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Spring 2013

DEO PATRIAE AMICIS "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible." –St. Thomas Aquinas

“Child of Spring” by Elizabeth Cairnie The bare little feet ran happy and free,

So unlike the silvery rains of spring,

Bringing with them a fragile girl,

Torrential hail swallowed her whole;

Whose large brown eyes were a sight to see,

Once soft breezes with now stalwart sting,

Peeping from behind a bobbing red poppy,

Sent her unto young saplings to cling;

While listening to the river’s rippling purl.

Her brown eyes filled with fear and dole.

Her little face beamed innocence,

As sudden as bird flight the dark storm lifted,

Simple and bright as the red bloom,

And flaxen shafts peeped in meekness,

Yet full of the same transience,

Yet inward was a storm un-shifted,

That causes those who watch such grievance,

And slowly, steadily, the small girl drifted;

When spring’s immortality is assumed.

No longer frolicsome, but fragile bleakness.

The robins laughed in spite of themselves,

Yet though her heart grew feeble and frail,

As she frolicked about the green meadow;

And in the meadow no more she danced,

Though her steps were light as those of elves,

A stream flushed resilient though pale,

And her lively sing-song merry as bells,

Fresh as new hope, it breached the veil;

The darkening clouds foreboded shadow.

All virtue, joy, and facet enhanced.

She rests now upon a sunshine morn, With the robins wondering where she’s gone; Young grasses and poppies her body adorn, For all earthly raiment has she shorn; Her song on the wind breathed in the dawn.

“Just As God Had Planned� By MaryClare Kellner Once upon a time, there was an amazing young boy who was good at just about everything. He was raised well, and he always knew what to say and when not to speak. By the time he was in high school, he had won state for soccer and basketball. He also got A's in all his classes, a high score from a science fair, and a 1st place trophy from a spelling bee. This young boy was very sweet and charming, and although he was from a wealthy family and his parents served him endlessly, he had a humble attitude and was rarely demanding. At the same time, a young girl who was raised by her mother with her two sisters lived across the country since her father had died of cancer five years before. Always hearing that boys were mean and selfish, she soon believed it. This girl had a charming disposition and was known to cheer things up in the little town she lived in, but she had learned to never trust anyone other than those very close to her. Therefore, she was known by strangers as a shy girl who said almost nothing. This did not bother her at all, and she was quite happy with where she was by the time she got through college. Going back to the boy, he made it through college and became not only a professional soccer player but also a very successful business owner. Because of this, he was a very busy man with hardly any time for his friends and family. After many years of living in the same town for her whole life, the young girl decided to take a trip to California and live her own life. This was

a big trip for a shy girl, but she wished to follow her dreams and become a 1st grade teacher to help give the young'uns a great start. At the same time, the young man was traveling from his home in Alabama to California for his big soccer match. While on the plane, these two young people met, and a tender string seemed to pull in each of their hearts. The girl felt like this could be someone she should trust, and the boy was, surprisingly, at a loss for words. They talked during the whole plane ride and became very interested in one another's life stories. When the plane landed in California, they both went their separate ways, but each left with a hope of meeting again. The girl went to a job interview which was very successful. She not only got the job, but also earned a pass to a big soccer tournament which her new boss would not be able to go to. At the soccer game, she ran into none other than the man she met on the plane. They once again fell in love by just being with one another. After the tournament, the young man quit his soccer career, and devoted his life to his business and, more importantly, his new wife who had learned how to trust him with her whole heart. The young couple lived in Alabama where everything fell into place. They started a wonderful family, both living the dreams they had all along: finding a partner to love them for the rest of their lives. As the years went by, their children grew into the sweetest children there ever were, and all was just as God had planned. The End.

Amazing Lemonade By Nikolai Brelinsky

3 Lemons 2 Limes 1 Grapefruit 他 Cup Sugar Ice Water Squeeze all the juice out of the lemons, limes, and grapefruit. Boil enough water to dissolve the sugar. Add the sugar water to the juice. Add enough ice and water to fill a gallon pitcher. Serve cool and enjoy!

“Letting Go” By Kyra Clark

You were once their closest confidant; Now you watch them with a silent sigh,

Sometimes you’ve got to let them go,

Faking a laugh and forcing a smile,

Allowing them to shine and glow,

Hiding your pain all this while.

Releasing them from your life, Though it pierces like a bitter knife.

