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Date TherapyÂŽ protocol the first step is to figure out what you are looking for in a relationship.


Arrow Park, A Page Out of History Boroughs of New York City and Newark. AROW was looking for a place of rest and recreation for their children in the countryside. The former Schieffelin mansion and grounds were deemed ideal. With hiking trails, gardens, a large lodge and lake, it proved to be the perfect location for the inception of Arrow Park. Attendance was popular and Arrow Park soon grew into a lively social club with bungalows, a lodge and a large dance pavilion. The initial investors all volunteered their time to run the park and facilities. Many built houses close by so that they could enjoy the park during their retirement. The park was large enough to have community gardens, cultural events, dances and concerts of all varieties. Pete Seeger was a regular performer as were many folk acts of the 60s, drawing thousands of visitors. Today, Arrow  Park  remains  a  haven    from    hectic    life.    It’s    roots    as    New    York   family resort and its honored position as a New York historic hotel are forever tied together. We look forward to your visit with us and hope it will become a long-standing family tradition as it has for us. A Day At America's Oldest Winery Jesse and Edward Emerson, two New York City wine merchants who  were  very  good  customers  of  the  Jaques  family,  used    the    Jaques’    wine    to  improve  another blend of wine from an organization called The Brotherhood of New Life. Eventually, he Emersons purchased the Washingtonville, N.Y. Winery and hence, The Brotherhood Winery name was born. The    winery’s    success    was    “continuous”    even    throughout    prohibition,  due  to  its  large  stock of sacramental wine used for religious ceremonies. Due to the high quality of the Arrow Park Lodge, a New York landmark and New York historic hotel, was commissioned and built in 1909 by Julia Cooper and Schuyler Schieffelin. Using the services of renowned architects Bowen Bancroft Smith, the house was made as much a part of its site as the lake. Some say it seems to grow right out of a bowl- shaped hollow on the side of a steep valley, near a thirty-foot waterfall. The house is of considerable historical and architectural significance. In The Architectural Record, Vol. XL, published in 1916, the nature-

inspired tiles  Mr.  Bowen  Smith  chose  for  the  first  floor  are  called    “real    works    of    art.  ”A  link    to  the     article is below: The Schieffelin family came from Swabia, a region that is now in both Germany and Switzerland. After immigrating to New York City, the family increased their wealth by becoming druggists (pharmacists). Schuyler Schieffelin and Julia Cooper, prior to moving to Monroe, were living in Tuxedo Park. Rumor has it that Schieffelin, a great friend of Edward William Harriman who owned property in Monroe, became angry when Harriman was denied the purchase of a house in Tuxedo Park. It is said that in solidarity to his friend, Schieffelin bought 600 acres from Mr. Harriman and began construction on this wonderful home containing many important architectural and design elements of the Arts and Crafts movement in America. In 1948, the house was sold to AROW Farms, Inc. AROW, the American Russian Organized Workers, a group of politically progressive Slavic immigrants were from the wine, it is not surprising that during this time, the clergy population increased significantly. Although laden with rich history, the Brotherhood Winery offers a choice of unique, modern-day, on-site venues for every  event    imaginable.    Whether  it’s    the wedding of your dreams, a milestone anniversary, birthday party celebration or you want to host an impressive corporate event to impress your colleagues – look no further. The stunning, 5,000 square foot Grand Monarque Hall with its gorgeous 19th century stone structure, impressive wooden beams, gorgeous hard wood floors, wrought iron chandeliers and a ceiling that rises toward the stars is a sight to behold. Vinum Café has a 50-person banquet room and seats 140 in the restaurant. Serving the finest continental French cuisine, Vinum Café also offers outdoor dining, with a patio that accommodates over 100 people with complete privacy. In addition, flanked by mid-1800 vast stone structures is the Mansion, where one can sit and enjoy the ambiance from several outdoor areas. Oh  and    let’s    not    forget    the    gift    shop!    There’s    a    little    something    for    everyone    here. Hand-made specialty items, apparel with interesting slogans, jewelry, kitchen accessories, serving platters and more. This one-stop shop carries goods from local artisans and abroad.


