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Virtual, in-person and hybrid team engagement activities to rebuild human connection, collaboration and communication

Connect your people, build your sense of team, & drive employee engagement regardless of geographical limitations! Our remote teambuilding activities are specifically designed to boost morale, create connection, and enhance communication while you are working together as a virtual team.

In the following pages you will find examples of team activities designed for online meetings and trainings as well as virtual and hybrid events. All activities can be delivered regardless of group size, literally in any language, all over the world utilising online conferencing tools or virtual event platforms. We have divided the activities in to several genres which will make choosing the right one for your event easier.

If you have specific requirements we will be happy to meet with you, online or in-person and discuss possibilities. We are also able to demo the activities that interest you so that you can get a proper feel for how they work.



An international chase after a suspect wanted for a series of audacious heists.

How It Works

The Take Down is an all-digital escape room experience that you can play on any device. Use evidence in your digital dossier and on the web to solve the mysteries! Working in teams of 4-6 players your mission is to piece together the evidence already obtained on a prolific art thief to work out his real identity and stop him from stealing any more masterpieces. You will have to peruse documents detailing his known associates, his prior stolen artwork, his past life and his potential next target museums. It all feels very real and you’ll be thoroughly immersed into the story. You’ll be working on a high quality website that contains your digital dossier and tasks, as well as professionally produced videos from your field agent from ”the agency”. He will give you regular updates and pointers.

Learning Outcomes

Players scour a vast array of documents and photos from newspaper clippings to passports. As they multitask and collaborate, they get deeper into a world of intrigue. Excitement builds and adrenaline kicks in as the time ticks away but with each new breakthrough there is great celebration and a sense of achievement.

In The Take Down, teams are challenged to think strategically and apply agile ways of working in order to link the all the pieces of the puzzle together. As a result, participants will develop an understanding and appreciation of the important role that cross functional communication plays in situational leadership and high performance under pressure.

Key Outcomes ü Collaboration ü Strategic Thinking ü Time Management ü Problem Solving 1 – 2 Hours Collaborative Online 4 - Unlimited


Haunted House is full of fun and engaging escape room challenges specifically designed to enhance team work.

How It Works

Teams of four or five people compete against each other, solving cryptic clues and completing hilarious photo challenges to be the first to escape the virtual haunted house. Playable on any mobile device in any location via our award-winning Go Team app, each team selects a player to be their ‘Ghost Whisperer’. The rest of the team, or ‘Investigators’, must guide their Whisperer to solve the clues – and complete three ghoulish mental and creative challenges –to escape each of the rooms in the house. Your teams have just 90 minutes to work together to escape all six rooms in the haunted house – and the one with the most points that breaks the final code, wins!

Learning Outcomes

Haunted House has been specifically designed around developing an attitude of courage in a team. The gameplay drives teams to work together valuing and celebrating each person’s ideas, actively listening and nurture discussion. As team trust builds, participants learn to shrug off a fear of failure, take courage to speak up and communicate their ideas with clarity. Through trust, self-belief and courage teams discover the successes that collaborative deductive reasoning can bring. The infectious and fun escape room style challenges and engaging theme bring a fresh perspective to working as a team. By gamifying the critical components of courageous teamwork, Haunted House will be a reflective experience for teams.

Key Outcomes ü Collective Courage ü Effective Communication ü Exploring Team Dynamics ü Collaborative Decision Making 1,5 – 2 Hours Collaborative/ Competitive Online 4 - Unlimited

How It Works

Come on a journey with your team into another place and time to use practical skills, solve wilderness trivia, take part in on theme photos and active challenges to get off the mountain. The team that plays together, survives together. The storyline of Escape the Blizzard begins at a company retreat in a warm cosy mountain log cabin. Suddenly, the retreat is interrupted by an incoming storm alert. They will be snowed in within a matter of hours without power! To survive, teams must head out. Along the way, they are confronted with a series of winter wilderness survival challenges including knot tying, identifying animal tracks, first aid, mountain awareness and more. The challenges

Learning Outcomes

Escape the Blizzard has been specifically designed to compel team members to collaborate. Each individual may hold part of the question or solution and only by working together can they arrive at the correct answer. The immersive theme and engaging challenges promote discussion giving opportunity for storytelling of past experiences, creating the space for team members to get to know each other on a new and genuine level. As the challenges are focused on real life basic survival skills, players will complete the game with an increased knowledge of surviving in the wilderness.

Key Outcomes ü Compels Collaboration ü Encourages Information Sharing ü Enhances Listening Skills ü Promotes Agile Thinking 1 – 1,5 Hours Collaborative/ Competitive Online 8 - Unlimited
Escape the Blizzard is an immersive and engaging remote team building winter wilderness survival challenge


Teams race to complete a variety of escape room style challenges in this captivating tablet-based escape game.

How It Works

Escape the Mob begins with a mysterious video telling teams that they are incriminated in the perfect heist. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Teams have a limited amount of time to develop an alibi. Guided by the Go Team app teams set out on a journey, completing challenges that will gain them points and also help them determine the exact time they were at each place on the night of the robbery. And in a final twist if teams can collaborate successfully they may work out the whereabouts of the stolen diamonds!

Learning Outcomes

Go Team Escape the Mob is a totally inclusive and highly engaging team bonding activity. With a limited amount of time, a competitive theme and a variety of challenges including photo, video, cryptic questions, ciphers, symbol swapping alpha puzzles, pattern identification, strange smells, mysterious sounds and theatrical performances, each individuals different skills and creativity comes into play. Collaboration is utilised in the final moments to ultimately find the jewels and Escape the Mob!

Key Outcomes ü Collaborative Problem Solving ü Thinking Outside the Box ü Recognising Individual Strengths ü Team Dynamics and Bonding 1 – 2 Hours Collaborative/ Competitive Online 8 - Unlimited


How It Works

A team of hackers is called to a special secret mission to save a young boy imprisoned by mistake in a spaceship. The team must pass through a series of doors that are locked with a puzzle. Each team collaborates in a breakout group on zoom. For each door, one team member can see the spaceship, and the others have information to help them unlock the door. As they complete one puzzle and move to the next, roles switch automatically. The competitive fever rises as teams watch the main screen showcasing the evolution of the scores of all the teams in the game. Who will rescue the boy?

