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Act 1, Scene 7: Turnblad Home & Streets of Baltimore - “Welcome to the 60's”

Las Vegas Cast (2006)

London Cast (2008-'09)

“Welcome to the 60's” is the nightcap on a Saturday evening in downtown Baltimore once Tracy finally gets her mother out of the house. Together they paint the town discovering a new found look and attitude. They also meet the Supremes-esque trio “The Dynamites” as well as owner of the Hefty Hideaway, Mr. Pinky.

Original Broadway Cast (2002-'03)

Harvey Fierstein (Edna) and Company

2nd National Tour Cast (2006-'07)

The Dynamites (Ms. Gnomiagre, Nikki Stephenson, Vedra Chandler) w/ Jerry O'Boyle (Edna)

2nd National Tour Cast (2010)

Greg London (Edna) & Danielle Arci (Tracy) w/ Company

1st National Tour Cast (2003-'04)

Bruce Vilanch (Edna) w/ The Dynamites (Deidre Lang, Sabrina N. Scherff & NRaca) and Company

PaperMill Playhouse (2010)

London Cast (2007-'08)

Christopher Sieber as Edna

Original Broadway Cast (2002-'03) Harvey Fierstein as Edna Turnblad

PaperMill Playhouse (2010)

From L to R: Rashidra Scott (Peaches), Iris Burruss (Pearl), Nicole Powell (Cindy Watkins)

“The Dynamites�

1st National Touring Cast (2003-'04) From L to R: Sabrina N. Scherff (Pearl), Deidre Lang (Cindy Watkins), NRaca (Peaches)

Toronto Cast (2004) From L to R: Starr Domingue (Pearl), Karen Burthwright (Cindy Watkins), Lisa Bell (Peaches)

Original Broadway Cast (2002-'03) From L to R: Shayna Steele (Pearl), Judine Somerville (Cindy Watkins), Kamilah Marshall (Peaches)

2nd National Tour Cast (2006) From L to R: Melissa VanPelt (Inez), Vedra Chandler (Cindy Watkins), Ms. Gnomiagre (Peaches)

Iris Burruss

Judine Somerville Carla J. Hargrove

Las Vegas Cast (2006)

From L to R: NRaca (Cindy Watkins), Kara-Tameika Watkins (Pearl), Kamilah Martin (Peaches)

Nicole Powell

London Cast (2007) From L to R: Holly James (Peaches), Yaa (Cindy Watkins), Kate Gillespie (Pearl)

Shayna Steele

Carla J. Hargrove

Hairspray "Welcome to the 60's"