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by Kathy Wolfe All kinds of famous folks were born during the month of January. This week, Tidbits brings you a few more details about these well-known people who have a January birthday. • Showman P.T. Barnum was responsible for discovering four-yearold Charles Sherwood Stratton in 1842 and promoting him as General Tom Thumb, the world’s best-known “midget.” Barnum was reportedly a distant relative (“half fifth cousin, twice removed”) of the tiny boy, and taught him to sing, dance, mime and do impersonations. Tom was born to normal-size parents, with a birth weight of 9 pounds, 8 ounces (4.3 kg) and grew normally for his first six months. At age 4, he had not grown at all in over three years, although he was otherwise normal and healthy, with a voracious appetite. At age 9, he began to grow once again, and at 13, he stood 2 feet, 5 inches (74 cm) tall and grew to a final adult height of 3.35 feet (102 cm), weighing 71 pounds (32 kg). At age 25, Stratton married the 32-inch-tall, 29-pound Lavinia Warren in a lavish ceremony in New York City. Following the wedding, the couple greeted 2,000 guests while standing on the Metropolitan Hotel’s grand piano, followed by a trip to meet President Lincoln at the White House. More than 10,000 people attended the funeral Tom Thumb, who died suddenly of a stroke at age 45. turn the page for more!


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TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH By Paul G. Donohue, M.D. EDITORS: Please ensure that all pamphlet offers include price and all other information. Leg Pain Often Due to Clogged Arteries DEAR DR. DONOHUE: What can you tell me about peripheral artery disease in my legs? How about the ballooning of those clogged arteries? Where is a good place to go for that procedure? -- E.K. ANSWER: Activity causes chest pain in people with clogged heart arteries. It causes leg pain for people with clogged leg arteries -- peripheral artery disease. Angina is the chest pain of heart artery clogging; intermittent claudication is the leg pain that comes from clogged leg arteries. The obstructed arteries can’t deliver enough blood to leg muscles when a person walks. The leg muscles signal they’re being shortchanged in their blood supply by rebelling with pain. The pain can occur anywhere in the legs. If the blockage is high up, then thigh pain is the result. If a bit lower down, it’s calf pain. Lower down even more produces foot pain. “Intermittent” indicates that the pain leaves when the person rests. Diabetes, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol are some of the things that lead to artery clogging. Aging is, perhaps, the biggest contributor to it. About 17 percent of men and women older than 65 have this problem. A doctor confirms the diagnosis by measuring blood pressure at the ankle and comparing it with blood pressure in the arm. The two readings should be about equal. If the ankle blood pressure is much lower, it indicates that there’s an obstruction in the leg arteries. Treatment involves a diet that reduces the amount of fat and cholesterol; it’s essentially a diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, with less red meat and more fish. Although walking brings on pain, walking is a treatment, too. The person walks to the point of pain, rests and then resumes walking. Medicines like aspirin, Plavix and Pletal can be beneficial. You ask about the balloon treatment. It’s the same kind of procedure used to open clogged heart arteries. A slender tube with a deflated balloon at its tip is inched through the artery to the point of obstruction. When that’s reached, the doctor inflates the balloon to squash the obstruction. The population of your city is 50,000. I am sure many competent doctors there are versed in this procedure and can treat PAD as well as it can be treated anywhere. Ask your family doctor for a name. (c) 2011 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved

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JANUARY BABIES (continued):

• Nearly everyone has, at one time or another, watched Bob Eubanks host a game show. He’s the only person to have hosted the same game show, “The Newlywed Game” in six different decades, from the 1960s to the 2010s. Eubanks was only 28 years old when the popular program premiered in July of 1966. He had begun his career as a disk jockey and concert promoter in the Los Angeles area. In fact, he produced the Beatles’ live performances, including their Hollywood Bowl concerts for three years, as well as the Rolling Stones, Barry Manilow, Elton John, The Supremes and Merle Haggard. These days, Bob travels the country as a motivational speaker. • Although author Jack London penned 22 novels and scores of short stories, he is best known for “Call of the Wild,” “White Fang” and “Sea Wolf.” He was basically self-educated with the help of a librarian at the Oakland Public Library whom he met at age 11. Prior to his literary success, he worked 18-hour days at a cannery at age 13, then signed on to a sealhunting schooner to Japan when he was 17. At 21, he headed for the Klondike where the Gold Rush was in full force in 1897. Years later, he used the Yukon as the setting for “Call of the Wild.” At 24, he began writing in earnest, and earned the equivalent of $65,000 in today’s money in the first year. It’s long been debated whether London committed suicide at age 40, or whether he perished from the long-term effects of the scurvy he developed while in the Klondike.