Learning Outcomes

The Infinite Loop online is designed for developing team dynamics in remote teams. The more precise the player with the visual information is in describing the problem, the faster the teammates with the written information find the solution. The Infinite Loop has a sharp learning curve. As the game progresses, teams improve their communication and collaborative problem-solving skills. They learn about each individual in the group and how they can work more efficiently as a team. The Infinite Loop is a versatile, and powerful tool for a debriefing on issues related to working remotely.

Key Outcomes ü Continuous Improvement ü Real-time Communication ü Iterative Learning ü Leadership and Empathy 1.5 – 2.5 Hours Competitive Online 6 - Unlimited
Lean management is put into practice through this fun, fast paced VR teambuilding activity.

How It Works

World Outside Your Window is a technology-based team building activity that encourages players to explore their local environment. Individuals carry out the tasks on their own, then connect with their team either virtually or in person to share their findings. A team’s score is the sum of the team member’s scores, so everyone’s contributions count!

Learning Outcomes

World Outside Your Window is designed to get players out and about and discover their local environment engaging with it in a new way. The cleverly designed bonus system encourages collaboration as it positively reinforces teamwork. Through sharing their experiences and listening and reflecting on the encounters of others they bond as a team. Participants become more aware, more present and have a better understanding of how they can play a part towards a common goal. As the team bonds, individual motivation and engagement increases in their ultimate shared quest to be the winning team.

Key Outcomes ü Giving back ü Creative thinking ü Networking ü Team dynamics
local experiences seen in a new and refreshing
60 min to 1 week Competitive/ Collaborative Indoors/ Outdoors 4 - Unlimited


An interactive, multiplayer scenario-based activity where teams attempt to summit a virtual mountain successfully.

How It Works

Guided by the custom-built app, teams play the role of an Expedition Team on a multilevel journey. Fun and engaging challenges earn teams points and move them up the levels—different roles including. Climbers and the Expedition Leader need to combine their various information and instructions. The ultimate goal is to travel from Base Camp to the Summit successfully - and take a celebratory team photo “on the top,” of course. There are options to include customised company questions and add a powerful CSR component to the challenge.

Learning Outcomes

Playing the role of a virtual Expedition team in fun but time-pressured simulation helps teams explore the new rules of engagement and become more effective virtual team players. Effective communication, rapid decision making and strategic planning around Risk v Reward are also vital learning outcomes. The shared remote experience of creativity and a team focus on the final goal – the Summit! is an experiential experience that is directly transferable to work teams.

Key Outcomes ü Value Individual Difference ü Effective Communication ü Memorable Shared Experiences ü Risk and Reward Strategy 1 – 1.5 Hours Competitive Online 4 - Unlimited


Teams discover fun & educational facts of each location as they race across the seven emirates of the UAE.

How It Works

Race Around the Emirates is designed specifically for remote workers to discover and learn about the 7 Emirates of the UAE. Each team selects one explorer and the rest of the team acts as guides to direct the explorer on the path to victory.

Players communicate with their team using video conferencing and complete the activity tasks on their handheld device in our Go Team APP. Together teams must collaborate and move through the UAE Map as one team, completing tasks and scoring points along the way. The team with the most points at the end - wins!

Race Around The Emirates has an iterative learning framework where participants are encouraged to gather information, think critically and compare their solution with that of others in the team.

Under the pressure of time, teams find that communicating online is quite different from communicating face-to-face. Key Outcomes ü Fun and Motivation ü Shared Positive Experience ü Effective Communication ü UAE Learning 1 – 1.5 Hrs Collaborative Online 8 Unlimited Max 200 per session


Fun globe-trotting race around the world to engage and motivate teams working remotely.

How it Works

Race Around the World is an online team building activity that is designed specifically for remote workers. Race Around the World has three levels, each with a variety of fun, exciting challenges. Each team represents an explorer. Players communicate with their team over video conferencing collaborating to guide their team’s explorer avatar across the globe. To complete all three game levels successfully with the maximum number of points, teams must take notice of online bulletins and assess information gleaned from the game map. Timed stages and the added pressure of managing limited resources makes for a very engaging learning platform.

Learning Outcomes

Race Around The World allows remote workers to develop soft skills in a way that applies to working remotely. As the objectives unfold throughout the game, teams must take an agile approach to their collaborative strategic thinking and planning. It has an iterative learning framework where Participants are encouraged to gather information, think critically and compare their solution with that of others in the team. Under the pressure of time, teams find that communicating online is quite different from face-to-face communication. Actively listening to receive and interpret messages, watching for facial cues and communicating precisely and succinctly are keys to team success.

Key Outcomes

ü Fun and Motivation ü Shared Positive
ü Planning for the
ü Effective Communication 1 – 1.5 Hours Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited

How It Works

Teams are stranded on an island. To escape, they must determine the name of a ship and the date and time it will be passing. While they wait, they need to adapt to island life to survive. The island is divided into nine zones, focusing on different aspects of island survival, including water, weather, first aid, building shelters and signalling. Teams need to gain enough knowledge of each element to survive. Too much time in a zone, and they will lose time to gain knowledge of other survival techniques. Once they leave a zone, they cannot return. The team that is rescued with the most points is declared the winner.

Learning Outcomes

To survive the island teams must develop a strategy and apply it with agility. Knowing when to move to the next zone and when to linger also requires active communication and consensus decision making. Teams have fun learning to learn together, gaining knowledge of real survival skills. Creative thinking and problem-solving skills are required as individuals play to strengths for the benefit of the team. Limited time and resources put team dynamics to the test challenging them to look for opportunity.

Share knowledge, learn survival skills and uncover how to get rescued in this fun, remote team building activity.
1 – 2 Hours Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Collaborative Problem Solving ü Thinking Outside the Box ü Decision Making Under Pressure ü Team Dynamics and Bonding


Journey around an incredible and wonderous place – your body

How It Works

In The Human Race, guided by a mobile app, teams explore the wonders of the human body. One player is the ‘Scientist’, and the other team members are ‘Researchers’. The Researchers receive vital information and questions which they must relay to the Scientists to submit.

