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Our visitors do not concern themselves with state borders and they appreciate interesting tourist attractions. The development of tourism across the states is of great importance to me and contributes to the development of tourism in a sustainable way in the wake of the Exhibition of Lower Austria .

With its 2,500 kilometres of excellent cycle routes the Burgenland region is a paradise for cyclists. The cross-border cycle project further improves the offers for cyclists in the Burgenland region. Last but not least, it represents an excellent opportunity for the local economy to develop the tourism industry.

Governor Dr Erwin Pröll

Governor Hans Niessl

Between the major urban centres Vienna and Bratislava, the Römerland Carnuntum – Marchfeld region has become the most popular holiday destination area. Together with the neighbouring region Neusiedlersee, it combines a wealth of natural and cultural attractions with a great development and market potential.

I am pleased that we managed to initiate this cross-border project as part of the Exhibition of Lower Austria. The good partnership between the Burgenland region and Lower Austria is now also reflected in tourism – with a showpiece project which both regions are very likely to benefit from.

Regional minister for tourism Dr Petra Bohuslav

Provincial parliament member Michaela Resetar

EXPLORER TOUR DANUBE MEETS LAKE NEUSIEDL “Wind, wine and water” – that’s the motto of the 97 kilometre explorer cycle tour that takes you from the fragrant vineyards along the Danube to the red-lined shores of Lake Neusiedl. Be it Roman history close enough to touch or baroque joie de vivre – there is certainly no shortage of historical attractions. There is also plenty to discover for nature lovers: the green alluvial forests of the Danube Floodplains National Park or the unspoilt reed beds of the Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel National Park – the Explorer tour delivers to its promises. The Lake Neusiedl

region is also an official UNESCO world heritage area. There are many opportunities along the easy level route to stop off for a glass of water or wine, or to indulge in some culinary delicacies. The train journey to the three individual parts of the route, from Neusiedl am See via Bruck an der Leitha to Petronell Carnuntum, from Petronell Carnuntum to Kittsee and from Kittsee nach Neusiedl am See, is just as relaxing. Starting and end points are all connected to the public transport network. Plan your own individual cycle tour. The following pages tell you all about the regions and their cultural attractions and leisure facilities as well as ways to connect to other cycle routes. 3

DANUBE LOWER AUSTRIA Rรถmerland Carnuntum and marchfeld

Explore the world of the Romans, knights and romance. Explore the fabulous worlds of the Danube region Rรถmerland Carnuntum-Marchfeld. Cycle along the trails of the gladiators of antiquity. Stroll along dreamy, medieval lanes. Promenade through imperial gardens. Marvel at the seemingly infinite natural diversity of the Danube floodplains and delight in the historical sights and the idyllic orchards and vineyards. Relish the famous Marchfeld asparagus, fresh fish from the Danube and the fine wines of the regional winegrowers. In a word, the Explorer tour shows you everything the Danube region has to offer. 4


BURGENLAND – THE SUNNY SIDE OF AUSTRIA Experience a different side of Austria. Experience unadulterated cycling fun. Relax along the level routes as far as the eye can see. Immerse yourself in pristine natural landscapes and observe rare bird species in their natural habitat. Enjoy the hospitality of the locals in dreamy little villages and towns and the cheerful disposition of the people of Burgenland. Taste the delicious local produce and treat your palate to the fine wines of the local winegrowers. Find out more about the chequered history of the country and its people. Explore the cultural diversity of the Burgenland region and its many historical treasures. In a word, explore the sunny side of Austria. 5



General information

Discover the highlights




Bruck an der Leitha




Deutsch Haslau/ Potzneusiedl












Neusiedl am See














The Explorer Tour has much to offer: from excellent public transport connections (see next page), beautiful rest areas for cyclists and cyclist-friendly businesses to the many additional offers such as e-mobility and electric charging stations, bike hire, Nextbike bike hire and cycle taxis. We provide the opportunities. You have the choice. The latest excursion guides, an accommodation list and additional information is available from the Danube regional office Römerland Carnuntum-Marchfeld or from the tourism office of Lake Neusiedl. Information about all tours and additional information is also available online from the tours’ individual websites.

