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A leader in veterinary and research equipment for more than 25 years Every day, DRE Veterinary helps facilities with limited budgets provide quality care to their patients. We can do the same for your facility by saving you money on top-quality new and refurbished veterinary and surgical equipment. We are: A nationally recognized leader in veterinary equipment Our commitment to quality helped us earn a spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of America’s fastest growing private companies. Business First of Louisville named us to its list of fastest-growing privately-held companies three years in a row, and in 2008 named us a Company of the Year. A convenient, single supplier for all of your veterinary equipment needs Utilize our 25 plus years of experience and friendly sales and biomedical staff for the veterinary surgery and exam equipment you need. As a complete contact point, you can expect a pleasant and efficient equipment procurement process. Your complete source for new and refurbished veterinary equipment We give you access to one of the nation’s widest selections of veterinary equipment, including new and refurbished patient monitors, anesthesia systems, surgery tables, surgery lights and ventilators. Our in-house biomedical experts can restore equipment to the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. Plus, we offer a variety of warranty options, protecting your investment and assuring long term peace of mind. Call 1-800-980-1281 to discuss the needs of your facility. Together we can determine cost effective equipment solutions that will help you provide the best possible care to your patients.

Vaporizer Cleaning and Calibration Maintenance Services Our skilled biomedical staff offers superior pricing and a quick turnaround We also have a wide selection of new and professionally refurbished vaporizers from Penlon, Ohmeda, and Dräger.

Browse our complete equipment selection at Shop online for new and professionally refurbished equipment and veterinary supplies and accessories from top brands and manufacturers. Quickly search by equipment type, keyword and web or product ID number. At, you can request a quote for the equipment you need. We can ship to nearly any destination in the world!

DRE is now a GSA Advantage Contract Holder Select DRE products are available! Contract Number: V797P-4385B Federal I.D. Number: 61-1106384 Call 1-800-980-1281 for information

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DRE Premier XP

Compact anesthesia system offers true mobility throughout your facility • 0.1 – 4 lpm oxygen flowmeter with rotary float • Rotary float and large, easy to read scale • 1,500 mL CO2 absorber designed for easy and fast replenishing of soda lime • New momentary closed feature incorporated into the pop-off valve • Recessed flush valve (prevents accidental activation) • Quick-connect fresh gas outlet for easy and secure switching between breathing circuits Web ID 9838

5-year manufacturer’s warranty DRE Premier XP

MRI-Compatable Configuration with the Penlon Nuffield 200 Vaporizer and Circle System

• • • • •

Constructed with non-ferrous materials Selectatec™-compatible manifold makes installing the vaporizer quick and easy Patient circuit with two-liter and three-liter bags Available with MRI-compatible Penlon vaporizer


For small animals and rebreathing anesthesia

Web ID 369

FIND IT FAST at when you search by Web ID number

• Great for general surgery and often used for orthopedic procedures • 0.1 to 4 lpm oxygen flowmeter • Quick close pop-off valve • Five-year manufacturer’s warranty

Web ID 371

• Coaxial breathing circuit reduces heat loss and helps humidify inspired gas • Custom color options available

Anesthesia options

Bain Circuit Adaptor (non-rebreathing)


E-tank Holder (single and dual)

Scavenger Interface (active and passive)

Circuit Alarm • 1-800-980-1281

Top Shelf Attachment


Sophisticated anesthesia workstation can Web ID 372 adapt to the needs of your facility • 0.1 to 4 lpm oxygen flowmeter, coaxial or conventional CO2 absorber, dual vaporizer manifold with interlocking capability, recessed flush valve, rotary float, and dual canister for longer cases • Convenient instrument and upper monitor shelves, drawer assembly and e-tank holder included • Quick-connect fresh gas outlet for easy and secure switching between breathing circuits • Optional N2O, medical air flow meters, N2O tank holder, ventilator bracket with shelf and mounted IV pole INN VA ORAO NGETIVE SOFT BLUE


Brighten Up!

with custom color options for anesthesia machines

DRE Transport 2000

Portable anesthesia system great for veterinarians in the field • Protective case with wheels and a handle • O2, flow meter, flush valve, vaporizer and O2 hose Web ID 1032

DRE Transport 5000

Field Services

A portable unit, designed for space saving and small facilities • Compact for mobility with integrated safety functions • O2, N2O flow meter, flush valve, vaporizer and O2 hose

Web ID 10614

DRE Compact Mini

Web ID 9280

• Small, easy-to-operate unit with an optional carrying case • O2 flow meter, new or refurbished vaporizer and O2 hose • Available with rodent nose comb and rodent circuit, or t-piece adaptor with shut off valve for one or two patients

Non-rebreathing systems designed for laboratories and research facilities that anesthetize small animals

DRE Compact 150

Web ID 373

• Includes O2 flow meter, O2 flush valve, new or refurbished vaporizer and O2 hose • Available with rodent nose comb and a rolling stand • Customizable with multiple flowmeters for anesthetizing multiple animals

Available with Induction Chambers for anesthetizing small animals

Operating within your budget!


Anesthesia DRE Titan

Anesthesia System for large animals • Frequency control variable from 0 to 99 breaths per minute in one BPM increments • 5 - 15 liters of tidal volume available • Vapor exclusion system • Ventilator is time-cycled, electronically-controlled and pneumatically-powered • Inspiratory flow controlled through operator-adjustable regulator • Touch-control tidal volume adjustment • Optional scavenger interface • Professionally refurbished Dräger 19.1 or Penlon Sigma Delta vaporizer • Optional accessories: 15/30 liter rebreathing bags and multiple sizes of endotracheal tubes

3-year warranty

Optional foal absorber

Web ID 534

The DRE Titan is extremely effective, easy to use and maintain, and very dependable. Patricia M. Hogan, VMD, ACVS Hogan Equine

DRE Integra SP II

(MRI-Compatable option available)

Anesthesia system with 02, N20 and air

Web ID 1314


• Advanced, easy-to-use features for maximum patient safety • Holds up to two vaporizers • Double-canister CO2 absorber is standard • Specifically designed for low flow • Left or right handed layout • Mechanical anti-hypoxic device and Air/ N2O interlock • Large work area with a writing table and footrest • Selectatec®-compatible vaporizer mounting system • Only two preventive maintenances required each year • Contemporary ergonomic design • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty • Avail. w/ MRI-compatible Penlon Nuffield ventilator (shown here) • 1-800-980-1281

DRE Ventura

Modern, cost effective anesthesia system loaded with features, including a touchscreen ventilator

• Advanced ventilation: PCV, PSV, SIMV, SMMV, volume control, and auto-peep • Integrated digital oxygen monitoring • Autoclavable absorber (excluding the manometer) • Two-station Selectatec backbar with up to four cylinder yokes • Oxygen flush is mounted above the common gas outlet and recessed for safety

Web ID 10068

Dräger Narkomed GS Durable anesthesia workstation that is intuitive and easy to use • Built-in monitor displays volume, pressure and O2 data • Includes AV2+ ventilator, which is pressure-limited, time-cycled and volumepreset. • Also includes a fresh gas system, cylinder yokes, backup battery and O2 flush.