Teams travel through a series of levels sharing and discovering knowledge about the human body. Their ultimate objective is to score the highest points for their team within a limited time frame. To maximise points, teams must identify which questions they can complete successfully. To gain vital knowledge should they trade information with other teams? And there are bonus points to be earned. With double bonus points going to the first team to decipher the key medical phrase that is revealed bit by bit at the start of each level, the race is on!

Learning Outcomes

Human Race is a fun and engaging gamified way of examining task-focused approach, compared with utilising effective teamwork, observance to change and an agile strategy. The split roles demand clear, concise and consistent communication in relaying questions and answers. Teams must determine which challenges to attempt, decide when to move to the next level, how fervently to pursue bonus points and, when to trade with other teams for vital information. Winning teams understand the game's objectives, develop a strategy and use collective decision making to maximise points. As they share knowledge and research information, individual strengths come to the fore and team members’ bond.

1 – 2 Hours Collaborative Online 4 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Collaborative ü Team Dynamics ü Energy and Focus ü Managing Change


Highly engaging Olympic themed game of mental, physical & creative challenges focusing on individual difference and risk & reward.

How It Works

Teams nominate a team leader for the first round. There is a mix of mental and creative, multiple- choice and photo challenges with three levels of difficulty, each offering a different reward. On completion of a round, the team leader baton is then passed onto another player who will unlock and lead the next round. Each team player will take a turn in leading their team. Teams can earn bonus points by being creative in the photographic challenges. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the game, not the team to finish first so a collective agile strategy is required to win!!

Learning Outcomes

Quickfire Olympics Online is a great way to learn how to work together as a team in a fun and engaging gamified experience. As each player must take a turn as team captain, Quickfire Olympics is a great way to sharpen leadership skills. Creative thinking, listening to the ideas of others and “having a go” will enable teams to tackle some of the most challenging and rewarding tasks. Over the course of the game, teams that work together will build confidence in their collective skills. In the true spirit of sportsmanship, the team that communicates clearly and encourages maximum participation will be sure to have a place on the winner’s virtual tri-level podium.

1 – 1.5 Hours Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Appreciative Individual Difference ü Decision Making ü Strategy and Team Dynamics ü Effective Communication


Focus your team on agile strategy and teamwork

How It Works

The Quickfire Soccer Online game matrix cleverly encourages remote engagement through the responsibility of the captain being passed from one player to the next between matches. Inclusivity is at the heart of this game; although football-themed, the eclectic mix of challenges are designed to appeal to all personalities. Teams go head-to-head during five ‘matches’ with seven different ‘tasks’ per match, all administered through our user-friendly quickfire app. Tasks range from fast-paced multiple choice quiz questions, collaborative photo shootouts and creative video performances. Players must stay agile, consider their strategy wisely, win points and push themselves to the top of their league before the final whistle!

Learning Outcomes

Quickfire Soccer Online is all about having fun, getting to know each other and creating ‘bonding’ moments that are often missing in the virtual workspace. A familiar theme and 'accessibility’ of the fun challenges combine to speed up remote connection and pave the way for more productive online meetings. Accepting the shared responsibility of playing 'team captain' allows players to practice remote leadership skills in a safe context. Quickfire Soccer Online also encourages teams to manage their own talent to the best advantage in the time available, offering a fun vehicle to explore productivity and agile methodology.

30 – 90 Min Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Energy and Focus ü Creative Thinking ü Problem Solving ü Strategic Thinking


A superbly entertaining and highly interactive game show.

How It Works

Gameshow Live is so much more than a trivia quiz. It’s a versatile activity that engages and energises all participants. Using our advanced browser-based platform that runs effortlessly on smartphones, tablets or laptops we guarantee a memorable experience filled with fun and energy. You can use any of our 500+ off the shelf packages or we can design a unique experience especially for you. We have individual, team & elimination modes to ensure both variety and excitement.

Totally Customisable

Game Show Live gets people talking, thinking and working together quickly and has been tried and tested to accelerate learning and information retention when used as a method of teaching and/or recapping factual training content. We can gamify presentations to ensure engagement, real participation and amazing energy are synonymous with your meetings. Meetings that people will look forward to and won’t want to miss.

30 – 90 Min Competitive Online 6 - 1000 Key Outcomes ü Builds
ü Rejuvenates ü
ü It’s a Lot of Fun


How It Works

It’s just like regular bingo but we have ditched the music and replaced them with songs.

All players get their unique digital playing card filled with 25 well known songs randomly generated from a playlist of 75 smash hits (We can base this on the participants favourite artists canvassed during the lead up to the event). Our DJ will play 10-15 seconds of a wide variety of these tunes and if it’s on your card you just click it on your digital card, pressing claim when you have a line of five. Beware false claims, they will be denied and you will have to pay a forfeit; maybe singing along to “Oops I did it again”

Business Benefits

We create a high energy fun filled atmosphere guaranteed to be a loud, fun filled occasion with non-stop laughs, banter and of course great memories. We can add a pop quiz, karaoke competition or an “Open Mic” session to find the stars in your organisation.

Rest assured everyone will leave with spirits raised, connections made, and maybe bragging rights and a prize.

The winner is the first to successfully claim an agreed number of lines of 5, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Add dress up and spot prizes for an even better experience.

15 – 60 Min Competitive/ Collaborative Online 2 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Fun ü Stress Management ü Building Team Spirit ü Great Memories
We’ll get you rocking, singing and dancing in a fun filled atmosphere.

Learn, craft and enjoy classic cocktails at home!

How It Works

There’s never been a better time to learn a new skill and our Virtual Happy Hour & Mixology is the perfect blend of work and pleasure. Using Zoom or the platform of your choice this virtual event will blend in tips, tricks, and trivia from one of the world’s leading authorities on bartending. This is a fun, sociable and educational program that packs a punch with style. The elements of a well-made cocktail work much like a team. Different spirits, liqueurs, sweeteners, and citrus combine to make one mouth-watering beverage. Understanding this synergy, and how the ingredients in a cocktail work harmoniously together have tremendous parallels when you consider why a cocktail tastes so delicious.