As its motto “Wind, Wine and Water” suggests, there is plenty to see while on the Explorer Tour. For example, you can find out all about the topic of wind in the wind information centre in Prellenkirchen. Or you can taste the region’s fine wines in the historical cellars of Edelstal. Water will be your constant companion while on the Explorer Tour. Be it in the form of the impressive Danube floodplains, the revitalising lidos of Lake Neusiedl or the thirst-quenching mineral water known as Römerquelle. Your thirst for knowledge will also be satisfied. There is plenty of culture to explore, from the Roman excavations in Petronell-Carnuntum and the medieval town centre of Bruck an der Leitha all the way to the largest private collection of paintings in Rohrau Castle.


How to get here From Austria By car: motorway A4 (exit Bruck, exit Neusiedl) or motorway A6 (exit Kittsee) By train: S 7: Wien Mitte - Petronell; S60/700, 701 Regional express: Vienna Südbahnhof - Bruck an der Leitha; 701, Regional express: Vienna Südbahnhof - Kittsee; S60, Regional express: Vienna Südbahnhof - Neusiedl am See | ÖBB:, +43 (0) 05 17 17 From Slovakia By car: motorway D1 - D2 - A6: exit Kittsee; motorway D1 - D2 - A6 - A4: exit Bruck, Neusiedl By train: 701 Regional express: Bratislava - Bruck an der Leitha; connecting services to Neusiedl am See via S60

From Hungary By car: motorway M1 - A4 (exit Bruck, Neusiedl); motorway M1 - A4 - A6 (exit Kittsee) By train: Regional express: Györ - Bruck an der Leitha; connecting services to Neusiedl am See via S60

Donau Niederosterreich Tourismus GmbH Regional office Römerland Carnuntum Marchfeld Hauptstraße 3, A-2404 Petronell Tel.: +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10 Fax: +43 (0) 2163 35 55-12


Neusiedler See Tourismus GmbH

Lower Austria Card (Niederösterreich Card)

Obere Hauptstraße 24, A-7100 Neusiedl am See Tel.: +43 (0) 2167 86 00-0, Fax: +43 (0) 2167 86 00-20

Lake Neusiedl Card (Neusiedler See Card) 7

Engelhartstetten Loimersdorf

Devín Ho f-B rati slava To




Aue onau-






Nationalparkinstitut Donauauen


Bad DeutschAltenburg



w rad









Airfield Spitzerberg

Pfarrkirche z. hl. Stefan




Ruine Pottenburg Königswarte





Hainburg Hundsheimer Berg

U DONA Freilichtmuseum Petronell




Archäologischer Park Carnuntum








Karlova Ves




Nationalpark D







a. d. Donau 148

os chl m-S ntu


nu Car

CarnuntumSchloss HofBratislava Tour


Verbindung Donauradweg Entdeckertour


Berg Radrastplatz Schloss Kittsee



Entdeckertour Donau-Neusiedler See

Prellenkirchner Kellergasse und Weinbaumuseum


Wartberg Windinfozentrum Prellenkirchen

Schönabrunn (191)


Historische Spaziergänge Pfarrkirche Schokoladefabrik Hauswirth

Kittsee A6









Schloss Rohrau

Haydn Geburtshaus


Historische Spaziergänge Pfarrkirche Schokoladefabrik Hauswirth

Schloss Kittsee Römerquelle


Entdeckertour Donau-Neusiedler See

Route information



Windinfozentrum Prellenkirchen

Prellenkirchen (178)





Prellenkirchner Kellergasse und Weinbaumuseum






Haydn Geburtshaus

Schloss Rohrau

The Explorer Tour in figures







Villa Vinum

Schloss Potzneusiedl castle of arts



a. d. Leitha

Stadtmuseum, Stadttheater Historische Innenstadt

Wi esg r



Entdeckertour Donau-Neusiedler See

Speed World



ab e

Harrachpark Schloss Prugg 178 Heimatmuseum


Kirche zur hl. Dreifaltigkeit

Carolus Kapelle


Römische Villa 217

Geißberg 60


b. Parndf.