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• You may not recognize the name of A. A. Milne, born in January of 1882, but you most certainly have read his work. In 1920, his son Christopher Robin Milne was born, and Alan Milne spun a series of stories around the boy and his stuffed bear, Winnie the Pooh. The name of Winnie came from an American black bear at the London Zoo that Christopher especially enjoyed. “Winnie the Pooh” can be found in 34 different languages, including Chinese, Afrikaans, Norwegian, Hebrew, Macedonian and Latin. Christopher Milne was actually called Billy Moon by his family and friends and spent much of his life resenting his father and the books that immortalized his name. • There are few people who haven’t heard the satirical, humorous and often controversial essays delivered by Andy Rooney on the CBS New Program “60 Minutes,” a regular feature since 1978. Each week, this 92-year-old sits behind a walnut table, which he built himself, and entertains viewers with his thoughts on such commonplace topics as car gadgets, recycling, grammatical errors and “things I love to hate.” “I don’t pick subjects as much as they pick me,” says this CBS employee of 61 years and author of 15 books. Rooney was married for 62 years, losing his wife in 2004. • How many people can name one thing that happened during the administration of 13th U.S. President Millard Fillmore? Fillmore assumed the office following the sudden death of Zachary Taylor from acute gastroenteritis and was never actually elected president. During his tenure, California became a state, and the Compromise of 1850 was signed, limiting the spread of slavery. An avid reader, Fillmore started the White House library and was one of the founders of the University of Buffalo, New York.

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• Born in January of 1961, Wayne “The Great One” Gretzky learned to Engines are tough on oil. Friction, intense heat, and contaminants eventually cause the oil to lose its skate at the Wally Coliseum. That’s ability to lubricate, cool, clean and flow freely. Changing your oil every 3000 miles is an easy and the nickname Gretzky’s father affordable way to protect your investment. Walter gave to the rink he made in the family back yard. Walter Kruse Automotive Center (Domestic-Import-RV-Truck(large & small) regularly told his sons, “Skate where 9310 Lima Rd, Fort Wayne (260) 489-1089 Just North of White Swan @ Clark Station the puck’s going, not where it’s been.” That must have been good advice, since Gretzky is considered OIL CHANGE $15.50 Call for appointment (260) 489-1089 the greatest hockey player in the and mention TIDBITS Regular $29.95 1 time use per vehicle, 5qt limit history of the NHL. He is the holder Kruse Automotive Center Exp: April 28, 2011 Does not include synthetic oil 1 time use per vehicle, 5qt limit Does not include synthetic oil of 61 various records, including the only player to score over 200 points in one season, something • The first sports hero to have his he did four times. Over the course uniform number retired across of his career, from 1979 to 1999, all league teams was Major Gretzky played for four NHL teams League Baseball’s No. 42, Jackie — the Edmonton Oilers, L.A. Kings, Robinson, born in January of St. Louis Blues and the New York 1919. When Robinson started with Rangers. His No. 99 jersey has the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, been retired league-wide and is he became the first black major only the second number in all sports league player of the modern era. to earn that privilege. Following his His career included the Rookie of retirement, Gretzky coached and the Year Award, National League co-owned NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes MVP, six World Series and six for four years, ending in 2009, All-Star games. He went on to WANT TO RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS? and he currently owns “Wayne be baseball’s first black television Publish a Paper in Your Area If You Can Provide: Sales Experience · A Computer · Gretzky’s,” a Toronto restaurant. commentator. Desktop Publishing Software · A Reasonable Financial Investment .