Learning Outcomes

In advance of the event, you will get to choose one cocktail from a list we send to you. We will then ship each participant cocktail kits that include the premium ingredients you need to craft and enjoy a top-notch cocktail or mocktail. Participants will need to provide the alcohol. Following a warm introduction, a brief fun history of cocktails is shared and then it’s your turn to follow the instructions and make your own super cocktail. As it is a live online presentation, anyone can ask questions along the way. At the end, we will all toast one another and say “cheers” with our mixology masterpieces!

Please Note: alcohol is not required as mock-tails may also be created!

45 – 75 hrs Competitive/ Social Remote 2 - 100 Key Outcomes ü Fun ü Stress Management ü Building Team Spirit ü Creating Memories


All the fun of the races as you connect with your team from your virtual office.

How It Works

Final Furlong is a fun virtual experience that utilises our unique interactive technology, allowing teams to re-connect and engage in a fun way from any location. Following a briefing via teleconference individuals will be invited to study the form guide and place bets through our mobile app. Following this the races will be shown live through teleconference as we all experience the highs and lows of racing together. To keep the energy flowing we will showcase our unique Fashions’ and finish off with one final race to keep the heart’s pumping, no matter where you are!

Learning Outcomes

This program allows individuals to experience all the excitement, intrigue and fun of racing without leaving their current work environment whilst also reconnecting with their colleagues. Final Furlong Remote can build and strengthen working relationships for new staff and old through an extremely fun team experience, where strategy, friendly competition, creative flare and team bonding come to life.

30 – 90 Min Competitive Online 4 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Fun and Rewarding ü Teamwork and Communication ü Builds Morale ü Improves Relationships


How it Works

Learn some new skills from celebrity chef Dot Dicks, winner of the first Great South African Bake Off. Connecting via Zoom conference you’ll be transported to Dot’s kitchen where step by step you’ll be empowered to create a classic dish or two.

Absolutely anyone can take part in this remote cooking event! All dietary requirements can be catered for, so no one has to worry about being left out.


We can provide each participant with a complete ingredients box with pre-prepared and fully weighted out items or we can provide a list and ask them to source their ingredients.

Each participant can cook just for themselves or we can increase the quantity of ingredients to include a partner and or family. We recommend that the event concludes with the participants dining together and enjoying the fruits of their labour in a convivial atmosphere.

2 – 3 Hrs Social Outdoors 10 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Innovation and Creativity ü Effectively Managing Resources ü Team bonding ü Social and Fun
Emulate the celebrity chefs on The Food Channel as you prepare a gastronomic delight under the guidance of our virtual chef.


How It Works

Teams represent a group of friends going to a summer music festival. They enter the festival ground by downloading an app onto their device and scanning a QR code. The Global Festival ground has 7 different music stages each with a different music genre.

Teams set about to discover them all. They solve riddles, look up acts and facts and take photos and videos to show their experience and answer tasks to gain points for their team. The team with the most points is the winner, but the winning extends to all through reflecting and sharing stories in this fun memorable team bonding experience.

Learning Outcomes

Global Festival Game sparks memories and conversation in teams developing bonds. The game stages encourage participants to review and improve their problem-solving skills and processes. By learning to gather and communicate the information effectively, they see a return on their improvement as they gain points for their team and knowledge of the music industry. Limited time and resources put team dynamics to the test, challenging them to be creative and look for opportunity. Each zone allows the allocation of tasks to specific team members, so they can play to their strengths for the overall benefit of the team.

1 – 1.5 Hrs Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Compels Collaboration ü Enhances Listening Skills ü Promotes Agile Thinking ü Memorable Shared Experiences
Do you miss going to festivals? Prove your team are the ultimate festival fans and score as many festival points as you discover 7 music stages.


How It Works

Participants are split into teams. Each team is given the same task, to recreate as many of the photos we give them in the allotted time. Points are scored for every photo recreated, no matter how “picture perfect” it is. Teams also score points for their creativity, their sense of humour and their attention to detail. During our finale screening, individuals will vote for their favourite photo and the winning team will be announced. Prizes can be arranged at your request.

Learning Outcomes

Picture Perfect is a collaborative team experience that encourages delegates to work as a team, to help each other with ideas and solutions. They must get creative and utilise the tools at their disposal in the most creative way possible. Delegates will need access to Zoom or similar and an internet connection.

It’s not the picture that counts, it’s the people in it!
1 – 2 Hrs Competitive/ Collaborative Online 6 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Uniting Teams ü Engaging and Motivates ü Fun & Team Management ü Fosters Creative Expression

Create a collective team work of art, wherever you are.

How It Works

Teams are divided into breakout groups. They download their team’s virtual canvases. Teams start by taking a 'virtual grand tour' through the leading museums in the world, answering art-related quiz questions along the way. A correct answer awards them vital RGB codes that they will use to apply the right colour to their digital painting segment. Participants share the information they have discovered with their team. Any missing information, they will need to request information from other teams. They then set about to paint their segments of the Big Picture. Once complete, teams save and submit their images. The paintings are compiled to create a collective work of art. The event facilitator reveals the image to the group and guides them through a discussion of key learnings from the event based on the result!

Learning Outcomes

Just like the in-person version, in its hybrid or remote forms, the Big Picture continues to be the leading team building activity to highlight the importance of collaboration and clear communication. Acquiring the colour codes to complete the picture requires problem-solving and creative thinking. Achieving a coherent "Big Picture" requires a non-competitive mindset and collaboration within and between teams. The "Big Picture" image can be customized to reflect your brand and company values. Depending on your requirements, you can decide whether participants will paint their segments digitally, with paints, crayons or another medium.

BIG PICTURE ONLINE 1 – 1.5 Hrs Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Cross Functional Cooperation ü Collaboration ü Managing Teams ü Team Dynamics

How It Works

Participants are invited to take a number of selfies for inclusion in a video clip which will showcase all members of their team. They are given clear instructions on the orientation and background colour of their photos. Following guidelines on the content of their photos, participants get creative finding props that they have close to hand. The images are compiled and the video is created. Participants join the premiere of the video via an online meeting tool. First, a fast-moving sequence of individual faces then as the view pans back, more faces appear. The camera pans back to reveal a powerful pictorial.

