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The reader. That means you. It ends up quite a few people read DrivenWorld. I am very proud of that. From what was a simple idea to years of producing to what some might say is a “passion project.” Thank you for taking the time to read this and to share it with friends. I think the best part of the magazine is that so many people participate in it. Last month we had a young man in 10th grade submit an article and his photography. Ends up he has been coming to Supercar Sunday for years! I remember when I ran into him at the Lamborghini North Los Angeles. He introduced himself and explained how he has taken photographs for years at Supercar Sunday. I thought he was much older than he was. I suggested he do a story, he said he would. Over the years, I have made a similar offer to many people. I think if you know me, you know that I love the people more than the cars. I love the friendships, the stories, and the fun memories we have created. I often tell people I am in the “Memory Business.” I like that. So getting back to the kid. He was so jazzed to write the story, I hoped that he would follow through, as I have made a similar offer to others and they did not. Fast-forward, he did and he truly did a fine job. Thank you Brendan. Stories. It is safe to say that none of us are short of stories. The amount of tall tales being told in a parking lot every Sunday, well let’s just say that if we had five cents for every story...we would all be billionaires. It is the story that is fun to tell. As many of you have seen the evolution of the magazine, you know that you never really know what you are going to read. We have had food articles, travel articles, people articles, reviews, a little bit of everything. It is kind of fun that way. But, my favorite part is the stories of you, the reader. I think it is because I am consistently amazed by what you have done in your life. I have learned so much from all of you over the years, that it is your stories that have really helped to inspire and shape me. I think it is the “can do” attitude that I like about car guys. They always have a way to fix something or to make it work. To modify, adapt, grind, cut, weld, bondo, whatever... they have a way to get it done. The car guys I know, they have a different outlook on life. I often wonder if it is from working on the cars, that they know that someone can always fix it or create it, so it may as well be them. Or, that they had no other option than to find a way to make something work. So they did. Finding a way. Working on cars has provided me with an extensive education. Most of which came from a small budget to buy new/ used parts and from help from my friends. My friends have played such a huge role in my automotive education, something I could never pay for. With the education, came the stories.

From the Editor

Let me give you an example. Just the other day I was talking with a guy who just bought his first hot rod. A stunning 1961 Impala. A beautiful car. A big block motor, all the billet goodies, working air condition. It was a car most of us would love to have in the garage. We got to talking and he explained how the car caught on fire. Apparently the carburetor got stuck and the electronic fuel pump worked a little too good. The fuel spilled over and bam. Luckily he had an extinguisher. We both kind of joked since the car was ok. I then shared a few stories I had from trying to get cars started with starter fluid. Well, let’s just say I got really lucky. I had learned from a friend to just spray a ton of fluid in the carburetor or keep pouring the gas in. Well... yes and no. In any event, what did I learn and was reinforced...Fire extinguishers are our friends. Now go out and buy one today! Stories. I want your story. I once had a guy at Supercar Sunday come up and suggest I do a story on a guy who was at the event for his first time. Took me a little time, but we ended up doing it. It was fun story about Larry who has owned his 1968 Charger since new. Larry ended up getting a picture with one of his automotive heros, Jay Leno with a copy of his article, in front of his car. So cool. So here is what I want to ask of you the reader. I want more stories. You all have so many amazing stories, some sad, some happy and some inspirational. So many lessons to share with us. So much to teach. Perhaps I am guilty in asking this, but I want you to start submitting articles. I have never really come out and asked for you to do this, but one of “our car guys” suggested I do it. Why am I asking this? Why not share your experience or the experiences of a friend that might inspire the reader to do something great! Or, to learn something. All of those stories swirling around in your head, I wonder what would happen if you put pen to paper. Now, many of you might think...” I am no writer...,” well, I got news for you, I am not either. I just write. There is something really interesting when you start writing, your brain kind of shifts gears and it opens up a new side to you. The one suggestion I would have is to write something from the heart. My opinion is that if you write from the heart, it is true and honest and therefore valid. I often think that we are so busy in our daily lives that we need something more. Something just for ourselves. I have joked that I don’t spend time with a “shrink”...I have a letter from the editor. Things come out of me that I might have forgotten or that sometimes are so personal that I wonder about sharing. About letting a reader in, but when I do, it helps me in some psychological way. I always have guys that say, you know you should do a story on this guy or that guy. Well, I would like you the reader to think about someone or something that has made you a better person. Someone inspirational. A moment that changed you for the better. Or

