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Isabel H. Evans, Izzyevans22@gmail. com ■ By the time you have read this, we will have celebrated our 10-year reunion. OMG. We’re old! Sadly, a lot of us really look it! Quite literally over the HILLtop lol. Anyways, hopefully the reunion was a roaring success and no one was too petty, including myself. If so, I am sorry in advance! As I write this in April 2019, I will admit to being quite excited, which is testament to how great my life is going. Anyways, you probs already will know this news by now, but if not, here is the best tea I could gather. Everyone on Instagram will know that Doyle Stack and Esme Yozell ’10 are dating, thanks to their regular documentation and that of their dutiful scribe, 2010 class correspondent, and musical aficionado Eliza Ghriskey. Other romance news gleaned from careful research includes the following engagements, with these three women all betrothed: Campbell McNicol, Kate Woestemeyer, and Payton Somers. You go, gals! I do not know the gentlemen associated with Kate and Payton but Campbell’s man is very nice and athletic. Makes sense: Campbell loves tennis, because it is a score of love! I think I mentioned last time but Kajsa MashawSmith is also engaged so my same loser joke can apply to her. Meanwhile Kara Meringolo walked down the aisle last year so is now Kara Lurio. So Yoon Jun got married and moved to Switzerland! What a twist! ■ Piers Kermode and Lulu Keszler

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Idaho. He has been working in national security policy with New America, where his quotes and analysis have been recently featured in The New York Times, Slate, and other impressive publications. We look forward to welcoming you to the SG family, Maja! ■ As for myself, I am wrapping up my time at Yale Law School this May, and I will be moving to San Francisco to work at the American Civil Liberties Union on a two-year Skadden Fellowship. My project will focus on getting law enforcement out of elementary schools nationwide as they disproportionately traumatize children of color and children with disabilities. I look forward to meeting SG alums in the Bay Area. Do not hesitate to say hello if you are visiting!


10th Reunion


CLASS OF 2009, 10TH REUNION Back row: Jelani Odlum Lansiquot, Hannah Von Meister, Halsey Landon, Sam Kinney, John Harris, Dan Fortunato, Kevin Shelton, Johnny Norfleet, Nathaniel Pearson, Doyle Stack, Campbell McNicol, Catherine Esposito. Middle row: Izzy Evans, Callie McBreen, Patrick Guerriero, Christina Haack, Anna Schroeder, Maddie Carrellas, Tutti Davis, Leslie Muzzy. Front row: Peter Lawson-Johnston, Thomas Growney, Nick Baker, Nick Biedron.

Manley both have new babies, but not together. I ran into Chris McCormack in Williamsburg with his girlfriend and that seems to be going well. Meanwhile former Williamsburg residents Christina Haack and Megan Leonhard have both relocated, Megan to California and Christina to New Hampshire. Wells Howe has also moved to Jackson Hole. ■ According to Facebook, Hannah McQuilkin has started her own company called “Sequoia Immersions,” which “provides wilderness retreats, counseling, and other programs for proactive couples looking to take their relationship to the next level.” Sounds sexy! Speaking of other health matters, Vianca Masucci continues her work as a health advocate at the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, and Maddie Carrellas is a research assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Both Vianca and I used to regularly visit the SG Health Center, mostly to hang out with Nurse Killeavy, and I wonder if that inspired her career choice. It was so weird. Whenever I had lacrosse practice, I suddenly came down with swine flu. ■ Johnny Norfleet was recently at the US Sailing Team Race Championship and wrote that he saw a bevy of SG alums there including Bettina Redway ’12, Truckie Greenhouse ’17, Max Simmons ’13, Taylor Kirkpatrick ’16, Miranda Bakos ’14, and Pearson Potts ’12. ■ Callie McBreen and I continue

to spend much time together in New York, parleying with managers of various establishments on a regular basis. No tables available? I don’t think so! Her craft is especially exceptional now that she is a full lawyer. I practice as much as possible to keep up. That is all I can think of right now! Hope to see you soon. Bye bye!


Eliza R. Ghriskey, elizaghriskey@gmail. com ■ Hey guys! It is wild that it has been almost a full year since our last class notes. I hope most of you received the letter from SG asking to update your contact info for our 10-year reunion, so if you have not done so, please fill it out. I am looking forward to seeing all of you slightly aged, yet somehow still beautiful, faces next spring at our TEN-YEAR REUNION. Here's hoping we have all accomplished a whole LOT in the last five years so we can one-up each other! But seriously, enough chitchat, let us dive in on what everyone has been up to. ■ Kinyette Henderson is currently in her fifth year teaching in her home state of New Jersey. She is a seventh Grade Leader while also teaching ELA, but still manages to do even more on top of that. “I am looking to start a boy’s book club at my school, as book clubs tend to be a mainly female hobby, where young

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