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L’Oreal Excellence Positioning & Communication Strategy 2010-2011

1st draft (Aug 10, 2010)

Role in the line-up Flag ship brand for L’Oreal hair colorant category Business objective of achieving 1MM consumer (X2 sales) in the coming 3 years Major contributor (with CCG) to the L’Oreal hair colorant objective of market leadership in 3 years

Plan of attack Excellence is one of our key franchises on hair colorant. The brand has got a good heritage and equity in the region. The consumer knows it or might have used it before. Since Excellence is for women who already know ‘what is it to color their hairs’; therefore, the plan of attack should be to:

Conquer consumers from other key players (mainly Koleston and Palette) “we want to switch everybody to Excellence”

COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY PYRAMID mission & objective Why we exist?

strategic imperatives


strategic implications enablers

What is important to us? What we need to tackle?

Positioning statement

What we need to do?

What are the tools we have?

mission & objective


Market leader in 3yrs. (1MM sales)

strategic imperatives


strategic implications

value increase proposition at awareness & Purchase Cycle familiarity local distribution relevance & in-store

360˚ COMMUNICATIONS The brand that guarantees 100% protection, 100% results THE 100% BRAND and 100% satisfaction




*list of all ideas from the 360 hair-color workshop that can be implemented under each route


USPs + RTBs triple protection - pro keratin “more shine and less damage”...

L’Oreal brand equity

Strategic Imperatives

Strategic Imperatives 1) Maximizing on value proposition through all levels of communication. Delivering the promise of ‘added value’ through all levels of the purchasing cycle - this will make you stay true to your brand “because you are worth it” and also justify the price difference between L’Oreal and other brands 2) Increase familiarity and awareness; especially in a category that is cluttered, switching cost for the consumer is low and the brand affinity and loyalty is high pre-purchase purchase


Strategic Imperatives 3) Maximizing on local relevance through all levels of communication (esp. on NON-ATL material) KSA/UAE consumer needs to see her reflection in our communications. She needs to know that ‘we get her’ and whatever we do, say or sell is relevant to her age, look, needs, culture and aspirations 4) Improve and capitalize on distribution and in-store

Strategic Implications

Strategic Implications Education: Choosing a hair color is a ‘planned purchase’. Consumer is always concerned about the results, expectations, application and the possible damage to her hair before she picks a product One of the key implications that can break the barriers is educating the consumer - not just on our product but how to be and act as ‘the expert’ in answering her needs of hair colorant

Strategic Implications Trust and Relationship: Building the image of the brand that delivers ‘100%’ on all fronts, is a key implication to build the trust and relationship with the consumer. She will know Excellence as a brand that ‘is an expert’ (post the education phase) and now is being recommended to her by her family and friends (post trust and relationship phase) The ultimate outcome of this will be trust and relationship that the consumer will have with Excellence as a brand (think of it as a friend that you trust and refer to)

Strategic Implications Empowerment: We aim to inspire women around the GCC to express their social, cultural or religious beliefs through self or entrepreneurial expressions/means. Excellence is perceived as ‘the enabler’ to celebrate and empower women to flourish their true beauty and power. We will offer self help tools, information, encouragement and inspirational support for and by women to use as a guide on Reclaiming Their Goals (self or entrepreneurship).

Strategic Implications Each Strategic Implication will be rolled out on a year bases. During which certain business and communication objectives and KPIs will be set to achieve, before moving on to the next implication. YEAR 1 *list of all ideas from the 360 hair-color workshop that should be implemented under each route




Next Steps - Confirmation/agreement on the strategy - Strategy document circulation (online, PR, sales, ...) - Creative briefing - Agreement on the communication route - Clinic test (beat session, focus group) - Roll out

Communication Strategy  

Communication Strategy