Learning Outcomes

In the Picture is an excellent kick-off for discussions around the importance of shared identity. It can be used as a tool to encourage participants to express their uniqueness in photographic format. The final visual result reinforces the importance of the shared identity of the group, despite each person being a unique individual. Participants are challenged to get creative and express their uniqueness in their photographs. As the photos must be taken according to the guidelines supplied, In the Picture also raises the importance of receptive language in effective communication as a remote team.

30 – 90 Min Collaborative Online 40 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Importance of Shared Identity ü Receptive Language Skills ü Team Bonding ü Creative Self Expression
A fun exploration of individual uniqueness and shared identity.

P a R t A

How It Works

Individuals receive an art kit and a pre drawn canvas which means something to them on a personal level. Once they have finished painting their piece, they attend a fun, interactive art themed online event, which includes team colour creations, trivia and the all important show and tell finale. The final paintings can be enjoyed as single pieces, put onto a group virtual white-board or hung in a common area at the office, in a similar style to the famous Andy Warhol’s “Campbell Soup Cans” piece.

Learning Outcomes

Paint A Part gives teams and individuals the chance to reconnect, whether they have been working from home or just find themselves in a state of disconnect. It encourages self awareness and allows participants to gain an insight and an understanding of others perspectives in their team. The show and tell exercise alone uncovers commonalities and can be the beginning of many life long conversations. This activity promotes well being and allows people to take a break, try something new and be creative.

Pa i n t
30 – 90 min Collaborative Online 4 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Sparks Creativity ü Encourages Collaboration ü Boosts Focus and Morale ü Promotes Health and Well-being
A shared celebration of a collective work of art created by remote workers


Something BIG is happening at your company. It’s time to create some hype and tell the world!

How It Works

BlockBusters Remote challenges participants to translate company business messages, core values or brand in to dynamic, attention grabbing movie trailers. After a short group briefing on Zoom, teams of 3-5 pax head into breakaway groups. Teams brainstorm a story line for their movie. They produce a storyboard of 6-10 scenes and choose a sound track. Teams then they capture the scenes on their phones or tablets and upload them. Our editors receive them in real time and under the guidance if the team assemble their Oscar winning movie.

Learning Outcomes

Participants learn that with the right approach, physical separation is no barrier to meaningful collaboration and high-quality output. Each team must employ forethought, planning and expert execution to make their storyboard relevant to the theme. Participants step out of their comfort zone, acting, script writing and filming, juggling multiple roles. Each person is responsible for producing their part and ensuring deadlines and quality standards are met. Communication skills are enhanced as they collaborate with team members and event facilitators to ensure the edit of their film is as they desire.

90 - 180 min Competitive/ Collaborative
Unlimited Key
ü Supports Strategic Planning ü Time Management ü Encourages Creativity ü Effective Communication

How It Works

Guided by the app teams combine their collective strengths, working through successive game levels to unravel the evidence. Each level unlocks 3D animations revealing, uncharted sectors of the ship, prompted questions and associated conundrums. Constant communication is vital as teams puzzle through clues in the form of online dossiers, animated videos and cryptic puzzles. Shared observations help the teams progress to solve the mystery. Although there is only one winning team, all efforts are rewarded as the application awards credits for each correct insight on the crime.

Learning Outcomes

Presented in a fun context CSI Space Odyssey help teams explore the new rules of engagement and build a fresh value set that reflects the demands of a remote working. A sense of belonging and inclusion is developed through positive shared memories. Creating opportunity for online connection and socializing both strengthen relationships and path the way for future collaboration. Right now, remote teams need to create opportunities to reinforce positive behaviours in their day to day interaction. Presented in a fun context CSI Space Odyssey helps participants develop skills that are vital to working as a remote team.

60 – 90 min Competitive Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Agile Communication ü Collaborative Deduction ü Team Dynamics ü Motivating Remote Teams
Inclusive, multiplayer game that encourages good remote collaboration skills in solving a crime in outer space


How It Works

Teams attempt to solve the mystery of the death of Enrique Gonzalez at his Hacienda. Using a web- based 3D Virtual Touring Platform teams explore the Hacienda looking for clues. The game app presents teams with riddles and challenges. Teams input their answers into the game app. Their solutions unlock hints that will help them solve the mystery. Moving through each room of the 3D Hacienda, teams find items that will also help them in their quest. Teams use deductive reasoning and team consensus to eliminate suspects. The team who accurately answer the challenges the fastest will discover the truth and be the winner.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in the 3D Hacienda employ keen observation to acquire information. Utilising effective communication, they convey their findings to the team. Critical thinking and reflection will assist teams in analysing and interpret the facts. To come to a consensus, teams must use deductive reasoning and debate as they manage individual interpretations and conflicting opinion. Under the pressure of time, the teams who solve the mystery will be those that employ divergent thinking in collaborative decision making. This game challenges and develops team trust and unity.

2.5 Hrs Collaborative Online 4 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Effective Communication ü Deductive Reasoning ü Collaborative Decision-Making ü Developing Trust
Teams sharpen their deductive reasoning and collaborative decision making in this immersive 3D whodunnit


How It Works

Remote teams slip into detective mode to consider a case riddled with celebrities, bribery and power relations. The multifaceted evidence including, newspaper articles, videos is presented via an online portal. Teams tackle each unknown in short, time-boxed sprint cycles. In each sprint, participants research a specific strand of evidence, come back together, identify possible motives, and connect links to inform the next sprint. Teams have 90 minutes to consider the evidence and submit their investigation form. Their case notes must include the possible motives of each suspect and reveal the identity of the perpetrator.

Learning Outcomes

The interactive gameplay and volume of information require teams to build a clear strategy in which everyone has specific roles and responsibilities in assessing and assimilating the evidence. In CSI Home Office, gamification integrates gaming elements, incentive mechanics, rule structure, and feedback systems to motivate people to engage, observe their behaviour, ultimately leading to behavioural change. Through gameplay, participants sharpen their remote team skills, in particular, critical thinking, problem- solving, collaborative decision making, and accurately measuring success as a team.

