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Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services

2012 Annual Report


Advantage For Everyone Tom Wunderlich - Executive Director Executive Summary 2012 was a year filled with purposeful CMC activity in the face of a struggling economy. CMC transitioned to the LEARNING component of the SEES Division under the leadership of Dr. Johnny Young during this reporting period. We also welcomed new employees; Jay McCord, Assistant Director Student employment, Will Miller, Student employment Fiscal and Career Fair Coordinator, Tom Madison, CMC Fiscal Tech and Ebonie Robinson LEAP 2 Coordinator but were saddened by the sudden death of Ms. Lynn Merrill, Student Employment Fiscal Coordinator on April 29.

Jay McCord

The CMC continued to lead in providing support to Distance Learning students by expanding our presence to all three Regional Higher Education Centers and conducting the first ever joint military affiliated career fair held at the Virginia Beach Regional Center and involving career and veteran’s center staff from ODU, Norfolk State, and Tidewater Community College. The event was open to military affiliated students from all three institutions. A video career readiness series was also developed and aired to support the Distance Learning Student population.

Ebonie Robinson On campus CMC continued to expand its presence and participation in the College of Education’s Career and Academic Resource Center (CARC). In all CMC has a satellite office in 6 of the 7 colleges and all three Regional Higher Education Centers.In new programs the hugely popular LEAP program was base funded and was expanded to a LEAP 2 pilot year.

Tom Madison

Will Miller

CMC continues to provide our students and alumni with 24/7/365 service through our national award winning Cyber Career Center concept. Through our Cyber Career Coaches and Virtual Career Assistants, provided by MAP Communications, CMC electronically served students and alumni at all hours of the day and night. Over 60,000 students and alumni took advantage of ODU CareerLink and the 5,481 jobs that were posted during the year. CMC continued to provide a wide range of career events from 12 career fairs to 50 networking events to 310 programs and workshops attended by thousands of students and alumni.

The CMC continued to partner with the academic colleges to provide multiple college specific events to assist in their corporate development and relations as well as student recruitment and retention efforts. In addition, CMC staff participated in the development and submission of two NSF Grant proposals from the College of Engineering and Technology providing value added CMC functions and support for these two proposals of national and regional scale.


Advantage For Everyone Tom Wunderlich - Executive Director

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CMC staff members were active nationally, regionally, and locally, participating on multiple committees, as presenters at multiple conferences, and providing TV and print media interviews. Laura Czerniak received a Leadership Award from the Virginia Association of Colleges and Employers for her four years of leadership to that organization. Beverly Forbes continued to serve as the President and Past President of the ODU Association of University Administrators.

Laura Czerniakk

Beverly Forbes

In addition I served on the National Association of Colleges and Employers Professional Competency Task Force that developed the national competency standards for Career Center personnel at the beginning, intermediate and experienced stage of their careers.

National Award Winning Real World Results..................................... 01 Advantage For Everyone........................... 02 Focus On Technology................................. 04 Marketing................................................... 08 Cyber Career Center................................... 10 Student and Alumni Programs.................................................... 12 The following annual report describes the extensive engagement activities of the CMC staff across the university and within each specific college. The report ends with the “Bottom Line” which shows that CMC through the combined efforts of its staff produced $3,275,186.06 in income for our students, and $1,979,033.00 for the university while providing the programs, services and events to help our students succeed in their chosen career path. CMC did in fact “SEES the Day” in 2012 and is poised to move boldly forward in an uncertain economy to ensure that our students and alumni will have every opportunity to be successful in 2013.

Experiential Education Programs.................................................... 16 International Experiential Education Programs.................................. 18 Employer Programs................................... 19 Student Employment................................ 21 College of Engineering and Technology.......................................... 24 College of Arts and Letters........................ 26 College of Sciences.................................... 28 College of Business and Public Administration............................... 30 College of Health Sciences and Education............................................ 33 CMC 2011-2012.......................................... 34 CAP Archives...............................................35 Bottom Line.................................................36


Focus On Technology Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology Collaboration and Committees: • Student Engagement and Enrollment Services o Assessment Team o Information Technology Team o Go Green Committee • SharePoint Strategy Team • Web Information Architecture Team • Learning Commons Governance Team • ePortfolio Team • myODU/Mobile Advisory Group • Virginia Association of Colleges and Employers, Director of Marketing and Membership

Student Learning: • 2,657 Resume Reviews and almost 12,800 new resumes uploaded • Over 1500 participating in internship, co-op, practicum, and CMC courses • 1000 FOCUS Career and Education Planning users, half returning to complete 3000 assessments Student Engagement: • ODU CareerLink welcomed over 153,000 logins with access to over 60,000 students and alumni, 3,000 employers, 4,200 contacts, and 120 administrators • Student activity in ODU CareerLink reached almost 37,000 including appointments, applications, and events • 3,375 students and alumni attended 386 career programs, information sessions, and fairs • 9,000 appointment requests and over 12,000 coaching and advising records

Focus on Budget: ODU CMC Welcomes Tom Madison, Sr. Fiscal Technician: Tom Madison handles accounting, financial, Human Resources and other business matters for the CMC. Tom has many years of business experience in engineering and manufacturing firms in the private sector. Prior to joining the CMC, he spent two years in fiscal management in the ODU Athletic Department. Tom has a BA degree from Syracuse University and an MBA from St. Bonaventure University. He had some previous contact with ODU and the CMC while in the private sector. “I know the excellent reputation of the CMC and am very happy to be a part of it.”

Student Success: • Over 10,000 students and alumni updated their employment needs in ODU CareerLink • Almost 20% are ready for an internship or cooperative educations experience • 15% are currently employed or not seeking due to education and military commitments


Focus On Assessment Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology

Focus on Assessment - Career Advantage Program CAP Archives • On average over 70% of graduating seniors participate in at least one CAP experience, more than 5600 experiences annually • Internships, Cooperative Education, and Practicum courses contribute an average of 22% to the colleges practical experience and well over one million tuition dollars annually • Since inception almost 45,000 unique students have participated in over 88,000 practical experiences during their academic career CAP 2012: • 97% - indicate more than half of the work on internship/co-op site was related to major/career field • 96 % report that their internship/co-op work required skills and knowledge developed in your major/career field • 95% completed a written assignment such as a Work Report, Journal, Diary, or other written component Top 10 strongest assets: 1. Eager to learn 2. Communication Skills 3. Dependability 4. Reliability 5. Interpersonal Communication


6. Dependability 7. Personality 8. Initiative 9. Professional 10. Drive

Supervisor ratings for Top 10% or Above Average Skills and Abilities: 92% Attitude applied to work 90% Ability to learn 89% Collaboration/Working with others 89% Responsibility/Dependability 88% Knowledge gained as a result of experience 88% Initiative/Drive to Achieve 88% Value to work site 88% Overall performance 87% Met expectations 87% Quality of work 87% Attendance 82% Interpersonal Communication 80% Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Skills 80% Self Confidence 75% Computer Skills 73% Overall knowledge of relevant subject matter 72% Quantitative Reasoning Skills 69% Speaking/Presentation Skills 68% Writing Skills 63% Other Technology Skills 62% Leadership Ability

Our ODU intern adapted very quickly to our office environment and came in every day with a positive attitude and the drive to work hard. She flawlessly carried out each of the projects she worked on which have helped fuel added success to my business today. Our ODU intern is an outstanding student with a very high degree of enthusiasm and dedication to learning and working; collegial, honest, sincere, motivated and willing to listen to and benefited from constructive criticism; a very bright person who assimilated and learned quickly.

