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Buying A Quality Piano For The Home There are some important factors you will want to consider before buying a piano for the home. Pianos actually fit different lifestyles and need as they come in various shapes, sizes and price ranges. Since there are many types of pianos, the best way to learn about them is to visit your local piano stores to try out a few. While there, you can speak to the experts to find out which piano would meet your needs and living space the very best. It will nonetheless be helpful to know a little about pianos before testing them out. When most people think about pianos, the classic grand piano design comes to mind. Grand pianos are the biggest and most expensive form of piano, but they are also the finest sounding. Grand pianos range in size from 5 feet long for a baby grand all the way up to 10 feet for the largest sized concert grands. The longer the piano, the higher quality the sound - this is because longer strings have overtones which are much more in tune with the fundamental pitch of the string, offering a more pleasant and rich tone to the ear. Grand pianos can be really large and expensive, however, and are a more sensible choice for someone with a lot of space. To remain in good condition, a grand piano will be needing regular tuning and maintenance. An upright piano could be the best choice for you if you are concerned with space yet still want the feel and sound of a real piano. Unlike a grand piano, the strings on an upright run vertically so the piano only needs to be a couple of feet deep. This allows the piano to be set against a wall, taking up a lot less space. The added reward is the upright is marginally cheaper than a grand piano. With the good comes the bad and the upright sound will not be as rich and as amazing as the grands due to the shorter string length and more compact body. Uprights can be a terrific alternative to a grand for a musician who wants to practice at home, but will be performing elsewhere on a bigger instrument. Another kind of piano is an acoustic which still uses up space and can be pricey where many musicians are selecting electronic keyboards instead. An electronic keyboard is not only smaller and less costly than an acoustic piano, but can offer a range of features that traditional pianos will not. Different synthesized tones are options on some keyboards allowing for combination music to be played which is excellent for non-classical pianists. They can be modified to different temperaments or tuning systems with a touch of a button and the electronic keyboard never really needs to be tuned. Pianists can mimic the feel of a real keyboard hammer system by adding some resistance to the action of the key they will refer to as "weighted keys". This allows concert pianists to train on electronic keyboards without feeling dizzy. If you choose to purchase a keyboard as opposed to a piano, keep in mind that some models will have fewer keys than the traditional 88 - for a keyboard player in a band, this may not cause a problem, but for a classical pianist, the full keyboard is important. Whatever style of piano you decide to buy, it is important to learn about the appropriate maintenance and care that it demands. These fine crafted instruments are just that fine instruments that need to be taken care of even though they act like other items of furniture in a house. Everything you need to look after your new instrument will be available from the experts at the piano stores you make your purchase from. Searching the various piano stores in your community will enable you to acquire the best deal. For Piano Empire Megastore

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Buying A Quality Piano For The Home lots more info on Piano Empire Megastore, pay a visit to them at their web site,

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Buying A Quality Piano For The Home  

Searching the various piano stores in your community will enable you to acquire the best deal. For lots more info on Piano Empire Megastore,...

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