Zeiselhof Le ith aka na l)


t e a t P l



St. Anna Kapelle

Kulturelle Denkmäler





Bruckneudf. Kulturelle Denkmäler

Total length 96.8 km, approx. 7-8 h by bike Part A 35.4 km, approx. 3 h by bike Neusiedl am See to Bruck an der Leitha (Length: 17.9 km) Bruck an der Leitha to Petronell-Carnuntum (Length: 17.5 km) Part B 23.3 km, approx. 2 h by bike Petronell-Carnuntum to Kittsee Part C 38.1 km, approx. 3 h by bike Kittsee to Neusiedl am See






e r r f o d r n P a

Rochuskapelle Radrastplatz






Designer Outlet Parndorf 302



eR r Se edle usi

1 eg B adw

Northern/ southern part of the tour


Ruine Tabor

Winden a. See Ne


Vinothek Weinwerk Burgenland

Kom itatska na l

Neusiedl am See








Nickelsdorf 0 km

iedle B10 r Se eg adw eR

edler See

Pfarrkirche z. hl. Stefan


Weiden am See

5 km


KARTOGRAPHIEWERKSTATT © 2011, Institut für Geographie und Raumforschung der Universität Graz Entwurf/Kartographie: Martin Kubanek, Daniela Roßmann | Aktualisierung: Ricarda Rindlisbacher Grundlagen: © BEV 2011, vervielfältigt mit Genehmigung des Bundesamtes für Eich- und Vermessungswesen in Wien


Straße 3. Ordnung






Eisenbahn, Bahnhof, Haltestelle

Religiöse Stätten


Straße 1. Ordnung





Strom, Fluss

Straße 2. Ordnung




Bad, Bademöglichkeit

Baumreihe/- gruppe

Quelle, Brunnen

159 Fließgewässer

Wald Weingarten Sumpf mit Rohrwuchs



Info: Town hall Berg | 2413 Berg | Hauptstraße 33 | +43 (0) 2143 23 71-0 | | The friendly farming and winegrowing community Berg in Lower Austria is a popular excursion destination for families with children. There is plenty to explore there, such as the region’s mysterious woods and romantic hiking trails, as well as the Pottenburg ruin. For more than 1000 years these mighty ancient walls have been looking down from their forested mountain peak. On clear days, the 20-metre observation tower grants magnificent views of Lake Neusiedl, the Pannonian Plain all the way to Hungary and to Bratislava in Slovakia, where you can follow the course of the Danube river. Connecting services: Tour of the Hundsheim mountains, connection from Berg to Danube cycle path no. 6 with connection to Carnuntum – Hof Castle – Bratislava Tour


Bike rest area Königswarte Bike hire Nextbike

Town center (town hall) +43 (0) 13 19 02 54,

Observation tower Königswarte with panoramic maps

Pottenburg ruin Parish church St. Anna


Dreiländerbrunnen fountain made from glass

Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Town center

War memorial

Town hall Berg +43 (0) 2143 23 71-0

Town center

The panoramic three

To the Königswarte, to the Pottenburg ruin

bruck an der leitha

Info: Tourism office | Hauptplatz 16 | 2460 Bruck an der Leitha | +43 (0) 2162 622 21 | | Between the sunny vineyards of Carnuntum and the shady forests of the Leitha mountains you will find Bruck an der Leitha. The medieval district capital with its well-preserved medieval weir system and the lovingly restored town centre is one of the most beautiful towns in Austria. If you want to find out more about the history of the town, there are many museums you can visit or you can go on a guided tour of the town. Other interesting sights include the baroque parish church zur Hl. Dreifaltigkeit, the town centre, the guild tree, the Parkbad adventure pool and the public Harrach park with its exotic trees and rare animal and plant species Connections: Winemaker Tour Carnuntum, Roman Tour, B21 Danube cycle path Lake Neusiedl

E-bike charging station Energypark, main sqare E-bike hire Energypark Bruck Bicycle repair shop

Bicycle shop Raiffeisen, Teichgasse 3, +43 (0) 2162 676 45, Ă–AMTC Eco-Plus Park, +43 (0) 2162 632 32

Bike hire Nextbike

Main railway station, main square, Parkbad, +43 (0) 13 19 02 54,

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping ∙ Tourism office Bruck an der Leitha +43 (0) 2162 622 21 Cyclist-friendly businesses

Hotel Ungarische Krone +43 (0) 2162 627 77

Parkbad adventure pool +43 (0) 2162 638 13 Medieval town Bruck Historical town centre, baroque main square, city wall with moat and fortified towers

Prugg Castle (can only be viewed from the outside) Harrachpark Open all year Municipal museum Ungarturm +43 (0) 2162 623 54 40 Municipal theatre, town gallery Wiener Turm +43 (0) 2162 622 21