Focus On Technology Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology


Focus On Technology Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology


Marketing Doug Gray Marketing Consultant Our mission is to increase awareness of ODU Career management Center services to students, Alumni and employers while enhancing and expanding our services integrating rich media, relationship based marketing, mobile marketing, and Social Media. We are constantly expanding our marketing efforts to cover more channels with a focus on inbound marketing.

Anna Maskaljun Graduate Assistant We created a new logo for ODU CareerLink to align our branding with the new ODU logos.

In addition to traditional print marketing and using our Web site we continue to enhance our presence on Social Media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and most recently Pinterest. We continue to use automation when appropriate to more quickly circulate posts and job opportunities to our students and alumni via Facebook and Twitter.

We have updated systems to further automate our processes and monitor progress and effectiveness.

We have continued to incorporate QR-codes into our marketing to facilitate easier access to our information via mobile phones and tablets.

Current Systems in place:  TeamworkPM - task & project management  Hootsuite – Automation, monitoring, and analysis of social media posting  ODU CareerLink - HTML email marketing


Marketing Doug Gray Marketing Consultant

Anna Maskaljun Graduate Assistant

We have continued our documentation of students’ journeys through ODU academics, athletic programs, internships, job placements, and promotions. We are building an educational video series illustrating how beneficial the ODU Career Management Center and internships have been in this process and what current students may learn from their ODU alumni.

Doug Gray is serving on the SEES Communications Committee as well as leading the SEES Communications / Marketing Guidelines Sub-Committee with SEES colleague Sannon Sauerwald. CMC Marketing collaborated with the SEES Go Green Committee to create marketing materials for Go Green events. We continued to partner with ODU Athletics and ODU Sports Properties to create marketing campaigns coinciding with both the ODU men’s basketball games and the ODU football games including print marketing, Web banners, videos and promotional items.

CMC partnered with Enterprise Holdings to host a Virtual Recruitment Day. CMC marketing created a virtual world space to enable Enterprise recruiters to meet with students in-world via avatar to discuss employment opportunities. Participants were able to research and apply to various employment opportunities through the system. This particular event was targeted primarily to Distance Learner students who have neither the access nor the means to attend on-campus recruitment events. Through the virtual platform 3dxplorer, 12 ODU students and alumni were able to interact live with an employer in real time to discuss employment opportunities in their geographical areas.

Fans and followers of CMC Social Media channels: Facebook Twitter Pinterest


1,088 905 79

An increase of 30% from 2011 An increase of 32% from 2011 An increase of 50% from September 2012

Cyber Career Center Nakia Madry

Jasmine Reynolds

Asst Director/Cyber Center Supervisor

The Cyber Career Center provides centralized and virtual services in support of all college Liaisons with 418 unique in person contacts via individual appointment and classroom presentation, and 776 unique virtual contacts including phone, email, 180 Front Desk-Assisted IM’s, and daily updates via Social Media; providing career related content to over 1089 Facebook Fans. The Cyber Career Coaches also presented workshops, information sessions, and orientations to the CMC’s services and provided 890 Resume Reviews and other career services to ODU students and alumni.

Cyber Career Coach

Regional Higher Education Center Support In order to provide the CMC’s services to all students; innovative strides have been made to develop more effective modes of communication via physical, Web 2.0, and Virtual platforms. The CMC began staffing a Cyber Center at ODU-VA Beach in 2010 and has expanded its services to include walk-in hours at ODU- Tri-Cities and ODU-Peninsula in 2012. Virtual Career Assistants Totals: 624 Calls 1709 minutes Avg. Call Length: 2.79 min. 32 LiveChat Interactions

Total Contacts: 1098 The CMC strives to continually provide 24/7 services to its students, alumni, and employer partners. Map Communications; functioning as a Virtual Career Assistant to the CMC, provided services to 656 student, alumni, and employer callers and IM chats during evening hours, weekends, and University closings. Callers were assisted with information on registering for ODU CareerLink, Career Fairs, scheduling appointments, Career Advising, posting jobs, internship & co-op opportunities, finding jobs, and other career-related resources.

“The CMC at ODU-Virginia Beach provided a positive impact on the academic and career success of all Monarchs attending our campus location by individualized and consistent quality engagement with the students. Furthermore, the staff was involved in numerous outreach efforts and student success programming focused on retention, graduation, and career readiness. Excellent partnership between our teams!” Daniela Cigularova, Enrollment & Student Services Assistant Director, VBHEC


Cyber Career Center Jhaakira Jacobs

Darius James

Cyber Career Coach

Cyber Career Coach

Programming Distance Learner Career Readiness Series: This year, the Career Management Center partnered with the Center for Learning Technologies to produce, record, and broadcast a 4-Part Career Readiness Series created to serve ODU’s Distance Learner populations. The series, which includes an orientation to the CMC and ODU CareerLink, Resume & Cover Letter writing, Interviewing tips, and Job Search Strategies was broadcasted biannually with the addition of a live Q&A session with senior staff members to each of the (3) Higher Education Centers via teletechnet classroom and on the web via CONNECT technology. The series which is also available on-demand has been viewed on The Career Management Center’s YouTube Channel 751 times.


Employer Partners on these events included Enterprise Holdings, Ferguson Enterprises, City of Norfolk, Northwestern Mutual, Dominion Enterprises, the Defense Intelligence agency, HRO Norfolk, Panera, Anheuser-Busch, and the Central Intelligence Agency. March 2012: 9 Employer Participants, 48 Student & Alumni Attendees August 2012: 11 Employer Partners, 35 Student & Alumni Attendees Job Search Boot Camp: March 6, 2012 and August 7, 2012 The Job Search Boot Camp is offered twice per year and is a program designed to help soon to be and recent graduates to jump start their job search. Participants have an opportunity to hear firsthand information from our employer partners about a variety of job search topics including the appropriate use of social media in the job search, interviewing skills, networking tips as well as participate in a valuable Q&A session and an opportunity to do some fast paced “speed networking” with select presenters and other employer partners.

Total: 20 Employer Partners 83 Student & Alumni Attendees

Q&A Panel: Job Search Boot Camp, March 2012

Student And Alumni Programs Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs Student and Alumni Programs Programs this past year were designed to help students learn as they Explored, Experienced, and Engaged in the process of becoming well rounded, Monarch Citizens. Students were able to engage in a variety of programs and events guiding them through a developmental process increasing their awareness of self and their relationship to the world of work while developing the skills necessary to be successful leaders on campus and in a larger global community.

“This class helped me become more assertive to making better decisions for myself. I also learned a lot about myself and I feel that the class has made me a better person and student.”

University Courses UNIV 120 - Career and Major Exploration Spring: 5 sections, 63 registered Fall: 4 sections, 55 registered Students enrolled in UNIV 120 classes were introduced to career options, and opportunities as a result of Employers in the Classroom programming that invites 3-4 employers to each class to speak to students about career and major options. Each class also visited WHRO and had a comprehensive tour of the facility and its operation. In the Spring of 2012, an alternative option was offered at the request of Academic Success Advisors that gave students who may have had to drop courses the option of registering for a section that would begin in March. 10 students registered for this short section.

