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FADE IN: Part One Excerpt of Victims: INT. HOUSE - NIGHT MARK I'm going to bed...when I get up I want the both of you gone. Mark turns off the light. INT. MARK'S HOUSE -- CONTINUOUS Josh creeps down the hallway and sees that Mark has turned off the light. JOSH Damn it. INT. MARK'S APARTMENT-BEDROOM -- LATER A rapid burst of knocks at Mark's bedroom door. JOSH (O.S.) Uncle Mark. It's Josh. There's something wrong with Sherry. Uncle Mark? Mark jumps up to his feet and runs to the door. INT. MARK'S APARTMENT-HALLWAY -- CONTINUOUS MARK (Groggily) What? What's wrong?

Where is she?

JOSH In your other room. Mark takes the lead rushing to the guest room. He looks back at his nephew. MARK Did you do any drugs? Josh looks at his uncle confused. JOSH What? MARK Did you do any drugs? JOSH No... Mark enters the room and Josh follows.

2. JOSH You're going to teach me how to do that? That's sort of cool. MARK Shut up and pay attention. Mark starts breathing into her mouth, and then after several breaths he bends closer to her mouth to check for signs of breathing. He then pinches her nose and starts breathing into her mouth, and there's a slight movement in her chest as he breathes into her. Josh looks on as Mark checks her for signs of breathing once again. He looks at Josh for a moment and then continues breathing for her. Mark pauses for a second, obviously starting to tire from the effort. JOSH Here let me try. to do it now.

I think know how

Mark turns to his nephew, his face is flushed with anger. MARK Why don't you sit there and shut up. I'll tell you when I need your help. Got it? Josh his taken back by his uncle's reaction. JOSH Sorry I was just trying to help. Mark starts chest compressions. He goes through three series of chest compressions, alternating with breathing into her mouth. He is now sweating. Suddenly in the middle of a round of chest compressions he stops. MARK Your turn. I'm done. I suggest you do your best to save her. Josh confidently heads over to the body. JOSH No problem...Just got to do what you were doing. Piece of cake. Josh cracks his knuckles and starts performing CPR on Sherry. Mark sits on the edge of the bed, wiping off his glasses and trying to catch his breath. JOSH (CONT'D) ...Come on baby. You're going to

3. MARK I just think that poor girl deserves at least twenty minutes of your time. ...Especially since you murdered her. Josh stops completely. MARK (CONT'D) The bruises around her throat means that she was strangled. Strangled with someone's bare hands. My guess would be your bare hands. Instinctively Josh glances down at both hands. Josh flings his hands out visibly annoyed at his uncle. JOSH Then why make me do all this CPR crap? Screw this. Bitch wasn't worth it. MARK You stupid shit. If I was your father or even your grandpa, I would be beating you until you bled right now. The nephew looks a combination hurt by his uncle's words and confused. JOSH If you knew we couldn't save her, why did you have me take over? MARK You needed to be taught a lesson. If you had alerted me earlier there was a slim chance that we might have saved, but it would have taken effort. And I wanted you to fully understand the effort. Starts to dawn on Josh what he has done. JOSH Oh man, I've really screwed up. Dad's going to kill me. MARK Probably. But that is the last of your worries. A man caught killing someone does serious time. JOSH (Worried) We can't let anyone find out! MARK

4. JOSH Good. Josh raises up so that he is sitting on Jackie, his legs straddling her lower body. He smiles at her. He quickly hits her hard in the side of the face with his right and then his left. JACKIE REYNOLDS Uh... Josh hits her a third time savagely with his right again. Jackie loses consciousness. Josh gets off the bed and grabs his phone out of his pants. JOSH This is Josh...Use your phone to get to my location. Bring some rope. INT. JACKIE'S BEDROOM -- LATER Jackie gains consciousness to find her wrists and ankles are tied to the bed posts by several ropes. Marks sit in the chair by the desk in her bedroom looking on. He is wearing sweat pants and an old shirt. Josh has made a rope and noose out of the rope that was left over, and is looking menacingly at Jackie. Oh God!


Jackie looks over at Mark. JACKIE REYNOLDS (CONT'D) Please you've got to help me. Mark sits there silent. Josh gets on the bed and puts the noose around Jackie's neck and pulls it tight choking her. Jackie struggles as best she can but eventually she loses consciousness again. A moment passes. Josh smiles. JOSH Oh yeah. Josh pulls the noose even tighter and holds it.

5. Mark get up off of the chair and grabs the hunting knife from the back of his pants and holds it tightly in his hand as he approaches Jackie. Jackie screams as Marks stabs her with his knife. FADE OUT:

Two Part Excerpt From Victims Screenplay  

These excerpts are from the Horror/Thriller feature length screenplay I wrote called Victims. Here we have two scenes that are linked.

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