Though once they knew you, And could see right through,

It’s hard to see them without you,

Tell you “it’s okay,

Not knowing what they’re putting you through.

I completely understand you.”

As they spread their wings to fly, A part of you painfully dies.

Now you long to hear, Such ancient words,

So many memories shared in between,

As your eyes tear up,

Smiles and laughter,

And your heart remains injured.

Which can easily be seen; Letting go is the only way Now such thoughts are all but there.

To show the things you cannot say.

The past moves so quickly;

Letting them fly

It’s terribly unfair.

And letting them free, Is always the price of a friendship fee.

already helped were also being strange. Some would suddenly scowl and mutter under their breaths, others would glance at her and look away with aggrieved expressions, and the rest seemed to avoid looking at her at all. Only Doctor Reid didn’t seem very different from when he had talked to her a while before.

Part 8

Evelyn tapped on the small metal table which contained the medicines and bandages, making a monotonous sound like that of an eerie, rapidly ticking metronome. With this sound ringing in their ears, Callum and Nathan sat gloomily on stools at one side of the large room as Spencer and Cassidy tentatively treated their wounds. At the same time, the Doc helped tend to the injuries of the rest of the OSRA personnel, while Nick and Kate silently observed his unpleasant task with grimaces and queasy stomachs. While Cassidy helped Spencer wrap one of Callum’s wounds to Evelyn’s rapid beat, she noticed that the two men seemed unusually silent. Both seemed to avoid every possible conversation with Cassidy and Spencer. Once she was more or less sure of her observation, Cassidy nudged Spencer and gave him a questioning look. He shrugged at her, also puzzled with the unusual treatment. “We didn’t wrap their wounds too tightly did we?” he mouthed. Cassidy looked around the room and realized that the other agents she’d

While scanning the room, she found that her siblings were being given the same odd treatment. The people in the room seemed to stay at least five feet away from them. There was definitely something wrong. One glance at Evelyn told her that the reason for their strange behavior would soon be revealed. “So…” Evelyn began in a loud voice. Everyone in the room paused to listen. “As you all know, these children here,” she gestured to Cassidy, Nick, and Kate, “are the children of Joseph and Hallie Onyx, two of the scientists who established the Onyx Special Research Armory along with Dr. Simeon Onyx, Hallie Onyx’s younger brother. Though you may doubt their loyalty after what has just happened, treat them well.” She gave everyone stern gazes, but she avoided looking at the three and Spencer. “They are our friends, not enemies.” She added pointedly. “You may leave now.” As the people filed out of the room, Evelyn told the Doc to remain in the room with them. She made the Doc, Spencer, and Cassidy sit on chairs at one end of the wide conference room and stood a few feet in front of them. She told Nick and Kate to head to the kitchen for their dinner.

Once the twins had already left, Spencer held his hand up. “Why are you putting us in detention? Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it was Cassidy’s fault. And I want to eat dinner soon too,” Cassidy gave him a faintly annoyed expression. Evelyn didn’t answer him; no one made a sound. “So why are we really here?” he asked. Evelyn tapped her pen on her watch and sighed. “Doc already knows what’s happening, but I wanted to tell you myself, so I told the rest not to say anything. But it looks like you’ve already noticed something.” She paused and looked at her watch. “It’s getting late, so I should hurry.” She muttered to herself. “While we were getting out of the new HQ during Zonin’s attack, one of our agents obtained the DNA of several of Zonin’s agents. We specifically assigned him to do this because we needed to find out if any of the enemies used to work for OSRA,” she looked at Cassidy and Spencer. “Like the evil scientist,” Spencer said. “Yes. When we checked the DNA on our database,” Evelyn resumed, “we found that two of the samples were from Joseph Onyx and Hallie Onyx.” Cassidy gasped, Spencer clenched his teeth, and the doctor covered his eyes with his left hand. “What do you mean?” Cassidy said with an even, yet abrasive voice. “It’s impossible. It’s just a mistake since they’re both dead. We all know what

happened during the fire several years ago. I saw them. They were trapped in there.” Evelyn could see her disbelief. “I don’t believe it either. But it seems the evidence is there. Lots of people here believe it. What do you think about it, Doc, Spencer?” “It’s probably just a mistake,” Spencer said, trying to hide his surprise. “Our database might be faulty. I’ll check on it later.” “Doc,” Evelyn asked, “what do you think?” He sighed while shielding his eyes with his large hand, and Cassidy noticed a fairly large onyx on his ring finger. She wondered why he had a ring with an onyx since there were other stones which looked more presentable. “I don’t know what to think. I want to believe that it really isn’t them, but there is a big possibility that it’s true. There was an escape tunnel near the place you last saw them, Cassidy.” “A tunnel?” Cassidy felt her chest tighten. She always wished that her parents were still alive, but considering the circumstances, she actually hoped that they weren’t. The Doc nodded. “If we think that they’re still alive, the enemy would definitely discover the possibility as well. This was one of the reasons why I told you to take care of your younger siblings well because we never know what might happen. I’m sure you remember it too,

