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Dr. Steven Glanz

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States

A board-certified dermatopathologist and dermatologist, Dr. Steven Glanz is a talented healthcare professional who has spent the past two decades refining his skills and honing his expertise. Dr. Steven Glanz provides his patients with reliable medical, emotional, and behavioral support for patients who are experiencing skincare problems. A particular area of expertise for Dr. Glanz is melanoma detection or detecting cancerous skin cells in patients. Dr. Glanz has had his work presented and published by the Journal of Dermatological Surgery and Oncology. Dr. Steven Glanz lives in Boynton Beach, Florida, where - in his free time - he loves deep-sea fishing. He trademarked the Skin Deep Fishing Team, which - in 2010 - won the Pro Series Saltwater Fishing Tournament. With a love for spending time on the water that's only grown with time, Steve is considering taking another shot at winning a second championship with his son. Get more information about Dr. Steven Glanz on his website!