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• Three famous boxers claim January as their birth month — Floyd Patterson in 1935, George Foreman in 1949 and Muhammad Ali in 1942. This week, Tidbits looks into the lives of these sports heroes, all Olympic gold medalists. • Born into poverty in a North Carolina cabin, Floyd Patterson • learned to box while in reform school. He was already in the limelight at 16 when he took the New York Golden Gloves title in 1951. By the following year, he had won the middleweight gold medal at the Helsinki, Finland, Olympics, and by 1953 he had turned professional. • At 21, Patterson became the youngest man to win the world heavyweight boxing championship, • a title he held for nearly five years. When he retired at 37 in 1972, he had a record of 55 wins (40 knockouts), eight losses and one draw. He established an amateur boxing club, followed up by a position as New York’s State Athletic Commissioner. Cancer • and Alzheimer’s Disease claimed his life in 2006. • Growing up in a poor dysfunctional family, George Foreman had multiple scrapes with the law until he was enrolled in the Job Corps. His counselor there persuaded him to take up boxing, and at 21, he was a gold medal winner at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. The

next year, he turned professional • Clay changed his name to and won his first 40 fights, 37 by Muhammad Ali in 1964 after knockout. converting to Islam. In 1967, he Foreman’s first world heavyweight refused to be inducted into the title came in 1973, when he knocked military because of his religious out the undefeated reigning champ beliefs and anti-war stance. Ali Joe Frazier in the second round. was convicted of draft evasion, His first defeat came in 1974 from his title taken away, and his Muhammad Ali in a fight known license suspended. Although not as “The Rumble in the Jungle,” imprisoned, he took his appeal from which Ali grabbed Foreman’s all the way to the U.S. Supreme world title. Court, where his conviction was After a grueling fight in 1977, reversed four years later. Foreman had an encounter with • The “Fight of the Century” in 1971 God and was convinced that God was a bout between Joe Frazier was asking him to change his and Ali. Both were undefeated, life. He left the world of boxing, but Frazier gave Ali his first became an ordained minister and professional loss. The two fought started preaching at a Houston again in 1974 and 1975, both Ali church. In 1984, he founded victories. Ali lost his title in 1978 the George Foreman Youth and to Leon Spinks, another Olympic Community Center, hoping to help champion. In a rematch seven dysfunctional kids as he had been months later, Ali took back the title helped. for a record third time. When his Center began to falter financially, after 10 years away from boxing, at 38, Foreman made a comeback in order to raise money. It was a wise move, as he, at 45, became the oldest man ever to win the heavyweight title, knocking out a 26 year old. Three-time World Heavyweight Champion, Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Clay Jr., a descendant of Southern slaves. His father was a billboard painter and his mother, domestic help. He nabbed the light heavyweight gold medal at Rome’s Summer Olympics in 1960. By that autumn, he had won his first professional fight.

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TOP TEN VIDEO, DVD as of Jan. 15, 2011 Top 10 Video Rentals 1. Salt (PG-13) Angelina Jolie 2. The Town (R) Ben Affleck 3. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (PG-13) Michael Douglas 4. Resident Evil: Afterlife (R) Milla Jovovich 5. Inception (PG-13) Leonardo DiCaprio 6. The Other Guys (PG-13) Will Ferrell 7. Despicable Me (PG) Steve Carell 8. The American (R) George Clooney 9. The A-Team (PG-13) Liam Neeson 10. Devil (PG-13) Chris Messina Top 10 DVD Sales 1. Despicable Me (PG) (Universal) 2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (PG-13) (Summit) 3. Salt (PG-13) (Sony) 4. Toy Story 3 (G) (Disney) 5. The Town (R) (Warner Bros.) 6. Inception (PG-13) (Warner Bros.) 7. The Other Guys (PG-13) (Sony) 8. Family Guy: It’s a Trap! (NR) (Fox) 9. The A-Team (PG-13) (Fox) 10. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (PG-13) (Fox) (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

By Samantha Weaver

It was American astronomer, astrophysicist and author Carl Sagan who made the following sage observation: “The fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.”

If you’re like the average American woman, you will eat 4 to 6 pounds of lipstick during your lifetime.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Alaska is the most northern and western state in the Union, but would you believe that it’s also the easternmost state? Yep. Because the state crosses over into the Eastern Hemisphere, it’s technically farther east than Maine.

