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Bond Accountability Commission 2 Recommendations Page A-3

Government Financial Strategies and Lori Raineri Government Financial Strategies (“GFS”) is an independent public finance consulting firm based in Sacramento, California, specializing in financial advisory services to school districts, including long-term financial planning and assistance in financing transactions. GFS and Lori Raineri have served public entities for two decades, prior to which Ms. Raineri worked in the governmental finance arena as an investment banker. GFS and Ms. Raineri have structured many hundreds of school financings from K-6 through Community College. Since GFS’ founding in 1988, the firm has put together hundreds of long-range financial plans and helped finance billions of dollars of public projects for 300 California public agencies in every sector of government. GFS also serves County Boards of Education in discharging the Boards’ responsibilities to preview financing transactions proposed by school districts. Ms. Raineri is a Certified Independent Public Finance Advisor and serves on the Board of the National Association of Independent Public Finance Advisors. During the past year, Ms. Raineri has been a keynote speaker for the California Treasurer-Tax Collectors Annual Education Conference, the California Auditor-Controllers’ Annual Conference, the California County School Superintendents Annual Business and Administration Conference, and the California School Business Officials Association CBO Mentor Program, among others. The focus of each of these presentations has been the principles of debt financing, including numerous case studies which demonstrate the

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