1.5 – 2 Hrs Competitive/ Collaborative Online 4 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Deductive Reasoning ü Collaborative Decision-Making ü Highlights Individual Responsibility ü Agile Methodology
Agile methodology and team work are required to solve the mysterious death of a famous football player


Teams create a series of simple machines and join them together to make an elaborate chain reaction.

How It Works

Using ideas cards, participants exchange ideas with individuals from other teams. They return to their team, share knowledge and discuss how they will put together their simple machines. Each team constructs a series of simple machines, connects them together and tweaks the construction ensuring the process flows continuously. Teams collaborate to join their simple machines to the next team’s. They test and retest making adjustments. Once complete, the Chain Reaction is triggered to the delight and amazement of all!

Learning Outcomes

Successful teams understand the task, assess available resources and communicate effectively to make a construction plan. Throughout construction, they appraise and adapt and modify their initial plan. Teams work to develop a common vision, developing a shared strategy which they put into place by applying excellent project and resource management skills. Collaboration between the teams to share knowledge and resources is imperative to success and to extend the limits of creativity and working towards excellence.

2 – 4 hrs Collaborative Online 10 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Supports Strategic Planning ü Develops Networking Skills ü Time Management ü Inspires Creativity and Fun



An experiential learning tool where teams develop skill to work as an effective remote team as they lead their guides up Mount Everest.

How It Works

Teams lead their guides up Mount Everest to the summit and return safely to base camp over a 20- day expedition. Participants join the activity via video conferencing and work in teams in break out rooms. Each team member is responsible for a specific role and the related knowledge. They decide on how they will move each day and enter it into the game tablet. Teams must consider many variables including weather conditions, altitude, icefall, routes and oxygen. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Learning Outcomes

Peak Performance is an experiential learning tool. Participants learn about working remotely as a team through the use of an engaging theme and, relevant links to their business environment. Following the experience, participants use reflective observation to identify what occurred during the exercise, what decisions they made and the consequences of these decisions. Participants are able to make effective behavioural changes by understanding and accepting the implications of their choices.

2 Hours Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Strategy and Decision-making ü Project Management ü Managing Risk ü Planning vs Action

onl i n e


Teams cooperate to help Paris escape with his beloved Helena in this exciting strategic game!

How It Works

Participants join the activity via video conferencing and work in teams in break out rooms. Teams analyse and discuss all the information to hand and then, develop a strategy. The game commences, and teams start to move. The pace of the game increases with each day. Faced with surprising situations, teams learn with experience, adapt their strategy and plan. Under the pressure of time, team's dynamics come into play as well as, clear communication and quick decision-making Rumours give trailing teams new hope and finally, teams start to reach Troy.

Learning Outcomes

Heroes of Troy- Online is a business strategy game that has been specifically designed for people who work from home. It helps all team members to interact and engage while using their strategic thinking skills and enjoying themselves at the same time! Flexible in its delivery, Heroes of Troy can be performed as an educational program with the evaluation of team work afterwards, or as a completely entertaining program with the aim of socialising and connecting participants who work in remote locations.

2 – 3 Hrs Competitive Online 12 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Effective Communication ü Change Management ü Strategic Planning ü Fun and Motivating


Remote teams generate brilliant new ideas and pitch them in this fun, team development activity.

How It Works

Teams connect using a digital conferencing tool and log onto the Global Innovation Game website. The website deals each player a hand of interactive playing cards. Each player's hand has the same mix of Object, Tech & Data cards. Tasked to come up with a revolutionary Smart Object, Service or Tool players ‘click and drag’ their colour coded cards into combinations to assist their ideation. Then, in breakout groups, teams brainstorm and share concepts, ultimately deciding on the idea they will present. They collaborate to create a short, persuasive presentation and then showcase it to the other teams in a dragon’s den style pitch.

Learning Outcomes

Global Innovation Game fosters ideation and creative thinking in remote teams. The intelligent yet straightforward game matrix instantly engages participants and cements an inclusive atmosphere. The importance of clear communication and active listening is reinforced as participants are challenged to see how open, fluid ideation can lead to innovation. Choosing and developing a pitch draws on collaborative decision making and team dynamics. Global Innovation Game can be customised to your content. This highly relevant virtual teambuilding activity offers a much need tonic for ‘Zoom Fatigue’!

1 – 2 Hrs Competitive/ Collaborative Online 6
ü Energize Online Meetings ü Improve Communication Skills ü Stimulate Creative Thinking ü Foster a Culture of Collaboration
Key Outcomes


Short, sharp and funky gloved group rhythm for invigorating remote meetings.

How It Works

Before the meeting date, delegates are briefed to have colourful rubber gloves to hand Participants join the activity with an online conferencing tool. They are introduced to the activity and embark on a series of body sound exercises guided by a charismatic conductor. Once introduced and warmed up, they put on their colourful washing gloves, or nearest equivalent improvised at home. The conductor then leads them up and out of their seats, stomping, body slapping and vocalising in unison. Energy levels are instantly raised, easing the path for productive communication in the meeting ahead.

Learning Outcomes

Online meetings can often feel uncomfortable while participants become familiar with new communication systems and meeting protocol. Quick, quirky, and incredibly effective, Body Rap instantly relaxes remote audiences and helps them bond on an emotional level. It will inject life and vigour into your meeting, ensuring geographically dispersed workers remain focused and productive. Body Rap uses the power of humour, rhythm and shared experience to energise and unify teams in these challenging times.

10 – 20 min Collaborative Online 4
Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Shared Fun Experience ü Team Bonding ü Brings a Focus to Wellbeing ü Increase Motivation & Energy


A fast-paced networking energizer, where individuals network in order to complete a virtual Bingo Card.

How It Works

Participants enter the game via a video conferencing and download the app. Players are split into breakout groups. They each ask one question from their virtual Bingo Card. These question draw out fun facts, career achievements or intriguing personal accolades.Answers are entered into the interactive app. Any player can score on any questions maintaining a competitive, yet inclusive atmosphere. After 3 minutes, they enter a new breakout group, and the process starts again. A small break to discuss findings a ramp the mood. Further rounds see everyone well on their to shouting BINGO!

