will prepare income and CGT computations and returns for your clients as well as assisting the management team in the delivery of tax planning/advisory projects. You will be responsible for day-to-day correspondence with clients and HMRC. Coming from an Accounting or Legal firm, you will have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in Personal Tax compliance. Exposure to tax planning is advantageous but by no means essential as full support and training will be provided. You will be a confident communicator with the ability to manage client relationships and your own workload. ATT/CTA preferential. Salary up to £32,000 dependent on experience + Benefits + flex

working. Applicants are also welcome from those seeking part-time/reduced working hours. For further information contact Laura Torley on (0141) 530 4333

Customer Service Advisor - Glasgow Salary: £14287 per annum + OTE + benefits Agent: Santander Skills: Call/Contact Centres Location: Glasgow Customer Service Advisor - Glasgow You like going further We’ll make getting there half the fun As a Customer Service Advisor you’ll be the first point of telephone contact for our customers, and that will involve a lot more than just answering questions. In return, you can expect a first-class training programme, and a clearly defined career development path, through our advisor progression scheme. If you’re willing to work hard, we’re ready to help you progress. At Santander we’re aiming to make everything simpler. We want to make it easier for our customers to do business with us so there will be no more banking jargon and much more straightforward customerfriendly advice. So there’s never been a better time to join us at our bright, modern building in Glasgow. As a Customer Service Advisor your skills and qualifications will include: Excellent listening and communication skills. A high level of motivation. Previous experience in a customer service role. A flexible approach. Strong team working skills. As you’ll be working in a regulated environment, a high level of numeracy and computer literacy are also essential. Rewarding you Santander is one of the most stable and fastest growing banks in the UK, which means you can concentrate on exceeding your targets without having to worry about job security. Starting salary is £14,287* + OTE £1,200 bonus Other Santander benefits include: * Pension * 25 days Holiday plus bank holidays * Product discounts * Retail and High Street discounts * Shift allowance for late working after 9pm There are many advantages to being part of our family. We’ve got a reward package that’s simple, personal and fair. In addition to your pay and bonus, we offer you a benefits package that’s flexible and allows you to be in control, as well as all the policies, tools and guidance to support you working for Santander. Working hours We are recruiting full-time roles working 35 hours per week. You will be working on a 7 hour rotational shift between 7.00 am to 11.00 pm across Monday to Sunday. Why Santander? With over 150 years of experience, we’ve built a strong, international presence, with more branches worldwide than any other bank. Dedicated to making things simple, personal and fair for our customers our aim is to become the best bank in the UK, and we know we can’t make it happen without our people. That’s why we promote an environment where everyone counts. With us, you’ll be encouraged to develop both professionally and personally, and by listening to your unique perspective, and turning your ideas into action, we’ll grow along with you. We are committed to helping you achieve a reasonable balance between your home and working life. To support you in meeting your commitments outside of work, we offer a range of flexible work options, including part-time working, job sharing, career breaks and flexible holiday options and we support you to make a difference in your local community with volunteering and fundraising schemes. Time to apply If this sounds like a role you’re interested in then please apply on the link below. Santander welcomes applications from all sections of the community. *for start dates post 1 March 2015.

Part Time Credit Controller Salary: £16000.00 - £17000.00 per annum Agent: HAYS Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Part time Credit Controller required for an organisation based in Glasgow. Working for a well established company you will be part of a small finance function where you will take responsibility for managing the credit control and sales ledger duties. You will proactively contact customers and manage a ledger of around 400 accounts per month. You will ensure debts are collected within the terms and manage any customer queries. The company are seeking an experienced Credit Controller who is flexible to assist with other tasks and has excellent relationship building skills. Key skills/experience -Credit control background -Sales ledger -Allocation of cash -Managing queries This role is part time and the organisation are flexible on the hours and also would consider the candidate working from home. Hays Specialist Recruitment Limited acts as an employment agency for permanent recruitment and employment business for the supply of temporary workers. By applying for this job you accept the T&C’s, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers which can be found at

Charity Fundraisers Salary: £8.00 - £11.00 per hour Agent: Search Consultancy Skills: Customer Services Location: Glasgow Are you an outgoing individual who likes meeting new people? Do you find it easy to hold conversations? Are you passionate about making a difference to people’s lives? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, we want to hear from you! Our client have experienced significant growth and as such are recruiting to build an experienced Door to Door fundraising team in and around Glasgow. As a Door to Door Fundraiser you will be joining a team who are passionate and motivated, waking up every morning determined to make a difference. You will engage and inspire people to commit to supporting our charity client through the

To apply for any of these vacancies, please visit WWW.S1JOBS.COM/RECRUITERPROFILES/TSA


APRIL 2015, ISSUE 8 means of a regular donation. Skills required: The ability to communicate and engage with the general public and people at all levels. Excellent communication skills. The ability to motivate and inspire those you build rapport with. A natural sales flair to confidently talk about the services our charity provide. A passion for the charity sector and how essential fundraising is to the services they provide. Previous charity fundraising work is beneficial though not essential. Face to face promotions or sales experience is a must. We have full time and part time opportunities available, it would be preferred if you have your own car though not essential. To be considered please contact Denise McGillivray on 0141 272 7700 for more information or apply with your cv.

Door to Door Charity Fundraisers Salary: £8.00 - £11.00 per hour Agent: Search Consultancy Skills: Sales Location: Glasgow Are you an outgoing individual who likes meeting new people? Do you find it easy to hold conversations? Are you passionate about making a difference to people’s lives? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, we want to hear from you! Our client have experienced significant growth and as such are recruiting to build an experienced Door to Door fundraising team in and around Glasgow. As a Door to Door Fundraiser you will be joining a team who are passionate and motivated, waking up every morning determined to make a difference. You will engage and inspire people to commit to supporting our charity client through the means of a regular donation. Skills required: The ability to communicate and engage with the general public and people at all levels. Excellent communication skills. The ability to motivate and inspire those you build rapport with. A natural sales flair to confidently talk about the services our charity provide. A passion for the charity sector and how essential fundraising is to the services they provide. Previous charity fundraising work is beneficial though not essential. Face to face promotions or sales experience is a must. We have full time and part time opportunities available, it would be preferred if you have your own car though not essential. To be considered please contact Denise McGillivray on 0141 272 7700 for more information or apply with your cv.

Senior Administrator (Part Time) Salary: £17000.00 - £24000.00 per annum Agent: HAYS Skills: Production/Manufacturing Location: Glasgow Our client, a global production organisation based in Prestwick and currently seeking an experienced Senior Administrator to join their team on a part time basis. This role is a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate to join an expanding organisation and hit the ground running. The main duties and responsibilities of the role include: > Database organisation > Customer Administration > Taking orders from customers and processing quickly > Managing customer order process and liaising with production teams worldwide to ensure deadlines are met. > Updating customers with their orders > Handling customer complaints and reacting quickly for a solution > Liaising with suppliers to ensure customer demands are met > Key eye for detail > Various administrative duties as and when required The ideal candidate must be able to hit the ground running. Whilst full training will be provided, our client is looking for someone to have a reactive approach to their work and does not shy away from tasks. Working hours are 20-25 hours per week, Monday to Friday 9am - 2pm. Our client are flexible and happy to work around the right candidates individuals preference. This role required candidates to have worked in a production background, candidates without this will not be considered. Hays Specialist Recruitment Limited acts as an employment agency for permanent recruitment and employment business for the supply of temporary workers. By applying for this job you accept the T&C’s, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers which can be found at

Audio Typists (part-time) Salary:

£15,000 to £19,000 per annum (dependent upon experience) Agent: Henderson Loggie Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow AUDIO TYPISTS (Part-time) Glasgow Henderson Loggie is a key Scottish independent firm of accountants and business advisers, with offices in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. We are seeking two experienced part-time Audio Typists to join our busy Glasgow office and provide audio typing and administrative support to the Partners and their teams. The successful candidates will have recent audio typing experience (ideally within a professional services environment), fast accurate typing skills (minimum 55/60 wpm), and be proficient with all Microsoft software packages, especially Word and Excel. Experience of using digital audio software is desirable but not essential. Candidates will also have a flexible and adaptable attitude and be happy working as part of a team. You will also possess excellent communication skills, have a flexible and organised approach to your work and be able to follow tasks through to completion. These positions are available on a part-time or flexible working arrangement (including Job Share). Flexibility to undertake additional hours to cover holiday and other absences would be advantageous. The salary scale quoted is based on a full-time working week of 35 hours. The

51 actual salary will be pro-rated against the agreed part-time working hours. Henderson Loggie is an Equal Opportunities Employer

Tax Manager or Senior Manager Salary: Highly competitive & benefits Agent: Change Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Change Public Practice are working with a leading, established firm of Chartered Accountants who are currently recruiting an experienced Tax Manager or Senior Manager to join their firm on the outskirts of Glasgow. This vacancy has arisen as a result of succession planning within the firm, and will join a large Tax team which has experienced solid staff retention in the past few years. This opportunity will involve primarily Corporate Tax duties, and will offer exposure in working with a vast client portfolio covering a wide range of sectors, with T/O ranging from £1m to £100m. The ideal candidate will be someone who can handle a variety of complex Tax queries, including International Tax, Transfer Pricing and Group Companies, therefore a strong technical background is essential. You will liaise with clients directly in relation to queries, and will be fully accountable for all Corporate Tax compliance work. In addition, there is wide scope to become involved in Private Client tasks as well as VAT duties which will include Compliance, Advisory and Consulting projects. Previous experience in these areas is not necessarily required although it would be advantageous as this individual could play a key role in training junior members of staff. Whilst this role sits within a large team, the individual will initially manage 2 members of staff with the view to gradually taking on part of the wider team, although this can be discussed on a case by case basis depending on the selected candidate’s aspirations. This firm offers a first class role, with a competitive client base and workload. You will be offered autonomy and accountability to manage your workload effectively and will benefit from being part of an established team of Tax professionals with knowledge gained from Big 4, Top 20 and Mid-Tier CA firms. You will work in a flexible environment, where a strong work-life balance is encouraged. This is reflected amongst the team with some individuals working part-time or flexible working hours that fits around their personal & family commitments. This is something this client is willing to explore with the right candidate. The firm offers a friendly, mature and professional environment that evokes a friendly and relaxed culture that has directly resulted in the exceptional staff retention level. The ideal candidate would be someone who works well in a team, and is willing to contribute to the wider team during busy periods. The Partners within the firm are well respected amongst the staff and are more than willing to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the individual who joins the team. To be considered for this post, you must have a strong background within a Tax role, ideally at Manager or Senior Manager Level. Whilst a professional qualification is preferred, it is by no means essential and they will consider a qualified by experience Tax Senior with first class technical skills. In addition to the professional and personal benefits of joining this company, you will be offered a competitive salary and benefits package. This will be discussed on an individual basis however benefits include a generous pension contribution and annual bonuses. The firm also operates a 35 hour working week and offers free, secure car parking for all staff. If you think this role could be for you, apply with a copy of your most recent CV to be considered. If you wish to discuss this opportunity further, please contact our Public Practice Business Manager, Victoria Cameron on 0131 473 4949 or email

Sales / Customer service! Immediate Start, Full-Time / PartTime Salary:

£22K (inc basic plus OTE) + uncapped bonuses Agent: Ltd Skills: Retail Location: Glasgow Are you still unemployed? Want to get your Career sorted? Then look no further! HOME Fundraising have sales & customer service opportunities available in your area on an immediate start basis! They are now getting fired up to take 2015 by STORM and they want YOU! Get paid to raise funds for Charity as a charity fundraiser. Full time / Part time opportunities available. £7 - £10 Per hour + Uncapped bonuses. Sales, Customer service or Retail Experience? Put those skills to good use! Immediate starts wanted in Glasgow as a door to door charity fundraiser with HOME Fundraising. Hourly rate of pay AND Uncapped Bonuses! NO experience is required. Are you looking for a company that: - Promotes from within and offers the best training in the business? - Is multi award winning and ethical? - Offers career development; Progression to Team Leader and Fundraising Manager as well as office based roles? - Has made a difference to the tune of £400 million so far for the world’s most well-known and loved organisations like Oxfam, MacMillan Cancer Support, Save the Children and Barnardo’s? - Gives you the opportunity to make new friends and build great relationships? HOME Fundraising are a 12 year old company, well established with National Reach and offices overseas. Our expertise in fundraising and training has been recognised with a number of National Awards from the Institute of Fundraising. Also, again this year our book, ‘You Can’t Plant a Tree in Space - a model for new leadership’, has been published and well received internationally by influential leaders in a variety of sectors. By

joining HOME you are starting a journey that you can take from the door step to practically anywhere you want to go, in practically any field including Fundraising, Leadership, Insight, Development and Communications. If you want to find out more, apply online now and pop in and see us - We’d love to tell you about the possibilities of a career with HOME. *** Must be legally entitled to work in the UK and speak excellent English. HOME`s clients include: Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, British Heart Foundation, Save the Children, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Oxfam, Anthony Nolan, Barnardo’s and many more. Any previous experience in any of the following areas is welcomed, however is not essential: Charity Fundraiser, Door to Door Charity fundraiser, customer service, sales representative, marketing supervisor, sales executive, direct sales, field sales, marketing executive, retail, call centre, call centre inbound, marketing representative, call centre outbound, bar manager, hospitality, marketing assistant, front of house, direct marketing, sales assistant, and any other customer service or sales role. Also, students and graduates and anyone seeking outdoor or evening work for charity may apply. Full Time and Part Time positions available. They also offer Gap Year placements and holiday work with a minimum commitment of 3 months***

