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The five steps to profit report Start your internet marketing career!

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The 5 steps to profit report I’ve been going back to basics recently. You might want to consider doing the same.

If you’ve been trying to make ANY money online let alone make a fulltime living you’ll know just how hard it is to start the income machine rolling. I think one of the main reasons for this is the amount of new ‘must have’ products that are launched and expressly aimed at would-be Internet Marketers every day. It’s gone crazy. It’s far too complicated. The various methods of online money making have been tweaked, revised, added to, changed, ‘fluffed up’, ‘filled out’ and just plain ruined for the sake of a new ‘angle’ that will enable the author to sell it as a ‘new’ system. This has been done to the point where it’s impossible to even recognise the original workable method, let alone use it to make money. I’m not going into this now but if you’d like to know more you should read the controversial information Likewise the excellent (and free at time of writing although probably not for much longer) newsletter produced by Samantha Milner at the ultimate in earning money online using simple, realistic methods.

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So in this 5-page report I’m going to show you how to use a basic but highly effective method of online marketing that should generate some online cash for you without too much trouble. No –really, it’s not as hard as the ‘experts’ tell you. They’ve over complicated things so they can sell hyped up methods to you. That way they can look like experts. The real shame is that by overcomplicating these methods to try to make them unique, many have lost sight of the simplicity and ease of use that made them work in the first place. It’s like fitting a kite with extra flaps, tails, wings and propellers, all designed to make it fly better. In reality all that happens is you lose the simple, beautiful design that made it soar in the first place. Instead of being better it’s too heavy and complicated and crashes to the ground.

So let’s see if I can convince you to get back to basics, with these wonderful 5 steps: 1. The first thing you need to do is find a simple process that you, at some point in your life, learned how to do. This could be absolutely anything whatsoever, but I’ve found it works well if it’s connected to making money, but literally ANY subject will do – how to sell your car on EBay or How to put together your wirelesses network are just one of thousands of examples. The first e-book I wrote was whilst I was on holiday in Lanzarote in July 2005. I’d just spend the previous six months becoming an eBay Powerseller so I decided to write about my experiences. As long as you know about your subject you could write about it. If you’re not sure what subject for some ideas.







2. Go and research your subject online. Write a small report about how to do it. 5 pages will do. Use this report as a template – this is exactly what I’m doing in this report – ‘how to write a small 5 page report that will bring you some cash’. I’ve also written them on various subjects including non-status bank accounts, e-books, list-building, product creation, EBay, website building and many more… ©2008 DSM Publishing Limited. All rights Reserved.

3. Now you need two versions of your 5-page report. One that you can convert to PDF to be given away free, and another version which is exactly the same except for one detail, which I’ll go into later. This second version must be created in MS Word, and left in that format so it can be easily changed, edited and redone. 4. Give away the PDF version of your 5-page report to anyone and everyone who wants it. Give it away through forums, EBay, offer it to people who want to collect email addresses in return for the report, people who want to sell it etc. Do everything you possibly can to get it circulating around the Internet. 5. NOW WATCH MONIES ROLL INTO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. That’s it – the 5-pages to profit report! Here’s the secret. Here’s how it works… You’ve written your report and converted it into PDF format. You’ve also built a simple webpage with a payment button on it. Here you offer PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS for the exact same report that you’re giving away for free. Just like this report you’re reading now! Why would anyone want Private Label rights? Private Label Rights usually mean that the person who purchases them can alter or amend the product in any way they wish. So if you bought PLR to this report you could put your own name on as author, and add your own links to sell as your own product. Private Label Rights to unique products are quite sought after and sell well An Example of one would be Likewise you can buy the PLR version of this report and include your own links to make money online.

©2008 DSM Publishing Limited. All rights Reserved.

Most people can see the value of buying PLR rights to a free report. The hard work has been done for them (you did it with a few hours research but they don’t need to know that), and they have nothing to do except change a few links and continue distributing the report. Of course now they can sell the Private Label Rights to the report, and make money themselves.

Many people who offer PLR don’t allow you to sell the Private Label Rights on, so small reports like this one where you can sell on the rights are hugely popular. check out my PLR offer Good luck Samantha X If you want to find out more about Samantha’s products click here

©2008 DSM Publishing Limited. All rights Reserved.


Please Note: You have Personal Use Only on this product. You may use this product as much as you like as long as you don’t give it or sell i...

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