Spencer. You were the one who reminded me about the tunnel before I spoke to Cassidy that day.” Spencer nodded, but blushed knowing that Cassidy would find out that he had eavesdropped on their conversation. In spite of his worry, he was relieved when Cassidy didn’t say anything. I see, Cassidy thought. Doc already had his suspicions. And I was right after all; Spencer was listening in before and he knew that there was a tunnel. Mom and Dad might be alive… But they can’t be! What should I tell Nick and Kate? That Mom and Dad might be alive after all? They were dying, and they told me to take care of Nick and Kate. If they survived, then they went to the enemy? That’s not possible! But Doc said that there was a tunnel… If they did survive, they definitely would’ve found us and taken care of us, right? Should I tell the two that Mom and Dad are going to find us someday? That they’ve gone to the enemy’s side? No! I’m sure that they would never leave us no matter what. But what if they did survive? No one came for us…. No one came…They abandoned us. Cassidy held her throbbing head in her hands. How could she doubt her own parents? It was unforgivable. She wanted to yank her hair out for doing such a thing. They definitely wouldn’t have left us alone! “Are you okay, Cassie?” Spencer asked. “Even if Doc says that they might’ve survived because there was a tunnel, I don’t believe it. I only told Doc about the tunnel because I thought we’d be able to salvage some of the machines and

weapons. I honestly don’t think that they’re alive. If they were, I’m sure they would’ve gone to you.” He smiled at her, trying to hold back his own tears after thinking about his own mother. “I’m fine. Thanks for trying to help me,” she mumbled. This is my chance! I shouldn’t let myself get worried about these things since I have to look for the cure first. Cassidy rose from her chair shakily. “Doc, Evelyn, let me go to the old HQ. I’ll find some kind of proof so that everyone will believe me when I tell them that my parents would never join Zonin…because they died in that fire. There’s absolutely no possibility that they survived the fire.” Evelyn felt sorry for her, but she didn’t want Cassidy to get into any kind of danger. “I’m sorry, but you can’t go there. Besides, you probably won’t find anything anyway.” “Please! If you’d just let me go, I’m sure I’ll find something.” Cassidy looked at her with defiant eyes. I’ll find the cure which my parents made, and everyone will realize that they definitely wouldn’t have sided with the enemy. “No means no,” Evelyn gave her final answer. “Fine,” Cassidy answered. Spencer could see that she didn’t mean it. She’ll probably sneak out later, so I’ll just have to keep an eye on her, he thought. “Since we’re finished here, Spencer, you help me bring Doc to his room. And, Cassidy,” she paused, “hide this info from

Nick and Kate. I don’t want them to worry.”

“Even if you tell me not to go, I’m going with you.”

As Cassidy left the room and walked towards the kitchen, Spencer ran after her after safely escorting Doc to his room. “I guess you’re planning to sneak out and go to the old HQ,” he whispered. “Can I come with you?”

“Spencer!” she whispered fiercely. “You nearly scared me to death! If you’re really coming, you better be quiet!”

A forceful “No!” was Cassidy’s quick answer. “I’m going alone.” After dinner, Cassidy hurriedly went to the room which she and her siblings were given and emptied her backpack of the things she wouldn’t need. “What are you doing?” Kate asked when she entered the room. Cassidy nearly jumped. “Just looking for interesting stuff in my backpack. I was just bored, so I wanted to look for something I could do.” Kate shrugged. “Okay. Where’s Nick?” “I don’t know,” Cassidy replied. “I was just about to ask you. Ok then. Good night.” Kate raised an eyebrow. Oh well, she’s always weird. Later in the night, when Cassidy could hear her siblings snoring in their sleep, she quietly snuck out of her bed, put on her shoes, grabbed her backpack, and opened the door as quietly as she could. After closing the door shut as she exited the room, she was startled by a low voice.