Wind farm Bruck a.d. Leitha Panorama platform at 60 m altitude, +43 (0) 2162 681 00

Carnuntum rail trolley +43 (0) 699 17 16 81 00 Wine centre Villa Vinum +43 (0) 699 10 30 08 90



Info: Town hall Bruckneudorf | Bahnhofsplatz 5 | 2460 Bruckneudorf | +43 (0) 2162 622 64-0 | | You will find very special natural resources in Bruckneudorf and surroundings, from the imperial palace complex from Roman times to the Kaisersteinbruch stone quarry in the foothills of the Leitha mountains. Many cultural memorials such as the Dreikaiserhaus building, the Franz Joseph memorial in the imperial park, Kรถnigshof Castle, and the canning factory and the K&K pea shelling factory also bear witness to the former imperial significance of the town, which was a military camp in 1867. There are cosy taverns, hiking and cycle paths in the Heidwiesen meadows, the Leitha floodplains and the Leitha mountain. Connections: Winemaker Tour Carnuntum, Roman Tour, B21 Danube cycle path Lake Neusiedl


Bike rest area Rรถmische Villa Canoe access point

Viaduktgasse by the kindergarten

Carolus chapel Dreikaiserhaus, Roter Herrgott, Franz Joseph memorial, Kรถnigshof, Canning factory & K&K pea shelling factory, Church ruin Kรถnigsbrunn, Roman Villa


E-bike charging station Bruck an der Leitha

Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

E-bike hire Bruck an der Leitha

Bicycle repair shop Bruck an der Leitha

Town hall Bruckneudorf +43 (0) 2162 622 64-0

Cyclist-friendly businesses

Hotel Ungarische Krone,+43 (0) 2162 627 77

Energypark Bruck or main square Energypark Bruck

Bicycle shop Raiffeisen, Teichgasse 3 +43 (0) 2162 676 45, ร–AMTC Eco-Plus Park +43 (0) 2162 632 32

Bike hire Nextbike

Main railway station, main square, Parkbad, district governor office +43 (0) 13 19 02 54,

deutsch haslau/ potzneusiedl

Info: Donau Niederösterreich | Hauptstraße 3 | 2404 Petronell-Carnuntum | +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10 | | Take a detour and visit the little town of Deutsch Haslau. This charming place by the river Leitha is interesting for cyclists who love the countryside and canoeing. At Hoffmann Inn you can hire canoes, take a trip down the Leitha river (pick-up service available) and finish off the day with a nice barbeque in the evening. Lovers of antiques will get their money’s worth in the nearby Potzneusiedl. Since 1987 Potzneusiedl Castle has also been accommodating the head office of the Austrian-Romanian cultural institute. Today, the castle is a giant antique shop and secondhand bookshop, whose treasures fill all the rooms. The castle also hosts special exhibitions and book markets

Canoe access point Hoffmann inn

Potzneusiedl Castle

Mon-Fri 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sat & Sun 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. during free admission, Guided tour: € 3 per person Guided tours all day Saturday and Sunday. Guided tours by arrangement Monday to Friday +43 (0) 2145 22 49

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10

Cyclist-friendly businesses Gasthof Hoffmann +43 (0) 2145 22 68



Info:Town hall Edelstal | HauptstraรŸe 33A | 2413 Edelstal | +43 (0) 2145 22 46 | | The charming wine-growing community of the Leithaauen and Edelstal region is picturesquely located on top of a little hill. In the historical cellar district with its around 80 mostly well-preserved gothic and baroque wine cellars you can taste the fine local wines. The region does not just offer wine, there is also the natural sparkly mineral water in Edelstal, which was official recognised as a medicinal water since 1962 and is known under the brand name Rรถmerquelleist. You will find baroque elements all over the little town, for instance the parish church St Stephen, a true Austrian baroque gem. You can also take an excursion to the nearby forest. Connections: Hundsheim Mountain Tour, B26 connecting cycle path Danube-National Park Lake Neusiedl 14

Catholic parish church St Stephen Company Rรถmerquelle

There are guided tours in the morning, which take 1.5 to 2 hours. You will have to book at least 2 days in advance. At least 10 persons have to take part in a guided tour. +43 (0) 2145 225 10

Kellergasse Kittsee & Historical cellar district

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Town hall Edelstal +43 (0) 2145 22 46