Anesthesia Supplies and Accessories Anesthesia Masks and Diaphragms Individual and complete sets: small, medium and large (feline and canine), and rodent

CO2 Absorbent 2.5-lb. prepackaged canisters, bags, and five-gallon buckets

O2 Fuel Cells

Dräger, DRE, Ohmeda, Siemens, Datascope and Criticare

Circuits and Bags Many styles and sizes

Shop online for all your veterinary supply needs!

Web ID 11650

DRE Stainless Steel Gurney with Anesthesia Machine Combination of stainless steel gurney with optional DRE Premier XP Anesthesia machine • 16-gauge NSF stainless steel • 5: locking casters • Availiable in custom sizes

DRE Premier XP: • 0.1 to 4 oxygen flowmeter with rotary float. • 1500 ml CO2 absorber designed for easy and fast replenishing of sodalime.

Vaporizers New and recalibrated • Our selection includes Ohmeda Tec 4 & Tec 5, Penlon Sigma Delta, and Dräger 19.1 & Vapor 2000 • Isoflurane and Sevoflurane We can also clean and calibrate your vaporizers!

Operating within your budget!


Anesthesia Ventilators DRE Bonair Anesthesia ventilator is electronic and time-cycled with integrated patient alarms for improved safety

Web ID 590

• Optional small or large bellows assembly • Adjustable inspiratory time, expiratory time and flow rate • Patient safety features • Standard with I:E ratio • Can be placed on most flat surfaces or mounted on a dovetail bracket • Adjustable low and high pressure alarms • One-year warranty

Bonair, AV-800 and Hallowell ventilators are available with three bellow sizes: Small: 0 – 300 mL • Medium (Standard): 300 – 1,600 mL • Large: 1,600 – 3,000 mL

DRE AV-800

Hallowell 2002IE

• Time-cycled, volume or pressure-controlled with pressure and volume monitoring in spontaneous mode • Flexible, easy to use • Inspiratory pause and inverse I:E ratio • Improved spirometry system • Oxygen or air powered

• Pressure limited: Increases patient safety by limiting the maximum working pressure that can be adjusted to a pressure range of 10 to 60 cmH2O • One-year warranty Also available Models: 2000 and 2002, with and without Adjustable I:E Ratio

Anesthesia ventilator

Web ID 47

Anesthesia ventilator

Web ID 589

Penlon Nuffield 200

MRI-compatible anesthesia ventilator • Simple controls: A wide range of settings enable a constant flow during the inspiratory phase and infinite variability of I:E settings • Available with a circle system and/or Newton Valve for the ventilation of small patients Web ID 48

8 • 1-800-980-1281

Autoclaves LE 1018M HD

Heavy Duty Sterilizer

• Automatic shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles • Standard unwrapped cycle time: Cold: 20 minutes; Hot: 12 minutes • Bonded, industrial-grade, dense fiberglass insulation keeps more heat inside the chamber • Fully vented cabinet protects wiring and electronic components from condensation

Midmark Ritter M11

Web ID 11159

Tuttnauer EZ9



No more wet instruments Ease of draining & filling Pre-programed controls

Closed door active drying system to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying of packs and pouches

Web ID 604

Web ID 420

Shop for all your veterinary supply and accessory needs including autoclave and sterilizer supplies!


Web ID 118

Web ID 119

DRE Universal Centrifuge

DRE Microhematocrit Centrifuge

DRE Standard Centrifuge

0 – 13,000 rpm and eight interchangeable rotors available. LED or mechanical timer. Capacity: 24 capillary.

0 – 13,000 rpm, safety latch and an inner switch shut-off. Safety power shutout lid. Capacity: 24 slides.

Capacity is for eight 15 mL tube rotor placement operating at 0 – 45,000 rpm.

Web ID 120

Shop all autoclaves, centrifuges and accessories at

Operating within your budget!


Defibrillators Physio-Control Lifepak 20 Defibrillator/monitor • cprMAX™ technology • Easily converts to manual mode • Paddle choices: Standard, pediatric, and/or sterilizable internal and external • Optional Pacing, AED, and SPO2 capabilities Web ID 11385

Physio-Control Lifepak 12 Defibrillator/monitor • Compact and portable; weighs 14.5 lbs. • Paddle choices: Standard, pediatric, and/or sterilizable internal and external • Works with QUIK-COMBO pacing, defibrillation, and ECG electrodes • SPO2, NIBP, CO2, and 12-lead capabilities optional

internal paddles availiable for most defibrillator options

Shop online for all your veterinary supply needs!

Web ID 1483

Physio-Control Lifepak 9 Defibrillator/monitor • Micropressor-based unit with optional pacing • Operates on either AC Power or Internal Battery power • Allows for 17 energy selections, HR alarms, 5-lead monitoring, recorder and CODE Summary critial event record • Optional small animal paddles available

Web ID 87

HP Codemaster XL+ Defibrillator/Monitor

Web ID 90

• • • • •

High-performance, lightweight defibrillator Cardioscope, noninvasive pacemaker and recorder Comes with ECG cables, leads, pads and battery True easy 1-2-3 operation Standard with built-in small animal paddles

Shop for defibrillator supplies and accessories

10 • 1-800-980-1281

Dental Care

DRE Teres V-400

High speed veterinary dental unit • All-in-one unit lets you easily switch from polishing to scaling to cutting • Surgical stainless steel, heat-treated tips glide smoothly across tooth surfaces • Optional fiber optics system with high-speed handpiece • Tips gently cool and lubricate teeth, and wash away dislodged debris • High-speed handpiece is air and water-driven, and can be used for cutting and extracting teeth • Built-in 25K ultrasonic scaler maintains optimum frequency

High-speed handpiece can be used for the extraction of teeth Web ID 1512

Scale-Aire Mini A powerful and potent tool against periodontal disease

Web ID 9857

• Connects to an air tank easily with NO costly compressor required • Surgical stainless steel, heat-treated tips glide smoothly across the tooth surface • Water flows internally through the tip directly to the operative site, gently cooling and lubricating the tooth, washing away the dislodged debris

Son-Mate II Combination scaler/polisher • • • • •

Water line with quick disconnect attached Web ID 9674 From 200 RPM high torque micro-motor Forward/reverse switch One foot control for both scaling/polishing modes Includes a scaler handpiece with an inserted stack (transducer), assorted tips and a tip wrench

Sonus II Ultrasonic dental scaler unit • Potent, powerful tool against periodontal disease • Water line with filter and quick disconnect Web ID • Perform curettage, deep scaling of heavy 9809 calculus and stain removal • Transducer (stack) inserted in the handpiece • Alternate from scaling to polishing at the touch of a switch

Operating within your budget!


