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SD400 design Valerio Cometti and V12 Design

SD401-402-403 Architectural lights, and in this case, the family of spotlights are the most difficult challenge for a designer; how can a high performance technical lighting fitting be attractive, distinctive and personal and at the same time pass unobserved and interfere as little as possible with the room it is lighting? It is almost a paradox that is added to the enormous commercial importance of this sort of production. That is what makes the challenge so interesting: numerous functional, cost, technical and legislative restrictions seem to frustrate each ambition, so it is with great pleasure that this year Valerio Cometti has signed the SD 400 family. Lengthy precision work and geometric research, that will perhaps be fully perceived by the more knowing eye, have led to the creation of a square section with curved sides in a circular seat, creating an unusual but graceful dialogue that does not interfere with the architecture that houses it. The great versatility of the light sources on mobile or fixed supports, the colour finishes all make the SD 400 family a silent success for Valerio Cometti and his V12 Design team.

Type: Totally recessed lamp for plasterboard false ceilings Design: Valerio Cometti and V12 Design Frame:White or black lacquered metal Light: SD401-402 1 x max 50W GU 5,3 12V Dic 1 x max 8W GU 5,3 12V LED 1 x max 50W GU10 1 x max 35W GX10 SD403 1 x max 75W G53 12V 1 x max 35/70W GX8.5 on request kit for GU and for GX10 20/35W alogenuri metallici

Foreign Press Press Contact & Information Marina Da Rin Fioretto T +39 041 5741290

I Tre Via delle Industrie 16/c 30030 Salzano (VE) Italy T +39 041 482144

Dimensions: SD401 diam 7,7cm SD402 diam 11,7cm SD403 diam 18,4cm

F +39 041 482691 T export dept +39 041 5741107 F export dept +39 041 482990

I Tre è una brand division di FDV Group S.p.A. Via delle Industrie 16/c 30030 Salzano (VE) Italy T +39 041 5741111 F +39 041 482691 c.f. e p.i. IT 04079290260 Attività di direzione e coordinamento di Alcedo SGR S.p.A. per conto del fondo di investimento mobiliare chiuso riservato “Cardine Impresa”

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