a challenge that you persevered through. You can use fake names, the story doesn’t have to be perfect. Just honest. From the heart. In the olden days, we would sit around a fire and tell stories of great men and women. In telling those stories, we would be sharing inspiration with the next generations. So that when they were having a challenge or a moment of weakness, they would remember that someone was worse off, but they got through it. If they could, so could you. Now, if you are like many people I know, you might think that your story is not that important. That what you have done or experienced is not that great or heroic. That getting that car to run after years of working on it, or coaching that team, or building that business or the time you spent with a loved one was average. I am of the opposite opinion, I think that those memories are so great. That you can empower so many people and keep memories and people alive long after they are gone by sharing what those moments or people meant to you. And, it could be someone that you see every day that inspires you or makes you a better person. I want you to share that with your fellow reader. Your fellow community member. Truthfully, I never know where my editorials are going to go, but, I always look to you, my friends and family for inspiration. It is all of you who have made me a better person. That after all these years, my life is rich with relationships. Unfortunately, I have not gotten to know many of you as well as I would like. And that many of you have done some pretty great things. I want you to inspire the magazine. I need your help. So, if you think you are not a writer, again, I am not either. Whatever you write, doesn’t have to be perfect, it never is. Nobody is. But I am sure that after all these years of reading this magazine you may have once thought about submitting some type of article. That maybe you wanted to share something or talk about someone. I would love to read it. I would love to publish it. There are a few criterion that have to be met. First and foremost, I will not publish anything negative. There is no need to. Positive only. I would like it to be honest. I would like it from the heart. I will not publish a story that is turned into an advertisement. If you are going to highlight someone, let it be a good person who deserves it. If you are going to submit photos, they must be high resolution. I know I might be a little crazy for writing this in the letter from the editor, but I really want these stories. If you need help, e-mail me. I would love to assist. Remember, this is our community, this is our story, these are our friends. Send me a story. I really hope I get at least one. If you have any questions or a submission:



Dustin Troyan

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On the Cover: Wicked in Suede Photo: Scott Martin

Southern California’s Largest Aircooled Porsche Dealer The Nation’s Largest Porsche Inventory 21301 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364 844.866.6762

The Lingenfelter Collection To performance, muscle and fine automobile aficionados, the Lingenfelter name has been synonymous with speed, power and elegance for decades. At the helm of the Lingenfelter automotive dynasty is Ken Lingenfelter, whose 250-vehicle collection is considered one of the finest in the country. But whatever adjective might come to mind when thinking about a world-class car collector — flamboyant, reclusive, guarded, eccentric — it doesn’t describe Lingenfelter, who is hard-working, altruistic and practical.

A self-made business owner and devoted family man with an affinity for performance cars, drag racing and road racing, Lingenfelter started collecting automobiles more than 25 years ago, purchasing a car at a time, sometimes having to sell one to buy another. Like his first company, Lingenfelter built his collection steadily and thoughtfully. The Lingenfelter Collection Lingenfelter’s appreciation for fine cars extends beyond simply collecting to appease his personal tastes. He uses the powers of the Lingenfelter Collection for good, when, from time-to-time, he opens its doors to select charities to raise funds for worthy causes. Located in Brighton, Mich. and carefully amassed and catalogued under Lingenfelter’s watchful eye, the Lingenfelter Collection is considered the crown jewel of the Lingenfelter brand. It is a stunning compilation of historically significant Lingenfelter cars, muscle cars, Corvettes and exotic European vehicles, filling 42,000 square-feet of showroom

Story + Photos // McCullough PR with automotive rarity, elegance and beauty. The Lingenfelter Collection is opened only for tours and private showings to raise funds for The Alzheimer’s Association, Ronald McDonald House, major area hospitals, youth organizations and other charities. Each October, the Lingenfelter Collection hosts an annual fundraiser to support The Pink Fund during breast cancer month. Only open to the public twice a year, the Collection is sometimes available for corporate events, silent and live auctions, and car-club specialty showings as well. A true car lover, Lingenfelter subscribes to no rubric for selecting the cars he includes in this impressive collection — he simply buys automobiles he likes. And there’s a story behind each one. “I take time and look for the right automobile,” he said. “Each vehicle represents the very best example I could find of each car. There is a story behind every car in the collection and the effort to find the best example I could find of each.” Nevertheless, six vehicles are special to Lingenfelter: a ’53 Supercharged Corvette, the very first supercharged Corvette; the ‘54 Duntov Test Mule, considered the first true high-performance Corvette; a ‘63 Split Window Corvette Fulie, the first Vette

collected; and a new 2010 Lingenfelterpowered ZR1. In addition, several vehicles in the collection are among the rarest automobiles in the world and include Ken’s personal favorites: a 2007 Bugatti Veyron, an Enzo Ferrari, a 2008 Lamborghini Reventón and a red 2015 La Ferrari. At present, the Lingenfelter collection is comprised of 40 percent Corvettes, 30 percent muscle cars and 30 percent exotics. Approximately 80 percent of the vehicles in The Collection are General Motors brand. Growing up GM Ken is the son of General Motors executive, Charles Lingenfelter, who immersed Ken in the automotive business from a very

young age. His father also was a self-made man, very much dedicated to General Motors. Starting out on the assembly line, his dad worked up through the ranks, illustrating to his son the value of hard work. And, with performance blood in his veins, Charles was instrumental in developing the pilot program for the Olds Tornado in the 1960s, when he worked in the Fisher Body plant in Euclid, Ohio. Going to work with his dad after dinner time, Lingenfelter was exposed to the intricacies and challenges of the automotive design and manufacturing business from the inside out, often getting in the cars with his dad during testing and watching the progression of vehicles in development. “Because of my father, I grew up with an appreciation for performance automobiles. My very first car was an 442 Olds, my very first Corvette was a 1977 model and my very