UNIV 200 - Career Implementation Spring: 1 section, 18 registered Fall: 1 section, 10 registered UNIV 200 is a practical examination and application of resume and cover letter writing, job search strategies, including electronic job search and networking, interview skills, and evaluating employment offers. The course is designed to prepare students for internships or cooperative education experiences and/or for post-graduation employment.

UNIV 195 - Learn and Earn Advantage Program (LEAP) Spring: 6 sections (3 Credit/3 No Credit), 66 registered Fall: 10 sections (5 Credit/5 No Credit), 100 registered

“I found this course very beneficial for my employment search! Some of the important takeaways were: Resume Writing and Interviewing where I The purpose of this course is to engage students learned the pointers about how to in self-reflection and work place skill enhancement answer tough behavioral questions” with the intent of developing a stronger on campus workforce while also addressing the need for on campus employment for these students.

Jamaal Wolfe UNIV Fall 2012


Student And Alumni Programs Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs representatives from across the country as well as Old Dominion University College Departments were in attendance.

UNIV 400 – Career Engagement Spring: 1 section, 19 registered Fall: 1 section, 15 registered The purpose of this course is to provide seniors with a career search course. Topics included goal setting and career planning, resumes, networking, interviewing, job offer evaluation, and transition to the world of world.

“This course was very beneficial to me especially because I will be graduating December 15, 2012. I would suggest this course to anyone.” Get Geared for Graduate School The CMC coordinated Get Geared for Grad School events during the fall and spring semester to help students get a head start on their planning for graduate and professional school. Approximately 375 students and alumni participated in the Get Geared for Grad School events. Several of the workshops were presented in partnership with Kaplan Test Prep.

Get Geared for Grad School Workshops and events offered during the fall and spring semesters included: • 10 Things to Know When Applying to Graduate and Professional School • Writing Personal Statements • Admissions and Personal Statements • Beating the GRE • Free Practice Entrance Exams with Kaplan • Graduate and Professional School Fair A new event added to this series was Beating the New GRE: A sample class with Scott Reed. This workshop offered students and opportunity to get the inside scoop on what it takes to beat the new GRE. Scott Reed one of Kaplan’s highly rated instructors conducted the workshop. Annual Graduate and Professional School Fair 41 Colleges, Universities and resource service


Military Transition -Soft Skills Training (ET3) CMC Staff along with our community partners helped provide information and training for our transitioning military. This fall CMC staff members in partnership with the Small Business Programs, Hampton Roads Veterans Business Outreach Center and the Hampton Roads Procurement Assistance Center, provided soft skills training, and general information about CMC programs and services to service men and women transitioning out of active duty service.

“I would like to thank you for participating in the ET3 event at ODU. I’ve received excellent comments about the event and much of the praise belongs to you. Without great content the best agenda is useless. ...the people who were there are speaking very highly about the speakers at ET3 and I’ve several inquiries about holding the event again in the Spring. Again, thank you for volunteering your time and knowledge.” Hero Barker Small Business Programs HRVBOC & HRPAC Old Dominion University Business Gateway

Student And Alumni Programs Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs Upward Bound The CMC is also involved in outreach beyond the ODU Campus and regularly is a partner with the Upward Bound Program, providing students with valuable work experiences during their summer program. This summer we hosted Chris Martin, a rising Senior from Granby High School. Chris worked on a number of projects and had an opportunity to work with a number of CMC staff and students. The Director of the Upward Bound Program shared the following message from Chris regarding his experience with CMC, “Chris says he loves his job”. Mock Interviews Two times each year the CMC hosts formal mock interviews to achieve two learning goals. First, students learn to utilize the On Campus Interview (OCI) module of ODU CareerLink. Second, students get immediate feedback on their performance. During the 2012 calendar year, 35 interviews were conducted in this Mock Interview program.

Prepare For The Fair CMC wants all students to gain their career advantage, and in effort to assist students in their career fair preparation CMC set up tables with career fair information on participating employers, helped students practice their introductions, and reviewed resumes on the spot. This event was well attended and students felt more prepared to attend the career fair as a result.

Collaboration on Campus: CMC staff assisted in a number of events on campus hosted by our partners in SEES as well as Academic Enhancement , Alumni Relations, the Business Gateway and the Office of Graduate Studies. We participated in or partnered with colleagues on the following events throughout the year: • Health Expo • RA/CA Campus Resources Fair • Housing Residence Life Tunnel of Oppression • Academic Enhancement Pre-Registration Event • Women’s Institute for Leadership Development • Leadership Lab


Student And Alumni Programs Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs

New Student and Parent Programs

Collaboration means participating not only in the New Student Orientation sessions, but also being involved in the process from beginning to end. Career Management Center staff assisted with Preview Counselor group and individual interviews, as well as Preview Counselor training. An information session on transferable skills and how to use the Preview Counselor position on future resumes and interviews was conducted by Alice Jones. CMC also participated in the fall “Virtual” Parents’ meeting to discuss how parents and families can help their students prepare for the job market. Parents were invited to join in a live Web chat with video streaming scheduled for Saturday, October 27 at 10:00 a.m. Presenters used live talk and PowerPoint slides about their area and then parents had an opportunity to ask questions through the live chat feature. CMC’s presentation focused on what employers look for in applicants and how ODU can help students find career resources and experiences.


Sophomore Success Serving on the Sophomore Success Advisory Board, and being able to participate with other faculty and staff to support sophomore students was something new this year. During the spring semester, the CMC participated with Academic Enhancement on the Celebration of Excellence, a recognition of sophomore students with over 3.0 GPA’s. The Sophomore Year Kick -Off Tailgate at the second home football game against Campbell was another opportunity to collaborate and participate in introducing students to aspects of the university and helping them begin to make connections outside of the traditional office settings.

It was an opportunity to introduce incoming graduate students with information about programs, services and resources available to them. Graduate Student Organizational (GSO) CV Workshop – Fall 2012 CMC participated in the GSO CV workshop in the fall semester, introducing related CMC programs and services to current masters and doctoral students.

Alumni Programs CMC staff provided articles and events for a number the Alumni eNews Letter editions during the fall and spring semesters. Articles were related to each issues theme and also included relevant information for alumni on job search, using CMC tools, and tips for a successful transition.

New Graduate Student Orientation – Table Fall/Spring 2012 CMC hosted an information table each semester as part of the new graduate student orientation program.

Experiential Education Programs Beverly Forbes - Director Experiential Education COOP/Intern Fair: The Career Management Center hosted a Coop/Intern Fair on February 2, 2012. Twenty-seven employers were on hand to welcome more than 400 students seeking internship and coop positions. In addition, students had an opportunity to interact with graduate assistants in a Practice Area, to answer questions and practice their employer interactions. This was a team CMC event, with Bev Forbes serving as director, Penny Pickel served as marketing champion, Erin Mills supervised graduate assistants, and Stephanie Outlaw and Susan Craig helped with coordination and registration.

CSIIP Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program - promoted by Governor McDonnell and President Broderick. Bev Forbes met with administrators for the program, J. Scott Bellows and John Iacobucci to strategize on the best ways to market the program utilized ODU CareerLink. As of the end of December, 40 ODU students have applied for the program.

