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SPRING/SUMMER Collection 2012

So what are your choices? Travel systems

Perfect pushchairs Place your trust in the experts at Quinny and Maxi-Cosi to help pick a pushchair that will have you and your baby stepping out in comfort and style When buying a pushchair there are many things to consider, not least the comfort and happiness of your baby. l Newborns need pushchairs with seats that will lie-flat to give them support and comfort as they sleep. l Young babies thrive on the face-to-face interaction with parents that you get from a pushchair with a rearwardfacing seat option. l Toddlers like to see what’s going on, a pushchair that will convert to front-facing is your best bet as it will last from birth to 3+ years. You also need to consider your situation and lifestyle. l Lots of stairs? Look at our lightweight pushchairs. l In the car a lot? You’ll need a buggy that fits in the boot. l Travel on public transport? Choose a quick-collapsing one that you can carry with one hand. l Live in the city? A compact, manoeuvrable buggy is the answer.


A pushchair frame that is compatible with a baby car seat, carrycot or pram body will give you a full travel system. Suitable from birth to approximately 4 years of age, they offer multi-recline positions for maximum comfort for baby at every age. Some travel system-ready pushchairs feature a rearward-facing seat that will convert easily to forward-facing for older babies.

Check out: Most Quinny and Maxi-Cosi pushchairs accept Maxi-Cosi baby car seats to form travel systems

3-wheelers These go-anywhere strollers marry ease of movement for you with supreme comfort for baby over the roughest of terrains. From the compact urban Quinny Moodd with its automatic unfold feature to the super robust Maxi-Cosi Mura, there is a three-wheel stroller that will take you and your baby anywhere you want to go.

Check out: Quinny Moodd, Speedi, Buzz (can be fitted with all-terrain tyre to go anywhere), Zapp/Zapp Xtra, Maxi-Cosi Mura

Compact buggy/stroller Fabulously sleek and lightweight, these collapse smaller than other pushchairs, so are wonderfully transportable and fit into the smallest of spaces. Some models recline fully, making them suitable from birth, and some can be used in conjunction with car seats, meaning you and your baby are always ready to go wherever life takes you.

Check out: Quinny Zapp/Zapp Xtra, Yezz, Maxi-Cosi Noa.


Perfect match

Systems checked

The Maxi-Cosi Pebble and CabrioFix car seats are compatible and colour co-ordinated with Quinny and Maxi-Cosi pushchairs. So just pick your colour...

A well-chosen travel system offers you convenience and style on the move

Maxi-Cosi Pebble

A travel system is a car seat/pushchair combo that lets you move baby from car to pushchair and vice versa without having to unclip or disturb them. The car seat slots onto the pushchair for when you are out and about, and then fixes back into the car for when it’s time to hit the road again. Car seat adapters are included with all Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs. Here are the two steps (and a few things you should consider) when choosing your travel system.

Step 1

Step 2

Select the right type of car seat for your child and your car

Pick a pushchair from any of the Quinny or Maxi-Cosi ranges

Your first – and major – consideration should be the car seat. For safety’s sake, this must be chosen according to your child’s weight and height and must fit your car properly. The Maxi-Cosi Pebble and CabrioFix baby car seats are compatible with most Quinny and Maxi-Cosi pushchairs and offer optimum safety, comfort and ease of use. These Group 0+ car seats will take your child from birth to 13kg (approximately 12 months). See page 48 for Maxi-Cosi car seats.

Most Quinny and Maxi-Cosi pushchairs accept the Maxi-Cosi Pebble and CabrioFix car seats and offer supreme comfort and convenience. Just choose which pushchair best suits your individual needs. If you’re after a sturdy, go-anywhere model then check out the Quinny Moodd, Buzz or Speedi, or Maxi-Cosi Mura. If you are on and off public transport, a light and quick-collapse stroller such as the Quinny Zapp/Zapp Xtra or the purpose-built Maxi-Cosi Streety Plus Travel System could be best for you.

Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

Quinny Moodd

Quinny Buzz

Quinny Speedi

Quinny Zapp Xtra

Quinny Zapp

Maxi-Cosi Elea

Maxi-Cosi Mura



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walk your way We all want to be free – to do things our way and in our own style. At

Includes lie-flat

Quinny Moodd

Easy fold/ 81 x 66 x 88 x 66 x Chassis Automatic 44cm 109 cm 9.4kg unfolding Seat unit 5.7kg

See page 12-15 for more details of the Quinny Moodd range

Quinny, we are passionate about designing smart and stylish pushchairs that give you and your child the confidence and freedom to go wherever you

Automatic 85 x 64 x 85 x 64 x unfolding 37cm 101.5cm

want to go. Enjoy a lunch with friends, a day in the park, travel abroad or just


take a trip to the shops – Quinny gives you the freedom to walk your way.

What’s your Moodd today?t If you are looking for true elegance and style then look no further than the new Quinny Moodd

t Quinny

Yezz: the city is your playground

Quinny Buzz

See page 16-19 for more details of the Quinny Buzz range

Easy fold 94 x 65 x 105 x 65 x 38cm 102cm

City living is fast-paced and fun so if you are looking

pushchair on page 12.

Chassis 7.7kg Seat unit 3.7kg


for a buggy that can keep up with you, be ultimately

Beautifully designed with

flexible and small enough to use on city transport

a futuristic look, it has

Quinny Speedi

See page 20-23 for more details of the Quinny Speedi range

then the new Quinny Yezz is just what you need on

curves in all the right

page 30. Small, extremely comfortable and durable,

places. Suitable from birth,

made using glass fibre material and lightweight kite

the lie-flat seat and Baby

Compact 29 x 95 x 81 x 59 x folding 42cm 102cm

fabric, with skate wheels and shoulder carrying strap

Nest host the perfect

you’ll be both flying around, hassle free.

environment for your little

Chassis 6.3kg Seat unit 2.4kg

Quinny Zapp Xtra See page 24-25 for more details of the Quinny Zapp Xtra range


new new Foldable Carrycot Turn your pushchair into a pram with this smart Foldable Carrycot that is

6 months

Quinny Zapp

Very 70 x 25 x 81 x 59 x compact 29cm 102cm fold


See page 26-29 for more details of the Quinny Zapp range

compatible with the Quinny Moodd and Quinny Buzz pushchairs. It adds

6 months

extra comfort for your newborn and

Swivel wheel only

folds flat which is great for storage.

Quinny Yezz 10

Extremely 68 x 27 x 75 x 56 x compact 23.5cm 105.5cm and easy folding


See page 30-31 for more details of the Quinny Yezz range

For full colours and accessories range, visit Please note that photography is for reference only. Dorel reserves the right to modify any of the products featured.


Quinny Moodd


Comfort.Complete.Smooth in motion. This ultra modern and

Suitable from birthLie-flat seat

complete pushchair system offers

Folded: 81 x 66 x 44cm

the flexibility to get the most out of

Unfolded: 88 x 66 x 109cm

your day, everyday. It is easy to fold

Chassis weight: 9.4kg

compact for transportation and at

Seat unit weight: 5.7kg

The new Quinny Moodd is poetry

Why buy me? 1 Complete from birth 1

Quinny Moodd offers 3 recline positions including lie-flat in both forward and parent-facing directions. The Baby Nest makes it a comfortable choice from birth.

the push of button, it automatically unfolds in seconds. Adaptable,

2 Style and practicality

complete and stylish, you’ll always

The beautifully modern Quinny

be able to go wherever the Quinny Moodd takes you, your way.

See Quinny Moodd in action

UV50+ sun canopy

Moodd features a futuristic and


innovative seat and a choice of stylish black or white frame. Memory buttons allow you to remove the seat

Adjustable handle

unit with one hand. Quinny Moodd is easy to fold for your convenience

Automatic unfolding

and unfolds itself at the touch of a button.

Easy folding action at rear

3 Travel system Combine the Quinny Moodd

Memory button

with a Maxi-Cosi baby car seat or Quinny Foldable Carrycot (both sold separately) to build the perfect travel



Included Baby Nest (pictured),

Adjustable footrest

sun canopy with UV50+ protection, raincover, shopping basket, parasol clip Black Devotion 76655570


Red Revolution 76655580

Blue Reliance 76655610

Purple Power 76655640

Natural Delight 76655670

For full colours and accessories range, visit

Pink Passion 76655680

and car seat/carrycot adapters.