Info: Town hall Gattendorf | Hauptplatz 4 | 2474 Gattendorf | +43 (0) 2142 52 02-0 | | This lovingly looked after town with its pretty main square is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The fascinating wetland with its bird sanctuary is right next to the town. Composer Franz Liszt also appreciate Gattendorf as an oasis of peace and often visited during his concert tours. Today, the house of his relatives accommodates a doctor’s surgery. A true cultural gem is the St. Anna chapel, which is located in the middle of a shaded forest southwest of Gattendorf. And why not take a detour to nearby Deutsch Haslau/Potzneusiedl and visit the castle. Connections: B26 connecting cycle path Danube-National Park Lake Neusiedl, R1 jubilee cycle path towards B10 Lake Neusiedl cycle path, B21 Danube cycle path Lake Neusiedl

Bike rest area untere Leithabrücke Canoe access point

At the cycle path –crossing B21/B26 by the railway bridge

Church Holy Trinity and St. Anna chapel E-bike charging station

Pizzeria Pablo, Obere Hauptstraße 67

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Bicycle repair shop Cáfe Blaues Wunder

Kirchengasse 1, +43 (0) 2142 60 01 Open daily from 4 p.m.

Town hall Gattendorf +43 (0) 2142 52 02-0

Cyclist-friendly businesses

Lindenhof Fam. Thüringer +43 (0) 676 356 58 29



Info: Town hall Rohrau | Joseph Haydn-Platz 1 | +43 (0) 2164 22 04 | |

The town of Gerhaus belongs to the municipality of Rohrau and is right next to the historic Carnuntum. Today’s Petronell-Carnuntum was one of the most important Roman legion camps in antiquity. Gerhaus is not far away from Prugg Castle in Bruck an der Leitha, which also dates back to Roman times und represented the closest river-crossing across the Leitha river. Connections: Roman Tour

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping


Town hall Rohrau +43 (0) 2164 22 04


Info: Town hall Kittsee | Hauptplatz 11 | 2421 Kittsee | +43 (0) 2143 22 03 | | The “gourmet region of the Kittsee apricot” attracts many visitors every year from far and near. The sweet and aromatic fruit is used to make high-quality jams, nectar, liqueurs and brandy. Kittsse offers more than just culinary delicacies. There is also plenty to see, such as the Old and New Castle, which are host to many cultural events, the Heidenturm tower, the Holy Trinity Column, the Blue Cross, the catholic parish church and the birth house of world-famous violin virtuoso and concertmaster Joseph Joachim. Like all other towns in the Leithaauen region, Kittsee also has many hiking and cycling routes. Connections: B26 connecting cycle path Danube-National Park Lake Neusiedl, R1 jubilee cycle path towards B10 Lake Neusiedl cycle path

Catholic parish church Kittsee Castle, Old and New Castle

For exhibition information and opening times, please contact the town hall on +43 (0) 2143 22 03.

Chocolate factory Kittsee


Franz Hauswirth Ges.m.b.H. Industriestraße 1, 2421 Kittsee, Tel.: +43 (0) 2143 24 00, Fax: +43 (0) 2143 24 00-33, Opening times: April – October

Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Town hall Kittsee +43 (0) 2143 22 03

Cyclist-friendly businesses

Gourmet restaurant Leban +43 (0) 2143 22 34 Guest rooms Hauswirth +43 (0) 676 651 38 76 17

neudorf bei parndorf

Info: Town hall Neudorf | Untere Hauptstraße 2 | 2475 Neudorf | +43 (0) 2142 52 81 | | There is plenty of bathing fun to be had by visitors to the Neudorf Bründlbad pool, which contains no chemicals, and all the more natural sunbathing space. Neudorf – Novo Selo is surrounded by the open fields of the Parndorf Plate. Much of the municipal grounds is part of the protected Natura-2000 area Parndorf Heath. The local history museum Neudorf provides interesting insights into the country life of the mostly Croatian population. There are also interesting special exhibitions every year with various themes. Connections: B21 Danube cycle path Lake Neusiedl, Hundsheim Mountains Tour

Bathing facilities Bründlbad / Riunjak Local history museum Neudorf

Opening times: June – mid-October Every Saturday from 2 to 4:30 and by arrangement with the local authorities or with MUK / Felix Miletich (M.A.) +43 (0) 2142 53 19 or +43 (0) 676 753 48 05

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Town hall Neudorf near Parndorf +43 (0) 2142 52 81