first collector car was a 1969 Jaguar XKE,” he said. “But, it was the ’63 Split Window Corvette that really fanned the flame of my passion for performance cars. I remember I was just 10 years old when it came out.” Lingenfelter also credits his father for his life-long work ethic. Lingenfelter started his own company at the age of 22 with a handful of employees, providing real estate and title insurance services. He steadily grew the company over the years to eventually number several thousand employees with locations in several states. During that time, he slowly built his car collection. Then, in 2003, he sold his business to a publicly traded company, which he considers fortunate timing, as the real estate industry was starting to slightly weaken. That sale offered Lingenfelter the time and resources he needed to seek out the special vehicles he wanted in his collection, which then numbered about 50.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering In addition to collecting cars, Lingenfelter’s passions have run to racing since he was a child, and his affinity for all aspects of performance cars, drag racing and road racing is evident in the work of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. He purchased Decatur, Indiana-based Lingenfelter Performance Engineering in 2008, which was founded by his distant cousin, the late John Lingenfelter, whose illustrious racing career was the springboard for the company. A dominant force in performancetuning for Corvettes, Cadillacs and Camaros, LPE is known for offering technology that bridges the divide between racing and private

ownership of stylish, highperformance automobiles for the everyman. Today, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s strong reputation of success is due, in large part, to Lingenfelter’s commitment to and investment in the technology, and research & design necessary for the development of highquality engine packages and aftermarket components. “One of my goals is to keep the Lingenfelter brand strong and positioned at the leadingedge of performance refinement. That means delivering unrivaled power, speed and control with dependable reliability in every Lingenfelter Performance Engineering vehicle we touch,” he said. “I can point with complete confidence to our talented employees and worldwide customer base as proof we’re achieving that goal.” In large part, Lingenfelter attributes his success to surrounding himself with talented associates and empowering them to perform at their highest levels. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is an example of that practice. “Every member of the Lingenfelter Performance Engineering team is not just an expert in performance engineering, but is also extremely passionate about our brand and maintaining our reputation,” he said. “My team

is meticulous about drawing out the maximum level of performance to meet each customer’s driving preferences and budget.” As a result of this professionalism, many of the company’s innovations have been instrumental in establishing performance thresholds for the industry. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s performance packages come with a distinctive Lingenfelter side badge, available only for Lingenfelter Performance Engineering installed packages. “Every vehicle we build is qualified to have the exclusive Lingenfelter high-quality chrome metal logo, which come complete with certificates of authenticity with raised stamping to ensure authenticity,” Lingenfelter said. Highly regarded for its work with GM products, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering provides performance

tuning for racers and performance enthusiasts, producing high-performing, high-quality engines, including naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7 engine packages. The company also offers engine

building, engine and chassis tuning, and installation for other performance-style vehicles, in addition to automotive, marine engine and engine component product development and testing services for manufacturers, aftermarket and original equipment suppliers.

Golf Tips with Tommy Mansuwan In past articles, I’ve mentioned the importance of speed in lag putting. By having good consistent speed control, you’ll have a variety of lines to choose from when putting. For instance, if you have a downhill curler and are good with your speed, you can choose to play a bit extra break while hitting it cup speed so that the ball will just fall right in the cup. Likewise, if you encounter an uphill putt with minor break, with enough confidence, you could go ahead and hit it straight while taking the break out of the putt. With all this said, you’d really need to be on your speed game to putt this way. Otherwise, you will really have a frustrating time on the greens. Just to revisit an old drill for speed control on lag putts, mark out four (6ft, 12ft, 18ft, 24ft) spots from the hole. Now lay a

Know Your Speed

club on the green three feet behind the hole. While using only one ball, hit a putt at each spot so that the ball finishes in the three feet zone between the hole and the club. Get four (one from each spot) in a row within the range and you are done for the day. Do that every time you practice putting and you won’t have a problem matching the line with the speed. Now with the lag putts under control, how do you work on speed control for short putts? Take one tee and push it into the back (the dirt area between the cup and grass) of the hole until it sticks halfway across the cup. Find a flat putt from three feet away and use four balls for this drill. The goal is to make each putt in four different ways. Start by making the putt at cup speed so that the ball drops in

the front edge but doesn’t touch the tee. Next, make one putt each on both edges. And finally, make a firm putt that hits the tee on its way in. Do this a few times while focusing on making four in a row. You’ll develop great pace from a variety of areas on the green after awhile while having the confidence to approach any putt regardless of the amount of break. If you manage to find yourself on a vacant putting green, set up both drills and alternate between the two. This will give you a better feel of what it would be like under playing conditions. Change it often and you’ll find yourself more focused.

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Car Culture

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by Mark Llewellyn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Checkered Flag And the winner is…..

A New Year and new racing season has begun. The one thing all forms of racing have in common is the checkered flag waived on the last lap to the winner of the race! Although there are many theories, the exact origins of the use of a checkered flag to end races are lost in history. One theory is that in the early days of settlement in the American Midwest, horse races were followed by a large public meal. A checkered flag was waived to signal the meal was ready and the racing should stop. Another claim is that checkered flags were used in early 19th century bicycle races in France. A likely reason for the high-contrast checkered flag is its conspicuous design against the background of a crowd. Most early races ran on dirt, where the dust reduced the driver’s visibility. The earliest known photograph of a checkered flag used to end a race was from Long Island, New York in 1904 at the Inaugural Vanderbilt Cup Race. Some however, dispute the photo as being from 1906-08. A 2006 publication, “The Origin Of The Checkered Flag, A Search For Racing’s Holy Grail”, written by Fred Egloff and published by the International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen, traced the flag’s origin to Sidney Waldon. An employee of the Packard Motor Car Company, Sidney devised the flag to mark “checking stations” (now called check points) along the rally-style events of the Glidden Tour. There is no regulation as to the size of the flag. Different racing sanctions use different styles, some wave one flag, and others wave two. I suppose, what matters most is being lucky enough to see one waved for you.