In addition to hosting the regional conference, the members attended the GK International Conference in Atlanta where it was announced that the ODU chapter obtained gold standing for their activities, and it was awarded a Key Chapter Award for activities and program above and beyond gold-level standards. Golden Key: The ODU Student chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society hosted the Regional Summit for Region 2 on campus February 2012. Bev Forbes and Erin Mills serve as co-advisors for this honor society, and Bev is the Region 2 Representative to the international society Council of Advisors. Almost 70 individuals from 19 schools, as well as two associate directors from Golden Key headquarters in Atlanta, attended the conference. President John Broderick provided the welcome and keynote address, and Dean David Metzger provided the closing address. Representatives from OSAL provided icebreakers, and the attendees were treated to a planetarium show on campus. In addition to leadership within the conference, Bev and Erin presented a workshop on “Helping Leaders through the Jungle�. Several other CMC members made presentations, including Ashley Jarrett, Stephanie Outlaw, Whitney Hall, and Erin Waugh. Susan Craig, an honorary Golden Key member, and Morgan Tucker, a LEAP student, worked throughout the conference.

NASA/LRC Workshop During the spring of 2012, Erin Mills and Bev Forbes presented a workshop on resumes and interviews to 20 participants in the Langley Aerospace Summer Scholars Program (LARSS), program comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from across the nation who are currently working at NASALangley Research Center as scholar interns. During the summer, the presentation and workshop were revamped to accommodate over 150 students in the summer LARSS program. Bev Forbes and colleagues Bo Ram Yi, Steven Young, Michael Gibbs, and Nakia Madry presented this program which included resume content, interview skills, and interview role playing.


Experiential Education Programs Beverly Forbes - Director Experiential Education Experiential Education continues to be an important part of the student experience at Old Dominion University. During 2012, 954 intern/ coop positions were posted in the ODU Careerlink system, a slight increase over last year. Overall, CAP experiences, including internships and cooperative education experiences and research and class practical experiences, decreased slightly during the past year, with a total of 5719 Career Advantage Program experiences during 2012. This is still almost 100 experiences more than in 2010.


International Experiential Education Programs Erin Mills - ICAP Coordinator

Preparing Students For Global Communities The International Career Advantage Program (ICAP) assists students interested in working as interns inside and outside of the United States. Student’s internships abroad spanned the globe including China, Germany and Argentina.

Erin Mills guest presented in collaboration with the Office of International Programs on Resume and CV writing. During the workshop she promoted the electronic tools in Going Global, the CMC’s career and employment database for international students and met with several members of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) to help answer questions and provide information using the various CMC resources. IAESTE

In partnership with the International Student & Scholar Services Office, CMC offered Curricular Practical Training (CPT) workshops for international students interested in internships in the United States. These workshops were offered every three weeks throughout the semester, and new this year in electronic pod cast created to offer workshops on demand.

In partnership with the Study Aborad Office and faculty in the College of Engineering, CMC has been exploring ways to bring new student organizations on campus to support internships and employment experiences aboard. IAESTE, The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, is a student organization with a lot of interest on campus; be on the look out for this new organization on campus soon!


Employer Programs Randy Shabro - Director Employer Programs

Will Miller - On Campus Recruiting & Career Fair RecruitingCoordinator

Community Workforce Development Networking The CMC had representation at 20 plus events hosted 2012 Employer Programs / Events: by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, and the Military Advisory Board Meeting, to increase the Military Student Career Fair In an effort to offer enhanced services to our ODU Military visibility of our ODU students and alumni. affiliated student and alumni population we hosted our very first Military Career fair in partnership with Norfolk Employer Symposium - CMC was proud to host its 6th State University and Tidewater Community College in Annual Employer Symposium at the Tri-Cities Higher September 2012 at the Virginia Beach Higher Education Education Center in Portsmouth. 37 individuals from a Center. With 19 companies present, the event was a great range of industries such as finance, shipping, non-profit collaboration effort that brought many students to the fair. and government attended the symposium. Our theme this year was “Engaging Students for Career Success.” Our interactive day included panels, and presentations on topics such as Social Media, dynamics of ODU students in the workplace, onboarding, and on campus employer branding among others.

Federal Employment Speakers Bureau CMC hosted a Federal Speaker, Jared Summers from the Joint IED Defeat Organization for the first time in October 2012. The interactive day involved a presentation to 137 students in an Engineering Freshman class, a meet and greet with CMC staff, two information sessions and an open house opportunity for students to drop in. The day was a great success in informing students of federal government opportunities.


Individualized Recruitment Action Plans ( IRAP’s) CMC hosted 7 employers for IRAP (Individualized Recruitment Action Plan) discussion to help employers establish a 12 month plan to recruit ODU students and increase company visibility on campus. Employers include CMA CGM, Target, Norfolk Ship Support Ship, Aflac, and Drucker and Falk among others.

CMC VIP Sponsors Partnership-Recruitment Day CMC partnered with our VIP Corporate Sponsor, Geico, in hosting its first ever Geico Recruitment Day in which the entire staff and resources of the CMC came together in November 2012. We held a series of events including information sessions, faculty/staff luncheon, and meet and greet sessions. This event was successful in connecting great candidates to Geico and an opportunity to connect with our staff and faculty members from several colleges in the university.

“Tuesday, we had a great event in the Cyber Center, met great students, and had good discussion with faculty and staff during our luncheon (GEICO and I thank you for that as well). I’ve already been in touch with a few students from that day, and hope to deliver positive news on the outcome.” Joanne Rodriguez , GEICO-Regional College Recruiter

Employer Programs Randy Shabro - Director Employer Programs

Career/Job Fairs: CMC hosted 12 career/job fairs with 390 employers and 3,336 attendees/special guests in 2012. The number of employers attending was similar to 2011. Even with a challenging economy and leaner college recruitment budgets for employers, they are still making an impact on campus recruitment. Info Sessions: In 2012 the ODU Career Management Center hosted: 42 Information Sessions 7 Information Tables 1 Open House These sessions were given by 28 unique employers, and drew an attendance of 409 ODU students.

Bo Yi - Employer Recruiting Consultant

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR): 17 companies/organizations used our six interview rooms and facilities to interview 298 students during 2012. We also hosted 2 day information sessions for the Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) for students with disabilities with 25 students interviewing. Additionally, the interview rooms were made available to campus offices such as OCCS and the Office of Educational Accessibility for interviewing candidates for their position vacancies. Finally, the interview rooms were used for Mock Interviews. 122 students were interviewed for 5 Mock Interview sessions for psychology, engineering , business and physical therapy during 2012.


Student Employment Jay McCord - Assistant Director Student Employment Student Employment Team The Student Employment Team is dedicated in assisting Old Dominion University Students find part-time on- and off-campus work opportunities. In addition to helping students with job searches and workplace readiness, the Student Employment Team also manages five major employment programs that have a widespread impact on the immediate ODU campus as well as in the surrounding communities.