Electrosurgical Get the cutting power that’s right for you with DRE ASG Series ESUs! Web ID 433



Cut (120 watts), Blend (90 watts), Coag (80 watts), Fulg (40 watts), Bipolar (30 watts) Foot Switch


Web ID 258

DRE ASG-200 Cut (200 watts), Blend (200 watts), Pinpoint (120 watts), Spray (80 watts), Bipolar (80 watts)


Grounding Cord/Plate

Web ID 244

DRE ASG-300 Cut I/II (300 watts), Blend (200 watts), Pinpoint (120 watts), Spray and Bipolar (80 watts); also includes laparoscopy mode

• Split or solid return electrodes

• Dual voltage 50/60 Hz

• Neutral electrode monitoring

• No calibration required

• Defibrillator-proof type CF equipment • Optional carts available • Color-coded controls

DRE EG 400a

Web ID 9768

Multi-function electrosurgical unit • Seven levels of current are selected by pushing the mode-select switch • Foot/hand switch for cutting and coagulation • Complete line of accessories available • One-year warranty

DRE EG 200a

Web ID 9767

Easy-to-use electrosurgical unit • • • • •


Mono/bipolar cut and coagulation Vibrant, easy-to-view digital display Designed for safety and ease of use Complete line of accessories available One-year warranty • 1-800-980-1281

• One-year warranty

Bovie Aaron 950

High frequency desiccator with cut • 60 watts of cutting power and coagulation capabilities • Three-button pencil allows you to adjust the power output up and down, as well as activate the unit, even when you are in foot control mode Also available: Bovie Aaron 1250 and 2250 Web ID 9283

Valleylab Force FX

For bipolar and monopolar procedures • Power for cutting, desiccating, and fulgurating tissue • Improved safety/dependability

Optional carts available

Web ID 790

Valleylab Force 2 Cutting and coagulation • Blended cut modes that provide flexibility through varying degrees of hemostasis • Two surgeons can fulgurate from a single generator, adding convenience • 300-watt output in cut setting Web ID 107

Valleylab Force EZ

Instant Response technology

Web ID 9846

• Instant Response™ technology ensures that the power delivered remains virtually constant, regardless of the tissue type • Improved performance at lower power settings minimizes the risk of tissue damage • 300-watt output in cut setting

Valleylab Ligasure Vessel sealing system provides permanent vessel occlusion • Revolutionary technology replaces almost all other hemostatic tools — it actually fuses vessel walls to create a permanent seal • Isolated output configuration

Web ID 9808

Universal accessories available • Compatible with most ESUs Visit to shop ESU supplies and accessories

Operating within your budget!


Endoscopy Stryker Laparoscopy Tower Customizable, all-in-one units for the visualization and documentation of laparoscopy procedures Available with a mobile cart (like the one shown at right) and essential laparoscopy components

Stryker X-6000

Outstanding illumination applications; connectable to most flexible/rigid endoscopes.

Web ID 9915

Olympus CV-140 Video Processor Web ID 9833

Web ID 9904

Compatible with standard and big chip endoscopes.

Refurbished Olympus gastroscopes, colonoscopes and bronchoscopes Olympus CF-Q160L Video Colonoscope

Olympus GIF-Q160 Video Gastroscope

12.8 mm insertion tube

Large, sharp images

Web ID 9638

Web ID 9610

Visit for our full range of endoscopy products!

Medical Gas Medical Gas supply systems are essential for delivering piped oxygen, nitrous and medical air to a facility.

DRE Animal Health Division has the information, knowledge, and products to create, design or consult on layout of new clinics or fitting an efficient Medical Gas System into current facilities. Our Animal Health Division can help ensure that your clinic’s design allows for an economical gas system. Vist to receive more information or schedule a medical gas consult today! 14 • 1-800-980-1281

Medical Gas Easy to use and service, saving valuable time and money for your veterinary facility Professional-grade systems are ready for installation DRE Medical Gas Systems feature recessed, color-coded outlets that represent the most technically advanced means of providing medical gas connections to the central piping systems. The outlets — wall or ceiling-mounted — incorporate unique patented front loading features, and are easy to use and repair. • Conforms to NFPA 99 and CGA standards • Gas-specific outlet body with a modular design • Easy maintenance without removing faceplate • All outlets are 100% tested for flow and leaks • Compensates for variation in wall thicknesses up to 7/8” Superior outlets • Double O-ring seal that doesn’t deform and leak when weight is added to the outlet front • Outlet is capable of supporting 10 lbs. at 2” without leaking • Outlets incorporate protective vinyl labels that are durable and scratch resistant

Auto Switch Manifold Ideal for applications requiring automatic switching of cylinders or banks of cylinders TAV-3 alarm package (optional) includes: Audio/visual alarm, limit switch, 120 volt power supply (plug in), mounting bracket and 20’ wire cable

Medical Gas Fittings with Hoses Cut to Length Web ID 327

Suction and Waste Gas Management • AED gas evacuation system • Anesthesia detection bridge • Vacuum pumps and scavenging system


Gas delivery management • Headwalls, consoles and rail systems • Gas outlets, manifolds and air compressors, alarm systems and pressure switches • Fittings and hose assemblies • Emergency oxygen inlet box

• Nitrogen control panel and conversion kits • Flowmeters and accessories • Check, relief and ball valves, and zone valve boxes


Ohmeda / Quick Connect

Browse more medical gas piping equipment at

Operating within your budget!


Microscopes DRE Em5000

Surgical microscope with manual 5-step magnification • • • • • • •

150 watt illumination Web ID 10011 Optional: LED 50 watt illumination Fine focus objective lens Widefield binoculars Compact base with large casters for smooth Counter balanced flex arm movement Premium European optics Adjustable maneuvering handles

DRE Om2100 Automatic ophthalmic microscope perfect for cataract surgeries and post-op exams

Web ID 938

• Features motorized zoom and focus and X-Y • 65 mm interchangeable objective lens • New fiber optic illumination • Zeiss-compatible upgradable components • Comes standard with a new light source, fiber optic cable, power supply and portable four-wheel base

Laboratory Microscopes

for animal research facilities, education institutions, veterinary clinics and in-house labs.

Accu-Scope Compound 3002 Web ID 1031

Zeiss Opmi 6S-CFC • Zeiss optics: Sharp optical view; terrific depth of focus; inclined binocular with eyepieces; high resolution, internal, motorized focus and zoom; bright red reflex

Web ID 646

Accu-Scope Compound 3000 LED Web ID 329

Zeiss Opmi 1 ENT • Zeiss optics: Sharp optical view; terrific depth of focus; compact microscope body; step magnification; fine focus adjustment; inclined coupling for easy maneuvering; straight Web ID binocular; widefield eyepieces; 645 fine adjustment for head rotation; interchangeable objective lens; smooth mechanics; assistant scope and video available

TCS Pro 500 Digital Microscopy Camera Web ID XXXXX

Shop all microscopes and accessories at 16 • 1-800-980-1281


Visit for more patient monitors

DRE Waveline EZ

Portable touch-screen patient monitor • • • • • • •

Measures ECG (3 or 5 leads), SpO2, Suntech NIBP, respiration and dual temperature Available with Nellcor SpO2 and EtCO2 monitoring (sidestream or mainstream) Available with a printer Advanced ST and arrhythmia detection Graphical and tabular trending Integrates with DRE telemetry systems Additional features: 12-hour battery, 5-waveform display, audible and visual alarms, and quick BP readings recall • 18-month warranty • All accessories included

Upgradable to EtCO2 measurement any time Web ID 9765

User-friendly touchscreen provides immediate operation

DRE Waveline Touch Touch-screen patient monitor with a 12.1” color display

Web ID 9460

• Measures ECG (3 or 5 leads), Nellcor SpO2, Suntech NIBP, respiration, dual temperature and heart rate • Available with EtCO2 (sidestream or mainstream), and dual IBP • Upgradable to EtCO2 measurement at any time • Built-in battery and optional printer • 48 hours trend data analysis • User-friendly touch-screen • Integrates with DRE Vetrec telemetry systems • 18-month warranty • All accessories included

ST segment monitoring and 72 hours of trend data analysis

Operating within your budget!