Residential Catering Supervisor Salary: £10.09 per hour Agent: Pertemps Scotland Skills: Hospitality/Catering/Tourism Location: Glasgow Pertemps have a fantastic opportunity to work within a highly regarded higher education establishment based in the West End of Glasgow. This is a temporary post, due to begin asap and likely to last until 31/7/2015. Hours of work will be part-time, 5 days per week: 8am to 1pm, or 9am to 2pm. The flexibility to do an occasional early morning or and late evening shift would be an advantage. The focus of this position is to provide support to the manager in the day to day running of a small establishment with emphasis placed on the management of the catering element. Duties involved in the role will be as follows: 1. Management of food production staff and kitchen assistants to ensure that high quality food is provided for ~90 residents. Ensuring this is carried out within designated working hours in full compliance with health & safety and food safety legislation. 2. Assist with all aspects of closing down the accommodation at end of contract in July 2015. 3. To support the security, privacy and welfare of residents. 4. To deal with service complaints and other issues e.g. repairs, in a proactive and effective way. 5. Assist with management of general assistants and handyperson(s) to ensure standards of cleanliness, general maintenance are high, recording attendance data and reporting absence data to Manager. 6. Assist with up-keep of records, filing & archiving. In order to be successful in the role, you must possess the following skill and experience: Knowledge/ Qualifications Essential: A1 Educated to HND level in Hospitality Management or equivalent A2 REHIS Intermediate Food Hygiene Certificate A3 Knowledge of good Health and Safety practice (risk assessment, manual handling, first aid, slips and trips) A4 Excellent working knowledge & experience of CookSafe A5 Knowledge of food allergies, food intolerances and special diets. A6 Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office packages Skills Essential: B1 Strong written and verbal communication skills. B2 Strong staff management skills. B2 Ability to work as part of a team and independently. B3 Ability to work under pressure and prioritise work, using initiative & judgement. If you wish to apply for this post, please submit your CV to

Part Time Data Processing Officer Salary: £9.43 per hour Agent: Pertemps Scotland Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow Pertemps have a fantastic part-time opportunity with a reputable public sector organisation based within the City Centre of Glasgow. This role is a data input position, which will primarily involve accurate inputting of tax returns and scanning associated documents. This position is due to commence on 25th March. Hours of work will be from 7am-1pm Monday to Friday. The first 3 days will full time 9-5pm whilst training takes place. The key accountabilities of this position will be as follows: Entering tax information from paper returns onto the system through the portal. Scanning of paper returns and cheques. Uploading of scanned documents to the portal. Securely transmitting cheques to finance section. Essential knowledge/skills: Experience of data inputting. The ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Attention to detail and methodical approach. Flexibility and willingness to work in a team environment. In order to be considered for this post, you must have a Disclosure Scotland certificate dated within the last 12 months. To apply for this role, please submit your CV to

Documentum XCP Developer Agent: Harvey Nash Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow Documentum XCP Developer - 6 month contract - Glasgow I am recruiting an experienced end-toend Documentum XCP Developer with a solid Java background, for an initial 6 month contract based in Glasgow. This is initially a part time contract, offering 17.5 hours a week but there is scope this may turn into a full time role. In this role you will be responsible for enhancing the client’s existing solution as well as designing, developing and testing workflows and

Taskspace-based customisations. Successful candidates must have extensive hands-on experience with Documentum XCP as well as previous experience working with Documentum 6.6. Previous experience with DQL/SQL, API script writing and Document WDK/ Brava would be desirable, but are not required. Essential skills: * Documentum XCP * Documentum 6.6 (must be 6.0 or higher) * Java/JSP/Servlets * HTML/ JavaScript/Tomcat This role offers daily market rates. To discuss this role further or to apply, please call me on 0131 460 4317 or email me at hannah.raineycooper@ and include your latest CV.

Door To Door Sales Representative Immediate Start Salary: £8.00 - £11.00 per hour Agent: Search Consultancy Skills: Sales Location: Glasgow Search Consultancy are currently recruiting for door to door sales representatives to work for an outstanding charity organisation. This role is available for part time and full time hours for someone who has a passion for charity work and has experience in door to door sales. This is a a long term temporary role and for the right candidate there could potentially be other opportunities available to them. Marie Curie Cancer Care is a leading end of life care charity in the UK that strives to deliver the best possible palliative care; to as many people as possible, completely free of charge. Last year alone, over 2,000 Marie Curie nurses cared for over 35,000 people ensuring that they were able to retain their dignity and as much independence as possible, right until the very end. We want to reach out to more people and their families living with a terminal illness. Can you help us make that happen!! Marie Curie Cancer Care’s In House team are launching their own IN HOUSE Door to Door fundraising team in Glasgow and are looking for experienced fundraisers/ sales people to build their team in each location. There is potential progression with these roles as well as opportunities to work in private sites & corporate locations. This is a new, unique opportunity for a candidate with experience in a similar role. The hours are Monday- Friday 12pm - 8pm (with flexibility to work earlier hours on some days) and it would be preferred if you have your own car and driver’s license. If you have the relevant experience and have a passion for this charity please apply by submitting your CV or call Denise McGillivray on 0141 272 7700 for further information.

Administrator/ Scribe Salary: £8.00 per hour Agent: Blue Arrow Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow On behalf of our client we are currently looking to recruit a Temporary Part Time/Flexible Administrator, to work within a busy and challenging educational environment based in Glasgow City Centre. The successful candidate must hold a PVG Certificate. You would be expected to work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. You will be expected to undertake the following tasks which are not exhaustive: Providing support to Students. Updating records through both paper and electric data systems. Flexibility is required. Skills: Able to Co-Ordinate at all levels. Excellent Communication skills, both verbal and written. Passionate and motivated personality. Experience working within an educational environment. Must hold a PVG Certificate.

Accounts Assistant Salary: £20,000 . Agent: HR Consultancy Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Growing organisation based on the outskirts of Glasgow looking for a part-time Accounts Assistant to join their team on a permanent basis. You main duties will include; Accounts Receivable. Accounts Payable. Bank Reconciliations. Monthly/Quarterly VAT returns. Intercompany reconciliations. Credit control. Government Statistics. Account Analysis. Issuing contracts of employment. Reference chasing. You should also be comfortable covering other clerical positions during periods of absense through increased hours. To be successful in this role you should have previous, accounts payable, accounts receivable and reconciliation experience. This is a permanent role and you will be required to start within 2 weeks, therefore you should be immediately available or currently working in a short term contract. To apply for this position please forward your CV to Linda Currie using the apply online now link or call 0141 353 8377 HR Consultancy acts as both an employment business and an employment agency

Customer Relations Team Leader (Part Time) Salary: Competitive Salary + Excellent Benefits Agent: Three Skills: Call/Contact Centres Location: Glasgow At Three in Glasgow, we’ve got big plans underway. Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do and we’re setting up a team of customer service experts in our contact centre in Glasgow to drive this. This new team of specialists will work to resolve any customer complaints we receive into our Contact Centre. And that’s just the start. Being on frontline, they’ll have a close eye on trends. So they’ll also look for ways to improve our customer’s overall experience, working with the wider business to find opportunities

To apply for any of these vacancies, please visit WWW.S1JOBS.COM/RECRUITERPROFILES/TSA