Marque Schedule

Supercar Sunday

March 6th: Shelby, Ford Gt, Cobra April 3rd: Pre-1973 Muscle Cars May 1st: Ferrari June 5th: McLaren July 3rd: Lamborghini Aug. 7th: Alfa, Fiat, Maserati Sept. 4th: All Exotics Oct. 2nd: Porsche Oct. 16th: Corvette Nov. 6th: Pre-1970 European Cars Dec. 4th: MOTOR4TOYS

Supercar Sunday is presented by: THE AUTO GALLERY The 2nd Sunday is Nissan Marque Day with Universal Nissan Supporting Sponsors include: Coastline Motorsport Century Specialized Towing & Transport

MASERATI / McLAREN 24050 West Ventura Blvd. Calabasas, CA 91302 | LAMBORGHINI 21326 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364 PORSCHE / AUDI 21301 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364 | MASERATI / McLAREN BEVERLY HILLS 9022 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 McLAREN SCOTTSDALE 8355 E. Raintree Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | SANTA MONICA FIAT 1820 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 VAN NUYS FIAT / MASERATI 5711 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91401





Grand National Roadster Show “It was a good day for Woodland Hills,” commented Gary Wales as he congratulated Johnny Martinez at the end of the 2016 O’Reilly Grand National Roadster Show. They had both just received two awards each at the very prestigious annual gathering of the best-

of-the-best car designers and builders. The inimitable Mr. Wales was referring to their current home town and the fact that they both frequent Supercar Sunday and Motor4Toys which both take place in the Warner Center district of Woodland Hills, California.

Known as the longest running indoor car show in the world, the three day Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA and its sister Sacramento Autorama two weeks later have become synonymous with the most talented and well-know car builders of the last 67 years. The 500 indoor cars competing for 345 awards along with another 600 vehicles outside made for quite a show on Friday and Saturday until it started raining Sunday morning. Vendors, OEM’s and individual cars had to pack up quickly and leave the visiting enthusiasts to admire only those cars, trucks, motorcycles and race cars protected inside the seven exhibition buildings. On Sunday morning, TV’s Car Crazy host Barry Meguiar kicked off the morning festivities on a positive note with a nondenominational service that was uplifting and inspiring. The last day of the Roadster Show also attracted other industry notables including Chip Foose, Wayne Carini, Dave Kindig, Rick Dore, and the George Barris family. Wayne and Chip were filming next to Chip’s one-off custom rod “Magnatude” that he had built for Maureen and the late Jerry Magnuson, but we couldn’t tell whose TV show it was for! It was a real dash between buildings

due to the pouring rain, but each of the Pomona Fairplex’ buildings revealed scores of incredible street rods, old and newer racecars and drag cars, gassers, VW’s, multi-colored lowriders, woodies, motorcycles and even bicycles and some kiddie cars. Quite a few vehicles were featured in their own space with special lighting and lift jacks to highlight all the details in these works of art from both the top and bottom. The awards at the end of Sunday were scheduled for four o’clock and expected to end at 5:30, but with 345 awards to give out even with only a handful giving speeches, it took closer to two and a half hours. Of the 98 special awards, Johnny Martinez received one in addition to his second place win in the regular Best Rod Pickup – pre-1935. The “Wicked in Suede” builder won out of a group of three individuals considered for The Perseverance Award which is given to a “worthy individual or individuals who present an inspiring story of perseverance, overcoming great obstacles, whether personal or physical, to achieve their dream or that of another, who suffers from a catastrophic event or illness.” In Johnny’s case, while working on his 1929 Ford Truck, Johnny was informed that his wife Linda had cancer which they battled

Story // Scott Martin + Photos // Scott Martin + David Rosenthal + Tommy Huth

for 2 ½ years. Consequently, Johnny was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer that was treated for another 2 ½ years. The two, although now cancer-free, go in for periodic checkups to make sure nothing has reappeared. Once completed, his striking satin black truck has continued to win “Best of” and many other awards at events throughout California including the 2013 Grand National Roadster Show. Johnny said he was “honored and blessed” by the special award bestowed upon him by the Grand National staff this year. Local automotive hero Gary L. Wales and his associate Andres Aranda

also represented Woodland Hills in a big way with their 1915 La Bestioni, “Rusty Two” that has won awards at every show in which it has appeared. That, in combination with Rusty One that they still show, have earned dozens of awards between them and a new “Batman” version is in the works to honor Gary’s long-time friend, George Barris. The vehicles which are built on the frames of early 1900’s American LaFrance Fire Trucks are fantastic to see in both scale and detail. This year, Rusty 2 won for Outstanding Engineering in the Special awards segment, and 1st place as Radical Show Rod. Rusty Two will next be featured at

the Crossroads Benedict Castle Concours charitable car show in May. Besides Johnny’s inspiring win, the evening became solemn when the Barris Family ascended the stage to give away the George Barris Memorial Kustom D’Elegance trophy to Jerry Logan for his 1960 Cadillac. This was the first Grand National without George Barris, the King of Kustoms. His family spoke about his love of cars and grandson Jared made a moving speech including stories that showed the perseverance, tenacity and empathetic personality that everybody loved about George. Several other special awards including the Bruce Meyer Hot Rod Preservation Perpetual Trophy, Von Dutch Striping award and AMBR and overall achievement awards culminated in the crowning of “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster”, a traditional 1932 Roadster created by wellknown builder Darryl Hollenbeck. Scott Martin is a Calabasas resident, photojournalist, auto broker and frequent contributor to Driven World Magazine. He can be reached at sroscott@ or 818 430-7266