DRE Waveline Pro

Anesthetic agent bench (option) is built into the monitor!

O.R. monitor available with 5-agent analysis and EtCO2

• 15” high resolution display • Automatic agent ID available • Multi-lead simultaneous ECG monitoring • Displays up to 8 waveforms • Automatically set alarm limits • Color-coded alarms, patient data entry, battery backup, graphical and tabular trending • Upgrade to EtCO2 any time • 18-month warranty • Integrates with DRE Vetrec telemetry systems Web ID 2012 • Facility to measure ECG (3 or 5 leads) with ST segment monitoring, Nelcore SpO2, Suntech NIBP, respiration, and dual temperature • Available with EtCO2 (sidestream or mainstream), dual channel IBP, anesthetic agent monitoring (5 agents, N2O, EtCO2), and Nellcor SpO2

Datex-Ohmeda S/5

Anesthesia gas monitor • User configurable display layout and colors • Support for up to 8 waveforms on screen • Support for user configurable second and third screen with different waveform and numerical information Web ID 9824 • Anesthesia dedicated alarm system

Datascope Passport 2

Anesthesia gas monitor

Web ID 345

• 3 to 6 waveforms with automatic expansion • 3 or 5 lead ECG with ESU noise rejection, lead-selectable respiration, NIBP, Masimo SET® motion-tolerant SpO2, and temperature (400 or 700 series YSI probes) • Optional 5-agent, CO2 and IBP


3 or 5-lead ECG sets, esophageal probes, alligator clips, and electrodes

SpO2 Probes and Sensors Nellcor, BCI, Ohmeda and more brands available

NIBP Supplies Neonatal cuffs 1 – 5 Small/large animal cuffs

Invasive Blood Pressure Cables and transducers

Batteries For monitors & defibrillators

Printer Paper For monitors and defibrillators

Datex Ohmeda Capnomac Ultima C02 monitor

Web ID 11113

Monitoring Supplies and Accessories ECG Supplies

• CO2, O2, 5-agent with ID • Monitors anesthetic agents, ventilation and oxygen flow • Reliable and accurate measurement • 1-800-980-1281

Shop online for all your veterinary supply needs!

Masimo EMMA

The world’s smallest CO2 monitor!


Web ID 12094

Web ID 9840

• A selfcontained, fully quantitative capnometer • uses the IRMA mainstream technology to precisely determine end-tidal CO2 concentrations and respiratory rate. • Battery operated

Masimo Radical 7

Masimo Rad-5 Pulse Oximeter

• Lightweight, convenient handheld device with a long battery life—over 30 hours on 4 AA batteries • User configurable power up default settings • Up to 72 hours of trending memory • Standard lingual and transflectant probe optional

Nellcor N65-VSat (Oximax)

Web ID 9859

• Digital signal processing technology • Accurate SpO2 and pulse rate values • Features an oxygen saturation, pulse rate and vertical bar graph pulse amplitude indicator/battery indicator display • Display range, SpO2: 0% – 100% • Display range, pulse rate: 20 – 250 bpm

Web ID 9831 • Masimo SET pulse oximetry provides accurate and reliable SpO2 readings during motion and low perfusion • Enhanced probe-off detection • Signal extraction pulse oximeter with Rainbow technology

BCI Capnocheck II

Capnograph and pulse oximeter • Measures EtCO2, inspired CO2, resp. rate, SpO2 and heart rate • Displays waveforms, trends, and numeric values

Web ID 9832

DRE True ECG Advance Touch-screen 12-channel ECG Web ID 9666

Web ID 9668

DRE True ECG-1

• • • •

Lightweight, compact and portable 12.1” color touch-screen for immediate operation Review 120 seconds of ECG waveform Alphanumeric keyboard and one-touch operation • Automatic measurement and interpretation tested with an authoritative CSE database

Web ID 9667

Web ID 9665

DRE True ECG Plus

DRE True ECG 12T

1-channel ECG

6 channel ECG

12-channel ECG

Accurate ECG monitoring in a portable package

Available with PC data management software

Automatic measurement and interpretation test

Operating within your budget!


Monitors Telemetry

Our most advanced central monitoring system

Web ID 421

Monitor multiple patients from a single location with the DRE

Vetrec VST

• Fully-configured telemetry system designed for emergency and critical care/ICU settings • Seamless integration with wireless ECG transmitters and DRE Waveline multi-parameter monitors • Provides auto charting; full disclosure (96 hours); auto-generation of alarm events; manual recording (ECG analysis); trends, charts and strips for arrhythmia; ECG data detection; and color waveforms • Automatically compiles and archives user-selectable discharge reports

Features flexible software that can be customized to the specific needs of your facility

• With a networked system, you can email discharge reports in PDF format • FDA-approved; operates within federal guidelines for wireless medical equipment

20 • 1-800-980-1281

The Vetrec VST makes cardiac monitoring easy and cost efficient by monitoring multiple patients at once without using multiple cage side units.

The portable transmitters allow patients to move about freely.

Leslie Wereszczak, LVMT, VTS Small Animal ICU Supervisor, University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine

ECG Transmitter Single/multi-lead Independent lead wires Waterproof Operates on two AAA batteries Small/lightweight Frequency: Medical 608 MHZ

Waveline EZ

Waveline Touch

Waveline Pro

Keep watch of up to 16 patients at once using waterproof ECG transmitters and DRE multi-parameter monitors! Connect VST transmitters directly to patients for ECG monitoring, or utilize DRE-brand patient monitors to view multiple parameters from the central station. See pages 17-18 for monitor overviews!

Easy-to-use graphical interface

The Vetrec VST features split screen technology that allows you to review, edit and enter patient information while observing all patients in the system.

Operating within your budget!


Procedure Lights DRE Maxx Luxx LED Maximum brightness with extremely cool output for 50,000 hours

• Highly efficient surgery lighting system • Extremely cool output — lowest possible heat • Superb color temperature of 4,300° Kelvin • Extremely long life at a rated 50,000 hours • Wide range mechanical dimming • 120,000 lux output at 1 meter • 6.5” – 9” adjustable pattern

Web ID 12160

• 5-stage dimming

Available in multiple mounting configurations with light heads, camera, and monitor combinations. Portable stands also available with a light head.

Single ceiling mount

Halogen bulb life: 2,500 hours

if used an average of 10 hours a day, Halogen lights will require a bulb change every 250 days.

Dual ceiling mount

LED rated life: 50,000


LED lights DO NOT require changing of bulbs. With an average usage of 10 hours per day, LED lights will last an estimated 5,000 years!

DRE Vision LED Web ID 9830

Featuring efficient green technology • Uses up to half of the electricity as standard halogen lights — with a virtually cold light output • 50,000-hour life rated LED life • 65,000 lux (6,000 foot candles) • 5-stage dimming and on/off switch on the patented sterilizable handle

Efficient LED lights provide cool heat Available in ceiling, wall and floor configurations

Mobile system


Single wall mount

Single ceiling mount • 1-800-980-1281

Single ceiling mount


Low energy, low heat, high efficiency

Web ID 11087

• Large, flood pattern - approximately 6”(15 cm) diameter • 4,200 ft candles (45,000lux) of homogenous light output with over 4,300º Kelvin color temperature at 24”(61 cm) distance • Life rating of 50,000 hours. • Uses about 50% of the energy of similar traditional halogen lighting. • Extremely cool output. Significantly less heat generated than halogen lighting.

Uses 50% less energy than similar halogen lighting

Available in multiple configurations

Mobile system

Single ceiling mount

Single wall mount

Dual ceiling mount

DRE Vista Pro LED

LED technology provides clear, natural lighting with true color rendering • • • • •

Three color temperatures (3500K, 4100K, 4700K) Easy access of dimming and light controls on the lamp head 50,000 hours maintenance-free at 100% efficiency Color rendering index Ra= 95 and R9 (red) > 95 50,000 lux at 20 inches

Mounting options available: ceiling, table, floor stand, wall, or rail

DRE Vista T3 LED Energy efficient technology in an ergonomic design

5 light dimming levels

Web ID 12133

Available in ceiling, floor and wall configurations

• The Vision T3 offers the optimum in color rendering with Ra > 95 and R9 > 90. This allows for clear recognition of any issues involved within the tissue. • Continuously dimmable from 100%- 10% • 55,000 lux/39.5in (1m) • Illuminated area 6.5in (160mm) • CRI > 95 • Glare-free, shadow and reflection-free Shop all refurbished procedure lights at

Amsco Quantum SQ-240 Surgery light Web ID 9812

• • • •

Designed for a wide range of procedures Light fixture moves freely and smoothly Superb optical performance 12,000 foot candles

Operating within your budget!


Procedure Lights DRE Vision Excel Surgery lights provide improved shadow control

• 16” (406 mm) diameter elliptical reflector design for improved shadow reduction • Large, pre-focused pattern, with homogenous light distribution • Removable sterilizable handle and an additional positioning handle mounted on perimeter • Color-correcting, heat-absorbing glass cylinder • Adjustable compression spring arm mechanism • Smooth articulating head and arm assembly • 6,000 foot candles at a 1 meter distance • Focus Distance: 36” (914 mm)

DRE Maxx Luxx II

Surgery lighting system provides cool, color-corrected light • Excellent shadow and focus control • Four-stage dimming and high color temperature • Available with advanced video integration capability with video camera and video monitoring options

Web ID 422

Web ID 428

Large, pre-focused pattern

DRE V-Series light systems are available in wall, ceiling & mobile configurations!

DRE Vortex

Surgical spotlight • High intensity, focused light pattern • Adjusts from 3” to 16” • Homogenous light with 2,000 foot candles at 36” (914 mm) distance

Web ID 427

DRE FX Headlight Systems Our wide selection of high-quality, high-performance surgical headlight systems are built to last at the best value on the market.

DRE FX 300+ Xenon Light Source

DRE FX 200

Halogen Light Souce


LED Light Source

DRE FX 10m Portable LED Light Source


DRE Xavier HI Fiber Optic Headlight

DRE Xavier M Monocular Optic Headlight

DRE Xavier C2 Portable Halogen Headlight DRE Xavier SA Fiber Optic Headlight

LED and Halogen Headlights also availiable with battery for use without a light source

Shop for more headlight and light source options

24 • 1-800-980-1281


Large LCD color screen

DRE Avanti Plus Volumetric infusion pump that uses a microcontroller for accurate control of infusion rate and volume • High quality occlusion detector • Auto-controlled multiple KVO function, keeps vein open efficiently • Infusion rate can be displayed by “mL/h” or “drop/ min”, flexible • Standard straight line sets can be applied • Heat function, 3 settings

Built in fluid warmer Web ID 11604

Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 Easy to use standard set infusion pump • Flow check occlusion alarm — an in-line resistance display of incremental back pressure • Programmed delivery profile allows up to 10 steps, individualizing control of infusion ramping and tapering Web ID 571

Baxter Flo-Gard 6301 Dual channel volumetric infusion pump • Incremental flow rate can deliver 1-99.9mL per hour in increments of 0.1mL per hour • Up to six hours of battery life with one pump running at a rate from 1 to 1400 mL/hr. Web ID 570

Abbott Plum XL Infusion pump

• Runs from 1mL/ hr up to 999mL/hr, and runs a 1mL/hr KVO at dose end • Capable of running parenteral (blood) and non-parenteral (enteral) fluids Web ID 618

Abbott Plum A+ Infusion pump

• Delivery Rate Range: • - 0.1-99.9 ml/hr in 0.1 ml increments • - 100-999 ml/hr in 1 ml increments

Web ID 618

Operating within your budget!



Baxter AS50 Features flexible drug libraries • Designed for a variety of infusion needs • Accurate infusion of intravenous solutions, drug solutions, whole blood, and packed blood cells

Medfusion 2010i

Drug library included • Programmable modes: body weight; mass; continuous; volume over time • Ability to store up to 64 user regimens/protocols • Flexibility for a variety of clinical needs, settings and applications

Web ID 9368

Web ID 809

DRE SP1500 Plus

Web ID 1308

Versatile syringe pump

• Horizontal design allows you to stack multiple pumps on a single IV pole • Easily enter parameters with numeric keypad • Automatic and manual bolus modes

DRE Serene

Micro-infusion syringe pump • Built-in battery for mobile use • Loads syringe sizes of 20, 50 and 100 mL • Computerized alarm systems Web ID 9810


Gomco Optivac G180

DRE DM-660

Dependable suction unit

1/5 horsepower pump

Run time operation on fullycharged battery for approximately 3 hours at max. vacuum. 25 – 550 mm Hg vacuum range.

Aspirator’s wire basket accommodates a wide variety of canisters. Quick-connect tubing for all connections.

Dual protection system with afloat shut-off in the canister

Web ID 1513


Schuco-Vac 130

AC/DC portable suction unit

Web ID 576 • 1-800-980-1281

Web ID 9828

Respiratory Ventilators Puritan Bennett 840 Enhanced noninvasive ventilation (NIV) for patient comfort

• highperformance pneumatics, dualmicroprocessor electronics and DualView™ touchscreen • Enhanced noninvasive ventilation (NIV) that improves comfort for patients and Web ID 10611 performance • Designed with rugged and reliable components. Its modular design provides easy serviceability • Optional compressor in Neonate mode

Pulmonetic LTV 1000 Respiratory ventilator for use with large, medium and small animals Internal

Oxygen • About the size of a laptop computer (12.6 Blending lbs./5.7 kg) • Functions with high and low pressure/low flow oxygen sources • Ventilator pre-sets allow for quick setup of new patients • Invasive and non-invasive modes of ventilation for patients as small as 11 lbs. • Optional support arm, cross bar, rolling stand, pediatric and adult circuits, graphics display and humidifier (Fisher and Paykel) • One-button operation Web ID 261 • No medical grade air needed • Available new and refurbished

Also Available: Pulmonetic LTV 1200

Includes built-in PEEP, in addition to the features above Web ID 9822

Viasys Vela

Web ID 9458

Advanced respiratory ventilator for animals of a variety of sizes

Web ID 9365

• Ease of use promotes effectiveness and patient safety • 10.4” SVGA active matrix full color touch-screen gives consistent, rapid access to physiologic data and ventilator status

Respironics Esprit Great for veterinary emergency, critical care and research facilities • Combines a sophisticated design with easy-to-use features • Offers a range of modes and breath types including volume control, pressure control and fully integrated noninvasive ventilation • No need for wall air or compressor

Siemens Servo 300A Respiratory ventilator with a wide range of ventilation modes

Web ID 335

• Versatile design perfect for small, medium and large animals • Can automatically switch between controlled and supported ventilation

Visit for our complete selection of respiratory ventilators

Operating within your budget!