4-wheel front unit

Snug and stylish footmuffs

Quinny Moodd

accessories The new Quinny Moodd can be enhanced by a range of clever, matching accessories

for your Quinny Moodd.

Turn your Quinny Moodd into

Red Revolution 77005580

a 4-wheel pushchair with this

Black Devotion 77005570

front wheel unit

Brown Fierce 77005590

Black 77300080

Blue Reliance 77005610

White 77304310

Pink Passion 77005680

Foldable Carrycot Can be easily folded flat for storage or transportation. Increased comfort for baby up to 6 month old thanks to extra mattress and generous inside space. Extendable flap in sun canopy for added protection. Memory buttons on carrycot make it easy to take it off the pushchair. Includes raincover, boot cover, mattress and mosquito net.

Changing bags

Red Revolution 76955580 Black Devotion 76955570 Brown Fierce 76955590

Quinny bags

Blue Reliance 76955610

offer practical chic

Purple Power 76955640

in a range of

Pink Passion 76955680


Parasol Parasol with UV protection. Rebel Red 72403030 Rocking Black 72402970 Coloured Sprinkles 72405560

finishes, see page 32.


For full colours and accessories range, visit


Why buy me? 1 Automatic unfolding

Quinny Buzz

The Quinny Buzz quickly and easily unfolds itself at the touch of a button.


2 Fully reversible & reclinable seat

Comfort and ease of use from birth

Spacious seat for use

The Quinny Buzz cleverly unfolds automatically into the

is forward-facing and 2 positions

most complete pushchair available. With the flexibility

when rearward-facing.

from birth to 15kg with 3 backrest positions when seat


to carry a car seat or carrycot and coming complete

3 Travel system

with a comfy seat, it is the ultimate combination of comfort for your child and ease of use that lets you live life, your way.

Unfolded: 85 x 64 x 101.5cm

carrycot (both sold separately) to transform your Quinny Buzz


Folded: 85 x 64 x 37cm

seat or Quinny Foldable

om ny.c n i u .q wwwo vie

Suitable from birth


Add a Maxi-Cosi baby car

v id e o

Adjustable handle

n li n e


into the perfect travel system.

Chassis weight: 7.7kg


Seat unit weight: 3.7kg

Sun canopy, raincover, shopping basket, parasol clip and car


seat/carrycot adapters.

Adjustable footrest

Rocking Black 60355780


Blue Scratch 60355540

Pink Blush 60355530

For full colours and accessories range, visit

With Maxi-Cosi Pebble

Lockable front swivel wheel

Rebel Red 60355830


Changing Bags


Stylish yet practical, these

Cosy and co-ordinated

bags include a changing

for your Quinny Buzz.

mat and bottle

Rebel Red 60604990


Rocking Black 60605020

Full range on

Blue Scratch 60605540

page 32.

Pink Blush 60605530

Quinny Buzz accessories Customise your Quinny Buzz with these smart and stylish pushchair accessories

Foldable Carrycot Pick a matching carrycot to build a Quinny Buzz


pram system. Can be easily folded flat for storage or

Above top: go

transportation. Increased comfort for baby up to 6

anywhere with this

month old thanks to an extra mattress and generous

all-terrain tyre. 70906080

inside space. Extendable flap in sun canopy for added

Above: turn your Quinny Buzz

protection. Memory buttons on carrycot make it easy to

3 into a 4-wheel pushchair with

take it off the pushchair. Includes raincover, boot cover,

this front wheel unit. 73006080

mattress and mosquito net.


Rebel Red 76955830 Black Devotion 76955570 Blue Scratch 76955540


Pink Blush 76955530

Parasol with UV protection. Rebel Red 72403030 Rocking Black 72402970 Coloured Sprinkles 72405560


For full colours and accessories range, visit


Quinny Speedi

Hand brake

Comfortable flexibility wherever you go If you are the kind of parent that lives for adventure, the Quinny Speedi is the ideal way for you and your child to explore the world together. With the all-terrain tyres and solid build quality it is suitable for tackling all surfaces, from city streets to woodland tracks, your way.

