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wife – Marion; children Christine, Gregory, and Camille plus three grand and one great grand kiddos / continuing salmon/steelhead conservation work around the Pacific Rim – Kamchatka to California (www.theconservationangler. org. In 2012, out of the blue, Headmaster Hamblet called informing me that I had been selected as the 2012 Diman Award recipient. To say I was shocked is a serious understatement. I assume that one of you nominated me as I had had no serious contact with the school since graduation, and it is difficult to assume the school itself had followed my various careers 1959-2012.” n Stone D. Coxhead: “I have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 55 years. I am a real estate investor and property manager. My wife Suzy died in 2011. I continue to live on the Tiburon peninsula in Marin County where I am 8 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. My sister lives in the Sonoma wine county. Our fearless leader, Senior Prefect Peter Archer, lives 20 minutes away over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco I enjoy hiking, biking and tennis. Peter Archer and I recently took on two former Princeton tennis players and beat them in straight sets at the California Tennis Club. Mary Ware (an avid tennis player) is my significant other and we have had several dinners with Peter and Kate. On occasion Olie Thorp and Margo have joined us. We added to our real estate holdings in 2001 by purchasing a rental house at 188 Kane Avenue across the street from the Vermillion House property and near the SGS campus. We rent the house out to the school, which uses it as a faculty home. The rental income does not amount to much, but we get capital appreciation and tax depreciation benefits. I intend to eventually gift the house to the school.” n Victor Sheronas: “We’re all transitioning into that period of life when so much of our time, and increasingly so, is spent with doctors and on medical and health issues. The dings and dents suffered by aging; ‘growing old ain’t for sissies!’ I have had several cardioversions (zapping my heart) and several cardiac ablations (mapping and zapping areas inside the left atrium) to deal with atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation. The last six-hour ablation procedure seems to have done the trick.

But, my CIDP neuropathy has been proceeding at a little faster than glacial place; cannot walk without my rollator, nor for long distances. My wife, Lisa, has been dealing with various foot infections since late December 2017. The first installment has been fixed; but the second installment is still a work in progress. Her healing is proceeding at a glacial pace. Other than that, we are good and still mobile and active. I look forward to the therapeutic benefit of vegetable gardening this season. For the past two years, Lisa and I have been tutoring second-graders who are not yet reading on grade level. It has been quite rewarding and fulfilling. The innocence, trust, and acceptance of these youngsters is uplifting; they set the bar high. We have indulged in our share of traveling over the past several years. In January 2017, we went to Argentina for about two weeks. We visited my nephew and his girl at his finca in the hills above La Cumbre. June 2015 found us spending two-and-a-half weeks in France. We took a barge trip through the middle of France and spent time with some dear friends; the trip was just voluptuous and sybaritic. Last summer, we again went across the pond to visit Italy, England and France. We had a mini family reunion at a villa rented by my Argentinian nephew, visited a grade-school chum in England a celebrated anniversaries with our dear French friends.” n Richard Angle: “Three and a half years ago I was hit by a car while attempting to cross the street in L.A. Pretty seriously injured with a fractured skull and two smashed ankles. Still not walking very well, but the brain seems to be more affected by old age than the accident. Still wintering in Sun Valley. Used to be a pretty good skier; now I stick to the greens and blues and avoid bad weather—but I’m skiing! Just back from skippering a bareboat charter with family in the Seychelles, so life is pretty darn good despite my handicapped ankles. Am very lucky to have a fabulous wife and family, to live in gorgeous places, to have enjoyed my long Time Life career and then a shorter stint at Save the Children, and now to serve on several not-for-profit boards.” n Dave (aka “Dink”) Williams: “My roommate, Tony Dauphinot, and I drove my 1953 Plymouth across the

country in September of 1959 and matriculated at Stanford. Two years later, I transferred to Colby College, changed my major from English to biology in order to complete the pre-med requirements and, in the fall of ’63, enrolled in the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. That summer my teenage sweetheart, Molly, and I were married. I think she still holds the Winter/Spring dance record for attendance (seven, I think). After getting my M.D. degree in 1967, I interned at what was then the Misericordia Hospital in Philadelphia and then went on to residency in internal medicine at the Maine Medical Center in Portland. In 1969, I answered the call and, for the next two years, served as the Medical Officer for a Destroyer Squadron home-ported in San Diego. I spent the summer of 1970 in the Gulf of Tonkin. Then I went on to four more years of post-graduate training in cardiology, two at the University of Vermont in Burlington and two at the University of San Diego. I was then fortunate to be invited to join the staff at the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla where I spent the next 35 years until I retired. We were blessed with two fine dogs, Fred and Rookie, and two fine children: Holly, a PGA golf professional, and Davey, a civil engineer. It has been a rich and rewarding life and I will always think of St. George’s as providing the foundation. The only bump in the road occurred in 2005 when Molly was diagnosed with acute leukemia. She fought the good fight for a year but went aloft in 2006, a loss from which I will never completely recover. From San Diego I send my best wishes and a sharp salute to my classmates. Onward!” n Pete Illoway: “WOW, how time flies. It seems like only yesterday we were at our 50th reunion and now it is time for out 60th. Wish I had taken better care of myself. In actuality, I am in good health and have only had one stent. Chloe is also doing very well. I completed 14 years in the Wyoming Legislature, ran for Secretary of State but lost and ran for Mayor of Cheyenne. Beat all the men but not the women, so I am still lobbying the legislature and serving on several boards including the Airport Board, Taxpayers Board, First Interstate Bank Advisory Board, and others. I have just completed my second three-year term on the

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