Stainless Steel Tables, Carts, Gurneys and Stands

Custom sizes available!

Classic Exam Table This NSF-approved exam table has a full wrap marine edge top to help control spills, and is constructed of 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel. It features a powder coated, weighted pedestal for attractive stability. It is constructed of 5” square, 1/4” thick tubing with a heavy-duty, 14-gauge, 304 stainless steel top support and a base made of extra heavy-duty 1/4” thick steel. Includes heavy-duty adjustable feet to avoid floor damage while moving the table.

Web ID 10541

Dimensions: 48” (L) x 22” (D) x 34” (H)

Mobile Gurney and Transport Table This NSF-approved gurney/mobile table is constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel and includes a welded undershelf. The legs are constructed of 1.5” square stainless steel tubing with rolling bumpers and NSF-approved heavyduty 5” diameter swivel casters (two with locking brakes). 18” undershelf height. Dimensions: 48” (L) x 24” (D) x 36” (H)

Web ID 2022

Also available: DRE Stainless Steel Gurney with Anesthesia Machine Web ID 10105

Over Operating Table This Over-Operating Table is perfect for your everyday veterinary surgical procedures. Set your surgical instruments and accessories on within inches of your procedure. Lockable casters prevent the table from moving around in case you bump into it.

Web ID 1309

Standard Top Dimensions: 34”W x 42”L

Mobile Utility Cart This NSF-approved mobile grooming/utility cabinet is constructed of heavy-duty, 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel, with a heavy-duty 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel top and supports. It includes three drawers (13-7/8” (W) x 14.5 (L) x 5.75” (D)) on NSF-approved drawer slides. Includes heavyduty 5” diameter swivel casters and the top features a three-sided, 2” high stainless steel top rail, which fits a standard small size mayo tray. Web ID 9950

Mobile Exam Table It includes a welded full turndown undershelf (surface at 8”) and two self-closing drawers with stainless steel pans. Web ID 9948

Mobile Utility Stand Includes a welded, full turn-down undershelf 12” from the floor. Constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel, includes a tray rail, and is great for grooming. Web ID 9949


Classic Fold-Up Wall Mounted Exam Table Heavy-duty, 18gauge, 304 stainless steel. The table easily folds up Web ID 9878 to wall for storage, and folds down for examinations.

Classic Wall-Mounted Exam Table with Pass-Through Drawer Constructed of heavyduty, 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel. Available with or without a pass-through drawer. • 1-800-980-1281

Web ID 9954

Stainless Steel Wet Tables and Accessories Cabinet-Style Wet Table with Knee Space The 6” deep wet table liner is constructed of 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. It features three large, full extension drawers and a storage cabinet. Hinges are hidden Euro-style and handles are NSF-approved plastic. The standard color is almond (other finishes are available). Available with knee space right or left. Web ID 10055

Option 1 (48”): Web ID 10057 Option 2 (60”): Web ID 10056

Different drawer and cabinet options available!

DRE All Stainless Steel Cabinet Style Wet Table with Knee Space

Web ID 9931

Constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. NSF-approved. The wet table insert is 6” deep and includes a stainless steel prep rack. Features a hinged cabinet door and three self-closing drawers with stainless steel pans. Also available with two cabinet doors instead of drawers. The drain is located at the center, by the faucet. Dimensions: 60” (L) x 24” (W) x 36” (H)

DRE Economy Stainless Steel 6” Deep Wet Table

Web ID 9925

This wet table is constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. The liner is 6” deep. The legs and crossbracing are constructed of 1.5” square stainless steel tubing and have heavy-duty, NSF-approved stainless steel glanged adjustable bullet feet. The drain is located at the center, near a faucet. Includes a stainless steel prep rack. Dimensions: 60” (L) x 24.5” (W) x 36” (H)

Stainless Steel Economy Bi-Level Wet Table

Web ID 9870

Constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. The liner is 15” deep at the faucet side and 6” deep at the knee space. The legs and cross-bracing are constructed of 1.5” square stainless steel tubing and have heavy-duty, NSF-approved stainless steel flanged adjustable bullet feet. The crossbracing is 8” off the floor. The drain is located at the center, near the faucet. Includes a stainless steel prep rack. Dimensions: 60” (L) x 24.5” (W) x 34” (H)

Solid Stainless Steel Insert — Accessory Constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. NSFapproved. Allows your wet table to be used as an exam table. Web ID 10006

Browse more stainless steel equipment at Operating within your budget!


Stainless Steel Scrub Sinks, Bathing Tubs and Accessories

Custom sizes available!

Single-Wide Scrub Sink

Double-Wide Scrub Sink

Available as a wallmounted version (includes mounting brackets) or as a countertop (drop-in) version (requires use of deck-mount faucet). Available with a backsplash.

Available as a wallmounted version or as a countertop (drop-in) version (requires use of deck-mount faucet). Available with a backsplash.

Web ID 9999

Sink bowl dimensions: 25”(L) x 20” (D) x 10.5” (H)

Web ID 10002

Sink bowl dimensions: 45” (L) x 20” (D) x 10.5” (H)

Basic Bathing Tub with Ramp NSF-approved bathing tub constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. The one-piece design protects against leaks and the wraparound angled backsplash helps prevent water damage to surrounding walls. Includes two tie-down eye loops on the back splash for securing animals and a sprayer hanging bracket. The legs are constructed of 1.5” square stainless steel tubing and have NSF-approved adjustable stainless steel flanged bullet feet. Web ID 9965

Dimensions: 48” (L) x 21” (D) x 57” (H)

Economy Bathing Tub

Basic Bathing Tub

One-piece freestanding tub and backsplash with side-mounted stands. The pet access side height is 29” and the rear backsplash height is 37.5”. Includes a removable ramp. Web ID 9961 Dimensions: 48” (L) x 24” (D) x 38” (H)

The one-piece design protects against leaks. The 45° angled backsplash helps prevent water damage to surrounding walls and includes a tie-down rail Web ID for securing animals. 9956 Dimensions: 48” (L) x 26” (D) x 54” (H)

DRE Stainless Steel Premium Bathing Tub This NSF Approved bathing tub is constructed of heavy duty 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. The one-piece design protects against leaks. IThe legs are constructed of 1.5” square stainless steel tubing and have NSF Approved adjustable S/S flanged bullet feet. Includes compactable mobile step-up ramp for ease of movement. Accomodates animals up to 300 pounds. Web ID 11050

Option 1 (48”): Web ID 9969 Option 2 (60”): Web ID 9968

Plumbing Options and Accessories Web ID 10007 Web ID 10026 Web ID 10008

Wall-Mount Spout Wall-Mount Sprayer Infrared Sensor Faucet Web ID 10039

Floor-Mount FootOperated Valve Web ID 10009

Wall Mount Foot-Operated Valve Web ID 10010

Knee-Operated Deck-Mount Faucet with Swivel Gooseneck Spot Valve Heavy-duty, NSF-approved, and great for wet tables.