52 to improve and put together business cases to change things. By doing so, they’ll help us restore trust where it has been lost and rebuild relationships. Joining the team as a team leader, you’ll drive your team (circa 12 people) to exceed customer satisfaction targets so that we get this new team off to a flying start. You’ll do that by setting an example, providing coaching where needed, and removing any obstacles in your team’s way. This is your chance to do something new in our industry and raise the bar for gold standard customer service. You don’t have to have worked in telecommunications before; we’re interested in contact centre experience from any industry. It’s more important that you are truly passionate about the customer experience, are able to keep calm under pressure, and lead a large team by example. Through that experience, you should have developed the emotional intelligence to know when to listen and when to offer advice and solutions. Three might be the fastest growing UK network, but good service isn’t just about size. It’s about speed and quality too. Which is why we also work hard to provide the quickest and smoothest internet on the move. With affordable pricing and plenty of ways to stay connected, it’s not surprising we’re such a popular choice for smartphone and mobile broadband users. We’re committed to improving things for our customers and it’s an attitude that’s reflected throughout our business: every single person at Three believes we can challenge, change and lead the mobile communications industry. We’re no ordinary telecoms company. And this is no ordinary career. Things move faster at Three. If you’re ready to take things up a gear, click to apply Please Note: This is a Part Time Role working between 20 - 30 hours per week, must be flexible to work across weekday evenings and weekends. Preferably the successful applicant will need to be available to start on 13th April to join a Full Time Induction for training.

plan strategically, considering all the options and taking them forward by making sound decisions and recommendations. All this will be backed up with excellent communication skills, including the ability to persuade and influence key stakeholders. Flexibility will be required from the successful candidate as they will be required to attend evening meetings. We offer excellent terms and conditions of employment including 30 days annual leave and 10 public holidays, flexitime and a pension scheme. For more information and details of how to apply, please click on ’Apply now’ to be redirected to our website.

Part Time Customer Service Advisors (20 Hours)

Salary: Competitve Agent: Search Consultancy Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Search Consultancy are currently working in partnership with a leading Global organisation who are seeking highly experienced Global and Expatriate tax specialists at Assistant Manager level to join their established Global Mobility Services team. The organisation is offering a unique opportunity for individuals to work from home from any UK location or on annualised contracts. Opportunities are available on both a full time and part time basis. Responsibilities Review of UK Tax returns for international assignees. Prepare and review of tax equalisation calculations. Ensuring clients are provided with up to date information on relevant tax developments. Liaise with HMRC on a daily basis. Daily point of contact for allocated clients. Work to deadlines and adhere to all tax legislation. Advise on risk issues. Allocation of work. Develop and mentor staff members providing support when required. Requirements CTA qualified with appropriate experience. Develop and maintain client relationships. Strong commercial approach. Strong communicator. If you are interested in this vacancy or would like further information then please contact me on 0141 272 7741 or email fiona.cairney@

Salary: £14-£16k Pro-Rata Agent: HR Consultancy Skills: Call/Contact Centres Location: Glasgow HR Consultancy has been appointed by our client, to recruit A Part Time Customer Service Advisor for their site just outside of Glasgow City Centre which is easily accessible by public transport. Hours required are Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm with 6 hours to be completed during the week on a flexible basis. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced customer service advisor, comfortable utilising both email and telephone to communicate with customers and suppliers. Suitable candidates will demonstrate customer service experience, excellent communications skills, and be able to take ownership of calls and queries. Key responsibilities include: Receiving inbound calls from Business customers dealing with general enquires. Ensuring high quality standards are met at all times. Taking ownership of every call and resolving any issues. Follow up on the order process, monitoring deliveries/returns. Emailing customers and suppliers with requests and updates. Skills, knowledge & experience: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Previous contact centre customer service experience. Candidate must: Professional telephone manner, and be comfortable speaking to contacts from sole business owners to Directors of larger organisations. In return you will receive a competitive salary, whilst working in a friendly and relaxed environment. If you wish to apply for this position please forward your CV to Dougie Loan via email at or apply online. HR Consultancy acts as both an employment business and an employment agency.

Development Officer Salary:

circa £27,000 p.a. (commensurate with experience) Agent: Citizens Advice Scotland Skills: Executive/Management Location: Glasgow Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS), our 61 member Citizen Advice Bureaux (CAB), the Citizen Advice consumer service and the Extra Help Unit form Scotland’s largest independent advice network. Advice provided by our service is free, independent, confidential, impartial and available to everyone. We are champions for both citizens and consumers and in 2013/14 the Citizens Advice Service in Scotland helped over 330,000 clients in Scotland deal with over one million issuesoverall. Citizens Advice Bureaux are local, independent charities that provide free and confidential advice and information whoever you are and whatever your problem. There is a Citizens Advice Bureau in almost every community in Scotland, across more than 250 locations. CAS is currently recruiting for two Development Officers to join the Development Team. One of the roles is full-time and based in Glasgow, the other role is part-time and based in Edinburgh. Development Officers are responsible for working with bureaux and CAS colleagues to develop the CAB service in Scotland locally, regionally and nationally and to assist bureaux to provide a high quality, accessible and well managed service by providing consultancy, advice and support to bureaux boards of directors and managers. Each Development Officer has responsibility for a specific geographical area and will have significant responsibility for prioritising and scheduling their own work on a day to day basis. Understanding and awareness of the voluntary sector and experience working with Boards is crucial for the role. In addition, the successful candidate will have demonstrable experience of managing or developing services and projects, including tendering and contract creation. They will have the ability to analyse effectively and

Medical Secretary - Part time Agent: HAYS Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow Secretary - Glasgow West End Monday - Friday 12-5 £10 per hour An excellent, part time, opportunity has become available for an experienced secretary based in the heart of Glasgow’s west end. You will be an experienced secretary who can commit to working in a busy office environment 5 afternoons per week supporting the senior management team and wider department. You will have an excellent typing speed and accuracy rate and have the ability to take minutes at meetings and circulate papers. Due to the nature of this vacancy applications are being considered immediately. Due to the volume of CV’s only successful applicants will be contacted. Hays Specialist Recruitment Limited acts as an employment agency for permanent recruitment and employment business for the supply of temporary workers. By applying for this job you accept the T&C’s, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers which can be found at

