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Lake City at a Crossroad; A Healthy Civic Core Requires Balance to Thrive


In the past 10 years, a disproportionate amount of low-income housing has been added to our Lake City neighborhood. One Lake City area census block group already has 41% extremely low income (ELI) housing. See for more info.

Planning additional projects without considering the mixed-income model goes against Mayor and City Council favored best planning practices to help low-income people while protecting economic viability.

Lake City residents have welcomed many housing and services for low-income communities. Now, the economics, services and recreation opportunities are out-of-balance.

Advocacy groups originating outside of Lake City have not been accountable for the economic and health/safety impacts of their current projects. There has been no City oversight of methods and successes.

The Old FS 39 building is located directly in Lake City’s stressed & fragile urban-core.

Using the Old FS 39 site for a low-income apartment location was determined by convenience, not a rational selection process.

There are many other underutilized sites outside the commercial-core which are more appropriate locations for another low-income apartment building.


The most vulnerable in our community - low-income, disabled, and homeless- suffer in an unhealthy environment.

Local businesses report appalling rates of theft and loss. See lcnaseattle/videos for more info.

Disproportionately concentrated low-income housing and services will continue to burden an already fragile community.

Lake City area residents have rallied around the possibilities of the Pierre visioning project, imagining a healthy vibrant civic core. But redevelopment cannot happen unless it’s financially viable.

If best practices are mixed income development, recently passed by Council for Yesler Terrace, and put in place with High Point, New Holly, and Rainier Vista, then why is this practice ignored in Lake City?

We are encouraging the Mayor and City Council to work with us to improve the mix of business and market rate housing with all of the services Lake City provides.

Come to the Community Meetings on Saturday, October 6th or Monday, October 15th to meet City representatives and discuss these issues with regard to the disposition of the old Fire Station 39.

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