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Tech Support tech support orange countyTech support or technical support is a term given to all the services like repairs, maintenance, installation, etc related to computers or networks. There are companies which offer such services directly to you. We at Masley Associates provide professional solutions for personal computers, laptops and other related computer peripherals for the right price.

General Classification of Tech Support Tech support in general is taken in the following ways, Pay every time – In this type of service, every time you need a repair, maintenance or other kind of tech support, you will have to pay for the product and/or the service provided by the technician. This is usually chosen by people who just use one or two personal systems. Whenever they have a problem with installation, backup, update, data recovery, hardware/software issues, configuration, system set-up and so on, they contact the tech support company for help. Package payment – You can also purchase a package where in you can use the services of the technicians as per your requirement but for a fixed number of hours. This will cut down your cost and the work of paying every time. People who wish to use tech support services often and at their desired time slot, opt for such packages. Full time service – In this type, you can hire us to give you tech support all the time. Here, you can count on our technicians to monitor your systems and network, and fix the issues as and when they arise. At places where many computers are used and issues are bound to occur, full-time tech support works out well. Depending on your requirements and budget constraints you can opt for the type of service that suits you. We also take emergency service calls too. We guide our customers to take some steps on their own or come in person to fix the urgent problem. These days, outsourcing the tech support have also become a cheaper option. Companies take up the assignment and outsource the actual work to other places which render economical services. In this way the work is done well and the price involved is less too.

What Masley Associates renders At Masley Associates you can expect the following features,We render high quality services You can also expect timely delivery of your products The repairs and the tech support are done by professionals Our customer care channel is very helpful and accessible. You can contact us easily for any queries and can get a follow up on your tasks that we’ve taken up Other than repairing and tech support you can even purchase new systems from us


Installation, virus removal, backup handling, software updates, and other related services are also rendered by us. Our services are spread across regions like Anaheim, Cisco, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, long beach, Irvine, California, Fountain Valley, and so on. You can be assured of quality work and expert support from us. So grab your phone and call us now for any computer related issue you might have.IT support orange county computer repair service orange county Tech Support

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Tech Support