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January 7, 2016 • FREE Volume 5 • Number 23

In New Year’s tragedy, aspiring rapper is killed by Grand St. elevator BY YANNIC RACK


Bronx man was crushed to death by a faulty elevator in a building on the Lower East Side moments before the rest of the city joined to ring in the new year. Stephen Hewett-Brown, 25, an aspiring rapper, was reportedly heading to a

New Year’s Eve celebration in the building when he stepped into an elevator at 131 Broome St. shortly before midnight on Dec. 31. When the elevator suddenly got stuck between floors, Hewett-Brown helped one of the tenants in the building, Erudi Sanchez, get out of it ELEVATOR continued on p. 23

Arcane process to pick Shelly Silver successor favors district leaders BY JOSH ROGERS


o who is going to be picking the successor to Shelly Silver, the former assemblymember who was convicted last month on corruption charges? If you are following the story, you already know it won’t be voters. Members of the Democratic County

Committee from Silver’s 65th Assembly District in Lower Manhattan will effectively crown the next legislator early next year when they select the nominee for the April 19 special election. But at least the public can easily see who the committee members are, right? SILVER continued on p. 5

The colorful world of Mr. 19 | May 14, 2014

David Lloyd Wilkie, the future Adam Purple a.k.a Rev Les Ego, in an early photo, possibly from high school, sent by his daughter Jenean.

The dark side of Purple BY LINCOLN ANDERSON


his is a true story…. I was born in Missouri in 1955. For the first 12 years of my life, I was held captive, and systematically brainwashed. I was indoctrinated and trained to be a sex slave. …” So began a woman’s monologue, entitled “Coming Out,” performed on Sept. 4 on the stage of an improv theater somewhere in the Northwest. Stagehands held up two large cardboard rectangles, each with a drawing on it

— one downstage, showing a young girl, the other upstage, a woman. As the narrator, hidden from view, spoke during the five-minute piece, several people first circled the drawing of the girl while holding up small signs with quotes, such as “Daddy loves you,” “Let the nice man kiss it,” “You like that don’t you!” “Let them watch, honey,” and “If it hurts use vaseline.” The woman went on to talk about how, as a young child, she was given pornography and sex toys, and taught to masturbate and achieve orgasm.

“It was part of daily life,” she said. “Everyone in the household participated. … We were posed and photographed. We were entertainment at parties and orgies. … It was my childhood reality. … “We moved from place to place, frequently and suddenly. This kept us isolated. … I did not know how to play or interact with others outside the home. … Instead, I was told that my purpose, my reason for existing, was to provide sexual pleasure for whoever wanted it.” The cardboard picture of PURPLE continued on p. 8



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East Villager • Jan. 7, 2016  


East Villager • Jan. 7, 2016