Learning Outcomes

Breakout Bingo is a fun team building session sure to connect the group from the get-go. Relationships are essential in all organisations, and a productive, highly connected workforce is an incredible asset to any organisation. Breakout Bingo encourages people to get to know each other on a personal level even when they are working from different locations. Recognising common ground, improving communication skills and exploring ways to have fun ‘digitally’ is essential in motivating remote teams

20 – 60 min Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Sense of Belonging ü Team Dynamics ü Networking ü Inspires Creativity & Fun


What It Is

Crowd Sauce is an interactive cloud based system that integrates with any meeting platform using smart gamification techniques to ensure full participation and engagement of remote, hybrid or face to face meeting attendees.

The various activities are delivered by our award-winning software and can be accessed on any tablet, smartphone or laptop in any location and are sure to spice up any occasion.

Why You Need It

You’ll soon get bored with even the best gourmet food if you eat it without condiments. Sauce isn’t the main element of a meal but most diners would agree it is an indispensable accompaniment. We think the same applies to meetings. With Crowd Sauce we add tasty extra ingredients that enhance your messaging, get your audiences licking their lips and asking for more!

5- Multi-day Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Increases Participation ü Creates Dialogue ü Increases Attendance & Punctuality ü Inspires Motivation & Motivation ü Banishes Boredom
SAUCE A powerful suite of
audience engagement
that make will have everyone captivated!


How It Works

Knowing Me Knowing You is a light-hearted, remote team building activity designed to accelerate networking and relationship building in your team. The activity begins with a warm-up exercise to get participants into their first challenge; where individuals are tasked with gathering as many business and personal commonalties with the other players as they can. Our unique game matrix keeps the energy buzzing.

There are three rounds in total. In between each round, individuals return to the main room for a quick catch-up session led by the host, who allows the special connections to be shared with the larger group. Participants are then sent into the second round with a different set of players, allowing everyone to meet more people from the group. Individuals set about again to make connections working for the group until the final whistle is blown.

Learning Outcomes

Relationships matter, and a highly connected workforce is a valuable asset to any organisation. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, Knowing Me Knowing You celebrates differences while drawing participants attention to common values.

A fun virtual ice breaker!
45min – 1 Hour Collaborative Online 2 - Unlimited
ü Fun ü Building Team Spirit ü Creating Memories
Key Outcomes


How It Works

Swipe Face is the perfect antidote to Zoom fatigue. Challenge up to 400 people to see who’s the winner in this funny, photo-based game. As the game progresses you’ll be challenged to pull poses like ‘Tiger Roar’ and ‘Balloon Face’ with just 30 seconds to take the perfect shot. After every round you’ll score each other using Tinder style swiping with the best poser revealed at the end of the game. When it’s all over and the winner has been announced all players will have access to a gallery of entries as an easily shareable souvenir.

Learning Outcomes

With Swipe face its better to be silly than sexy!

Its good to relax, let your hair down and risk being silly. In fact, it is extremely healthy. When you are part of team that doesn’t take itself too seriously its liberating to feel trust support and acknowledgment from your colleagues and to give it in return. Everyone patriciates on their own terms and in a challenged by choice spirit everyone is encouraged to step out of their comfort zone. Some of course need no encouragement and dive right in, others are inspired to follow and there always a few who surprise everyone with their great sense of humour, acting skills or maybe just elastic face!

The playful selfie game where silliness is for winners!
15 – 30 min Collaborative Online 2 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Fun ü Stress Management ü Building Team Spirit ü Creating Memories


How It Works

Time to Talk is the perfect tool to spark spontaneous conversations and spice up your meeting, whether online or offline. After brief onboarding, each player enters a breakout room and joins the game on their cell phone or desktop. Time to Talk is an instantly accessible browser-based game, requiring no app download. The high energy kicks in as the platform randomly choose a speaker who must perform a customised challenge in a set amount of time. If they feel courageous enough, speakers can opt to increase the difficulty of their challenge, spicing things up even more. After their time elapses, the other players offer feedback to the speaker. Play then continues with someone else taking up the challenge. Play continues until everyone has had a turn in the hot seat!

Learning Outcomes

Time to Talk is designed to spark on the spot conversations and help players unlock spontaneity and creativity. Time to Talk gives an equal voice to each player and creates an inclusive space where everyone can contribute with their own perspective. The gameplay offers the right setup for nurturing a feedback culture and for active listening. As a result, it creates a bond between players that boosts motivation, engagement and strengthens corporate culture.

ü Time Management ü Networking and Communication ü Decision Making ü Mission, Vision, Values
Key Outcomes
15 – 60 min Competitive/ Collaborative Indoors 3 - Unlimited
Fun, flexible engagement tool to explore best practices and re-affirm company values


How It Works

WeConnect is a fun way to discover how we all relate with each other at home, at work and at play. Who amongst us dreams of climbing Mount Everest or who would prefer to write a bestselling novel? You’ll get to vote on a series of of multiple-choice questions which will be answered and discussed within the group. The “correct” answer is the one that was the most popular. The group themselves decides and its Majority Rules! Of course, the discussion that follows is where the real powerful effect is felt and its never difficult to get people debating the merits of the group decision.

Learning Outcomes

Everyday we make choices. Some are down to taste and personal preference but some are influenced by our upbringing, life experiences and beliefs. These are all shaped by our values and the way that we view the world.

Shared, freely chosen values are the cornerstone of every successful team and you’ll learn when alignment is essential and when its not and diverse viewpoints become the asset. WeConnect is insightful, valuable and fun. What a perfect combination to develop the skill of connection.

A fun ice-breaker activity that can be played remotely!
20 – 60 min Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Sense of Belonging ü Team Dynamics ü Networking ü Inspires Creativity & Fun
Getting to really know you was never this much fun!.

The goal of a healthy body and healthy mind needs to be worked on. Sometimes just a break from routine and the stresses and strains of everyday work is enough. Other times new skills and knowledge are required.

How It Works

This cleverly constructed internet choir experience circumnavigates issues of online latency and music performance. Participants keep themselves on mute during the coaching and record their individual final performance on their phone, Dictaphone or WhatsApp. This also sets an inclusive atmosphere helping those who feel uncomfortable about singing to feel relaxed. The celebration moment comes post-event where attendees are sent a final version of the track with all their voices carefully mixed by a professional producer. This output can also be edited with the zoom imagery to create a lasting shared memory.

