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Date: 5th March, 2014

- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Let Sellbiznote Show You the Key to Selling Your Business and Earning a Big Takeaway

U.S- was introduced by Donte Handy who has been providing over 100 years of note investing expertise in US. He is fully aware of the current tight credit market situation; wherein sales of small business have become a bumpy ride for sellers. Tight lending restrictions have led to the emergence of this business broker that supports Seller financing. SellBizNote is a business broker professional which is one of the pioneers in seller financed business notes in USA that lends help to sellers. Seller financing is a kind of a loan that a seller gives to the buyer in order to complete a business transaction. A seller‟s willingness to finance the sale gives him an edge over the competition. While selling a business, considering to loan funds to the buyer can help get the deal done faster. More often than not, buyers are reluctant to invest a large sum of cash into a new and unproven venture. This kind of financing comes as an advantage to those buyers who do not have enough funds or resources to pay cash. Qualifying for a loan can be an arduous task. You, as a buyer, can probably seek out for seller financing if you feel the need to eliminate dealing with banks that seem to be very fussy of your financial situations. Seller financing helps attract a seller by giving the buyer an opportunity to pay back the loan by obtaining a longer period and giving attractive interest rates as opposed to what is offered in the current market. Thus, helping buyers bypass banks in their quest for business ownership. SellBizNote increases the chances of selling the business while giving the buyers a reason to perceive this concept of „note investing‟ as a vote of confidence. At the same time, SellBizNote increases the likely purchase price while ensuring a higher interest rate from buyers. SellBizNote helps business brokers do more deals by providing alternative exit and funding strategies. It also helps sellers to get away from the liability of holding onto a note in uncertain times. It deals directly with investors and keeps low operating expenses – this means closings as fast as 5 business days. It comes as a financial boon for sellers who cannot settle for lower price to sell a business, but instead receive a significantly higher purchase price.

A seller dealing with Sellbiznote quoted, “Sellbiznote has helped me to quickly make a bid, underwrite, and fund a note in nothing flat, I highly recommend their team to every seller who wants to close their deals faster and every buyer who wishes to avert problems that comes from lending money from banks, this is one of the most reliable seller financed business notes in USA that

offers a win-win deal for both buyers and sellers.� Send in your contact information to SellBizNote and let them contact you by email or through phone. For more information, visit .

Let Sellbiznote Show You the Key to Selling Your Business and Earning a Press release note investing  

Let Sellbiznote Show You the Key to Selling Your Business and Earning a Big Takeaway

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