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-The Downeasters Soundings Weekly is a weekly email newsletter of the Downeasters Barbershop Harmony Chorus. -Please send any Barbershopping news, Chorus news and show dates, Quartet news and appearances, Notes of Interest- including Chorus Shows and other Public Entertainment dates from around New England, requests to be removed from, or added to, the distribution list, etc. to -Deadline for submission of articles of interest to the chorus is 5:00pm Thursdays. -This, and all Soundings are available online at:

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DOWNEASTER CHRISTMAS CONCERT Tuttle Road Methodist Church 52 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, Maine

Monday, December 10, 2012 7:00 P.M. FIRST HALF Come Fly With Me When I Fall In Love Just In Time How Deep Is The Ocean Quartet-Back Bay 4-2 songs Anytime At All-Miles Hunt Quartet-Port City Sound-2 songs Love Me Teddy Bear INTERMISSION SECOND HALF Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Jingle Bell Rock O Holy Night Coventry Carol Quartet-Back Bay 4-2 songs Feliz Navidad Do You Hear What I Hear Quartet-Port City Sound-2 songs Silent Night We Wish You A Merry Christmas *************************************************************************** ****

Christmas Concert Dates – Mark Your Calendars Dress for these concerts will be tux, red vest, bow tie and handkerchief, white tux shirt, black sox and shoes. Monday, December 10th-Tuttle Road Methodist Church, Cumberland, Maine Dec. 10 (Mon) What: Christmas Concert Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church, Cumberland, Maine Time: 7:00pm

Monday, December 17th-The Woods at Canco. Dec. 17 (Mon) What: Christmas Concert Where: The Woods at Canco, Portland, Maine Time: 7:00pm

New Music Schedule                      Song                                                                                                      First  night  singing                                                  Off  the  music       You  Make  Me  Feel  So  Young                                              Jan.  7,  2013                                                                  Jan.  28,  2013       The  Way  You  Look  Tonight                                                    Jan.  7,  2013                                                                  Jan.  28,  2013       Crazy                                                                                                                                  Jan.  28,  2013                                                              Feb.  25,  2013 It has been decided that the chorus will not be learning or singing: LET THE REST OF THE WORLD GO BY. Contest songs: #1 YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG #2 THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT Visit the Members Only Section of for the Music Library and other Downeasters Resources.

~ Remember,  the  right  hand  side  of  the  page  says,  consistently  in  tune,  artistic   embellishment,  artistic  delivery,  excellent  execution.     ~    Who  is  responsible  for  creating,  and  bringing  unit  sound  to  the  Downeaster’s   performance?     ~  Whose  responsibility  is  it  in  the  Downeasters  to  create  VISUAL  and  VOCAL  ARTISTRY?    

~  Artistic  embellishment—Excellent  vocal  quality—consistent  expansion—totally  in   command    

Notes of Interest ………………………………………………………… Please send pictures and notes of your quartet’s outings, Shows that you have seen, Shows that you are looking forward to seeing, Quartet or Chorus news from around New England to:

A VIEW OF PRISONS FROM THE INSIDE by Dick Wheeler It was in the early sixties. Our chorus was doing a "package show" for inmates at the South Windham Correctional Center. The inmates entered and left through the front door. It was a good sized auditorium with a stage. The inmates enjoyed the show very much especially when the emcee made remarks like "Come down to our next meeting" and "We have never sung before a captive audience before". They roared with laughter. The late Stan Andrews of Bryant Pond teamed up with Link Abbott, and two other guys and sang "Baby, Get Your Daddy Out Of Jail". The inmates were rolling in the aisles. Fast forward to 1968. We are back at South Windham. Different atmosphere altogether. I was the first man on stage and one inmate remarked loudly, "Say. He's pretty cute". Well, folks, the jokes didn't go over and neither did the music. It didn't take long for half of the crowd to head for the exit. Bummer! In conclusion, the rest of this narrative has nothing to do with barbershop, but some readers may find this interesting. Twenty years later I was working for an engineering company, which occasionally did surveying for the Dept. Of Corrections, which was planning expansions, drainage improvements, etc. This took myself and a colleague into prisons at South Windham, Thomaston, Warren, and Charleston (a suburb of Dover-Foxcroft). Some interesting and suspenseful visits, but I should not take up any more space and will stop here.

Good News Thanks to Meg Queior and Eileen Wyatt from the United Methodist Church we were able to get a spot in the "Centerfold" of today's Portland Press Herald's "GO" calendar magazine. This calendar, as you may know, is distributed every Thurs as an insert in the daily paper. Today's ad features our show to be held at the church this next Monday. Take a Look. Dave Sweet

Thanks Dave, On the Press Herald website, I find the Go section and a link to Music events which has us I see that we are "music" and not "art and theater" because our music isn't classical. Well, La - Dee - Dah to that - chuckle. I guess if it keeps you awake, it's not art. Harmoniously, David Brown

Miracle on 34th Street I'll miss everyone this holiday season - I hope you enjoy your shows. I'm doing "Miracle on 34th Street" with Portland Players theatre – if you get a chance and want to see a really cute show for Christmas, get on line to Portland Players and get tickets early - We have already sold out a couple of performances. Merry Christmas to all and I'll see you in April when we return from Florida !!!! Gerry Barnicle Here is a link to a review of Miracle on 34th Street in which Gerry plays a few parts‌ (ED.)