Brook’s Book Review On the one hand, it’s not as if the world really needed another Dino book. It’s not as if the story hasn’t been covered before, in a few books, and uncounted magazine articles. The Dino is a known quantity (Though possibly not in the most literal sense.) from start to finish. It is entirely possible that Doug Nye’s classic tome Dino: The Little Ferrari could simply have been kept in print, updated appropriately with new information, almost eternally. It’s very good. On the other hand, The Dinos may actually be underserved in print, by the standards of their parent marque, and the story of Alfredo Ferrari, and the cars named after him is a compelling, tragic, and glorious one. So what need is there to begrudge its being told again? None that I can think of, and so Brian Long’s new volume, Dino: The V6 Ferrari, is a welcome addition to the tradition. Long has been at this business for a while, writing histories of everything from Datsun Z Cars, to the Daimler SP 250 Dart. They follow a practiced, workable format, and while they don’t skimp on detail, the histories are

Story by Brooks Smith

straightforward, and the pictures are a little

light by recent standards. The new book isn’t really any different in these respects, but if Long’s history isn’t as fabulous as Mathias Bartz’s recent Dino Compendium, well, it isn’t as fabulously expensive either,

at $69.95. This is a value for money proposition The book gives a bit of Ferrari history, a bit on Alfredo himself (The V6 engine was given the shortened version of his “Alfredino” sobriquet.), and then the development by legendary Vittorio Jano, of the racing version of the V6 engine in 1956-7, for Formula One, the Fiat development for Formula Two, and the string of road cars from both Fiat and Ferrari. While I do sort of wish the later Dino 308 GT4 were covered, its absence is understandable, as it really belongs to a later generation of cars, which would see the end of the Dino brand. Alfredo Ferrari never heard the engine that bore his name run, dying in 1956 from complications of muscular dystrophy, and taking a piece of his famous father with him. Run the engine did, though, taking two world championships in Formula One, and bringing Ferrari engineering within reach of the merely well off, for the first time. It’s a special engine with a unique story, one Long does a more than adequate job of telling, at a reasonable price.

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: n o i t u l o s e R ’s r a e New Y Get one of these!

Family owned and operated in Southern California for over 45 years.


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Cars and Croissants at Santana Row- WOW!

Story // Benoit Boningue + Photos // Dennis Noller + Mayanak Parekh + Jake Pullman + Dowd + David Mohn

Between our monthly Cars and Croissants gathering 3,000 to 5,000 people wanting to see the best supercars in the world every month, and working with Koenigsegg and W Motors for Monterey Car Week, 2015 was a very successful year for 100|OCT. So we wanted to have a proper send off to our best year to date! For that, I picked up the phone and wrote emails inviting our supercar owner friends to show up for our last 2015 Cars and Croissants at Santana Row, Silicon Valley’s version of Rodeo Drive, asking them to bring their cars on Saturday December 26, the day after Christmas. And the answer was amazing. Prior to the event, we confirmed: - two McLaren P1s (Carbon Black and Volcano Orange) - one Ferrari LaFerrari and its matching Enzo (Grigio Titanio) - one Porsche 918 Spyder (Onyx White) With the Holy Trinity of supercars confirmed, we were already ecstatic. But we still had to ask for more. So I emailed Bruce Canepa, famed vintage race car driver and Porsche aficionado, who owns Canepa in Scotts Valley. For context, this place is amazing! In their showroom, they always have amazing exotics and classics for sale: Countach, 356 Speedster, 959, 300SL Gullwing, and other

such stunning gems. In the museum upstairs, Porsche 917 and 962 sit next to a Paris Dakar Rally Porsche 959 and many other treasures. But the best part is always the shop at the back, where Bruce’s team repairs and restores amazing classics, from Duesenbergs to Lamborghinis to Mercedes to Porsches, of course. We went earlier this year, and there were EIGHT

Porsche 959s in various stages of restoration. Since we hadn’t taken our 100|OCT Club members to Canepa in over 2 years, we arranged a visit for our last drive in early December, where we ended up chatting with Bruce for half an hour. What people don’t really know is that Bruce is also a big McLaren fan. He owns one

of the 375 McLaren P1s made in the last couple of years, in a gorgeous flat dark blue. See this car in the shade and it looks black. See it in the sun and all of a sudden you realize that it is actually blue, and the contrast with all the carbon fiber bits is very very cool! During that discussion, Bruce mentioned that his McLaren P1 GTR was com-

ing in the following week (mid-December), so when I sent him an email to thank him for his hospitality for our 100|OCT group, I made sure to invite him to display his upcoming car at our last event of the year. The thing is, Bruce is a busy man and rarely replies to emails or invitations like this, so my hopes weren’t very high at that point. Imagine my surprise when I get an email the day before Christ-