Why buy me?

Suitable from birth Folded: 94 x 65 x 38cm Light aluminium frame

Unfolded: 105 x 65 x 102cm Weight: 12.6kg

1 Go anywhere

3 Travel system

Suitable for all-terrain travel thanks to

Add a Maxi-Cosi baby car seat

the large air tyres and suspension. An

or Quinny Dreami

additional hand brake makes the Quinny

carrycot (both sold separately)

multi-position backrest and adjustable

Sun canopy, shopping basket, car

footrest to offer your child optimal

seat/carrycot adapters, parasol clip and

comfort wherever you go.

bumper bar.

Speedi ideal for walking.Why buy me? to form the perfect travel system. 2 Adjustable seat The Quinny Speedi features a Included Lockable swivel front wheel

Raven 70355770


For full colours and accessories range, visit

2 3


Footmuff Changing Bags

Keep them cosy with a Quinny Speedi

A Quinny bag makes


a stylish addition. Full

Raven 64901850

range on page 32.

Nappy Bag For those everyday baby essentials. Raven 65001850

Quinny Speedi


Go anywhere in style by adding this selection of matching Quinny Dreami carrycot Speedi accessories Create a useful pram with this matching carrycot. Includes boot cover, raincover, mattress and mosquito net. Raven 64855770

Raincover Because you can’t control the weather! Raincover 65100000

Parasol Parasol with UV protection.

Seat reducer

Rocking Black 72402970

For extra comfort for little ones. Seat Reducer 70802540


For full colours and accessories range, visit


Quinny Zapp Xtra Highly manoeuvrable and flexible from birth No matter what your plans are for

Suitable from birth

the day, the Quinny Zapp Xtra gives

Folded: 29 x 95 x 42cm

you the freedom to take your child

Unfolded: 102 x 81 x 59cm

out and about in all-day comfort.

Chassis weight: 6.3kg

That is because the seat is fully

Seat unit weight: 2.4kg

adjustable to face you or the world and easily reclines during your child’s

Why buy me? 1 Fully reversible & reclinable seat The seat can be installed forward or rearward-facing. The backrest fully reclines into 3 positions (forward-facing) facing).

nap times. All-day comfort. Any way,

2 Compact fold

your way.

Compact when folded (seat unit is removed and placed underneath).

Sun canopy included

3 Travel system

v id e o

Add a Maxi-Cosi

.com inny u q . wwwo vie

Perf e



Pebble or CabrioFix baby car seat (sold


match th Pebbl wi




and 2 positions (rearward-

n li n e

separately) to transform your Quinny Zapp Xtra into a compact


lightweight travel system. Pop-up footrest Shopping basket included

Included Sun canopy, raincover, shopping basket, parasol clip and adapters for attaching Maxi-Cosi baby car seats.

Rocking Black 72955780


Blue Scratch 72955540

Pink Blush 72955530

Graphic Purple 72955710

For full colours and accessories range, visit

Rebel Red 72955830


Quinny Zapp

Sun canopy included

Highly manoeuvrable and extremely compact Wherever life’s journey takes you and your child, the Quinny Zapp is the ideal way to get around. With its sleek, modern design and lightweight compact

you want to go, your way.


v id e o

om ny.c n i u .q wwwo

Why buy me?


is ready whenever and wherever


fold, it is great for city living and

n li n e

Suitable from 6 months

1 Ultra-compact fold

3 Travel system

Folded: 70 x 25 x 29cm

The Quinny Zapp is so compact when

The ideal compact travel system that can

folded that it will fit in the smallest of

be used from birth when combined


with a Maxi-Cosi baby car seat.

The Quinny Zapp has an eye-catching

Sun canopy, shopping basket, parasol clip

sleek and attractive design and weighs

raincover and adapters for attaching

in at just 7.8kg.

the Maxi-Cosi baby car seat.