Robert Bedford, the history begins in 1839, when Jean Jaques, a farmer and cobbler by trade, founded what would become Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville, New York. Today, this Hudson Valley institution continues its mission of producing premium wines that can be found all over the world, while winery visitors tour the same cellars hand- dug by Jaques himself. The  book    hallmarks    nearly    two    centuries    of    the    winery’s  history—through the industrial era, world    wars,    Prohibition,    America’s    changing    tastes    in    wine,    economic    recessions,  and  a   devastating fire —and celebrates the owners and stakeholders who contributed to its longevity through loyalty, perseverance, and sheer innovation. A remarkable collection of rare images illustrates the text, stories and anecdotes—as well as the facts—with more than 350 photographs, wine labels, documents, memorabilia, and advertisements, culled from private and public collections, and carefully restored by the author. Most of the images and documents have never been published before, or seen outside of Brotherhood Winery. A    timeline    places    the  winery’s    milestones  over  175  years  in  the  context  of  American  history. “Through     the     photos,     documents,   and   writings   in   this   book   we   can   place Brotherhood not only in the context of American    viticulture    and    the    country’s    ever- changing tastes in wines, but also in the broader landscape of American history. We can also look ahead, to what it means to preserve and restore this rich history, and what it will forecast for the next centuries to come. "Adam Strum, Editor and Publisher, Wine Enthusiast Magazine www.brotherhood-winery.com From Vineyard To Orchard The Hudson Valley Doesn't Disappoint! Gwen Sutherland-Kaiser, resident mixologist for Brotherhood, sells    her    “Intoxicated  Zodiac” line, an array of wine glasses, goblets and shot glasses adorned with zodiac Symbols. The never-ending amenities, such as the comfortable gazebo that overlooks a vineyard and large portion    of    the    property’s    83    acres,    delights    all    visitors.    The inviting, spacious patio provides several options for outdoor entertaining. With plenty of room for a DJ or live band, guests and visitors enjoy dancing the night  (or  day)  away.  During  the  weekend,    there    was  a  “grape    stomping”   contest, where volunteers    were    in    competition    for    prizes    to    “see    who  could    stomp    out    the most    wine”.                     One    of    the    volunteers    said,    “Ever    since    ‘I    Love    Lucy’,  I’ve    always    wanted    to    do    this!” There are many enjoyable activities and demonstrations for the entire family to partake in. Tours and wine tastings, lead by veteran employees Mr. Dave Bechtle and Mr. Rick Walls, are an educational experience. Both gentlemen were very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. Mr. Bechtle has been with the winery since 1976! Brotherhood Winery has a long and varied of award- winning wines. It was interesting to learn that Merlot is the best-selling red wine in the world, and Pinot Noir is the best-selling wine in the United States. Pinot Noir is referred to as “the    little    black    dress”    of    the    wine    family,     because    it    goes    with    everything    and    will  not  overpower  one’s    meal.                       Also    very    interesting  was    Brotherhood    Winery’s Rosario    Wine,    “aka    – grape juice with a kick”,    a    traditional  recipe  developed initially as altar wine for church. Then there was the famous Brotherhood’s  Riesling,      with      its      own      special  modern  history. Brotherhood’s  Riesling made its debut at the White House when the Clintons realized there was no domestic wine in the home.

DON'T FORGET THE RED WINE AND THOSE FLAVONOID BENEFITS! PS If single keep it to a half bottle (yes that does include the amount you use to cook and spend a little time pampering yourself while you do it! Dr. Tranquility's Wellness Walk & As We Can't Leave Out My Other home away from California. During Harvest Season to find more on DrTranquility.com Did you miss a past issue? Send us an email Lydia@drtranquility.com & Dr.T will get one straight out to you.

Just coffee you say? Ok so Starbucks or at a great coffee place in the village Cafe Figaro for exam at hmm say 8 with a great walk around the village an exciting possibility. A very different attire is indicated for a coffee date.

