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// SUMMER 2019

and “celebrated by billing hours on an LNG project financing while in Florida this past winter.” He plans to go to Paris this summer, and is “loading up with Euro futures now as invariably the Euro hits a yearly high when my wife is there shopping.” George remains in close “email contact with John Robb on a wide range of weighty subjects such as science, politics, philosophy, and history. n Bill (Woody) Wood Prince “dealt with a bit of a problem when I had seven vertebrae fused last May. The good news is that I am fully recovered and, more importantly, relatively pain free.” However, he laments that his golf game has taken a downturn as he tries “to learn a new body when I swing.” He and his wife are heading for Alaska in May and we should stay tuned to the next Bulletin when he will regale all of us with his “lifetime bucket list trip.” n As in the case of others listed above, my wife and I continue to travel. We did a three-week cruise around the British Isles this past September; we had not been to the U.K. in more than 25 years. I am still active in the Flying Physicians Association and will attend the Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas, in June. And as with Woody, we will travel to Alaska, in our case in September. We flew our plane to Juneau and up to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, more than 20 years ago, but need to see more. Like the Chadwicks, we are taking our whole family (ages 12 to 78) on a trip to the Baltics in June 2020 after the Class of ’60 Reunion in May. Thanks to all of the above for keeping in touch. Best wishes to everyone in the St. George’s family from the Class of 1960.


Gaylord C. Burke Jr., ■ While you will be reading this in the summer, it may be helpful to recall that winter was not so long ago. For some it probably seemed as if it would never end. Recent summers have seemed too many to be the same. n Bill (Batch) Batchelder writes: “We have had as rough a winter in North Conway, New Hampshire, as I can remember. Can’t tell you how many times I have shoveled my roof. I guess it’s good exercise, but I am ready to get my exercise on the golf course. Looking forward to some golf with Pete Bouker in Maine

during July. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then.” n From further south, Chris Simonds writes: “Still active managing Passarim (environmental) Reserve with my wife, Luciane, here in southern Brazil. Best wishes to all!” n Maybe things aren’t endless after all. Chris Jenkins writes: “Another two months in Stuart, Florida, flew by again. Why did time go by so slowly when we were in boarding school? Must be an age thing. We had several meals out with Dick Eggleston and his wife Tish. Always enjoy going out with a fellow conservative. Only two years until our 60th. Looking forward to seeing you all then. Chris” n Yes, only two years until our 60th Reunion. There is still plenty of time to make reservations, but now is a good time to start thinking about it and include it in your travel plans for 2021. I, too, am looking forward to seeing each of you there.


George H. Helmer, ■ Bill Edgar: “We went up to SGS a couple of weeks ago to see our grandson be Tevye in ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’ Our second is on the tennis team. Who would have thunk!” ■ Dick Ely is active in the north country of New York working on his thawing hydro sites, also starting new projects in New Hampshire and California. His wind prediction technology is under test with the AI analysis engine being currently held up. “Wife in Calcutta for lunch talk on Gates worldwide mothers’ milk composition studies. We are off this summer to merry old England for family. Our summer coast house north of San Francisco is available for brethren ... Come visit.” ■ Dick Pew: “I finally gave up motorcycling last year being rear-ended twice in one year by people not paying attention as they blabbed away on their cell phones and never even applied their brakes. Neither Diane nor I suffered any injury in either accident but I am sure the outcome would have been different on my motorcycle. I have ridden motorcycles for about 50 years and I really miss the feeling of being one with the machine while carving turns on the back roads of Virginia but I'm too old for broken bones.” We all know how he feels – the clumsy skiers that could not catch me 20 years ago, are now life

The half-shoveled roof at the home of Bill Batchelder '61 during a rough winter to remember.

threatening! ■ Terry Meyer is coming out of a Maine winter trying to decide whether he should dive into the all-consuming pursuit of another year of vegetable gardening and fresh eggs for his farm stand or refurbish the sailing yacht that has been sitting shrink-wrapped in his yard for several years. ■ Jeep Newman called to tell me he is still thoroughly engaged in businesses of real estate development, start-ups, etc. We had 30 minutes of laughs, so I am delighted to report that the Jeep Newman sense of humor we all remember is very much alive and well in Charlottesville. ■ Geoff Quadland: “My wife Deb and I are still healthy and enjoying life.” They love their home and his workshop and their bearded collies. “We have bred dogs that have done very well in the show ring. One won the U.S. National bearded collie show, and another has been shown at Westminster. Most every week I volunteer at a historic village (Westfield Heritage Village), in their 1860s print shop. It makes me realize how different things are now, compared to when we grew up. I’m so glad we grew up when we did, with fields, woods and a brook to play in, instead of burying our faces in a cell phone.” ■ John Ruthrauff: “I’ve moved to the Center for Democratic Education in Washington where I continue to work on influencing the Group of Seven and Group

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