Student Employment Programs provided 494 ODU students with more than $836,000 worth of part-time on- and off-campus employment opportunities. Job Postings (ODU CareerLink) January 2012 through December 2012: The Career Management Center has posted 3,967* jobs (with 767 still active on 12/31/12) broken down as follows: - 954 Internships and co-ops - 118 On-campus student hourly jobs - 56 Graduate/teaching/research assistant - 46 Undergraduate research opportunities - 26 Scholarship/fellowship - 491 Off-campus part-time jobs - 1,383 Off-campus full-time jobs - 1,147 Entry level job postings - 1,154 Experienced job positions - 47 Federal work study jobs * Some duplication may occur where one job posting shares more than one category


Student Employment Programs LEAP (Learn and Earn Advantage Program): LEAP began as a demonstration project in Spring 2011 semester and commenced its first full year from Fall 2011 through Spring 2012. LEAP allows first year freshman students that are not eligible for Federal Work Study funds the opportunity for on-campus job placement. Students are assigned positions in one of four categories: administrative assistance, event assistant, services assistant, or academic assistant. LEAP students are also required to attend UNIV 195, a 1 credit-hour course focused on 21st Century workplace readiness skills. This year 220 LEAP student workers participated in the program earning $209, 844.26. 92 LEAP Employers and Site Supervisors attended orientation sessions and observed, monitored, and provided feedback on the students’ performance in exhibiting the workplace readiness skill sets learned in the UNIV 195 course.

In 2012, The Career Management center provided more than 80 hours of workplace readiness training to more than 120 LEAP students through the UNIV195 course.

“James is the epitome of what every employer seeks in a student worker. We hope he will return and keep working with us.” Eric Walters, Dept. of Biological Sciences, LEAP Supervisor

“Eden is so great! She makes my job easy and I look forward to days she is coming in.” Jamie Salisbury, Monarch Dining, LEAP Supervisor Moving forward, the LEAP Program will continue into the Spring 2013 semester with the additional 36 LEAP student workers and 11 new LEAP employers and supervisors. Since its inception in January 2011, LEAP student workers have earned approximately $393,844 in wages.

Student Employment Ebonie Robinson - Student Employer Coordinator Joslyn McElvy - Student Employment Coordinator LEAP II (Learn and Earn Advantage Program Sophomore Year): The LEAP II initiative is a second generation piloted program designed to allow students that excelled in the original LEAP program to continue into a major/ area of interest related, on campus job. Out of the 133 students that were in the 2011-2012 LEAP Class, 75 were eligible to apply for LEAP II. From those 75 potential students, 43 were selected to start to work the program during the Fall 2012 semester. The LEAP II program allows sophomores to be placed and to work on-campus for 10-15 hours per week. In these various on campus jobs, the students receive a pre-internship/work experience to further their workplace readiness skillset.

The feedback by the LEAP II employers, supervisors, and students has been extremely positive as evidenced by the following quotes:

“Jacob has been a pleasure to have working for me this semester. His ambition and drive to be better has impressed and will carry him far.” Wendell Cruz, Night and Weekend Building Manager, Webb University Center

“One of Emily’s strongest assets is her willingness to tackle any task with total commitment. Her personal attitude shows an interest in learning and participation that I do not see in the typical students.” In addition to the work experience, the students participate in 5 workshops related to general student success through such topics as financial management, stress management, and internship preparation. In the Spring semester, the students will participate in 3 workshops associated with preparing to seek opportunities related to their future career goals. This year 43 LEAP II student workers participated in the program earning $42,789.60.

Bryan Magary, Director of Information Technology, Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology

“I learned about Public Relations and I believe that I would like to have a career in that field and I never thought about that before.” Joseph Brundy, LEAP II Student, English Major

AR (America Reads Program): America Reads is one of the important ways that the Career Management Center is able to provide offcampus job opportunities for Federal Work Study Students while making an impact in the surrounding communities. In 2012, 52 students in 11 local public schools earned $47,068.73 through tutoring elementary school children. The Student Employment team is currently working with math specialists in the Norfolk Public Schools system as well as instructors from the Darden College of Education to develop tutoring opportunities in mathematics. The America Counts program is expected to launch in early 2013 to provide more work opportunities for Federal Work Study students. CSI (Community Service Internship) Program: In this popular program students can work in nonprofit agencies and organizations off-campus also making an important impact in the surrounding communities. This year CSI students worked with 12 different organizations such as ForKids, The Girl Scouts of the USA, and the American Red Cross. Students are awakened to the myriad of ways that they can contribute to non-profit organizations and to the improvement of the lives of others while earning their Federal Work Study Awards. In 2012, 56 students earned $71,022 contributing 7102 hours to the local community.

108 student employees provided more than 11,000 service hours to the local community through ODU Student Employment Programs.


Student Employment Jay McCord - Assistant Director Student Employment

STAT (Student Temporary Assistance Team) Program: STAT is the Career Management Center’s on-campus temporary agency which allows Federal Work Study students to accept positions all over campus from brief assignments for just a few hours to long term projects up to 4 weeks. The Career Management Center was able to provide campuswide staffing to support diverse ODU departments such as the President’s Office, Parking Services, Monarch Dining and the English Language Center. 40 Students in the STAT program in 2012 earned $29,481.50.

Student Worker Appreciation National Student Employment Appreciation Week was celebrated in April with a student employee luncheon honoring the outstanding employees nominated by their supervisors. The top winners were given gifts of framed certificates as well as other gifts. All students that were nominated were awarded certificates for their accomplishments. Top Three Winners for the Student Employee of the Year were: Student Employment Programs Job Fairs: The Career Management Center Summer Jobs Fest was held in April 2012 and included 9 employers with 173 registered attendees looking for parttime summer or seasonal jobs. The Back to School Job Fair was held in August 2012 and had 15 employers and campus departments with 336 registered attendees.

1st Place: Ryan Willard

2nd Place: Marcus Woody

3rd Place: Katherine Monegro


College of Engineering and Technology Beverly Forbes - Liaison, College of Engineering and Technology ODU Peninsula Higher Education Center Beginning in the fall 2012 semester, the Career Management Center began offering office hours at the ODU Peninsula Higher Education Center in Hampton, VA. Bev Forbes and Verlaine Quinniey are continuing to hold office hours at the ODUPHEC. One of the activities in which CMC staff members participated was an Open House on September 27. The Open House focused on College of Engineering and College of Business and Public Administration alongside 3-D Technology Presentations hosted by Dr. Noor. Eon Technologies was on hand for demonstrations. The presentations were geared around 1) Education, 2) Visualization/Modulation/Simulation/ in Engineering and also, 3) Job Creation and Entrepreneurship.

Freshman Class Presentations The College of Engineering continues to prepare its students for the work place. Beginning with freshmen, 136 students participated in spring 2012 and 386 students participated in fall 2012 classroom coop/ internship seminars as part of ENGR 110/111. In addition, all freshmen were required to submit a resume and have it reviewed by Engineering CMC Staff.

Presentations Each semester Beverly Forbes provides live career seminars on resumes, job search strategies, and interviewing for Electrical and Computer Engineering,

and Mechanical Engineering seniors. During 2012, 159 students participated in this 3-seminar series. She also presented one teletechnet career lecture each semester to a total of 219 Engineering Technology seniors. For the 1st time, Beverly met with students in Civil and Environmental Engineering and 4 Modeling and Simulation seniors. All students in these classes had resumes reviewed individually by Beverly. In addition to classes, Beverly made presentations to several student organizations.

Virginia State University to submit a $2M proposal entitled “ASPIRES...Academic Success Program for Increasing Retention and Equity of STEM Majors”. This proposal was submitted to the National Science Foundation as a STEP grant proposal. This proposal is intended to expand the current Engineering Early Advantage Program while having ODU serve as a mentor to Virginia State in their establishment of a similar program. The grant award will be made in March 2013.

