Dragonfly Archive


These publications were collected first by the Little Red Media Collective, associated with Dumont Press Graphics, a movement print shop in Kitchener, Ontario. The collection was then donated to the Fairview Collective, a Waterloo region co-op house. The Fairview folks took the collection with them when they bought the land that became known as Dragonfly Farm, on Algonquin traditional territory north of Bancroft, Ontario, in 1978. They stored the collection in a farmhouse attic and kept adding to it. But a farmhouse attic is no way to share such valuable historical periodicals. Finally, in 2017, the kind folks at Arm the Spirit agreed to scan and make this material available. There are about 20 bins of all manner of paper, with material from the 1960s to the 2000s - anarchist / left movement magazines, underground press, homesteading magazines, food co-op bulletins and more. We'll be scanning and uploading bits and pieces as time allows.