Learning Outcomes

The benefits of team bonding activities have long been established, but conventional methods of delivering these have suddenly become impossible. E-choir presents a new team building activity for ‘the new norm’. The exercise challenges remote participants to go beyond perceived limitations and celebrate shared achievement. Facilitated by a professional coach, in a non-threatening context, even the most reserved in the team are surprised by what they achieve in a short time frame. The release of the final performance can also offer a powerful demonstration of unity in commencing or concluding a future team meeting.

E CHOIR 30- 45 Min Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Energize Online Meetings ü Unifies Remote Teams ü Energy & Focus ü Releases Inhibitions
High end singing experience that builds resilience, well being & boosts morale

Designed to assist in improving teams' ability to adapt to frequent change and to create a culture of continuous learning.

How It Works

Go Team Wellbeing is a fun engaging team activity specifically designed to assist participants to improve their ability to adapt to frequent change and to create a culture of continuous learning in the workplace. During the activity, participants complete fun team challenges focused on the wellbeing. The tasks are specifically designed to focus on a range of wellbeing topics including practical ideas for a healthy diet, posture & movement, connecting with nature and the importance of taking time out during the day to boost energy levels.

Learning Outcomes

Go Team Wellbeing trains participant’s how to make their strengths beneficial to the whole team. Team members develop skills for smoother and positive communication with colleagues. The programme helps them create a positive emotional environment and thus to facilitate/speed up the work process. The programme helps your team members to be more confident, stay calm and maintain energy levels. It encourages them to focus on the fact that they are the creators of their lifestyle and future.

60 – 90 min Competitive/ Collaborative Online 8 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Growth Mindset ü Mindfulness and Positivity ü Team Dynamics ü Energy and Focus

How It Works

All the fun of our award-winning Go Team app especially designed for the remote workforce. Each individual team member is invited to the activity with a QR code and clear instructions on how to download the App and enter the game. During the activity, you’ll complete fun team challenges including quizzes, video and photo challenges within a specific time frame some using simple household items. The tasks can be completely customised. The team is connected by the conferencing application of your choice or the Go Team App itself. Our expert facilitators will be online throughout the activity to guide teams.

Learning Outcomes

The power of Go Remote is its flexibility. The tasks can be explicitly designed to match desired outcomes from a quick energiser to a learning and development program. You can also design the way teams work and connect. Individuals can work on their own and come together at the end of the activity to discuss their experience. They can work in a team collaborating and messaging via the app in a competition against other teams while they watch their team’s progress against the others in real-time. You can choose to run a short, sharp, fun activity or include activities that will realise more profound learning outcomes.

A fully customiseable program specifically designed to develop essential skills for effective remote teams.
15- 90 Min Competitive/ Collaborative Online 4 - Unlimited Key Outcomes ü Fun & Engaging ü Developing Dynamics ü Enhancing Communication Skills ü Collaborative Problem Solving


How It Works

Impact is a remote team building activity focusing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The specially designed app guides teams through a series of engaging tasks, each one uniquely related to one of the SGD like No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Reducing Inequality, Climate Action. Teams improve their knowledge while they collaborate to complete knowledge based questions, puzzles, photo challenges and much more. Participants experience the joy of giving as they generate real impacts for B1G1 projects.

Learning Outcomes

Successful teams learn to work together effectively in a limited time by collectively understanding the game and developing an agile team strategy. Teams that can utilise effective listening skills and, voice their opinions confidently with clear, concise communication will climb the leader board. Individuals will learn to appreciate their own strengths and the diversity of skills of others in their team while learning how they can contribute towards a greater impact for a sustainable future. In this activity your team can make impacts through the giving organisation, B1G1 to 3 SDG categories Active Economy, Beautiful Society & Clean Earth.

A remote team building activity where your team can act towards a sustainable future
1.5 Hrs Competitive/ Collaborative/CSR
ü Diversity & Inclusion ü Value Individual Difference ü Effective Virtual Communication ü Feel Goof Through Giving
Online Teams of 6 Key Outcomes


A self-assessment tool for post events.

How It Works

The Team Assessment Tool is used to debrief your teams following any team building activity by using a web-based tool on their mobile device - phone or tablet. Individuals can use the tool to reflect on their team's performance by rating and commenting on a series of statements. Finally, a graphical representation of their responses is shown to participants.

*Meaningful data can be provided to the company with the permission of the participants.

Learning Outcomes

Teams are encouraged to reflect on and share their team's performance, as well as to draw on key outcomes experienced during the team building activity.

Note: This is not a stand-alone activity; rather, it combines with most of our teambuilding activities as an added value to your chosen activity.

Key Outcomes ü Encourages Reflection ü Encourages Sharing ü Powerful Results ü Meaningful Data
10 – 30 min Debrief
Indoors/ Outdoors 5 to Unlimited

For over 30 years Catalyst Global has created memorable, vibrant and totally effective results for clients through teambuilding and motivational events. Biz Group

Catalyst is part of the Catalyst Global Teambuilding Network, the largest community of teambuilding providers in the world with representatives in over 90 countries. We share a common belief in the power of teambuilding activities as an integral part of enhancing company culture and boosting bottom line. Our network of over 50 of the world's top teambuilding companies, collaborates daily. We share ideas, resources, best practice and business opportunities to create highly relevant, socially responsible, great value teambuilding experiences for our clients.

It’s all about people. Our people and yours. We employ the best and never stop developing them. We are committed to getting the best out of your people and thus your teams and your organisation. We believe successful teambuilding starts with the team who deliver. Our people are carefully selected, highly skilled and meticulously trained. They are passionate about their work, which manifests itself in the quality of events that we deliver. We are not teachers or preachers but facilitators who can share the knowledge skills and drive needed to bring about positive change. Biz Group Catalyst events have a unique style. Teambuilding Events, Conferences, Training Programmes, Inductions, Graduate Selection, Client Entertainment, Incentives, Celebrations & Fun Days all take on a fresh look and feel when we are involved. We are original, proven and passionate. Our teambuilding and motivational events are designed to be an integral part of any business event, dovetailing with client’s business, values, brand and culture.

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