mas from his transporter. “Hi, this is Marco. Bruce told me to coordinate with you for the display of his P1 GTR at Santana Row on Saturday.” Why yes please! Merry Christmas to me! :-) So we added the P1 GTR to the roster on Facebook and the news spread like wild fire. RSVPs were coming in like crazy. On the morning of the event, I even get a text from Nick, whom we put in touch with the local Pagani dealer as he and his dad were interested in seeing, test driving and ultimately buying one of the last Huayra coupes to grace our shores before they switch the assembly line to make roadsters. Nick and his dad took delivery of the Huayra a couple of weeks ago and wanted to display it at the show. Also, out of the blue, during the event, a red Enzo shows up, which is great because the silver Enzo ended up not making it. And an extra P1 (white) shows up as well! So we ended the year with 7 supercars, with a really strong McLaren presence. With the local dealer’s brand new and just arrived 570S demo car, we ended up having all the McLaren models that have come out in the past 5 years on display: 12C, 12C Spider, 570S, 650S, 675LT, P1 and P1 GTR. Bruce’s McLaren P1 GTR is absolutely stunning in dark green (a one off color from MSO baptized Canepa Green) with McLaren Orange accents. All of this was greeted on a glorious but frisk day after Christmas by 7,000 visitors. Our best year so far ended on the best note! And believe it or not, we have a few aces up our sleeves to make 2016 even better! Stay tuned!

The Bronco That Could Not Be Tamed

Story + Photos // Dustin Troyan

This old Bronco...Many of you know that I have a brother named Lance. I suppose we are both car guys from the beginning. His first car was a 1989 Ford Mustang GT, 25th Anniversary Edition, five-speed with a sunroof. He picked it up in Michigan with my father and they drove it back. We both learned how to drive on that car, got our first tickets in that car, such fond memories. I recall going up Stunt Road in that car, heading to the beach surfing and going through tires. Naturally, I was the better driver. Some years later, he picked up a 1976 Ford Bronco. It ran, clean for what it was and totally stock. I can remember when he brought it home, my dad was mad! He thought my brother was nuts. He advised against it. Nevertheless, Lance bought it. As neither of us grew up working on cars, there was a huge learning curve for him, but he did do quite a bit to get the old girl up to speed. Some years later, the Bronco ended up sitting. Year after year went by. We all know

how that can happen. I think it sat for almost seven years. Lance finally decided it was time to get her going again. Not having a lot of time, he wanted to know where to take it to make her road worthy... I called Mike O’Brien at Mustangs ETC in Van Nuys as a Ford is a Ford. To some degree is a Mustang wrapped in a Bronco body. A little 302cuin engine tucked in there, the Bronco needed some general repair. The rear brakes were locking up, it needed a tune-up, to be timed and a general inspection. So off it went to Mustangs Etc. Mike and his team figured out that he needed some new brake lines and some of the components in the rear brakes were not correct. Having spent hours and hours on trying to correct this issue himself, Lance was so excited to hear that they brakes were working perfect and

the Bronco is now safe. Some new tires were thrown on as the old ones were about fifteen years old and the old girl is ready for some off roading. I actually picked the car up for him as he was unable to pick it up. Driving it home, I ran into local Bronco Expert Steve Brown who gave a stamp of approval. He took a look at the Brocno, happened to have a buffer with him and buffed out a spot on the passenger door to show my brother how good the truck could look with a little elbow grease. Truth be told, I had to mess with the Bronco right! So before he picks it up, I am going to have the drivers door polished to perfection so he has to get the rest of the paint looking as good as the spot on the passenger door and the drivers door! And, he has a standing invite to go 4x4ing with Steve Brown and his group of misfits! A very special Thank you to Mustangs Etc, for getting my brothers Bronco road worthy, you made his dream come true! (818) 787-7634

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3rd Annual Westlake Village Concours Story // Mike Grudt+ Photos // Greg Grudt

The 3rd Annual Westlake Village Concours d’Elegance was held recently on a beautiful unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure what happened to “El Nino”, maybe all of the Doppler 7000 and other high tech weather forecasting equipment leaves some room for improvement. Whatever the case may be I’m not complaining about t-shirt weather in sunny So. Cal. as parts of the country shovel snow.

This year the show was again held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village in a different private section on the property. We enjoyed a picture perfect setting for the English tea garden theme honoring the Golden Age of Motoring. As we entered the vine draped archway into the secluded area a large pagoda surrounded by a small lake (or large pond) with connecting footbridges stood out. The entire area was surrounded by various species of trees and plants and a stand of bamboo easily fifteen feet tall. In addition there were huge randomly spaced boulders (not sure at what point a rock becomes a boulder, they were large) that were sourced from the River Kwai in Thailand. It was a very unique and private setting and unlike any other car event I have attended. This show also seems to attract many who normally would not attend a car show. It is always great to meet

others with somewhat diverse interests. Cars seem to always bring people together in one way or another. Since this is not a large show, we always know the limited number of entrants will be very special or rare examples of motoring classics. Let’s start with one of my favorite cars at the show, a perfect example of a 1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato owned by a prominent local collector. Of the nineteen total examples built this one is even more unique since it is one of only six built in left hand drive and one of only two with hood scoops. Another favorite was the 1916 Stutz Model 4C Bearcat Roadster. The Bearcat was one of the first true roadsters that was stripped down to the bare minimum. This was a winning design back in the day and was based on one of the first

Indianapolis 500 race cars. One of the more unique vehicles was the 1913 Locomobile Model M-48 Series 3 (no it was not the first 3 Series BMW). The company started out building steam powered cars and later switched to internal combustion engines. These models were for the very affluent and unfortunately the Great Depression ended their production.

