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Dr. Christopher Zed

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dental surgeon Dr. Christopher Zed has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has developed a strong reputation for being at the forefront of dental care. He began his career as a Professor of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia, where he deepened his own understandings while also providing younger minds with knowledge to advance. 10 years after, he was the Chief of Dentistry with the Vancouver General Hospital. As a private practitioner, he has fallen into a comfortable rhythm and is happy to be providing direct and patient-oriented care. Aside from the usual procedures, such as cleanings and examinations, patients can also learn about other aspects of their dental health through Dr. Zed's extensive education program. He encourages his patients to seek out as much information as they can about their dental health. Dr. Christopher Zed has been in the dental field for several years. He was a clinical professor at the University of British Columbia, as well as the Chief of Dentistry at the Vancouver General Hospital. He now works as a Dental Surgeon at his practice and as the Principal Associate of Apna Dental Vancouver and Delta Dental. He has presented his research in peer-reviewed journals on various topics, such as oral cancer. He also served as the Chief of Dentistry for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. During his time as the Olympic Chief of Dentistry, he discussed the importance of regular dental care for athletes. When he's not writing educational content or working on research, Dr. Zed enjoys spending time with his family and participating in various activities, such as cooking and wine tasting. He also enjoys watching the Seattle Seahawks.


Meet Dr. Christopher Zed

January 12, 2022

Meet Dr. Christopher Zed

October 11, 2021