Unfolded: 81 x 59 x 102cm Weight: 7.8kg

Lightweight frame Rocking Black 69655780

Shopping basket included


Why buy me? 2 Sleek & lightweight Included

For full colours and accessories range, visit




Zapp Xtra bumper bar Easy to fit bumper bar (fits Zapp Xtra 2012 model

Standard seat unit This seat converts your Quinny Zapp Xtra into the original Quinny Zapp, allowing you to fold it without removing the seat unit. Rocking Black 76055780

only). Bumper Bar 77200000 Quinny Zapp Xtra

Changing Bags


Stylish yet practical, these bags include changing mat and bottle holder. Full


range page 32.

Quinny Zapp Xtra only

Quinny Zapp Xtra/Zapp

Zapp frame


A Zapp frame gives you many options to choose from to create your prefect


travel solution. Add a Maxi-Cosi baby car seat to form a travel system, a Zapp Xtra seat unit to get a compact stroller from birth or a Zapp seat unit

Tailor your Quinny Zapp Xtra or Zapp buggy to your exact needs with these clever accessories.


to get a convenient and stylish buggy. Zapp frame 77520000

Parasol with UV protection. Rocking Black 72402970 Rebel Red 72403030 Coloured Sprinkles 72405560 Quinny Zapp Xtra and Zapp

Zapp travel bag Travel storage for Quinny Zapp only. Rocking Black 69302970 Quinny Zapp only


Fully reclinable seat unit


Additional seat for the Quinny Zapp – allows you to

There is a snug footmuff for

convert it into a Quinny Zapp Xtra – a fully reclinable

every Quinny Zapp Xtra and Zapp.


Rebel Red 60604990

Rocking Black 75955780

Rocking Black 60605020

Rebel Red 75955830

Blue Scratch 60605540

Blue Scratch 75955540

Pink Blush 60605530

Pink Blush 75955530

Quinny Zapp Xtra and Zapp

Quinny Zapp only

For full colours and accessories range, visit


Quinny Yezz


Why buy me?

Smart. Compact. Ultra lightweight.

1 Ultra compact and light

Make the city your playground with

Suitable from 6 months

the unique Quinny Yezz. Designed

Folded: 23.5 x 68 x 27cm

light and compact that you

using the latest technology and

Unfolded: 105.5 x 75 x 56cm

can easily carry it on your

lightest materials, this strong, durable

Weight: 5kg

shoulder thanks to its clever

and easy to use buggy is ideal for tackling every challenge in the city. The Quinny Yezz gives you the freedom to be in complete control of every situation, and when not in use,


The new Quinny Yezz is so

strap leaving both of your hands free. See Quinny Yezz in action

2 Smart and easy fold

One-hand fold

the comfortable shoulder strap leaves


The one-step fold and unfold action is incredibly easy to

both of your hands free. Experience Carry strap

the city, your way.

use so you can move around quickly. It even stands alone when folded.

3 High-tech buggy for your urban lifestyle Quinny Yezz uses IXEF速, a glass fibre material combined with kite


fabric, making it ultra-light yet Kite fabric Back pocket

extremely strong and durable. Skate wheels make it light and easy to push it around.

Included IXEF速 frame

Sun canopy and back pocket.

Accessories Raincover 76800000

Grey Road 76505150

Blue Track 76505130

Red Signal 76505190

Pink Hybrid 76505170

Green Curve 76505140

Travel bag 69302970

Yellow Move 76505210

Swivel skate wheels


For full colours and accessories range, visit

Purple Rush 76505180


Quinny Bags Carry it, your way Everything you need is always close at hand with a Quinny bag. Designed to look

Detachable dummy holder

great on the outside so it can be used as a handbag, it is practical on the inside too, with changing mat and two insulated bottle pouches included, along with numerous

2 insulated bottle pouches

internal pockets in a fashionable Quinny print. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap with poppers to attach it to the pushchair handles, and each bag has enough storage space to

Internal storage pockets

carry everything you need for a day out with your child.

Left to right: Light Sand 76105040 Shadow Grey 76105030 Round Black 76104970 Square Black 76105010


For full colours and accessories range, visit


Dorel UK Ltd. Hertsmere House, Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 1TE. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 208 236 0707 Dorel Ireland Ltd. Unit 25, Canal Walk, Park West Dublin 12 Ireland. Tel: +353 (01) 8983 170

UK Quinny Consumer Brochure - Spring 2012  

UK Quinny Consumer Brochure - Spring 2012

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