Corporate Circle Day The Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology held Engineering Corporate Circle Day events during the fall and spring semesters, in conjunction with the College Development Officer. Seven employers attended each Corporate Circle Day, and each event attracted a total of 230 students.

NSF Proposal Bev Forbes and Bonita Anthony, Assistant Director of the Engineering Fundamentals Division, collaborated with the Virginia Space Grant Consortium and

Rappahannock Presentaion Bev Forbes was invited to be a presenter and a panelist as part of a STEM Careers Opportunities and Options Mini Conference at Rappahannock Community College in May 2012. Bev and John Hackworth, Program Director of the Electrical Engineering Technology Program at ODU, copresented “RCC-ODU General Engineering/ Technology/Transfer Pathway”. The mini-conference involved STEM educators, students and industry partners.


College of Engineering and Technology Beverly Forbes - Liaison, College of Engineering and Technology Co-Op/Intern Program 111 upper classmen attended face-to-face Engineering CAP orientations for introductory internship information during spring 2012 and 105 during fall 2012, with additional students obtaining information through an online seminar. During 2012, approximately 114 students participated in a 2-seminar training series during the spring 2012 semester, and 91 participated in fall 2012. This training series prepares potential applicants for CAP experiences and helps to facilitate the application process through our online system, ODU CareerLink. In addition to the seminars, students met with our Intern/Coop Coordinators, Whitney Hall for one-on-one assistance with resumes and ODU CareerLink navigation. During 2012, 186 students became CAP authorized. Employer Activities There were eight individual networking events for engineering and engineering technology students. In addition, the CMC conducts a Spring Career Fair, Fall Career Fair, and a Coop/Intern/Career Exploration Fair every year. In each of these fairs, a substantial number of employers seek students from the Batten College of Engineering and Technology. Fall 2012 Career Fair Total Employers: 79 Engineering Employers: 35 Percent Seeking Engineering Students: 44%


Spring 2012 Career Fair Total Employers: 83 Engineering Employers: 31 Percent Seeking Engineering Students: 37% 2012 Co-Op/Intern/Career Exploration Fair Total Employers: 28 Engineering Employers: 12 Percent Seeking Engineering Students: 43%

Engineering Open House Engineering Open House took place on Friday, February 17 and Saturday, February 18. The CMC Engineering Satellite Office was responsible for Friday’s Open House, which featured laboratory tours for over 300 middle school and high school students from area schools, as well as 9 prospective students and their families. Nineteen laboratory demonstrations were provided by faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students. In addition, the Office of Admissions was on hand to provide information to our visiting students. Susan Craig provided the administrative details and logistic support

for the event, which included Bev Forbes, Whitney Hall, and Rishelle Anthony as guides and support staff. Engineering Early Advantage Program The Engineering Early Advantage Program for Women began on July 9, welcoming 15 incoming female freshman participants. This program, funded by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, provided 4 weeks of projectbased learning at VMASC and the Department of Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering on campus. They took two field trips to area employers and they met with Dean Otkay Baysal, Provost Carol Simpson, and Vice President for Student Engagement and Enrollment Services, Dr. Ellen Neufeldt. They were mentored by Intern/Coop Coordinator, Whitney Hall. Students were guests of the Lockheed Martin Center for Innvotion in Suffolk, where they toured the simulation facilities and attended a panel discussion with Lockheed Martin employees. WR Systems invited the participants for a tour of their facilities, lunch, and a presentation by Mamta Patel Nagaraja, Manager of the agency-wide Women @ NASA project. She is the lead writer for the Women @ NASA blog and utilizes social media to target the young population. Previously, Dr. Nagaraja worked at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, training astronauts who flew aboard both the U.S. Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS). Dr. Nagaraja also worked in NASA’s Mission Control Center as a certified flight controller for the communications system of the ISS.

College of Arts and Letters Alice Jones - Liaison, College of Arts and Letters In keeping with the University and College mission and commitment to engaging students in the community, and helping them be better able to apply their skills, the Arts and Letters Career Management Center Satellite office has been an active participant in contributing to fulfilling that mission. This year our efforts focused on introducing students to possibilities through collaborative efforts with our partners on and off campus. We included employer partners and alumni in various programs, continued to share their success stories, and offer guidance on strategies for moving forward. Students had the opportunity to explore through internships and specialized career fairs, while making use of individual and group sessions to help in their preparation for the 21st Century workplace.

The Reality Check series was a new program designed to help students gain a more realistic view of various career fields. The first session was

entitled Reality Check: Careers in the Alphabet Soup, and featured representatives from various state and federal agencies commonly recognized by their initials. Participants included representatives from: • Defense Intelligence Agency • Government Accountability Office • Hampton Police Department • NATO Communications and Information Agency

The second d program in the h series was ffocused on Global Citizenship, and targeted organizations with a more international focus. Participants for this event included: • Physicians for Peace - Dana Doan, Global Health Programs Coordinator • Maersk - Adrien Latta, Human Resources Manager • Operation Smile - Shannon Mintz Lambert, International Programs Senior Director • NATO - Janos Szonyegi, Strategic Analysis Branch Head

Jan 2012-Dec 2012 Counseling Appointments Mark/Matt: 414, Alice: 422 Staff Total: 800 ( including scheduled appointments, virtual walk-ins, and resume approvals for current students, alumni, and special case referrals).

Career Counseling: Topics Resume Review/Documents 450* Intern/Co-op (ICAP, CPT) 214** On-Campus Employment 41*** Other Topics


*There was a 47% increase in resume and document reviews over last year **Noted a 40 % increase in appointments for students related to internship/Co-op *** Noted a 50% increase in student appointments for on campus employment


College of Arts and Letters Alice Jones - Liaison, College of Arts and Letters AL Programs • Admitted Students Day – Staff members met and interacted with students admitted to the university in an attempt to help them solidify their choice. Students in the College of Arts & Letters were invited to ‘Putt for their Major’ and like us on Facebook. • Career Fairs – 9th Annual Criminal Justice Sociology Fair - coordinated in partnership with the Criminal Justice and Sociology Department – 16 Employers and over 150 students and alumni attended. • Class presentations – 15 • Orientations (intro to CMC, Internship and Transfer and New Student Orientations) - 26 • Seminars/workshops – Preparation workshops for internships and Co-ops were done in collaboration with the College of Business and Public Administration.


AL Open House AL Special Events • New Graduate Student Program in International Studies Orientation- Fall 2012 • Arts & Letters Open Houses and Week of Welcome (WOW) Reception • Teaching English as a Second Language Mock Interviews (TESOL) Spring/Summer/Fall 2012 • Communication Alumni Panel- Spring/Fall 2012 • Arts and Letters Transfer Day ( Spring/Fall 2012) – A new event in partnership with the Arts & Letters Transfer Advisor designed to provide new transfer students an opportunity to have questions answered by experts in a ‘one stop shop’ about advising and registration, transfer credits, internships, jobs career planning, financial aid, holds and other areas of concern or interest.