Web ID 10013

Our comprehensive selection of plumbing options ensures we can meet your needs. Visit or call 1-800-980-1281 for complete details!

30 • 1-800-980-1281

Tables Surgery Pannomed OP System Web ID 641

High-end specialty procedure table designed for ophthalmology and advanced orthopedic surgery • Features remote controlled height adjustment from 33.5” to 45” • 264-pound load capacity • Power Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg to 15° • Power lateral tilt to a unique 43°

Flexible Positioning

Popular options X-ray translucent sliding top and optional arm rests Lateral Positioner

Pannomed Aeron

Designed for C-arm use and advanced surgical procedures

Limb Holder

Web ID 330

X-ray translucent tabletop

Traction Device

• Fully electric controls allow for height adjustment from 31” to 43” • Lateral to 20° and Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg to 15° • Angled table plane can support animals up to 250 pounds and provides improved drainage during surgery

Optional rail system for accessories

Tension Clamp

Pannomed Trend State-of-the-art surgery table great for dental and general surgery procedures • • • •

Choice of base colors

Web ID 332

Stainless steel top (51” x 23”) with drain Powered height adjustment (28” – 40”) 264-pound load capacity Electric motors in place of traditional hydraulic mechanisms • Animal-specific surgery table with a oneway longitudinal tilt that adjusts to an almost vertical position

Operating within your budget!


Arm Rests


Tables Surgery DRE Edge

Fully-featured, stainless steel V-top surgery table

• Adjustable from 29” high to 37” high Web ID 9971 • 360° revolving top locks (for any position or height) • Extra heavy-duty H-base with a durable FDA white baked powder epoxy finish • Accommodates up to 300 pounds • Heavy-duty floor levelers included • Foot-operated, heavy-duty hydraulic pump with brake • Included accessory rail on both sides for mounting needed accessories

The DRE Edge is available in four configurations DRE V-Top Operating Table (48” with casters) Web ID 9972 DRE V-Top Operating Table (48”) Web ID 9973 DRE V-Top Operating Table (60” with casters) Web ID 9974 DRE V-Top Operating Table (60”) Web ID 9975

Heated V-Top and Flat-Top Configurations Available

DRE VSE 2050

Designed for operating ease with a tilt-top mechanism • • • • • •

Table top dimensions: 22” wide, 60” long Weight Capacity: 400lbs Furnished with tie downs, and a duplex electric outlet Smooth lowering and lifting function Adjustable floor glides Tilt mechanism

Available in two options: • DRE VSE 2050 Electric Surgery Table: Web ID 1449 • DRE VSE 2050-HL Hydraulic Foot Pump Surgery Table: Web ID 1451 Web ID 12108

Web ID 1448

Classic V-Top Table

Two panel system that adjusts from horizontal to near vertical positioning • Overall size of the top: 19”w x 58”l. • A 3” stainless steel trough permits fluid runoff into a drain outlet • Table can be lifted from 30½” to 41” via hydraulic mechanism and top rotates 360 degrees • Optional height extenders available

Web ID 1397

Web ID 1402

Web ID 1375

Web ID 1368

DRE GVT 1200

DRE GVT 1000

DRE GVT 1450

DRE GVT 1600

1-800-980-1281 32 See our complete selection of surgery and• exam tables at

Tables Exam

DRE Element

Economy Hydraulic Exam/Surgery Table

Marine edge prevents fluid run-off

• Designed for streamlined performance in the veterinary exam, procedure and surgery rooms • Weight capacity: 200 pounds • Height adjustments: Approximately 29” to 37” • Dimensions of top: 44” (L) x 22” (W) • Dimensions of foot pump: 12” (L) x 7” (w) • Options: Pull out drawer and drain hole/ hook • Available with H-base (Web ID 9976) and H-base with casters (Web ID 10012)

Web ID 9861

Warranty: 1 year for hydraulic mechanism and 3 years for stainless steel

Pannomed EPT Exam/procedure table available with electric and battery power Web ID 423

Web ID 1425

• • • •

Height adjustable by foot control High grade chassis for maximum stability 250-pound load capacity Optional castors and synthetic or stainless steel top

DRE VSE 2300 Multipurpose transporter with a battery pack • • • •

For emergency surgery/treatment procedures Lifts up to 450 pounds Raises to 39” and lowers to 19” Warranties: 5 years for the table and two years for the motor/actuator

DRE VSE 2350 Electric exam table lifts up to 300 lbs. Web ID 1424

• • • •

Lowers to 12” and raises to 37” 22” x 44” raised edge stainless steel top Frame: 7-gauge steel/double powder coated Warranties: 5 years for the table and two years for the motor/actuator

See our complete selection of surgery and exam tables at

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Tables & Furnishings

Be Creative! Millwork Cabinets Available in two color choices

Millwork Cabinet Style Exam Table with Knee Space The marine edge top is constructed of 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. Available with a laminated flush top. It features four large, full extension drawers and storage cabinet, with hidden, Euro-style hinges and handles made of NSF-approved plastic. Also available with two cabinet doors (no drawers) or available with knee space at the right or left side.

Web ID 10058

Millwork Cabinet Style Exam Table The marine edge top is constructed of 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. Available with a laminated flush top. The work surface is 36” high and the table features three large, full-extension drawers and a storage cabinet. Hinges are hidden Euro-style. Handles are NSFapproved plastic. The table is also available with two cabinet doors (no drawers). Web ID 10063

Base Cabinet with Six Doors and Three Drawers • Pre-assembled units • Tough, chipresistant PVC edges

Mobile Treatment Cabinet with Two Doors and Drawers • Pre-assembled modules • Assembly holes pre-drilled and pre-threaded • Easy to clean

Detecto 8440

Digital Platform

Small Animal Scale

Large Animal Scale Ideal for animals up to 550 lbs

Double Door & Lock Narcotic Safe

Chrome Base Stool

20-gauge steel

“Soft Feel” padding

44 lb capacity in ounce increments

We can outfit your entire facility!

Customizable options include Cages Cat Condos Digital Scales Dryers Grooming Posts Kennel Gear Plumbing Tubs

34 • 1-800-980-1281


Four probe options available

DRE N500 Vet

Full Digital Veterinary Ultrasound System • Multiple software packages for Canine, Feline, Equine, Swine, Bovine and Sheep use. • Portable; approximately 14 lbs. including built-in battery • One key optimal imaging, snap shoot storage, and standard template • Various storage possibilities: DICOM3.0 USB 2.0 compliant, built-in hard disc • 4 Probes optional: Linear, Convex, Micro-convex and Rectal

Web ID 11715

DRE V900

7” LCD Monitor

Portable Digital Veterinary Ultrasound System • Rechargeable Built-in Battery • 365 Frames Bidirectional Cine-loop • Dimensions: 9.8” W x 3.94” L x 7.28” H, 5.5 lbs • Abundant Software Package

Web ID 11714

Perfect for Equine use!

