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Rachael Andrew Boezi has sung with the Dayton Opera for 20 years. The most recent production was Dead Man Walking. Her email address is (See photo.)

to prison abuse since 2010.

Douglas Hallward-Driemeier is a partner in the Washington, D.C., law office of Ropes & Gray. He represented same-sex couples at the Supreme Court, April 2015, urging the court to rule that states must recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. Doug has advanced LGBT interests in cases ranging from immigration to health care

Peter C. Young is a musculoskeletal radiologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland. He also was named director of medical imaging for the Cleveland Browns.

Scott A. Storrer is global president of Strand Life Sciences, a global genomic profiling company.


Magnetic Materials Association as well as vice president of sales and marketing for Thomas & Skinner Inc.

Edwin N. Richardson was one of the experts interviewed for a report that aired on “60 Minutes,” March 22, 2015, discussing “How did China corner the market on a critical resource nearly every electronic device we use depends on?” Ed is president of the United States

Michelle Troksa Croasdaile is a geological adviser with BHP Billiton Petroleum in Houston. She has worked as a geologist in the oil and gas industry for more than 22 years.


Tiffany DiBernardo O’Donnell is the first chief operating officer of Iowa Women Lead Change, the state’s premier leadership organization for women.

Photo: KIWI Photography

Phillip D. Joseph is chief financial officer of Spirit Realty Capital, Inc.

Sharon Rediger Lee is donor relations and events coordinator for St. Francis House, a nonprofit and nonsectarian comprehensive day shelter providing rehabilitative and housing programs for poor and homeless men and women in Boston. (See photo.)

ALUMNI REUNION WEEKEND 2015 – Members of the Class of 1990 Row 1: Stacy (Blome) Jones; Maria (Joven) Harper; Laura (Sherck) Sims; Leslie (Davidson) Jaworski; Mary (McCracken) Tyndall; Elizabeth I. Wrobel; Julie (McKeag) Meyer; Tobi Lynn Pagach; Kersten (Wagschal) Gorski; Ann (Sparenberg) Hand; Kristen (Hague) Anderson; Amy A. Ratcliffe. Row 2: Sergi C. Bosch; Jon R. Bosler; Amy (Haugk) Osborne; Scott E. Osborne; Joyce L. Collins; Polly A. MacIsaac; Angela (Dow) Davis; Sharon (Rediger) Lee; Jamie (Bass) Furr; Amy L. McCutchan; Elyse (Crenshaw) Brasseale; Lisa (Fay) Hennessey. Row 3: Elizabeth “Betsy” (Boxell) Morse; Susan (Constance) Caponi; Tracey (Thieme) Sheppard; Timothy “Tim” A. Sheppard; Timothy “Tim” M. Myers; Pamela “Pam” (Anderson) Smith; Troy T. Smith; Ellen (Shideler) Wheeler; Jeffrey “Jeff” F. Knupp; Daniel “Dan” B. Horner; Elizabeth “Betsy” (Kiel) Horner; Kathleen “Kathy” A. Collins. Row 4: Sarah (Elliott) Biles; Rachelle “Shelly” (Evans) Leonida; Charles D. Mills; Stephen “Steve” B. Rogers; David W. O’Brien; Debra “Debbie” (Good) Spanbauer; Amy G. Youngblood; Shelley (Catharine) Johnson; Breta (Corbin) Cooper; Karen L. Lang; John W. Busey II. Row 5: Robert “Rob” B. Batchelder Jr.; Jay D. Bartelt; Jon D. Lundy; Philip “Phil” J. Hutchison; Gregg T. Eaton; Emily (Steger) Kirk; Katherine “Casey” (Cornelsen) St. John; Clare (Smith) Gorski; Michele “Shelly” (Main) Valenzia. Row 6: Richard “Rich” F. Bulger; Michael “Misha” Rabinowitch; David “Dave” P. Zitlow; Brian M. Getz; Dale S. Tomalin; Ronald “Ron” L. Stier; Douglas “Doug” J. Lowery; Gordon L. Harris; Christopher “Chris” W. Schmidt. Row 7: Bradford “Brad” C. Smith; Linda (Winton) Sear; Michael “Mike” P. Sear; Brad A. Pierce; Jay P. Moran; Samuel “Chad” C. Hollingsworth; James “Jim” A. Harmann; Allaaddin “Al” Mollabashy; Christopher “Kit” K. Robbins; Barbara (Ristow) Hennessy. Row 8: Matthew “Matt” P. Brookman; Gary J. Rasmussen; Richard “Bart” B. Findley Jr.; Gregory “Greg” J. Goetcheus; Bradley “Brad” C. Combs; R. Chris Capoot; Timothy “Tim” H. Wallace; Jeffrey “Jeff” G. Gibson; Francis “Frank” R. Facchini; Creighton B. Wright Jr.; Thomas “Thom” A. Davidson.


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DePauw Magazine Summer 2015  

Elisa Villanueva Beard, Honor Scholars and First-Gen Students

DePauw Magazine Summer 2015  

Elisa Villanueva Beard, Honor Scholars and First-Gen Students