Cyclist-friendly businesses


Restaurant im Bründlbad +43 (0) 2142 200 00

neusiedl am see

Info: Tourism association | Untere Hauptstraße 7 | 7100 Neusiedl am See | +43 (0) 2167 22 29 | | Nature as far as the eye can see – that’s the promise of the Lake Neusiedl region. Expansive plains, hilly vineyards and Central Europe’s largest steppe lake. There is a reason why the region has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. In the midst of this paradisiacal landscape you find the 800-year old district capital Neusiedl am See – a great place for shopping and above all a sunny destination for holiday-makers from around the world. The modern lido, the indoor sports and adventure pool, outstanding accommodation and restaurants and many events round off the amenities on offer.

Kalvarienberg mountain Tabor ruin Bathing facility bathing beach Neusiedl am See Bike hire

Bucsis railway station +43 (0) 664 160 88 00 Hotel Wende +43 (0) 2167 81 11

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Tourism association Neusiedl am See +43 (0) 2167 22 29

Bike repair shop

Bucsis railway station +43 (0) 664 160 88 00

Bike hire Nextbike

Railway station, district administration, Mole West, post office +43 (0) 13 19 02 54

Wine shop Weinwerk Burgenland

Obere Hauptstraße 31, +43 (0) 2167 207 05

Connections: R1 jubilee cycle path, B10 Lake Neusiedl cycle path, B21 Danube cycle path Lake Neusiedl



Info: Town hall Pama | Hauptplatz 1 | 2422 Pama | +43 (0) 2142 52 21 | | Dreamy and sunny – that’s how Pama, or “Bjielo Selo” in Croatian, presents itself to its visitors. As the country’s biggest bio-municipality, Pama also offers an unforgettable culinary experience. Local, sun-ripened fruit and crunchy vegetables are served to the guests of the local restaurants. There are also many bustards, Europe’s largest flying bird, in the region. This bird has found refuge in the tranquil Natura 2000 nature reserve. The town’s main sight is the parish church, which originates in medieval times, with some parts dating to the 14th century. Connections: Danube cycle path no. 6, Roman Tour, National Parl Tour Danube floodplains, Hundsheim mountain Tour, Römerland Carnuntum cycle tour no. 54, leading to: Carnuntum –Hof Castle – Bratislava Tour, Marchfeld canal cycle path, KTM cycle path 20

Parish church from the 14th century Bike repair shop

Nah & Frisch Markt Untere Hauptstraße 1 +43 (0) 2142 52 41

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Town hall Pama +43 (0) 2142 52 21

Cyclist-friendly businesses

Gasthaus Monika Kuster +43 (0) 2142 52 49 Gasthaus Potz +43 (0) 2142 52 94


Info: Donau Niederösterreich | Hauptstraße 3 | 2404 Petronell-Carnuntum | +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10 | | Experience history – that’s what you can do in Petronell-Carnuntum, near the biggest Roman excavations in Central Europe. Three Roman emperors resided here; Marcus Aurelius was one of them. In addition to its cultural treasures, the town also has excellent places to eat. Cyclist-friendly restaurants and cosy traditional wine bars invite you to linger. You can take your after-lunch stroll in the lush river landscape of the Danube floodplains. This is an ideal excursion destination for the whole family. Connections: Danube cycle path no. 6, Roman Tour, National Park Tour Danube Floodplains, Hundsheim Mountains Tour, Römerland Carnuntum cycle tour no. 54, leading to: Carnuntum –Hof Castle – Bratislava Tour, Marchfeld Canal cycle path, KTM cycle path

E-bike charging station Open-air museum E-bike hire Open-air museum Bike hire

Campsite & indoor tennis Peiritsch: Bruckerstraße 28, +43 (0) 2163 29 89; hotel and country inn Marc Aurel, +43 (0) 2163 22 85

Bike hire Nextbike

Railway station, car park, Open-air museum +43 (0) 13 19 02 54,

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10

Cyclist-friendly businesses

Hotel and Landgasthaus Marc Aurel +43 (0) 2163 22 85 Forum Culinarium Tel +43 (0) 2163 430 70 Wine bar Fam. Reinschedl +43 (0) 2163 206 62 | +43 (0) 676 742 30 79

Campsite Fam. Peiritsch (see bike hire) Archaeological park Carnuntum Open-air museum Petronell

