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Downeasters Chorus Rehearsal Agenda for United Methodist Church 52 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, Maine Monday August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013 7:00-7:20



Repertoire Run: Teddy Bear, Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas,

Jingle Bell Rock 7:35-7:50

O Little Town of Bethlehem (Jack)


I Will Go Sailing No More (Miles)


Business Mtg./Break (Wally)


Sectionals: I Will Go Sailing No More


Competition Package (Jack)


Raffle/KTWWS (Marshall/Larry)

*************************************************************** ****************

Tentative Rehearsal Schedules August 23, 2013 (RAYMOND) 7:00-7:20 Warmup 7:20-8:00 Love Me 8:00-8:25 Run Competition Package in full for Raymond (Comments from Raymond in preparation for tomorrow)

8:25-8:35 8:35-9:00 9:00-9:30 9:30-9:45

Break (No business meeting necessary) When I Fall in love Crazy Optional Raffle/KTWWS

August 24, 2013 (RAYMOND) 10:00-10:30 10:30-11:30 11:30-11:45 11:45:12:45 12:45-1:15 1:15-2:00 2:00-2:15 2:15-3:00

Warmup The Way You Look Tonight Break You Make Me Feel So Young Lunch The Way You Look Tonight Break You Make Me Feel So Young

*************************************************************** ****************

Downeasters Chorus  Pillars  of  Success  Established  2013  

As members  of  the  Downeasters  Chorus,  the  following  Pillars  of  Success  are  our  guiding  principles.  

1. Stand  Like  a  Champion!     2.  Bring  the  Whole  Singer   3.  The  Pitchpipe  is  Sacred   4.  Sing  Tall  and  Forward   5.  Be  Artistic  with  Your  Voice,  Face  and  Body   6.  Bring  the  Audience  on  Your  Journey   7.  Expect  to  Grow!   8.  HAVE  FUN      

The following new songs have been added to the website! 1.) What Kind of Fool Am I: This is a new contestable ballad that the MLT has voted to add. We will likely be starting this song in rehearsals in mid-September, so start working it at your leisure. 2.) O Little Town of Bethlehem: This is a new Christmas song that Jack has added. It is a really pretty arrangement and I think you will enjoy working on it. We will run this on paper on August 19, 2013. All of the older Christmas charts/tracks are still up there and are in purple boxes. There are also inactive Christmas songs, so be sure to only rehearse the following songs for now-

Do You Hear What I Hear Feliz Navidad Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Jingle Bell Rock Silent Night O Little Town of Bethlehem Visit the Members Only Section of for the Music Library and other Downeasters Resources.

Fall Convention 2013 Hello Everyone, I just returned from very successful HCNE and HX camps at Worcester State University. Exchange Street represented us very nicely. Looking ahead, the chorus has a busy calendar. One item that needs to be covered is the upcoming Fall District Convention on October 17,18. Portland chapter is hosting, and I will be asking for help to pull this event off without a hitch. Our very own Marshall Wagner {House Manager} and Dave Sweet {Competitor Services}, will be heading the events team side. They are looking for volunteers to assist in the event. The biggest job is to have a chapter contact, to be available to the DVP of Judges and the DVP of Events. This person will carry a master list of Volunteers, and work directly with Marshall. Positions that are needed this year will be door guards for all doors in the area of the auditorium. These positions maybe rotated around. Then we will need a Friday crew to set up tables around the school where needed, label classrooms with names of the competitors. Then on Friday night, Saturday Morning and Evening, we need to have folks to move the quartets and choruses from the classrooms to the back stage crew. Plus a full time job as a curtain operator. The best thing about being a volunteer is that you are granted full weekend access to the event, and will be responsible for the safety of our visiting members from the NED, and giving them the ol' Maine hospitality. Since these positions are very important to the event, I have added TV's all around the venue so you won't miss a minute of the action. {Lobby, outside the door to the auditorium, and the cafe}. If you want to be a part of this huge event, please forward your intentions to Marshall. Once he has your name, you may then go to the NED site and register as a volunteer. I want to thank everyone ahead of time for stepping up in this adventure. I hope that with proper advertising, this event will sell out. Any questions or concerns, let me know. Please do not wait to sign up. Act now!!!!! Have a great day, Dave Cole DVP of Events. P.S. The Headquarters Hotel is the Doubletree at the Maine Mall. If you would like to stay over, please act now, as rooms are going fast.