Dr.Tranquility-Lydia is blessed to interview the amazing Peroquois the world renowned musician, Australia #1 World Music artist,Performer of the most feminine music on the planet,The largest feminine practice workshop facilitator Lyricist and composer of her own songs, creatress of multitude of feminine practices. Peroqouis is originally jazz trained, later integrating native american, indian classical, middle eastern and electronic flavors to her ‘ear   watering’  blend.  Being  constantly  branded  as «Voice of the Sacred Feminine», «Voice of the Mother  Earth»  Peruquois’  expresses  the  very  feminine  soul  of sound. Dr.Tranquility :When did you first become aware of the music within you? Peroqouis: I was may be about 5 years old, I was singing with my grandpa, I sang jazz and showtunes.  I  probably  hasn’t  been  able  to  sing  what  I  heard  in  my  head  where  I  heard  big  and  powerful  voice.   Inside my head I sang with enormous power so when I was a little girl I had this realization. And my grandfather told me that I had a gift and should start taking classes. But my mother said no. and this is a long story. DrTranquility: When did you first decide to share your music on the world stage? Peroquois: My mum completely suppressed my music dream. Only at 17 when I completely left my mother’s field, and started living alone it resurrected in me. Then my crazy psychic auntie recognized my gift too. And in a clairvoyant session she prophesized my entire future. To fulfill her vision I had to prepare myself for conservatory exams in 1 year. Going against children with 10 years of prior music education as there were only 2 spots for jazz singers for the whole country. Miraculously I got in and was accepted into a class as a jazz vocalist. And after 1 year of study I put together my first jazz band. And we made to the top of that city and then I moved to Sydney and made it to the top of jazz hierarchy there. To realize that public success as entertainer brings deep personal disturbance. I started looking inside for the guidance and one-day sitting on the rocks over the Pacific ocean started spontaneously singing the elements with a  completely  new  voice.  I  sang  myself  to  the  source  of  life,  to  the  very  core  of  the  earth…  and  after  that  experience   asked the feminine principle that I experience the Great Mother to show me the way to sing for her. Which she did - it came as a native American medicine man, into my life. And I followed him into the US leaving my life, all

my success,  all  my  things,  my  beautiful  apartment,  my  car,  my  band…  He later became my husband and father of my daughter. Years passed and I started sharing my much deepened by that time with people via workshops and concerts. The journey took me all over the globe I studied in India after that for 6 year, in New Zealand I left my first husband after 11 years of deep surrender to ceremonies and ancient knowledge and later met awaken tantric master – we’ve  been  together  for  4  years.  A  profound  dive  into  sensuality  love  and  the  whole  internal  cosmos   through lovemaking and sharing it with people in workshops and new music recordings. Yet my path took me further…  So  when  you  see  me  now  in  front  of  7000  people  with  symphony  orchestra  (my  next  concert)  sharing   these vibrations that awaken people and help them to surrender to their love and inner truth or as people say healing them with my voice – via  vocal  healing  CDs  you  feel  these  30+  years  of  experience  behind… Dr.Tranquility: Your music is sensual elixir of beats & lyrics with this in mind, what is a continuum emotion or thread in the weave of your music ? Peroquois: Love is my only guide in this love. I stand for it every moment. When I realized that truth in me I made a commitment never to betray it never to compromise it. Everything I do is a reflection of my love. Nothing could motivate me but it. No money or fame would move me an inch if there is no love in this project.  If  my  heart  doesn’t  open  to  it.  If  it  sounds  idealistic  then  you  should  know  it  means  a  constant  presence   and questioning of everything I do. It is not an easy path yet I feel I have no other to walk this life. Dr.Tranquility: What is your wish for your listeners to take away from your musical journey? Peruquois: I have a few. For people to accept themselves. To return back to the source of their love. Shift from overworking mind into sensitive connectedness. Open up to fluidity and accept change and newness. And live fully rather than merely surviving. Dr.Tranquility: If you were to a message to share with womankind from your healing Vedic knowledge & Womb Power ... your mantra what is that message? Peroquois: Release the shackle of shame and not-enoughness. It is time to fully claim who you truly are. A woman of power and a woman of love. Women are guardians of life and love on the planet. Dr.Tranquility: What is a beautiful experience for you? In your partnership? Peroquois: Feeling totally supported and loved and adored by my husband. Dr.Tranquility: What is one of the places you go for stillness? Peroquois: The first place is inside. Where sensation and breath meet. I like to be on the earth as much as I can. In summer time I love to stay in the mountains and in winter I love to spent time in dark spaces. It is a time of retrieving  into  the  creative  power  of  the  “womb”.  My  friends  has  event  built  for  me a meditation chamber from untreated Siberian ringing cedar. A place to dive in in my home. Peroquois: What is your greatest joy in your musical message today? DrTranquility: The greatest joy is when I can share my music and my voice live and witness and feel the transformation happening right in front of my eyes. Peroquois: Do you plans for new music or EP? If so when can we expect it to drop? DrTranquility: My newest album – I AM WOMAN is going to be available at the end of August 2019 at my website www.peruquois.com - it is a contemporary music album enriched with deep lyric messages.

