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Insightful Intials Each Initial Features the Letter in Braille and a .01 Conflict Free Diamond All Avaialable in Brushed Sterling Silver or 24K Gold Vermeil

Dream Mullick Jewelry Collection | Insightful Initials

Insightful Initial Rings (A (A--Z, 6-9) S-$24 G-$32 R79(A R79(A--Z)-S OR G

Initial Neck .75" on 16" Chain (A (A--Z) S-$34 G-$44 C79( A A--Z)-S OR G

Dream Mullick Jewelry Collection | Insightful Initials

Web: www Call: 1-800-888-2352 Fax: 505-797-4951 Mail: 600 Centr Central al A Avve. SE Suite 235 Albuquerque, NM 87102

Gold V Vermeil: ermeil: Gold is Eternal. It will ne nevver rust or corrode. V Vermeil ermeil (v (ver-ma er-may) y) is a more e expensiv xpensive e vversion ersion of gold plated jewelry jewelry.. V Vermeil ermeil is made from a base of sterling which is electro plated with a gold of at least 2.5 microns in thickness. Our gold is 24K, thus it's rich color color.. Although the sterling la layyer is co covvered with gold, it might tarnish & hence dark darken en the gold la layyer er.. Care should be giv given en with oils, lotions & perfumes. All gold plating tak takes es up to two weeks to process.

Minimum opening order of $300 & minimum re-order of $100.

In stock merchandise will ship in three business da days. ys.

Back Backorders orders items tak take e 6-8 weeks to ship. Back Backorders orders under $50 will be canceled. Terms: Net 30 aavailable vailable subsequent with credit appro approval val only

Merchandise T Tags ags are printed on recyled paper paper,, infused with wild flower seeds that can be planted.

Dream Mullick Jewelry Collection | Insightful Initials

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