A few other cars of note were a 1953 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe by Ghia (once owned by Rita Hayworth), a 1951 Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport Cabriolet (a one of a kind example and the only Talbot bodied by an Italian coachbuilder), 1928 Packard 443 Eight Dietrich Coupe (shown at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance) and a 1933 HispanoSuiza J12 Cabriolet (with a 690cu inch engine machined from a single 700lb billet…wow). Of course everybody’s friend Gary Wales was in attendance with his latest La Bestioni creation. I always marvel at his craftsmanship especially knowing it was built in his garage and not in a huge commercial facility. I’ve been to his garage and I still find it hard to believe what he is able to accomplish. Also at the event were some Moorpark College representatives with a few birds of prey including a falcon, an owl and some other birds. They were amazing to view close up and always seemed to be on the alert. Not your everyday car event attendees. It was just another great car day in sunny So. Cal. As always please enjoy my son Greg’s photos and other car pictures on his site.


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The Gearhead Diaries

Brooks Smith

So, the Alfa Romeo 4C, remember traditional Alfa, and more like an out of tune when we were all a twitter about that little Wankel. There does not, however, seem to bauble? Yeah, that faded pretty quickly. be any debate about two of the more major I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it was points, steering feel, and turbo lag. that it came out so much heavier than Alfa I’ve not driven a 4C, but I’m tempted promised. Maybe it was the higher cost than to dismiss the turbo lag argument, because had been rumored. Really though, what we forgive it so willingly in cars such as the promising, game changer of a sports car Jaguar XJ220, Porsche 930, and, whisper hasn’t tripped on those two hurdles. It’s to it, the McLaren P1. After all, I don’t see the point where it’s pretty easy to gauge how anyone retrofitting new turbo systems to their far off the estimates are, way before a new car Ferrari F40s in an effort to make the throttle sees production. No, I think it’s much more more responsive. The steering seems much likely that the 4C suffers from just, not being more problematic. How Alfa has managed as good as it should be. People seem split to create a manual rack with the same feel on the engine note, but I find myself falling at an electric system, and all the precision on the side who think it sounds less like a and consistency of the average city bus, is DrivenWorld Qtr Pg v1•2015-10-02.qxp_Layout 1 10/5/15 2:36 PM Page 1

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Bavarian Workshop

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beyond me. Everyone hates it. Maybe Fiat/ Alfa should have handed the car off to Lotus for finishing, but they didn’t. And so the 4C is yet another Alfa that stumbles at the final hurdle, and we fans wait for the Giulia to see if the company can finally get it right by sharing development with Maserati. Maybe when the 4C gets updated, they’ll have fixed the problems. Meanwhile, Renault Sport, in the guise of the legendary Alpine brand, have been relatively discreet in developing a likeminded sports car. The project which started as a joint venture with England’s Caterham, is now nearly finished; the revealed show car being termed “80%” similar to the forthcoming production version. One look at the show car is enough to indicate that a very different thought process has been applied to the creation of the Renault. It sits taller, is more compact in its proportions, and looks to have good all-round visibility. Its basic shape already makes it a much more practical device than the slinky Alfa. Much more like a classic Alfa Romeo GTV, despite its mid-engine configuration. Renault are promising 2300 lbs., and near 300bhp for their aluminum contender; numbers which square well with the US market version of Alfa’s carbonfibre wonder. Of course, there’s no telling if it will reach those goals, but it does ring truer than Alfa’s excessive claims during 4C development, and would still make for a nice, lightweight sports car. There’s also no word on whether the Alpine will be coming to the US, but Renault have said that it will be marketed on “Five Continents,” so we’re certainly in with a chance. If Renault can get the car sorted properly, it could work as a real replacement for the Lotus Elise/Exige, now departed from these shores. And that’s the light in which I feel the need to view these cars. Both Alfa and Alpine trade heavily in nostalgia, but the weight of that history can work as baggage as well as momentum. Both carry great racing names, but their connection to those pasts was sundered years ago, by corporate buyouts, and watered down product. Lotus, for all their financial trauma over the last thirty years, is still the same builder it’s always been, and the Elise, even today, is still a Chapman car at its core. More to the point, it works. The 4C doesn’t; all the more frustratingly because it’s so close to being right. Only the next year will tell if Alpine have done the hard work, and created a car that will generate new energy to reinvigorate their tradition.

Supercar Sunday Story // Dustin Troyan Photos // David Rosenthal

Supercar Sunday 2016 is off to a strong start! We have to be somewhere around the fifteen year anniversary of this wonderful event from the inception. Event, I am not sure I would call it an event, it is more like “the thing we do on Sunday mornings...” We have had some fun haven’t we. It is a funny thing, I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen in years, met him at Supercar Sunday for the first time decades ago. He walked up with his kid, we started reminicing about “the old days,” now those of us who didn’t have kids, have kids. Passing this tradition on to our children, awesome. The Marque schedule for 2016 is listed in this issue and can also be found on the website: I will also be updating the calender as we fill up the other Sundays with club days. I know that we are working on a Lotus Day and a few other special days.

The event continues to grow and I am greatly appreciative to all of you who have turned our little Sunday event into something that is recognized globally. We should all be proud of what we have created. If you read the letter from the editor, it talks about submitting an article. Perhaps you write a

paragraph about your favorite Supercar Sunday memory. I would love to hear about it and share it in the magazine. Could be a lot of fun.

