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Michael Barbieri, PhD

St. Louis, MO, United States

For over 32 years, Michael Barbieri PhD has been working as a senior consultant for a global intelligence firm. He has handled cases involving kidnappings, international investigations, and corporate executive extractions. He has also worked on cases involving the imprisonment of students in foreign countries. Due to his accomplishments, Michael Barbieri PhD was recently recognized by the US Department of State. He was also given a letter of commendation from former President George Bush. Michael Barbieri PhD is regarded as one of the best private investigators in the world due to his extensive training. He has been able to receive training from various organizations such as the FBI, the US Attorney's Office, and the US Military. Throughout his career, Michael Barbieri PhD has gained a wide range of expertise and knowledge in various areas. Some of these include criminal investigations, asset tracing, background checks, firearms, counterterrorism, and forensic analysis. Michael Barbieri PhD has also been recognized for his work in undercover work, expert witness, and Skip Tracing.