GE Logiqbook XP

Portable ultrasound machine • Portable unit is small enough to carry around in a travel case, allowing you to provide diagnostic ultrasound to patients virtually anywhere • Based on GE’s advanced TruScan architecture

Web ID 2019

• Color and power doppler

Warmers Critical Care DRE Infantia NB1 Features servo-control that minimize disturbance to the patient

Web ID 220

• Touch switch panel with LED digital display • Set temperature, real temperature and auxiliary temperature are displayed separately Web ID 12109

DRE Oxygen Monitor

Air-Shields C-100

Fast-responding, oxygen-specific, galvanic sensor that achieves 90% of final value in approximately 15 seconds at room temperature

Incubator effectively isolates patient from airborne contaminants • Forced air circulation system permits stable temperature control, uniform heat distribution, humidification, and control of oxygen concentrations Web ID 1055

Durable, compact case

Operating within your budget!



Warm Touch 5300A

Convective air warming system that improves recovery time and helps minimize post-surgical complications • Quiet, efficient warming unit that features a “boost” setting for animals needing fast, shortterm warming • Automatic shutdown at 50° C to ensure patient safety • High air flow rate (55 CFM) • Fast warm-up (38° C in 30 seconds)

Washable Warming Blankets

Shop online for all your veterinary supply needs!

• Safety feature: Audible alarm sounds and heat shuts off if temperature exceeds 45° C • Includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty Web ID 1216

T/Pump Temperature therapy pump and Mul • T • Pad system • Solid state water circulation pump warms to an adjustable set temperature and circulates water through a therapeutic pad • LED display panel and selectable temperature settings • Audible and visual alarm and on/standby indicator Web ID 11160

DRE Comfort Series

Safe, quiet, effective blanket and fluid warmers • Two-year warranty • Adjustable shelving • Rapid warming time

Choose from many styles and sizes

• Push button control • Uniform heating • Digital controls/display • Stainless steel or glass door

Web ID 580

Comfort VC9


Web ID 579

Web ID 586

Web ID 583

Comfort Dual

Comfort VC21

Comfort C5 • 1-800-980-1281

Web ID 582

Dual View

Web ID 581

Comfort VC5


Shop all x-ray at or contact a sales representative to customize a package for your facilities needs.

DR 2500

Flat Panel Digital Navigator Package • Image manipulation for and enhanced diagnosis • Capable of transmitting images via e-mail • Archival, long-term storage and retrieval capabilities • Approximately 20,000 images are stored in the computer for easy accessibility & transfer • Transmits DR images using the DICOM format and protocol to any DICOM based PACS Web ID 11153

DR 4300

17x17 Mobile Table Digital X-Ray System • Integrated mobile Versa View DR table system • High quality 120kvp x-ray generator • 17x17” DR smart flat panel detectors • Produces lightning fast, highresolution, DICOM images • Sixway positioning of X-ray tube (left, right, up, down, forward, back, rotate and angulate.)

Web ID 11725

CR 4000 Digital Navigator Portable Small Animal Radiography System • Compact CR Scanner: Portable or Desktop application with Integrated Eraser • Throughput Standard Resolution • Gray scale Resolution, Data Acquisition 16 bits/pixel Web ID 11146

• DICOM Output 12 bits/pixel • Weight 49 lbs (22kg)

Ultra 12040HF Portable X-Ray

• Ultra Lite: only 25 pounds • Ultra Fast: routine radiographs in less than .05 seconds • Ultra Powerful: 120kV/40mA • Ultra Detail: 1kV steps, 100mAs / 40-120kV • Ultra Accurate: two stage dynamic, automatic line compensation Web ID 10904

• Ultra High Frequency: two times the power of other 120 kVp units

X-Ray Accessories



Shop online for all your veterinary supply needs! Gloves

Thyroid Protector

Operating within your budget!


Supplies & Accessories Surgical Instruments

• German bandage and operating room scissors • German towel clamp, extracting and magill forceps • German needle holders, scalpel blades, retractors, nail nippers, cutters, chisels, OB instruments, rongeurs and more

German Stainless Steel Instrument Sets Knee Pack Eye Pack Osteotome Pack Orthopedic Pack Surgery Pack Canine and Feline Spay Packs

Surgical Blades • Stainless and carbon steel, chisels and miniblades

Instrument Wraps • High quality, two-ply, and safety-surged

Surgical Masks

Cone, earloop and tie-on options

Cuffed Endotrachael Tubes

Disposable Gloves Multiple sizes available

Nylon Muzzles


Vet Syringes and Needles

Choose combo, needle-only and syringe-only packs

High quality, water resistant

Veterinary Bandage Wraps


Liquid Tissue Adhesive • 1-800-980-1281

Available in sizes 3.0 mm – 11.0 mm

Vet I.V. Catheter

Skin Staplers

Economy Collars

Multiple Sizes

Elastikon Tape

Sterile/Non-Sterile Stretch Gauze Rolls

Pet Shampoos

Zonas Porous Tape

Orthopedic Stockinette Rx Containers

Sundry Jars

Welch Allyn Diagnostic Sets

Lightweight and transparent

Sun-Med Diagnostic Kit


Clinical Thermometers

Digital and rectal options

Order supplies and accessories anytime online at

DRE Veterinary Return Policy A Customer Service Representative must authorize all returns and issue an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Please be prepared to provide the following information: 1. Reason for return 2. Product model number and quantity 3. Customer name and copy of sales order or invoice Eligibility • Requests for returns due to customer error will only be accepted 30 days after original shipment date. • A restocking fee of 40% or more will be charged. Merchandise must be properly packaged in the original shipping carton, if possible, to avoid freight damage. • Credit will not be given for items damaged due to improper packaging or freight damage. • Customers must obtain an RMA number from a DRE representative and display this number on the outside of the package. DRE reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether an item will be accepted as a warranty return, for quality issues, or as damaged goods. Charges and Handling of Credits • All returns are subject to inspection to determine condition of merchandise prior to issuance of credit. • All returns, regardless of whether the returns are determined to be legitimate, will be subject to a minimum handling/restocking fee of 40% or more of the sale price of the item. Special order items, such as upholstered chairs, are subject to higher restocking fees at the discretion of the manufacturer. • An additional fee of 20% of the original sale price will be charged for returned items that contain customer markings, stickers, or require repackaging to be returned to saleable condition. • Deposits are non-refundable. • Freight/shipping charges associated with the returned merchandise from the original order will not be credited. • Freight for returned merchandise must be shipped pre-paid freight (collect shipments will be refused). General Disclaimer: General disclaimer in regard to battery life subject to storage conditions and temperature. Measurements & specifications provided by each manufacturer may change upon their discretion without notice. As with any piece of medical equipment, please refer to the user manual, or other manufacturer instructions, for maintenance, service requirements and details of usage. All items are subject to availability and prior sale. Refurbished Items: Products sold used, as-is, or refurbished have no warranty unless specified, in writing, by an authorized representative of the company. Products covered by a warranty will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the company. Purchasers should follow the Return Policy protocol above. Equipment that has been damaged is excluded from this warranty and will be repaired for a fee. Please contact your freight company to submit any claims for shipping damage. Please do not have your equipment repaired by a third party without prior written authorization. Doing so may void your original warranty. All copyrights, trademarks, and brand names are the property of the company or entity to which they are listed.

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Patient Monitors


Surgery Lights

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• Medical Equipment Service and Repair • Preventive Maintenance • Performance Certification • Equipment Parts • Vaporizer Calibration • Operating Room Setup and Installation

Surgical Tables



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A leader in veterinary and research equipment for more than 25 years.

DRE Veterinary 2014-2015 Catalog  

A leader in veterinary and research equipment for more than 25 years.