As we enter this next Supercar Sunday year, I look foward to adding value to the event and seeing all of you every Sunday. We have fun don’t we! Thank you!

Valley Indoor RV Storage

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34th Annual

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Save the Date for one of the Largest Car Shows in the Valley! Benefitting and Located at Rancho San Antonio Boys Town in Chatsworth. All Makes and Models Welcome 50/50• Adult & Kid Raffle • 350 Engine Raffle Bake Sale • Silent Auction • Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Show info: Jerome 818.259.1964

Sponsorship and Vendor Space Benn 818.635.4142

Classic Chevys of Socal Car Show Do not miss!

Story by Mike Grudt Photos by Greg Grudt

The 34th Annual Classic Chevy Show is an event not to miss! This show, which is open to all makes and models, not only brings a variety of classic and hot rods, but late model street cars as

well. If you are unfamiliar with the Classic Chevy Club of SoCal, there might not be a more energetic and passionate group of car owners out there. The Club has chosen Rancho San Antonio Boys Town not only as their location, but the beneficiary of the show. Proceeds from the show will be donated to Rancho, which helps to provide underprivileged youth a safe home and learning environment to help secure their futures. Over the last dozen years,

the Club has donated over $110,000.00 to Rancho. The boys at Rancho will also be present to assist with the show and provide an amazing bar-b-que. This show is one of the largest car shows in the valley and also one of the longest running. According to Crazy Al aka Big Al, this is in fact the largest show around! What many people do not know is that this show is open to all makes and models. Everyone is welcome to the show and the more the merrier. Beyond having a great show, it is a huge goal of the Chevy Club to generate as much revenue as possible for Rancho. The club has a strong connection with Rancho and Brother John who operates Rancho and they do their best to raise the bar each year and put on the best show possible. If you do not have a car to enter into the show that is also ok, the club welcomes you to come by and enjoy the show, bid on auction items and have a wonderful meal. The show is on Sunday May 1st and you can see the flyer on the facing page. See you there! For More Info:

Jon and Dustin’s Supper Club

Story // Dustin Troyan Photos // Jon + Dustin + Ojai Valley Inn

Every now and then it is fun to do a run. Jon and I have been doing them for over a decade. We would set them up and invite our friends and off we would go. From lunch destinations in Malibu or Santa Barbara or to Vegas, we always enjoyed getting everyone together for a good time. Years had gone by and we always toyed around with doing something a “little nicer” or a “little more special.” We went back and forth and finally came up with the idea of doing a run to the Olivella Restaurant at the Ojai Valley Inn. The goal was to get about thirty friends together and cruise the beautiful back roads to a five star dinner. Jon is more of a culinary expert than I so he was kind enough to head up and sample the restaurant before we made the reservation. When Jon called and said it was a wonderful experience, it was time to make it happen. Jon made the reservations for a private room at the Olivella Restaurant. The Olivella is Italian inspired and absolutely beautiful. Noted from their literature...“Olivella’s valley-totable culinary program is supported by the local Ojai valleys, ranches, orchards, farms and ocean waters. We embrace the seasonal whims of the region, focusing on the bounty of yearround produce provided by the

California Central Coast. Chef Andrea Rodella is proud to present a dining experience featuring the best ingredients of California with dishes and techniques inspired by his Italian heritage.” As we started to gain momentum, just about everyone attending decided to make a weekend out of it and stay the night! It was going to be a very special weekend. We decided to meet at Lavaggio in Agoura Hills as our launch point. It was our own little exotic car show. From Ferraris to McLarens to Ford GTs and Porsches, some of the rarest and most exotic of cars. We were

all so excited. As we left Lavaggio and entered the 101 Freeway, the sound of exotic cars was like a symphony of inspiration. On a hot winter’s afternoon, the day was ours! We headed through the rural areas of Moorpark and Somis, the roads were empty and the drive was beautiful. Friends, cars, open roads and an eighty degree winter afternoon, we could not ask for more. Entering Ojai around five-thirty in the afternoon, the main street was packed with people. As we whittled to the Inn, people went crazy over the cars. Cheering and taking pictures, it was so much fun. Pulling into the Inn, we had reserved parking and the concierge was very helpful in not only getting us parked but checked into our rooms. The rooms! For many of us, it was our first stay at the Ojai Valley Inn. When we got to our rooms...WOW! A fireplace, huge bathtub,

incredible view...we really could not ask for more. As we headed to meet the group for dinner, the sun was setting and the beauty of the Inn was overwhelming. It was the beginning of a perfect evening. Our private dining room had a sunset view of the valley below. The ambience was incredible. Many of attendees brought their favorite bottle of wine to share and it was safe

to say it was going to be a great night. The four course meal was superlative. The service wonderful. There were a few new friends, but after a few moments it was like we had all been friends forever. The evening was filled with laughter, friendship, fine food and wine. For our first “Supper Club Event,” it was everything we had hoped it would be. As the evening winded down, we asked if we should do another one and it was a unanimous “yes!” A little further from Los Angeles, a little more scenic and a little longer of a weekend. It is in the works! We would like to thank the Ojai Valley Inn, the Olivella Restaurant and staff for an amazing experience. We would all recommend a visit and a dining experience. If you are looking for a great weekend getaway, make no mistake, you will love the Ojai Valley Inn. Until the next one...

Lamborghini North Los Angeles

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