April – mid-November, Hauptstraße 1A, +43 (0) 2163 33 77,,

Heidentor gate, amphitheatre of the civil town National park institute Danube floodplains Excursions from April-October, Lange Gasse 28 +43 (0) 2163 28 11,,

The Roman walks The Roman treasure map Free treasure hunt for

children and young people, visitor centre archaeological park Carnuntum and regional office Danube Lower Austria Tourisms 21


Info: Donau Niederösterreich | Hauptstraße 3 | 2404 Petronell-Carnuntum | +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10 | |

On the sunny southern slopes of Spitzerberg mountain, in the midst of picturesque vineyards, you will find the market town of Prellenkirchen. It is famous for its “Blaufränkisch” red wines, which you can taste all the year round in the old vaults of the romantic Kellergasse. In addition to the area around Göttlesbrunn, this wine-growing region has always been the second important centre of winegrowing in Carnuntum. You can relax in the town’s modern indoor adventure pool, or visit the unique wind information centre where you can find out all about wind energy (please book in advance). Connections: Hundsheim mountains tour, B26 connecting cycle path Danube-National Park Lake Neusiedl


Bike rest area “Beim Gmoabrunn“ E-bike charging station Bike rest area

Bike repair shop

Awi Diskont petrol station, Deutsch Altenburgerstraße 1 +43 (0) 2145 21 95

Bike hire Nextbike

Bike rest area, +43 (0) 13 19 02 54,


Adventure pool Prellenkirchen

Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Deutsch Altenburgerstraße 11 Guided tours all year around, please book in advance +43 (0) 2145 22 02

Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10

Cyclist-friendly businesses

Gasthaus Kaiser Probus +43 (0) 2145 32 54 Winegrowing family Gratzer-Sandriester +43 (0) 2145 22 65 | +43 (0) 699 11 13 60 07 ‘Heuriger‘ family Brandl +43 (0) 2145 20 26 +43 (0) 676 916 72 58

Wind information centre Prellenkirchen

Wine-growing museum

Kellergasse, Viewing +43 (0) 2145 22 02

Kellergasse Prellenkirchen Spitzerberg hiking trails


Info: Tourism office Parndorf | Hauptstraße 52a | 7111 Parndorf | +43 (0) 2166 23 00 | | Parndorf was once called Perun and was first mentioned in records in the spring of 1264, when King Bela IV gifted the Wieselburg citizen Leopold more land. The Rochus chapel is a true gem of the northern Burgenland, which was built according to plans by Lukas von Hildebrandt. The Parndorf cultural summer with its open-air performances is also worth a visit. And a highlight for all shopping fans is the designer outlet in Parndorf which includes 170 designer shops. The town’s many restaurants and hotels will ensure your physical wellbeing. Connections: B21 Danube cycle path Lake Neusiedl

Bike rest area Town hall Parndorf Antoni column, stone cross with Maria relief, holy trinity column, war memorial, Maria column, plague column, crypt chapel of count Harrach Rochus chapel and parish church St. Ladislaus Designer outlet center Parndorf

TIPS! Eating | Drinking | Sleeping

Tourism office Parndorf +43 (0) 2166 23 00

Cyclist-friendly businesses

Restaurant Steak-House +43 (0) 2166 27 42 Restaurant Landhaus +43 (0) 2166 222 50 Pannonia Tower Hotel +43 (0) 2166 222 52 Heidehofstüberl +43 (0) 2166 205 12 Pannonia Tower Hotel +43 (0) 2166 222 52

E-bike charging station

Parndorf Bikes Heidehofweg 2 +43 (0) 2166 205 12

Bike hire

Parndorf Bikes Heidehofweg 2 +43 (0) 2166 205 12

Bike repair shop

Parndorf Bikes Heidehofweg 2 +43 (0) 2166 205 12



Info: Town hall Rohrau | Joseph Haydn-Platz 1 | +43 (0) 2164 22 04 | | A1 Speedworld & driving technique centre

Things are fast in Pachfurth. Because the town, which belongs to the municipality of Rohrau, is well-known around the world for its driving technique centre Speed World. This outdoor motorsport leisure facility has a wide range of offers including a kart track which hosts regular kart races. Connections: Roman Tour

+43 (0) 2162 683 80

Parish church Pachfurth Obere HauptstraĂ&#x;e 47

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Town hall Rohrau +43 (0) 2164 22 04


