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got to see Chris Fouts and his family, who came for a ski break in Aspen. Hope you all are well! ■ Alex Jones, who married his longtime girlfriend in January last year, is expecting a little girl in August. They are still living in Bermuda. ■ Amanda Fend says, “I wish I had something exciting to report but really no news ... guess I need to do something fun before the next one! I have loved reading the updates about everyone!” ■ Andrew Roberts, David Mitchell, Tyler Steffey, and George Sargent all got together in Boston last August to rehash old memories. Not much has changed in that George was still the loudest patron at Shojo. Later in the fall Andrew and George crossed paths again, but this time in Charlestown at a first birthday for the son of Paul Schmid. ■ Anna McLaughlin reports the birth of her second son, Malcolm Vietor McLaughlin on June 19, 2018, and says, “that’s about it for me!” ■ Tyler Steffey writes: “Greetings, Dragons. We are well. Ellie is almost 6 and Nico is 3.5 going on 13. Joanna and I moved from Boston out to the ’burbs of Sudbury a few months ago. We could not be happier. I am working as a school administrator in Concord Public Schools, and Joanna is doing some ed consulting. We have a little rescue pup named Taco who, other than always making me hungry, is great. We are keeping busy with outdoor adventures, cycling, and getting used to the serenity of living the burbs life. Please be in touch — especially if you can deliver a Del’s.” ■ Will Rabbe married Brittany Prime, a political fundraiser and UVA graduate, at St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C., in February 2019. ■ George Sargent says, “We moved to Wellesley in November, and we are loving ’burb life. Admittedly, I have started wearing Crocs to the grocery store. Charlie, 18 months, is really gaining confidence. Cannot wait to see everyone at our 20th!” ■ Ali Ingersoll says, “Since breaking my neck in 2010 at my house in the Bahamas, life has been quite a roller coaster. I have moved from Miami to China and now I presently reside in Raleigh, N.C., near my sister. I am happy to announce that I am getting married on May 19 to a wonderful man whom I met online. His name is Aaron and he is from Raleigh. We shared the last three years together taking adventures from hiking Mayan temples in Mexico to


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