In Alabama, lawmakers once thought it necessary to pass a law forbidding the operation of a vehicle while wearing a blindfold.

Traffic is so bad in Tokyo that for most trips shorter than 50 minutes, it’s faster to ride a bicycle than it is to drive a car.

You’re almost certainly familiar with the grouping of stars known in the U.S. as the Big Dipper, made up of the seven brightest stars in the constellation Ursa Major. You might not know, though, that other cultures call it by different names. In India, for example, the stars are known as the Seven Sages, and Mongolians call them the Seven Gods. Many in Northern England see a Butcher’s Cleaver rather than a dipper. Scandinavians think it looks like King Charles’ Wagon, those in Finland call it the Salmon Net, and the Dutch have named it the Saucepan.

A shrimp’s heart is located in its head.


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Thought for the Day: “If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.” -- George Bernard Shaw (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

KFWS • MindGym January 17, 2011

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Tidbits® of Fort Wayne, Allen County


the Nobel Peace Prize. His prize money was $54,123, which he turned over to further the civil rights movement. In April of 1968, King was in Memphis, Tennessee, with plans to lead a protest march in support of striking city sanitation workers there. His flight had already been delayed by a bomb threat against his plane. He delivered his famous “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech on April 3. The next evening, as he stood on the balcony of his hotel, a bullet fired by James Earl Ray struck King and within an hour, the civil rights leader was dead. That establishment, the Lorraine Motel, is now the location of the National Civil Rights Museum.

KFWS • MindGym

January 17, 2011

a white man. During the boycott, King was arrested and his home This week, Tidbits honors Nobel Prize was bombed, but he came out of winner Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., jailed the ordeal a hero, when the U.S. more than 20 times and assaulted Supreme Court declared the laws • numerous others for his civil rights requiring segregation on buses to activities. be unconstitutional. • Born in January of 1929, Martin Luther King’s birth name was • Most people have heard of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Michael Luther King Jr. He was speech, but what exactly was his named for his father, who was also dream? One of his dreams was Michael. When the family traveled “that one day this national will rise to Europe in 1934, they visited up and live out the true meaning Germany, and in honor of the of its creed: ‘We hold these truths German Protestant leader Martin to be self-evident, that all men are Luther, both names were changed. created equal.’” King delivered • The highly intelligent King skipped his speech during 1963’s March the ninth and twelfth grades and on Washington, where 250,000 enrolled at Atlanta’s Morehouse gathered in front of the Lincoln College at age 15. At 19, he Memorial in the capital city’s largest already had his Bachelor of Arts gathering of protesters to that date. in sociology and transferred to a Pennsylvania theological seminary, • Also in 1963, King wrote his “letter 17, an 2011 from a Birmingham January jail” from where he was elected president of Alabama cell, after being arrested his predominantly white class. for leading a huge non-violent • At age 25, King became pastor of protest against racial segregation. Montgomery, Alabama’s Dexter He reminded his readers, Avenue Baptist Church. The “Injustice anywhere is a threat to following year was the first of his justice everywhere.” As a result many civil rights activities, the of the year’s activities, King was Montgomery Bus Boycott. The 385named “Man of the Year” by Time day boycott protested segregation magazine. on the city’s bus lines, and was the result of the arrest of Rosa Parks • In 1964, at age 35, King became the youngest person ever to win for refusing to give up her seat to

KFWS • MindGym

January 17, 2011

1. Is the Book of Boaz in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. Whose first chapter begins, “Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment of God”? 1 Timothy, Titus, James, 2 John 3. From Acts 16, what Asian city was the home of Lydia? Derbe, Thyatira, Samaria,

Jericho 4. In John 2, where did Jesus work his first miracle? Ur, Cana, Antioch, Thessalonica 5. From 2 Samuel, who killed a giant having 12 fingers and 12 toes? Mephibosheth, Jambres, Abimelech, Jonathan 6. In John 11, what city was home to Mary, Martha and Lazarus? Corinth, Gaza, Bethany, Sardis ANSWERS: 1) Neither; 2) 1 Timothy; 3) Thyatira; 4) Cana; 5) Jonathan; 6) Bethany For more trivia, log on to (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.


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