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There is an ocean of flight search engine sites out there, but what we need is a paradigm change.

1. changed perception of [air]travel 2. new consumption patterns 3. existing search engines don’t suffice

Oh, and travelers love to have fun! Really: everyone thought Amazon had won shopping. Then along comes FAB. Transforming shopping into entertainment. Everyone thought Expedia&Kayak had won flight and travel. Then along comes Drungli. We entertain and make them travel more.

Based on

user lead flight search,

new data mining and storing strategy &

self learning algorithms

CTR 5.33% - 60% better than industry average EPC â‚Ź21.45 - 370% better than industry average display advertising

CTR 6.03% - as opposed to the 0.11%

We tap into the

$636 b global online travel market &

$34.4 b global online display ad market. Serving the

79 M Millennial generation.

3,5 million search queries served to

400 000 unique visitors since founded in

2012 April

bootstrapped ever since

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