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A coastal town in Norway Martin Doonan

Kristiansund A coastal town in Norway

A photographic study by Martin Doonan

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ristiansund lies in a remote corner of midNorway. It is built on a series of islands surroundind a naturally protected Sound. Until recently it was entirely cut off from the mainland, until a deep tunnel and suspension bridge were built. Historically the town was supported by the fishing industry, both catching and exporting fish. The local dried, salted cod, "klippfisk", is the traditional central ingredient in the Portugese dish Bacalao. With recent trends in fishing around northern European waters, Kristiansund saw years of decline.

A revitalisation of the town has been underway for the last decade or two. As the Norwegian oil industry moves its efforts northwards, so Kristiansund has found a role as an impotant support centre for the activities in the midNorway region. Even in the few years I have known the town, there has been a dramatic change in its character. The signs of rejuvenation are everywhere but not at the expense of historic influences. Now the harbour is a busy mix of pleasure craft, small fishing boats, foreign trawlers, ferries and oil industry vessels. For several years I lived and worked in Kristiansund but never paid it much attention, photographically. Recently I returned for a series of visits, giving me the opportunity to photograph the town and its surroundings. This allowed me to work as a sort of informed outsider - not a resident but with the local knowledge of one. With these images I hope to capture what is for me the essence of the town - a beautiful yet remote place with strong connections to the sea.

Past Industry

Travelling by Sea

Harbour Front

Public Buildings

Walk Along the Streets

Perched on the Hills

The Wider View

Surrounding Landscape

All of the photographs in this ook were shot with a Canon 35mm SLR camera with a 28mm lens using Ilford HP5+ black and white film. This book has been put together as part of the international SofoBoMo 2008 project.

Martin Doonan May 2008

First edition

Kristiansund: a coastal town in Norway  
Kristiansund: a coastal town in Norway  

A photographic tour of Kristiansund in Norway. A SofoBoMo 2008 project.