Future Events: ………………………………………………………… Aug. 23 (Fri) What: Coaching Retreat - Raymond Schwartzkopf Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm – 9:45pm Aug. 24 (Sat) What: Coaching Retreat - Raymond Schwartzkopf Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm Aug. 26 (Mon) What: Carry Over Retreat Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm Sep. 14 (Sat) What: Music with a Mission Concert Where: North Windham Union Church 723 Roosevelt Trail Windham, Maine 04062 Time: 7pm(?) Sep. 20-22 (Fri - Sun) What: New England Harmony Brigade Extreme Quartetting Weekend Cost: $285 Total, $140 due with Application The Big Saturday Night Show (Public Invited) Sat. 7:00pm Where: Marlborough, Mass For more info: Sep. 21 (Sat) What: Windjammers Annual Show With: Exchange Street Quartet Where: Rockport Opera House, Rockport Times: 7:00pm Sep. 23 (Mon) What: Coaching Rehearsal Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm Sep. 28 (Sat) What: Noreasters Annual Show With: Good Time Sound and VIBE! (from Sounds of the Seacoast Chorus!) Where: Methodist Church, Church Rd. Brunswick

Times: 7:00pm Oct. 5 (Sat) What: Waterville Chorus Annual Show Featuring: MEN IN BLACK Where: Waterville Opera House Time: 2 shows Afternoon and Evening Oct. 18-20 (Fri - Sun) What: Fall NED District Convention/Contest Where: Westbrook Performing Arts Ctr. 471-Stroudwater Street Westbrook, Maine 04092 Times: TBA Nov. 13-17 (Wed-Sun) What: Harmony Inc International Convention Where: Windsor, ONT. Times: TBA ~ 2014 ~ Jun. 29-Jul. 6, 2014 (Sun – Sun) What: BHS International Convention Where: MGM Grand Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV Link:

Quartet Corner …………………………………………………………… You, yes you reading this, you are invited to send in news for your quartet(s). where have you been?, where are you going to be?, what have you been up to? What quartets have YOU seen? Port City Sound Back Bay Four Exchange Street Senior Discount In Your Quartet News!

Any Others? Send

~ Notes of Interest ………………………………………………………… Please send pictures and notes of your quartet’s outings, Shows that you have seen, Shows that you are looking forward to seeing, Quartet or Chorus news from around New England to:

Robert Cram, 101 by Dick Wheeler Bob was not a barbershopper, but his wife, Marion certainly was. Marion's first husband was a long time member, Herm Lovendale. Marion has been a long time supporter of our chapter and even attended a chapter meeting as recently as this past spring.

A memorial service for Bob Cram will be held on Friday, August 16 at 3 p.m. at the Foreside Community Church, 340 Foreside Road, Falmouth. Messages of condolence may be sent to Marion Cram, 39 Blueberry Lane C40, Falmouth 04105-2806 Donations may be made to The Foreside Community Church at 340 Foreside Road, Falmouth 04105

OLD TIMERS LUNCH by Dick Wheeler The Over The Hill Gang held another luncheon at Pat's on August 15. Present were Dave Burns,Bruce Hamlin,Max Brandt,Marshall Wagner,Charlie Maggs,Roland Gorman and daughter Chris Nason,Manen Clements,Dick Loughlin,Ray Houlden, Curt Roberts,Wayne Newland, and Dick Wheeler.. The last meeting of the year will take place in late October.

FORMER MEMBER MAKES GENEROUS DONATION by Dick Wheeler At the August Old Timers lunch, Roland Gorman made a generous donation of $1500 to the chapter. There are no restrictions on how the money is used. Rollie joined the chapter in the mid fifties and remained a member for over 40 years. This donation was made at the lunch and resulted in much applause from the appreciative men in attendance.


New "instant replay" rule in effect for Fall 2013 contests A "scoring variance" is defined as when at least one judge on a panel awards a song with a score that is significantly higher or lower than other judges in the category. Judges have long discussed these variances in the days and weeks following a contest; since early 2012, the Society's Contest & Judging (C&J) Committee has been looking at methods to address significant scoring differences (variances) before they become official. One C&J committee studied the data and decided that significant variances should be reviewed; a subsequent committee looked at how that could be done. The judging panels in each of the Spring 2013 contests simulated the process to gather data on how often it occurred and whether judges would change their score once a variance is noted. C&J reviewed all of the information in Toronto this July, approved the concept and forwarded the information to the Society Board of Directors for approval. The Society Board has approved the program and rule changes. In anticipation, C&J formally trained on the process at Category School and is prepared to go "live" in the Fall 2013 season.

If a statistical variance occurs with a set of scores given for a performance of a song, the judges within the category will have the opportunity to review their sheets and potentially change their scores, much like instant replay. Read the entire discussion and process description on the barbershopHQ blog Kevin Keller Society Contest & Judging Committee Chairman

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