Welcome Reception Lewis and Lisa Warren Endowed Student Internship Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to students in the College of Arts and Letters or College of Science. The award was established to assist deserving students as they pursue their academic goals at Old Dominion University. We were able to award $2500 in Scholarship monies to 4 students in the College of Arts and Letters and Science. The students receiving awards were: Spring 2012: - Donell Williams - College of Arts & Letters - English - Kierra Jones - College of Science - Biology Fall 2012: - Olutosin (Tracey) Akintola - College of Arts & Letters - Communication - Sasha Williams - College of Science - Biology

College of Sciences Erin Mills - Liaison to the College of Sciences

Collaboration College of Science Advising and CMC joint programming included participation at Preview, Major Declaration Sessions, Graduate Group Advising and Pre Health Interview Preparation Workshops. New to that list this year were two presentations geared toward student success and careers in sciences. Additionally classroom presentations were made in senior biology courses, freshman computer science courses and the internship and practicum courses in psychology. CMC was able to talk to students about the benefits of doing internships, and the way in which students can prepare strong application materials and utilize the CMC resources in their job search.

Medical School and Beyond Students who are interested in continuing their education at a professional school had opportunity to attend a Pre Health Interview Workshop and meet one on one for individualized interview preparation. The individual appointments were followed up with panel mock interviews as part of the Pre Health Advisory Board Committee’s commitment to student interview success.

“I was given the opportunity to initiate and monitor a sole experiment involving growing cyanobacteria cultures in the lab setting through a number of generations, closely monitoring their growth cycle and running a variety of tests on each of the cultures at various stages throughout the experiment. This internship has been a culmination of my classroom lectures in an active research setting.”

Alexandrina R. Rangel, Lab Assistant Intern, Fall 2012

“Working as an EMT for the City of Virginia Beach has not only exposed to the medical field, but has increased my knowledge and allowed me to make genuine connections that will further my career. The direct patient contact enhanced my ability to critically think in extremely stressful situations and gave me the satisfaction and feeling I make a difference”.

Justin Grigsby, Emergency Medical Technician Intern


College of Sciences Erin Mills - Liaison to the College of Sciences “I would recommend this internship to anyone who wanted field and lab experience. Even if they do not want to go in to a research field the lab work and understanding where it came from is important. Next semester (Spring 2013) I will begin working on my own research project involving bird populations at the research sites.”

Oceans ‘12 Hampton Roads OCEANS 2012 Hampton Roads brought together the technology, people, and ideas that helped to expand the understanding of the earth’s largest natural resource. The OCEANS Conference series, jointly sponsored by the Marine Technology Society (MTS) and the Oceanic Engineering Society of IEEE (IEEE/OES), is a major international forum for scientists, engineers, and responsible ocean users to present the latest research results, ideas, developments, and applications in oceanic engineering and marine technology. This conference created opportunities for science students to volunteer and gain hands on experience with experts in the field. Erin Mills assisted in coordinating participation of ODU student volunteers for this event.

Success Stories One of the most popular internship sites for students interested in Marine Biology includes the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science center. Students MargaretMcDonald, gain hands on experience with marine life and have Intern with the Bird and Tick Interaction Study opportunity to better understand the importance of conservation of the marine environment through education, research and sustainable practices. “This past semester I was

Brian Fazzino Emily Vaughn Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Interns

a peer mentor in the psychology advising office for undergraduate students. This internship was my favorite class this semester. Even though it is timeconsuming, I enjoyed every minute of being in the psychology advising office with Mrs. Younkin and the other mentors. Mentors are able to form closer relationships with their advisors, professors, peers, and greatly enhance their knowledge now just about their department but on how to work with others.” Rita Asmar, Psychology Intern, Peer Mentor, Spring 2012


College of Business and Public Administration Penny Craig-Pickel - Liaison The Career Management Center Satellite Office in College of Business and Public Administration is fully integrated into the college as evidenced by our participation in many college activites including New Student Programs, Freshman Advising, WalkIn Advising, student organization activities, college departmental recruiting efforts and teaching. Commitment to Retention through Career Counseling, Coaching, and Education During 2012 we conducted 1,177 individual student counseling appointments and 105 hours of “Walk-In” availability. Approximately 30 percent of individual one-on-one appointments were “drop ins” while the other 70 percent were scheduled appointments. The majority of students (76%) were seeking assistance to find internships. Student Engagement The CBPA office has continued to cultivate strong alliances with student organizations such as the Finance Club and Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraternity. This year we collaborated with the American Marketing Association to schedule an Internship event. The Information Systems and Project Management Professionals (ISPMP) also hosted a CMC special presentation. College of Business and Public Administration started a new student chapter called Armed Forces Electronics Communications Association (AFCEA). This organization elected Verlaine Quinniey, our CMC Co-op and Internship Coordinator, as the first president. Ms. Quinniey also received an award as the AFCEA Student Member of the Month in December. She was honored at the monthly luncheon of this professional organization in December, 2012.

Thank you for helping me get an internship with Pilot Media! I appreciate the time you gave to me. Everything from filling out paperwork, to suggestions on where to look, to your habit of working together helps me know this opprortunity is supported by the university. This is such a great way to end my time here at ODU! Workshops and Presentations We conducted 20 workshops during 2012 to 184 students. These workshops focused on the job search skills needed for internship and full time employment. During the Spring and Fall, we presented career development information to each section of BUSN 110, a total of 220 students, mostly new business majors. Internship workshops attendees reported that after attending the Internship Orientation, 77.5% of students felt confident to begin their internship search and/or already had an internship site in mind. While 97.5% of students who attended the Internship Orientation gained a clearer understanding of what was required to gain internship credit.

I interviewed with Cherry Bekart on December 17th. I started January 7th with them. Thanks for your help with the resume, and the leads! Michelle Okrasinski, Accounting Major Intern, Veteran – U.S. Navy

Jeffrey R. Myers, Graduate Student, Masters of Business Administration

My job search took two and a half months. I received six interview invitations. I turned down two invitations, and interviewed for four positions. I received three rejections and then the offer, which I accepted with City of Norfolk. Sade Preston, ODU Alumni

After all the meetings we had, I just wanted to let you know that I finally landed a good job!  It's probably been about two months or so since our last chat.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your help and guidance.  …I came across a company called Logenix International. I fired off a cover letter and resume, and as fate would have it, they responded to me the very next day!  After several interviews and trips up north, I landed the job!  Thank you again for all the help, I could not have done it without you. Eric Baker, ODU Alumni


College of Business and Public Administration Penny Craig-Pickel - Liaison

Special Student Programs Each year, the CMC satellite staff collaborate with faculty to host the Business Fair. At least 12 faculty and 20 students collaborate to put on this event. This year the department offered the Business Fair twice in an effort to target students during the advising period when majors are declared. The spring Business Fair attracted 162 students. In October the event took on a new name: College Showcase and Business Exploratorium. The name change was meant to emphasize the invitation for a student to “explore your options� in Business. An estimated 155 students attended the Fall event. In addition to running the registration desk for the Business Fair, CMC ran a putting game with an artificial putting green. Students practiced putting while talking to our CMC staff about majors and careers.


Resume Reviews: A unique requirement. Our staff supervises a critical entrance requirement for students seeking to be admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Any new admit is required to have a resume reviewed and approved by a member of the CMC team prior to formal admission. No other college at the university currently uses this requirement in the admission process. One of the greatest benefits of this requirement is that business students are introduced to CMC services at a very early stage of their academic careers. Further, utilizing ODU CareerLink is considered one of the earliest steps in the job search readiness process. Our data suggests that about 21 percent of those students who have resumes reviewed, actually upload the resume to CareerLink within one semester after their first CMC contact. Once the resume is uploaded, the student is ready to begin a full scale search for an internship or full time post graduate job placement.

