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There is an ocean of flight search engine sites out there, but what we need is a paradigm change.

1. changed perception of [air]travel 2. new consumption patterns 3. existing search engines don’t suffice

Oh, and travelers love to have fun! Really: everyone thought Amazon had won shopping. Then along comes FAB. Transforming shopping into entertainment. Everyone thought Expedia&Kayak had won flight and travel. Then along comes Drungli. We entertain and make them travel more.

Based on

user lead flight search,

new data mining and storing strategy &

self learning algorithms

CTR 5.33% - 60% better than industry average EPC â‚Ź21.45 - 370% better than industry average display advertising

CTR 6.03% - as opposed to the 0.11%

We tap into the

$636 b global online travel market &

$34.4 b global online display ad market. Serving the

79 M Millennial generation.

3,5 million search queries served to

400 000 unique visitors since founded in

2012 April

bootstrapped ever since

Drungli Pitch  

The adventure generator for spontaneous people is raising funding.

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