Assistant Tax Manager

Tax Manager or Senior Manager Salary: Highly competitive & benefits Agent: Change Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Change Public Practice are working with a leading, established firm of Chartered Accountants who are currently recruiting an experienced Tax Manager or Senior Manager to join their firm on the outskirts of Glasgow. This vacancy has arisen as a result of succession planning within the firm, and will join a large Tax team which has experienced solid staff retention in the past few years. This opportunity will involve primarily Corporate Tax duties, and will offer exposure in working with a vast client portfolio covering a wide range of sectors, with T/O ranging from £1m to £100m. The ideal candidate will be someone who can handle a variety of complex Tax queries, including International Tax, Transfer Pricing and Group Companies, therefore a strong technical background is essential. You will liaise with clients directly in relation to queries, and will be fully accountable for all Corporate Tax compliance work. In addition, there is wide scope to become involved in Private Client tasks as well as VAT duties which will include Compliance, Advisory and Consulting projects. Previous experience in these areas is not necessarily required although it would be advantageous as this individual could play a key role in training junior members of staff. Whilst this role sits within a large team, the individual will initially manage 2 members of staff with the view to gradually taking on part of the wider team, although this can be discussed on a case by case basis depending on the selected candidate’s aspirations. This firm offers a first class role, with a competitive client base and workload. You will be offered autonomy and accountability to manage your workload effectively and will benefit from being part of an established team of Tax professionals with knowledge gained from Big 4, Top 20 and Mid-Tier CA firms. You will work in a flexible environment, where a strong work-life balance is encouraged. This is reflected amongst the team with some individuals working part-time or flexible working hours that fits around their personal & family commitments. This is something this client is willing to explore with the right candidate. The firm offers a friendly, mature and professional environment that evokes a friendly and relaxed culture that has directly resulted in the exceptional staff retention level. The ideal candidate would be someone who works well in a team, and is

willing to contribute to the wider team during busy periods. The Partners within the firm are well respected amongst the staff and are more than willing to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the individual who joins the team. To be considered for this post, you must have a strong background within a Tax role, ideally at Manager or Senior Manager Level. Whilst a professional qualification is preferred, it is by no means essential and they will consider a qualified by experience Tax Senior with first class technical skills. In addition to the professional and personal benefits of joining this company, you will be offered a competitive salary and benefits package. This will be discussed on an individual basis however benefits include a generous pension contribution and annual bonuses. The firm also operates a 35 hour working week and offers free, secure car parking for all staff. If you think this role could be for you, apply with a copy of your most recent CV to be considered. If you wish to discuss this opportunity further, please contact our Public Practice Business Manager, Victoria Cameron on 0131 473 4949 or email

Part-time HR Administrator Salary:

£18000 per annum + pro rata for parttime hours Agent: HAYS Skills: HR/Training/Recruitment Location: Glasgow HR Administrator Job Part-time, Glasgow city centre Hays Human Resources are currently recruiting on behalf of unique not-for-profit organisation, for a part-time HR Administrator based in Glasgow city centre. The purpose of the role will be to provide a fully comprehensive HR administrative service to the resources section of the HR department. This permanent job provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to grow and build on their HR experience. Working on a part-time basis you will be comfortable committing to 21 hours per week however the business are truly flexible on the working pattern of the role. Reporting to the HR Manager, you will be responsible for providing full HR admin support to the team including preparation of employment contracts, induction packs and carrying out all preemployment checks. You will also be the first point of contact for any queries in relation to live vacancies, employee queries and other adhoc enquiries. In order to be successful within this role you must be proficient with the use of Microsoft Office, have previous experience within a HR capacity and have excellent communication skills. This job has a high level of general administrative tasks associated with it and in turn the successful applicant must be flexible to take on a range of tasks. For further information or to apply please submit a recent CV to the advert with confirmation of your preferred working pattern for the part-time job. Hays Specialist Recruitment Limited acts as an employment agency for permanent recruitment and employment business for the supply of temporary workers. By applying for this job you accept the T&C’s, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers which can be found at

Assistant Tax Manager - Home Based Salary: Competitve Agent: Search Consultancy Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Search Consultancy are working in partnership with a leading Global organisation who are seeking highly experienced Global and Expatriate tax specialists at Assistant Manager level to join their established Global Mobility Services team. The organisation is offering a unique opportunity for individuals to work from home from any UK location or on annualised contracts. Opportunities are available on both a full time and part time basis. Responsibilities Review of UK Tax returns for international assignees. Prepare and review of tax equalisation calculations. Ensuring clients are provided with up to date information on relevant tax developments. Liaise with HMRC on a daily basis. Daily point of contact for allocated clients. Work to deadlines and adhere to all tax legislation. Advise on risk issues. Allocation of work. Develop and mentor staff members providing support when required. Requirements CTA qualified with appropriate experience. Develop and maintain client relationships. Strong commercial approach. Strong communicator. If you are interested in this vacancy or would like further information then please contact me on 0141 272 7741 or email

Customer Service Advisor - Glasgow Salary: £14287 per annum + OTE + benefits Agent: Santander Skills: Customer Services Location: Glasgow Customer Service Advisor - Glasgow You like going further We’ll make getting there half the fun As a Customer Service Advisor you’ll be the first point of telephone contact for our customers, and that will involve a lot more than just answering questions. In return, you can expect a first-class training programme, and a clearly defined career development path, through our advisor progression scheme. If you’re willing to work hard, we’re ready to help you progress. At Santander we’re aiming to make everything simpler. We want to make it easier for our customers to do business with us so there will be no more banking jargon and much more straightforward customer-friendly advice. So there’s never been a better time to join us at our bright, modern building in Glasgow. As a Customer Service Advisor your skills and qualifications will include: Excellent listening and communication skills. A high level of motivation. Previous experience in a customer service role. A

flexible approach. Strong team working skills. As you’ll be working in a regulated environment, a high level of numeracy and computer literacy are also essential. . Rewarding you Santander is one of the most stable and fastest growing banks in the UK, which means you can concentrate on exceeding your targets without having to worry about job security. Starting salary is £14,287* + OTE £1,200 bonus Other Santander benefits include: * Pension * 25 days Holiday plus bank holidays * Product discounts * Retail and High Street discounts * Shift allowance for late working after 9pm There are many advantages to being part of our family. We’ve got a reward package that’s simple, personal and fair. In addition to your pay and bonus, we offer you a benefits package that’s flexible and allows you to be in control, as well as all the policies, tools and guidance to support you working for Santander. Working hours We are recruiting full-time roles working 35 hours per week. You will be working on a 7 hour rotational shift between 7.00 am to 11.00 pm across Monday to Sunday. Why Santander? With over 150 years of experience, we’ve built a strong, international presence, with more branches worldwide than any other bank. Dedicated to making things simple, personal and fair for our customers our aim is to become the best bank in the UK, and we know we can’t make it happen without our people. That’s why we promote an environment where everyone counts. With us, you’ll be encouraged to develop both professionally and personally, and by listening to your unique perspective, and turning your ideas into action, we’ll grow along with you. We are committed to helping you achieve a reasonable balance between your home and working life. To support you in meeting your commitments outside of work, we offer a range of flexible work options, including part-time working, job sharing, career breaks and flexible holiday options and we support you to make a difference in your local community with volunteering and fundraising schemes. Time to apply If this sounds like a role you’re interested in then please apply on the link below. Santander welcomes applications from all sections of the community. *for start dates post 1 March 2015.

Contact Centre Administrator Salary: £14,000-£18,000 Agent: Scottish Friendly Assurance Skills: Financial Services/Investment Location: Glasgow Customer Contact Centre Administrator Reports to: Customer Contact Centre Manager Nature of the Job The Customer Contact Centre deals with all Scottish Friendly’s customer telephone calls and provides the first point of contact for all our policyholders and customers. The Contact Centre is also the first point of contact for Financial Advisers. The role: To provide firstrate customer service to all telephone & administration enquirers To provide administration support to the Customer Services department The main duties: Answer telephone enquiries from new & existing policyholders Answer telephone enquiries from sales enquirers & IFAs Carry out administrative duties including internet, live chat & e-mail enquiries Qualifications: Customer service experience essential. Financial services experience desirable. The person: Friendly and professional Proven communication and listening skills Telephone based Customer Service experience preferred Good organisational skills Adaptability and Flexibility Teamplayer Positive attitude and enthusiastic Customer Service experience is essential Basic Microsoft PC skills required Length of Contract: Permanent (35 hours per week) and Part Time may be available.