Admitted Student Day, put on by the Admissions Office, provided a collaboration opportunity for Business Undergraduate Advising and the CMC Satellite team in the College of Business and Public Administration. Our combined staffs provided 4 alumni, approximately 10 faculty and 5 students who visited and talked with parents and prospective students. We also invited one senior who was interning with Huntington Ingalls Industries. Together, we met with about 35 students and their parents, gave them tours of Constant Hall and helped to acquaint them with the College.

New Horizons In concert with the Department of Accounting, the Career Management Satellite Office team hosted the first annual Boot Camp for business undergraduates. This boot camp kicked off the opening of school and the beginning of the fall recruiting season. The objective of this event was to help ODU Business majors present a more professional style when interacting with professionals. Our Boot Camp began with presentations from 3 professionals from Dixon Hughes Goodman, Wall Einhorn and Chernitzer and the Frieden Agency as presenters who provided industry expertise on resume writing, interviewing, and social networking. In post event surveys 91 percent of students said they felt more confident about the job search after attending and 100 percent of students said they would recommend this event to others.

College of Business and Public Administration Penny Craig-Pickel - Co-Liaison Employer Relations The staff in the CMC satellite maintains strong relationships with professionals and recruiters in the local business community. We send out thousands of email notices to students each month promoting information sessions and job vacancies. Our satellite marketed and hosted a total of 9 information sessions throughout the year with a total of 200 students in attendance.

Our efforts with the annual Accounting Career Fair yielded a total of 20 accounting recruiters in September with approximately 100 students in attendance. Our MBA Speed Networking event hosted 10 corporate representatives and 21 MBA students. Our satellite collaborated with the Public Administration faculty this year to present the second annual Public Service Career Explorium. A total of 23 professionals attended to network with 50 students.

Other Special Recruiting Efforts Training Magazine ranked BB&T’s Leadership Development Program number one last year and the program was ranked number 8 nationally. This high profile Leadership Development Program utilizes ODU’s On Campus Interview Program to recruit ODU graduates into their prestigious program. The CBPA Satellite team conducted intense marketing for 4 weeks prior to the interview date with multiple targeted emails to a list of top candidates from CareerLink. The team placed 72 personal phone calls, left 40 voice mails and generated 30 resume submissions. BB&T interviewed 23 ODU students. On the day of interviews we also took the Vice President for Recruiting to lunch with two of our Business faculty members.


College of Health Sciences and College of Education Randy Shabro - Liaison, College of Health Sciences and College of Education

College of Health Sciences This past year the CMC Office continued it’s partnership with the College of Health Sciences in presenting a variety of job search, resume and cover letter writing, and CMC overview related workshops and coordinating mock interviews with the Physical Therapy Department and supporting their annual business project open house. In addition, the CMC partnered with the Physical Therapy Department in conducting mock interviews for 48 Graduate Level Physical Therapy students. The CMC’s Internship/Co-op Coordinator also assisted 50 Health Sciences 101 students with resume and cover letter revisions.

College of Education CMC continued our positive relationship with the College of Education and worked specifically with Teacher Education Services, hosting 38 school districts in the annual Teacher Recruitment Fair with 139 student teacher candidates who attended this annual event in February 2012. The CMC’s Liason and Internship/Co-op for the College of Education had the opportunity to colloborate with the Chesapeake School District in organizing and scheduling interview candidates for their Early Committment Program.

CMC strengthened it’s partnership with the Sports Management Department by coordinating the Sports Management Internship (SMGT 368) Orientation workshops in the Spring and Fall semesters of 2011. CMC’s Internship/Co-op Coordinator for College of Education marketed to, and registered over 60 prospective Sports Management Interns in the Spring and Fall semesters to attend four (4) SMGT 368 Internship Orientation workshops.


These workshops presented students with information and resources regarding CMC services, resume writing, cover letter writing, and interviewing techniques. The CMC Internship/Co-op Cooridnator also setup guest speakers from ODU Sport Properties, ODU Athletics, Hampton Roads Sports Commission, Norfolk Admirals, and the Atlantic 10 Conference to discuss interviewing, networking, and career advice to the prospective interns. In addition, the CMC has reached out to the Human Movement Science Department as well by providing 275 Exercise Science students presentations on CMC services, resume and cover letter writing, how to prepare for graduate school, and how to look for internships. Overall, the CMC has connected with over 580 students in the College of Education through ourvarious services. CMC also partnered with the Career Academic and Resources Center (CARC) in conducting workshops and one-on-one appointments in the CARC office for College of Education student seeking guidance.

Career Management Center Staff Tom Wunderlich

DIRECTORS Laura Czerniak


Director of Technology

cused Think o F d r a in rw


Executive Director Career Management

Beverly Forbes Director of Experiential Education Programs / College of Engineering & Technology Liaison


Director of Student & Alumni Programs / Arts and Letters Liaison

Darius James Jasmine Reynolds Jhaakira Jacobs

Randy Shabro Director of Employer Programs / Education & Health Sciences Liaison


ASSISTANT DIRECTORS Nakia Madry Assistant Director Supervisor of Cyber Center

ional Awa

Jay McCord

Joslyn McElvy

Assistant Director, Student Employment

Student Employment Coordinator

Bo Yi

Ebonie Robinson

Erin Mills Assistant Director, ICAP Coordinator and College of Sciences Liaison

Penny Craig-Pickel Assistant Director, College of Business and Public Administration

s t l u s rd Winning Re

Employer Recruiting Consultant /College of Business and Public Administration Co-Liaison

Thomas Madison Fiscal Technician Doug Gray Marketing Consultant

LEAP 2 Coordinator

Susan Craig Satellite Office Coordinator

Will Miller Employment Fiscal, Career Fair Coordinator

Caleb Holland Satellite Office Coordinator


GRADUATE ASSISTANT COORDINATORS Janell Freeman Rishelle Anthony Michael Gibbs Whitney Hall Erin Waugh Steven Young Chuqian Yuan Verlaine Quinney Corey Pleasants Matthew French Allyson Dunbar


CAP Archives • On average over 70% of graduating seniors participate in at least one CAP experience, more than 5600 experiences annually • Internships, Cooperative Education, and Practicum courses contribute an average of 22% to the colleges practical experience and well over one million tuition dollars annually • Since inception almost 45,000 unique students have participated in over 88,000 practical experiences during their academic career


Bottom Line

CMC Income from Grants, Events, & Sponsorships $143,047.00

CMC Total Fiscal Impact



1 5

S eve n Th i n g s Yo u S hould R em em b er Ab o u t the CMC:

Old Dominion University is the only doctoral degree granting institution in the country to “guarantee” all undergraduates a practical work experience for credit in their major.


CMC is the only career center in the country providing around the clock live services through our unique Cyber Career Center Concept.

CMC provides the capability for employers to not only register for events electronically but to electronically select their booth location at multiple venues, the only career center in the country with such capability.



CMC serves over 4,200 active employers representing over 3,000 companies.

Winner of the prestigious Chevron Award from the National Association of Colleges and Employers in 2007 and 2009, and Finalist in 2011, the CMC is recognized as one of the most innovative centers in the country.


Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services


CMC serves a world wide audience of over 100,000 unique visitors a year.

CMC provides the America Reads and Community Service Internship programs that ensure the university meets it’s federal requirements to continue to recieve federal work study funding.

2012 ODU CMC Annual Report  
2012 ODU CMC Annual Report