The Harmonizer Video Edition Isn't this a clever way to use the internet. This will give you a great taste of what our new CEO Marty Monson is like. I got to meet him, this is very real. He got a standing ovation before he even spoke to our group. He generates that kind of energy. WATCH HERE: This is the challenge for you and your chapters and what we hope to support you with at the upcoming Leadership Academy on January 5th. Please come and reinvent yourself and your chapter. Information is Here! See you there! Michael Klein Barbershop Harmony Society Northeastern District, President Lowell, MA Chapter email: National Website: NED Website: Chapter Website: Imagine what a harmonious world it could be if every single person, both young and old, shared a little of what he is good at doing. ~ Quincy Jones Become an Ambassador of Song *

Sounds of the Seacoast the 2012 Third Place International Barbershop Chorus Medalists of Harmony, Inc. invites you to the 4th annual

* Holly Jolly Cabaret * Sunday, December 9th from 3:00 – 5:00 pm at the Jarvis Center, at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (next to Portsmouth High School) The chorus will perform a number of seasonal favorites, gospel tunes and standards – all in 4-part a cappella harmony. Doors open at 3:00 pm with complimentary snacks and beverages, raffles, plus a cash bar. And there will even be surprises for the kids! * TICKETS * Tickets are $15 g eneral seating and $5 for children 10 and under. Call 603-436-8748 or email Please bring a non-perishable food or other appropriate item for baskets that will be presented to A Safe Place, a local non-profit that aids victims of domestic abuse by providing shelter and support services.

Installation Banquet I would encourage all to respond with your intentions regarding the Installation Banquet. Time is ticking away. We need to know how many meals to get ready, how many place settings are available to members of other Chapters, etc. Since we do not have another Chapter meeting until NEXT year, we need responses NOW. Please let either Marshall or me know. We can gather up the $$ in January. Remember, the Chapter is paying $20 per attending Downeaster member. Spouses would be our responsibility. Larry Newth Marshall Wagner Jan. 26, 2013 at Val Halla Golf & Country Club in Cumberland There will be a cash bar, Happy Hour is 6:00PM to 7:00PM Dinner is served @ 7:00 PM The menu is: 1) Bourbon Tenderloin Tips 2) Prime Rib 3) Baked Stuffed Haddock 4) 1/2 Garlic Roasted Chicken All dinners come with a salad w/dressing choice, rolls and butter, baked potato and veggie. Strawberry shortcake will be served for dessert. Vegetarian and dietary needs will be accommodated with advanced notice. The total per person will be $20.00, which includes tax and gratuity. The Board of Directors approved a $20.00 allotment to current paid-up active members in attendance at the Installation Banquet, which will be distributed at the door. Curt Roberts has agreed to be the EmCee. Dave Cole, NED-VPE, will be doing the Installation. Mike Klein, NED-PRES will be in attendance. Any attending quartets are expected to sing. What else would they do.?? Larry and Marshall, with BOD approval, are working to involve all of the Maine Barbershop Choruses in this event, as we used to do in the days gone by. If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail Larry Newth. (that will come back to bite me). In Harmony. Larry and Marshall

'The Soundings' 50th Anniversary Issue. Here’s that link – Enjoy!

Future Events: Dec. 9 (Sun) What: A Holly Jolly Cabaret Who: Sounds of the Seacoast ~ Women’s A Cappella Chorus Where: The Jarvis Center at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church 40 Andrew Jarvis Drive, Portsmouth, NH Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm Tickets: $15 General Seating - $5 Children 10 and under Link: Dec. 10 (Mon) What: Christmas Concert Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church, Cumberland, Maine Time: 7:00pm Dec. 17 (Mon) What: Christmas Concert Where: The Woods at Canco, Portland, Maine Time: 7:00pm Jan. 26 (Sat) What: Installation Banquet Where: Val Halla Golf & Country Club 60 Val Halla Road, Cumberland, ME 04021 Time: - 6:00pm: Happy Hour 7:00pm: Dinner Link:

Downeasters Leadership for 2012 President Granville Barrows <> Primary: (603) 553-3608 Secretary Dave Marstaller <> Primary: (207) 751-1339 Secondary: (207) 865-3731 VP - Music and Performance Walt Dowling <> Primary: (207) 934-5857 Co-VP of Membership & Chapter Development Cy Kendrick < Primary: (207) 449-8587 Secondary: (207) 729-5201 Board Member at Large Mike Soper <> Primary: (508) 517-1647 Secondary: (207) 730-5624 Director Jack Baggs <> Primary: (207) 892-5192 Webmaster

Past President Bill Peterlein <> Primary: (207) 576-3313 Secondary: (207) 926-3054 Treasurer Carl Cappello <> Primary: (207) 899-2200 VP - Mktg & PR David Sweet <> Primary: (207) 967-8553 Co-VP of Membership & Chapter Development David Brown <> Primary: (207) 650-2454 Board Member at Large Marshall Wagner <> Primary: (207) 232-1543 Chorus Manager Ryan Norfleet <> Primary: (207) 253-9433 Secondary: (207) 510-1444 Librarian

Lawrence Bean <> Primary: (888) 678-9866 "Soundings" Newsletter Editor Bruce Sturgis <> Primary: (207) 312-3423 Secondary: (207) 784-1510

Bruce Sturgis Soundings Weekly Editor email: Downeasters Barbershop Chorus

Dwight Pensiero <> Primary: (207) 353-3244 DVP of Events Dave Cole <> Primary: (207) 671-4730 Secondary: (207) 797-9618

12/07/2012 Soundings Weekly  

The weekly newsletter of the Downeasters Barbershop Harmony Chorus

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