He gave her his best smile. “Okay.” Cassidy rolled her eyes, but she smiled in spite of herself. When Cassidy and Spencer were already several feet away from the room, the door was opened gently once again. “Shh! Hurry up, Kate. And please try to whisper.” “Ugh!” Kate grumbled. “It was your idea to follow Cassidy.” “Well it’s not exactly my fault that we’re following her,” Nick answered sharply. “We heard her talking in her sleep, so we found out about her plan. Who wouldn’t follow her after hearing what she said?” Kate frowned. “Whatever. But I really wanted to sleep! And why did we have to make weird pig-snoring noises?” Nick tried to ignore his sister’s complaints and just focus on following his other sister. Meanwhile, Evelyn, Doc, and the other OSRA agents were gathered in one of the meeting rooms in the safehouse. After a long discussion, they had all finally reached a conclusion though many had opposed the final decision.

“We have to fight them to get the HQ back and to stop them from using the weapons which are stored there. They want the microchip technology which controls the advanced weapons which Simeon Onyx developed. We will destroy the weapons if we cannot prevent the enemy from finding the microchip. This whole war was started by those inventions.” “That’s right.” Evelyn expressed her assent. “We need everyone to be prepared in 36 hours. Then we’ll start for the battlefield. Prepare the weapons you’ve brought along, and find the others in the storage. Go!” “Evelyn,” Doctor Reid put his big hand on her shoulder. “You tell the children what’s happening and move them to a safer place.”

fine to wake them up in the middle of the night just to tell them to get ready to move to another place. Once she stood in front of the room, she gently and quietly turned the knob. After putting one foot inside the room, she realized that something was off. She went to one of the beds and yanked the blanket onto the floor. She sighed with a load of exasperation and rushed out of the room. When she passed Doc in the hallway, she said, “I’ll be back on time, Doc. I just need to look for a few runaway kids.” Soon, she was on fifth gear in her two-seater convertible, driving towards the first Onyx Special Research Armory headquarters. “I should’ve known that they’d do this,” she grumbled.

“Yessir!” As she walked to the room of the Onyxes, Evelyn wondered if it would be

To be continued....

“To Which Altar?” By Aug Trembilanse

I will go to the altar of God, But to which altar should I go? To the majestic altar of stone In a great medieval cathedral, In which once sat a king's throne? Or to the humble altar of wood In a small country parish, In front of which a sorrowful sinner stood?

Nay, the question put should not be: ”To which altar?”, But “To which god?” The god of power, strength, or money? The god of sensuality, pride, or vanity? Or to the God of Love, Who lives now on our altars In the Most Holy Sacrament?

Yea, to this Altar And to this God I shall go.

“The Violet” By Kate Knighton

There is a wreath of virtues

Most admired and respected

That each young girl should own;

Among angels, if not men,

With roses bright and lilies fair

Are the women who want to be the words

And forget-me-nots piety prone;

Written by God’s celestial pen:

With poppies flying in the wind

The one who keeps her tongue in check

Of the Holy Spirit blest,

And hands and feet and ears,

And sunflowers who look daily

And watches what she says and does

To God, their heart’s sweet guest.

And also what she hears;

Of all these flowers fragrant

She is careful and diligently

There is one that is unique;

Watches how she dresses,

‘Tis the modest little violet

And is careful not to become

Who has what God does seek

Too vain over her tresses;

In every fair, young maiden;

She is modest over winning

For the audacious and the bold

And takes no notice of the aloof;

Will find their earthly treasures

To the ones who are faced with failure

Are useless and will grow cold.

From modest lips comes no reproof;

The woman who cares not if another Should mock her modest ways, For she know that it pleases God In Heaven above He repays

A hundredfold and many over If she is modest and good, And takes care to preserve her violet By doing as she should.

Once more I say, my maidens fair, One flow’r has what God does seek, And that flower, above most other ones, Is the violet, modest and unique.

“Paradoxes� By Aug Trembilanse

A man can be at once Rich and poor; Strong and weak; Good and bad; Proud and meek.

A man can be at once Important and insignificant; Big and little; Powerful in act as fire, And in potency as metal.

A man has at once A body and a spirit. What greater discrepancy? Yet God always willed it.

All the others rise From this paradox, paramount, But God made this the only way To make our lives here count.

Photo by Mary Schmitt

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