7 Things to Know about PRP! By Corinne Furnari P.A. CCN

I've been practicing Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Protocols for well over a year now, and given the astounding results I've seen in my patients, I'd like to take a moment to promote and inform you all about this absolutely amazing treatment. PRP is a revolutionary in-house procedure that helps with pain, arthritis and injuries by supplying injured areas with the natural proteins, stem cells, cytokines, and other bioactive growth factors it needs to get better. It can be used for aesthetic purposes as well, allowing for skin tightening, facials, the removal or healing of scars, vaginal skin tightening, and allowing for hair restoration. In some circumstances it can be used in lieu of joint surgery and when it cannot, it can hasten recovery and let you get back to doing the things you love after a surgery. Below I've listed seven important things to know about PRP. 1. Skin Healing. PRP injected into affected tissues leads to local inflammation which leads to a wound healing cascade which deposits new collagen and bioactive proteins into the area along with a high concentration of stem cells. This new collagen helps tighten aging or sagging skin, treating it and helping reduce the appearances of unsightly scars. 2. Hair Restoration. PRP is recognized as an all-natural medical procedure which can through skin and hair stimulation, help reverse hair loss. By way of proliferation of dermal papilla cells and stimulating signal-regulated kinase, AKT signalling, and supplying fibroblast growth factors and beta-catenin, PRP allows for accelerated hair growth with less inflammation than other methods. 3. Joint Repair Studies have found that receiving PRP can help restore hyaluronic acid concentrations and improve angiogenesis, which helps reverse joint damage and stop disease progression in things such as osteoarthritis and degenerative join disease. The PRP and stem cell treatment restores the hyaluronic acid to help deal with joint pains such as knee pain. A 2010 study found that those who received this treatment for four weeks reported no adverse events and saw significant, almost linear, improvement. 4. Injury Recovery Stem cell and PRP treatments have proven themselves as successful, painless alternatives to traditional surgery for chronic musculoskeletal injuries involving arthroscopic surgery or joint replacements. The disability and down time associate with receiving a PRP treatment instead is minimal, has few of the associate risks of surgery, and is generally only mediated by some soreness or bruising to the treated area. 5. Long-lasting Results On average, PRP treatments provide permanent results for the areas treated. In the case of PRP being used for hair restoration, a yearly re-injection may be necessary in some cases. 6. Simple in house procedure. PRP treatments generally take about an hour or two, including time both for perparation and for recovery.

