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Dov Amzallag

Montreal, Canada

Dov Amzallag, a resident of Montreal, Quebec, has carved a niche as an innovative entrepreneur and real estate investor with a nearly two-decades-long career. His proficiency in discerning valuable real estate investment opportunities has earned him recognition in the sector. He is founder and president of His entrepreneurial journey began early, distinguishing him from his peers. Possessing a keen business sense and an eye for lucrative opportunities, he embarked on his entrepreneurial path at 18. His initial venture into the local flea market scene, where he specialized in selling closeout items, highlighted his emerging business acumen and set the foundation for his future endeavors. He later transitioned to the telecommunications industry, taking roles in major Canadian companies such as Bell and Rogers. His strong sales skills and relentless determination in these roles laid the groundwork for his subsequent successes in the business world. His involvement in real estate began serendipitously in his mid-twenties. A requirement for residential and office space led him to acquire a duplex, which ignited his passion and successful career in real estate. He expanded his portfolio strategically, acquiring more significant properties, and became a prominent figure in the Greater Montreal real estate community. His real estate investment strategy is distinguished by a unique and thorough analytical process tailor-made for the Greater Montreal market. This strategy, combined with his acute understanding of local market trends and foresight in anticipating property value appreciation, has been crucial to his sustained investment success. Priveda Capital: