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Every person has some talent; the only need is to discover the skills. Art is the best way to realize and refine those skills in an easy way. It helps to represent the hidden abilities and skills of an individual. In an art class in Singapore, people can learn or adapt the visual and tangible arts such as painting and drawing.

Art includes various activities like drawing, painting, sculpture and much more. The drawing and painting classes in Singapore is the center of attention among people as it includes the best alternatives of the traditional approaches. These classes help you to acquire knowledge of different kinds of art in a very short span of time. The courses are available for teenagers, adults and kids also.

DRAWING: - Drawing is one of the very popular methods to gain proficiency by using different apparatuses and methods of it. The various types of drawings which you can learn from the drawing and painting classes in Singapore are life drawing and advanced drawing. Students are taught in the classes how to use various instruments such as graphite, pencils, pen, inked brushes and charcoal for two dimensional images. The various types of drawing include:

Life Drawing: ­ This course  offers the study of human  body by containing human  gesture. It helps in making  human picture accurately  and effectually. Advanced Drawing: ­ This  course helps in creating  pictures in an accurate  manner. It is a technique  which considers proper  combination of light,  shadow etc. to create  different forms.

PAINTING: - Painting can be realistic and representative. It is also a two dimensional method which includes various aspects of paintings starting from the use of colors to its different techniques. It uses different appliances of pigments on various kinds of surface like paper, wood, cloths etc. During painting classes in Singapore, learns can also become skilled in historical painting, water color painting, landscape painting and acrylic painting.

Historical painting:  ­  It  is  one  of  the  oldest  methods  of  painting  that  comprises  different  methods  of  oil  painting. Watercolor  painting:  ­  Watercolor  painting  usually  is  performed  mainly  on  a  medium  such  as  paper.  However,  there  are  several  other  mediums  such  as  canvas,  leather,  plastic  and  wood  on  which  such  paintings  can  be  made  quite  easily.   Landscape  painting:  ­  It  is  a  way  to  represent natural beauty of trees, plants,  vegetation  etc.  in  an  attractive  and  beautiful  look. Acrylic  painting:  ­  This  medium  is  used  to paint create realistic looking pictures.

BENEFITS OF JOINING ART CLASSES IN SINGAPORE By using paintings and drawings, you can hone your painting as well as drawing skills as it will help you to become skilled with learning even the basic techniques of these art forms. It help the children to increase their confidence and creativity. You can become familiar with traditional and modern approaches of art. These classes could be enjoyable as well as challenging. Art classes in Singapore includes step by step learning strategy that gives basic as well as high level knowledge to a person who is able to do well in the field of art. It also helps in providing fun and creating never ending possibilities to boost up the imagination of all age groups.

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