If you feel as though PRP might be able to improve your wellness and fit into your personal health regimen, please come in and visit my new office, and let’s chat about this wonderful treatment. Corinne Furnari, CCN PA Take Charge of Your Health Fridays 1 to 2 pm EST 99.5FM NYC Website: Furnarihealth.com

Taking the  Sting  Out  of  the  Holiday  Blues Carlissa  Loutner It’s  that  time  of  year  when  Summer  is  nothing  more  than  a  faint  memory.      Vacation  time  is  over  and   Autumn  is  here.      Everyone  and  everything  is  finally  back  into  its  normal  routine.    Before  you  know  it  the   holidays  are  here  again  with  ‘the  crazy’  they  bring  all  unto  themselves.    The  food…  the  travelling…  the   parties…  and  of  course  the  gifts.     Gifts  for  your  friends,  your  family,  your  associates  and  of  course  showing  up  to  any  gathering  you  need  to   bring  something.    And  the  worst  feeling  is  to  spend  money  on  something  only  to  get  a  polite  smile.    That   smile  that  lets  you  know  it’s  going  to  be  re-­‐gifted  or  donated  at  the  first  opportunity.    What  gift  can  be   useful,  eye-­‐catching  and  not  break  the  bank? In  my  opinion  the  more  practical  the  gift   the  better.    What  are  items  that  are   universally  used  and  yet  can  still  be  fun   and  interesting?    You  can  give  the  coffee   mug  of  the  season,  perhaps  some   potpourri,  maybe  a  fruit  cake?    Then  there   is  always  the  old  standby  bottle  of  wine.       Perhaps  you  should  think  of  something  a   little  different  this  year.    A  practical  and  all   natural  gift?    Might  I  be  a  little  self-­‐serving   and  suggest  a  lovely  gift  of  skin  care   products  from  My  Skin  Harmony.    It’s  a   gift  that  is  affordable,  has  an  elegant   appeal  and  let’s  be  real  –  EVERYONE  –   uses  soap.    

Depending on  your  needs  you  can  give  a  single  bar  of  soap  or  a  gift  basket  with  the  works.    Either  way  your   recipient  will  be  pleased.    And  custom  orders  are  accepted  if  you  really  want  to  add  that  personal  touch. All  My  Skin  Harmony  products  are  all  natural,  hand-­‐made  from  ingredients  you  are  familiar  with  like  coconut   and  avocado  oils.    No  artificial  dyes,  no  colorants  and  no  fragrance  oils.    No  mineral  oil  because  it’s  really   bad  for  you  and  no  palm  oil  because  it’s  really  bad  for  the  environment. So  don’t  dread  the  holidays.    Reach  out  to  us  and  let  My  Skin  Harmony  make  your  holidays  a  little  easier.      A   little  ‘Harmony’  can  help  take  the  sting  out  of  the  holiday  blues.  

Pura Vida Cost Rica Your unique destination for wellness information and relaxation on the web! Originally filmed when Dr. Tranquility-Lydia was VP of an IPTV channel Health and wellness channel for IPTV before launching her own Dr. Tranquility TV, she and her B Well TV (her productions arm). Visit her before the new site is launched and you will catch this tranquil Oasis exclusively on DrTranquility.com

The Debbie Nigro Show At What Point Would You Be Ready To Totally Be Transformed? How's now? Good! Because Kat James is coming to NYC ready to help you. She's the gal that's proven that you can change your diet to make your body burn fat as its primary fuel. Known as 'The Jane Goodall of Leptin', Kat James has an impressive 27-year track record of helping people lose weight and regain their health by harnessing the power of the key fat-burning hormone called Leptin. Her own 12-year battle with an eating disorder and near liver failure, led James to begin overhauling her diet which took years of trial and error. She discovered a way of eating that left her 10 dress sizes smaller, brightened her dark moods, and freed her of food obsession. She gave up a career as a celebrity makeup artist and has devoted her life  to  helping  others  achieve  the  same  kind  of  biochemical  “  flip”  she’s   experienced. She has a tidal wave of science validating her theories and she has conducted over 88 Transformational Retreats to help others get the job done for themselves. Her next Transformational Retreats are coming up in NYC Nov. 30th-Dec-5th and Dec. 5th-10th. Kat James joins The Debbie Nigro Show on 1490 WGCH for Wellness Wednesday at 11:20am eastern to explain just how you will be transformed by attending her rare and amazing retreat. #KatJames InformedBeauty.com The Debbie Nigro Show 1490 WGCH

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