Chartered Accountant Salary: Competitive Salary Agent: KJM Accountancy Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Chartered Accountant Competitive salary Part-time or full-time hours considered Scottish accounting firm, KJM Accountancy, is currently looking for a Chartered Accountant to join its team in Glasgow. As a Chartered Accountant, you will work across all areas of the business where required, providing expert knowledge as well as accountancy and taxation services tailored specifically for the contractor market. We specialise in working with contractors in the IT and computer consultancy sector as well as with oil and gas engineers, design engineers and business consultants. You will be tasked with managing and overseeing all aspects of numerous client accounts, preparing financial statements, corporation tax computations and personal tax returns. This wide-ranging role will require the successful candidate to provide comprehensive accounts knowledge and information to clients while offering advice where required. Main responsibilities of the Chartered Accountant: Creating and preparing financial statements. Producing reports for annual accounts. Managing several client portfolios at any one time. Filing client tax returns and offering tax guidance to clients. Providing sound financial and tax guidance to clients. Any general financial duties or queries relating to client enquiries. The successful applicant will join an eight-person team of accountants and administrators, headed by a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 30 years experience in private practice and industry. Essential requirements for the role: Qualified Chartered Accountant or . Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification. Have experience with IRIS accounting software. Wide-ranging experience working on all aspects of accounting, from accounts to filing. General accounting practice experience. Candidates will be at an advantage if they: Can work on own initiative and assume responsibility for own client portfolio. Are proficient with Microsoft Excel. Demonstrate previous experience of working on account reviews. Have knowledge of IT & Computer and oil and gas industries. Show meticulous attention to detail.

To apply for any of these vacancies, please visit WWW.S1JOBS.COM/RECRUITERPROFILES/TSA


APRIL 2015, ISSUE 8 Demonstrate sound analytical abilities. Have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Possess superb time management and organisational abilities. Have great interpersonal skills. In return for assuming the role of Chartered Accountant with KJM Accountancy, the successful applicant will receive a competitive salary. As well as this, you will benefit from a reasonable finishing time of 4.30pm every day. We also offer flexible working options. If you have the requirements as specified above and wish to take a step of progression in your career, apply for this role today. Send us a copy of your CV along with a covering letter outlining your experience and skills, as well as your salary expectations.

Aesthetic Therapist Salary: £7.50 and commissions Agent: The Private Clinic Skills: Hairdressing/Beauty Location: Glasgow A renowned nationwide group of cosmetic clinics. We are a highly successful and growing group specialising in non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures. We have the best Cosmetic Doctors in the Country working with us as well as nurses and laser skin therapists with decade of experience in their respective fields. Our reputation is second to none as we provide outstanding patient care Role Nature: Part-time - 30 hours per week including evening and weekends. Location: Glasgow Salary: £7.50 per hour plus commission To provide a high level of treatment and care to patients attending the clinic. Treat patients for N-Lite, Cutera, Chemical Peels, Derma Roller, medical weight loss program and Microdermabrasion. Work independently as an aesthetic/laser therapist assessing, counselling and treating patients adhering to clinic protocols. To ensure the administration of treatments optimising customer care and experience and effectively utilising time. To act as a retail sales advisor, providing an efficient & professional service to patients. You will be required to liaise with patients, to follow through on sales, invoices and to inform on treatments, identify and up sell other potential treatments and build a relationship with our patient base. Patient contact and scheduled patient follow up calls are also integral to the role. You will be required to be organized, efficient and thorough. IT skills are required to log sales and order stock. Assessment and Treatment The patients clinical condition is accurately assessed and documented. Full and accurate clinical notes are kept (including any follow up or subsequent appointments). Contraindications and risks to treatment are clearly identified and noted in the clinical notes. Patients are successfully treated reaching the appropriate level of satisfaction. Customer Service Follow up care and advice is provided to each patient. Patient safety is maintained as a key priority. A high stand standard of service, professionalism and behaviour is maintained at all times. Treatment rooms are maintained to the highest standard of cleanliness. Skill Required Previous experience within the cosmetic field. Customer service experience. Team player who is enthusiastic about their work, motivated and flexible. Experience in aesthetic/beauty

Telesales Operator Salary: Competitive Agent: Palmaris Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow Part Time B2B Telesales Palmaris Services Ltd, are actively seeking a Business to Business telesales professional to join their thriving team within our head office in Coatbridge. Within this role you will be responsible for contacting clients throughout Scotland, and selling them a range of Services within the Facility Management Industry. The Role: Cold calling potential customers collecting data of their current service levels suppliers and seeking to book appointments. Making up to 40 decision maker calls per day. Build and maintain strong customer relationships and business contacts. Working with a target driven environment to meet both sales and appointment targets. What we are looking for: Telesales experience essential. Experience within the Facilities Management (FM) Market Preferred. A confident, enthusiastic and professional telephone manner is a must. Computer literate especially with Work/Excel and Powerpoint. Be self-motivated with a mature, positive attitude. Have the desire to succeed in a target driven sales environment. Working for Palmaris Services Means: Competitive basic Salary. Excellent bonus opportunities. Working within a well established team at Palmaris Head Office in Coatbridge. Temporary parttime contract (with a view to becoming permanent) . 28 days paid holiday (pro rata). To apply please send Your CV via email to:

53 part in a wide range of activities. If you have the right values for our organisation, you will be supported by a programme of continuous training and career progression opportunities. A competitive salary, staff pension and performance related bonus are all part of the package when you become part of the Newark Care family. If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, or to find out more: Please contact: Telephone: Email: Hazel McCorkell O141 616 5179 hmccorkell@

Assistant Shift Manager (Nurse) Salary: £23985.00 to £26715.00 (Pro rata) Agent: Newark Care Skills: Medical/Dental/Health Care Location: Glasgow We are Newark Care, an established charity and one of the West of Scotland’s top rated care homes. We have been providing care for older people on the Southside of Glasgow for over 65 years and are looking to expand our team of high quality support staff within the Home. We are keen to recruit Assistant Shift Managers for our home in Newton Mearns who will actively work with our residents, staff, families and visitors to continually develop the service to enable our residents to be supported in living the life they choose. We are looking for full time and part time Assistant Shift Managers for both night shift and day shift, who are qualified RGN or RMN and have suitable work experience and can demonstrate leadership, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and able to motivate staff. If you have the right values for our organisation, you will be supported by a programme of continuous training and career progression opportunities. A competitive salary, staff pension and performance related bonus are all part of the package when you become part of the Newark Care family. If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, or to find out more: Please contact: Telephone: Email: Hazel McCorkell O141 616 5179 hmccorkell@