Info: Town hall Rohrau | Joseph Haydn-Platz 1 | +43 (0) 2164 22 04 | | Rohrau is most well-known as the birth place of Joseph and Michael Haydn. The birth house of the world-famous composers is open all year around (Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.). Not far from there you will find Rohrau Castle with the largest private collection in Austria showcasing masters from the 17th and 18th centuries. Every June, the town hosts the Rohrau Haydn Days. The parish church St. Vitus with Haydn organ and the tomb of the parents of the Haydns and the oldest Haydn memorial in the world outside Rohrau town hall are also worth a visit. Connections: Roman Tour

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Town hall Rohrau +43 (0) 13 19 02 54,

Rohrau Castle Painting gallery Harrach

Easter to 1 November, Tue–Sun, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. +43 (0) 2164 22 53

Haydn’s birth house

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Town hall Rohrau +43 (0) 2164 22 04

Opening times: all year Tue–Sun, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m +43 (0) 2164 22 68

Haydn concerts

all year round Haydn days at Rohrau Castle, June +43 (0) 2164 22 53

Parish church Rohrau Obere Hauptstraße 3

Gerichtsstein Rohrau, Haydn memorial, Pranger J. Haydn-Platz 1



Info: Donau Niederösterreich | Hauptstraße 3 | 2404 Petronell-Carnuntum | +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10 | | The town of Schönabrunn combines idyllic countryside with history. It belongs to the market town of Prellenkirchen and is located along the Roman wine route Carnuntum in the eastern corner of Lower Austria. Its charming landscape features include vineyards, fields and floodplains – a true paradise for cyclists, anglers and lovers of good food and wine. In addition to the main variety of Blaufränkisch, there is above all also Zweigelt, and in the past few years, Merlot and Shiraz, mostly used for cuvées, have also been grown. Grüner Veltliner is the main white wine, but Chardonnay and Welschriesling are also worth a mention.

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Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10

Cyclist-friendly businesses 26

Köck wine tavern +43 (0) 2145 29 30 +43 (0) 664 286 53 60


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railway stations: Bruck an der Leitha, Bruckneudorf, Petronell Carnuntum, Kittsee, Pama, Gattendorf, Neudorf, Parndorf, Neusiedl am See



Hiking & walking



Wine shop

Observation tower

Vineyard, Kellergasse


Cycling taxi & towns with railway station

Cycling taxi: Lower Austria: Taxi Buchinger, taxi service between Schwechat and Bruck, Andreas Buchinger, Margarethen am Moos,, +43 (0) 676 606 02 66 Burgenland: Taxi Zax, advance booking taxi service (Neusiedl am See), +43 (0) 2167 20 909 or +43 (0) 664 446 67 00 27

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Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH Regional office Römerland Carnuntum-Marchfeld Hauptstraße 3, A-2404 Petronell Tel.: +43 (0) 2163 35 55-10, Fax: +43 (0) 2163 35 55-12 E-Mail:,

Petronell Carnuntum

A4 Gerhaus Pachfurth








Deutsch Haslau / Potzneusiedl

Bruck a.d. Leitha

Obere Hauptstraße 24, A-7100 Neusiedl am See Tel.: +43 (0) 2167 86 00 | Fax: +43 (0) 2167 86 00-20 E-Mail:



Edelstal Rohrau


Neusiedler See Tourismus



National Park Danube Floodplains



Bruckneudorf Neudorf bei Parndorf



towards BUDAPEST

Neusiedl am See

Altitude profiles


Altitude profile Lower Austria: Petronell-Carnuntum – Petronell-Carnuntum




Lake Neusiedl

BURGENLAND Altitude profile Burgenland: Neusiedl – Neusiedl

S31 towards GRAZ

National Park Lake Neusiedl Seewinkel


Publication details: Issue 2012; Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH; Lake Neusiedl Tourism; photos: Steve Haider, ARGE Römerland Carnuntum, Gemeinde Berg, tourism office Bruck a.d. Leitha, National Park Danube Floodplains, Archaeological Park Carnuntum, municipality Prellenkirchen, municipality Rohrau; map: Eltner Marketing Services; aerial image: Tourisvis; design: spreitzerdrei Werbeagentur GmbH, 1030 Vienna; printed by: Offset 5020 Druckerei & Verlag Ges.m.b.H.

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