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716 Roman - Two Bronze Phallic Knife Quillons. 1st-4th century AD. Knife guards, a fist and an erect phallus on either end (2). 23 grams, 49 mm - 61 mm. Fine condition, complete and undamaged. £50 - £80 Ex Rev. Stephenson collection.Phallic ornamentation was used by the Roman military as an assertion of masculine power.


717 Roman - Five Bronze Phallic/Erotic Items. Circa 2nd to 3rd century AD. A group comprising two phallic pendants, two phallic mounts and a pudenda belt mount (5). 41.23 grams (total), 22 - 34 mm. Generally fine. £40 - £60 Property of a deceased detectorist.

718 Roman - Two Bronze Bowls. Circa 2nd to 3rd century AD. Two small bronze bowls. 24.24mm, 175 grams; 43 mm, 150 grams (at rim). Generally fine, the larger with small hole at base. £70 - £90 Property of a deceased detectorist.

719 Roman - Bronze Folding Rule. 3rd century AD. Fine bronze folding rule with square-section hinged arms, one arm fitted with pivotted locking plate. See Monaco, D Specimens from Naples Museum, pl. 136e for another example. 29 grams, 290 mm (open). Fine condition and in full working order. £180 - £240


720 Roman - Bronze Arterial Medical Clamp. Circa 1st - 2nd century AD. A set of artery clamps, scissor-like with serrated edges for gripping the vein or artery in an effort to stem the flow of blood. Fine working condition. 12 grams, 112 mm. Excessively rare. £250 - £400 From an old English medical collection.In Ancient Rome, it was common knowledge that arteries and veins carried blood. All surgeons knew how to use tourniquets, arterial clamps, and ligatures to stem blood-flow.


721 Roman - Group of Three Medical Scalpels. 2nd century AD. Group of scalpels; one bronze, one bronze with iron blade; one iron (3). See Guildhall Museum Catalogue, pls. xx-xxii for similar items. 82 grams total, 130 - 156 mm. Fine condition. Rare. £120 - £180 722 Roman - Group of Four Bronze Medical Instruments. 2nd century AD. Group of bronze medical instruments, comprising a probe, lancet, circular spoon and tweezers (4). See Guildhall Museum Catalogue, pls. xx-xxii for similar items. 44 grams total, 133-165 mm long. Fine with no repairs. £180 - £240 723 Roman - Bronze Surgical Shears. 3rd century AD. A fine pair of cast bronze surgical spring shears, the half-oval section handles ornamented with concentric ribs to provide grip. See Monaco, Three Hundred Specimens of Domestic Articles , Naples, 1889, pl. 33 for similar shears from Pompeii. 37 grams, 178 mm long. Very fine and still in working order. Rare. £140 - £180