Resources Organiser (Part Time) Salary: £Competitive + benefits Agent: STV.TV Ltd Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB The Central Technical Area (CTA) team is a technical department which includes MCR, Transmission and Content Management. The team are recruiting for a Resources Organiser to offer support with staff rostering and booking of lines. This role will be on a part-time basis across 5 days working 20 hours per week. KEY RESULT AREAS Resource scheduling and forward planning of staff roster within the Central Technical area, this will cover 3 separate business areas and the rostering of approximately 20 individuals. Responsible for the booking of lines, liaising and coordinating with external and internal departments including News and Promotions. Demonstrate clear understanding and effective management of the operational principles surrounding rostered roles including but not limited to proper scheduling of rest breaks, annual leave and balancing of working hours across the 17 week period. Coordinate bookings with internal and external clients. Ensure that resources are booked correctly completing booking forms or using bookings systems as appropriate. Collate all internal and external recharges if required. Ensure all timesheets and invoices accurately coded and processed and that all corresponding documentation is correct. Provide administration support and arrange travel/accommodation. Assist in any other aspect of the work of the Company as a reasonably required. . SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE An understanding of lines bookings is preferable. Relevant related experience including knowledge of programme scheduling, SNG, satellite and lines bookings procedures would be advantageous but not essential. Understanding scheduling requirements desirable but not essential. An understanding of content & currency formats in addition to tech specs. Ability to adapt to changing priorities, work accurately under pressure and meet the demands of a fast paced environment. Excellent PC skills including Microsoft Office and the ability to learn new packages including scheduling systems. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Strong organisational skills, ability to work to deadlines and adapt to ever changing workload priorities. Selfinitiative and willingness to take on responsibility.

Support Worker

Part Time Sales Administrator / Telemarketer

Salary: £6.75 per hour Agent: Newark Care Skills: Social Services/Housing/Childcare Location: Glasgow We are Newark Care, an established charity and one of the West of Scotland’s top rated care homes. We have been providing care for older people on the Southside of Glasgow for over 65 years and are looking to expand our team of high quality support staff within the Home. We are keen to recruit individuals who can make a genuine difference to the lives of others. Experience is not essential as we offer a training programme to SVQ Level 2 and SVQ Level 3. We are looking for full time and part time Support Workers for our Home in Newton Mearns. The shift times are between 7.20am - 2.40pm and 2.50pm - 10.10pm. The hours and days for this position are on a rotational basis over 7 days. The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate compassion and empathy in their approach to caring for our residents. In your role you will be responsible for providing personal care to our residents as well as supporting them to take

Salary: £8.00 per hour - weekly pay Agent: Maxwell Bruce Skills: Sales Location: Glasgow Administrator/Telemarketer required. Temporary ongoing position on a part time basis. Four hours per day over three days. This could lead to full time hours if you would prefer. Maxwell Bruce seeks an experienced Telemarketer to support the sales department for our client based in the Ballieston area of Glasgow. This is a brand new position within a family run business and presents great opportunity. £8.00 per hour. Temporary Position leading to possible permanent position for the right candidate. You will be required to assist the sales team contacting clients & prospects, dealing with incoming enquiries, processing of sales paperwork & updating company database. An excellent telephone manner is essential, as is familiarity with Word & Excel. Due to the location, having your own transport would be beneficial. Immediate start available for the right candidate. You will be enthusiastic, organised and a team player with excellent communication skills at all

levels. If you are interested in applying for the above position please apply by sending your CV and covering letter by clicking ‘Apply’.

Maintenance Assistant Salary:

£22,638 - £25,158 (pro rata) (from 1 April 2015) Agent: Maryhill Housing Assocation Skills: Engineering/Technical Location: Glasgow Maryhill HA is a community based organisation in the north of Glasgow managing over 3000 rented properties and providing a factoring service to over 700 home owners. We aim to provide affordable high quality housing and to offer our customers consistently great services that make a visible difference to their quality of life. Our results speak for themselves. Over the last year, our financial inclusion team has secured an extra £2m income for our tenants. We’re committed to customer and community engagement and we were recently awarded Tenant Participation Champion of the Year by TPAS Scotland. During the last year we’ve made significant changes to our business and delivered ongoing improvements. We’re an ambitious and vibrant organisation that’s going places. We believe in investing our people, playing to our strengths and being the best we can be. We have recently completed a review of our organisational structure and are now recruiting for the following post: Maintenance Assistant EVH Grade 5 (part time – 17.5 hours per week) £22,638 - £25,158 (pro rata) (from 1 April 2015) We are looking for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Maintenance Assistant to provide effective administrative support within our Maintenance team. Working with our contract monitoring, reporting and invoice processing systems, this role will assist the team and colleagues to deliver high quality reactive and cyclical maintenance services. You will be used to working in a front line role and will have experience of resolving problems quickly and efficiently to the customers’ satisfaction. This role requires experience of working in a customer focussed and performance driven environment and demands a drive to continuously improve services for customers. You should be self-motivated with excellent communication and organisational skills and be able to plan and manage your workload effectively. Excellent IT skills are essential, in particular, the use of MS Office packages – experience of using housing management software would be advantageous. This is a brilliant opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of Maryhill Housing Association. If you feel that you have the experience, commitment and passion that is required for the post, we would welcome your application. If you are interested in this vacancy, an information pack and application form can be obtained at the Vacancies page at by selecting the APPLY NOW button or by contacting Marie Murphy, HR Assistant at Closing date: Tuesday 7 April 2015 at noon. CVs will not be accepted. Maryhill Housing Association is an equal opportunities employer and positively encourages applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, or religion or belief. Maryhill Housing Association Limited is a Registered Scottish Charity No: SC032468.

Edinburgh PR Senior Account Manager - Senior Account Director Salary: £28000-£40000 Agent: Muckle Media Skills: Marketing/PR Location: Edinburgh Muckle Media, winner of the 2013 and 2014 CIPR Scotland Outstanding Small Consultancy award, is currently recruiting a PR and social media senior account manager, account director or senior account director to be based in Edinburgh. We are working on a number of high profile accounts at the moment and this role would be key to driving these forward and delivering great results. The role requires a highly ambitious individual who has extensive previous experience in a PR agency environment, with a creative approach and excellent project management skills. The ideal candidate will be a strong allrounder, with passion and aptitude for securing great media coverage and driving excellent social media engagement. The role will be split between managing client projects, coaching the team and supporting business growth. The agency has big aspirations, so this role is a key hire and will require a tenacious hard-worker, who will be excited by the challenge of supporting the directors to grow a world-class PR agency. Muckle Media works with a broad range of clients from multiple sectors to deliver creative campaigns that meet business objectives. The agency has also partnered with two other specialist agencies to launch The Wee Agency – a digital marketing collaboration. Supporting the director to win new business for both entities would be a key part of this position. The role is open to someone seeking a fulltime opportunity, or exceptional candidates seeking a part-time role. Consideration will be given to ambitious account managers, looking for an exciting career progression or more experienced account directors, seeking an opportunity to join the management team of a high-growth potential agency. To apply, please send you CV, covering letter and salary expectations to explaining what you could bring to our team.

Sales Assistant Salary: Dependent on experience Agent: Kiltane Skills: Retail

Location: Edinburgh We are currently recruiting experienced sales assistants to join our team. Both full and part time positions are available. Our stores are located right in the heart of the busiest tourist area in Edinburgh, meaning we serve people from all over the world as well as our local customers. We are cashmere and tweed specialist but also offer a number of other products ranging from Scottish souvenirs to high end country clothing. Due to the fast pace of our business, we are looking for candidates with plenty of stamina and energy. An enthusiastic and positive attitude is essential. Successful applicants should be able to use their own initiative as well as work within a close knit team. In the summer time, this is an extremely busy location meaning our staff must be forward thinking and always proactive. Excellent communication skills are an essential. As a seasonal business, our opening hours are subject to change, meaning flexibility is essential. Rate of pay £6.50 rising to £6.75 after the 3 month training and probation period. 25 days annual leave plus 4 public holidays. Staff discounts and offers. Essential Retail experience. Be self-motivated & have the ability to work within a high paced team. Have plenty of stamina and enthusiasm. Have excellent communication skills. Provide excellent, confident customer service. Have a polite, professional and helpful manner. Must speak fluent English. Smart, professional appearance. Flexibility. Desirable Speaks a second language. Fashion retail experience. An eye for current fashions and trends.

Fundraising Administrator - Full and Part Time Salary: £8 per hour Agent: Brightwork Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Edinburgh Fundraising Administrators - Full and Part Time Edinburgh £ 8 per hour Ongoing contract Brightwork are currently recruiting for experienced Administrators for our Edinburgh based client. Your role:- To provide fundraising and administration support across the fundraising team Manage queries and registrations for fundraising appeals and campaigns Deliver first class customer service both internal and externally Duties will include: Processing supporter donations, fulfilment, answering calls, processing cash diaries, issue resolution, complaint resolution, financial reconciliation’s, general administration tasks. You will be responsible for maintaining your standards and will receive regular quality coaching and development feedback. Applicants should have previous administration experience. £ 8.00 per hour Hours of work:- Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4.30pm or Monday to Friday 9am - 12 noon or Saturday and Sundays. Brightwork Ltd acts as an employment business for temporary positions and an employment agency for permanent positions. Email your CV in confidence to or ring 0141 272 8125 for more information

Part Time Finance Manager Salary: £31,000-33,000 FTE plus benefits Agent: Capability Jane Skills: Accountancy Location: Edinburgh Our client, an SME within the arts sector based in the centre of Edinburgh, is seeking a part time Finance Manager 4 days a week. The part time Finance Manager will report to the General Manager and work closely with the Board. He/she will be responsible for the financial management and administration of the organisation (of which there is more than one operating entity). The role will encompass budgeting and cash management. credit control and sales invoicing. preparation of cash flow reports and preaudit reports. annual budget preparation. payroll and pension administration. management of relationships internally and with external providers. Applicants will be experienced Finance Managers, with some exposure ideally within the arts sector (or at least an interest in the arts sector). Candidates will have broad financial experience and be proficient in using Sage. He/she will have the ability to work within a small but growing organisation; ideally experience of working for other SMEs in a stand alone finance role. He/she will have a flexible approach with an understanding of a mixed economy model. Excellent communication skills are essential and the ability to build strong working relationships; working autonomously as well as being part of a broader team. This is a superb opportunity to join a unique and growing organisation. The role may suit a qualified accountant or a part qualified accountant or someone who is qualified through experience. Location - Edinburgh Flexibility - 4 days a week (there may be some flex on working hours too) Salary - £31-33K FTE plus benefits

Office Manager Salary: up to £22k (pro rata) + Benefits Agent: Tick Recruitment Ltd Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Edinburgh A great opportunity has arisen in one of Edinburgh’s most exciting start ups for a part time Office Manager. Ideal candidate will ideally be able to work 3-4 hours daily and will have previous Office Management experience and be fully conversant in MS Office. Key responsibilities: Office Management. Support management team and staff. Some reporting and process support. Day to day tasks as they arise. Suitable candidate will be very organised and a self starter. A knowledge or experience of using on line tools would be an advantage.

To apply for any of these vacancies, please visit WWW.S1JOBS.COM/RECRUITERPROFILES/TSA


17 – 25 April 2015

The Mitchell Library, North Street, Glasgow G3 7DN Irvine Welsh Alexander McCall Smith Jane Hawking Louise Welsh Hardeep Singh Kohli Jackie Kay Helen Lederer Michel Faber Eva Schloss Omid Djalili John Gordon Sinclair Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Polly Toynbee Edith Bowman Mark Millar Ian Rankin Mona Siddiqui Tony Hawks Kei Miller plus many, many more!


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What’s On: Sports...

by Aidan Scott @bigaidan

Emirates Airline Rugby 7s The Six Nations may be over and with it the hopes of Scotland achieving more than a wooden spoon for their efforts, but if you are a fan of rugby then you do not have to wait long to see the national team back in action, as the Emirates Airline Rugby Sevens comes to Glasgow in May. After the disappointing Six Nations campaign, Scotland

will have another shot at winning something next month when the Sevens tournament is played at Scotstoun stadium. For those of you do not know much about rugby sevens, it is a popular version of the wider game of rugby that only allows seven players on either side rather than the usual 15. The sport was one of the most popular events at the Commonwealth Games last year and always produces a great atmosphere due to the fluidity of the game, as with fewer players on the pitch, there is more room for big runs and even bigger tackles. The Emirates event in Glasgow is just one stop on a wider

world tour that has already seen tournaments being carried out in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and the USA among other countries. Each participating country can win the individual tournaments and at the end of the season, the greatest team will be crowned as overall champion. At the time of writing, Scotland have just won the Bowl Trophy at the Hong Kong Sevens, beating the likes of Wales and France to do so. The team will be relying on the support of home fans to roar them on to a tournament victory in Glasgow. The event’s organisers do all they can to attract people to the games with the Glasgow event encouraging fans to come to the match in fancy dress. Each year always has a theme, previous years have included circus costumes and people dressing up as their favourite movie characters. This year they are going with a comic book theme, so expect to a see a few Spiderman and Batman costumes while you are there. There will also be lots of live music on offer from some of Glasgow’s finest bands and there will be entertainment for the kids, as well. The ticket prices are good for a day out as well with students being able to attend one day’s worth of games for as little as £10, while it is only £15 to go for the weekend. There is also an incentive to attend the match with your friends. For a group of eight students, you can all sit in the party stand for a total of £70 and that includes one of you getting in for free. And remember, if you are not a fan of the Scotland team, then you can always go to watch the likes of Australia and England, not to mention the All-Blacks themselves, New Zealand. So if you fancy a great day out at the rugby sevens, then head down to Scotstoun stadium on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of May.

s t n e d u t s 0 0 0 , 0 7 r e v o t e Targ

14 1 2 2 2 2 2 0 2 0 T C A T N O C , S U D V E R T IS E W IT H A N A C U O Y W O T O F IN D O U T H

THE STUDENT ADVERTISER thestudentadvertiserglasgow


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